The Coroner (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - The Coroner - full transcript

After Beth shows him a photo of a dead sheep on the nearby moors journalist Ben Fairhead approaches her claiming there is a big cat at large though he is disbelieved by all except farmer John Roxwell. Then Ben is savagely killed, apparently by a wild animal and his ex-girlfriend, John's daughter Gemma tells Jane he believed the beast killed his mother who disappeared fifteen years earlier - though in fact her murderer was caught. Jane however is convinced that Ben's killer was not feline but a human anxious to prevent him from exposing a guilty secret.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Fresh from the fields
all fetor and fertile

It's bloody and raw
but I swear it is sweet

With her sweetened breath
and her tongue so mean

She's the angel
of small death and the codeine scene

With her straw-blonde hair

Her arms hard and lean

She's the angel of small death
and the codeine scene.


Werewolf. Classy

You should have seen
you guys' faces!

Spencer, you're such a jerk!

We need more wood.

I'll go by myself, then, shall I?



Come on, mate, seriously,
you're not funny any more.

It's saying it's not in service.

Why not try the place in town?

This lot are mobile,
they could do my nails here,

if they'd printed the right bloomin'

Ah! How was camping?

Tense. Very funny.

No, I'm serious.

Look, a sheep killed
near where we pitched.

Looked like a wild animal
had ripped it apart. Eurgh!

I've heard there's been
a few attacks,

but nothing this close
to Lighthaven.

Barely got any sleep. The slightest
noise and everybody freaked out.

What did they think it was -
a werewolf(?)

Probably. You know what people
around here are like.

Beware... the moon!

May I remind you that you're
from around here.

We're not all superstitious yokels,
you know. Just saying.

it would've been the panther.

I'll get it.

Oh, hi. Hi!

Oh. I'll get Mum.
Wait! Are you Beth?

Ben Fairhead, Lighthaven Star.

If it's about one of Mum's cases,
I'm not allowed to talk to you.

I'm here about the photo
you tweeted. Of the sheep.

You're here about a dead sheep?

No, I'm investigating a recent spate
of animal attacks on the moors.

It's a great shot, by the way.
You've got a good eye.


Look, it won't take long.
Yeah, sure.

You're not the postman!

No. No, I'm Ben Fairhead,
Lighthaven Star.

French maid's costume
hasn't arrived yet.

Mick will be so disappointed.

I mean, obviously, I don't really
buy the whole big cat thing.

Why not?

Because the only predators in Devon
are seagulls... and squaddies.

Before the 1976
Dangerous Wild Animals Act,

some people, crazy, rich people,
they kept big cats.

And then when the law changed,

there were only so many that could
be taken by zoos.

What, so, people just let them go?

Where better than the moors?

Massive spaces, lots of small,
furry things to eat.

Yeah, but people would've seen them.

People have seen them,
but they're never believed.

Livestock's been going missing
for years,

but it's always passed off
as road accidents or rustling.

There's at least one big cat
out here, I swear.

And I'm going to find it.

It's my editor. I've got to go.


Police station.
Something's kicking off.

Oh! Um... I can walk with you,
if you like?

I'm going that way, anyway.

You can tell me what to do if I get
cornered by a wild beast.

All right.

All right!
Yes, we are aware of the rumours.

No, there is no such thing as a big
cat on the loose near Lighthaven.

How can you be sure? That sheep was
found not 100 yards from my guesthouse!

I rely on the summer's
tourist trade.

Well, maybe it died of natural causes
and was eaten by smaller predators.

I take ramblers up there every day.
If something happens... It won't!

Am I supposed to let my flock
graze on the moors, or not?

All right. Yes, the moors,
they're not always safe.

You might fall down a crevasse,

you might get set upon
by angry badgers.

But eaten by a lion? No.

It's not a lion!

It's probably a melanistic leopard.

And it's perfectly capable
of doing this.

And you have proof of this leopard,
do you?

Yes, actually.

That? That could be anything.

So if none of you have anything
better, then the South Dart Police

have more important matters
to attend to.

But...! This is proof,
this is proof! We're done!

Haven't you done enough damage?

Why don't you stick to reporting
village fetes

and leave the real journalism
to other people?!

That weren't Ben's fault!
Yeah, leave him alone!

Hey. Does this mean you've changed
your mind?

No, Ben.

I mean it, it's over.

Do you want to talk about it?

