The Deuce (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - All You'll Be Eating Is Cannibals - full transcript

Temporarily flush with cash, Frankie (James Franco) is tapped by Candy (Maggie Gyllenhaal) to be a co-producer on "Red Hot." Lori (Emily Meade) eyes a plum role in the film, but still feels...



Tell you what,

you free from acting today, right?


Let's you and I
go get something to eat.

But not Leon's.

I'm thinking something
more upscale, maybe...

Maybe the Greek's.


All right, then.

Can't look good on camera
if you're all scrawny.


Speaking of which,

that female agent came to chat to me.

Who? Kiki Raines?


I tell you, that bitch
got a nose for cash on her.

One sniff of what we got
going on, and she wants in.

What does that mean?

It means she knows
she can't poach you,

so she's willing
to take what she can get.

I'm almost sorry for her.

Why? What did she say?

You and I proceed as is,

but when she brings in a job,
she takes half her usual fee.

I said I'd run it by you, but now

I'm thinking, fuck it, let's do it.
You know?

Let her tag along, as long
as there's money to be made.

I met her once with Shana,

and she seemed all right to me.

Did she?


I'll get dressed so we can go.
I'm getting pretty hungry.

This is one thing
I'm having a hard time with.

She says she finds us a gig,

I can't come to set with you no more.

Seems that's how she do.

You know?

Clients go do their thing...

Reps keep their distance.



And she wouldn't make an exception?


I mean, I'll put up with it for
the here-and-there shoots, but...

I'm more concerned about you.

You think you'd be
all right on your lonesome?

If you're all right with it,
I think I could manage.

I mean, it wouldn't be all the time.

When I used to do street work,
I did it alone,

so I guess it'd be
sort of like that, you know?

Different business, same setup.


- You think I'm a fool?
- What?

The two of you think you can play me?


- I don't know what you're...
- Okey-doke me?

Like some fucking chump?


She wants half?


Well, she can have
the half that's bleeding.



SMOKEY: (ON SCREEN) Why do you
go to the line every Friday?

JERRY: I have to hear this shit again?

SMOKEY: Why do you go
to the line every Friday?


Because the finance man

is gonna be at your house
on Saturday, right?

ZEKE: Shit, yeah.

SMOKEY: And that's exactly
what the company wants.

To keep you on the line.

They'll do anything
to keep you on their line.

They pit the lifers
against the new boys,

the old against the young,
the black against the white,

everybody, to keep us in our place.

I mean, can't you understand that?

PAUL: So what am I supposed to do,
just not have a dance floor?

I'm saying you just
install a normal floor,

like what I wanted in the first place.

Oh, normal. I'm not going for normal.

Normal isn't why I had
striped blackwood tiles

flown in from fucking Tanzania!

Might have been helpful
to know they would

shrink and crack in this climate

before you blew the whole budget.

Look, Paul, I get the vision, I do...

I thought we weren't
gonna talk about this tonight.

- So, how'd you do last night?
- Are you kidding me?

- Yeah.
- Are you fucking kidding me?

- Yeah.
- Are you pulling my leg?

- So?
- So tits out to here, so.


- Twenty, a couple years old.
- You gotta be fooling.

- Nope.
- You devil.

- You think she hadn't been around?
- Yeah.



Always with the long face.
It's only money, Bobby.

It should buy me something, at least.

You tipped me to a raid
that never happened.

I shut down the parlors
for days, waiting.

No one ever came.
I lost a ton of dough.

What the fuck do you want out of me?

I heard the raids were a go,
and then they weren't.

What, are you complaining
because we didn't kick in your door?

I just want some
reliable information, is all.

Fuck you, buy me a drink.

And not the piss
you pour into that bottle

for the suit-and-tie johns.

Real J.W. Black.

TEACHER: That's why they're called
"life experience" credits.

But if your final journal
is riddled with errors,

misspellings, poor usage,

sorry, Charlie, it's a do-over.

Now, please note

you'll be handing in pages
every week for review.

Typewriters are available
for you on the first floor.

They need to be...

You came! I can't believe it.

I thought you'd be too
occupied with the new place.

I've been meaning to stop by the bar.

No, you've been busy
with rehearsals, obviously.

I mean, listen, you were great.

- Incredible, really. Yeah.
- Yeah?

Not bad for an understudy, right?

I don't know how you do it.

Well, it won't be for long.
We close next week.

- Sucks.
- Yeah, just my luck.

Look at this.

You're a star.

"I'm ready for my close-up,
Mr. DeMille."

All right. Put your clothes on,
let's go consume some alcohol.

- Okay.
- Hey.

