The Comeback (2005–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - The Comeback - full transcript

As shooting for Seeing Red reaches its conclusion, Valerie faces the prospect of working a different director, an interview with a journalist from the New York Times and several other problems.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
What's happening, Mickey?

Oh, one second, Red.

This one spot I always have trouble with.

I need the big guns.

Oh, big guns.

Uh-oh, Jane. Say goodbye to
whatever is left of the ozone.

Remember when the ozone was an issue?

Now we've moved on to global warming.

It's always something.

Well, if that doesn't hold it down,

I'm going to call an exorcist.


Jane: All right, Mickey, we need to start.

I spent all my time
setting up these lights.

Okay. I think I got it.

Jane: Okay, tell us how shooting is going.

Shooting is going real good.

Oh, we're getting a lot
of really good stuff,

so... thrilling.

Jane: Has working on a show like
this been a challenge for you?

Sure, yeah, you know,
but it's a good thing.

I think, you know, actors
need to be challenged.

You know, it just keeps him or her sharp.

It's not like a surgeon, you know,
who does the same thing every day.

You know, heart attack...
seen it, did it, done.

Or me with sitcoms.

CBS... seen it, did it, done.

You know, this kind of
acting, it's just so different.

You know, every day
it's just something new,

and... that's thrilling.

Jane: What are you doing today?

Oh, today? Okay, today...

We're shooting a scene
from the sitcom in the show,

so back to my comfort zone, you know,

where I actually know what I'm doing.

(Laughs) Thank God.

Jane: And what episode
are you shooting now?

Um, so... well, I don't actually know

which episode, 'cause we're
shooting the entire series

at once, out of order. So, I don't...

I never know where I am. (Chuckles)

Jane: Can you just say a number?

Oh, uh... Well, we're in week four,

so four.

Jane: Okay, can you say, "today
we're shooting episode four."

- Didn't I say episode four?
- Jane: Well, I need the setup.

(Stammers) Today we're
shooting episode four.

Jane: Well, okay. (Mutters)

Just give me a beat...

take a beat and then say it.

Okay, well you gotta let
me have a run into it, okay?

No, you just keep stopping me, Jane,

so just gotta get a flow.

Mickey, let's not. I don't...

You know, I don't know.
I was just so excited,

you know, to be talking about how
exciting it is to do this show.


(Robot voice) Now it's just...
Must talk about numbers.

You know, I don't know why they
even care where we are every minute,

you know, and I'm... half the
time I don't know where we are,

and I'm in the scene.

Right, no one gives me a road map.

Just have to do it.

You know, just... Jane, don't wanna
sit here and lie to the people,

you know, 'cause that's not what this is.


This is supposed to be a real
representation of my experience

on this show, you know.

So I don't know if we're
doing episode four or two

or back to one or... you
know, just keeping it real.

Jane: You asked me to do this.

- What's that?
- I'm doing it.

We're right in the middle
of doing episode four.

Jane, sorry about earlier, you know.

Just let the pressure get to me, so...

Newsflash: I'm human.

(Chuckles) We good?

Can you just say, "we good"?
Take a beat, then say it.

(Chuckles) We good.

(Laughs) Role reversal.

- Aunt Val, this came for you out there.
- Oh, all right.

You interrupted me, but...

"Mallory, blow me. Love, Mitch."

Oh! (Laughs)

From Mr. Seth Rogen, huh?

I shouldn't have said
"mister." He said, "blow me,"

I said, "mister." Too formal.

Valerie, they're inviting you to set.

Oh, okay. Hey, uh, Shauna.

Where's Seth? Just wanna
say thank you for the gift.

Seth doesn't have any more scenes
with you. This is Shayna, go to two.

We're on to his rehab and relapse work.

Oh, well, once again... surprise!

He got me a wrap gift, so...
I didn't get him anything.

That... that doesn't look
good. Okay, you know what?

Tyler, can you get me
Seth's address, please?

- Shayna: Ready, Val?
- Yeah.

