The Deuce (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Seven-Fifty - full transcript

Lori envisions a sunny future in LA after attending the AFAA Erotica Awards with Harvey and Candy, who's looking to connect with west-coast producers who are willing to turn her fairy tale ...

You sure you want to bring all that?

They lose the bags sometimes,
you know.

Yeah, well,
that's why you gotta be prepared.

Okay, Daddy.

Yo, you think I need this coat?

It's gonna be warm in LA.

What about inside the plane?
Is it cold?

You've never flown before?

Never had the occasion till now.

Why would I want to be all crammed up
in a tin can for four hours?

- It's seven hours.
- Seven?

- Yeah.
- Let me see the tickets.

See? We land at 1:00.

Yeah, and we leave at 9:00.
Four hours.

No, there's a time change.

We go back in time?

- I don't play that shit.
- No, it's a different time zone.

Yeah, I knew that.
You think I'm ignorant?

- Are you nervous about flying?
- Me?

Hell, no.

It's not dangerous.

Only, like,
a few planes go down every year.

Anyway, we should get going.

Hold up. Gotta think on this.

Think on what? The awards are tonight.

Yeah, but if we all crashed up
in the Nebraska cornfields,

then ain't nobody winning nothing
but Best Burnt-to-Shit Motherfuckers.

Don't be crazy.

Fuck it.

- We're staying.
- What?

Yeah. You're too valuable an asset.

Harvey can get your award,

or send some Injun bitch
up there like Marlon Brando did.

C.C., I have to go.

You know I have to go.

Bring back that gold for us.

You know I will, Daddy.

No, no, don't give me that look.
Just hear me out.

You remember how you felt
when you first got the Hi-Hat, right?

Hell, I remember how you felt.
I saw you, I was there.

Yeah, it was a nice opportunity.

Come on. You loved it.

Yeah, I loved it.

That's all we're asking for,
an opportunity.


We don't need the whole amount.

I've got seven in cash.

You kick in the rest,
we can secure the lease.

Yeah, personally,
it sounds like a great idea.

We have to see what Rudy says.

Yeah, about that.

We want to do this on our own.

- With my money.
- It's a promissory note.

You're gonna get paid back
with interest.

And Rudy still gets his nut
on the original bar,

but this new one, it's ours.

You know,
I thought you were the smart one.

- Okay.
- Yes! Thank you, man. Thank you.

- I fucking love you.
- All right. All right.

Get a shot of Kelly's ass,
would ya?

And, cut.

Very nice.

Darlene, Kelly, you're done.

Jennifer, stick around.

Let's set up the camera for the DP.

You heard him, let's go.
DP's up, you guys.

"DP." That's
"Director of Photography," right?

Head cameraman?

Nah. DP means "double penetration."

Double penetration?

So, you fuck her twice?

Not exactly. So...

- He's talented.
- Who, Eric?

He got you going, huh?

No. I mean, he's a trained actor.

I saw him in a toothpaste commercial.

- He does have a nice smile.
- Nice tongue, too.

Your paychecks cleared.
Great scene. Very hot.

Thank you, Carrie.

You have another scene
coming up later?

No. Why?

Just thought I saw it in the script.

You read the whole script?

So, your dick touches his dick?

Not on purpose, but if it happens,
who cares?

- That shit is fucked up.
- Drew, we're ready for you.

Personally, I'm into it.

The high crime rate
continues to deter visitors.

But law enforcement is only
one piece of a coordinated effort

with zoning reform,
and sustained economic development.

What the fuck does this
have to do with us?

- No fucking clue.
- Nothing.

Our overall action plan
comprises a series

of immediate, intermediate,
and long-term goals.

For instance, in the short term,

we are supporting legislation
to prevent "hot bedding,"

renting the same hotel room
more than twice in 24 hours.

- That's never done.
- Right.

Good luck.

We're proposing a permanent
city-wide ban on massage parlors,

and we will more closely regulate
the distribution of collateral

promoting sex-related businesses.

