The Deuce (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Episode #2.1 - full transcript




Hey, Candy.

WOMAN: That's really her!

- No way!
- Watch your step.

Okay, okay.

- (LAUGHING) Candy!
- Hey, baby!

- How you doing?
- All right, gorgeous.

- Thank you.
- Uh-huh.

- Enjoy yourself.
- Thanks.

MAN: So, before I make the buy,
I tell him I want a sample.

So this guy says to me,
"You want a taste of the stuff,

"You gotta lick my balls."

Because he doesn't know
I'm a cop, see?

He thinks I'm some schmuck
who's gonna let him

talk like that and walk away.

Well, I turn him around,
throw him up against the wall...

- Hey, Lori.
- Hey, girl.

I saw your photo in the magazine.

What, the picture
they run by the column?

Yeah in Spank.

You know I don't write
that shit, right?

They pay you for it, right?

Yeah, baby, they do.

Lori could do that.

She could write for, you know,
some other rag.

"How to Please Your Man" stuff, right?

My queen knows all them tricks.

Hey, I wanted to let you know
there's a dose

that's been going around the sets,

so you should
get yourself checked out.

Dr. Callas again?

God damn it,
I hate going to his office.

- It smells like Orange Julius.
- No, no, he'll come to you.

Give you a shot, just in case.

Where you at tomorrow, you shooting?

Yeah, I'm in the loft over on 36th.


Look here, Candy,

you should be arranging
this shit through me.

FRANKIE: Hey! Hey!

Royalty in the house!

- Hey, Frankie.
- Mmm.

What's good?

Ah, heading out.

Places to go, people to meet.

None of them are here.

I just got here.

- Saved a seat for you.
- Thanks, baby.


Myers and tonic
with a lemon wheel for the lady.

On the house.

Celebrities drink for free in the 366.


- I'm a celebrity?
- Oh, yeah.

Al Goldstein was in here
the other night,

gave your latest movie
100 on the peter-meter.

Like a triple threat.
Actress, director and...

Yeah? And what's the third thing?

General movie star hotness.

Thank you.

I mean, look at you.

Look at you.

Look at us.

Who would've thought, right?

Then there's this guy.

FRANKIE: Hey, Sally.

Hey, Tony Manero.



My brother happen to say
where he was going?

CANDY: Straight to the top,
the way it sounded.

Well, surprise, surprise,
he didn't leave a gratuity.

There he goes.

Bound for glory.


- Hey, Marwan.
- What's up, bro?

Hey, you seen Irene?


- Mario.
- Hey, Frankie.

You catch the Knicks game last night?

- Oh, man.
- McAdoo. Am I right?

Now we just gotta get Haywood
in order, and we got something.

Right? Motherfuckers should've
at least covered the fucking spread.

You had a bet down?

- Always.
- Sorry to hear.

I need five more.


That guy?

15, 20 bucks a day, every day.

Same booth, same cock movie.

He's in love.

Spencer fucking Haywood.

Killed me in the second half!

Fucking killed me!

And that's what you get
for dating a fashion model, right?


How you gonna focus
when you got world-class cooze

banging around in your fucking head?

You can't do it. Impossible.

- He can't. Yeah. (CHUCKLES)
- Right?

Is Irene in the office?

No, Irene's not here, man.

- No?
- Office is locked.

- You got a... You got a quarter?
- Yeah, man.

- Thank you.
- All right, bro.


MAN: Taken!

Thank you.



- Hey, what is it, uh, Laura?
- Lois.

Lois, hey!

Irene, she around, or...

- Getting breakfast.
- She's getting breakfast.

Okay, great.

Well, you have a great day, Lois.

All right.

Hey, you got a cleanup
on aisle two right there.


SHAY: Give me 20.

Rise and shine.

Give me 20 so as I don't tell Irene.

20? Irene's gonna know anyway.

Give me 10.


Take the 20.

See you, Shay.


- Frankie, no.
- Irene. Irene. No, don't worry.

I'm gonna go deposit this in the bank.

- Come on, not again.
- I got this. I got this.

- FRANKIE: Later, Marwan.
- See you, papi.


Five more.






ABBY: Hey.

- Good night?
- Mmm-hmm.

366 was the place to be.


