The Deuce (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - My Name Is Ruby - full transcript

[HBO] HD. 'My Name Is Ruby.' (Season One) Season One Finale. Vincent balks at getting in any deeper with Rudy; Candy sees the future of pornography.

- MAN: Hey, let me see that.

- MAN #2: See what?
- The lever.

- Why?
- It's mine, isn't it?

- MAN #2: Yeah.

- MAN: Son of a...
- MAN #2: What?

- What?
- Yeah.

- MAN #3: Where are the latches?
- [LAUGHS] Oh, wow.

Hey, ain't seen your mother in years.


All right, Frankie, half the job's done.

The other half will be
complete by tomorrow.

All right. Projectors work in all of them?

Locked and loaded.

- You get the other half tomorrow.
- All right.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, come here.

Do me a favor?

Load this one up for me
personally, all right?

This one right here.

Hey, big man.


So, you get the coin take from Hodas

and walked it over to Carlos, right?

- How much this week?
- Four to Rudy.

All this should bump
that up real nice, though.

They said it's gonna be done by tomorrow.

Hey, come here.

Now, I figure you should
be the one to christen it.

I mean, after all...


Go on.

Whoa, not that one.

This one over here.

Yeah, this one works.

This one works real, real good.

Now, you're gonna want
some privacy, big man.




Now, I know your cock just jumped

right into your hand, Mikey.

There's no way it didn't.



Because you dreamed it, big man.

Because you dreamed it.



♪ Sisters ♪

♪ Brothers and the whiteys ♪

♪ Blacks and the crackers ♪

♪ Police and their backers ♪

♪ They're all political actors ♪

♪ But they don't know ♪

♪ There can be no show ♪

♪ And if there's hell below ♪

♪ We're all gonna go, go, go, go, go, go ♪

♪ Everybody praying ♪

♪ And everybody saying ♪

♪ But when come time to do ♪

♪ Everybody's laying ♪

♪ Just talking about don't worry,
worry, worry, worry, worry, worry ♪

♪ They say, "Don't worry, worry,
worry, worry, worry, worry" ♪

♪ They say, "Don't worry, worry ♪

♪ Worry, worry, worry, worry" ♪

♪ They say, "Don't worry, worry ♪

♪ Worry, worry, worry, worry." ♪

So, I've been approaching
it scientifically as of late.

- Why not, right?
- Better porno through science?

[CHUCKLES] No, I'm not
kidding. Come here. Take a look.

- See, past couple of months...

...I've been sorting the quarters
from each machine separately.

Now, I know what film I'm
running on each machine

and I never mix it up
before we do the weight.

Starting to give me a
real sense of what stuff

is bringing in the most
quarters, know what I mean?

- Right.
- Yeah. Come on.


This is your cheat sheet.

Consider straight fucking
and sucking to be a baseline.

Brings in coin, no problem.

- CANDY: Mm-hmm.
- But lesbian sex?

Oh, that's a punch way
above its weight class.

- Lesbians, huh?
- Yeah, cash cows, so to speak.

- What else?
- Black on white.


Not so much the black
girls with the white guys.

Vice versa.

The bigger the dick, the better.

That sells, huh?

Yeah, I had a couple of new machines

over on Eighth Ave.,
the ones with the doors

so nobody can see what
particular kink you got going on.

- CANDY: Oh.
- Showing only black on white.

Pfft, those guys made more
money at the end of the month

than anybody else on the Deuce.

I also got some Danish loops

showing on some new machines.

Now, I couldn't put the
labels on those machines

because the cops would've lost
their minds and confiscated them.

But the customers found them just the same.



And one horse, actually.

Look, I know it's crazy,

but they can shoot that
stuff over in Denmark.

Actually, it was more of a
jerk-off scene than fucking.

Yeah, well, with a horse, I'd think so.


Now, me, personally, I don't draw

any inspiration from the real rough stuff,

but there are customers that do.

I think I know why. Wanna guess?

Hmm? Guess?

Yeah, I'll take a guess.

Um... well, because all these guys

have been taught that women
could take it or leave it

when it comes to sex.

That we make choices,

that we're particular.

They see some pretty little white girl

fucking some big, rough black guy,

and it says, "No, women are
just as sex-crazed as they are."

That we have no inhibitions

like they wish we had no inhibitions.

"Shit, fellas, we'll even fuck the dog

when you're not looking."

I mean, that's the fantasy, right?

That's the shit we're selling here.

I see why you brought her here.


I saw that scene you
did in the wedding gown.

Very notable.


Still think you got the
pick of the litter, son?

Man, I like her look.

- C.C.: For real? The bitch is strung out.
- RODNEY: I'ma handle that.

- You'll see.
- Shit, I would've jumped on Melissa first.


LARRY: But three women is
more than enough trouble.

No need for four.

I let C.C. beat me to it.