LARRY: "'Cause the finance man's gonna
be at your house on Saturday, right?

"And that's exactly
what the company wants.

"To be on their line.

"Everybody stay on their line.

"They pit the lifers
against the new boys,

"the old against the young,

"the black against the white.

"Everybody put us in our place.

"I mean...

"Can't you understand that?

"I mean...

"Can't you understand that?

"Can't you understand that, jack?"

No, he didn't say "jack."

"I mean, can't you understand that?"

IRENE: These clean?

- Yeah, I can do that.
- Nah, I got it.

What about these? You need these?



You feel okay?

Feel good?

I feel like shit.

Yeah, no, of course.

I mean, do you feel ready?


Let's book this dump.

I'm jonesing for White Castle.



Dead. Left the business.


Junkie. Bitch.

Jenny Cole's cute.

She's got some of that
innocence you're looking for.

No, I don't know.

Serena would be fucking perfect.

Her rate is really high now.


- Carol Connors.
- LA.

Lori Madison.

She's on her way up.

- Yeah, I thought about Lori.
- But?

No, she's in the running. Definitely.

Look, I know you want big stars,

but they can be a headache
and expensive.

You're already saddled with
Lance Minx, God love you.

Yeah, I think I can handle him.

How about John Seeman...

- For the Wolf?
- Would you fucking stop?

- I need a real actor in that role.

So, what do you think?

10% of my budget for salaries?

(SCOFFS) More if you want stars.

Lance alone is gonna run you
300 a day, easy.

Fuck, Kiki, I just want it to be good.

Stars, no stars,
I just want it to be right.

All eyes are gonna be on this.
Who knows?

We could even cross over.
No, we fucking could!

We do an R-rated version,
play drive-ins,

so it has got

to pop.

- I hear you.
- All right. Let's go through...

And pick our top three. Okay.

FLANAGAN: Look, I'm sorry, I just...

Can you keep your voice down, please?

ANITA: I'm not yelling.
You're the one making a scene.

FLANAGAN: All right, calm down...

So I need an answer about the clinic.

Can we use the 3-6-6, or what?

Yeah. Why can't we do it
in the Hi-Hat?

Because I'm open for business
when they need the space.

And what's gonna go down again?

I told you.

Checkups, vaccinations, birth control,

- basic stuff.
- How many people?

- A hundred, maybe.
- Oof!

I mean, over the course of a day.

Why can't they go to a regular doctor?

Just asking.

Some of these doctors
sexually abuse the women.

It's true.

Field clinics are safer.

Yeah, whatever you need.

Just, how involved
in this thing you gonna get?

Yes or no?

Hey, you don't get blood anywhere,
you're out by 10:00 or 11:00.

I don't give a fuck.

- Thank you.
- ANITA: I've gotta go.

FLANAGAN: You can't just run away
every time things get hot.

Look who's fucking talking.
All you do is run.

FLANAGAN: I'm not running!

IRENE: All right, here is good.

Rodney home?


CABBIE: Thanks.

- Which floor?
- Third.

You're not going in there.

I live there.

It's gonna suck you right back.

You're gonna be on that shit
again in 10 minutes.

- Nah.
- It's no good.

I can feel it.

Look, Shay,

just stay with me.

I want you to stay with me.

Driver, keep going.

CABBIE: Where to?


CANDY: What do you think?

I think it's clever.

But isn't it kind of...

- All about the Wolf?
- Yes.

He's got all the best lines.

He's got most of the lines.

Right? All Little Red Riding Hood
does is

get chased, suck dick,
and have orgasms.

I think he missed the whole point,

which is that in this, the hero

- is the fucking heroine.
- Yeah. Yeah.

Red is a powerful creature.

She's gotta be as dangerous

as anyone else in that fucking forest.


And then she's gotta realize

that she could turn the tables
anytime she wants.

- And when she does...
- That wolf is dead meat.

Let me warm those up for you ladies.


You think you could do better?

Yeah, actually, I do.

And do you understand
the feeling I'm going for?

Like an erotic Taxi Driver vibe?


Okay, here's the bad news.

Right now I don't have dime one
to pay another writer.

(LAUGHS) You were gonna pay me?


Got something for you.

- In a minute, okay?
- No, now.

You'll like this.
Come on. Close your eyes.

- C.C., I really have to get ready.
- Come on.

Close your eyes.

Keep them closed.



LORI: Wow.

They're big.

That ain't all. Come here.

Look in there.

- What the hell?
- Just look.


Pure breed.

From the Upper East Side,
some French place.

- C.C., I...
- Yo, check that collar.

- It's wet. It peed.
- Well, you gotta train it.

I can't train a dog, C.C.

