The Deuce (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - I See Money - full transcript

Rudy dangles an offer in front of Vincent; Longo employs strong-arm tactics to restore order among Bobby's unhappy construction workers; Candy attracts unwanted attention and is intrigued ...

Fuck, it's never gonna stop.

I should build a boat.

For animals, you know.

Yeah, no fucking street trade tonight.

Guess I'm gonna go to the movies.

C.C. doesn't like me
working the theater.

He says it's beneath me.


You don't mind?

On my back, on my knees...

all the same to me.

See you around.

Then the girl said,

"I don't think it's funny."

And with that, she reached over

and started to caress my breast.

It was a funny feeling.

I never had anybody
touch me like that before.

She ran her
hands around down between my legs...

and over my thighs, across my stomach.

I could feel the heat of her
hands through my panties...

You like movies?

Oh, it was very, very exciting.

Then one of the other girls
reached out behind me

and took off my bra.
I love movies.

And when she did...


Fuck! You...

Balcony's closed. Downstairs only.

You like movies?


Brothers and the whiteys

Blacks and the crackers

Police and their backers

They're all political actors

But they don't worry

There can be no show

And if there's hell below

We're all gonna go, go, go, go, go, go

Everybody praying

And everybody saying

But when come time to do

Everybody's laying

Just talking about don't worry,
worry, worry, worry, worry, worry

They say don't worry, worry,
worry, worry, worry, worry

They say don't worry, worry

Worry, worry, worry, worry

They say don't worry, worry

Worry, worry, worry, worry.

That's it.

Our flat fee and cut of the machines.

We straight?

We're golden with this guy every time.

You know, you are beginning
to fucking worry me, Vincent.

I never knew a barman who didn't take

a little something
and put it in his pocket.

On principle.

That ain't me.

Relax. I'm pulling your chain.

Meeting you is like finding
a broad with big tits

and an ass you can set your drink on.

The perfect woman.

You falling in love with me, Rudy?

Mm, in a way.

Vincent, I got something big on my mind,

and I'm beginning to think
that you're the man for it.

Why me?

You're honest.

You got a top-notch work ethic.
I seen your clientele.

You're good with all kinds of people...

losers, businessmen, normal people,

abnormal people, you name it.

All right, I get it.
I'm a regular Dale Carnegie.

But the fuck is it,
this thing that's big?

Fuck is it, he says.

When the time comes, I'll let you know.

All I can say is it's gonna be good.

And you're gonna make real money.

Not walking-around money.
The kind you can bank.

All right.

Sounds interesting, but, uh,

I gotta get back to work.

Go ahead.

Hey, try to relax.


Doing my best here.

We're just two guys having dinner.

Besides, it's New York.

Nobody cares.

And it's not like your dad
is gonna fly in from Sioux City

and walk through that door, right?

I'm not worried about my father.

I have colleagues,
people I've met through the firm.

Eat up.


I think I'm gonna go out
dancing on Friday.

There's a new place in the
Village that I wanna check out.

You gonna join me?

I'm working on briefs
for this big corporate case

that we're litigating.

Sounds like a blast.

Come with me.

I can't.

do something about those animals.


Go outside! Bother the neighbors...

And lock the door
so they can't get back in.

Come on.

I'm going
fucking crazy sitting around here.

It ain't natural for a man
to be out of work.

What's the doctor say?

Says I can't go back yet.

Says I gotta change my lifestyle,

whatever that means.

The fuck does he know?


Look who stopped by.

I was in the neighborhood.

What a coincidence.

I'd get up, but I'm recuperating.

I made this for you.

I heard it's dietetic... or something.

Looks delicious.

Uh, look, I gotta go.

I'll see you, Bobby.

Nice to see you, Andrea.

No, no, the post is base!

No! You can't change the rules, asshole!

The tree is base!


That was real considerate,
bringing the mold and all.

How you been?


I hear your bar's doing real good.

Maybe I'll drop by sometime,
see it for myself?

You're welcome anytime, sweetheart.

First drink's on the house.

First drink? That's all?

First, second.

Like I said, I better get going, okay?

The kids miss you.

Yeah, I miss them, too.

Just tell them I'll be around soon.

I'll take 'em to Karl Droge's
for some ice cream.


Just get 'em something.

I miss you.

You just think that you miss me.


No, I do.

It's swimming weather now.