A tourist or city resident should
be able to walk through Times Square

without being constantly
propositioned with handbills.

I'm sorry. "Hand" what?

- Handbills?
- Oh, hand bills.


The Broadway Theater District

has seen revenue growth
of over 100% in the last four years.

I shouldn't have
given up dance lessons.

You might have been good at that.

The Manhattan Plaza Housing Project

has added 1,700 residential units
to the neighborhood,

with 70% occupied
by performing artists.

And the city has plans

for a new convention center
on 11th Avenue

that will provide a southwest anchor.

- What's wrong?
- Sorry, Gene, it's stuck.

- Damn it.
- Excuse me, gentlemen.

It's the damn budget cuts.

- What happened?
- I don't know. It just stopped.

All right,
so, you want us to come back?

- I'll be right with you.
- Maybe it's overheated.

There's 16 parlors now,
between 7th and 10th.

You can't take a piss
on 42nd Street without hitting one.

Are we still making money here?

Yeah, but we won't for long.

I sent Black Frankie
over to one of the new places

last night, with a $10 bill,

he got a hand job
and came back with change.

- What, you didn't tip?
- Seven-fifty. It was all right.

How the fuck are they making a profit?

They ain't.
They're just trying to put us under.

It's what you call a loss leader.

Yeah, but here's the thing. Tell him.

Wasn't no fuzz on that peach.

- What, high school girls?
- More like junior high.

Fucking Hodas is out of control.

His people may be scumbags,
but even they don't go for this shit.

Rudy, are you ready to come up?

Yes, sweetheart.

You boys hold the line.
No slashing prices.

I'll get with Carmine over this.

Rudy. One more thing.

What, you gonna join me, Vince?

'Cause believe me,
I don't need your help.

Uh, it's about Paul. He wants
to open another night spot.

- What, another fag joint?
- It's more like a supper club.

Piano player, top-shelf liquor,
dining room, good menu.

- It's in a townhouse.
- An upscale joint, huh?

That's not a bad idea.
How much does he need?

He doesn't need anything.

Then why are we
having this conversation?

Look, Paul's very grateful
for what you did for him,

he doesn't mean any disrespect,

he just wants his own thing,
free and clear.

Free and clear?

So, Paul invokes my name
to shake the Horse,

and now,
he wants to fly away from the nest?

You got a hand in this bullshit?

Yeah. I'm staking him a few grand.

Just a loan to get him off the ground.

Figured he deserved it.
He's done good for us.

All right.
I'll get him in line, all right?


No, it's all right.

- You sure?
- Yeah, I'm sure.

Now, can I go get
my fucking rocks off already?

It's rude to keep a lady waiting.

Every four years,
another action plan.

Another bunch of suits getting paid
to write reports and make pie charts.

How many times
have we seen this movie?

Urban renewal is a reliable formula.
Plays well with the voters.

Well, it may play well with voters,

but it doesn't play
in a room full of cops.

We're catching dead bodies
most nights of the week,

and he's talking about
box office receipts

for Annie and A Chorus Line.

Cut Goldman a little slack.
He's a policy guy.

They tend to lack social skills.

I'm not sure about the policy, either.

Koch was pitching the idea of
a combat zone during the campaign.

What the hell happened then?

The red-light district?
No, that's dead.

They don't want it moved anymore,
they want it gone. You know why?

Somebody in Public Morals got morals?

'Cause every block in Midtown
that's occupied by cash businesses

that don't report their actual income

is a million dollars
in lost tax revenue.

It's not morals, it's money.

Don't underestimate
this group of do-gooders.

Goldman and his kind,
they bought into the Lindsay bullshit

the minute they stepped
out of law school.

These Midtown enforcement people
are idealists,

and we might be
shuffling people around as a result.


I'm not so sure Officer Handbills

is the best kind of person
for Vice Squad in the Koch era.

I could put your name out there
if you're interested.

I spent years trying
to get out of that cesspool.

So, no thank you.
I'm happy where I am.

If the Rangers manage
to limp into the playoffs,

who would you want in the net?