Okay, this is exciting.

Really can't wait to see
the "Room and Bored" set.

Is it around here? No?

- This is it?
- Tyler: This is awesome!

- Okay. Oh, Shauna, doll...
- Shayna.

I thought we were shooting
the "Room and Bored" scene.

We are, but this version's
all in Paulie G.'s mind,

so we're doing it green screen.

It's his fantasy of what happened.

- Yeah.
- His imagination.


First ad and DVD commentary, okay.

Couldn't he have imagined furniture?

Valerie, hi.

Rada from current programming.
We met a few weeks ago.

Yeah! No, nice to see you.

Hi, Connor. Good to see you. Hi.

Hi, doll.

How's it all going?

Oh, well, we're doing some green screen.

Yeah. Very nice.

Well, we just wanted to come by and
give you a heads up about Paulie G.

Why? W-what happened to him?

Oh, nothing. He's right over there.

Oh, okay. Well, right,
might not want to point.

(Scoffs) Oh, you're right. Of course.

(Mutters) So... (Laughs)

He's not going to be directing
this episode or the next one.

(Stammering) He's not? Okay. So...

so he's not, all right. Why not?


(Whispering) He was falling so far
behind with the last two scripts, so...

(Whispering) Oh, okay. So, yeah.

Well, you know what?
Wearing a lot of hats, right?

He's under a lot of pressure. Poor guy.

Well, we got Andie Tate to take over.

Have you worked with Andie before?

No, what's he like? She's great.

- That's her over there.
- Valerie: Oh, oh!

- With the... uh-huh.
- Connor: Love her. With the that.

Love her. So lucky to get her.

She directed "Kick It"...

- Uh-huh.
- And "Kick It 2: 3D."

- Oh.
- She used to be a dancer.

Rada: But also a very good director.

She did all the green screen
work on "Bitches vs. Witches,"

so you're in good hands.

Okay, and Paulie's okay with all this?


Get over here, girl.

Oh, is that Valerie Cherish?

Connor: The one and only.

Wanted to introduce you
to the Valerie Cherish.

Hi, Valerie. Andie Tate,
so nice to meet you.

Oh, aren't you sweet?

And a woman and a dancer, huh?

Well, the woman thing I try to
keep under wraps around the crew,

but the dancer, she gets out.


Oh! Whoa! Look at you.

So fun. Look at you.

Well, la di da. La di da la la.

- That's my Annie Hall.
- Oh! (Laughs)

Well, so just give me one second,
and then we'll walk through the scene.

Okay? Okay.


Right? (All laughing)

We are gonna have us some fun!

Yeah? Okay. I think so. Yeah, I think so.

(Valerie and Connor laughing)

Rada: Well, we'll see you later.

Okay, great. Yeah, thank you. Thank you.

(Gasps) Oh my God. Look at that.

Wow, this show. I'm... you never know!

Right? You just never know. (Laughing)

Do you wanna say something about Paulie G.?

You know, well... you know.

Feel bad about Paulie
G., you know, poor guy.

It's too bad, 'cause we were
just getting into a good groove.

You know, so...

Gonna miss him, you know.
Gonna miss you, Paulie!

Oh, he's got his headphones
on. He couldn't hear me.


Val, we got a little bit of a problem.

What is it, Billy? Can
you give me a minute?

Did you get my email about all
the interviews I lined up for us?

Oh. Yeah, I got a lot of things lined up...

Buzzfeed, Jezebel, "Usa Today" online...

Valerie? I'm Carl. I'm
with HBO publicity. (Sighs)

Specifically, I deal with
talent/press relations.

Oh, hi.

Is there any way I could meet that
little fellow from "game of thrones,"

Peter Dinklage? I'm a big fan.

Now's not the time, Mickey.

Well, I'm just putting it out there. Okay.

We have Liz Novotny coming
from "the New York times."

Valerie: "The New York Times"?

(Emphatically) "The New
York Times"? Okay, classy.

