The Deuce (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - What Big Ideas - full transcript

Ashley and Abby resolve to track down the identity of a 16-year-old sex worker killed in a recent fire. Vincent is shaken after witnessing the brutal side of Rudy's operation. Frustrated by...

- Okay, let's lose the smile.
- What?

I got good teeth.

Yeah, but we gotta give 'em options.

Darlene, don't I got good teeth?

My mama says
they're my best attribute.

Yeah, well,
your mama's not who we're after here.

At least, I hope not. Give me serious.

- What's so damn funny?
- Keep still, please.

Up the menace.

Scary. I mean, sexy.

- Scary-sexy.
- That's good enough.

Uh... Why don't we move over to the
bed, and lose the trousers, please.

Say what?

The directors are gonna be curious.

She didn't tell me that.
She ain't tell me that!

She said head shots.


I spent all morning
picking out these damn trousers.

They cost me $59.99.

You're doing this
to get into porn, right?

You want to do pornos?

This tells the directors
what they want to know.

Listen, do you want to explain
to the fashion model here

what pornography is?


Look, Mr. Brown, we got like,
I don't know, 15 minutes.

You got something to hide,
I say let's just go home.

'Cause whatever she did
or didn't tell you,

the folks eyeing these shots don't
give a fuck about your nice teeth.

Unless they really are
your best attribute.

Fuck it. Fuck this bullshit.

Thank you very much, sir.

Adjust the blanket, please.

I'd hate to see that thing angry.

Best be quick.

Arabescato from Carrara,
Makrana from India.

They used this to build the Taj Mahal.

Shit, they both look the same to me.

Yeah. Kenneth likes the Makrana.

It's also cheaper, but barely.

I like the stateliness of this one.

- So, these are for the back bar?
- Bathrooms.

What? What?

Am I out of control here?

More fucking trouble.

A little bit?

- Another problem, boss.
- What's up?

We got behind that plaster wall,
and there's no wiring. Nothing.

- Nothing?
- Not a circuit,

because they ran the wires
up the goddamn chimney spout.

Two minutes, Stan, I'll be over.

- Remind me why I'm fucking doing this.
- Come on,

it's gonna be great. Eh?

It's gonna be the Taj Mahal
of the Village joints. Huh?

Yeah, if it doesn't break me first.

It's great.

You starting to worry
about your investment?

No! No.

I'm just here to check-see
if there's any trouble, you know,

the other joint,
or here at the work site.

- Gotten anything?
- Mmm-mmm.

Maybe there's nothing to worry about.

Yeah, maybe.

It's been a few weeks
since that parlor fire.

Maybe them other guys
have backed off. I don't know.

You still got people watching
your places at night?

Yeah. It's costing me, but yeah.

Rudy says another week, or two.

If nothing happens,
then maybe we can stop worrying.

But if Hodas and them greaseballs
behind him are coming,

they're gonna come hard.

And they know
your other place is with Rudy,

and they might not know
that this new spot here is just you.

So, Rudy says just be aware.

Yeah, he's just letting me know
the risk of having

anything out here on my own.

I'm sorry, I just...
I fucking knew it.

Of course, he won't let this go. He's
not gonna let me break away clean.

He isn't saying that.
Do what you want, Paul.


All right. When do you open?

Six weeks? Eight? Three months?

Shit, the way things are going,
possibly never.

All right.
Question, one bathroom, or two?


I'm just asking.

- Trying to save you some money.
- Yeah.

It's a tough choice for sure,

but I think,
I'd still pay for the Italian.

Wanna move that six-footer over here?

Probably be worth it in the long run.


So, all my calls
came to nothing,

and even with the ten grand from LA,
this is gonna need more.

It's gonna need a lot more.

And one thing I know for sure is,
we gotta go Upstate, or Jersey,

or even Westchester,
but someplace, you know,

'cause it's not gonna work
on a half-assed fake-o set.

We need real trees.
I mean, I need a fucking forest.

Harvey, are you listening?

What was I just saying?

You'd want to shoot outside.

We don't have the lights
to shoot outside.

Not at night, anyways.

So, we gotta get some.

And we need to rent a cabin.

And we're gonna need to bring
the actors and the crew up there.

- Are there wood nymphs?
- Excuse me?

Or wood nymphos?

I'd hope.

Oh. Will they also
be wearing lederhosen?

