The Deuce (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - We're All Beasts - full transcript

Candy (Maggie Gyllenhaal) shoots her opus guerilla-style on the streets of New York. Vincent (James Franco) makes a confession to Abby (Margarita Levieva), along with a promise to change. ...

Jesus Christ. How am I supposed to...

That's great. Go with it. Go with it.

Watch out.

CANDY: Just go with it.
It looks great.

MAN: Watch where you're walking.
WOMAN: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

MAN: It's the Deuce, man.

Yo, mama. You fine.

Yo, yo, what the fuck?

No, no, no, it's okay,
he's in the movie.

He's in the movie
we're making with the girl.

- A movie?
- Yeah, look. We're making a film.

- On the Deuce.

Right out here on the street.

Damn. Son, you gotta get that shit
checked out by a dentist.


This is a goddamn joke.

- Lance Minx doesn't work like this.
- No, no, no. Calm down.

You in the movie, too?


I seen you in something.
Can't remember what, though.

Wait, actually, have you seen Shampoo?

What the fuck is that?

- How about Demon Seed?
- MAN: Shit.

You the bitch got pregnant with
the computer's baby.

This whole thing
is so goddamn unprofessional.

I can't believe you people
operate this way.

CANDY: Hey. Hey, gentlemen,

since you are such big fans
of Miss Christie here,

would you do something for us?

- Sorry, man.
- MAN 1: Y'all got to move out.

Get out the way.
Walk on the other side.

MAN 2: Cross the street.
MAN 1: Get out the way.

MAN 3: A little help? Come on, man.

MAN 1: Hey, I'm not playing with you.
Step off. Now.

Yeah. Keep walking.

Okay, stay with him for a minute more,
then let him go down the hole.

Okay. Fucking great.

Fucking hell. Jesus.

- What?
- LANCE: There's a fucking rat

on the stairs,
the size of a Cocker Spaniel.

Call me when you've dealt with that,
and not before.

I'll be at my hotel.

A rat, huh?

No business like show business.


This is easy. We paid the $100
for the liquor violation.

You have a month
to pay the other fines.

- My fee is covered.
- What about the girls?

Fines and time served.

You work it out with them directly,
if you want to cover the costs.

(SIGHS) Everybody's got
a hand in this, huh?

Just keep your head down,
pay your fines,

stay friendly
with your regular clientele.

Have your client review and sign.

Make sure nothing's missing.

The fucking cigarette machine?

You guys bring an extra set of hands?

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.

Let's make it 10:00,
and you're out by 6:00.

- Take a look.
- I never had foreplay like this.

- My girls don't question me.
- What happens when

I look out my window in the morning,
and they're still there?

That shouldn't happen if both sides
stick to the agreement.

If you're here during these hours,
they're not calling the cops.

You get the night traffic
on this street,

but the parking lot's off-limits.

Hold up.
You want us to pick up our own trash?

Motherfucker, look the fuck around.

I guess we can scratch that off.

All right.

ABBY: Anna, you want to
read over this one more time?

Could my luck get any worse?


- Twenty-dollar cunt-fucking bottle.

- Frankie, it's Fran.
- Yeah. Hey, Fran.

- Joey was in a fight. He there?
- Yeah, he's here.

Your boy got in a tussle.

- The fuck?
- Joey was arrested

for beating up
the Carducci kid at school.

- They took him in.
- After everything I just went through.

Yeah, well, he's your kid.

Well, he ain't a kid no more.
Which precinct they take him to?

The 68th. He's all by himself.
I gotta...


They still smoking herb?
They lie, but we smell it.

Mama, you smell it?
'Cause it's coming from your window.

Everybody knows your son
loves the marijuana, okay?


They're giving you free rein,
protection, for eight hours a day,

and you can't keep
your fucking mouth shut.

Look here, bitch, all right?
You couldn't swing it in the streets,

now, you're out here,
acting like you died for our sins?

- This doesn't have to get personal.
- MAN: Oh, shit. (LAUGHS)

Baby, I'm all business.

So, let's try to be respectful.