Yes, but why do they make
their crossword puzzle so hard?

What are they trying to prove?

HBO has a special relationship
with "The New York Times,"

and we promised them a
first look at "Seeing Red."

Oh. And I'm... I'm sorry.

I'm not trying to step on anyone's toes,

but we're a little more selective
as to who we let our talent talk to.

- Valerie: Okay.
- What are you saying?

That I'm not selective?

Name one web outlet on that
list that isn't a home run.

Valerie, are you ready to
try this? Get our swerve on?

(All laughing)

I think I've seen it, and
then there's something new.

- It's so good.
- Billy: Val, we'll talk later.

They'll work it out. Yeah, great.

Okay, so it's just a silly sitcom,
so let's just have fun with it.

- Okay.
- Yeah? Okay.

But, you know, it's just too bad we don't
have an audience, you know, for the timing.

- Oh, audience is right there.
- Oh!

(Andie laughs) What is
that, like, 20 people?

They're actors, so we cut and
paste them over and over in post

until we have 200.

Uh-huh. Okay.
Uh... uh-uh.

It's not gonna work. Okay.

You know, they're actors.

You know, they're not gonna laugh.

They're gonna be jealous that
I got the part and they didn't.

You know? So...

Just speaking my truth. Okay.

Well, they'll laugh when
I tell them to laugh,

or they'll be back at
the sag-aftra lounge.

Okay? So let's try this scene.

Okay. Aunt patsy enters her bedroom.

She's going to the beach with the
kids, so she needs her bathing suit,

which is in the chest of drawers.

And that's where?

Oh, right against the wall
here where the blue "x" is.

Valerie: The blue "x"?
Okay. Andie: Mm-hmm. Okay?

Andie: Give it a try. Well, I'll try.

Not sure I'm gonna... how I'm gonna do,

'cause I wasn't really expecting
to be working in a gumdrop today.

(Both laughing)

Okay. So, just...

- Fabulous.
- Really?

Andie: Yeah. Didn't feel that great,

'cause I'm not really a mime.

Did it once at a mall in
college, but, you know,

it's not my thang, so...

You're perfect. It all happens in post.

Okay. Okay.

And then you hold up your bikini top...

Uh-huh. And aunt patsy
looks down at the bikini top,

and she says...

"Well, I hope you boys
are up for the challenge,

"'cause the twins need you,
and this time it's personal."

(Raucous laughing)

- Andie: Great.
- Material works.

- And then we walk over to the couch...
- Uh-huh.

And you see the boys, Charlie and Jake.

Okay, but where are the boys?

They're not here?

Oh, they're shooting movies, so
we have to add them later in post.

Post is gonna be busy. Okay. (Laughs)

- Okay, so Charlie...
- Valerie: Uh-huh.

Says, "are you almost ready, aunt patsy?"

And you say...

"Boys, at my age, a day at the beach
isn't exactly a day at the beach!"


I take it back. It works.

Okay, so then the boys
pull off their shirts...

To show aunt patsy their
newly waxed chests,

and that's when you get so excited
that you start spinning and spinning

and morph into the monster.

- Right. Okay.
- (Audience laughing)

Okay, now they're just
laughing at anything.

No, the spinning's funny.
'Cause when you spin,

you suck in everything in the room,

so the furniture, the
food, even one of the boys.

- Uh-huh.
- Uh-huh. (Laughing)

Okay, well, hopefully
that's all done in post,

'cause I just had lunch.


Quick question, Andie.

Do you think I could know
what the monster looks like?

Uh, yeah. We have a picture.

Oh! Get to see a picture, that's fun.

Yeah. Here we go.

Uh-huh. Okay.

Well, that's great, just
to have a mental picture,

right, 'cause I've been playing
around with a couple voices.

Something like, um, you know,

(Raspy) I'm a monster, and I'm dangerous.

There's no voice!

- Valerie: Well...
- You're the monster, Val.

- You got it?
- Okay.

You don't have to do anything,
because you're the monster. You.