Where you going? No, no, no.

- No. I wanna slip in beside you.
- Yeah, I'm sure you do,

but I gotta get over
to the bar for prep.

Why? What's the rush?

I'm meeting a woman before we open.

She's got labor hassles.

Jesus Christ, Abby.

Why you wanna get involved
with all that Chairman Mao bullshit?

Can it wait?


- Hmm?


Only for a minute.


- VINCENT: Baby.

BOTH: Mmm-mmm.

- VINCENT: Mmm-mmm. No.

- That might be Kathi.
- Answer it.



- It's for you.
- What... (SIGHS)

Glad you answered.

(SIGHS) Yeah.

Irene, what's up?

Fuck me! Where is he?

No, I'll... Yeah, I'll handle it.


What happened?


Get some rest, Vincent.
You look tired.






WOMAN: I gotta get some cigs.

MAN: You're always complaining.

Them Kinney's?

Salvatore Ferragamo, motherfucker.

Understated elegance.

Look, I don't need to flash.

When them pigs see your vines,

it's like you're wearing
a sign on your back, says,

- "Arrest me, please, Mr. Officer."

If you can't show, what's the point?

Might as well go ahead,
get you a job at H&R Block. (CHUCKLES)

I look good. That's what I know.


How many bitches you got, Julito?

- Three.
- Street girls?

Call and street. Yeah.

You should diversify. Like me.

I'm like Louis B., the Mayer.


Now you're one of them movie moguls.

(CHUCKLES) I am that.


You know,

they're putting my girl
Lori's picture on the posters now.

Yeah. Even got her up
on a marquee or two.

For real. Jackie Bisset,

she's gonna be green with envy.

You watch.

- Here you go, Zev.
- All right now.

Easy, brother.


MAN 1: Hey, what the fuck, man?

MAN 2: You are fucking stupid!

MAN 1: I'm walking right over here!

Fuck you, man!


Julito. My man.

So, can we go back to the crib now?

I've gotta drop Lori off at set first.

For, you know, her call.

I'm first up, they gotta do
my hair and makeup.

- Shit.
- Hey, now, now, Melissa.

- You like lobster, right?
- Sure.

Who don't like lobster?


You know, there's still time, C.C.

We can drop her off at the crib
and get me there.


- You contradicting me?

Uh... Whoa.

Okay, well...

What am I watching?

Well, what the... What the fuck
are we doing here? Come on.

- So, now we're making art?
- You don't like it?

It's too cutty.
You're all over the fucking place.

You're never anywhere
long enough to focus.

As soon as you're settled
into one shot,

you are racing to something else.

Well, it's the road to an orgasm.

- What?
- It's cut the way an orgasm feels.

It rushes up on you,
you stop making sense.

So some of it's in her head,
some of it's real,

some of it's somewhere in between.

MAN: I think it works, man.

I mean, it's based on
the cemetery scene from Easy Rider.

You know, the acid trip.

- Eileen.
- Harvey.

(CHUCKLING) Eileen, I can't, uh...

What, Harvey?

- Candy.
- Fuck you, Wasserman.

I readily agree that what you have

laboriously cut together
over the last two days

approximates, in some ethereal,
Warholian fashion,

the mental state of some fuck slut
cumming happily with the neighbor,

and the apartment superintendent.

- Congratulations.
- It's the TV repairman.

Whatever. Congratulations

on allowing us to crawl
into the female mind

for the final stampede to nirvana.

But the people watching this movie,

or should I say
the men jerking off to this movie,

they don't want to be
in a woman's head, not really.

They want to be in their own heads.

They want to be watching
a couple of dicks

that might be their own
fill up a woman.


Our raison d'être.


That said, the pacing was great.

Yeah, well, it was, right?

And look, I get what you're going for,
but all the extra crazy shit,

the fucking ceiling fan

and the other guy dressed up
at the party, what am I...

Well, that guy is who
she's fantasizing about.

Right, sure, and none of that works,

because it takes the viewer
out of the room.

And you have too much footage
of the faces of the guys fucking her.

And you know a little of that
goes a long way.

But if you have more coverage
of the fucking,

then replace those shots with skin.

And then, okay, you can pace the thing
just like she's cumming.