Bitch be disrespecting us.

What are we changing
with this bullshit, please?

You always talk about
what's realistic.

When those residents call the cops,
it's the girls who suffer.

So, we're negotiating with the pimps?

We're protecting their bottom line?

All I know, in this situation here,

making the pimps
part of the conversation

is how we stop these arrests.

I know who you are.

They told me to watch out for you,

that you always come
for girls like me.

- Does that scare you? (GROWLS)

Okay, action, Wolf. Go, Lance.


Little girl, so young, so pretty...



And that's take 12.

First of all, fuck the teeth.
Let's just do it without dumb props.

Besides, these caps
cost me four grand.

Ever since you came to fucking town,
all you have done is complain.

Cindy's been sitting here
with a fucking light meter

up her snatch all morning.

I haven't heard
a fucking peep out of her.

Second, this isn't sexy.

Third, Lance Minx
doesn't need to rape a chick.

No. It's not rape. It's her fantasy.
It's gonna be hot.

She's gonna be in control.

You're the Wolf, motherfucker.
You gotta think like a wolf.

Should be looking at her like
you ain't eat in a week,

and her pussy tastes
like porterhouse steak.

Now I'm getting lectures on
fuck films from the bit players.

Son, Lance Minx
was fucking for the camera

when you were jerking off
to the memory of a lost prom date.

Candy, can I please cut this man?

I'm out.

I'll be around the corner
at that bar on 43rd

when you all fix this shit.


Bad, bad Larry Brown.


Do they fit?

So, wear them.

MAN: All right. Ten minutes?

What are you doing? (GRUNTS)


What the fuck was that?

(GROANS) Jesus Christ.

You're taking this too personally.

- I'm what?
- I'm just saying that...


Get your ass up.

Know what I think?

I think I'm looking at a bar-back.

We got the cash
because we had the star.

Prima donna though he was.

Hey, you're the one that told me

nobody buys tickets
'cause of the swinging dicks.

They come for the girls.

The backers came in on the promise
of his name on a poster, too.

And now, you're gonna swap him out
with some random black street pimp.

- LARRY: Hey.
- All due respect, Larry.

Larry Brown's a wolf.
He always has been, he always will be.

Lupine, he is. Guess what?

The last thing
a bunch of white men want to see

- when they're watching their porn...
- Hey. Shame on you.

I'm not talking about me.

I don't care if Red Riding Hood
fucks ten black guys,

a tenement full of Puerto Ricans,
and a Palestinian hijacker.

- Behind the Green Door.
- You cannot promote this!

Behind the Green Door.
Black dude fucks Miss Ivory Snow.

- That's not equivalent...
- Ninety-nine and 44/100% pure.

A million bucks at the box office.

- Excuse me.
- And counting.

You're gonna give the Wolf
the run of the woods in this thing,

Green Door was one scene.

And everybody talks about it
because it was the exception.

Hey, flesh peddlers.

- What'd I miss?
- Candy fucking fired Lance Minx!

Oh, yeah? What for?

His dick was bent.

- Dick was bent?
- HARVEY: His dick was bent.

This a problem?

When the goombas come
to beat us into risotto,

I hope they grab you first.

- Me?
- Yeah.

The fuck did I do?

I go to lunch,
the whole movie goes to shit?

- The fuck?
- Frankie...


I thought you were
gonna talk to Candy.

- What?
- You know, not the grandma.

Like, I should be an aunt
or a cousin or something.

Tina, it doesn't matter, all right?
It's just the way the fairy tale goes.

Hey, fucko.

Does this look like
a grandmother to you?


For real?

- It's Desitin.
- Mmm.

It's the only thing that keeps
my thighs from rubbing together

without looking like
the Pillsbury Doughboy's

hiding in my crotch.



Fresh pack, baby.

MAN 1: I got two kids with her.

Talking about the mother of my babies
is a bitch-ass ho.

MAN 2: About to be three.
MAN 1: What?

MAN 2: She been spending
a lot of time with Joe

while you was out of the house...

You alone tonight?

- Girl, you know it.
- Hmm.