Is that what turns you on?


You've done a ton of work here,

and I look at these pictures,
and I can't see it.

I think it's a little quaint
for a fuck film.

Except it's not.
I mean, that's the thing.

I know it plays that way
on the surface. I like that.

But, I mean, this is not
some kiddie shit about, you know,

"Don't go off the beaten path,
or you're a bad girl."

This is about the hunger
and the terror

and the risk we all fucking risk

to connect to each other.

Oh, my. What big ideas you have.

- Fuck you!
- Come on.

No, hey. Hey, hey, hey.
Hey. No, no, no.

I'm sorry. Hey, come back...
Please sit down...

- Do we have a script?
- Yes. We do have a script,

but it is mostly in my head.

Well, then, get it on paper,
and we will talk about it more,

and yes, we will see
what we can do with what we have.

I get what you're going for.
I've read my fair share of Bettelheim.

I am familiar with
all the Freudian shit,

sex and death and annihilation
of innocence and matricide,

and infanticide, et cetera.

At the end of the day,
it's gotta be about the fucking.

So, give me three
straight boy-girl scenes,

one with a lesbian munching carpet,

and the big-top orgy at the end.

You got me. I'm sold.

But if the fucking is not good,

then I'm not buying it.

Not by the hair
on my chinny-chin-chin.

That's the wrong fucking fairy tale.

Oh, fucking Three Little Pigs.
Fuck off.

How'd it go?

It's like pushing string.

But you know, I'm still pushing.

Well, I just wanted to say,
I wrote a play in college...

It didn't get staged or anything,
but I aced the class with it.

My professor said
that I have a really good ear.

On the other hand,
he kind of wanted to fuck me.

You a writer?

I really like
what you're trying to do here.

I just want to be a part of it.

I feel like this is something
I need to do by myself.

Well, I'm here if you need anything.

Hey, what's a Bettelheim?



They call that art?
I could've done that.

I kinda like it.

Looks like Buzz there's
working pretty hard.

- You know him?
- Oh, yeah.

I'm a bartender. I know everybody.

- Hey.
- So, what do you think?

You said photo show,
I thought you meant flowers

and landscapes and seashores.

- Hmm. Like Connecticut, huh?
- It's good.

- Hey, Viv.
- Hey!

Come meet Vincent.
These are Viv's photographs.

- Oh!
- Hello, Vincent.

I think this one's my favorite.

Cookie. She's an actress
in John Waters' films.

- You ever seen those?
- No.

She's from Baltimore.

Viv's got an eye for the marginalized.

Bringing out everyone's humanity.

Hey, all you gotta do is listen.

Sounds like we have the same job,
minus the alcohol.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

I'm gonna keep making the rounds,
speaking of alcohol.

Hey, wait.

She's the best.
Can't believe she did all this for me.


Where'd you find this guy?

Looks like my brother

in Bushwick, circa 1961.

Actually, Frankie
still looks like that.

I'm obviously
the more refined brother.

Change! Get your change!
Get your change here.

You want to see the show,
you need to get your quarters here.

Upstairs now,
they're showing it all and more.

Things you ain't seen before...

I sure feel bad for Frankie.


Think they'll ever
give it back to him?

He'd have to pay back what he owes.

Kiss a lot of familiar
Italian ass, you know?

Rescued ladies want nice fellas.

Don't make 'em wait!
Get in there, boys.

Did you ever think about
how much cum is on those coins?

Say what?

You're jerking off with one hand,

you're pumping quarters
in the machine with the other.

Some of 'em gotta get confused.

- No doubt.
- I mean,

when your head's in that place,

you're not really thinking right
to begin with.

You're spewing on your money,

you're trying to stuff tissue
in the fucking coin slot...

- You know?
- Yeah.

We all just trying
to get to that place

where no other thought matters, right?

- I'm saying.
- Shay!

Shay! Shay! Help!

Shay! Help! Irene!

Shit! Shay? Shay?

- Irene!
- Wait your turn, asshole!

- She just keeled over. She was fine.
- Let me in there!

- Irene! Irene! Open up!
- Fuck!

Open up! Irene, what's going on?

What do we do?

What the fuck you looking at, asshole?

Let me in there!

What the fuck did you do to her?


Is she okay?

The fuck?

Get Mario! I need both of you!

I put three quarters
into this machine...

Mario! Hey!