Thomas or Davidson?

What the fuck do I know
from hockey, man?

I'm from West Baltimore.

Evening, ladies.

Hey, Bobby.

Hey, Marilys.
Big night for you ahead.

I'm late for work!

You don't need this shit.

You shouldn't be working here
with all these fucking creeps.

It's my job.

And I do need this shit,

because I got a kid back home
that needs Pampers.

You gonna support me, Danny?

Anita, I ain't fucking around here.

Flanagan, she's clocking in.

This ain't your
fucking business, Bobby.

It is my business
if you're hassling my employees.

Watch it, man.

I make the right phone call,
and the rent goes up.

Can we leave the soap opera
out on the sidewalk? Please?

Only because you said "please."

Come on, let's go. Come on.

You sinners will go to hell!
You sinners will go to hell!

You sinners will go to hell!

You sinners will go to hell!

Hey, Becky! Move away! Move away!

Sorry. Excuse me.

Sweetheart! Right here!

- Shana! Shana!
- Over here!

- Hey.
- Hey!

- It's our Best Supporting Actress.
- Nominee.

- Excited?
- I'm very excited.

- Where's your man?
- Oh, C.C. decided not to come.

No kidding.
I thought he'd want to be here

to shake down Dave Friedman
and the entire AFAA board

for 50 bucks
and an extra shrimp cocktail.

Turns out he doesn't like airplanes.

"Fear of Flying"? That's appropriate.

It's a book.

Now listen, after the ceremony,
you make sure

you schmooze those money guys
we're after, all right?

Harold Lime,
Nathan Malone, Bill Osco...

That's the plan.

The thing is, most people
think of prostitutes as a cancer,

and with all the police harassment,

a lot of the women
think of themselves that way, too.

Okay, but we've had outraged people
for a while, now.

I mean, what's happening
on the West Coast that's different?

Okay, it started with outrage,
and that was cool,

but what it led to out there
was organizing.

You make relationships
with these women,

and it opens a door
to something bigger.

The goal is decriminalization.

And meantime, we help however we can.

Medical services, free legal aid.

Even just making them feel
like they're not alone out there

makes a difference.

That's what Arlene Carmen was doing
when she got arrested in January.

I read about that.

"Loitering for purposes
of prostitution."

Dave's working with
the NYCLU on her lawsuit.

That's why he came out east with us.

How are you arguing it?

The law is unconstitutional.

Violates the Fourth
and Fourteenth Amendments.

- And Arlene's right back out there.
- Do you wanna meet her?

She's taking the van out tonight.

- I could meet you after I close up.
- Sure.

No boys allowed, but I'll tell Arlene
that the two of you are in.

Don't forget to bundle up.

- Bye, Dave.
- Bye.

You okay?


Is C.C. still around?


Bobby Astyr,
for Barbara Broadcast.

- Who are you?
- I'm Harvey the Wallbanger.

Can you believe how much money's here?

How much money do these people have
to spend on these outfits?

I mean, how can they afford it?

Guess you were getting old.

What the hell?

I mean, they're not showing
any of the good stuff.

- Come on, look at these clips.
- No titties?

No titties, no twats, no fucking.

What, did we walk into
the wrong banquet hall?

I saw more cock in the men's room.

It's still a business
doing pleasure with you.

Yeah, yeah, sure, he can act,
but the real talent

is keeping your dick hard
for 14 hours.


No! We should be saluting
Jamie Gillis' helmeted soldier!

Yeah, what if his parents are here?

Think they want to see his cock
up on the screen?

I'm saying we...

Hey. I'm saying we don't need to be
embarrassed by what we do.

We should be proud of our perversions.

...for Baby Face.

I read he got paralyzed
from the waist down.

Know what I mean?
Like, no fire down below.

All because of
some dirty fucking pictures.

And now, he's like...

I get it, Frankie. It's a tragedy.

He's lucky he fucking survived.

He probably wishes he didn't.

Don't believe the heathens, Vince.