Oh, you let me?

Nah, see the hole in the fence?

- Shit fucks me up.
- What? Her teeth?

Yeah, the gap.


Oh, man, that shit is hot, man.

Like that model, that Revlon bitch
in the football movie.

Oh, yeah, that's some
girl-next-door action right there.


Reggie just didn't know
how to present the bitch,

- that's all.
- Yeah?

Need to go the other way with her.

All farm girl and shit, you know?

Fuck the boots and minis.

Sell her ass in calico dresses.

Like she just rode
through the Lincoln Tunnel

on a covered wagon and shit.

- Mm-hmm, I see that.

Yeah, bet, son. Melissa's gonna earn.

- I see it.
- C.C.: For real, Reggie had that wrong.

Reggie Love had a few things
wrong, come to think of it.

Man died right there on the floor.

Stretched out on them greasy tiles,

still talking shit to a smoking .44.

Now, how you know he died talking?

Motherfucker never shut the fuck up.

- Till he did.

Thing is, though...

there's gotta be more game
out there than this, you know?

Yo, think about what we have, Larry.

The cars, the bitches, the vines.

Wouldn't trade it for the world.

Neither would I.




As good as Les Matthews?

Well, he read it over my shoulder

and vouched for it, so be proud.

Wait, you're starting the story inside?

You're not jumping?

We'll tease it off the front.

Tease it?

[CHUCKLES] How are you
gonna tease an exposé

of police corruption?

You've got me holding
the Lindsay Administration

complicit in the lede.

No, you have that.

We called the lawyers and they
told us we had to re-top the story.

You called the lawyers?

Yeah, it has to run as
a straight feature now.

Life on the street... the girls,
the pimps, the human aspect.

You cut out everything
about the protection?

About the parlors operating in plain sight?

We've called out city corruption before.

You named names.

The precinct commanders,
the property owners,

- and lawyers off the corporate papers.
- I have sources.

Unnamed sources and no
documents to back it up.

- No corroboration.
- WOMAN: "Amsterdam News."

Either get people on the
record or get some documents.

So, all these months, and in the end,

you're just gonna run a sob story

about the poor street waifs
and their hard-hearted pimps?

We weren't going to
even take that, remember?

But you wrote the hell out of it.

Like I said, be proud.

- ALSTON: Now, I'm thinking,

"Motherfucker, I'm short-timing,"

and here you are trying to
send me to the pearly gates,

"and my black ass ain't ready to go."

[CHUCKLES] That's fucked up.

ALSTON: Sweeney.

Bielski's with him.

ALSTON: Collecting.

ALSTON: No rathole is too small
to be on the fucking pad.

Everybody in the precinct pays.

- Sweeney has it locked down.


Maybe not for long.

I'm saying I think some
shit is coming soon.

I don't think us getting a new
captain is business as usual.

- McDonagh?
- I think he's gonna houseclean.

What do you mean you
think? He feel you out?


I'm just saying.

I don't think we should
get seen with our hand out.

And I wouldn't stand too close to Sweeney

or the other moneymakers.

Well, thanks for the warning.

What do you think we should do?

Give the envelope back?

What do you think?

I think if we do that,
everyone in the house

will think we're rat motherfuckers.


Take what comes,

but show no ambition.

You dig?

It's better money than slinging
drinks in that shithole bar.

- Am I right, Suze?
- SUZE: More fun, too.

[CHUCKLES] You're the best.

Thanks, Mr. Pipilo.

Hey, how many times I gotta tell you?

It's Rudy.

- I'll see you soon, doll.


All right, you are now
officially christened

with your first VIP.

Oh, who had the honors?

Suzi, the Oriental broad.

Oh, shit!

The one that works at the bar?

I didn't know she tricked.

Look, gentlemen, can we get
down to business, please?

Yeah, first I gotta know what the
fuck's going on with these walls.

It's supposed to be a magic forest.

- Hmm?
- It's from this play, "Summer Night Dream."

It was at one of the theaters on 41st

and they were dumping this stuff.

Black Frankie knows the
stagehand over there,

so we got it for free.

Looks better than an empty wall.

"Summer Night Dream"?

Yeah, it's like a fantasy story.

I even got some of the
costumes in the back,

but nothing looks good on the girls.

Some fairy shit and a donkey head.

Fairy shit like homo?

No, like fairy tale fairies.

- Ah.
- Well, candy carnival decorations aside,

this is nice for the VIPs.

You did good with it.

I especially like the
mirrors on the ceiling

in the rooms.

- Nice touch.
- That was me.

What? It was.

All right, no disrespect, Rudy,

but I gotta get over to the bar,
get everything set up for the day.

Vince don't even like walking
into this place. Do you, brother?

Hey, why don't you just shut
the fuck up already, all right?