Then that can work.

If you keep the focus on the fucking.

Okay. And then...

How about if I really
fucking go for it

and I speed everything up
and I double the cuts at the end?

Have at it.

Babes, right here, right now.

Welcome to the main stage,
it's your beautiful, foxy Bertha.

You like a beautiful lady, don't you?

Come on in.

- VINCENT: You couldn't stop him.
- Stop him how?

Knock him on his ass,

kick the piss out of him,
crack his balls?

Make a name for yourself
on the Deuce, Irene.

I mean, be the fucking bull dyke
you always wanted to be.

ANNOUNCER: A quarter.
A quarter for the booths.

(SIGHS) Fuck.

One dollar minimum for the main stage.

How much did he take this time?


That's precise.

I did the count
before I went for breakfast.

He took it all.

All right.

Well, you checked the bank, right?

I mean, before I find my brother
and beat on him,

I'd like to be sure he didn't
actually deposit the money.

Deposit? Frankie?

All right. (CHUCKLES)

ANNOUNCER: Girls, girls, girls.
VINCENT: I'll see you.

Live, live pussy. Come on in.


Look at the lens on this thing.

WOMAN: (ON TV) Well, you haven't even
looked at it since...

Since Jim fell out of his stroller.

MAN: (ON TV) They make lenses
a lot faster these days, but...

- WOMAN: (ON TV) Honey...
- All this from one movie?

LORETTA: Mmm-hmm.

You done good, girl.

These heels are gonna cripple me.

They don't bother me.

Of course, I'm young.

You should get you some orthopedics.

Me, I can walk around all night
without even no blister.

I'll blister your lip, puta.

See how much you make
walking around in moccasins.

- Darlene.
- LORETTA: I'm doing just fine.

Look at me.

Get your nose out that book.
Show me some respect.

You'll look like fucking Pocahontas.

I'm listening, Larry.

LORETTA: I don't care if I do.

All right. Have it your way.

Books are stupid.

I don't need no book
to tell me how smart I am.

- The streets are my teacher, you dig?
- Yes, Daddy. think we'd even
be having this conversation?



Come on, baby.

Let me help you relax.

Not now, all right? Rest that thing.
I don't need you wearing it out.


Look, I got some business
to take care of.

All right. You all take it light.

We got some night work ahead of us.

I could go to work right now.

(CHUCKLES) I know.




...pain in a lot of those homes.

And there's people
getting knocked around...

- ...and wives being battered.

Hey, Bernice.
Where's my brother-in-law?

- He's, um...
- In the back? With who?

Fuck it. I'm looking for Frankie.

- Frankie was here.
- He was? When?

- Couple of hours ago.
- Doing what?

Getting pussy? Him, too?

He wanted to use Rudy's room,
upstairs, like a VIP.

But Carla was in there with a regular,

so Bobby was like,
"Nah, if you wanna be a VIP,

"you gotta go around the corner
to the Geisha House

"and ask Black Frankie," so...

What is this,

- the family fuck pad? Bobby!

BOBBY: Fuck is everyone yelling about?



- Fucking hell.
- You're here for Rudy's nut?

Honey, give him the envelope.

Thank you.



Smells like Charlie the Tuna
just swam through here.

Fuck did I do?

Come on, what do you say?
For old time's sake.

It's just a few days, Chris.

- I'll crash on your couch.
- I can't.

I'm cribbed up with my lady right now,
and this one is special.

I don't want to mess it up.

What? It's a sweetener.

Look, Linda threw me out.
I got no place to go.

And normally, it would be fine,
but I'm sorry, Danny, I can't do it.

Everything's fucked.

Well, I don't mean to pile on,
but partner, you made your bed.

Fuck it. You don't get to choose
who you fall in love with.

Hey, I want you two
to go out there and earn.

Hear me?

You hear me, Chocolate?

I will, Rodney. You know I will.

That's my Nubian princess right there.


How about you, Shay?

How about you come out them booths
and do some street work?

The booths pay good money.

And it's regular, Rodney.

Regular. Shit, I remember
when you had some real regulars.

Motherfuckers that paid
to actually fuck,

not just peek through windows
and shit.

Maybe if you cleaned yourself up some,
presented yourself right,

you might just get back to that.