There is a God,
and he's a twisted fuck.

- Know what I mean?
- Amen.


Hey, George. You want some Metaxa?

- I don't want no fucking drink.
- Okay.

You see that fuck
in the blue jacket?

- Yeah.
- He's undercutting me.

- Does he kick back to you like I do?
- I don't even know him.

You don't know him.

Then we have a fucking problem.

All right, relax. I'll handle it.

Mike! Mike!

Time to enforce the house rules.


Death Wish II over here.
The sequel.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- You ready?
- Yeah. Let's do it.

Nice to meet you. I'm Abby.

- Excuse me, my man.
- Hey, brother.

- You looking to cop?
- You're outta here.

What are you talking about?

Talking about you peddling your shit
in another man's establishment.

Take it outside.

What about that sheep fucker?

He has an arrangement. You don't.

I paid for this beer.
I'm gonna finish it.

You wanna dance? Huh?

Get off me! Come on, man!

Ah, hey! Ow!

It's a parody of Westworld,

except instead of cowboys and Indians,
it's sex robots.

I mean, it is brilliant.

I also really loved...

I read the script...

Hey. Is that somebody?

It's Jackie Gayle.
He was on Merv Griffin.

He opened for Sinatra in Vegas, too.

- You know him?
- Met him a few times.

You're Lori Madison.

- You're nominated for Family Head?
- Mmm-hmm. That's the one.

I actually thought you were better
in Still Just A Girl.

That scene where you're
recovering from amnesia

with all those competing emotions?

I went to Theater of Arts for years
and I can't pull that off.

- What's your method?
- Well, for that,

I just thought about

when I used to sleep
at my grandparents' house,

and when I'd wake up,
I'd sort of know where I was,

but at the same time,
I'd also sort of not know where I was,

so, it was like familiar, but also,
not familiar at the same time.

- Does that make sense?
- Yeah, it does. It's a great scene.

What'd you say your name was again?

Greg Taylor.

So you're an actor.

I've done some acting, yeah,
but now, I'm mostly a talent scout.

If you ever think about moving to LA,
you should look me up.

As great as you are,
you belong out west.

It's happening, right here.

And the winner is Lori Madison!

Okay, I think you're up.


Go get it!

For God's sake, you're my father!

Yeah, she is!

Yes, yes, yes!

That's how we do it
in New York City, baby!

We had the health center,
but then we realized...

That most of the women
can't come to you.

If we really wanted to reach them,
we needed to meet them where they are.

Do you help them get out of the life?

We would if they asked,
but most of them don't.

We're not out here
trying to save souls.

Their souls don't need saving.

When they locked you up, did they
at least let you order off a menu?

No. All I got was a bologna sandwich.

- Maria.
- Hey.

Jessie. Come in.
Have a seat and get warm.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Hey, Arlene.
- Hi.


- There you go.
- Thanks.

I got a new picture for the board.

Is that your Donald?

He's in foster care right now,
but I'm gonna get him back.

- That's right.
- He's really cute.

Looks like his daddy.

Yeah. Same eyes.

- Same attitude, too.
- Yeah.

Jill Scott, for...

Isn't she so beautiful?

You deserve it.

You really mean that?

Yeah, I do.

And, here it comes.

Harvey Wasserman
for Touch in the Night.

I want you to know if I,
by some stroke of luck,

win this fucking thing,

you have a big piece of it.

I just shot that one scene.

It made the movie. It's true.

And the winner is...

Harvey Wasserman.

Touch in the Night.

Fuck me sideways.

Whoo! Go get 'em, pervert.

I'm too fucking drunk to be up here.

Wow. Thank you very much!

That's too kind!
Thank you, thank you. Holy shit!

Oh, shit.

Beware the Ides of March.

This about the guy that tripped
and fell down the stairs?

I don't even know
what you're talking about.

I'm just here because it's time
for Public Morals to pay you a visit.

- Is 1:00 p.m. tomorrow good for you?
- Yeah, that'll work.

We'll take our piece, too.