Shay? It's me.

Shay. Shay...

Have you seen Viv?

Not for a bit, no.

How about Vincent?

Put this on, and drink this up.

Tilt. Mmm-hmm. Swallow it.

We gotta get you to the hospital,
flush you out.

Mario, flag a cab.

Other sleeve now.

Come on. Come on.

- Easy does it.
- Careful. Be careful.

Take your time. Take your time.

- This way.
- Here, cover Shay.

Go, go, go, go. You got it. Come on.

- All right, almost there.
- Here, I got her.

I gotcha, baby. I gotcha.

Third time this year.

Nobody get no higher than Shay,
that's for sure.

Hey! None of that.

Why not? You saying you're not
a character worthy of New York?

Well, I'm not saying that.


Hey, this is early. You should see it
at 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning.

It's like the center of the universe.
Anything can happen, and usually does.

I'll bet. But I'm out of film.

You got somebody to take over?
Wanna walk me home?

Hey, Jimmy.

You got the helm
till Big Mike gets here.

- Let's go.
- Pour me a Dewar's first?

- Abby.
- Your show was a hit.

Got a rush at the end.

Too bad you missed it.

- I...
- Don't worry, you're good.

We're all good.

Right, Abby?

Just get me the Dewar's, barman.

Sure thing.
Go on out, I'll meet you out there.

I mean, okay, I was flirting,
but that one came on me fast.

Ungrateful bitch.

Does that mean
you're not gonna join us?

Don't keep her waiting.


Good morning!

Hey! How you doing?

Ow! What the fuck!

- You work here?
- Work here? I own it.

You're supposed to be open by 9:00.

The sign says
"In by 12:00, out by 5:00."

All right, well,
I'm here by 12:00, huh?

- It's 12:40.
- Whatever.

But the sign is saying if we
get you the clothes by 12:00,

then you get them back
to us by 5:00, the same day.

Yeah, so everyone says.

But that's my sign, I think
it means something different.


Just hold on a minute.

We been holding on
for a long time!

Alma! What the fuck's going on?

You're late, and it's "Almunda."

All right, Almunda,
where's Hui... The other one?

- Sick. She call.
- Sick?

You don't wanna open the door,
let the customers in?

Not me, honey. Alterations.

- Do your damn job!
- Alterations.

- What is going on?
- Excuse me.

This is ridiculous!

- Sir?
- All right, I hear you!

- Hurry it up, mac!
- This is disrespectful!

Never coming here again!
You lost my business!


All right.

Open for business.
What can I do for you?

I have borscht on my tzitzit.

Say that again?

Borscht on my tzitzit.
A spill my son made.

On your... On your what?


Say that one more time?

Morning, sunshine.

It's afternoon.

What are you guys doing here?

And where the fuck is "here," exactly?

You got an inpatient bed. In Queens.

Your boss here paid.

You paid for 28 days?

Also, I got you breakfast,

even though they stopped
serving it an hour ago.

I gotta let Rodney know where I am.

He knows.

You're gonna be good. I promise.

I'll come by every day,
make sure they're treating you right.

Every day?

What the fuck's wrong with you?

Let me check if they got
some yogurt, or whatever.

What the fuck are you doing here?

Shit, girl, we go way back. All the
way back to the Reggie Love days.

- Old-timers.
- Yeah.

You ask me, when you get out of here,
you're gonna have a man on your hands.

Okay, move around on her,
move around...

Zoom in...

Zooming in...

- I'm sorry, can we cut?
- Yeah, we're cut.

What is with the goddamn breathing?

- It's not me.
- Yeah, I know it's not you.

- Where the hell is John?
- John is gonna be late.

I told you. He's got a dentist thing.

Can we wait for him to come,
so, we can all be professional?

I can't have
the camera guy getting off.

I'm not getting off. I have asthma.

Shit, look,
we can just dub the sound in later.

It's not like he's bumping
into any lines. Am I right?

I'm trying to do my job here, Bernie.

I'm trying
to do my job, too.

Have you ever been
on a movie set before?

- Lots of them!
- You can't be grunting and groaning

in a person's ear.

It is creepy and distracting,
and I can feel your breath on my neck!

Do you want me to pass out and choke?

Go ahead and choke, but be quiet.

May I make a suggestion?

- I'm sorry?
- Let the tourist guy shoot it.

Think about what you're selling here.