I mean, I've never had one.
I don't know how.

Well... I thought you loved dogs.

They're okay.

- I can take it back.
- No. It's... I've got him.

Anyway, it's yours.

Do what you want with it.


You'll be more comfortable
when we open it up.

It's a Castro, so...

Is this okay? I...

I don't wanna, I thought you...

No, it's fine.

You ever been with a woman?

Not for fun.

I mean, sometimes for work, but...

I'm into it.

You sure?

It's fine.

It's good.

You're a little like a guy, anyway.

Except you got boobs, kind of.

And no dick.

That's a relief.


Dicks are assholes.

I'm so sick of dicks.

If I never see another dick
for the rest of my life, I swear...

You don't have to.

I could take care of stuff
for a while.

You could just veg

till you're ready. And then you can

get another job, maybe,
another type of work.

- You know?
- Like what?

Whatever you want.
It could be anything.

I saw on the news, they even got
woman astronauts now.

So I should become an astronaut?

No, that's not what I mean.
I'm just, I'm...

Talking out loud.


You're thinking out loud.

DISC JOCKEY: 102, and that was...

Come here.

...with Bermuda Triangle Blues,

off their album Plastic Letters.

And before that, we heard
The Clash, with Janie Jones.

102, Megan Shelley is me, PIX is us...

Now, the entrance is
all the way on this side,

so we won't be disturbing
that building at all.

- But you have the side door.
- It's a fire exit only.

- I'm still stuck at go.
- Okay.

You're abutting a wide
residential zone here.

- A nightclub isn't really...
- It's more of a lounge.

There's liquor, music, dancing.

We know where this goes,
especially with this clientele.

It's the wrong place for it.

There are plenty of other
bars and restaurants around.

- Not nightclubs.
- Okay.

I think I threw everyone
with that word.

I'm going for a kind
of quiet glamour, you know?

Old Hollywood. Screwball comedy feel.

You expect Carole Lombard
to come wafting in any minute.

I have a question.

We're gonna open the floor
for questions in a few.

My sister lives across from one
of these type bars on 10th Street.

- It's not a bar.
- There's too many bars, period.

And every time a store closes,
it becomes a bar.

May I speak?

They walk around, no shirt,
grab each other

right in the open.

- It's everywhere now.
- Let me stop you right there.

We're all thinking it.

Someone has to say it.

That's enough, Mary.

I think she's right.
I think everyone is thinking it.

- But I don't know how to approach...
- Let me butt in here.

This is taking a strange turn.

- Thank you.
- I'm gay, okay?

I'm a homosexual.

Are there other homosexuals
on this committee?

Okay, so that's two.

And there are more
on the full board, trust me.

So this is not an issue
as far as I'm concerned.

Can we proceed?

For the record, if you're implying
that my comments were...

I'm not implying anything.
I have ears.

And I have been living
as a gay man in this city

for the last 20 years, okay?

I've heard it all about 800,000 times.

My concerns are purely practical.


Then we agree.

Shall we get back to it?

Tell us again
your target opening date?


So I get the vaccinations,
the birth control...

I don't know about all that.
I could probably handle food.

Can you get sandwiches or...

- Yeah, I can do that.
- CANDY: Hey, Abby.


What's it gonna be, Candy?


All your friends,

with their music and their films

and their gallery shows,

where do they come up with the money?

Most of them get it
from their parents.

VINCENT: Strapped, Candy?


Yeah, I'm short on my movie money.

I got about half
of what I need. Maybe.

So, what do you say, Vince?

- What?
- You want in?

Come on!

There's no more risk than investing
in a fucking restaurant.

The bar business is
enough of a gamble for me.

You sure?

I will take a Myers's and tonic.

You got it.

(CLEARS THROAT) I hate to say it,
but you do know that

Frankie sold
his dry cleaning store, right?

Frankie had a dry cleaning store?

Won it in a card game,

and then sold it back
to the original owner.

So he's flush for once.

At least he was.

- Do you know where he is?
- Got his haunts.

But I can't guarantee
he'll be at any of them.

You know what? I know Christina.

- No, no, no.
- I'm gonna call her.

Candy, it won't do you any good.
She's looking for Frankie, too.

- Look here. Write this down.
- Yeah.

First place I'd check is
the card game on 49th.

- Thanks.
- Between 8th and 9th.

If he's not there,
any of the theaters...

I thought maybe you didn't like me.

Like you? I don't even know you.

That was going to be my defense.

Your defense? You're not on trial.

We are all on trial, baby.

That sounds like something
from our reading list.

Okay, you got me.

So, what are you in for, Dona?

Job certification?

Union upgrade?