Yeah, I'm doing my best, Rodney.

That's right, doin' your best.

Got to be fresh. Hot rod.

Look at me. Hundred a day habit,
who could tell?

No-goddamn-body, that's who.

This is about how you carry it.

See what I'm saying?

WOMAN: I need a rush on bacon!

MAN: Up in two!

MAN: (OVER RADIO) Central,
10-11 Sergeant to Two-Four and Tenth.

- Central, notify Three-Zone.
- Shit.

That'll be me. I'm up today.

This one is on me.

I'll see you around, Danny.

WAITRESS: I'm waiting
on those pancakes!

COOK: Give me a minute.

Any word on your uncle, Chauncy?

Leon already back from Elmira.

Got him in a halfway house uptown.

He don't mess that up,
he'll be coming home shortly.

Cash me out, slick.

- CHAUNCY: Yo, Rod.

You wanna give the change
to Leon's coming home?

Fuck that nigga.

He ain't do more than a five-year bit
for killing a sporting man.

Criminal justice system in this state

sending the wrong
motherfucking message, you ask me.


- Hey.
- MAN: Hey.

Where's Frankie?

You tell me. I'm looking for him.

You ain't alone.

He laid down a bet on
the Knickerbockers over in Milwaukee.

I take it the Bucks won.

A week ago. In triple OT.

- Very dramatic.
- All right.

You see Frankie,
tell him I'm looking for him.

Your brother's a fucking retard.

That's a nice shirt.

No, seriously,
I used to have one just like it.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Then my father got a job.

Fucking mook.



OFFICER: Hey, Chris.

- First on the scene?
- Just holding it down for you, Chris.

- What do you know?
- Victim is a Stanley Pearson.

Resides in Harrisburg.

48 years of age,
assistant manages a Kmart.

In the city with his wife
to see Beatlemania

over at the Winter Garden.

One knife wound to the chest.
Looks deep.

Where the hell's the wife?

Sheraton on 7th.
There's an officer with her.

Well, what's he doing parked
on a shithole stretch of the Deuce?

Don't know.
His wallet was on the seat beside him,

but there's still cash
and credit cards inside of it.

Detective Alston.

Gene Goldman.

I'm with the office
of Mayor-Elect Koch.

Midtown Enforcement Project.

Midtown what was that?

The city's
Midtown Enforcement Project?

Yeah, we're monitoring the enforcement
of existing laws down here.

Promoting economic development
in Times Square.

It's your basic cleanup operation.


Abe Beame tried that, too.
And Lindsay before him.

And I'm sure there's
seven or eight dudes before them.

Well, we're getting a jump on it.

This concerns me how?

I'm told the victim was a tourist.

Mayor Elect Koch doesn't want
to come out of the gate

with the negative perception that
New York City is unsafe for visitors.


I work every case the same,

so if you'd excuse me, Mr. Goldberg,

- I better get to it.
- Uh, it's Goldman.

We need to get a coffee sometime.


I wrote, like, a decree,

put my BA in English to use.

Staged a walkout.

I take it Bruno didn't like that.

He threw a can of pretzels at my head.


But all of us stuck together.

Yeah, we didn't work for days.

Bruno got hurt because the ones
he hired to replace us

had no skills.

He finally restored our commissions,
put us back on the job.

Well, not all of us.
I didn't get asked back.

If they're assholes, why work there?

I like the dancing.

- I'm a feminist dancer.
- Mmm.

I know that sounds, you know,

like a pacifist executioner
or something,

but I see it as an avenue
to explore sexual dynamics.

We could book a band, do a fundraiser.

The cover charge would go to you
and your friends for your lost wages.

That would be...

Thank you.

And nights when we play music
and are packed,

we could use more help.

You interested?

Like a job?

I'd give you a shift, see how you do.

- Clothes on or off?
- On.

Women here used to wear leotards,

but they stopped that shit
when I took over the bar.

- You own this place?
- I'm the manager.

But the owner lets me do what I want.

What do we see first, the dildo?

No, his shoulder as he crosses.

All right, tilt lower.

I want to see the dildo
first in his hand.

Then rack to her
when she sees the dildo.

Lori, honey, I'm gonna cue you.