Every nut-busting, raincoat-wearin'
chump in the theater

is trying to imagine that it's him
getting head from Lori, right?

So, now, your story has a guy,

in an ugly-ass shirt,
actually getting some of that.

And he's holding the camera.

So, make the camera him. You know?

He's looking down, enjoying the view,

so, we're looking down,
enjoying the view.

Ain't that
what you're selling, anyway?

Plus, no more ducking
the damn plastic palm trees.

Not a bad idea.

- Okay, we're resetting.
- Are we gonna try it?

No, for fuck's sake,
we're not gonna try it!

Our cameraman is shooting the scene.

I am directing the movie.

You keep the breathing to a minimum,
everybody do their goddamn jobs,

and everybody else,
let us do them. How 'bout that?

You think you can manage that, C.C.?

All right, let's get ready here.

I'm gonna need a few seconds.

Okay, roll sound.


- Wonderful.
- And, cut.

I'll be at the bar.

Can I get a hand with this?

Every week's got
a new set of passengers

with their own bunch of problems,

like, they're lonely
or they're fighting,

or like some guy cheated on his wife.

Then the crew helps them
work things out.

- Love Boat, huh?
- Don't let him fool you.

He loves it. The cruise director,
especially, with her clipboard.

- You'd be way better than her.
- What are you talking about?

If you were on that show,
you'd be way better!

- I'm not an actress.
- I'm just saying, you would.

Okay, kiddo.
You got that math test tomorrow.

- How about some studying?
- Yeah.

Do your work, baby.
I'm gonna help Nana with dinner.

Well, that put a lump
in your throat, didn't it?


Yeah, for a minute, you know, it did.

So, you see what I've been saying.
He's older.

He's gonna be older still.

He'll hear about it, or worse, see it.

Yeah, I don't think
we're at that place yet.

You don't think so? Excuse me.

He got it from
your father's sock drawer.

You know this is normal, Ma.

Normal? You're gonna
tell me now what's normal?

- Ma.
- Eileen,

he is 13 years old. He's exploring.

And sooner or later,
one of these days he is gonna...

Why do I get the feeling

that you want me
to pay the price here?

I am on it.
Now, where'd you find that?

- Under his mattress, where else?
- You should put it back there.

You should.

Unless, you know...

You wanna hang onto it.

Who coiled these XLRs?

Just trying to
find the best angle.

So, seems it turned out okay, then.

You know, Bernie, I'm only trying
to improve the product, all right?

I'm standing around here
all day, ideas do come to mind.

A man can't help it
if he gets inspired.

C.C... It's all right. Okay?

Coulda picked a better moment,
but it's not the worst idea.

Shit, I might even use it sometime.

Yeah? 'Cause I got more
where that came from.

In fact, now's a good time,
I got a brand-new notion.


The Life and Times of a Pimp.


What's going on? Are we ready to go?

See, I was down at Leon's thinking...

Well, I was actually filling
Rodney and Julito in

on all this Hawaiian nonsense.

I think Bernie has a scene later,
so, we should go.

Our lives are custom-made dramatical.

The day-to-day shit we go through?

The trouble with the johns,
trouble with the hoes?

Plus, you got fucking throughout.

Endless fucking.
Threesomes, eightsomes...

Who gets it more than us pimps, huh?


- You laughing?
- No, no, no, no.

Fuck's he laughing at?

- You saying my tale don't cut it?
- No, what I'm saying is,

you wanna keep making money,
we put the ladies front and center.

- That's just how it works.
- You're gonna find you have a problem

putting women front and center,

sideways, upside-down, or otherwise.
At least this one.

He doesn't mean that.

Baby, we have another scene
we have to shoot tomorrow.

Aloha, motherfucker.

Lori! We gone.

I'll calm him down for tomorrow.

Jesus Christ.

Move it!

Come on!


Oh, shit! Where's Kitty?
Where's Kitty?

Where the fuck's Kitty?

Where's Kitty?


Oh, my God...

Oh, that's Felicia,

and the one in the green's Lulu.

- I could introduce you.
- Maybe later.


Back on the stroll?

- C.C. know you around?
- Yeah, Rodney, he does.

- Who this, your new man?
- Yeah, just keep walking.

Bitch got old! No loss on that one.

Charming. Look,
if you'd rather not be out here...

You reach that doctor friend of yours?