Like, communications, maybe?

I'm not sure. Are you?

Well, the long goal...

- Registered nurse.
- Okay.

So I'm working on my ADN now,

and hopefully start
on the BSN by next spring.

- Wow, You have a whole plan.
- Yeah, this is how it's done.

And speaking of plans...

You and me, tomorrow night.

Ren, you seem really nice,

and we can help each other
in class or what have you,

but I have a man,

so it can't be like that.

Say no more.

I never pressure a lady.

Doesn't anyone want to take our order?



That's right, baby. That's it!





Now that you're all relaxed,


you wanna know about that thing?

Talk about it.

Apollo 12 Lounge, it's just a house?

Gaming, poker,
sometimes craps, and a bar.

Maybe a few girls.

- Anyone else?
- Straight family.

Miss Cookie,
her boyfriend, and her son.

Round-the-way hustlers,

gang boys, dope men,
macks, chop-shoppers, a few fences.

They all making money out there,

but they don't like to leave
the neighborhood to spend it.


- And the pot?
- Depends who's there.

Could be 20,

40 Gs on the table.

- Cash money.
- Guns?

No guns.

Cookie's Uncle Morris
checks everybody at the door.

That's why you need me
to bring in your hardware,

stash it for you in the coat check.

Uncle Morris got a gun?

A machete.

And you don't want
to see him swing that thing.

Yeah. Fuck a machete.

Come on, baby.
Stop by and check it out.

All bad actors, huh?

Don't worry, stud.

All you'll be eating is cannibals.


MAN: I got something for you.
Been working on this all weekend...


Goes into his motion,


Right down the alley.

Tony Kubek goes down swinging.


Having your second childhood?

- What do you mean?
- No, I'm just messing with you.

You heard about the movie
I'm making, right?

- The Big Bad Wolf.
- Yeah.

I'm having some
fucking money troubles.

Yeah, welcome to my world.

That's not what I heard.

Oh, yeah? What'd you hear?

How much you make
selling that dry cleaners?

Depends who's asking.

Yeah, I sold it for 12 and a half Gs.

Down to 10, as of this morning.

I got a proposition for you.


How'd you like to be a movie producer?

- Me?
- Yeah, you.

What's a producer do?

Nothing much.

No, he invests in a movie,
kicks back till it opens,

gets to see his name in lights.


And maybe hits the jackpot,
maybe loses his shirt.

A gambler gambles.
That's what he does, right?

That 10K down from
12 and half this morning,

how long do you think it'd take
you to blow through all that?

Well, you never know.


You remember the last time
you lost that much cash?

Which last time?

- That's what I'm saying.
- Mmm-hmm.

Come in with me. Come on.

Be my co-producer.

Even if you lose it all,
this will be the one blown bet

you'll be telling stories about
for the rest of your fucking life.


You said I was gonna be a producer.

We're gonna be partners.
That makes me a co-producer, too.

Yeah, what the hell.



You got it on you?

- Wow. You're pushy.
- Yeah.

Looking out for our fucking movie.

All right.

- I'm coming to get it.
- All right, partner.

We all agree raids are worthless
without the element of surprise.

"Surprise" and "raid"
are two words that

never go together in this zone.

And once these clap factories
get that heads-up,

all they need to know is how many cops
are coming through the door,

so they can leave out
enough liquor to cover the crew.

That's why I canceled
the first operation.

Now, I want you on this new one.

- This raid is vice-related, correct?
- Right.

The parlor people will be charged
with promotion of prostitution

and violation of liquor laws.

But I want you taking the door.

Vice will be on the scene,
but you're the lead.

You really think something positive
will come from more raids?

We'll see.

I plan on announcing them
at the very last moment.

- What do you say?
- I'll do it...

As long as my boss agrees.

Deputy Inspector?

So ordered.

One more thing, Detective.

Our friend Gene Goldman
was a little ticked off

when I canceled the raids
the first time.

But he stood down when I convinced him

we were about to be compromised.

I'd like to show him
I appreciate his cooperation.

Throw Goldman a bone
and keep him in the loop.

WOMAN: I got, like, an infection.

How much it cost for some pills?

We just gotta get you looked at,
but everything's free.

- I didn't believe it myself.
- Shit.


Make sure to take them all.

This is the first time I got medicine
and didn't have to blow the doctor.

Could I also get some
cough syrup for my daughter?

DOCTOR: I'm sorry, I'm a little
uncomfortable with that.

Goes great with a shot of vodka.

I'm giving away free ones.

You think you're joking, but I
had a client once, he wanted...

- I don't need to hear.
- You really don't.

- Satisfied?
- I'm just getting started.