When you see the dildo,
your eyes go big, right?

- You're scared.
- Mmm-hmm. Got it. On your cue.

Do you want to add a line
for me there?

Nah, nah,
I think the look will sell it.

It's good. We're framed.

All right.
Ronnie, step out of the shot.

- Uh, Lori, spread your legs a bit.

Sound speed.

And action.




Jesus Christ!

- LORI: Ow!

Fuck! Ow!

Jeez, that looked like it hurt.

- Are you okay?
- LORI: Is it bleeding?

MAN: It's not my fault!

- Oh, God damn it!
- BERNIE: Gary, could you get in there

and see what's wrong
with the goddamn chain?

- John, reframe as you had it...
- LORI: No, it's fine.

- ...but with a wider lens.
- LORI: Thanks.

- Sure.
- Lori, you all right over there?

Sold. We're on our way.

Gentleman Jim,
we're on a film set here.

And I'm gonna have to ask you
to turn off your little message box

- so that you don't ruin more shots.

Yeah, uh, no more shots to ruin.

- What do you mean?
- That was one of Lori's regulars

calling from a room at The Plaza.

He wants her now, and, well,

you're paying 300 for two scenes
and her friend is paying 500 for one,

so we're gone.

Lori, put your drawers on.

We had an agreement.

- It's just business, Bernie.
- Who is it, C.C.?

I'm sure we can just call them
and tell them.

BERNIE: C.C., we can't work like this.

Well, how can you work, Bernie?

I'm saying how much
do you motherfuckers have

of that 500 I'm being asked to forgo?

- Two.
- Three. Six hundred takes her.

Bernie, while he's screwing
with those handcuffs,

we should reload.

Fine. Everybody, take 10.

I really wish you wouldn't do that.

What, make us more money?


You wanna know who the regular was?

- Who?
- Melissa.

Told her to call my box two hours in
so I can make the play.





Everyone here has a job to do,
and they show, and they do it.

I hear you, Bernie.

I'm sorry.

All right.


Well, what's this?

What do you think?

I think it's upside-down.


Yeah, who was that I, uh...
I passed on the way in?

I told you about her this morning.

Ah, the one with the labor problems.

She actually tried to organize
the strippers at the Metropole.

Staged a three-day walkout.

Yeah, that would be a problem.

That would be balls.

How could I not hire her?

Of course she had great personalities.

You just love playing
the Bay Ridge neanderthal, don't you?



Kind of comforting, ain't it?


- I came by just to do that.
- Mmm?

Been thinking about you all morning.

I can tell.

I gotta go find my fucked-up brother.

I'll see you, beautiful.

Oh, hey. I need your weekly piece.










Used to be my old post.

What happened to Slow James?

- Who?
- Slow James.

He used to be the desk man here.

- Oh, he died.
- Yeah?

Damn, what got him?


You recognize this mutt?

I see a lot of men come through here.

Look again.

Yeah, he might have
been here the other night.

Uh, maybe.

The other night, like last night?

Yeah, the other night like last night.

What's down the hall?


ALSTON: It's a trick pad for hustlers.

It's a slumber party.
What the fuck do I know?

Why do you remember this guy?

If it's the same guy,
he was having a beef with some kid

back in the hall over there.

Can you identify this kid?

Sorry, they all look alike to me.

They really do.

After this argument, they did what?

The two of them
split out of here together.

That's all I know.


Hey, Chaunce. Let me get the bill.

Hey, you happen to see my brother?

You ain't him?

No, I'm fucking me.

Fuck you for still
not knowing the difference.

(CHUCKLES) Just messing with you.

Frankie was in here an hour ago
with some big nasty blonde lady.

- He was?
- Yeah.

A late lunch for them both,
and then they split.

I know he got his nose open

'cause he held the door open
for her and all.

You happen to know the nasty blonde?

Not by name, but I know
she be starring in them hoochie films.

Not that I watch or nothing.

Here, let me settle up now.
I might have to dip out.

- Any good?
- Well, it's not one of those books

you could just casually read,
you gotta concentrate.

It's about this dude called Milkman.

From when he was a kid
to when he grows up.

And that's because he had
a weird relationship with his mama,

and she breastfed him for too long.

And he got a sister with a funny name.