We could load up the Mercury,

put the kids in the back,

go down to Coney.

A family day at the beach
like we used to.

I sleep during the day.

Oh, in a coffin?

That's cute.


Andrea, you're forgetting what
it was like when I was at home.

Shit, how about the night you lit my
clothes on fire, for Christ's sake?

Yeah, 'cause you came home
stumbling into our bedroom

at 3:00 in the morning smelling
like the Fulton Fish Market.

I'm just a man,
no better than any other.

The fire thing, that was an accident.


The first time, maybe.

We passed upon the stair...

You have a budding Junior Wells at home?

"Hoodoo Man Blues"?

Is that a present or...?

I spoke into his eyes

I thought you died alone...

I don't know,
I just thought I'd give it a try.

I'm buying this for my son.

He lives with his mom.

I'm Jack, by the way.


Thanks for the music tip.

Is that a "thanks, buzz off"?

Listen, I've never done this before.

Really? Pretty confident for a rookie.

"Gather ye rosebuds."

What do you want?

Your phone number.

To start.

You can't be serious.

The guy manages to not
piss his own shoes,

and you're gonna make him a collar?

That's just so fucking unsporting.

No, fuck him.

But that skinny mutt down the street

just tossed something
when I hit the cherry top.

You make a show of that rummy.

I'm gonna double back.

Hey! Fella!


Yeah, you!

I gotta ask, why the phone booth?

Why not the wall?
The street? The Dumpster?

Why the fuck you gotta pick

the worst possible place out here?

People gotta stand in here.
They need to make a phone call.

Now they gotta splash around
in your piss puddle.

You hide that shit down the alley,

no one gives a flying fuck.

But now I gotta slap you
with a public lewdness charge

'cause you whipped out your
pecker for all the world to see.

It's raining in the goddamn phone booth.

Unless, of course,
we just settle it right here.

Don't move.
Shut the fuck up and don't move.

Look at you with the honest collar.

Only one problem, Deputy Fife.

It's a no-go zone.

Deuce from Eighth to the river,
off-limits, remember?

That's why I want the collar.

Here we go, right here.

Whoa, that ain't mine.

Let's lock him up and bring him
in front of the desk.

See how it bounces.

For what, shits and giggles?

I wanna know how real
the no-go really is.

I mean, where in the fuck
does that shit come from?

Let's go.

How you doing?

Looks like you're handling it okay.

You'll be fine.

Here you go, Tod. Drink up.

Might as well. After tonight,
I am off the liquor for a while.

Hangovers show up on camera.

You got a movie?

A fuck film out on Fire Island.

Won't be using
any Actors Studio techniques,

but, hey, it's work.

No, it's great, man.
Why Fire Island, though?

Look, we're on the beach on Sunday.

Why don't you come check it out?

It'll be fun.

Bring your boyfriend.
I wish.

That's not his thing at all, though.

Too bad.

Have fun. I'll see ya.

Friend of yours? Looks familiar.

Yeah, yeah, from downtown.

He was in that Cryder Ford commercial,

plays on TV all the time.

Oh, yeah.

Guy who got a great deal
on his trade-in.

Handsome fella.



Mine are at the till.

Oh, Parliaments.

Not your brand, huh?

I'm a Marlboro man,
but I got an open mind.

My mother smoked Parliaments.

Yeah, I could have seen that coming.

No, really, she did.

I'm just making it worse, huh?

All right, come on.

Here, take a break.

Here, come on. Abby's got it.

Just wanted to say
you're a good bartender.

I could tell the first time I saw
you double-checking the inventory.

Glad to have you along for the ride.

Yeah, we'll see.

No, I'm just saying you got
something here, but...

it's not exactly my thing, right?

What are you talking about?

We had one of yours in here
right off the bat opening night.

The pretty motherfucker,

looked like he should be
at the opera or something.

Mm-mm, it was a he.

I could see the fucking
Adam's apple bouncing.

I mean to say Dora prefers "she."

Dora? That's the name?

Okay, Dora. She is fucking great.

With the fucking lipstick and the pumps?

I mean,
shit like that makes this place crackle.

A little this, a little that.

It's New York, you know.
People wanna be surprised.


Come on, baby. It's all right.

They're not gonna say anything.

Excuse me.

Where were you working before this?

I was in Brooklyn,
this joint on Smith Street.