Yeah. Uh-huh. I'm playing the
character who's the monster.

- Mallory's the monster. I get it.
- Paulie: That's right, yeah.

That's right. Okay, good.

Mickey, how is it? What...
is it bad? Let me...

- Oh no.
- Oh my.

No, I can't... I can't go out like this.

I don't want people to see me
like this. Can I have that robe?

This is just not good.

- Hi.
- Valerie: Hi.

- I canceled everything.
- Valerie: Okay.

All the interviews I set
up for you are canceled.

- Valerie: All right.
- So HBO will stop having a hissy fit,

and I'll take the hit
because that's what I do.

Okay, Billy. Not now,
not now. I have no hair.

Billy: No, no, it's fine.
I'll just go fuck myself.

God damn it! And people
are gonna get pissed at me.

They're not pissed at HBO.
They're fucking pissed at me.

Okay, do you want some water or something?


Do you know what I do
all day long, Valerie?

I make phone calls on your behalf.

I probably have a fucking
brain tumor from my cellphone.


(Voice quivering) I should
have seen this coming.

You were on the verge of launching,

and every time I get close,

some bullshit happens, and I get shut down!

And then they leave.

Eva fucking Longoria,

right before she got "Desperate
Housewives," she left me,

and I was the one who was
fucking desperate, not her.

Valerie: Well...

(Voice breaking) I don't
want to be a fucking failure.

- Are you crying? Is he crying?
- (Whispers)

Billy, listen.

Don't cry at work. It's not professional.

Leave me alone. I don't care.

(Clatters) Oh!

Admit it, Valerie.

You're just gonna fire me eventually,
anyway, so why don't you just do it now?

- (Valerie stammers)
- Fire me!

But I... you know what? Fuck it.

I quit.


You okay?

I left my cellphone in here.

Yeah, well...

I can't even fucking quit right.

Billy half-ass.

What was that?

Valerie: Yeah, well, I think...

you know what? I think he was embarrassed,

you know, in front of HBO, the big guns,

you know, 'cause they're right.

That Carl knows what he's doing.

Hm, gorgeous head of gray hair,

but my philosophy is, "when
it starts to go, let it."

Valerie: I think, you know, he just...

Couldn't handle the pressure, you know?

Poor little Billy snapped.
Just snapped, you know.

Wants it so bad.

And you heard what he said,

we're approaching super stardom now, so...

You know, couldn't handle
it. Flew too close to the sun.

- (Knocks)
- (Door opens)

Valerie, we're inviting you to set.

Okay. I'm gonna need my sunglasses.

Mickey: Here you go. Here, here, here.

- Oh.
- Here.

Look at that.

Like magic. I hope it stays on.

Okay. This is good.

At least no one will recognize me, right,

dressed like this, so that's good.

- Valerie.
- Yeah.

This is Liz Novotny from
"The New York Times."

Valerie, hello.

Hello. So... oh, you're
here today. She's here today?

Well, yes. We discussed this.

Valerie: Well, we didn't
say she was coming today,

so, you know, it's just...

I'm sorry. I just... you know.

As you can see, I'm not
ready for my close-up.

- So. (Laughs)
- (Liz laughing)

Could we just do this tomorrow then, or...

I have Seth tomorrow.

Oh. Yeah, so then it has to be today.

Okay. Sure. That's fine. That's fine, yeah.

Just didn't want to meet you
dressed like this, you know.

It's not easy being green.


Carl: Okay, we'll see you on the set.

We sure will. Yeah.

Well... She's staring. Okay.

Great. Hey, Val, can you move
your weight from side to side

while you're turning?

There you go! That's what
I'm talking about. Great.

Now you got it. That's it. Great.

Okay, Val, now I want you to pretend

like you're tearing a child apart, okay?

You're just ripping a child apart.

A what?

Paulie: You're destroying my inner child.

I'm sorry.

You're destroying my inner child.

Valerie: Inner child... okay.