That's for me, right?

All right, thanks.

Hello, Jane? It's me.

Look, do you fancy a drink later?
I've got a favour to ask.

Yes, I'm buying.

All right, thanks.


Here he is.

Did you get me anything?

Police are a joke!

But don't worry, we've still got
enough for a front page.

On the Beast? Please tell me
you've got me something else?

This time, I've got
photographic evidence.

I found this in a photographic
archive of the moors.

And this... this is from last night.

I mean, that's no dog.
Look at the depth of the wound!

I like you, Ben,

nobody can review a charity
coffee morning like you can.

But you're not ready for the front
page. And even if you were,

I'm not printing a picture
of a gutted sheep,

and certainly not
an out-of-focus shot

of what could very easily be a bush!

Well, maybe I should write
a different story, then.

An expose?

The Shocking Truth Behind
The Lighthaven Star!

Tread very carefully.

OK. OK, I'll print the story,

IF you get me proof, proper proof.

In the meantime,
we still need someone

for this week's
Lighthaven Life feature.

What's so funny?

I'm not asking a pathologist
to do a postmortem on a sheep!

Look, if I could prove the sheep
wasn't killed by a big cat,

then that bunch of lunatics
might leave me alone.

Speak to a vet, or DEFRA.
Anyone that's not me.

Why don't you try Paignton Zoo?

Now, they've got big cats.
My nan used to take me.

Well, at least ask!

Come on, what's it worth?
Slap-up dinner?

Ah! You old romantic!

Wine, dinner,
cutting up a dead sheep.

I'm not suggesting you do
it yourself.

Have you any idea how long it takes
to get pathology reports on humans?

Do you remember Gary Salter?

Who? Tom and Elsa's boy.

He crashed his motorbike
on the link road. Yeah.

His parents disputed whether he was
under the influence of marijuana

and it's taken weeks to get the tox
report back.

So I'm sorry, dead sheep's
your problem, not mine.

Jane Kennedy?

Ben Fairhead, Lighthaven Star.

Your daughter's nominated you to be
our Local Celebrity of the Week.

Did she now?
Local Celebrity of the Week?

Blimey, you're scraping the bottom
of the barrel!

Quick photo, a few questions.

Favourite song, pet hates.

Pet hates, put, "nosey reporters".
It's not really a good time.

All right. Tomorrow morning, then?
I'm not in the office, sorry.

I've got a meeting with
the new undertaker first thing,

then I've got to get over to Orlington.
I thought that wasn't until later?

All right, well, I could meet you
somewhere on the way. Um...

Fine. I can give you 15 minutes,

Let's say picnic area,
Penketh's Guesthouse.

Amy Penketh's place?
Yeah. Is that a problem?

Yeah, yeah, it's fine. 10:00.

Just don't mention bloomin' big
cats, or you'll be there all day!

Come on.

Listen, it's not just sheep
that's gone missing.

Eleanor Lawrence?

She went for a walk on the moors 15
years ago and she never came back.

It's not really a good time,
but I'll see you tomorrow.

None of you want to believe me,
but it's true!

Isn't he coming in?
He's a bit old for you, isn't he?

And a couple of lions
short of a pride.

I'm not interested, I just fancied getting
work experience at the local paper.

That rag? It's all adverts nowadays.

Well, either way,
you could do better.

What? You said you were buying.
I'll have my usual, please.

Cider for me. Rum and Coke. Um...

All right, just Coke.

Red wine, lager, cider, Coke.

All in the same glass?

Bad day, love?

Just don't mention big cats.

Ooo! The Beast of Lighthaven,
you mean?

A huge panther.

Razor-sharp claws,
fur black as the night.

Many of my valued customers
have seen it with their own eyes.

That's what happens when you spend
your life drinking scrumpy,

you get holes in your brain.

There's a cat out there, all right.

You seen it, too?

Clever animals.
Know better than to go near people.

Still, only a matter of time
before one of them gets braver.

If I were you, I'd stick to
the roads and keep off the moors.

Especially at night.

Cecil, din-dins!


Good luck with the hunt!
I'll do some sandwiches later!

Anything else? No, thank you.

Not looking for the panther,
are they?

Well, that carcass was discovered
down that path there.

The Beast must be close by.

Waiting for someone? Journalist.

Not that young 'un, Ben something?

You know him? Ooo, he's got a cheek,
arranging meetings 'round here!