- Most nights.
- Really?

Larry's in a different groove.
Thinks he's a thespian.

What about Darlene?
She still doing the movies?

Well, fuck this.
I'm heading to the Judson bus.

Come on. Come with me.

If Larry comes,
I'll just give him a little...

He ain't coming.

I was thinking we could
use your help, um,

getting to know
some of the new faces around here.

I'll pay you for your time.

Church bus ain't gonna
change my day-to-day.

Yeah, but it'll help
make tonight's count.

Come on.


JOSS: Red Hot, scene 6-A, take one.


And, action.


And window.

- Where Red at?
- She got off an hour ago.

She went uptown, to see her grandma.

I'm getting off now.

I'm looking for Red. You know this.

My, what big eyes you have.

I'm wearing Ray-Bans, you dopey bitch.

You just gonna lie there
with your legs in the air,

- remarking on how big my shit is?
- Shh...

Well, we might as well just get to
the damn point, don't you think?

We didn't write this.

I'm not just selling wolf tickets,
so to speak.

Yeah, we didn't write that, either.
Kind of wish we did.

So, you say she went
to see her granny.

- Yeah.
- Well...

Am I gonna have to huff and puff
and blow this whole booth down?

- Or you gonna come over here,

and point me in the right direction?

Hey, Candy,
I thought I was working alone.

This is now a handjob scene?

You wanna go with it?


DOROTHY: What's the matter?



It's okay. What's going on?


You know,
Rodney don't take care of me no more.

- Alls I do is take care of him.
- It's the new way.

Sometimes, when I get back
to our apartment, I can't sleep.

Sometimes, I can't even
put my purse down

before he send me back out again.

He makes you score?

- His meal ticket and his nurse.

What if I never get off this bus?

Fucking my fuck make-up.


- Brought you a new employee.
- Hey, Unc.

Hey. Came to the wrong place.

- What the fuck's going on?
- Vince, he needs a job.

I don't need you dropping
another bag of shit on me.

Listen, he got thrown out of school.
I gotta teach him a lesson.

Gotta be something for him
between this place and The Hi-Hat.

I can't lay this on Abby, all right?

And this place is open
from midnight till 10:00 a.m.

- Joey's, like, what, 15?
- He's 17.

Going on 30. Don't break anything.

He needs the real world
to put a boot in his ass.

I can't exactly take him to work
with me, can I?

All right, all right. I hear you.

Listen to your Uncle Vince.
He's saving your ass.


Need some dinner?

All right, Candy, Candy,
come on, all I'm saying is,

does it really change the story
if Little Red Riding Hood

is going to visit her aunt's house?


I mean, who gives a fuck, really?

Everybody'd rather fuck an aunt
than a grandmother. Right?

Am I right?
I mean, you know what I'm saying.

Frank, you know what a producer does?

- What?
- He solves problems.

- He doesn't cause them.
- This isn't a problem.

Little Red has an aunt
who's hot as balls,

maybe a few years older than she is...

Frankie, you fucking begged me
to throw Tina a part.

I did it. The part's a grandma.

Candy, the zipper broke.

What'd you do? Jumping jacks?

No, I took a breath.
This thing is really tight.

- Stuck?
- Fuck.

Hey, Joss, do we have
another one of these?

- No. No.
- CANDY: No?

It's established in everything
we shot last night.

Oh, fuck.

Does nobody on this crew know
how to mend a fucking zipper?

Joss, honey, come here.

Here. This...

- Almeda?
- Almunda.

- Almunda.
- Here.

Here you go. Problem solved.


MAN 1: No, I ain't lying, nigga.

MAN 2: Oh, man. What?

Hey, Carl.

- I could use a sandwich.
- Yeah.

Here. You have a good one.

Why'd you do that?

- What, Carl?
- Yeah.

Been there for years.

Ever since I started
work in this neighborhood.

That shmoog's been begging for years,
and he's still there?

I mean, he's not even wearing shoes.

Used to call him El Dee.
Wanna guess why?

HARVEY: Watch your fucking head, Tom.
Jesus Christ.