(Laughs) Got it. Yeah. Okay.

Andie: Great. Great.


Okay, great. Great, let's cut.

Oh, good. Let's cut. Okay, great.

That's so good. We're
gonna go again though, okay?

Great. Okay, sure. Yeah. Okay?

In a little bit? Yeah.

You are quite the twirler.

Twirling in front of "The
New York Times," Mickey.

Valerie: Liz, hi.

Just wanted to say... This
isn't what we normally do...

you know, this stuff, the special effects.

I'm ripping a child apart.

I don't know what they're
gonna have me do for an encore.

Eat Santa Klaus? (Giggles)

Don't worry, I know this

isn't representative of the entire season.

Yeah. Okay, good. I saw the first episode.

- Oh, you did?
- Mm-hmm.

- Oh, yeah?
- Oh. Mm-hmm.

Your performance is...

Very brave. Yeah.

- Okay.
- Andie: Hey, Val.

Hi. Yeah.

I need more spinning.

- Uh-huh.
- Don't shoot the messenger.

No. Right.

(Laughs) Oh.

- Thank you. Thank you.
- I'll come back after you've changed,

and we can talk a little more.
So we're gonna go again, guys.

- Great, yeah. Let's talk.
- Andie: Okay.

Great. All right everybody,
let's go back to one, please.

And five, six, and seven, eight, and one!

You know what? My hair...
I feel my hair coming out,

so Mickey has to check it.

- Andie: All right.
- Looks good to me, Red.


(Whispering) Okay, she
saw the first episode.

She said my... I was brave.

What does that mean, "brave"?

I don't know. I gotta see the dailies.

You know what? Just gotta see 'em.

Gotta see what they look like.

I wonder if I can get it on DVD.

They don't put dailies on DVDs anymore.

- Valerie: Oh.
- You gotta go to Dax.

Andie: Hey, Val, we're good
to go, so can we...

Oh, um... um, Dax. Who's Dax?

Who do I talk to? That's... oh,
is that the crew guy with the kilt?

- No, it's a web site...
- Okay.

But you have to have
a password to see them.

Okay, do you have a password
for that by any chance?

Valerie: No, "B."

I didn't type "B."

I know, but it's b-2-7-h.
(Hammers pounding)

- Mark: Val?
- Valerie: Yeah?

Mark: Val, what's with all the pounding?

This is crazy. Your show
guys have been here for hours.

I know, but they have to be here, though.

Well, what are they doing?

They have to turn the
dining room into a hospital

for the OD scene.

You're not even in the hospital scene.

- Mickey: Red, I think we're in.
- Valerie: Okay.

This is supposed to be
behind-the-scenes only.

I'm finding a sublet.

(Scoffs, laughs)

It's 11:30, so he's allowed.

Man: "A" only. 12, mark.

Paulie: Action.

Valerie: That's fine.
I'll leave a message, okay?

I don't care if you're
available or unavailable.

I don't care if you just
found out that you have herpes

or hepatitis C from one of those whores

that you pay to come to
your room on show nights.

I've been in this business
a lot longer than you have,

and I will be in this business long
after they take you out in a body bag,

because you are gonna OD on some
shit that you pump into your veins,

because you hate yourself.

And guess what? I'm your way out,

and you're too fucking
stupid to even know it.

Paulie: Cut!

Oh, Red. All these years...

You can really act.


Well, now...

No, that's not good.

You know. It's wonderful.

Well, no, because, you know...

making me look that way. You
know, that was take 12, okay?

And... I was tired, and
he pushed me to that.

I'll find another take. No.

There wasn't enough light. I can feel it.

I can feel it, you know? I can feel it.

- Paulie: Action.
- Valerie: Nope, that's not good.

Turn it off, all right? Just get rid of it.

Gotta do some damage control, you know,

'cause people aren't gonna
want to see me look like that.

Jane, see that?

All right. Gotta get Billy back.

Get some pretty magazine covers,

'cause, you know, no one on
this show cares about how I look.