Talked last night.
I meant to tell you.

He loved the idea.
Wants to help with it.

I gotta drive up to Tarrytown,
meet with him tomorrow.

You should come if you can,
tell him more what it'll be.

Holy fuck!

Oh, my God...

I figured you'd be back in the Bronx,
just living the quiet life.

Shit, I figured you were dead.

C.C. made it sound
like you were, anyway.

You ain't with him, right?

I'm still with Larry Brown.
I had a few years there,

where I went to play house
with one of my johns,

and Larry said that I'd be back,
and, shit, he was right.

- Hey. I'm Dave.
- Oh, I'm sorry.

This is my friend, Dave.
This is Loretta.

You back on the street,
Dave's someone you oughta know.

He's getting some things organized.

- Oh, yeah?
- Mmm-hmm.

What's that, "organized"?

Well, free anti-clap meds to start,
and some other stuff.

Yeah, like what?

- How long you got?
- All fucking night.

- Well, come on.
- Let's go.

Let's get a drink, or something.

Fuck you.


All right...

Oh, no. Okay.



"Look how big..."

No, no, no.


You let the fire
get to the second floor

before you started clearing the rooms?

Didn't see nothing
till it was too late, Bobby.

What the fuck were you doing?

They got us, Tommy.
Motherfuckers burnt us out here.

- I see that.
- One of my girls didn't get out.

- Which one?
- The kid. Kitty.

I had her at the Alhambra,

and I moved her over here
to the Geisha?


I yelled for everyone to get out,
she must've been asleep, or something.

She was asleep?

I can smell your breath from here.
You've had a few. Right, Carlos?

We knew this could be coming.
We were supposed to be on guard.

You wanna speak to that?


Oh, fuck.

Shit. Hey, Alvira,
how you reverse this thing?

Fuck. Got it.

Jesus. Just gimme
my suit already. I'm late!

Got it.

You call this clean?
It may look clean,

I thought it was clean
until I put it on.

Here you go, sir.
Just a little mix-up.

Smell it. I dare you.

I can't even identify it,
but it's nasty.

That's a dress. Not mine.

- What do you mean it's not yours?
- What do I want with a dress?

What does it smell like?

Oh! The fuck got on that thing?

Yeah. You can say that again.

I've been using
this dry cleaner for 15 years,

this is the first time
anything like this has happened.

I don't have time for this!

What happened
to the Irish guy?

I don't know!

But you see him,
tell him he can kiss my fucking ass!

- I will!
- Good!

How about her people, her family,
do they know she's dead?

She never mentioned family.

You got a last name for her?

She showed me an ID
when we hired her on,

said she was 19,
but I don't remember the name.

Cops don't know, either. She went
to the morgue as a Jane Doe.

You can't do any better
than that, Bobby?

The fuck do you mean?

She means you use her,
you make money from her,

and you can't even tell anybody
who she is.

Use her? I use her?
She's paid for the work.

She works in the parlors,
nobody hurts her,

nobody cheats her, she knows this.

Her money's good
at the end of every shift.

- Oh, yeah.
- Fuck the both of youse.

I don't need this.

You think I don't hate
that this shit happened?

She was a nice girl.
This is fucking awful.

- Yeah, it fucking is.
- All right,

why don't we just give it a rest?

Fuck you, too, Vincent Martino.

Any of your other girls close to her?
Did she hang with any of them?

Amber. They're kinda friends.


See you later.

- No way to do business.
- The fuck were we supposed to do?

Them guys had Hodas open
five parlors in six months,

all of 'em undercutting ours.

You burn them, they burn us.
Now, there's some dead girl.

And we're in the goddamn newspapers.

- Enough.
- All due respect, Carmine,

I don't see that we let
what happened here go unanswered.

I never said we don't answer.

All right, Bobby, come on.
Time to go home.

I let her live there, ya know?

- The girl?
- Kitty. Yeah.

Let her live where, the parlor?

Back when she started, last winter,
her junkie roommate OD'd,

dick of a landlord changed the locks.

So, I said, "Fine, take a room
till you can find a new place."

- I looked out for her.
- Mmm-hmm.

I looked out for all of 'em.

But you and your fucking friend
are giving it to me

like I lit the fucking match.

And this one, standing there
like a fucking church statue.

- What's he supposed to do?
- Just let it go. He's drunk.

The girl worked for you, Bobby.