- Make it pretty.
- Sure.

The Ides of March was yesterday.

Uncultured motherfucker.

Come on, Harvey.
Put on your boogie shoes.

I, uh... I have two left feet
and zero rhythm.

- You should ask my wife.
- I did ask her.

She said if you're too cheap
to fly her out, then I'm your date.

- She said that?
- So, get out here.

It's not just a fantasy,
it's a combination.

I get it.
You don't have to convince me.

- I love the idea.
- Yeah.

The fairy tale aspect will resonate.

But you can't make it for 40K.

I mean, Missionary to the Moon
was what, 200K? Three?

Approximately. I just...
You can't raise that much back east?

Yeah, but it's all mob money.
I want it to be aboveboard, all of it.

- I want to do it with you!
- Yeah.

I can't scrape that much
together for you.

But you might have a shot
with someone who connects to a studio.


You get in touch
with Alexander Pullman

at Falconhead Productions.

It's a small shop,
but Alex used to be at Warner's.

Tell him Nate Malone sent ya.

I bet he bites.

Alex Pullman. Thanks, Nate.

- Thanks, Arlene.
- Yeah, thanks.

Good to see you.

- Bye, guys.
- Bye.

I like to introduce myself
to any new faces.

- You're welcome to join me.
- Sure.

You coming?

Too cold out there for me.
Guess I'm used to California.


Hi, Betty!

- Got something for ya.
- What?

You'll see.

- Yummy.
- Uh-huh.

- How's that?
- It's good.

- Yeah?
- Yeah, it's very nice. Thank you.

I got a house
by the beach in Santa Monica.

You're gonna love it.

Actually, I have
a really nice hotel room nearby

with a really nice view.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

I'm in.

Baseball made him
its first $100,000 player.

Hey, Daddy.

- For 50 points, name that player.
- Joe DiMaggio.

Joe DiMaggio.
Joltin' Joe...

So, she win?

Don't know.

She didn't call you last night?

Pager can't take long distance calls.


"Huh" what?

I just... I didn't know
that pagers couldn't take

long distance calls, that's all.

Yeah, well, it's no matter to you,

because your busted-ass face
ain't never leaving this town.

Jesus, C.C.

Lots of folks are interested
in asking, "What's your sign?"

This is the best they could find?

You wanted to be in Times Square.

Did you hear something?


What the fuck? You set me up?

Thanks a million, asshole.
He was a regular.


It's a start.

I am telling you, those white girls
are getting $50 more per day.

Jennifer, she do that other thing,
you know?

Kelly didn't.

She got $200,
we were in the same scene.

That ain't right, Larry.

You gonna have to say
something to Bernie about it.

All right. I got you.

I got you.

If you don't want to get into it
with Bernie, I'll do it.

I can do that.

I ain't scared of Bernie Wolf.
All right? I said I got you.

I'm gonna hit him up
for that money that he owes,

soon as we hit the set.

I promise. Go ahead.

Come on, Chocolatey.
What the fuck is this shit?

Detective Alston.

What, are we celebrating that
you finally lost your cherry, negro?

Sit the fuck down, Rodney.

You trying to get us cuffed?

That's my boy right there.

- You look beautiful.
- He coming, y'all.

Who coming where, now?


- Hey, Leon! Welcome back!
- Welcome home!

Fuck that murderous motherfucker!

He's a tall motherfucker.

Smells good.

What looks good, Darlene?

You're not gonna eat your cake?

Leon ain't hungry.

Two over easy, scrapple, right?

- Yes.
- Got that coming right up for you.

So, Nathan tells me you want
to do a literary adaptation?

Yeah, that's the idea.

Have you
secured the rights? Because...

Public domain.

So it's a classic,
like Alice in Wonderland.


If you want to do something like that,
I might be able to get behind it.

And we want to do two versions.

We want to cut a couple of shots
here and there,

and put it out as an R,
just like Fox did with Alice.

Yeah. What story?

Little Red Riding Hood.

- That's not bad.
- Yeah.