Huh? (Laughs)

Man: There's too much light in here.

Will? Hi.

Don't want to disturb you while
you're setting up the lights.

Oh, hey, Val. How's it going?

Just great. Just a quick thought, though,

you know, that maybe you might want to put

one or two more lights in there, you know.

Just maybe... you know, just so
it's not so dark all the time.

Yeah, Val, I don't know.

I think that's a Paulie G. decision.

- Uh-huh. Well...
- Paulie: Did someone mention my name?

Oh, yeah. Hey, Paulie.

Um, I think Val has a question for you.

- Yeah, what's that?
- Okay.

Um, I...

Show is looking real good, okay?

Got to see some of the dailies...

- What?
- Yeah, yeah, and so it looks real good.

Well, how did you get to see the dailies?

- Well, I just got...
- Where's Ron?

- Where's Ron? Ron!
- Ron: Coming!

Okay. Well, anyway, so I was telling him

that it looks real good,
but... just spit-balling...

maybe there could be more
light for some of the show,

just for contrast.

- What do you need?
- Valerie saw the dailies.

I specifically said I don't
want anyone seeing the dailies.

She's on the no-dailies list.

But I barely saw anything,
just 'cause it's so dark.

Right? So... (Laughs)

That's why I'm just thinking maybe
you put in, like, a light box or two,

or... I don't know the
technical term for that.

Just, you know, for my eyes, so they pop,

so you can see... oh.


Paulie? Just trying to
have a conversation here.

Oh my God! I can't believe
I'm having this conversation.

I don't want you looking at the dailies.

Uh-huh. Why is that? 'Cause
you don't want me to see...

How I look, huh?

You don't want me to see that
you're making me look bad?

You're trying to make me the monster.

What the fuck are you talking about?

I don't want you looking at the
dailies, because I don't want

to have fucking pretend
conversations with you

about light boxes, which aren't
even a real fucking thing.

Okay. Jesus Christ, this isn't
"Star Wars," for fuck's sake.

I am two scripts behind. Do you hear me?

Two! I do not need this
shit right now, Valerie.

Jesus, you make me want to
put a fucking needle in my arm.

Jane, think we should go after him?

Just... none of my business, right?

It's just... He used to have Tom, you know?

A writing partner to talk
things over with, right?

Now he's all alone. What's
he gonna... (Breathes deeply)

Should we check? Should we just go and see?

Maybe it's just something he said, huh?

Yeah, probably just something he said.

(Whimsical music playing)

♪ So take a trip around the world ♪

♪ And see what there is to see ♪

♪ A pretty bird ♪

♪ Who's just absurd ♪

♪ A brainy worm ♪

♪ Who likes to squirm ♪

♪ And a lamb who can do math ♪

♪ We're all right here
for when you're near ♪

♪ We got your back, no need to pack ♪

♪ Your next stop is ♪

♪ Nicky Nicky Nack Nack ♪

(Music stops)

- Director: Cut.
- (Buzzing)

Tom: Okay, let's set up to
go one more time before lunch.

There he is. Jane, that's Tom.

I was afraid I wouldn't
recognize him without Paulie G.

Tom? Aha!

- Tom Peterman.
- Val. Val Cherish.

You're early.

So glad I am. Got to see all this.

Wonderful, just wonderful.

Still got the cameras, I see.

Yeah, well...

- Hi, Jane.
- Jane: Hey, Tom.

Look at you at Nickelodeon. So fun.

Oh, it's such a catchy song,
too. Did you create this?

"Nicky Nicky Nack Nack"? I wish.

So... So...

What can I do for you, Val?

Yeah... oh. Get to it, yeah.

So I, um, just wanted to...

Talk to you, 'cause I'm
doing this show for HBO.

With Paulie, yeah. I read about that.

Right, yeah.

Just wanted to come by...

And pick your brain about
Paulie G. a little bit.

- You know? Just 'cause I've got...
- Tom: Sorry.

Ready? They want to go again.