- Excuse me.
- RUDY: Okay, I called this meeting

to make good on what I promised you,

just like you made good
on what you all promised.

That's your cut of my cut

of the quarters from the peeps.

Even if Hodas and them are stealing,

we're still making money hand over fist.

CARLOS: Fist over fist.



- FRANKIE: Nice.

Add that to what you guys took
in last month on the parlor,

and nobody in this room goes home poor.

Am I right?

- Yeah.
- It's like I told you, Vincent,

I ain't greedy.

You make money, I make money.

We're good together.

Take care of Suzi.

Make sure she's available for me

anytime I drop by.

And don't let her get
with any colored guys.

They'll stretch her out.


Christ, there's gotta be
four or five large here

- just from the peeps.
- Yeah.

After paying off Rudy and the cops,

we pulled, like, $14, $15,000

from the parlor last month.

That's $20,000 in four weeks.


Hey, wait for your cut.

Just bring it by the bar. I gotta go.

good for the pussy trade.




- MAN: Can I get you a drink?
- WOMAN: Yeah.


♪ Too many teardrops ♪

♪ For one heart to be crying ♪

♪ Too many teardrops for one heart ♪

♪ To carry on ♪

♪ You're way on top now ♪

♪ Since you left me ♪

♪ Oh, you're always laughing ♪

♪ Way down at me ♪

♪ Better watch out now ♪

- ♪ Baby, I'm gonna get... ♪
- VINCENT: What the fuck is going on here?

We thought we'd play some live music.

You decided? In my bar?

Paul and me.

The band's playing for their drinks only

and they get to pass the hat,

so what did we have to lose?

And look, we packed the house.

Yeah, don't look like
they're drinking much.

Why's the singer got all
that shit on his face?

I thought that went out with Al Jolson.

He's part black.

Now I'm really confused.

You guys good here? Another round?

What's it all mean, Mike?

I don't know,

but I kind of dig it.

Come on, Sherry, let's dance.

ABBY: Chris, Nita.

So, what do you guys think?

Not your usual guitar hero shit, right?

I saw them playing this rent party

down on St. Mark's Place.

The singer is wild.

More Velvet and street than Ziggy.

It's different.

Not really glam band.

- What'd you say?

Glam band.

Gang bang... gang bang?

- Did you say gang bang?

I'll be back!

We did it!


♪ ...Cry, cry, cry now ♪

♪ Cry 96 tears ♪

♪ Baby, cry ♪

♪ Cry, cry, cry 96 tears ♪

♪ Come on, baby, tears,
tears, come on, baby ♪

♪ Come on right now, please, darlin' ♪

♪ Let me hear it now, now, yeah ♪

♪ All night long... ♪



I wanna show you something.


My story.

Draft I want to turn in, anyway.

That's what I want to see run next week.

But all the stuff at the top

about the parlors and the payoffs?

My editor is saying no.

Why no?

He says to name names like I want,

I need my sources to
be named on the record.

Either that or some proof on paper.

A document or whatever.

Well, I'm not a source.

I think I made that clear.

You cut out everything that
makes the city a part of it,

and what's left?

A human interest story.

Uh, hell makes you think

I won't use my cuffs?

Maybe you will.


BERNICE: Well, how much love do you want?

How much do you got?

MAN: How much for half-and-half?

- $40 for half-and-half.
- Oh, yeah?

BERNICE: And if you like it,
maybe a tip for me.

MAN: Get up there.


- MAN: I get a first-timer discount?
- BERNICE: No, baby.

I'm asking how much loving you want here.

Gotta be $40 for half-and-half.

Can't be less, baby.



MAN ON TV: You thought that
probably you might be able

to throw some light on the subject.

MAN #2 ON TV: This might be one.

Leave her there?

There's absolutely nothing wrong with her.


You mean I've been pining away for nothing?

She was put in a deep
hypnotic sleep, that's all.

But why? Why, Doc?

- Hey, Harv?

You wanna pick the fuck
threads for Thursday

or you wanna just let me do it?


Oh, hey. Excuse me.

Candy, I'd like you to meet Shana.

- Hi.
- Hi.

How do you do?

Candy's a performer,

and my assistant as well.


Shana drove up from, uh...

- Virginia Beach.
- Virginia Beach.

She would like to make movies with us.


You done this before?


But you're in the trade?

Shana is a housewife in Virginia Beach.

And with her husband she
owns a small bookstore.

I watch the movies.

I think I can do what you do.


Before they opened their adult bookstore,

Shana was a dental hygienist.

Rise and shine.


Or don't rise and shine. Fuck it.

But it's gonna taste a lot better
right now than in 20 minutes.

- You had fun last night, didn't you?

You and Paul turned my bar into
some sort of rock 'n' roll show.

- You made money.
- Yeah.



you and Paul can have a third of the take

every Saturday night if
you wanna keep that going.