Magdalene, called Lena.

This you, Darlene?

It's my GED certificate.

Drink's on me. Graduation gift.


I studied hard for that test,
and Larry don't even know.

He won't be hearing about it from me.

So, what's next?

So, I think I'm gonna take

- a night class.
- Mmm-hmm.

One to start,
to see if that could work.

But I don't know,
'cause nights won't be so easy.

College class for a degree?

To learn.

All right. I'll tell him you called.

WOMAN: I mean, no. I wanted...

MAN: Yeah, I think he's coming
from upstairs.

Man, are you the grip?

'Cause we need to move those flats
to the other side of the shot.

- I'm the bartender.
- Okay, cool.


WOMAN: It's a fucking dream sequence.

You got continuity in your dreams?

Hey, Candy.


You're late, get your clothes off.



No, I'm looking for my brother.

Heard he might be chasing
the tail of a blonde

that's working on your movie.

- Christina?
- Maybe.

Yeah, she worked here Tuesday.

She's been missing in action
since then.

I mean, we had to replace her
in a scene.

Fuck. You got a phone number?

Harvey might.

You sure you don't want to get in
on the orgy scene?

I mean, if it pays my tab?

I'm shy.

MAN: Honestly, I want some real food.

Hey, asshole. Listen to me.

You look so great.

You don't want
those pounds coming back.

Do you?

HARVEY: Cottage cheese.

- Fuck, fuck, fuck.
- Fuck, fuckity fuck.

- Hey.
- Never get married.

- Noted.
- And how do I help you, Mr. Martino?

Looking for the number
of an actress named Christina.

Sure. Uh, she's not answering,
we've been trying for three days.

Why... Why do you care?

- Hunting my brother. Again.

Okay, it's on the wall
above the phone there.

That's... The one in red.

Hey, listen, if you speak to her,

tell her she's not
gonna get hired again,

she keeps pulling this bullshit.

Okay, yeah,

uh, just let me kick the shit
out of my brother first.

(SIGHING) Oh, fuck.

CANDY: As you feel the camera
going like this...

DETECTIVE: He's a bone smoker.

HADDIX: Of course he smokes cock.

He's 50-something years old,

he's a fucking bachelor
living downtown.

Talking about the new mayor?

Koch is totally a fucking homo.

You don't know that.

Oh, what about the beauty queen?

What's her name? Myerson.

Beard. Not that I give a fuck.

Abe Beame had no dick to begin with.

But pray tell,
what brings your exalted self

back to the old plantation,
Detective Alston?

- A fresh one. Over on Ninth.
- The tourist?

I don't think he was touristing.

I think he might have
stashed the family at the hotel

and gone off to troll
some young hustlers.

Well, what do you want from me?

Don't know. Police work?

Last I checked, you were
the senior guy on the Vice task force.

- I'll see what I can do for you.
- Thank you.


Police work?

- Jesus, fuck.

Merry Christmas.

Randy. Where's Paul?

In back, I think.






You can stay and play,
but it's not polite to stare.

Oh, no, no. I'm just, uh...

I'm looking for a guy...

"There are more things
in heaven and earth, Horatio,

"than are dreamt of
in your philosophy."

- What?
- (CHUCKLES) Shakespeare.


Shakespeare was gay?


- So, everything good?
- Yeah.

That's to the penny.

Everything good with you?

Uh, Frankie's on a tear.
I'm looking for him.


Where's he put the wallet?


Is this good here?

MAN: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Let's do my over first, okay?

So I can still pretend to give a damn
about Maurice and his wonder wand.

MAN: You got it.

Who would've thought the most
boring part of this whole thing

is the fucking?

MAN: We give the people
what they want.

What else could we shoot
for the next two hours?

How about a musical sequence?

A dance number.

You remember those?

(CHUCKLES) Oh, yeah.

How about we
take the camera downstairs

and you film us
robbing the liquor store?

You're not dressed for it.

No, I'm not dressed for it.


Sure, yeah.

VINCENT: Every month, I'm chasing him
or I'm cleaning up after him,

and then one of these days
he's gonna fuck up

and break something
I can't put back together.

I'm beginning to think, you know,
this time, just fuck it.