Uh... Sorry.

Oh, Frank, this is Valerie Cherish.

Valerie, this is Frank.

- He plays Gary the worm on...
- Yeah.

"Nicky Nicky Nack Nack."

I figured, yeah. Real good.

Okay, so, whenever you're ready.

- Yeah, just give me one second.
- Yeah. Thank you.

(Both laughing)

Anyway, I'm just... Um...

I don't know, getting a little worried,

'cause I think he needs some help,

and I don't know how to do that,

so, surprise, here I am talking to you.

(Groans) Oh no.

Gee, Val. I don't know what I can do.

I haven't talked to that
guy in... (Breathes deeply)

I don't know, six years?


Six years, wow.

So, looks like you two are due for a chat.


Val, I'm serious, and even if I
could help you, I'm not sure I would.

We didn't... oh.

Yeah, we didn't end well, he and I.

(Groans) We should probably stop talking.

Oh, yeah. Well, we can
stop. Jane, we can stop.

Tyler, get out of there.

That's... it's a hot set. You can't...

get... don't do that.

Yeah, no, they're gone. It's okay.

Sorry, excited to be here, I think.

Um, I...

(Clears throat) Yeah, I'm just...
I'm nervous, 'cause I feel like,

you know, he's on the edge again.

- Mm-hmm.
- Well, he probably is on the edge,

because the whole time we were working
together, he was on the fucking edge,

and I was trying to pull him back.

- Yeah.
- Can I ask you something, Val?

- Sure.
- Why are you working with him?

Do you have any idea what
he used to say about you?

He said that you're the devil. (Chuckles)

He said that you're the devil,
and we should find a stake

and pound it through your heart...

- If you have one.
- Uh-huh.

And kill you.


Real glad you didn't take him up on that.

Frank: Seriously, Tom,
everyone wants to go to eat.

I'm having a meeting. Give
me one fucking minute. Jesus.



You need to get away from him, Val.

Well, look, okay. He was
under pressure, right,

- and he was a drug addict.
- Mm-hmm.

So he made mistakes, said some things.

I said some things too, you know, to Mark

after a glass of Pinot Grigio.

Well, listen, like the old saying goes,

"let he who has done it,
cast the first stone."

Ugh! Jesus, why?

I don't get this business.

Why does everybody make
excuses for that guy?

Not making excuses.

I practically had to go into
Al-anon to deal with his bullshit.

We write that shit
sitcom, "Room and Bored,"

ruins my career, and in the meantime,

everybody can't wait to
fucking work with him?

Like, I... (Sighs)

I just... I like... I have no
points on "Nicky Nicky Nack Nack."

Five seasons as an ep.

Five, and none. Wow. Oh.

This is the biggest fucking
show on Nickelodeon in years.

- It's not fair.
- I have no points,

and he lands a big fat deal at HBO?

It's like, "what the fuck?"

- Not that big a deal.
- Come on. W-what are you doing?

I swear to God, if you come in here
one more time I'm gonna rip you in half.

Well, I am tired of waiting. Do you
know how hot this fucking suit is?

Fuck you, you're getting paid!

- Fuck you back!
- Go. I'm in a meeting.

- Fuck you, Tom!
- Fuck off!

Go! Go! I'm in a fucking...

Don't fucking push me.

- I will call sag.
- Go!

I don't want to be involved. That's fine.

Look, he just knocked down the...

the dude knocked over... I'll fix it.

I got it, look.

- (Tom groans)
- Yeah, it's fixed. Don't worry.

- I'm sorry.
- Listen, don't stress yourself.

Don't worry about it. Jane, we should go.

- I don't know where you are.
- (Tom muttering)

Cameras, everyone.

(Phone chiming)

It's Mark.

Jane: What is it?

So, um, Mark just rented
a house in the Palisades.

So that's fun for us. Right?

Val! I got the flowers.

Oh, good.

Billy: And I feel the exact
same way. Let's just forget

whatever that was in the trailer.