A fag bar in South Brooklyn?


And before that, I worked both
weekend shifts at the Stonewall.

I know you've heard of that.

Come on, man,
even you are gonna remember

a bunch of queers rioting
three nights in a row.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
the Village, I remember.


What the fuck happened with that?

One too many raids.

Yeah, it was something, all right.

All right.

Here... to new beginnings.

You picked him up where?

4-2 and 9.

Did you forget what I told you
or are you just hard of hearing?

I told him to let it go.

I think this is the real thing.

Look, it says "Rolex."
It says "Rolek," you dumb-ass.

Hey, Sarge, remind Patrolman
Alston here about the no-go.

Simple possession, right?
Had a little H on him was all?

That's right.
Cut him loose, Alston.

We took these off a gypsy on the Deuce.

Maybe now you'll know what time it is.

For me?

Maybe you could go
to the free clinic later.

You think I like boring movies?

Two wrecked and a whiskey down.

You're light.

On my period.

Can't get your fee for half of nothing.

Then you double up on the sucks.

I'm heavy, Daddy.

Right now my room looks like
the Manson family moved in.

Anyone got a tampon? I'm out.

You're still light.

I love fucking on my period.
Why is that?

Don't need lube.

But some johns ain't up to that mess.

You hear about these sponges?

You stick it up there,

stops the blood long enough to fuck.

Johns can't tell the difference.

But you need to be careful.

Gave me a yeast infection once.

How do you get it out?

Got me a pair of needle-nose
pliers from the hardware store.

Y'all need to keep your
lady business to yourself.

Thanks, Ruby.

Yeah, you made him squirm.

Ain't too often I see
your running mouth so shut.

My lady's on the rag, stretch.

Can't handle that.

Nothing you can do
but ride the crimson wave.

it's all about the lunar cycle, man.

Like they werewolves or some shit?

Women just be mysterious.

They in sync with the moon.

It's like it does shit to them.

I personally don't mind
a little ketchup on my hot dog.

Man, fuck the goddamn moon.

No, no, now, that's my point, man.

You gotta fuck the moon.

You gotta get over here
before it gets light, you know?

The trucks that pull up early,
they're looking for it.

You know what I mean?
I know.

Those delivery boys are lonely.


I earned real good tonight, C.C.

You tired again?

I can work the bread trucks, C.C.

Why would you do that?

Give you a break. I don't mind.

Nah, Lori, you coming home
with me to get some shut-eye.

Ashley can service the bread guys,

maybe bring back a loaf or two.

Fuck outta here.

Yo, C.C., you seen Melissa?

Ain't my lookout.

Yeah, that bitch better be tricking.

Larry thinks I'm on
the trucks this morning.

I need to deliver.

Yeah, I gotta get going, too.

stage composite fell eight points

to close at 54.53
by end of trading yesterday.

Standard & Poor's
is down one point to 98.60.

And the Dow Jones industrials
dropped 13 points...

Remember, I'm going out
dancing after work tonight.

Scouting that new place.

I'm interested in seeing
how their business is run.

You are dead set on having
your own spot, aren't you?

What's wrong with a little ambition?

I thought you liked The Hi-Hat.

I do.

Vince isn't a total asshole.

But Midtown's not my scene.
I wanna get back downtown.

Don't be late.

Don't wait up.


Sean Riley. Sign it.

Where's Bobby?

He's still out.

Yeah? All right. Thanks, Vince.

Yeah. Next!

Bill Schmidt. Just sign it.

I'm cashing my check at a bank.

Come on, Billy.

I can wait till Monday.
But why wait?

You can have your money right now.

I'm patient.
Hey, Bill, take the cash.

You don't wanna mess this
shit up for the other guys.

I already pay the IRS.
I don't need another tax.

$24 just for a couple of days?
That's $100 a month.

And I don't gotta do nothing for
it but sit on my ass for a weekend.

My mother raised me smarter than that.

She knew the value of a nickel.

And a C-note.


Hey, Brian Garner. Just endorse it.

Yeah, I'll just put mine in a bank,
like Bill.

The fuck?!


Oh! Hello.

This is Jack, the music expert.

this must be one of those new machines.

I hope you get this message.

It was really nice
meeting you the other day,

and I thought maybe we could
go out sometime, do something.

A drink, coffee, whatever you'd like.

Um, my number is 958-2392.