Someone's in trouble.

Those two found the body up here.

No attempt to hide it, then,
is there? No.

There's plenty of nooks
and crannies around here.

You got any idea yet as to
the cause of death?

Take a look for yourself.
There's something else, though.

Yeah? What's that? We know him.

Maybe the Beast of Lighthaven
isn't a myth after all.

It's all about the Beast.

He was obsessed!

Hey, put that down. That's evidence.

Right, so, what have we got?

Food, Thermos, sleeping bag, torch.

Looks like he was planning on making
a night of it, doesn't it?

What do you think that is?
Evidence. Don't touch it.

Next of kin?

No. Parents both dead, no siblings.

We'll keep looking, though.

So, what's next? Because we both
know this wasn't a panther.

You speak for yourself,
because I think the Beast did it.

You're not serious? Yeah. Means
no crime was committed, doesn't it?

The body's your problem, not mine.

Beth. Everything OK? Is it true?

That you found Ben's body?

Wow! News travels fast.

I can't believe it. Um...

Does Gemma know? Gemma?
Yeah, Gemma Roxwell, his ex.

They literally split up, like,
a few days ago.

Do you know Gemma Roxwell?

Yeah. Runs guided tours
for ramblers on the moors.

Her dad owns a farm up there.

Mum? Yeah, sorry.
I'll make sure she knows.

I'll speak to you later, love.
OK. Bye.

Ben's ex.
Good a place to start as any.

And I'm not recording cause of
death as, "attacked by a big cat",

until I've exhausted
all possibilities.

He was nice, but...

Not The One?

How did he take it?

Not great.

But he cared more about finding
that stupid Beast than he did me.

All he ever talked about.

Can't blame him, I guess,
not after what happened to his mum.

His mum?

Eleanor Lawrence.

Eleanor Lawrence? That's right.

Fairhead's his foster parents' name.

Ben believed the Beast killed her.

He's been looking for it ever since.

Had Ben been acting strangely,
or was he in any sort of trouble?


He mentioned a couple of arguments
with his editor,

but nothing serious.

He didn't deserve this!

I'll find out what happened,
I promise.

Sorry, but... I've got
people waiting, so...

Sorry to keep you waiting.

I take it you're here about Ben.
Yes, that's right.

I feel terrible.

He spent years trying to convince me
there was a big cat,

now he's... got himself killed
by the thing.

You believe that's what happened?

Isn't it? I heard his neck was...

It's important to keep an open mind.

I understand the two of you
had a few arguments recently.

Not that I recall.

A few professional disagreements,
maybe, same as any newsroom.

Hello, there. Sorry to interrupt.

I thought you were out confiscating
pitchforks from the angry mob?

Yeah. That's sort of why I'm here,

Mr Mansfield, initial findings

from Forensic are inconclusive,
I'm afraid.

As of yet, we cannot confirm or deny
an animal attack.

So it's a friendly request, really.

If you couldn't print anything
that might cause undue alarm,

at least until we find out
what's going on.

Emotions are already running
fairly high.

Fear not.
I'll choose my words very carefully.

All I'm saying is stay off the moors
for the next few days.

Why not stay here and enjoy a pint
of my new Beast Bite cider?

If you stop folk going up to the
moors, then I'll be out of business!

Surely the police would want people
to catch the Beast?!

You go up there,
the cat will go to ground!

All you'll do is frighten my sheep!

Prefer they were cat food?

Come on, everyone,
just calm down, please!

And don't forget to pick up one of
our limited-edition T-shirts,

as modelled by the gorgeous Judith!


Available in all colours. Eh?

Leave it to the professionals,
that's what I say. Thanks.

All right, then, professional,
what is your plan?

"Now the panther
has taste for human blood,

"the town won't be safe
until it's caught." What an idiot!

Yeah. Panther isn't even a species!

I take it you got hold of someone
at the zoo?

Head keeper.
Specialises in big cats.

Did you know female lions have
a larger frontal cortex than males?

I could've told you that.
Anyway, it turns out that panther

is just an umbrella term
for black, big cats.

From descriptions given
after sightings...

Alleged sightings.

..she agrees it could be
a black leopard.

And Ben's wounds fit.

Leopards, they target the neck, see?

They're stealthy, solitary
and smart.

Talking about me again?
Huh! You wish. What's with the bag?