Don't fix it. Just turn in
the rest of the nut to our backers

and leave his piece unpaid.

ABBY: Get any sleep?

I'll just take speed.
It'll get me through.

I want you to be fresh in the morning.

I got something in mind.

There was a time when we used to just,

uh, duck in the bathroom
when we were at work.

What'd you used to call
that thing we did?

The American Standard.

But I like us in bed.


I'll stop by later,
see how your night's going.

You know where I'll be.

What do you call this shit, anyway?

It ain't music.

I know I sound old.

ANNOUNCER: Girls, girls.
Wall-to-wall pussy, come on in.

Quarter for the booth,

one dollar minimum for the main stage.

Frankie's not around, right?


- No.
- No, of course not.

We got a problem, don't we?

Another light week
on the take, isn't it?

Do we know why?


I know why. Come with me.

Let me show you something.

Come on.

Come on!

You know, we could just step back.

What do you mean?

I mean, this place
isn't everything in the world,

but it's a cash machine.

Even after you pay out the weekly,
we have enough to live really well.

We could get a bigger place,

and still have enough
for a place in the Pines.

You don't believe in this?

I'm just saying it'll be more work,
more time not enjoying other things,

and, yeah, we're taking on risk.

Every good idea you have,
the architect bumps his estimate.

Yeah, but like you said,
we have the money.

We do if we don't spend it
on the rest of our life, sure.


Why not go to Martino,
see if he'll come in with us?

Share the risk.

If I go to Vincent,
then he goes to his mob people,

and it's never really ours.

And the truth is,
we don't need those people.

Police aren't kicking
our doors in anymore.

It's live and let live.

The only reason to put up with
those goombahs is for protection.

What the fuck are they
protecting anybody from?




We do this by ourselves.
For ourselves.

All right?




I can't believe
I'm actually talking to you.

Oh, you're sweet.


- Here you go. All right.
- LORI: Thank you, sweetie.

MAN: I thought that was you
when I first came in.

I've been dreaming about you
ever since I saw you

in that Catholic school girl movie.

LORI: Oh, yeah?

So, what do you think, gorgeous?

We could be back at my place
in 15 minutes.

You're gonna have to talk to my man.



Are you serious?

You see Louella's Dream?
Lori was the lead.

Why do you think I want her?

Honey, you were hot in that one.

Yeah, five.
You're about to get with a star.

Two, plus a bottle of Dom
and some primo snow.

I'm good with that, Daddy.

Your billboard say
you got money, slick.

Prove it or walk.

I'm not afraid of you.

You should be.

Is there a problem here?

I was just talking to the lady.

- C.C.?
- No, I'm straight.

Enjoy your night.

Time was, 200 in the hand
would have been

a whole night for us, remember, C.C.?

Yeah, well, that ain't now.

Can't just be giving that pussy away.

You're like a fur coat,
or a Tiffany necklace.

Know who you are.

I'm a whore, C.C.

You made that pretty clear
to everyone on set today.

Now I'm a whore without a john.

The band drew a crowd.
We made our nut.

All right.

I don't know how.

Yeah, well, some people like it.


The prodigal son.



Shouldn't you be in bed?

Well, I kept looking over
at that empty pillow.

Then I got to thinking
about you on a bus stop,

this time of year, this time of night.

Aren't you sweet.

You know I'd drive a hundred miles
just to look at you in that outfit.

Been reading Penthouse Forum again?

It was the hospital scene
in Foxy Brown.

- Changed my world.
- So now I look like Pam Grier.


Leticia, nobody looks like Pam Grier.

But, baby, you are
in the same neighborhood.


You are!

Let's go home.

Hey, Shaggy! Where's the scoop?

Where's the money, Frankie?

Don't worry about that right now.

I want to introduce you
to someone very important to me.

This is Christina, the new
Mrs. Frankie Martino, all right?

- What?
- So show some respect,

watch your fucking language, huh.

- Abby Parker.
- Christina Fuego.

- It's Spanish for "fire."
- Yeah.

- Is that a stage name?
- I'm an actress and a dancer.

- Yeah, she dances.
- At the Melody Burlesque.


So, how about some champagne, huh?

Not American, the kind from France.

- Oh, the French kind.
- Yeah, how about it, Vincent?

