The Coroner (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - The Coroner - full transcript

Lawyer Jane Kennedy returns with her rebellious teen-aged daughter Beth to the seaside town of Lighthaven to take up the post of coroner. 17-year old bad boy Steve Kernan is found dead at the foot of a tower and suicide is suspected but Steve's secret, pregnant girlfriend Sophie believes there was foul play involved. The night before her possessive father had thrown Steve out of the house and the boy's own father John has violent tendencies. A broken watch and Beth's boyfriend Matt, who was Steve's best friend, help Jane and old flame D.S. Davey Higgins solve the mystery of the lad's death.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I'll get us somewhere better soon.

I know it's a bit skanky.

I quite like the idea
of living in a caravan.

It's romantic.

It's mine. Might as well use it.

Should check the rest of the house.
Ready? Yeah.

Stay in your room!
Stay in your room!

Dad... Dad! Hey, leave her alone!
No! No!

Get off me! You're hurting me!
Leave us alone!

I'm calling the police -
breaking and entering,

theft, abduction.

You can't stop us.

I'll get you sent away.
Three years. Four.

You think a girl like Sophie's going
to wait for someone like you?

Of course she will.
She loves me.

Get off me!

She's a child! Leave me alone!

Get off!

Right. One minute
till I call the police

and then I'll call the ambulance.

They'll scrape up what's left!

Dad, leave him alone!

Leave him alone!






Clint. What is it?
What's happened?


Gora Point?
OK, I'll see you there.


Beth? Beth? Clint's called.

Beth, I've got...


Won't be a minute. Mum?
Where are you?

I couldn't sleep. Fancied a walk.

I'll be back in a bit.

Home. Now.

Lighten up! I haven't done anything.

I'll be back later.

That wasn't a request.

All right! God,
it's not like anyone died!

Actually, they did.
He was the same age as you.

Go home. What? Who's died?

I'm so busted. I don't know how she
does it every time.

It's like she's psychic.

Who's died?

What? Oh, she didn't say. Some boy.

Never have kids.


Sorry. Right, we're just waiting on
your say-so to move this body.

Steve Kernan, 16 years old -
he's a local lad.

I knew him, actually.

Dog walker found him an hour ago.

You can move him now.

Sorry, I... Clint!

I'm focused, you know,
like friends and relatives.


It's like having
a massive whitey.

My boy! Oh, my God...

Mrs Kernan...
I'm sorry, Steve. I'm so sorry...

Come with me. We'll let you
see him as soon as you can.

May Kernan, Steve's mum.
The dog walker called her.

They work together, apparently.
Listen, you don't have to be here...

I want to be. See it first hand.

Do we know what happened?

Well, it looks like
he killed himself.

Texted his mum last night at eight.
"Sorry, can't take any more.

Jumped at two minutes past four.

That's a bit specific.

His watch broke when he landed.


Where are you going?

To the top. Thought you
wanted to see it first hand?



You took your time.


Just look at that!

Beautiful, innit?
Mm, yeah. Gorgeous(!)

Funny thing is we didn't
find his mobile phone on him.

Oh! Hey, hey, all right?

Yeah. Just lost my footing.

What is that?

You've got a visitor.

I've got court.

She wouldn't give her

Five minutes. You put the kettle on.

Thank you.

Please, come in.

Hi. Jane Kennedy.
Please take a seat.

How can I help?

I don't know who to talk to, I...

It's all right, take your time.

The boy. Last night...
The boy who...

Steven Kernan?

The paper said he killed himself.

Please... have to find out what
happened to him...and who...

Who what?

Have you talked to the police?

No, no, I can't.
I want to talk to you.

You're the coroner.

He didn't kill himself.

You have to help him.

Of course I will.

Sorry, I didn't ask your name.

First name's fine.

Get off!
You don't have to drag me here.

Really sorry.
I'll just be one minute. Hang on.

I can't do this. I'm sorry. I...

Look at the state of her!

Two more teas?

She's had enough to drink already.
Haven't touched a drop.

Well, I'll get a breathalyser
off Davey and you can prove it.

No need, I can smell the cider
from here. What's the big deal?

You're 15! You sneaked out
all night. You lied about it.

It's 11.30 in the morning
and you're drunk!

You said you wanted me
to make more friends.

I was with Stace.
It was a beach party.

I couldn't let her go on her own.

You're grounded. What?