Next we're gonna try
to broker the terms between

the working girls and the residents

over at that complex on the West Side.

- Slow down, will you?
- I don't wanna.


For such a fashionable guy,

I thought you'd have
better decorating sense.

I'm not trying
to advertise my presence.

The locals aren't big fans of change.

What brings you here?

I'm about to head up
a raid on the parlors.

Thought you'd like to know.

That's uncharacteristically
forthcoming of you, Detective.

You keep telling me about your plans.

Maybe you'd like to observe
an actual police operation.

See what we do.

They're not gonna be
expecting us this time.

It's on,

but I'm gonna need you
to leave it to me.

Can I at least make one suggestion?

I could call a couple of people
I know in the press.

People I trust.

They could be there, too.

That is, as long as
it's all right with you.

Only if you call them an hour
before we kick the doors in,

no sooner.

I don't want any leaks.


MIKE: There's a quote-unquote
gentlemen's club

- up in the Bronx.
- Whereabouts?

Corner of Broke-Ass and Strung Out.

Where exactly?

Barretto off of Spofford.

They run a fat game.

I wanna hit it.

- Who you bringing?
- Just Frankie.


Black Frankie.

You wanna rob some titsuns,
that's on you.

Why am I here?

I just wanna make sure that the target
isn't somebody you know.

- If it's on Barretto, no.
- I figured.

But I didn't want
to step on anybody's toes.

That's good you asked.

Anything I can do to help?

Yeah, actually, I need a wheel.

Can you loan me Carlos?

- That buys me a slice.
- Of course.

After the score, pay Tommy.

You got it.

WOMAN: Is that $3 for the bananas?

(WHISPERING) Take your positions.

Move. Let's go.


- Police!
- Don't move.

What the fuck is this?

- Police here!
- Nobody told us.

Jesus Christ.

You gotta be fucking kidding me.

REPORTER: Here they come,
here they come.

Here's one right now. Miss!

Miss, is there anything you wanna say?

Tell me what your charges are!

Get back, everybody. Get back!

REPORTER 2: Do you want your wife
or daughter working here?

REPORTER: Miss, do you
have anything to say?

You wanna drink something?

- No, I'm okay, thank you.
- No?


Come sit.

So, I want to talk to you
about this part.

Yeah, Kiki said
you wanted me to play Little Red.

It's the lead, right?

Well, I wanna talk to you about it.

Maybe read a couple of scenes.

- Like an audition.
- Yeah.

Also, we start pretty soon.


I heal really fast, and...

With some makeup,

in a few days or maybe a week,
it'll be fine.


I just don't understand
the audition part,

'cause you've already seen me
in plenty of movies.

Yeah, like we do.

But this one...

I actually give a shit about this one.

- You live here alone?
- Yeah.

It's nice.


Was that C.C.?


So, you need a different plan,
don't you think?

Can I use your bathroom for a minute?

Yeah, sure. It's right there.

You know what, it's easy for you

to say shit like that.
You don't have somebody

breathing down your back.
You have your own money.

You can just come and go
wherever you please.

You think somebody handed me this?

This is the life I chose.
You chose something different. Okay?

You think it's a choice? Yeah?


What am I supposed to do now?

Just say, "Oh. Hey, C.C.,
sorry, I changed my mind.

"Catch you later."

What the fuck kind of advice is that?

Do you have any fucking idea
what the fucking reality of this is?

Everything I do,

everywhere I go, every penny I spend,

everything belongs to him.
He is on me.

He is in my head. He knows everything.

What I wear,
where I sleep, who I fuck.

There is nothing about me
that belongs to me.

It all belongs to him.

I'm sorry.

Hey, it's okay. I'll get you a drink.

I could use one, too.

Why are you looking at me like that?

What do you mean?

Shit, Lori,

for a second there,
you sounded like a...

In-over-her-head kid
traipsing through the woods,

with a bad-ass wolf hot on her tail.

I wasn't acting.

Yeah, no one's that good.

Well, no one we work with, anyway.

LARRY: And you didn't mention me?

DARLENE: She's aware
of who you are, Larry.

- Candy knows how good I am.
- Everybody does.

They do?

- MAN: Check it out, check it out.
- Well, all right.

Then why didn't she ask me
to be in her movie?

- Why don't you ask her?
- No, no, no.

Larry Brown don't beg.

Go on ahead, so you're not late
for your regular.

I gotta say, as hard as I've
been working in the films,

I'm getting tired
of having to trick, too.

I'm barely making my nut
as it is, you know?

We got a family to maintain.

So go. All right, babe?

MAN: Fresh-made IDs,
everybody, anybody, who wants them?