Hey. We gotta get this
in three hours, all right?

They need the lobby back by 5:00 a.m.
I'm not paying for a second night.

No fucking way. Understand me?

- Yeah, we're gonna get it.
- Yeah, we are.

For a $500 location fee,
you sure as hell will.

- We're gonna get it.
- Yeah.

Hey, what's that movie with the guy,

there's an "M" on
the back of his jacket?

- M. Yeah, M.
- M.

- Fritz Lang. Yes.
- Fritz Lang.

Wait. Who the fuck
pays $500 for a location

in a goddamn dirty movie?

- You tell me.
- Hey. Harvey.

- We're gonna get it.
- HARVEY: Yeah. Drop dead.

You had a caller, ma'am.

A gentleman who called?

JOSS: It's "gentleman caller."

- What?
- "A gentleman caller?"

- Gentleman caller.
- That's all right.

Let's keep rolling. Reset.

(SOFTLY) It's important to me because
I wrote the fucking thing.

- I don't give a shit. All right?
- And, action.

JOSS: Fuck you.
HARVEY: Fuck you, too.

You had a caller, ma'am.

Oh, Jesus Christ.


You had a caller, ma'am.

A gentleman caller?

DOORMAN: I would, in no way,
call him a gentleman.

In fact, he seemed to be a wolf.

Of course, I sent him away.

Well, if he was no gentleman,

then why don't you call him back
and show him upstairs?

(WHISPERS) "And you
come along as well."



Why don't you
show him upstairs, Aldoo?

And you come along as well, too.

That should be "Aldo," Christina.

Fuck. I knew that. Aldo.

- Aldo, Aldo. Got it.
- Yeah.

This stupid fucking thing.
Can I please just smoke

a regular cigarette
like a regular person?

Yes, you can. Let's cut.

- Let's reset.
- No. Fuck! You're killing me!

Twenty-five in the hole
and counting, Eileen.


MAN: Hopefully, not much longer.

She'll get better.

No. Aldoo.


Candy, I... I can't fire my wife.

Why not? You hired her.

What the fuck part of solving problems
don't you understand, Mr. Producer?

Okay, all right, let's, uh...

Let's take five.

Here you go.

- Thank you, Vincent.
- Thank you.



We gonna catch anything more

from that parlor fire,
or is that crazy shit over?

Hard to say. Why do you ask?

I was walking from dinner last night,

felt like some guys had eyes on me.
I don't know.

Some guys? Got any names?

I don't know. Maybe I'm just paranoid.

Parlor weekly.

Your cut on top, Vincent.
So, how'd it go?

I tried to come past
and see last night,

but we were reopening
the French Parlor.

Told him to listen to his Uncle Vince,

- so, if he gave you any shit...
- Look...

I sent him home before we opened.

You got this spic out there,

and you can't find a job
for your own nephew?

He didn't want to be here.

For fuck's sake, we're open
from midnight till morning.

Got drugs in here,
got people half-fucking in the VIP.

You think I want
my kid nephew in here?

It's fucking beautiful to get
parenting lessons from you.

How are your kids?
You spoken to Andrea lately?

- Come on, Bobby.
- You know what? Fuck this.


Got fresh pie today, guys.


You know, producing has got me

learning a lot
about fiscal responsibility.

People always tell me
it's something I gotta get better at.

Well, you made money
off the dry cleaner.

That is a successful businessman.

Regardless, uh...

I'm thinking, you know, as a producer,
some changes are necessary.

Like what?

Oh, for one, you shouldn't be
playing a grandmother.

I mean, I agree with you on this.

- I'm 28, for fuck's sake.
- Yeah. Exactly.

You should have a bigger part
in a... In a film

a lot more prestigious than this one.


Can I get a refill?

You good?

Fuck are you saying?

Look, uh...

I made a mistake.

You should be the hero.
Having your own adventures.

I don't want you playing
second fiddle, you know?

So, fire Lori and make me the lead.

Top you off here, baby?

I didn't think so.

You fucking liar. The producer's wife.