And I think we should get a place together

and move in.


Why not?

Why would we move in together?

'Cause I'm tired of
living in a shithole SRO,

and you're tired of sleeping on
your roommate's sofa, for starters.

I like being anywhere near you.

It doesn't make me unhappy.

I can't imagine living with anyone else

that wouldn't make me
go out of my fucking mind

in two weeks but you.

- Eh.
- Eh.

This is so romantic.

I mean, one more double negative

and I'll just fall straight
into your arms, Vin.


See what?

You, with the smart-ass.

I always knew I should get with a girl

who's smarter than me.

I'd be bored otherwise.

Also, you're beautiful.

I mean, like, you're
the most beautiful woman

I ever been with,

but you've always known that,

so I don't know.

It's no fucking fun telling you that part.

So, um,

this new place of ours?


Does it mean we don't see other people?

We get real possessive

and we start living like
a sad-shit married couple

arguing over who takes out the garbage?

I take out the garbage.

All right, look, you wanna
fuck somebody, fuck somebody.

Same goes for me.

No questions asked, all right?

Nobody owns anybody.

We just lay our heads
down in the same place

and enjoy each other when we do.


You take the garbage out.

Yeah, that's what I said.

We'll be in touch as soon as
we can commit to a schedule.

- I'm really looking forward to it.
- Yeah, see you soon.

Am I fucking missing something?

Didn't she have a bake sale or PTA meeting

- or something she's gotta get to?

Uh, she's seen the movies,

she thinks what we do is interesting.

I mean, how can I not give her a try?

She looks pretty hot, you ask me.

- Yeah.
- You know?

Store clerks, housewives.

You know what, every day,

this thing takes another
step out of the forest.

- Look.

Look at this.

Invitation to an X-rated movie premiere

at a general admission theater.

They mail these to me with
an RSVP and everything.

Like some kind of gallery
opening or whatever.

What, they're just doing
this out in the open?

When they held over that cock film

on 55th Street for six months, you know,

and the police let it be?

[STUTTERS] I thought, "You
know, so it's the fucking fags."

- You know, who cares what they do, right?"
- Hey.

- [STUTTERS] But, you know...
- Don't say that.

- What?
- Don't say that.

I got a brother.

Well, I didn't mean anything.

You never said you had a brother.

RUDY: We're looking to
double the floor space,

so you're gonna need to
look at twice the layout.

What says the foreman?

I see lots of possibilities.

I can get us the right guys for it, too.

- What now?
- Hey, more business.

I couldn't wait to show you guys.
What... what... What more business?

We got a lease on this whole
place, all three floors.

And it's all cleared with the city.

Gonna open another parlor
on the second floor,

VIP room at the top.

Yeah. Over here, wall-to-wall peeps.

The new kind with the booths.

- Whoa, whoa. More fucking pussy?

- FRANKIE: It's a bad thing?
- What, you don't think there's a market?

Fuck, Rudy.

One day, I'm paying off my
brother's gambling debts.

The next day, my whole fucking family's

neck-deep in running
whores and dirty fuck films.

- The fuck?
- Hey, you don't want the opportunity, I can...

Hey, hey, hey, no.
We want it, all right? Vincent, come on.

It ain't me, Rudy.

- I'm out.
- Then you're out. Fuck you.

Fuck me?

Fuck me?

Bobby, you should be on a fucking
construction site somewhere,

not trying to run whorehouses.

- Look at you.
- Look at me, yeah,

with my wallet fat, bringing in
more money than the goddamn bar.

- Mm.
- Which is probably what's eating you.


Fuck all of you.

Fuck you,

and fuck you!

And, yeah, Mr. Pipilo,

Rudy, respectfully, fuck you!

- He'll come around.

- Hey, let's go see the upstairs.



CANDY: You got my letters, right?

MAN: They were funny. [LAUGHS]

I read them a bunch.

Yeah, shit.

I should've come by more often.

I'm sorry, I...

I just lost track of time.

Hey, there are a couple of years there

I don't even remember.


That's not any better?

I don't know.

They say it is.

Are they still doing
the electric shock stuff?


Mostly meds for me now.

I don't think the shock treatment thing

is something they want to do anymore.

Dad was so quick to sign off on that shit.

- He thought it would help.
- Oh, fuck him.

I hate him.

The look on his face.

Like I was gonna wear it out and...


...walk down Queens Blvd.

Hey, that was my fucking dress, remember?

You could've gotten married
in it for all I care.

Hmm. Leenie,

the joke is I wasn't even into that.

I just tried it on for a laugh.

Dad didn't laugh, though.

Patrick, Dad doesn't give a shit about you.

Or me.

Or who we are.

He only cares about how it
might look to everyone else.

How the rest of the world might see him

if his daughter gets knocked
up, if his son likes boys.

- Fuck him.