And... I'd really like to see you again.

I'm home by 7:00 most nights.

Okay, hope I hear from you.


Look, I already told you,
thanks, but, no, thanks.

Where is it written that I gotta
use the Bank of Bobby Dwyer?

Come on, Joe, cash your check today.

Take that knockout wife of yours
out for a couple drinks tonight.

My wife ain't even a TKO.

I'll just take my check with
me and put it in the bank,

if you don't mind.

Okay. There you go, Joey.

It's all there, the full amount.

Sign your check, take your envelope,

and get the fuck outta my sight.

You want out? You're out.

Don't make a fucking
bit of difference to me.

A real problem solver, you are.

And this last guy,
he said what?

Same as the others.

He could wait till Monday
to cash the checks.

They were together on this, then,

like a conspiracy.

Nah, I know these idiots.

First time they wanna
get drunk on a Friday,

they're gonna come back
and use our service.

They're just making a point, like they
didn't have to if they didn't want to.

Nothing to worry about.

I'll see you guys.

Oh, my God. Oh!


You always work the same corner?

What's your name?


Where'd you come from?

Uh, the bathroom.

Abby, this is my brother-in-law, Bobby.

I'd give my left nut
for a night alone with you.

That's sweet.
Fuck it, the right one, too.

Both. Hmm.

Now we're talking.

What would be the point?

Think about it.

Oh, yeah. Okay, just one.


No deal.

Candy, it's on the house.

Look like you could use it.

That girl's gonna run you, Vince.

I hope you're right.

I say you could sit?

Get on out there and work that ass.

You up for a date?

How do you walk all night
in those things?

I used to be a ballerina,

so I'm used to pain.

I think I saw you in "The Nutcracker."

Fuck you. I was good.

Okay, here we go.

Want this one?
Hey, baby.

Hey, honey.
What you looking for?

So, what does your pimp do to you

if you don't make any money?

I don't go home, I don't earn...

Oh, shit.

All right, you know the drill.
Come on, show and prove.

Let's go. Come on, let's go.

Show and prove, let's go.

No paper, no liberty.
All right.

Hey, hey, Angela Davis.

Where you think you're going? Come on.

Come on, let's go.

No, you don't show and prove,
you don't go.

Sometime tonight, ladies. Let's go, come on.
Come on.

Come on, over here.

Your deal.

Coming out, ladies.
I am feeling good.

Remember, boys...

do not give my brother any credit.

History as shown that Fucknuts
is not good for it.

Don't need any credit, Vinnie.

I'm up big.

Hi-lo, deuces wild.
See how long that lasts.

Not for long.

A queen over there, a nine...



You okay?


We straight?
Yeah, Daddy, we straight.

I think someone just died in there.

Shh. He dead, all right.

Get his motherfuckin' wallet, girl.

See what he got.

You fucking get it.
I ain't touching him.

Look at all that.

Why is this taking so long?

I gotta pee.

Can we just sit down?

What's your name?



Come with me.


there's a dead guy over at the Lionel.

Like dead dead?


On the third floor.
You wait here!

My shoes gave me away?

Streetwalkers don't wear Bonwit Teller.

Saks maybe, never Bonwit Teller.

So, you want to tell me

what you were doing out there,
Miss Washington?


I'm a reporter for the "Amsterdam News."

Working a story.

Prostitution, pimps, hookers.

I'm trying to understand why these women

are in the trade at all.

Well, when you figure that out,
you let me know.

I've been on the job for years.

I still don't know the answer.

You are free to go, Miss Washington.


Can I have your number?

It's 55488.

Not your badge number.

Your phone number.

Come on, Lou.
Study long, study wrong, Lou.

Lou, simera.

I'm out.

Tough break, sucker!
JFK, Johnny Fucknuts, say it again.

All right, all right.
Say it again.

All right.

I don't know what it is tonight, George.

I can't fucking lose. I raise.

Okay, Frankie.

Gamiseta. I'm out.


Come on!
Come on!

He had nothing! You had nothing.
You know what?

Think I'm gonna buy a new suit,

go with my new watch, huh?

There you go.

Say it, you limey son of a bitch!

Fuckin' face me!

Hey, come on, man!
Hey! Sit down!

Watch it!
Get back!

Knock it off!

Go, lock the door. Don't
come out till I say.

Hey, knock it off!