I was in plenty of porn before
you came along, Frankie.

Yeah, and you're gonna be
in a lot more. Very soon.

All right?

And look, I say this
because it's absolutely true.

You are not a grandma, all right?
Not in my book, not ever.

Are you firing me?


Hey, what were you saying
about that pie?

Pie ain't gonna
help you none, brother.

Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison,

Monroe, Adams, Jackson, Harrison.

You forgot Van Buren,
and Harrison was barely president.

But he was.

Do you know who was
the first president born in America?

Van Buren. Born after the Revolution.

He was from New York.


Washington, Adams, Jefferson,
Madison, Monroe,

Adams, Jackson,

- Van Buren, Harrison.

Everything we shot Wednesday?
Fucking left on the train?

Yeah, somewhere on the Canarsie line,
a station master is getting an eyeful.

- Don't tell Harvey.

No, we're gonna catch up. We just...

We'll give him
some fuck footage today,

and he'll be ready
for some bad news tomorrow.

- Is Frankie around?
- He's sleeping on the second set.

MAN 1: The handle's longer
on that one.

We're losing the head
in the shadow of the door frame.

MAN 2: Maybe you can take a step back?

MAN 1: Like that?
MAN 2: Try it out again.

- Hey, Frankie.
- What?

- Did you sleep here all day?
- Mmm.

Yeah. Christina tossed me.

- Oh, shit. I'm sorry about it.


Had to be done, right?

Oh, shit,
you need this couch for fucking?

No, no.


- We need money.
- More?

Yeah. To finish it.

Like, real money.



I wonder who the Mets are playing?

Just one time.

It's a lot of words for a wolf.

I have my own shit to do,
and time is money.

Or so, my man always told me.

There's a lot on my shoulders.
It's big, the Wolf.

It's my star shot.

So, what if I, uh,

pay you?

Pay me?

- Pay me to read lines with you?
- Yeah.

Yeah, this is some sort of trick

that you're gonna pay me Tuesday
for a hamburger today.

FRANKIE: Gentlemen.
Thank you for coming.

I called you together here,
on this emergency basis

for what's known in the film industry
as an emergency.

I need $20,000.


Don't ask me for shit.

I do not require shit. I need cash.

All right? For me and Candy
to finish our film. Huh?

So, last chance to lay a winning bet
down on Red Hot.

- You're out of your damn mind.
- Twenty grand. Shit.

Nobody's got any ideas? Come on.

I'm out,
and anyone here with half a brain

should be fucking out, too.

Come on, brother.
I'm trying to make a move here.

By making a fuck film? Some move.

And even if you do
put the scratch together,

you're gonna run over
to Aqueduct tomorrow,

shove it up some horse's asshole,
then you'll be back to broke.

- What's the fucking point?

This is the new me, Vincent.

New you. You know what?

Confucius say,
"Man born with idiot brother

"die with no fucking money."

Fuck Confucius.

Make my own fortune.

I heard something about something.



Kath. Where's Abby?

Community meeting.

- Where at?
- Ninth Avenue.

The center over there
on 40-whatever.

What are you gonna do to me?

I'm gonna give you
everything you want.

I'm gonna give you
everything you want.

Look, you know the lines.

It's pretty simple.
You're the bad guy.

No. No, that ain't right.

I mean, he's doing what comes natural.
A wolf's gotta wolf.

He's going after the ones
that want it.

I mean, that's the change that Candy
made to the script, right?

He ain't going after the ones
that ain't want it.

He's in the big city,

he's looking for the ones
that are looking for him.

- They hungry, too.
- Not for what they get.

- No one's hungry for that.
- Hmm.

But no one knows what they
gonna get, though, do they?

I mean, ain't no fairy tale out here.

Yeah, well, fairy tales
don't end so good, either, do they?

This one will.

We're finding the more residents
call on the cops

to patrol prostitution,

the less protection there is
against violent crime and theft.

For every prostitution arrest,
the cops spend about seven hours

back at the precinct
processing the women.

And even more time over at
the courthouses and in the Tombs.

The cops make their quotas,

but the basis for these arrests
isn't solicitation.