Yeah, how about it, Vincent?

Come on, huh.


Hey, Abby, we was destined,
me and Christina, huh.

First time I saw her dancing
on the stage,

it was like the hand of God came down,

tapped me on the shoulder, said,
"Hey, Frankie. That's her."

And I fucking knew, huh. Look.

I got a little one of her right there.

- Oh, look at that.
- FRANKIE: She dances.

Plus, she's got a knack
for picking the winners at the Big A.

Now, where's the
fucking money, Frankie?

Hey, will you relax on that
right now, baby brother, huh?

We're celebrating.

- I just got married.
- Yeah, you got married.

- Again. No offense.
- Hey.

Now, where's the fucking money?

'Cause I know you didn't spend it all
on that fucking tattoo.

"Where's the money?
Where's the money?"

All right. It's right here, all right?

- Motherfucker.
- Vincent.

FRANKIE: Hey! What?
Look, this is how a man shows

he's, you know, committed, all right.

This is a symbol, like.
I'm gonna pay it back.

- I'm gonna pay it!
- How?

You gonna rob the fucking till again?

No. By putting my shoulder
to the fucking grindstone, okay?

I'm gonna strap my shoes on
every morning,

pick up my fucking lunch box,

and go to work,
like any responsible man should.

I love her, Vince.
This is my womb to tomb, huh.

To Frankie and Christina.

Here, here!


FRANKIE: Don't worry. You'll see.

All right.

- Forget about the money, Frankie.
- What?

I'm forgiving the debt.

Ring's on me,
it's my gift for the two of you.

- Vince.
- Thank you, Vincent.

Yeah, just be like
my fucking brother here

and don't mention it.


I love you, Vincent.

Everyone loves a sucker.

RUDY: Nice.

That after-hours joint of yours
is raking it in.

- VINCENT: Yeah.
- Show Land still strong?

Yeah, it's... It's fine.

It runs itself, which is good,

since we can never find
your fucking brother.

The take from the peeps
is a little light

these past couple weeks.

And we think we know why.

Tommy, take Vincent for a stroll,
show him what we found.

You gotta see this, Vince.

Tried to show Frankie,
but he's been in the wind.

Yeah, well, about that, I...


Oh, hey, sunshine.

Did we interrupt your sleep there,

No, Mr. Pipilo. I'm fine.

Take a walk, let the adults here
have a conversation.

Carlos got that bad gene.

One's too many
and a hundred's not enough.

- Cognac's a fickle bitch.
- VINCENT: Yeah.

- RUDY: You okay?
- Me? Yeah.

I just burned the candle, that's all.

Well, don't forget to enjoy yourself.

I mean, that's what this is all about.

- You like this Mark?
- Oh, yeah, it's beautiful.

RUDY: Every year, a new Lincoln.

And this suit.

Some chink tailor
custom made it just for me.

We're very fortunate, Vincent.
Life is good.

To the victors belong the spoils.

What Tommy said.

- Get going.
- Come on, Vincent.

Let's take a walk
over to Hodas' joint.

I already showed the dyke
who works with your brother.

Blew her mind.

ANNOUNCER: Beautiful girls on stage
for your entertainment.

- All for a quarter.

ANNOUNCER: Love to love you, baby.

Cum in your pants right now!

Yeah, what?


No fucking plexiglass. Nothing.



It's fucking genius, right?

- You tipping?
- Marty Hodas may be

a vulgar sack of shit,
but there is no denying genius.

- Hey, shh. Dollar for feel?
- It's why our take is off.

By the afternoon,
all the scumbags are here

and they're squeezing ass
and grabbing pussy.

And they're giving
their quarters to Hodas.


- I got it. Yeah.
- Get it?

- Fucking genius.
- Hey! If you ain't tipping,

shut the fucking door,
you cheap bastards!

TOMMY: Yeah, all right, settle down.


- Just wake up?
- No.

I've been waiting for you.

Oh, yeah?


You have been waiting.

VINCENT: Mmm. Mmm.

It was nice, what you did for Frankie.

Yeah. Well, being in love,
that's a nice thing.

What about us?

Yeah. We're having a good run.

You've strayed.

Yeah, we both have.

Just so that
we don't lie to each other.