You could practically bring
the whole family.

Don't take this the wrong way,

but you're probably a little too old
to play Little Red.

So, I'm guessing the grandmother?

No! I'm the director!

Actress/director, right?

No. Behind the camera, that's all.

Candy, this is a business.

People aren't buying tickets
to see the director's credit.

So, you're saying what?

I'm an investor,

I have to be smart about
where I put my money.


So, what, you're not gonna
pony up unless I fuck on film?

Well, I haven't seen
your recent stuff,

but I'm sure you still look great.

Tell you what.
I'll write you a check for 10 grand,

and 10% of the action, right now,

if you come over here
and suck my cock while I'm doing it.


- That's all I need.
- Okay.

- Let me know when you open.
- We will.

Thanks again.



Hey, this isn't that kind of place.

- Oh, I'm sorry. I...
- Yeah.

- I didn't realize.
- Uh-huh.

I'll be right back.

You fellas have a license to operate?

Oh, no, we don't, Officer.

Well, then, unfortunately I'm gonna
have to confiscate this alcohol.

Here's your summons, Vince.

You pay the fine,
and the marshal here will come back

and remove the padlock.

You'll be open for business tonight.

Thank you very much, Officer.

Hey, Vince, you messed up.

Looks like there's almost
a whole shot left in this one.

All right, make it look good.
One or two crates.

- It's after 3:00 already?
- It's like 1:30.

- What the hell you doing home?
- I got suspended.

Good. You're alive.

So, did he tell you what happened?

Not completely. Suspended for what?

Tell him.

I got into a fight
with Mr. Linzano in gym.

- What do you mean, fight?
- Like a fight.

Like, he shoved me
because I was fighting this other kid,

- so, I shoved him back.
- Shoved who back?

- I said him.
- Which him?

- You're talking two fights!
- The teacher.

- And?
- And I broke his glasses.

I'm getting dressed, taking you back.
You're gonna apologize.

I'm suspended, okay?
Just let me be suspended.

I hate that hole.

Every day I go in there,
I come back home dumber.

School is school.
You're not supposed to like it.

When was the last time you spent
more than 10 minutes with him?

Just you and him?

Been kinda busy, I guess,
keeping a fucking roof over our heads.

Let me holler at you for a second.

Larry Brown. What's shaking?

Say a guy wants
to get into something like this here.

The first thing I'd say is,
that guy needs to be white.

What the hell? Bernie.

You know what 90% of casting is?
Looking the part.

Not a lot of parts
for someone who looks like you.

Come on, man. Give a brother a chance.

Let me lay it out for you.

White guys are
the major consumers of porn,

and they don't want to see
a black guy's cock.

Makes 'em feel insecure. You dig?

Half these girls, they wouldn't fuck
a black guy on a dare.

Interracial tarnishes their brand.

You saying these bitches is racist?

It's not racism, it's economics.
There's no market for it.

Tell you what.

If Johnnie Keyes drops dead

during one of his 45-minute
marathon screws,

you're my first call.

- You asked him?
- Asked him what?

About the money.

- Yeah, I asked him.
- And?

The motherfucker's too cheap
to pay what he owes.

So, this is gonna be your last flight.
We're done here.

God damn it, Frankie!

Vincent's in here every week
asking about the count.

Tommy, too!

You really want Rudy to come
knocking on the door next?

'Cause the guy after Rudy's
not gonna be knocking at all.

Relax. I practically
invented this place.

- Oh, you invented jerking off?
- In a manner of speaking, yes.

You didn't invent shit!
Go put it back in the office.

Hey, just tell my little brother
I'm gonna parlay today's take

into a fucking jackpot.

All right?

Shay, how you making it?

I'm right as rain.

How about we get you
a cup of coffee before you clock in?

Coffee makes me edgy.

Sanka, then.
They say it's better for you, anyway.

I'm cool.

Hey, hey. Hey. I gotcha.

- Someone should fix that.
- Yeah. I'll make a call.

Darlene, you're supposed
to be aroused, not asleep.