It's being a woman, in public,
looking a certain way.

The pimps and the johns?
They're never arrested.

- You know that's true.
- Yeah, and then they have to

get right back out into the street
and pay the fine.

These laws treat women
like little girls,

and it's the women
who are paying the price.

- Do you know who she is?
- If we can make an agreement work...

- She runs a bar.
- ...on a community level,

then we can advocate

- She knows of what she speaks.
- ...change city-wide.

And correct these injustices...

- Always.
- ...towards the women.

I'd like to introduce Dave Hiller

whose idea it was to work
with the tenants' council.

MAN: We taking it all out?

- I mean... (LAUGHS)
- Wait. Which scene is this?

CANDY: It's the ladies on the Wolf.

No, that shoots on our set.

Fuck our fucking set.
Look at that. It shoots right here.

Here, on a parking lot?

Not now.
Later, when there's nobody around.

Say hi to the girls.


That's Bernice, she pretty much
runs the place at this point.

This is Anita, Portia,

and that is Marilys.

- Hey.
- My son. Joey.

He has manners, I promise.
Where's Black Frankie?

He say he on a caper tonight.

A caper?


So, Bring Your Kid to Work Day, huh?

Me being a television star,

you want me to keep pretending
you don't know?

Come with me.


Come on.

First, you clean the break room,
then you vacuum,

then you go to Bernice, you ask her
what else she needs tonight.

You got me working with that shmoog.

Joey, that shmoog is your boss.

Sit. Eat.

Can't. My call's in 30 minutes.
We're shooting outside tonight.

I got paid.

So, uh, how's it going
on-set with Sir Wolf Lancelot?


Lance Mink. Or Lance Dink.

Whatever the fuck
pretty boy calls himself.


Man, that's so fucked up.

- Oh, he's an asshole?
- They threw me a fucking curveball.

They sent Lance home, then guess
who Candy decides to recast?

Fucking Larry Brown. (SCOFFS)

- Oh, yeah?
- Mmm-hmm. Can you fucking believe it?

I mean, I'm with you, right,
and now, I have to pretend

to be with some popcorn pimp
we've known for years?


Shit. I don't care about Larry.

He ain't even a real pimp anymore.
Just a trick.


I mean, it's not like
they're paying you less, right?


See? She ain't gonna lie to me.

None of us would, Daddy.


CANDY: Okay, that's beautiful.
Now, let's start the lines again.

This is all well and fine,
but you all know I'm in town

looking for the one
they call Little Red.

Gimme a line on her,
I'll let you both live.

Are we gonna really hang around
for insert shots,

- or can we do that later on set?
- Yes.

Look at the fucking light.

- Yes. Let's fucking get them.
- Jesus.




- Okay, cover them up.
- Shit.

- Cover them up.
- MAN: Who's got the bail money?


Fuck is all this?

We're, uh... We're shooting a scene
from a student film.

- Yeah.
- Yeah, well, uh,

seeing is believing.

Yeah. Yeah, no problem.

Okay, let's, uh...
Let's get back into position.

MAN 1: Everybody, back to one.

CANDY: Frame up.
MAN 1: Roll sound.

MAN 2: Sound speed.
MAN 1: Roll camera.

MAN 3: Rolling.
CANDY: Okay.

MAN 1: Eighteen Apple, take three.

- CANDY: And, action.


I love this fucking town.

What I'm trying to say is,

that I've been carrying this lie
for a long time.

With everybody.

With you,
and myself in some weird way.


It's like, I knew what I knew,
I put it into a box,

and then I never wanted to
open the box and look at it.

I know that barely makes sense.

I... I backed myself
into this years ago.

First with this bar,

and then they came to me
about the parlors, and I said no.

But Bobby, he wanted that.

And I was the one
that they could trust,

so, then the parlors.

And then me at 3-6-6,
Paul at his bar downtown,

and Frankie
with all the goddamn peeps.

They're not just landlords,
or backers,

or however I made it sound to you.

So, all the envelopes go the Mob?

Even mine?