Me, and me alone.

Bobby. Go home.

- You know, funny thing...
- Go home.

Bobby, go home.

Go home! Go back to Brooklyn!

Or wherever else you lay your head
and call home.

Nobody's blaming you.

It's a shit thing that happened,
it ain't anyone's fault!

No one here, anyway.

- Looking for me?
- Yeah.

- Who caught the arson homicide?
- Rappollo.

- Anything kick loose?
- Not yet.

Don't even think he has a solid ID
on the dead girl.

Goldman's mobilizing on it.

He's now mobilizing on every
goddamn case we catch in Midtown?

- Really?
- On the fact that we've got wiseguys

torching up each other's whorehouses,
that needs some attention.

Inspector, respectfully, you keep
trying to marry me to this guy,

but I'm not trying
to get dragged into any...

Whatever you think of the prick,

he and the people running his office
have the mayor's ear,

and they can touch someone
in every city department.

Including ours, apparently.

That Midtown Enforcement Project
is sitting on

half a million dollars to start.
Federal money coming through Albany.

Lemme get that. It's temperamental.


Half a million to start?

Yeah. And look, Detective,

we've got ourselves
a 20-year-old coffee machine.

I'll get it going.
Just takes a second.

I'm holding my breath.

John Calloway, line one.

Thank you, Doctor.

Not at all. Glad to help.

So, again,
just let me check with my office,

and we'll pin down the dates.

The end of the month at the latest.

We'll look on a location
that works and spread the word.

Okay. You may end up with more girls
than you can handle.


Dave told me some of the women

see medical people
who take advantage of the situation.

You shouldn't worry.

Thank you for including me,
Miss Spina.

How far is Nyack?

Yeah, Rick's a cool guy.
So, he's lit some of your films?

Yeah. Yeah, and he says
you're a really great writer.

So, Little Red Riding Hood?

Yeah. No one's done it as a feature,

and, I mean,

definitely not the way
we want to do it.

So, this would be full-length,
fleshed out...

Well, here's my idea.
I want to update it,

I want to clear out
all the quaint shit,

and I want to make it urban.

I want to move
the whole thing to the city.

New York City.

But it's still a kids' film?

Rick didn't tell you?

Tell me what?

All he said was it's low-budget,
but high enough so you could pay.

It's porn. It's a sex film.

"Fleshed out." Okay, yeah.

I tried to do it myself,
but I'm not a writer.

You wanna take off?
It's fine, I'll get the check.

No. I'm in.

I can see the whole thing.
You know? I think it's genius.

It's sick, but it's genius.

- Yeah? You okay with sick?
- Please. Okay?

The wolf eats the granny
fucking whole...

I used to get a little kiddie boner
whenever I thought of that.

You're kidding.

I am. But I was into it.
Way too into it.

You guys doing porn,

you don't need to use
your real names, right?

Like, in the credits, I mean?

She was older than you guys.
Maybe a year or two ahead?

I don't know if she graduated, or...

She's really pretty, whoever she is.

She oughta get dressed, though.

All right. Thanks, anyway.

Maybe we should give this up.

Worth a try.
We might have the wrong school.

Shit, we might have the wrong town.

With everything, all this,

what the fuck am I even
trying to do here with any of this?

Excuse me.
Either of you know this girl?

Fuck this. Let's just go.

Why are you kicking yourself
just for trying?


Can I see that again?

It is. It's Stephanie.

- Thanks for coming.
- I was ordered.

Well, I asked McDonagh
for some help from Homicide,

and he said you were my man, so...

You got guys from three
different precincts in here,

and the Public Morals task force.

Captain McGillavery
from Manhattan South

is in command for this,

but they come when called, so...

Pull up a chair.

Hey, Alston.
All aboard the Overtime Express.

The ho wagon rides again.

Who told you where we lived?

We talked to one of your son's
friends at the school.

I thought you'd want to know.

You a whore, too?

What if I was?

Dorothy's an organizer,

She's trying to help girls
like your daughter.

Little late for it.

Mr. Esposito, she's in the morgue
in New York, unclaimed.

You tell your boss I'm gonna
need him to give up one location.

He can move the girls,
let us kick over an empty joint,

but we're coming next Tuesday.
You got that?

He'll want it to be the place on 35th.
That's our worst earner.

I don't care which. I just need
one spot to give the bosses.