Switchblades, butterfly knives...


Anyone home?

Where the fuck were you
the last couple of days?

At the track, movies...

You knew when you met me.
I'm free, like the wind.

I'm not living like this
anymore, Frankie,

I told you a thousand times.

I know, I know.

I'm sorry.

I brought pizza.

What kind?

What kind you think?

Mushrooms and anchovy?

When it comes to you,
I got a mind like a trap. Huh?

Come on.

Dig in.


Guess who's in the film business?


Oh, yeah? Doing what?

I'm a co-producer on Candy's movie.

I bought in for next to nothing.

What's a co-producer do?

A little bit of everything.

Look, it's my money, so I'm in charge.

You think there's a part for me?

Of course.

I have to audition, though, right?

(LAUGHS) You just passed.

MAN: What do you think, Darlene?

- What the fuck?
- It's closed-circuit.

I called down to the desk
and ordered it up.

No. No.

I thought you'd be pleased. I...

I just had this wild idea, right, that
we could get in bed and, you know,

fuck while we watch you fuck.

You need to get that idea
out your head.

So I'm gonna tell you
how it's gonna go.

I'm gonna ride you
with my back to the TV set.

I don't wanna see the movie,

and I don't want to hear it, either.

Anything else?

Yeah, as a matter of fact.

Two of me in this room
is like having me twice.

So it's gonna cost you double.

Give it here.



MAN 1: Gonna raise you 300.
MAN 2: Three hundred, that's it?

MAN 3: You gotta bring
more money than that.

Scared money don't make no money.

MAN 4: I heard that before.

MAN 3: I'ma say it again.
I'ma say it again.

REPORTER: Well, Chris, the NYPD
really made a dent in Sin City today,

raiding five massage parlors

just a stone's throw
from the Theater District

and Restaurant Row,
and arresting over 20 individuals,

including women suspected of being
prostitutes and their managers.

REPORTER 2: Let the girls
make a statement. Please!

You're not gonna use that.

Talking a lot of shit for a man
with some heat on him.

What you gonna do with this,
give a nigga tetanus?

- Stick it up your ass.
- Sit your ass down.

You two, get over here!

Get over here!

The faggot in the coat room.


No! Please, no!

Please don't hurt me.

- Please. Don't hurt me.
- Let's go.

All right, now,
y'all gonna empty your pockets,

put both hands on the table, palms up.

No. Fuck you motherfuckers.

I ain't doing shit.



Let me see that.

"Omica" ain't no Omega.
Big difference, my brother.

Negro, can you not count?

I said, two hands.

Come on! Come on, come on, come on!

Let's go, Carlos.

Fucking shit!

MAN ON PA: Pussy hounds,
come on back to...

You got demoted?
You the change girl now?

What's up, Rodney?
You here for a show?

Since when I gotta pay
to look at pussy?

Shit, I'm Hot Rod.
Pussy pay to look at me.

- What booth Shay at?
- Shay ain't here.

So where she at?

I ain't seen her.

I know her ass done by now.

Bitch need to hit these streets,

recoup back some of that lost revenue.

I'm sure
she's looking forward to that.

This the comedy booth?

Drop a coin,
your silly ass make a joke?

You see her, tell her I'm looking.

- Mmm-hmm.
- Mmm-hmm.

This some nasty shit.

You wanna wait till I'm finished?

There's some good shit in here, bro.

How much again?

- Give or take, 40 Gs.

Very nice.

Did Carlos hold up his end?

I had to send him home.
Drunk damn near killed us.

FRANKIE: The fuck am I over here,
chopped liver?

You guys gonna tell me what this is?

We had an adventure.

- An adventure?
- Yeah.

- Vince, check this out.
- Holy shit.

- Somebody die?
- Almost.

Well, I gotta say, last night
you stuck to your plan,

pulled together and earned.

Which, in my book,
makes you a bona fide crew.

Don't forget to pay your boss.

Yeah, whatever you did,
I don't want any part of that.

All right, I'll take his cut.

Okay, all right.

Just deal me in next time.

VINCENT: All right, Tommy, be well.

Lock it up behind you, Mike. I'm out.


- Here's Rudy's cut, Mr. Longo.
- All right.


Any of you gentlemen interested

in co-producing
a major motion picture?

I'll see if I can find
the Tenant's Council lady.

We'll get started here.

- Hey, fellas.
- "Hey, fellas."

We just came by to see
if we could help you out.


What's that? Hai Karate? (SCOFFS)

I'm a Brut man myself.

All right, guys, here's the thing.

You upset the neighbors,

the neighbors call the cops,
the cops pick up your girls.