Why are we having sex on a plane

with all these people around,
and nobody even notice?

It's a comedy, Darlene.
Doesn't have to make sense.

Well, I can't get into it
if it doesn't make sense.

All right. You're 30,000 feet up,

he's a diplomat, it's thrilling,
you're excited...

Maybe we should talk
about my motivation.

I'm losing altitude, Bernie.

All right, cut!

Everybody grab a cup of coffee,
do something, relax...

What the hell, Darlene?

- You spoke to Larry, right?
- Yeah, I did.

And you still ain't gonna pay?

What? Carrie didn't pay you yesterday?

Didn't pay enough.

I want to know why I don't rate
$200 a day like Kelly and Jennifer.

Damn straight.

- That shit ain't right.
- No.

Right's paying what something's worth.

And I already told your man here,
you're the wrong part of the Oreo.

Blow it out of your ass, Bernie.

That's right.
We're done with this shit.

- Bernie.
- Come on!

I still need the penetration shot!

Seven-fifty for a handjob.

And the girls are, what,
13, 14 years old?

I mean, that sick fuck,
he's got no sense of decency.

Is this true? Is he using kids?

It's not like he keeps
birth certificates on file.

- Who the fuck knows?
- Find out.

Hodas is King of the Peeps.
I don't dispute that.

He could make a castle out of quarters
for all I care.

But he should stay the fuck out
of the parlor business.

I admit I made a mistake

approaching your swish
down in the Village.

And I regret sending
those Puerto Rican animals

down to hassle his clientele.

But as I told the kid,
once I realized he was with you,

I left him alone.

Now, we all agree that
the Village is open territory. Yes?


I'm a man of good faith.
What's yours is yours.

You're goddamn right it is.

So, where the fuck do you come off
telling me who owns Midtown?

We all came to an agreement years ago
that the Deuce is open for business.

And if you're not making
any money in your parlors,

then open up a stationery store
and sell fucking pencils.

I could give a shit.

I'll have someone talk to Hodas
about the underage girls.

That's it?

Thank you for bringing that
to my attention.

Hello, Miss Merrell,
it's Diane Rosenthal.

We're gonna need proof
of a steady income

before going any further
with a loan application.

Can you bring copies
of your most recent paystubs

to the bank sometime next week?

Please call me, so we can
arrange a time. Bye-bye.

Hey, there.
Hope you got home okay.

I'm at the office,
going through my Rolodex,

and I got a couple names
you can hit up here in town,

guys I went to film school with,

might get you a little closer
to what you need.

Just to be clear, you know,
I'm still not helping, all right?

This thing is your baby.
I'll see you soon.

Eileen, it's Mom.
We need to talk about Adam.

Call me when you get this message.



It's your move, oh, Danny boy.

I raise.

With what?

With this.

Okay, then.

The fuck?

It's the key to a place I own on 49th.

I'm calling.

Ya know,

I always wanted
an apartment in Midtown.


- That's the ballgame, fellas.
- Motherfucker!

No fucking way.

That hurts.

What can I say,
it's the luck o' the Guineas.

All right, so,
do we go measure for drapes, or...


Mr. Pipilo. Good evening.

You're a smart fella.

What are you doing
wasting your brain here?

- I dig the party.
- I bet you do.

Come on.

Hey, watch it.

Coming through, yes, sir.

Hey! Vince!

- Hey.
- Hey.

That John Belushi over there?

Yeah. He's a maniac, but he spends.

You know,
I like that samurai thing he does.

That's a good one, Rudy.

- Wanna meet him?
- Nah. Let him have his fun.

So, what's the latest?

About Paul's place, he sign a lease?

Yeah, just today.

I'm very happy for the kid.
Tell him I'm wishing him much success.


But things could get ugly. Soon.

This shit with the parlors,
with Hodas and the Horse...

If they want to come at us sideways,

they might decide
to go after our people.

Midtown, downtown, anywhere.
You should warn Paul.

Let him make an informed decision
about his future endeavors.