Well, thanks to our friends
at the Lighthaven Star,

I've got to go traipsing
all over the moors

looking for evidence of
big cat activity.

CSI report. Oh. No paw prints.

Well, if you are going on the hunt,

you should take Bear Grylls
with you.

He's now Lighthaven's
resident big cat expert.

All right, the more the merrier.

I haven't got a clue
what I'm looking for.

And I'm already a laughing stock
down at the station, so...

Aw, are they making fun of you
because of the nasty puddy-tat?

Yeah, count me in!
I'd kill to get out of the office.

We could take Ermintrude!
Who's Ermintrude?

His campervan. I was joking.

Oh, please! We could call it
an extended lunch break.

Fine! Two hours, max.

Don't come crying to me
if you both get eaten.

Admit it, you'd miss us.
Well, I'd miss Clint.

Aw, thanks! I hate doing filing.

As for you... I'd get over you.

I'll be honest, Ben,

I believe in the Beast of Lighthaven

about as much as I believe in
the Abominable Snowman.

You were so sure the Beast exists,
weren't you?

Maybe you could've convinced me,
but I guess it's too late now.


Right, we'll
start over... over... there.

So, do you think we'll find it?
No, not a cat's chance in hell.

But I've got to be seen
to be trying.

We'll do small circles, radiating
out from where the body was found.

Keep your eyes peeled. For what?

Oh, I dunno,
you're the big cat expert.

Anything out of the ordinary.

Yeah, tracks, things like that.

No. Tracks, there, look!

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, car tracks.

Big, heavy one, too,
by the look of it.

Could it be one of your
forensics lot?

No. No, they came up the same path,
from the south.

Someone else has been up here.

Come on.

Just a minute.

Guilty as charged.

DS Higgins is out for your blood.

I was merely trying to warn our
readership about a credible threat.

You were merely trying to sell

You say that like it's a bad thing.

Regional-print journalism
isn't exactly booming.

Well, luckily for you, I know
the perfect way to redeem yourself.

I need access to your archives.

Can I ask what you're looking for?
Everything Ben wrote on the Beast.

I want to decide for myself
if there's any truth in it.

What's over there?

Easy, tiger.

That's just a farm.

Looks like the farmer's
pretty worried about the Beast.

Yeah, maybe.

Though I don't suppose leopards
are normally scared off

by security cameras.

Tell me that was thunder.

Shall we call it quits for the day?
Works for me.

Hi, there.

Hi, it's Jane Kennedy,
I'm the coroner for Lighthaven.

Do you have the PM on Ben Fairhead?

Fine. Can you just call me
when you're done? Thanks. Bye.

Oh, please, tell me
this is a wind-up!

Do you know anything about motors?

Do I look like a mechanic?

Well, now that you mention it...
Be very careful what you say next.

Huh! No phone signal, for a change!

So, what now?

What, we just spend the night
out here?

Well... it's 2:20 now.

I'm sure we could walk to Lighthaven
before nightfall.

With any luck,
it won't come to that.

Problems? Yeah. Any chance you can
give us a lift back to town?

I was only going as far as
the supermarket.

Close enough.


Come on, Davey, pick up! Pick up!

Hey. What's up?
Ah! I've finally got through to you.

Listen, I think I've found someone
who had a grudge against Ben.

Oh, yeah? Yeah.

You know the lady who runs
the guesthouse on the moors road,

near where he was found?

Yeah, yeah, I know her.

Yeah. Ben wrote an article
about her, saying that she had...

I'll call you back.


Could you pull over?

Ben blew that salmonella story
totally out of proportion!

One dodgy batch from a supplier's
not my fault!

He ruined my business' reputation!

So, you wanted to get your own back?
That's not what I'm saying!

And when we test the blood
on that rug...

It'll come back as ovine.


And there's sheep's blood
in your car because...?

None of your business!

I heard that the guesthouses on
the north moor were packed out

with tourists wanting to see
the big cat, so I...

So, you staged an animal attack?

I found the sheep at the side
of the road!

Must've been hit by a car.

I dumped it up on the moors, nearby
where those kids were camping.

But that sheep had been ripped
to pieces.

I was brought up on a farm!

Done worse things in time than
gutting a sheep!

Add a few claw marks
and Bob's your uncle.

I was desperate!

Since that salmonella outbreak,
my bookings have plummeted.

And Ben Fairhead?

Did you stage that, as well?