And round it goes.
You like it like that?


You wanna change it,

make it better,
maybe we can help you do that.

That's all.

- What's your name, sweet thing?
- PIMPS: Uh-oh.


- Abby.
- Abby.

Baby, you talking to Al Polite...

And Al Polite knows what's right.

These streets is public.

- Can't no one tell us shit.
- This is what they do every day.

They hang out, they smoke dope,
they put the girls on the streets.


Let's just...
Let's be realistic, okay.

How many people live here,
like a few hundred?

More like a thousand,
in all of these buildings.

Okay, okay, so that's pretty big.

DOROTHY: So we can do
some practical planning,

make agreements, we take shifts, even.

You have the park
from this hour to this hour...

No, no, no, we want them gone.

We want you gone, mami.

- Okay, okay.
- MAN: Doesn't work like that.

ABBY: We can figure out a way to...

Tell 'em, Dorothy. We can...

- We can work this out.
- ABBY: Help you negotiate.

I don't have the skin
for this kind of weather,

and I get sunstroke.

Not sunburned, sunstroke.

JOSS: You can wear
one of those visor hats.

You can put me
in a bathtub full of ice...

What happened with
the Mayor's Office? Hmm?

You get your permits?

Nope, they turned me down.

The film's context and subtext
wasn't up to their standards.

Yeah? Well, what did I tell you?

The city doesn't want
to be known for its fuck flicks.

Is that an I-told-you-so?

You know what? Fuck them.

Fuck them and their fucking permits.

I'm gonna shoot wherever I want,

whenever I fucking want.

HARVEY: And get fined or arrested.

You got bail money
included in this budget?

I got this, Harvey. I got it.

Worry about the budget
when you run out of money, right?

That's a good plan.

Here's the bottom line. Okay?

Your girls aren't doing much business
here in the daytime, anyway.

So maybe this is
more of a nighttime spot.

- RESIDENT: No, we don't want that.
- Okay, hold on.

Dorothy, tell them about
that building in the Mission.

- The deal we helped broker.
- Yeah, it actually...

It worked out good,
because what we did...

- Excuse me.
- What?

- Well. Hang on...
- He don't want your ass no more.

- You put out to pasture!
- DAVE: Come on. Let's get back to it.

MAN: Looks like she's going
back to it right now.

- My little runaway.
- Do you see me running now?

Shit. You just got here.

You were staring at me over there
like you wanted to kill me.

Do you want to kill me, C.C.?
'Cause here I am.

Bitch, best tread light.

Maybe you got something
you want to say to me.

You got anything to say, C.C.?

You know, Ash, you're bold
with a crowd around you.

I got something I want to say to you.

I want to say thank you.

Thank you. Because all those
years living with you,

all the head-fucking,

and the cuttings
and the beatings that I took,

and I survived it?

That just all showed me
how strong I really was.

That just all led around to me
being who I am today,

which is your worst nightmare.

- Who you are, huh?
- Mmm-hmm.

- Nah. Nah, who you are...

Who you were and who you'll always be

is my begging-for-love,
"I'll do anything you say, C.C."

bottom-dog bitch.

Damn, girl...

You was the easiest turnout
I ever had.

Wanna know why?

Because from day one,
I had your number.

My worst nightmare?

Shit, Ash,

I could take you in the back
of my short right the fuck now,

put your legs in the air,
no time at all have you

shouting my name
like you was in church, baby,

then send you out in a hurricane
to make me my money.

Shit, girl,

people never change.

Don't you know that by now?

And all that nonsense over there?

Come on, Ash.

That's just you playing pretend.

You're right.

You're right.

'Cause the real me,
she just wants to see you buried.

MAN 1: You seen the edger?
MAN 2: Over there.

KENNETH: You're supposed to be uptown
with Cal looking at drapes.

PAUL: Shit! I spaced it out.

What's going on with you?

I think I can win over
this crusty old board

if I trim operating hours
and fudge capacity.

What's our new max? 140? 150?

- 120, tops.
- No...

And I had to blow the fire
department guy to get that.

- Kidding. Not really.
- You're full of shit.

It was 130, even before
we added the alcove.

- Why are you jinxing us?
- Jinxing us.

- Is that what I'm doing?
- Kenneth...

I'm trying to keep us
from fucking ruin,

if you want to know,
and I'm doing my best.

- Really?
- But this is bullshit.

- You're running amok.
- I'm running amok?

- I'm trying to realize our vision!
- Wood from the African jungle!

Crushed velvet sofas,
marble urinals...

This is not the Vanderbilt mansion.

You need to come down
out of the fucking clouds!

Keep your voice down.

(SIGHS) I'm sorry.