But I said where I was.
I didn't do anything.

What, apart from lying and drinking?
Good for you(!)

You're going into work
with your gran.

I've got 20 barrels arriving,
Mick's at the dogs.

You're on toilets.

She's a baby.

She wouldn't even get on a bus
without me two years ago.

Do you want me to talk to her?

Give her a bit of a warning?

I think getting the police
involved's a bit heavy-handed.

Come on, I'm a friend of the family.

I care about you.

All of you. And I can...

You know, you could just tell
Annette you don't like this.

And hurt her feelings? No wonder
all your relationships ended.

Thought you wanted to give me
the PM results?

Oh, yeah, well,
we got the initial results.

Steve's stomach stank of booze,
but there was none at the scene.

Time of death between two
and four-thirty

so that fits with the watch.

What do you know about him?

He was trouble.

Picked him up since he was 12 -
shoplifting, fighting,

burglary, you name it.

Nearly got sent away twice.

Do you think it was suicide?

Well, he's not going to jump from
the top of a tower for fun, is he?

You saw the text to his mum.

And if he was going there to
mess about, he'd have booze on him.

That girl didn't think
he killed himself.

That girl, the one who didn't
give you her name.

She asked me to investigate.

I am. You don't need to
get involved. I'll handle it.

Going to see his parents now.

Wouldn't want you fainting again,
not like this morning.

I didn't faint.
It was low blood sugar.

Ah, right, well,
better have these then.


Never did have a head for heights,
did you?

Remember Kingsbridge,
that big wheel?

No, no, no,
that was food poisoning.

Catch you later, Calamity.
Food poisoning - ha!

I just want to talk to you
about Steve.

Right. Care now, do you?

You were always accusing him
of stuff.

Brought him home in a cop car
enough times.

Only when he broke the law.
Not always.

You blamed him for everything.

May, I'm sorry about Steve, love,
really, I am,

but you've got to let me in.
I have to talk to you.

We'll talk to someone
who isn't prejudiced.

Like who?

Do you think he was depressed?

He was never happy. Not here.

Too many arguments.

I should've been there for him...

Can't blame yourself, May.

All families argue.

Steve'd argue with a postbox,
stubborn bugger.

He was out of control.

We tried our best, but...

You can't watch your kid 24/7.

Did he have a girlfriend?

Steve always kept
himself to himself.

Hadn't seen him in days, had we?

Got in late, left early.

Reckon most nights,
he never even came back.

We'll find out what happened
to Steve, I promise.

Do you mind if I see his room,
look through his things?

I'll take you up.
You won't find much.

The bins want emptying.


I'm hanging. Mum went mental.

Gran's got me on bog duty.
They're disgusting.

Carry on after I left?

What is it?

That boy who died...

..he was my best mate.

It was Steve.

I don't know what to do.

Checking up on me?

No need.
Your gran's been texting me.

Just hope you've learned from this.

Found it under Steve's mattress.

His parents don't know her,
neither do the police.

Never seen her.

Mick might, though. Mick?

Arson Fire came in first.

You little beauty! Ooh!

Mick, do you recognise her?

Cos I know you know everyone.

Nice try. I don't see it saying
"charity shop" anywhere.

Jane's family. You can tell her.

She's not MY family.
I've got a business to run.

No favours. Not for no-one.

I'll have a shandy.
And whatever they're having.

Keep the change.

Yeah. Steve came in with her
a couple of months back.

Posh girl. Too posh for him.
Didn't get her name.

Not surprised he topped himself,
though, dad like that.

Dad like what?

No, no, no, put your money away.
It's rumours.

Can't hang a man on rumours.

If you can help...

A publican is like a priest.

What's said in the pub
stays in the pub.

Mum, can I have a word?

I was stupid and irresponsible.

I've been thinking about it and
I was out of order. I'm sorry.

It won't happen again.

I appreciate that. Thank you.

Hey. I thought I'd find you here.

Listen, I'm sorry about Steve,

I'm just trying to piece together
what happened.

You know, the night he died.
Did you see him?

I was meant to. He never showed.

Hadn't seen him for a week or so.

Do you think he could have, you
know, could have killed himself?


He called that night,
upset about his girlfriend.

I don't know why. I was worried.

You see, Steve always was a bit mad.

Yeah, you're not wrong.

Is this her?

Never met her.
Don't even know her name.

She's pretty.

Had he been to Gora Point before?