- I'll make sure he gets the word.
- Good.

Next order of business,
and it pains me to say this,

- but your fucking idiot brother.
- What now?

Irene says that he walked off

with another truckload of cash
this evening.

- Fuck.
- We're leaking money, Vince.

He's a liability.

On account of him
being your flesh and blood,

I'm not gonna hurt him.

But I am gonna ask
for his resignation.

Hey, he had a good run, right?

Tommy here'll give him the news,
assuming he can find him.

No, no, I'll do it. I'll talk to him.

Tommy. I'll handle it.

Relax, Vince.

I got other errands.

Hey, hit me up again.

You got a full house in here tonight.
Not a lot of tail.

- Hey.
- You won!

Best Supporting Actress.

Wow, that is so cool.
C.C., isn't that cool?


We got ourselves
a bona fide celebrity in the house.

- So, what's it like out there?
- LA is so amazing.

It's so sunny and warm,

and all the people there
are, like, totally beautiful.

Like, everyone looks like
they could be in the movies.

- Did you meet anybody famous?
- I saw Jackie Gayle.

Who's that?

He opened for Sinatra in Vegas, dummy.

I also talked to a lot of producers,

and after this,
they're all gonna want me.

Well, yeah.
You're on the all-world team now.

That little lady there says
you rate 2K for a straight fuck.

I won this for acting.

Okay. Yeah. Acting.

I'm serious. And you know what else?

I'm done tricking.


You done now? Just like that?

Best Supporting Actress, C.C.

Read it.


Don't forget what you are.

So, this is it, huh? Fluff 'n Fresh.


"In by 12:00, out by 5:00."
At least the hours ain't bad.

Fucking imbecile.

- What?
- Nothing.

You got people that can run
this fucking place?

- Hyun-sook.
- Suck what?

You're gonna need the help.

All right. I look forward
to doing business with him.


Hey, Liam!


Happy St. Patty's Day.

Fuck you.

That Hodas bastard's
up to all kinda nasty shit.

Underage, illegals.

You got a Green card?

I'm Puerto Rican.

Well, you better get one.
I'm not joking.

The cops are gonna start
cracking down. You gotta be ready.

Your boyfriend, Flanagan, won't be
able to help when it comes down.

What the hell
is going on there, anyway?

I think he loves me.

Then you got the ideal customer.

That kind of addiction?
Worse than heroin.

- And better for you.
- Don't say that.

You make it sound cheap.

- What, you're in love with him, too?
- He's nice.

These guys come in here
looking to fall in love,

bunch of fucking saps.


Johnnie Walker, rocks.

You here for some gash, Tommy?


Just thought I'd say hello.
Was in the neighborhood.

Always business with you.

Christ, this city!

The Bronx is burning.

That ain't the Bronx.
Round up the girls.

We may have to hustle 'em
out the back.

Gotcha, boss.

Come on.

Christ! Fucking parlor
down the street's going up in flames!

Bobby, relax.

Ain't one of ours.

You should visit sometime,
I'm telling ya.

The air coming off the bay
is so refreshing.

It's beautiful.

It's hard to get away
when you're running a place.

And the energy in New York right now,
it's pretty incredible.

You should check out CB's.
Willy DeVille is there this weekend.

- I'm in.
- Yo.

Dear Abby.

I need some advice.

I got a girl
who thinks her shit smells like roses.

And the truth is,

she's strung the fuck out on freeze
and getting near her sell-by date.

What should I do about the bitch?
Signed, "Disrespected."

Um... Dear Disrespected,

I suggest you skip the drink,

go home,
and take your bullshit with you.

My goodness.
You back up on that horse, I see.

Which Bee Gee are you?

I'm Dave. Have a seat, man.

No, actually,
I think you should leave, C.C.


Sorry. I didn't realize.

Soon as I get my Hennessy,

you two can go back to making
goo-goo eyes at each other

like a couple of fucking bobby soxers.

How you been, Ash?

My name's Dorothy.

You have a good evening,


Who was that?