Hell's going on out there?

My shoe is ruined.

Never broke a buckle before?

Well, sure, but...

And you'd just buy a new pair of shoes,

No problem?

Hey, break it up!

What's this for?

Fix your buckle.

Like this.



Huh. Okay.


Why do you do this?

I'm just trying to understand.

You don't need to understand.

Don't you ever get homesick?

Fuck, no.

You don't have any family that you miss?

I have an aunt...

in my hometown outside of Charlotte.

She sent me money when I was a kid.

I think about her sometimes.
She was nice.

So, um...

why don't you call this aunt of yours

and have her buy you a ticket back?

She's not gonna send me any more money.

I already played her one too many times.

There are other ways to get by,
you know?

Says the Breck Girl

who only has to shake her ass for tips.

With all due respect,
Lieutenant Sweeney,

your men started this shit.

Now, I'm down a couple
hundred and you wanna tax me?

So this kind of thing
doesn't happen again.

So, I gotta pay the police
so they won't wreck my bar?

I'm running a legitimate business here.

And what if I lined up
your patrons along the bar

and patted them?

I wonder what I'd find.

Let's say 250 a week so we stay friends.

Hey, Vin, where's your mook brother?

Hot Streak's in the back.

Explain to me what I get in return.


even that right there,

deserves a place to unwind
and not be bothered.

See what I'm saying?


I'll have a bourbon.

Not the swill.

I'm a VIP.

And the watch.

Come on.

Vincent call you?

Yeah. Did you a favor.

Now you got a clean slate.

Tomorrow's a whole new day, like that.

So, we're straight?

We're straight now.
My money's on not for long.

It says "Rolek."

Rolek? The fuck?


What do you say, Vince?


Piece of advice?


Get a gun. Ends a fight faster.

Cuts down the wear and tear on the bar.

Can't use a gun on cops.

There'll be other kinds of trouble here.

Always is in these kinds of spots.

I was on fire.

And you stabbed me like fucking Brutus.


"Cleopatra," right?

The movie?
Ain't seen it.

It's good.

Mm, let me ask you something, Vince.

Those guys who wouldn't cash
their checks with us?

Which one of 'em was walking point?

Uh... Bill Schmidt.


All right, we'll see you, Vince.


You retiring?

I guess I'm done, too.


This all I got.

Shit's disgusting.

Double it is.

I got a john always brings me
a bottle of this shit.

Never asked me if I like it.

Yeah, they never ask.

This Nikki's suede?


I snatched it from Rodney's last week.

I figured he wouldn't
miss it after so long.

It don't fit me, but it feels nice.

Go ahead, try it on.


Smells like her.

What was that?

Jean Nate.

Oh, yeah. Fuck.

Did she bathe in it?

Bathe, douche, shine her shoes.

Lord, girl couldn't get enough.

In a year, she'd lift about
a case of it from Rexall.

She could stick a bottle up her cooch

in the time it'd take you to blink.

It slipped out once.

She was banned for life from
the store on 42nd and Broadway.

I never saw Nikki without her suede.

Why wasn't she wearing it?

That day was hot as fuck.

90 degrees after midnight.

That was last summer.

Feels longer.


Wanna come to the bar,
have a drink with me?

I don't wanna drink.


I just thought, uh...



I was getting a vibe,
but maybe I was wrong.

I didn't say I wasn't interested.

All right, now I'm...
now I'm confused, so...

You're not in control of this.

I am.
All right.

May I make one small suggestion?

Go ahead.

Don't fight the leotard.

Bill Schmidt... where is he?

He's on the job.

Bring him here.


It was really nice
meeting you the other day,

and I thought maybe we could
go out sometime, do s...

Oh! Hello.

This is Jack.

A drink, coffee, whatever you'd like.

I'd really like to see you again.

I'm home by 7:00 most nights.

Okay, hope I hear from you.

That's enough, Carlos.

Leave him there?

So his friends can see.

Need a password or something?

Come on in.

Big Mike said you was cool.
What you looking for?

I got handguns,
modified shotguns, hand grenades.

Just a gun.

Yeah, I don't...
I don't know what I'm looking for.

So, what... what'd you use in Vietnam?

I lugged an M16 through the boonies

for 12 and a wake-up.

That ain't practical for you.

Smith & Wesson, .38 Special.

Good stopping power.