Where were you at 4am?


With my girlfriend.
She's just moved down from London.

I took her to a party at the beach.

OK. And what's her name?

Hey, Calamity. Not the full PM.

Still waiting on the tox results.

We found Steve's mobile phone
smashed on the rocks

at Gora Point where
he must have chucked it.

Forensics have the sim card
so that's going to take a few days.


None. Can't get them off stone.

Salad again?

Yeah. Oh, Mick said he'd heard
rumours about the dad,

wouldn't say what.

John? No, he's clean.

Not so much as a parking ticket.

It's sweet Annette makes you lunch.

Yeah, well, what can I say,
she likes to look after me.

She sew nametags
into your trousers too?

No, but she has been known to
iron the creases in my boxers.

Listen, where's Beth?

Library. I let her off the hook.

I hate to break it to you
but Annette thinks you're fat.

No chance. That's just muscle, that.

Yeah, if muscle hangs
over your trousers.

Listen... So, he died on impact.
No surprises there. Jane...Jane...

According to his GP,
he was on antidepressants.

You never call me Jane.

I had a word with Steve's best mate,

Now he hadn't seen Steve,
but Steve did call him.

He was upset. Something to do with
that girl, that one with no name.

So I checked Matt's alibi,
but he was with HIS girlfriend.

The thing is...'s Beth.

How was the library?

Quiet. Lots of books.

Come and sit down.

All right.

You know, our chat yesterday... Yeah?

It meant a lot.
Knowing I can trust you.

That you're straight with me.

I'd hate to be one of those families
that hide things from each other.

All right, OK, I was with a boy.

Matt. My boyfriend.

We didn't do anything.

I didn't, like, have...
How did you know?

Davey interviewed him
about his friend, Steve.

He said he was with you.

Beth, you're 15. Last thing
you need is a big relationship.

You were only 15 when you
started going out with Davey.

Yeah, exactly. Took me
three years to come to my senses.

Gran says you used to sneak out of
the house all the time to see him.

Right, OK,
well, things were different then.

Like how?
Like more...more...innocent.

Mum, it was the 1990s,
not the 1890s!

I know what you got up to.

And Gran was pregnant
with you at 15!

I'm like a nun compared to you two.

Anyway, Matt's nice.
He's really nice.

I... What?

I just don't want you to get hurt.

The only person that's
hurt right now is Matt.

He's just lost his best mate.

Don't make him lose me, too.

What do you reckon? Mick's taking me
out with his winnings.

Eye-catching. Very... Very bold.

Isn't it?

Still got it.

Don't wait up.

Apologies in advance
if we make too much noise.

Mick's a bit of a screamer.

Mum! Oh, Gran! Oh, shut up!

You know, sometimes I think
it would be an advantage

if we DID hide things as a family.

You might be right.

Let me see him. Please, Mum.

I took the bin out this morning.

Thought that was my job.

Didn't want you to forget. Again.

What have you done, John?

Put it away.


Can't even take the rubbish out!

One more bag, lads!

Look, if I split them up,
it'll only make them closer.

Well, that's up to you.

You could get him round for dinner.

You know, invite me. I'll make sure
he knows not to mess her about.

Good idea!
You could ask him some questions

about Steve while he's there.
Casual, like, over dessert...

Absolutely not. Can we stop
discussing my daughter

and concentrate on the case?
You brought it up.

Steve's doctor said Steve had
started group counselling,

but he kept it quiet.
Didn't even tell his parents.

I had a word with the counsellor,

see if he had any mates there,
but he was keeping shtoom.

Apparently, Steve quit last month.
Oh, and we got the tox results back.

He wasn't taking his meds.

Ooh, well, there you go, then.

If he was off his meds,
he'd be on a right downer.

Exactly. So it looks like suicide
to me, Calamity.

We need to find that girlfriend.

Actually...what are you
doing tonight?

Maybe it was a lucky escape.
If he did that,

he's hardly the right person to
look after my precious daughter.

And you do need looking after.


It's for the best.
And then it'll all be over.

Trust me.

Come on, Sophie.

Just take the bloody tablet!

Take it!

Good girl.

Let's say you have an argument
with your girlfriend.

You got drunk.

You were already depressed,
now you feel terrible. Hopeless.

So you text your mum,
saying you can't take any more.

Then you go somewhere
out of the way.

Somewhere no-one will find you
till it's too late.

Gora Point.