Seriously, Patrick, who gives a fuck

what Dad thinks about anything?

I'm not homosexual.

Patrick, come on.

It's me.

He knows I'm not.

It's okay.

He knows. The doctors, they know.

Hey, I've known you my whole goddamn life.

I like girls.

Name one girl you were ever with.

Shit, I'm sorry.

Patrick, the world...

it's changing.

And most people don't fuck with you,

not like they used to.

Dad would fucking hate it.




VINCENT: You two are, what?

Renewing your vows or something?

My husband's taking me to Delmonico's.

And then we're gonna go see "Hair."

- Hippie shit.

That a new ring, Fran?

Bobby got it for me.

It's aquamarine.

Her birthstone.

You two should get a room.

[GIGGLES] So sue me for being happy.

Heard from Andrea lately, Vince?

No. Why?

She, um... she came around
to our house this morning.

She was pretty banged up.

"Banged up"?

Eddie Buccho, that son of a bitch.

He beat her.

- Eddie Buccho?
- All because of a pair of high heels.

Yeah, he bought her a pair
of evening shoes from Saks.

She didn't want to wear them
'cause they hurt her feet.

And what's that loser do?

He beats on her.

[SIGHS] Piece of shit.

You know what the worst part is?

- He did it in your house.
- What?

In front of your kids.

[SIGHS] I gotta go to the bathroom.

How bad?

Black and blue all over, but
she ain't had nothing broke.


Fuck you can do, Vincent?

Eddie's with Twist and them.

You can't mess with that crew.

You shouldn't have left Andrea.

That's what your sister's telling you,

bringing that news in here like that.

- You should go home.
- What, the perfect husband's

gonna lecture me now
about love and marriage?

- Hey.
- That ring you bought Fran?

I was in here the day that guy

put all that jewelry out on the bar.

Couldn't help but notice you
bought two rings...

One for your wife and one for...

I'm guessing that blonde
who works the parlor.

Her name's Tiffany. She's my friend.

Fuck you, Vincent.



LARRY: Slide over, girl.

All set.

But you didn't pay him.

Gonna do the full transaction tonight.

Saying you are.

You go in there with some money,

come out with the thing.

Look, ain't no lawman gonna stop
a pretty little girl like you

walking down the street with a gym bag.

Me, they brace me for breathing.

- Shit.
- You know this guy?

A player I know hooked me up.

Said his man's cool.

You my bottom.

You know that, right?

Let's get a drink.

Anything you want.



- Hey, Vince.

Downstairs, in the stockroom.

Come on.

Therese, Claudette, watch the bar.




- What the fuck are you doing here?

Snatched this hump off of
46th and he was making a fuss,

so we needed kind of a quiet space.

Frankie here thought about bringing him

in the back, down the stairs.

And you let them in?

We're on the same team, right?

- MAN: What the fuck?

Go play the jukebox.

Loud, in case this asshole gets emotional.


- BIG MIKE: All right.
- MAN: It wasn't me, Tommy.

- TOMMY: Lock the door behind you.
- MAN: It wasn't me.


So, it's actually, like, two cities

because Minneapolis is
on one side of the river,

but then St. Paul, which that's, like...

The, like, cooler place to hang out,

that's actually on the other end,

so it's kind of, like,
actually on the other end of it,

- so...
- Girls...

why don't you get yourselves another drink?

I'll be back.

- Thank you, baby.
- MELISSA: Mm-hmm.

So, how's C.C.?

Was Reggie better or worse than C.C.?

Shit, girl.

Give me a moment to grieve.

Sure, take a moment.

Go to church, light a candle.

Hey, hey, hey! Tommy, this is my bar.

Yeah, but this gaguzz is one of the guys

stealing coins from Marty Hodas.

My bar, Tommy!

- Hey! Tommy!
- You grabbed the wrong guy, man.

Hold up, hold up. Hold up.

Vince, what's that by the mook's head?

- What are you talking about?
- What's that case there?

- That's scotch.
- What kind?

- Johnnie Walker, black.
- The good shit.


- MAN: Come on, guys. Come on.

- [COCKS GUN] Now?
- No, man, this is crazy.

- Go ahead, shoot him.
- You ain't gonna count to three

- or nothing like that?
- What, like in the movies?

- Fuck, no.
- MAN: All right, guys, listen, listen.

You'll get the money, all
right? Just not all of it.

But it's in a couple of banks.

And we just spent a little of it.

- How much?
- Maybe $20.

Between the two of us,
just under that, maybe.

All right, get rid of him.

- What, what? Hey!
- You got it.

No, no, no, no, no. Not like that.

Use my car, you take him to his home,

so we know where he lives,

and then tomorrow, we
go with him to the banks.

- Right?
- MAN: Christ Almighty.

Come on, let's have a drink.


You look like you prospering.


I'm doing all right.