You guys keep setting fire to shit,
so, we're coming.

You know, for a tip like that,

you could at least
pour some top shelf.

What'd he want?

Tell us
there's gonna be raids on Tuesday.

We gotta give up a spot.

Bobby's not here?

Not since the fire
at the Geisha House.

But he told me to have
the nut ready for you.

All right. Come with me.

Frankie's watching us.

Come on now, Vince. We ain't tryin'
to get burnt up in here.

He won't be long. Come on.

- Hey.
- You're working late.

Yeah, I gotta edit
the stuff from yesterday.

Will you pay this
when you get a second?

- How's it looking?
- Good.

The jail guard/lesbian scene's
actually pretty hot.

- Oh, yeah?
- Even with those uniforms.

And the tracking shot you did
past the cell bars,

it's a little slow,
but I think it works great.

I wanted it slow.


We're paying actual money
to an outside writer?


I should die of boils.


Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Hey, there...

Hey, get the fuck outta there!

- I don't want your fucking money!
- Simmer down, sweetie!

Get the fuck up outta here
if you know what's good for you!

- What'd I do?
- Done. Cut the fucking light.

I don't need this shit.

Next dancer!

I'm hungry. You're buying.
Tips were shit tonight.

It's all good, clean fun
until the late show,

and then,
the cheapest and the drunkest.

January Cummings!
Come on up, January!

Yeah, from now on,

the part of the nut that's the weekly
from the parlors,

Black Frankie here's
gonna deliver that.

No, Vince. You're responsible.

Not anymore.
I'm stepping away from the parlors.

I want out of that.

Out. What the fuck is "out"?

- Tommy.
- What?

Ain't that one of them motherfuckers
right there

you want me to be looking for?

- Where?
- Sucking on a pizza slice.

- Billy...
- Billy Diamond.

- Who?
- Muscle. Working with the Horse.

And Marty Hodas.

He ain't a made guy, but
he's into their shit just the same.

Here. Hold that a second.

What the fuck is this about?

Thing about all this is that
when I put a torch to your place,

I got the sense to go to a phone,
drop a dime,

call the joint,
tell 'em that they're on fire.

Not you guys. You're assholes.

What the fuck you talking about?

You heard me.

Fuck you.

Fuck me.

- Fuck! Go!
- Oh!

The fuck was that about?

Let's go!

Well, that was regrettable.

You see that bald guy?

Fucking prick wanted his bill back
because I wouldn't let him finger me.

Customer ain't always right.

Hey, Tina. You ever think
for one minute of your life

you'd ever find yourself married
to a dry cleaner?

- No.
- Gentlemen, here comes

- the beautiful and flexible...
- Me, neither.

...Jessica Danger to the stage.

Welcome to the stage, Miss Danger.

Stephanie Esposito was 16.

- Who?
- Kitty.

The dead girl.
Ashley found her family upstate.

She was underage.

Might have been 15
when Bobby hired her.

We're going to bury her, Vincent.

Find her a boneyard, buy her a stone.


You tell your brother-in-law
this is his responsibility.

Bobby's paying out. This is on him.

I'll do it.

You'll "do it," you'll tell him,
or you'll "do it," you'll pay?

I mean I'll cover it.

Why you?

I asked you a question.

Why you, Vincent?

I want to make sure it gets done.

- I just feel bad.
- That's it?

- Nothing else to say?
- What, is this about the other night?

- Your photographer friend?
- I don't give a shit about Viv.

We both have rules we play by.

- This is Bobby.
- Bobby?

The man was drunk. That's how he gets.

I'm going to sleep.

I've got a funeral to plan.

I saw something happen tonight.


What was it?

You're not gonna tell me?

You're a bad boy,
Prisoner Dickey.

All's I...

Why you gotta be so mean?

All's I want is more food.

Are you gonna say "please"?

You open up these bars, I will.

- It's still you.
- What's still me?

- You have another line.
- Say what?

You have another line.

Okay, let's cut.

- Everyone back to one.
- It's okay. It's okay.

Hey, Larry, what's going on?

If you would quit interrupting me,
I'd get it.

You're throwing me with that shit.

Okay. The line is,

"Open this door, I'll show you
'please' and 'thank you.""

It's five sentences.

Five stupid sentences.

You want me to get this right,

why don't you give me
some shit that makes sense?