Look, whatever he did to me... I... I
wouldn't wish that on him.

Especially after what happened
to his poor mum.

I remember seeing her picture
in the paper, poor woman.

Horrible mess.

All right, Amy.

You got anything else to add? No?

Interview suspended at 15:15.

I believe her.

Yeah. What did she mean about
pictures in the paper?

I thought Ben's mum disappeared.


Yeah. Ben said she went...

No. Eleanor Lawrence was murdered.

By Ben's father, Graeme.

Dumped her body on the moors.

Unrecognisable, she was.

Graeme confessed and killed himself
in prison a couple of months later.

Why didn't you say anything?

Well, I thought you knew.
National press at the time.

When was this?

15 years ago.

Oh! Beth would've been tiny.

I was probably sat in my flat
in Edinburgh watching Teletubbies.

I can't believe
you didn't mention this!

Well, it's not something people
around here like to talk about.

Ben's father was the original
Beast of Lighthaven.

Don't go anywhere
without telling us.

If you're looking for a bad guy,
what about that Samuel Mansfield?

Nasty piece of work!

Oh, really? What makes you say that?

Well, after the salmonella story,
I asked for compensation.

Instead, he rocks up
in a brand-new Jaguar,

threatening me with all sorts!

Hardly a good advert
for a community paper.

What? Get in the car.

If times are so hard
for print journalism,

how come you're driving around
in a brand-new sports car?

What can I say? Midlife crisis.

So I went through
a stack of old editions earlier.

Like DS Higgins says,
they're full of adverts nowadays.

Yeah. A lot of new clients.
Congratulations. Thank you.

Strange thing is, most of these
companies, I've never heard of.

Some don't have contact details, or,
if they do, the numbers don't work.

It's up to individual advertisers
to check all the content.

We've done some digging and most of
these companies don't exist.

Businesses, they come, they go.

People just skim over the ads,
don't they?

So if I called a mobile nail salon,
for example,

and no-one picked up,
who'd think anything of it?

Sorry, is there a point to all this?

No. No, you're right.

I'll just go back, get a warrant,

come back, go through the paperwork,
it'll be much quicker. OK.

A while ago, I was approached
by a new media agency.

They offered me... a deal.

What kind of deal?

They pay me above the going rate
for advertising space,

supply all the content,
I pay them a commission.

How big's the commission?

It's generous.

And I assume this agency
pays you in cash?

Is that a crime?

No. But money laundering is.

Let's not get carried away.

So Ben found out what you were up to
and you had to shut him up.


He was a bit of a prat sometimes,
but I quite liked him.

I swear, I had absolutely
nothing to do with his death.

My daughter took this photo.

I wouldn't know. Ben brought it in.

Reckoned it proves the Beast
is real.

It's the same number Ben had on him.

Yeah, it's a holding number.

Identifies the farm the sheep
came from.

So... are we done here?

No, not even close.

My friends in the fraud squad
will be very happy to meet you.

Sam Mansfield, you're under arrest
for money laundering.

You don't have to say anything,
but it may harm your defence

if you do not mention
when questioned

something that you later
rely on in court.

Oh! This hold music's killing me!

I need an ID on that holding number.

You know, that editor's
as crooked as they come,

but I can't see him cutting up Ben
like this.

Nor me. Hello?

Yeah. Yeah, that's brilliant.

Yeah, I'll let her know.
All right, thanks.

Roxwell Farm.

Great. So if Ben went looking for
the Beast the night he was killed,

I bet that's where he started.

And you said there was CCTV
on the farm buildings.

Well, maybe they caught something.
Yeah, maybe.

Come on! Don't you want to know
if the Beast really exists?


Dogs? Pathologist found a few hairs.

What if John Roxwell's
holding illegal dogfights?

They're always on isolated farms
like this, away from prying eyes.

Ben starts nosing around...
Got himself mauled. Yeah.

To be honest, it doesn't sound much
more plausible than panther attack,

but I suppose I could go and get
a warrant.

Hey! Where are you going?

We're lost. I'm going to find
someone to ask for directions.

Can you smell something funny?

I assumed that was your
new aftershave.

No, no, no, I'm being serious.

No. All I can...

See? Dogs!

No, correction, dog. Dog.

Need more than one for a fight,
don't you?

All right, easy, Fido.

You get the feeling he doesn't want
anyone looking in here?