Scrumping every day.

Brought my stable uptown.

We're gonna spend the
night at my permanent crib.

Gonna make them both
feel special, you know?

Like how you taught me how to do.

You want to control the bodies,
you need to control the mind.

That's right.


So, uh... so, what, you still in it, Ace?

Ah, I slowed down.

And my knees is all fucked up.

I read the writing on the wall.

Told me to pull back.

What you mean?

You operate on the Deuce, right?

Take a look around, brother.

Any man can drop a quarter in a machine

and pull on his rod while
he's watching people fucking.

They do it in the movie theaters

in every day of their lives.

Man don't even have to ask a woman.

She just drop her panties
and get in the bed.

Even ugly motherfuckers

don't have to pay for pussy no more.

That's why they call it free love.

Fuck. Listen, man.

Always gonna be hos, right?

And they always gonna need a man

to hold their money.

Business is good, Ace.

Mm. You should get back in the game.

I need me a new ride,

and I don't even like them
cars y'all driving nowadays.

They all look like boxes to me.


I had me a '59 El D.

Red over white, you know.

- That Biarritz edition?
- Mm-hmm.

225 inches long with them
big-ass motherfucking fins

and them four taillights.

That motherfucker was beautiful.

- Come on, man, Ace.

You could find you one in good shape.

- Ah.
- Get out there again.

A man has to know when
to step off the stage.

I had my day in the sun.


Ah, there's my woman. [CHUCKLES]

WOMAN: Hey, Melvin.

- Ace.
- Hmm?


ACE: Hey, baby.

I'll see you around, young man.

- WOMAN: I got you butter pecan.
- Butter pecan.

- You got me.

WOMAN: We still need to go by
the Rexall and get the medicine.

- ACE: All right, sugar.



- Tommy?
- Yeah?

I'm not a made guy or nothing, right?


Fuck, no.

But I'm with you, right?

So, what does that mean, exactly?

What do you want?


RUBY: How you doing tonight?

I know you like what you see, baby.

How you doing?

Hey, juicy wrap. I know you love it.

Hey, sugar. What you looking so glum for?

You dating tonight?

It's all right, you
don't gotta be shy, baby.

Where you going?

I know you see me, baby.

I know you see me.



Y'all don't gotta be shy.



At your service.

Where your shadow at?

In the diner using the head.


What you doing on the street?

I thought you were, you know...

I wasn't getting chosen
all that much on the inside.

Out here, men with special taste,

they find me.

- You mean to tell me...
- I'm a big girl in case you didn't notice.

All I notice are those beautiful eyes.

Damn, Alston.

Been a while since I gave it away,

but I might have to make
an exception with you.

- Mm.
- I'm spoken for.

At least I think I am.

Tell me something.

How a dude like you get to be a cop?

RUBY: How you doing tonight?

RUBY: Like what you see, baby?

Hey, sugar. How you doing?

Can I make you date for a little bit?

Won't take me long.


WOMAN: Yeah, what are you looking at?

Not Eddie Sorrentino, Eddie Buccho.

Oh, which one is that?

The one in Twist's crew.

Twist over on Lefferts?

- That bunch of fucking humps?
- Yeah, that bunch.

Fuck, no.

Mm, candy store gangsters.

Not one of them's made.

- No?
- Nope.



Hey, hey, hey. Keep it fair, fellas.

One at a time.


♪ Hear me when I'm saying ♪

♪ Smiling faces ♪

♪ Smiling faces sometimes... ♪

MAN: Your shot or mine?

MAN #2: Who the fuck is that?

♪ Smiling faces tell lies ♪

♪ And I got proof ♪

- ♪ Beware ♪
- ♪ Beware... ♪

You Rufus?

Yeah. Come on.


It's all there.

Looks right.

Give me the stuff.

What stuff?

The shit.

Stop fucking around.

Okay, sweetheart.

Here you go.

You're under arrest.


Turn around.

Just take me to the precinct.

I know Alston, Haddix, and all those guys.

We're not NYPD, hon. We're federal.

You just bought quantity.
You're looking at long time.

Unless you wanna speak on that
bold, cowboy-looking brother

who sent you in here.

Maybe then we can help you out.

Come on.



- MAN: Can I get that crate?
- MAN #2: Yeah.



JOCELYN: Okay. All right.

- Okay, let me know.

That was Harvey.

His car broke down on the LIE

and they're towing him to a garage now.

- And he just wants us to wait?
- Yeah.


This your first time?

It's just fucking.


Hey, you.

The hell happened to you?

Ah, I hit this guy.

This asshole over in Brooklyn.

- Brooklyn?
- Yeah.


Beat on my wife.

My ex-wife.


- Hey, Vince.
- What?

Um, I've been talking to Paul,

and he wants to open his own spot.


So you should back him.

Go in with him on a downtown place.