I gotta go see Cal.

We need to finish
this discussion, Paul.

Well, I can't.

Just fucking can't.

Where are the rest of the kids?

They ate earlier.
Patrick, drink your milk.

GIRL 1: Stop! You're gonna break it!

- Over here!
- Pass the yams.

GIRL 1: Give it back!
GIRL 2: No!

I'm done. Can I go watch TV?

Not tonight.

Go upstairs, the both of you.


You motherfucker.

What? Like this was
a big goddamn secret

I was keeping from you?

You said as long as I wasn't nailing
the women, you could live with it.

- And you said you were protected.
- I am.

That's why I'm here, taking your shit,

instead of sitting
in a holding cell right now.

They made my bail right after
the arraignment this morning.

And in case you were worried about me,

just in case,

I'm not gonna do a day of time.
My lawyer's getting me an ACD.

What the fuck is that?

An Adjournment...

In Contemplation of Dismissal,
or something.

Means all I gotta do
is pay some fines.

Bobby, you were on
the fucking television!

- Yeah, I heard.
- You have children!

They have friends, they have teachers.

How are they supposed
to show their faces tomorrow?

How am I supposed to show my face?

Hey, you don't have to!
You can fucking hide it

in that silver fox stole
you bought yourself last week!

GIRL 1: Mommy! She's taking my toy!

Sorry. I shouldn't have said that.

You wouldn't believe the stress
I'm dealing with.

- I'm going out!

MAN ON RADIO: Port Authority.
Got two for the Hilton.

Bernie, I'll take Port Authority.

Driver, take me
to West Street and 11th.

You got it.

Damn, Loretta, a baby lives here.

You should go outside
if you're gonna smoke.

What happened to you?

Better question.
Ask me what Larry did about it.

The answer? Not a fucking thing.

And if some john put a beating
on you instead of me,

you know he'd be all up
in that guy's shit in a heartbeat.

Well, you need
to take that up with him.

This acting thing with you two?

Taffy and me,
we're like ghosts around here.

What are you talking about?

Larry don't hardly
even fuck me anymore.

It's like living with
the absent-minded professor.

Well, like I said,
that's between you and him.

So he's an actor now, huh?

Well, someone should
make him play a pimp.

- Hey, Cecil.
- Child, what you doing?

Ooh. You said what? Ooh!

- I'll see you around.
- Bye, baby.


MAN: Yeah, man, yeah.


Right there. Right there.

That's good. That's good.



- Seven and Seven.


- What's up her ass?
- Annette!

- Yeah?
- Seven and Seven.

I get enough grief at home.
I don't need it here, too.

Here we go.


I want him banned.

Why, because of the TV thing?
He didn't deserve that.

He didn't deserve that?

The guy runs
a fucking whorehouse, Vince.

No. He's there to make sure
the girls are protected.

He doesn't cheat them.
He doesn't fuck them.

And what the fuck is
your involvement in all this?



Some of those girls
come in here to drink.

And when they do, they talk.

I know all about the envelopes
they're handing you every week.

What? Those envelopes aren't for me.

That's for the building inspectors,
the health inspectors,

the contractors, the cops.

The envelopes I get from you

are no different from the ones
I get from Bobby.

All that money,

that goes to grease the same palms,
it goes into the same pockets.

What are you saying, Vince?

Is this place backed by the Mob?

I never said that.

I'm not even implying that,
all right? Abby.

Abby, you like having
the run of this place?

You like being able to promote
your musician friends?

Your artists?

You like having time and money
to give to your causes?

Then this is how it is.

You cannot walk 10 feet in this city

without running into
some kind of toll booths.

But if you want me to stop
taking envelopes from Bobby,

fine, I'd be happy to.

In fact, I would love to stop.

I want him banned.

You own the Hi-Hat, fine,

ban whoever you want.

But you don't own the Hi-Hat. I do.

And Bobby's family.
I don't eighty-six family.

Eighty-six this.

"He goes or I go," right?

She serves fucking pimps in here.

All of a sudden
I'm lower than a nigger pimp?

- She's a fucking hypocrite.
- Bobby, I need a favor.

The balls on her.

I need you to stay away
for a few days until it blows over.

And the balls on you
for asking me that!

Two fucking hypocrites in a pod!

I need peace in the kingdom.
For at least a few nights.

Bartender, another.

You know what?

Drinks for everybody on me!




All right, everyone, let's settle.

Ready to get to your ones?

You ready?

All right.

Let's roll camera.

MAN 1: Roll sound.
MAN 2: Sound, speed.

MAN 3: Rolling.

Red Hot.

Scene one...

Take one.

And action.