Honestly, I had a turkish coffee at lunch,

and it made me insane.

Sure. No, got it. Yeah.

Important thing is is you're back, right?

I am back. (Phone rings)

Ooh. This is Billy.

Yeah, you go ahead.

See you on this... see you, doll.

Dark enough in here for you, Red?

Otherwise, I'm taking a turn for the worse.

Uh-huh. Jane? Yeah, it's kind of dark.

It's not gonna match
what we were doing before.

Jane: Well, HBO wants it that way.

They do? They want it to look like
we're shooting during a blackout?


Jane: They... they like this look.

They don't want it to
look like we're shooting

footage anymore.

Uh-huh. Jane: I showed them some
of the stuff that we were doing...

And they wanna make it
look like a real documentary.


Jane: Yeah, they think that they...

Yeah, what is it?

They think that there's
a real interesting angle

about you and the
obstacles that you're facing

- with this particular role...
- Mm-hmm.

About, you know, your career, your family.

Wow, that's great.

Okay, good. But still, I'm gonna
need a couple more lights here.


That would be great.

- A couple.
- Jane: I like it like this.

- Do you?
- Yeah.

Okay, well, that's great that you do.

I'm gonna need a few more
lights if you wanna continue

with our little documentary, okay?

Follow her.

Mickey: Good for you, Red.

Yeah, well, you know, "fool
me once," right, Mickey?

Oh, look. There's Liz.

Just... oh, she's leaving.

- Okay. Liz!
- (Horn honks)

Liz! Ooh.

Ooh. Okay. Liz, hi.

Oh. Hi. (Laughs)

(Engine starts)

- Hi.
- Valerie.

- Sorry.
- Hello.

Yeah, just wanted to, you know, say...

Just a quick hello, you know.

- Okay, great.
- Valerie: Yeah.

Valerie: This is a nice car. Is it yours?

Um, no. It's a rental.

Is it? Oh, okay, that's nice.

Get that, yeah.

Did you... you remember Mickey, right?

I'm not supposed to run.

Oh, I made him run. (Chuckles)

He doesn't have to.

Is there something you needed?

Uh, I... well, just, you know,

wanted to say it was so nice to meet you,

and I'm really looking forward
to reading that article.

- It was nice to meet you, too.
- Valerie: Yeah.

Oh, good. Good.


You know what? I just have... thanks.

I just have one quick question.


When you said that I was brave...


Is that because you meant the way I looked?

No. No.

I meant you were so emotionally raw.

People have never seen
that side of you before.

It felt like you were exposing
the inner part of yourself

in a very surprising and compelling way.

Surely you must have been
aware of what you were doing.

Valerie: Sure, yeah.

Sure. It's just, you
know, usually "brave"...

You know, that's...

Use that when an actress is, you know...

Playing a man, not wearing makeup,

or gained 50 lbs.

- You know, that's what I thought.
- Liz: No, no, no.

- That's not what I meant.
- Okay.

- Oh, okay.
- Liz: Valerie.

I think people are going to
see you in a whole new light

when this show premiers.

Valerie: You do?


- (Music playing)
- Wow.

Um, well...

Liz: I really have to go.

Yeah. Oh, sure, doll.

Yeah, safe... have a safe trip.


♪ ♪

Jane? I'll do whatever you want.


♪ Oh my life ♪

Valerie: Oh, there's Paulie G.

He's not dead. That's good.

Tyler: Aunt Val, do you
want to open your gift?

Oh, sure. Thank you.

I should... it's open.

Is it open?

Tyler: I got bored. I
wanted to see what it was.

Did you?

♪ And oh my dreams ♪

Oh, look at that.

Can you see that?

(Gasps) Oh my gosh.

It's a star. Seth Rogen gave me a star.

He's saying I'm a star.

(Laughs) Isn't that nice?

That's so pretty.

Love it.

It's a good day. Okay, let's go.

All right.

Okay, let's do it. The diva's back!

(Mickey and Valerie laughing)