He knows the Village.
Like, really knows it.


And with money behind him and
somebody who could leverage

paying off the cops like you all do...


- A fag bar?

I gotta go partners in on a pink bar now?

- ABBY: Why not?


Sweeney, you were just in here last night.

Now, I know you're not back here that quick.

Tell him.

You guys didn't find a small book...

Puke green, about like this big?

A book?

I'll check with Mike when he comes in,

but I don't think so.

If you could just talk to him.

Put that goddamn thing away.

You shouldn't have come
down here looking for me,

- not to the house.
- But I'm out of time.

My article goes to press tonight.

My editor... I showed him the
book and he says it's not enough.

- But if you could confirm, it could...
- How is that not enough?

It's just numbers in there.

Just a bunch of addresses and amounts.

He says I need someone
to say what it all means

or we still can't name people.

So, if I just say what it is,

they'll run the story you want?

Yes, if you say what it is.

- And you'll keep my...

You'll keep my name out
of your goddamn paper?

I gotta go.


So, Harvey can't make it today.

He says that they can't fix his
car until they get another part,

and it's gonna be hours, so
he says to just call it a day.

We still get paid for our time?

I don't know.

Hey, fuck that. We're here.

We're not gonna fucking go home.

MAN: We're not?


We rented the fucking camera.

Can we get the prairie set lit?

All right.

Greg, come.

Bring the camera over.

MAN: Bring the fence over, guys.

- And two of the props?
- Yeah.

- MAN: Right there.
- MAN #2: Yeah.

Yeah, that's some wig you got there.

Kind of screams it's not really you.

You're worried you're gonna make a movie

and you're gonna get recognized?


So what?

- I see you got quite the wig your own self.


I don't need it.

How about you?

JOCELYN: Hey, Candy.

These are Harvey's notes for the shoot.

All right, first up is Lori and Andy.

MAN #2: All right, fire it up.

- Let's make a movie!
- MAN: Striking.



A word?

Anything we need to talk about?


A word to the wise, Patrolman.

I have your back.

And when the shit hits the fan around here,

I'm gonna make sure you come through

with flying colors.

But the one thing I need

is to know that I have
the loyalty of my people.

Whatever you know about what's
going on in this house comes to me

and goes up the ladder from me.


Trust me, I am going to
scrub this shithole clean,

but I can only do that if
we keep our dirt in-house.

Yes, sir.

Where were you hoping to get to?


I asked you where you were hoping
to go when the dust settles.

Detective Bureau.

I know that's shooting high, but I...

- Special delivery.


Joss, come get her beautiful tits.


- Shit.
- GREG: What is it?

- This is backwards.
- Should I cut?

- I just... I can see this is backwards.
- What do you mean?

Well, we're telling a story, right?

We need Dwayne...

- Dwayne, can you come back here?
- Sure.

We need Dwayne's dick
to take us into Shana.

Right? We need to be with him

and follow him, and he takes us into her.

The dick takes us in.



Okay, the... The action is of him

walking up and taking
her from behind, right?

If you start on her
pussy, you've got no story.

We're not with him going to her to start.

- It's like...
- Hitchcock-Truffaut?

GREG: Can I get a rehearsal?

JOCELYN: Go ahead.

You just gave a pretty good explanation

of how action dictates camera movement.

I come here and then like this.

The Hitchcock-Truffaut interviews,

but they're talking about dicks and pussies

instead of... I don't know,

a guy getting up from a table.

Can you explain to Greg
about Hitchcock and Truffle?

Because he definitely
doesn't understand it.

How's your car?

[GROANS] I gave up on it.

I called a... Called a good cab.

- Oh.

Is this the last scene up?

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

You direct them all?


Well, finish it.

We get out of here in a couple of hours,

and then you and I can poke our
heads in at that movie party.

- JOCELYN: Like this?
- If you want.

GREG: Yeah, like that.
Careful, you're in frame.


The bail is $4,000, right?

Now, the Gs, they ain't nothing to me.

You know I got the money.

Yeah, but you ain't
gonna bail her out, right?

Man, you can't be going near those feds

showing that kind of bread.

You can't show like that.

Nah, listen, man.

Unless she can put proof on you,

you need to let her take the charge

and do the the time.

Bail or no bail,

Barbara ain't gonna say nothing on me.

That girl gonna stand tall.

You broke her good.

She loyal like a three-legged dog.

And Barbara's a good earner, too.

Yeah, and she still gonna
be when she comes out.

Provided she keeps her looks.

But anyway, you can't be stressing on her.

You a man, right?

You know it.



Hey, Ruby.

Hey! Ruby!

Ruby, baby!

MAN: You wanna get out here, lady?

No, no, no. Keep going.

I'm sorry.

Is that all that this is for you?

No, don't even start.

Sandra, Sandra!


You tipped off the captain.