Yeah, but I'm not lying anymore.
I don't know how to get out.

And I don't know what's gonna
happen to Bobby, or Frankie,

or the girls, or anybody.

And, you know, it's not like
it's just gonna stop if I leave.

Fucking thing's a machine,
it just runs and runs and runs.

The girls are your responsibility.

Yeah, that's what I'm saying.

And me lying to you all these years,

putting it off on Bobby and Frankie,

pretending that
I could just step away,

that's on me, too.

I'm sorry, Abby.

I knew.

At least I think I knew.

Maybe I was lying, too.

So, what are you gonna do now?

I don't know. Uh...

I know I'm not taking
another dollar from the parlors.

My cut's right there. It's for you.

For me?

What the fuck do I want
with your fucking parlor money?

You'll know where it should go,
and you can do something good with it.

- Vincent, I don't want it.
- Well, I don't want it, either.

I'm not picking it up.

It'll be here when you look for it.


FRANKIE: Did you hear the game?
Fucking Amos Otis

with a walk-off home run in the ninth.

And it was inside the park.
What the fuck is that?


FRANKIE: All right, here we go.



Oh, fuck.

Take it. I didn't see anything.

When they ask you who did this,
go on and say what you gonna say,

"Two niggas ran up on me."

Gimme your wallet.

Let's go.

Walter Mayer from Hoboken.

- What's your boy's name?
- Tommy.

Good name. Fine name.

Just walk on, Walter Mayer.

Forget enough,
so that I never come to Jersey.




You got me out late, Francis.
Let's see what we're selling.

Look, uh, Mr. Pipilo,
I don't know how this happened.

- I honestly don't.
- What's the problem?

- Two left feet.


They've doing this shit because
we been robbing them blind.

They sent the left shoes in one truck,

- and the rights in the other.
- MIKE: Fuck me.

So you saying we gotta hijack
the right-shoe truck,

and we'll be good to go?


RUDY: As opposed to...

- Who tipped you to this?
- ALL: Carlos.

This motherfucker.

Oh, man. You guys, you are
my favorite crew out here.

I respect the ambition.


Well, be that as it may, uh...

I'm still fucked.
At least, my movie is.

- What movie?
- Oh, it's a porno, but,

you know, it's like a real film.

Little Red Riding Hood
in the big city,

Lori Madison in red.

Yeah, the film looks fucking great,

but, you know, it's costing a lot more
than it usually does,

and me being a producer and all...

And you're making this movie
right now?

Yeah. Yeah.

JOSS: Check the cars, check the cars.

Candy, this looks empty.

MAN 1: No, there's a couple
of guys in here.

MAN 2: I think that last one's
our best bet.


Empty here.

MAN 1: How we gonna keep people
from getting on?

MAN 2: They get to be
part of the movie.

Okay, it's 3:00
in the fucking morning.

We got two mags of film,
we got a subway car,

we got 15 stops till Inwood.

Woodsman, get your fucking pants off.

Little Red, get naked.

All right, freaks,
let's shoot this fucking movie!

Joss, where's my axe?

LORI: I don't get it.
Am I the sweet, innocent girl,

or am I the seductive slut?

No. First, you're one,
and then you're the other.

Sometimes, you're both.

I know, it can be confusing
when you shoot the story out of order.

Or, you know,

you could work those dimples, baby.

Cut glass with those dimples.

It's weird being out
on the old stroll.

For me, anyway.

You know, the first time I met you,
I think we were right over there.

C.C. got you to come over and ask me
for a light or something, remember?


Yeah, you do.

You ever think back on that first day?

You stepped off the bus...

From where, fucking Hicksville?

Want so bad to take a bite
out of the Big Apple.

And how it felt.

Ready to conquer.
Everything was yours.

Nothing could hurt you.

Never felt that way.

- I was never like that.
- No?

Could've fooled me.

Hey, Candy. The camera's ready.

FRANKIE: Here it is.

What, that camera's so heavy,
they gotta put him in a wheelchair?


CANDY: And, action.

Okay, go ahead, go ahead.


Oh, my God.