This... this is what the cops use?

I don't wanna get caught with that.

What else? Maybe something smaller

in case I gotta conceal it?
What you gonna use it for?

You looking to make a statement, or...

fixing to do someone permanent?

I don't... no, I just...

Here, how about... how about this one?

That's an S&W 60 LS.

.38 stainless steel revolver
with a speed-load cutout.

Yeah, this could work. Looks nice.

How much?
60 LS?

I can give it to you for 250.

LS. What's that stand for, LS?

"Lady Smith."

You trying to sell me a lady's gun?

You chose the motherfucker.

Shit, man,
I don't know what I'm fucking doing.

You don't need a gun. You need a gunman.

A gunman?
Piece ain't no thing to me.

It's like part of my arm.

You nominating yourself?

If elected, I'll serve.

I'd really like to see you again.

I'm home by 7:00 most nights.

Okay, hope I hear from you.


Here you go.

Think you know that guy.

Big Mike.


Cop a squat.



between the two of youse,
we should be able

to keep this place running smoothly.

Frankie and me got your back.

Yeah, two Frankies.
That's gonna get confusing.

What if we call you Black Frankie?

You okay with that?
Ain't no thing to me.

All right.

What's your problem?

Your Italian friends
beat up Bill Schmidt

to make some kind of point.

Saying they worked him over real good.

I didn't... I didn't know.

Well, you sure as fuck knew their kind

when you got into bed with them.

Bobby, I had to do something
to get Frankie right with them.

Fuck Frankie and fuck you!
Hey, Bobby...

Damn, boy, I've been working
for y'all for less than an hour.

Sound like I might have to
shoot a motherfucker already.

Who the fuck are you?

That's Black Frankie.

I would have picked you up
at your place.

Rang the doorbell like a gentleman.

I was already here.

Where to?

This spot is perfect.

I've been tracking that
prostitute in the red dress.

She told me her name was Shirley,

but I heard one of the other
girls call her Diamond.

I thought we were getting
a meal somewhere.

I got you a burger and fries
from Grand Luncheonette.

Eat up before it gets cold.

Just one burger?

You not hungry?

I'll have some fries.

Tell me about those property vouchers.


You sure?

Yeah, come on.
All right.

So, you got a son but no wife?

I was married six years.
Been divorced for two.

What happened?

I'm just gonna own up to it.

I, um...
cheated on her with someone at work.

Wasn't love.

Did you tell your wife it wasn't love?


Does that make it okay?


I'm not scoring many character
points with you, am I?

So, what about you?

Ever been married? Any kids?

Nope, no man, no kids.

So... what do you do for work?

Don't ask too many questions, Jack.

You don't go out on many dates, do you?

I got something for you.

Maybe, um,
you can go visit that aunt of yours.



Thank you.

Well, um...

maybe we can do this again.

Sure, Jack.



No, it's...
it's just been a while is all.

Hey, you want me to hang with you?

No. Go get some breakfast, Mike.

I'll be okay.

All right.

You guys want some cocktails?
I can reopen the place.

We had something else in mind.

This about the checks?

We took care of that.
Yeah, I heard.

Yeah, and your brother-in-law
is probably upset.

The solidarity of the workers
and all of that kind of shit.

Sometimes you gotta break a few
eggs to make an egg sandwich.

Get in the car, Vince.

Burning gas here.


Outside these walls
on the street out there,

nothing but backwash,
the lowest of the low.

We can't change that.

But in here...

well, this can be like
riding your camel for days

in the desert and coming up
on palm trees and cool water.

I don't get it.

I told you there was gonna be
an opportunity coming your way,

a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

So, what am I looking at?

Your future.

I'm telling you, man,
she killed that motherfucker dead.

Girl must have some goddamn
superpower in that mouth of hers.

Men gonna line up
for that shit when they hear.

Pssh, shit, I'm tellin' you.


I wonder what
the coroner's report's gonna say.

Stomacide... death by mouth.

Shit, you think he came before he went?


Hopefully, the man was at peace.

Hey, you guys are buying today.

Frankie's ass-broke.


Hey. Hey, Candy.

We're gonna give you a new name.

What you think of Mouth of Death?

Right there, man.

Fuck you.

Man, fuck all of you.

Aw, you impressed everybody is all,


What are you talking about?
She should be proud.

Hell, I would be.
What are you talking about?