For your own good, partner.

For your own good.


What you think you doing?

Didn't like it. Don't have to pay.

Put that goddamn money back in my purse.

- I don't have to.
- Oh, you're gonna have to, all right.

- Wait till I tell my man.
- Fuck your man!

The fucking coon and his processed hair.

How'd you know who...

Go on, get the fuck out of my room.

I'll see you around, Thunderthighs.

My name is Ruby.






- Hey, hey.
- Hey.

Hey, look, they got a carpet
on the sidewalk and everything.

It's like the Grauman's
Chinese Theatres, actually.

- Yeah?
- You look beautiful.

- Thanks.

So, what, is that true?

Fuck if I know.

I mean, we're gonna find
out tonight, aren't we?

I mean, this thing's making money, though.

You know, it pulled in
30 grand the first week.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

Come on.

These tickets get us in
to some kind of VIP area

where they probably give
you a glass of bad wine

and a complimentary condom.


HARVEY: Good. Good to see you.

- This is Candy.
- Hey.


Hey, you.

- MARTY: How'd you get in here?
- HARVEY: Marty, please.

- Sorry.
- Come on.

- Good to see you.
- MARTY: Save me a seat.


She's with me.

MAN: Oh, there she is.

- MAN #2: Linda! Linda!
- Oh, hey.

It's the lead actress.

They flew her in from Florida
for this, first-class.

[CHUCKLES] It's like a
honest-to-God publicity tour.

Excuse me, folks.

I'm gonna need tickets for the VIP room.


See, my girl here is an actress.

All right, guys.

I still need to see your tickets.

Fuck this here!


You don't want to see the movie?

What, another fuck film?

Hell, no!

Hey, yo, bitch, come on.


- VINCENT: A penny for your fuckin' thoughts.
- BIG MIKE: I already told you.

Looks like she came through the
awning, knocked out the bars.

Did a lot of damage. I'm
gonna have to replace the sign.

You got insurance, right?

I don't know.

I gotta call Rudy.

WOMAN: That's high up there.

Hey, you got business here?

This is my crime scene, motherfucker.

Yeah, behind the tape.

MAN: So sad.

- Did you see it?
- WOMAN: Yeah, I saw it.

The girl was in a hurry, I guess.

What was that?

I'm saying she could've used the stairs.



- FLANAGAN: Come on.

Come on, come on, Alston.

- Come on. Come on, man.
- I'm cool, I'm cool!

- OFFICER: Back it up.

OFFICER: Hey, I said back it up.

We might as well close up.



Kind of cold, Vincent.

Hey, I liked Thunder.

I really did.

You think I like seeing that?




That guy you fought, the
one that beat up your wife?


Who'd you do that for?

For my wife.

Who else?

You got me wrong, Abby.

Way wrong.

I love women.


it's the Deuce.




♪ Well, I say love ♪

♪ Oh, love ♪

♪ Careless love ♪

♪ I said love ♪

♪ Oh, love ♪

♪ Oh, careless love ♪

♪ Love ♪

♪ Please tell me ♪

♪ What have I done ♪

♪ For you ♪

♪ To hurt me ♪

♪ All in fun ♪

♪ Well, you know that I once ♪

♪ Was blind ♪

♪ But now I see... ♪

- ♪ I say that I once ♪

♪ Was blind ♪

♪ But now I see ♪

♪ Whoa, you know I once ♪

♪ Was blind ♪

♪ But I'm so glad ♪

♪ So glad I see ♪

♪ That that old love ♪

♪ Has made a fool of me ♪

♪ Well, you know if I could mmm... ♪

FRANKIE: Come on, come on, come on.

♪ Like a mourning dove... ♪


♪ Well, if I could mmm-hmm ♪

♪ Like a mourning dove ♪

- ♪ Well, if I could moan... ♪
- CANDY: Wait, actually, hang on.

- ♪ If I could moan ♪

Stick your ass out. Very hot.

♪ Like a mourning dove ♪

- ♪ You know I'd moan... ♪
- Come over here.

Just come over here.

♪ For everyone in love ♪

♪ Well, you know what ♪

♪ A big fool ♪

♪ I have been ♪


♪ Let me say what ♪

♪ A big fool ♪

♪ I have been ♪

♪ Let me say what ♪

♪ Oh, what a big fool ♪

- ♪ That I have been... ♪

♪ But I'd be ♪

♪ I'd be one... ♪

- You have rubbers?
- WOMAN: Yeah.

♪ All over again ♪

♪ That's why I said love... ♪

Okay, baby, let me look at you.

- I don't wanna see no drip.
- MAN: I'm clean.

That's gonna be extra.

That's a whole lot more love.

- MAN: I got you.
- All right.

No, none of that.

But you can play with these, honey.

- MAN: Oh, yeah.
- BERNICE: Okay, baby.