- Holy shit.
- CANDY: Fuck!

WOMAN: Are you okay?


Officer. Officer. He's not chasing her
for real. He's an actor.

- He's not really chasing her for real.

We're making a movie.

We got a camera and lights...

Once, uh...
Once we hit him, he's gotta go.

JOSS: Officer, he didn't do anything.

Sorry, lady. All right, come on, pal.

LARRY: This is fucked up!

CANDY: Where are you guys taking him?

That was fucking great.

That looked like
they really threw him a beating.


I'll give you 20 grand
for 25% right now.


Paul's opening's tonight.

Can't miss that.

MAN 1: All right.
MAN 2: They're still in the truck.

The glass is too thick.

MAN 2: Four more round tables.

Don't get caught up
in this last-minute stuff.

- You're not in this alone.
- Mmm.

- I'll put out the fires.
- Okay.

Someone's coming to hook up
the sound equipment, right?

I have no idea which cable goes where.

Right. Yeah, okay.

HARVEY: We, uh, still owe everything.

Grandma's bedroom
and the reshoot on the park sequence,

which Fuck-Nuts
left on the, uh, subway train.

But hey, the good news is,

I got the uptown lobby location
back at half-price.


We're gonna have to hire
another Grandma

before we reshoot that, so...

Bottom line is, we're broke,

and you're, what, almost a week shy
of filming a movie?

- How broke?
- Thirty-five in the hole.


I'll do the Grandma.

- For free.
- Well, yeah.

But she's Aunt Sue now.

And she's hot as fuck.

Candy. I gotta show you this.

All I know is, she needs
to get settled somewhere else.

And a bus ticket's one thing,

but I might as well buy her
a round-trip fare.

How much you thinking?

Few thousand.

Enough to get a place
and buy some time,

- so, she can look for a job.
- DAVE: We don't do that.

The funds we have are limited,

and go towards hiring staff
and doing outreach.

Trying to effect large-scale change.

Yeah, one community meeting at a time.

In the long run, that's how it works.

Not for Chocolate.


if we get into the business

of trying to fund
every single escape story,

we're gonna lose the chance to
change anything in a real way.

The people with Judson, they're gonna
lose credibility with pimps

- if it gets out that...
- Fuck the fucking pimps.

Is this all so
you can get even with Rodney?

Over one of his girls?
Or is this about C.C.?

Because if it's down to that...



At last. A wolf.


What's your hurry, Harry?

Fuck the woodsman, right?

Oh, yeah. We got this.



- You look great.
- Thanks.


- Hey. This is erotic to you?
- Yeah.

The... The "You tried my door before,
now you don't have to..."

Not just me.
Men and women are different beasts.

Yeah, one of us are beasts.

When it comes to fucking,
we're all beasts.

- Hey, Frankie.


- What's this?
- FRANKIE: (SIGHS) Open it.

Holy shit.

- How much?
- Eh, twenty K.

What the fuck are you talking about?

- Twenty-fucking K.

- What?
- CANDY: What the fuck?

Now, that's a producer.

Frankie. Oh, my God.

It's all over here.

Hey, Frankie,
you wearing two left shoes?

Yes, I am.




Tod. Hey, how are you?

Thank you. Your jacket is gorgeous.

VINCENT: You got chandeliers
in this joint?

Oh, shit. Yeah.


Come here. All right, all right.

- Man.
- Come here. Huh?

- Good to see you.
- Congratulations.

- Thank you. To you as well.
- VINCENT: I'm impressed. (CHUCKLES)

I'm impressed.

It's amazing.





Thank you all for coming.


I don't... I don't really know
what to say, but...

- Come here. Come here, come here.

My partner and I

are so thrilled to have
our friends with us tonight.

But we know why you really came,
so, let's not delay.

- Miss Sarah Vaughan.


(SINGING) Whether you are
here or yonder

Whether you are false or true

Whether you remain or wander

I'm growing fonder

Of you

Even though your friends forsake you

Even though you don't succeed

Wouldn't I be glad...









My, what big eyes you have.



You got something here.