You throw your phone over the cliff,
break in and...

Why didn't you jump off the cliff?

Why break in?

Because it IS out of the way
and no-one would see you.

You were meeting someone.

It's fashion! It's not appropriate.

It's fashion!
You are not wearing that.



How is it all... You know?

Yeah, still trying to find
Steve's girlfriend.

Don't even know her name. Do you?

Matt, do you know anyone who'd
want to hurt Steve?

I thought he jumped?

Well, we can't know that for sure.

No talking about work. You promised.

This is meant to be about us, you
know, getting to know each other.

Stop you freaking out.
Excuse me, I don't freak out.

Matt's going to study
marine biology.

If I get the grades. Wow!

Did Beth tell you she wants to be
a forensic pathologist?

Obsessed with death. Obsessed!

Tries to gate-crash
all my postmortems.

Sorry, I didn't mean...

Sorry, I'm late. Room for one more?

Yes. Oh, I didn't realise
you were together.

We're not. I'm married.

To someone else. Not to Jane.
Obviously. Right.

He's just a... Friend of the family.

I'll check the lasagne.

Right, I'll get this wine open.

Beth, I told you to turn it down!

Will you turn that thing off?
Mum, you said turn it up!

Down, Beth, down!
You said up. It's ruined.

It's all right, just cut
the burnt bits off.

I've got a chisel in the car.

Fish and chips?

Yes, I'll find my purse.

Here you go, keep the change.

Oh, cheers!

I'm sorry.
I'm sure it would have been lovely.

Matt, you coming?

I don't know why he thought
we were.... I know. It's ridiculous.

You know, I think I might go down
the Dog. OK, yeah. I'll just...

I'll chuck this. Sorry.

That'll be the counselling group.
You got your story?

I've got 26 years of parental
conflict. I'll be fine.

How did you get on last night?

Fine. Good. Had a takeout.

I think I might actually like him.

Right, I'll see you in an hour.

When you said "something special",

I thought you meant,
like, the cinema.

Come on.

Steve was the main topic of
conversation. Couldn't shut them up.

They're all cut up about him

and surprised his girlfriend
didn't show today.

This is where they met -
group counselling.

I got her name.

Mick was right. She is posh.

Wait for me, I'll be ten minutes.
And have you scare her off?

It's all right, I'm here now.

I'll call you back in a minute.

We need to talk. Now.

He was off his meds.

His dad said he was out of control.

I know Steve had a wild side.

He was a bit reckless, dangerous,

but he was the sweetest boy
I've ever met.

Gentle and thoughtful.

And he had a hard time at home.

His dad beat him up.
Hit his mum too.

Steve didn't know what to do,
how to stop it.

He felt helpless and angry.

So how can you be sure
it wasn't suicide?

Because he wasn't depressed -
he was happy.

I'm pregnant.

I filmed this two days
before he died.

I'm your daddy, do you know that?
Can you hear me?

She's ten weeks old. Yeah,
and she's three centimetres long.

With fingernails.

Do you know THAT?

I can feel her move!

You can't feel anything,
you idiot, she's too tiny.

Who you calling an idiot?

I love you.

That wasn't someone who's suicidal.

The night he died,
we were planning to leave.

When did you last see him?

At a quarter to nine that evening.
My dad caught us.

Went mad. He locked me in my room
and attacked Steve.

Steve ran off and
the next thing I know, he was dead.

Sophie, do you think your dad could
have done anything to Steve?

My dad is capable of anything.

You've got to investigate.
This is a murder case.

You don't know that.
It wasn't suicide!

The text to his mum was about
running away, not killing himself.

As the coroner,
I'm asking you to investigate.

I'll talk to Steve's mum.
You interview Sophie's dad.

Hang on, hang on, shouldn't
I be the one to say what happens?

You always did like
bossing me around.

You used to like it.
Never had any complaints then.

You do know who her dad is?
He's a magistrate.

I thought you weren't
bothered about status.

I'm not. Couldn't care less.

But the boss is!
I've got to run it past him.

If we get this wrong, we might never
get a search warrant again.

So, in other words,
he's above investigation?

You're just going to have to
trust me on this one, all right?

And, Calamity...

for what it's worth... Matt...

I like him.

I used to go fishing with Steve.
Crabbing at Gora Bay.

That was...our place, you know -
get away from everyone,

sort our heads out.

You must miss him.