Mr. Brown,
you are not the first guy to say

some dumb shit in a porn film.

Now, stop slapping the camera.

...can't say his fucking line.

They're not watching it
for the dialogue.

Candy, respectfully...

Larry, I'd like to roll the camera.

Respectfully, you read that shit?

People supposed to believe
she wanna fuck me behind that shit?

He's right.
I've seen some pretty bad scripts,

but this one is like
a junior high school kid wrote it.

A junior high school kid
who takes the special bus.

- Okay. Okay.
- Just saying.

All right, give me ten minutes,
I'm gonna try and tweak it.

While you're at it,
can you change my name?


"Prisoner Dickey." Please.

You're welcome.

- The Life of a Pimp.
- "Life and Times."

It's like he's looking for
a way to piss everybody off.

"The money's good, just shut
the fuck up and get paid, right?"

I just wish that you could rep me.

And he could still get paid,

but you could just do everything
the right way.

That sorta leaves me short.


Or there's this.
You keep C.C. as your manager,

I find you work,
we split the fees on that work,

but only on the gigs I bring you.

- So, you each take half of 15.
- On one condition.

On those jobs, I come with you.

He stays the fuck away
from the film set.

Kiddo, when he had you tricking,
did he need to be in the room?

Different business, same setup.

You want me to tell him?


You gonna tell him?


- I think... Wait, where...
- How's it going?

- "I bet you are."
- Still shit.

- There's no saving this storyline.
- "I bet you are."

- "Why are you being so bad?"
- ""Cause I haven't been fed."

- Candy.
- Yep?

Don't make it a thing,

but I don't think Larry can
actually read very well.

I go over his lines
with him the night before,

so, even if y'all make it better,

I don't think he could just change
what he's saying on the fly.

We gonna shoot soon?
I'm losing my juice!


Okay, everybody,
let's get ready to shoot.

Everyone back to one,
we are back in.

Hey, Heather. Let's talk.

Least we'll get to the fuckin'
before midnight.

Larry, come here.

What is this scene about?

I mean,
we all know where it's headed, right?

So, you just get there
however the fuck you want.

- Improv?
- Yeah!

Candy, no. No.

Come on. Let's start at the top.

Same places.

Look, hold this.

All you gotta know

is that you fucking hate him...

And he's hot.

And, Larry,

you've been in here a long time.

You are lonely, you are horny.

You know what to fucking do.

Just say whatever you need to say

to get her in this door,
and get her clothes off.

All right, everyone, let's do it.

Can I get a frame line?

Cameras up. And, frame line.

Brace yourself.


Count 'em yourself if you want.

Why don't you give me 15 for it?

Twelve-five is what I have.
And I gave you the keys.

You want it, you keep it, Frankie.

Mr. Frankie. Done.

Hey. Looks good as new.

Thank you.

You have a good life, Alma!


That's what I said.

Three months I've been here.

Hungry, thirsty, alone...


You've already
had enough to eat, though.

- You bad boy.
- "Boy"?


Why you gotta be so cold?

Just 'cause a man steals a car,

and robs a liquor store,

and pistol-whips two cracker cops

who show up in the parking lot
at the wrong time,

don't mean I don't have any needs.

I'm still a human being you got
locked up in here, ain't I?

How 'bout you show a human some heart?

If it's a heart you have.

Shit. That's the man I know.

So, we good to fuck now?

Some people learn the hard way.

Sector Three,
remove your unit from the sidewalk.

Repeat, Sector Three,
the unit must be moved immediately.

That doesn't look friendly.

McDonagh sent you to me,
and you just left.

What should I tell him?

Tell him your bullshit.

What bullshit?

We're gonna raid these parlors
all that we can hit.

Yeah? Is that what you think?

Because I think
you're gonna hit nothing,

just a few empty,
cum-stained shitholes.

- That's what I think.
- Why?

Because half the shitbags
you had in that room,

they had the word out on the street

even before you could drive home
to wherever you mow a lawn.

This is the Deuce.

If it were as easy as you think it is,

it wouldn't be here
in the first place.

I'd let you waste more of my time,
but hey,

I caught a homicide last night,
so, excuse me.

Only books you can read
had to be smut.

The smut kind.

There you go, ma'am.

Maybe we should've gotten someone
to say a few words.

She's Catholic, right? I mean...

No idea.

Don't forget to throw
a stone on there.

I heard you.