Oh, hey, hey!

You putting on weight?

You want a slap?





No, not dogs.

Well, what, then?

Enough cannabis to fuel
the second coming of Woodstock.



Davey, did you hear me?

Yeah, I heard you.

Come on, John, put the gun down.

I'm sure we can talk about this.

Too late.

All right, well, I have to let you know,
my colleagues are on their way, so...

Shut up! Look, we're not here about
the cannabis,

we just want to know
what happened to Ben.


How should I know?

I'm now thinking you didn't want
a journalist nosing around,

so you got Gemma to break up
with him,

only he didn't take the hint,
did he?

Did he find out what you were up
to and you set the dog on him?

All right, hey, take it easy.
I'm sure there's an explanation.

You just meant to scare him off and
something went wrong. Am I right?

Come on, John, don't do this.

You shouldn't have come here.

Dad, what's happening?

Go in the house! We know about Ben.

You know? It's what you said,
he was trespassing.

I set the dog on him.
And that's that.

No, he was your daughter's

he wasn't some random burglar.

And if you were defending
your property, why move the body,

why not just call the police?

You knew you had to silence him,
so you... you killed him

and dumped his body on the moors
to pin it on the Beast,

keep people away from this place!

No, no, that's not what happened!
All of you, shut up!

Dad, please don't do this!

She's right, John, come on,
don't make this worse for yourself.


Ever since that maniac
killed my Eleanor,

all I've been doing is... is scraping
by, trying to make ends meet.

I just wanted to stay
on my own land!

Well... I'm not going down
without a fight.

So, what's it to be, ladies first?

No! No!

Me first. If you insist.

Dad, no!

Go in the house, Gem!
I don't want you seeing this!

Dad... It's a single barrel,
isn't it?

If he fires it, then you leg it.

Please don't do this! No, John,
come on, listen to your daughter!

She loves you. Can you imagine
what this would do to her?!

John, please! Please!
You can make this all right!

John, please!

I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
I've messed it all up!

Please, Dad, please!
John Roxwell, I'm arresting you

on suspicion of the murder
of Ben Fairhead.

You do not have to say
anything, but...

No! Wait! Wait, wait!

Are you going to let your dad
go down for murder,

or are you going
to tell us what really happened?



It was an accident.

Come on, John.

Ben had been drinking on the moors.

I didn't want to see him,
but I was worried he'd wake up Dad.

Were you scared of Ben?

Gemma, I need to talk to you!
We have to be quiet.

Dad will freak if he finds you here.
I need to know the truth!

He was so nice most of the time,

but you'd get these flashes
of temper.

Please! Is there someone else?

No! This wasn't working out! Liar!

Dad had... had an affair
with Ben's mother.

It went on for years.

Eventually, Ben's father found out

and that's why he killed her.

So Ben convinced himself his mum
was killed by the Beast,

because it was easier
than accepting the truth.

Wait! Is Ben your half-brother?

I don't know.

Dad doesn't know.

But when I told Ben the truth
about the affair, he just went mad.

He kept saying I was lying! He kept
going on and on about the Beast!

I don't care what you think!

Do you know what, I've been alone
my entire life

and I'm not going to let you
leave me! Argh! Argh!





Then your dad put Ben's body in
the trunk and left him on the moors?

I don't know if he was trying
to protect me, or...

..he just didn't want police
crawling around his farm.

Right, what do I owe you?

I reckon you deserve a round on
the house, after what you did today.

Thanks, Judith.

On the house.
Could this day get any better?

You enjoy having a gun
being pointed at you?

Thanks again, by the way.

Oh, forget about it.
I should be thanking you.

Turns out John Roxwell
was providing storage

for the largest drugs gang
in the southwest.

And our friend at the Lighthaven Star has told
us where they were laundering their money, so...

Well, don't expect
your picture in the paper.

With their lead journalist dead
and the editor banged up,

I imagine the Star's going to be
offline for a while.

I still can't believe you were
willing to take a bullet for me.

Ah, don't be daft!

I knew he wasn't going to shoot.


Thank you.

Hey, look, some of my friends
recorded this on the moors.

It's proof.

I knew it! I told you there were
big cats on that moor!

Let me see that.

Lemonade, please, Mick.

I found it online.


Go on.

I don't know whether I mentioned,

I'm now taking orders for our new
Beast of Lighthaven mugs,

key rings and cuddly toys!