Knew each other since we were three.
My mum hated him.

He was always getting me
into trouble.

Always up to something.

I just feel...

Did I put my foot in it
with your mum and Davey last night?

Totally. It was hilarious.

I just thought they were together.

They used to be. They went out
when they were our age,

but Mum caught him
snogging someone else.

Yeah. She dumped him,
went to uni early.

Gran said she was devastated.

She didn't come back here for years.

Shame. Not really.

If they'd stayed together,
she wouldn't have met my dad.

Ooh, I think I've got something!

Matt, I think I've caught something.

OK, reel it in, reel it in.

I'm not coming in, I'm going to
the pub. I'll be back later.


May, can I have a word?

Now? I've just buried my boy.

I know. I'm so sorry.

I just... I need to ask.

Is there anything you're
not telling me?

I can't find out what happened
if you won't talk to me.

You think I don't want to?

Just talk to me, May, please!

I have a daughter,
a year younger than Steve - Beth.

She's 15 and the thought of...

..the thought of anything
happening to her, I...

What you're going through, May... mother should have
to go through this.

He came round that night...drunk.

I wanted to talk to him, after that
text, but John got in first.

Dragged him off.
Didn't say anything else.

John drove off before midnight.
Didn't ask where.

John don't like questions.

I think John hurt him.
Really hurt him.

You can't tell him
I said anything...

You don't have to put up with this,

There are people who can help.

Sometimes it feels like I'm the only
person who cares he's dead.

I was at the magistrates' dinner
in Plymouth at the Regal Hotel.

Which finished at 12, so
where were you at four?

In bed.

I had a few drinks after
the dinner, a few too many.

My driver had to take me in.

That's no alibi.

How do you do that?

Fell over outside when I was...
when I was drunk.

I have it on good authority
that you attacked Steve Kernan.

Because he was
kidnapping my daughter!

She's 16, she can leave home
without your consent.

I know the law! She's a YOUNG 16.

A child!

I'm not denying I hit him,
but I DID NOT kill him.

Then why does this good authority
suggest you're capable of murder?


The baby...

..I gave her a pill
to get rid of it.

But that's not murder.
It was kindness.

It would have ruined her life.

That's not your decision
to make, though, is it?

The hotel staff and driver
backed up his story.

He was so drunk
he couldn't climb his own stairs,

let alone Gora Point.

I'll have to go and see John.


Nothing. No, it's nothing.

I know you. What is it?

Why wasn't Matt at Steve's funeral?

I don't know.
Probably couldn't handle it.

You know what teenagers are like.

Bury their heads in the sand,
pretend it hasn't happened.

Don't worry though, he's got
an alibi. He was with Beth.

Right, I'll let you know
how I get on with John.

Be careful.
Don't make things worse for May.

She's terrified of him.

I can do subtle.
I'll make out it's routine.

Look what I caught!

Can have them for tea.

Yeah, I'm sure your gran can
do something with those.

can I have a quick word with Matt?

Yeah, sure.

Is it about Beth?

No, it's about Steve.

You told Davey you'd spoken to him.
When was that?

About ten to nine.
He was upset about his girlfriend.

Said he'd fill me in later.

But you didn't talk to him again?

No. We were meant to meet,
but he never showed.

So I just went to the party.

Did you know he was leaving
with her that night?


She's pregnant. Sophie.

Steve was going to be a dad.

What? I didn't...

A dad?

Why didn't you go to his funeral?

I couldn't.

I couldn't face it.


Next door saw you
talking to her.

What did you say?

Nothing. Eh? I said nothing, John.

Please John. Let me go.

Hello? Anyone in?

Hello, my love, I just wondered
if I could have a quick word.

Right, thanks.

Look, I'm sorry to bother you,

it's just we're changing
the line of inquiry,

opening up the investigation.


Meaning we're not
ruling anything out.

You don't think Steve
killed himself?

Well, possibly. Just a couple
of routine questions, really.

Where were you both
the night he died?

Why? Simple enough question.

Why do you need to know for?
Where were you?

I'm not answering nothing.

Why not?
Cos it's none of your business!

Listen, where were you
the night your son died?

You want to ask me again, do you?

John Kernan,
I'm arresting you on suspicion

of the murder of Steven Kernan...


This is my aunt. Hello!
I'm going to be staying at hers.

This is her number.

You OK?

I gave Steve a present.

He had it with him when...

I was wondering if I could
have it back, if that's OK?

I didn't know who to ask.

What was it?

It was just an old watch.
He liked it.

He thought it was retro.

It's got broken, I'm so sorry,
it got smashed.

It never worked anyway.
It's sentimental.

It was my grandad's.
It didn't work?

The hands were stuck. At least
it worked twice a day.

That's what Steve said.

Two minutes past four...

Fancy going to the Black Dog?
I'm meeting Mum.

Can cadge some chips off Gran.

I'm not great company right now.

Is it Steve?

I was a crap mate.

What? Course you weren't.

Want to bet?

Look, I need to be
on my own for a bit.

Sort my head out.

You seen Beth?
She's not answering her phone.


Hi, Mum. Hey.

You OK? Yeah. Oh, I meant to ask,

what time did Matt arrive
at the beach party?

Stacey said he arrived just
after her. Half three?

How did he seem to you?

Pretty quiet. Really wasted.

But he's not normally like that.

He hardly drinks. Why?

Has he said anything to you
about Steve?

Just that he misses him.

Mainly he just changes the
conversation. I was just with him.

He was...weird.

Said he was a crap mate.

You think he was involved?

Are you going to be like this
with all of my boyfriends?

Beth, I'm not saying he's involved...

We've interviewed John.
He was with his fancy woman

so he didn't want to say
anything in front of May.

We've got him in custody, actually.
Assaulting a police officer.

Subtle approach worked, then? Yeah.

We got the time of death wrong.

Steve's watch was already broken.

He could've died earlier.

We need to find Matt.

He's got a hole in his alibi.

Where is he, Beth?
He hasn't done anything!

No-one's saying he has.
We just want to talk to him. Well?

I don't know.
Said he wanted to be alone.

Sort his head out.

He was heading towards Gora Bay.

No, left, left. There it is.

Yeah, hello?


I need backup at Gora Point Lookout,
quick as you can.

No, no, no, in the car. We agreed!

He's my boyfriend! No arguing!


What are you playing at?
Come back down.

Just keep away!

Matt, come on. Come down.

Beth, do you ever listen?

I'm sorry.

Matt, come down, please.

It was my fault!

Come down and we can talk about this.

Matt, get down! Please!

It's high.

Steve was never scared.
Matt, please!

Don't do this.
You didn't push him off.

I might as well have done.
Matt, please...


Just stay back! OK, OK.

Matt, do you really want Beth
to watch this?

To see what you had to see?
Look at her, Matt. Look at her!



A bit of help would be good!

Give me your hand!

Don't worry, we won't let you go.

We met here.

Steve was drunk. I was angry.

Said he'd dropped me
now he had her - Sophie.

He wanted to prove he hadn't.

Said we should get wasted,
like we used to.

Mess about.

He dared me to break in here.

Then I dared him.

I said he had to
walk round the edge.

I didn't think he'd do it.

Steve, I didn't mean it.

A dare's a dare! Not going to have
you call me a chicken.

Here, hold this.

Come on, mate, don't be stupid,
just get down.

Just got to get me balance,
all right?

Steve, come on. Get down!

Look, Steve, you've done it now,
just get down.

Told you I could do it.

Steve! Hey!!!

Aaaaargh! STEVE!

I keep hearing it...

him screaming.

I didn't know what to do.

So you cleared away the cans.

Threw his phone over the cliff
and left him.

And then you met me.

Pretended it never happened.

Used me as your alibi.

I'm sorry...

Sophie, this is Steve's mum.

Mrs Kernan?

Call me May, love.

Come and sit down.

How are you doing?

I'm never having
a boyfriend ever again.

Course you will.

Only if you and Davey
interrogate him first.

Good on May for chucking John out.

If a man laid a finger on me...

Lucky I picked a good 'un!


Right, come on, then, who wants
to get thrashed at darts?

Just beaten Clint three times.
You've got an unfair advantage,

I'm short-sighted.
Can't. Beth and I have got a date.

Pizza and a horror movie.
Cheer me up.

Right, well,
if there's any pepperoni going?

Or Hawaiian. I'm easy,
I'll take whatever's going.

Sorry, girls only.

See you tomorrow.

Right, come on, then, rematch?

Only this time,
I'll let you stand a bit closer.

All rise for Her Majesty's Coroner.

What would your doctor discover
if they moved in with you?

Is this how you eat every day?

This is just what I'm used to.