The Comeback (2005–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - The Comeback - full transcript

With Juna getting all the hype and magazine covers, Valerie enlists a new publicist, Billy Stanton, to land her a cover. Billy scores a shoot for "Be Yoga", forcing Valerie to remodel her fitness room and take a yoga crash course.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
The Comeback - Season 1- Episode 10
"?Valerie Gets a Magazine Cover "

The stars were out in New York
last night...

Do you work out a lot??

Well I used to.

You know, then I got busy.

So we've got to carve
out time for it now.

Because gonna start a big press
push, you know, for "The Comeback".

So, got to do it all, you know.

Keep in shape, keep up with the news.

Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore and
Sarah Jessica Parker...


Oh, yeah, no sure, I'll hold. I'll hold.

Put in on speaker.


Big conference call. Got the...

you know, "The Comeback"'s ad campaign.

This might take a second, I'm trying
to get you all conferenced in.

Oh, that's fine, darling. I'm fine.

It'll take a while to get everybody...

on the phone.

What do you need, dear??

Where's my purse??

Your pur... Well, I had to...

I had to move it for my workout.

You know, you can't

put things on the equipment.
I use this treadmill, so...

- But I always put my purse on the equipment.
- That's all right, all right dear.

I'm not mad. I know.

Well, no, it's back there.

It's just over there. Yeah.

Val, you there??

Yes I am.

This is Richard Harris,
senior VP of marketing.

And Larry Edwards,
director of marketing.

Zack Kirstien, VP of marketing
and talent relations.

Well, hello, team.


we wanted to thank you for all
your calls about "The Comeback".

It's great that you care so much.

Well, that's my job, you know, Larry.

- Actually, I was speaking, Val. Richard.
- Oh, okay. Sorry.

- Go on.
- So, uh...

we have a great campaign in the works.

Oh good.
That's great 'cause I have to...

To be honest, I was starting
to worry a little bit.

Two months away from "The Comeback"
premiere, you know, Richard.

- I...
- It's Zack.

I'm sorry. Oh, yeah, well
it's hard to tell you all apart.

Anyway, I was just wondering when
am I gonna start to see something??

- I'm off.
- Well we have a roll-out plan.

- We're very excited about.
- I forgot my...

Oh, oh Mark?!

Oh, Mark?!

Are you all right??

Oh, fuck fuck fuck fuck. Fuck?!

- No?!
- What was the treadmill doing on??

She was working out.

- Mark, where does it hurt??
- I can't move my fingers. Oh?!

Oh my god?! All right, we have to
take you to the emergency room.

Okay?? Phil, help me
get him up, will you??

I'm Al.

Al, it's not about you right now,
all right?? Mark's hurt.

Come on.

- Oh my god?!
- What??

I hung up on the entire marketing
department. Just hung up on them.

That's an emergency. They'll
understand, I think. All right.

- Let's go.
- No, don't touch my hand?!

Don't touch his hand, anyone?!
Don't anyone touch his hand?!


you have to get out of the way, dear.

So he broke three fingers.

Three fingers, Jane.

Wait, where am I??

- Where are you?? I don't see where you are.
- We're outside, they wouldn't let us come in.

Oh, yeah. All right, okay.

Well, they told me to wait
in the waiting room,


It's okay. We'll just get whatever
we can from out here.


- Do you want me to come and sit with you??
- Well...

That's all right. Then you won't
be able to use any of this, right??

So, that's all right.
I have a magazine and...

Yeah, it's all right.

Three fingers, Jane. Three.

It's amazing what they can
do with fingers these days.


I broke this one and look.



Thanks, Jane. I appreciate the support.

I really do.

It's hard.

- I'm sorry, miss??
- Yeah.

No cell phones allowed.


Oh boy, Jane??

Oh, it's okay. We have you miked.

We can hear you.

Can you hear me??

Okay, good.

I hate hospitals.


Oh, look at that. There's Juna.

That's Juna.

Can you get that??

There she is.

My baby girl.

You see that??

So exciting for her.

I remember how it felt.

When I started seeing my pictures
in magazines, you know.

It's thrilling. It's really thrilling.

Here she is.

Oh look, it says she's

"TV's fashion it girl. "

Isn't that funny?? Cause I was

TV's "I'm it" girl.

Small world??

Isn't that funny??

Why was it on??

I told you, Mark.

I was working out.

You don't work out.

Okay. I'm not going to discuss this with you
when you're obviously high on percocet.

You're not thinking clearly.

Jane, will you open the
door, please??

Thank you.

Easy, tiger.


And everybody in.

Mr. Mark,

how are you??

Well, not so good I'm afraid.
Broke three fingers.

Hey, Esperanza, how often
does Val work out??

Never, right??

All right, Marky-Mark, what do you
want to do?? Go upstairs??

Get into bed??
It's more comfortable there.

Yeah, that'd be good. Wanna sleep.


All right, listen, love ball,
I'm going to tuck you into bed,

And I'm going to stay right
by your side all day.


Just have to go into work
at 3?:30 for camera blocking.

- Why was it on??
- Mark, I told you three times.

You know what?? Let's
just get you into bed.

- Juna, you in here??
- Yeah, hi.

Look what I found??

Got some press.

Juna Millken in "US weekly," everybody.

- Peter, it's that dress.
- I love that dress on you.

- Isn't that fun??
- It's great. It's great.

I remember when I first
got press for "I'm it. "

"Tv guide,"

the "ones to watch" section.

Oh my Lord & Taylor.

That is breathtaking.

So you're on the cover
of "Rolling Stone"?

You're on the cover...
Is that a real cover??

It's a mock-up.

The real one comes out in
about two to three weeks.

- Gorgeous, yeah.
- Thank you.

And Val, this is my publicist, Carolina.

- She's the greatest.
- Yeah, well I guess so.

- Oh, hi.
- Valerie Cherish.

- Pleasure to meet you.
- Oh, you too.

Okay, well I guess I know what
the pull quote is going to be.

I just got an e-mail from the
copy editor of "Rolling Stone" magazine.

And Jesse says you have the, quote,

"hottest white ass in Hollywood?!"



Thank you?!

So then it's an article too??

- There's an article??
- Yeah.

- Oh, baby girl, so proud of you.
- Yeah.

- Thank you.
- So proud.

Carolina, listen, if you ever need me
to get on the phone with anyone for her,

My pleasure, okay??

And I promise

I'll mention more than just her ass.

All right??

Hey, Peter??

You got any...

- bikinis for us to approve of in here??
- Oh?!

The picks for this week's show

on that rack.

How is that??

"Got Millken??"

- Oh, that is...
- I wish I had a cookie.



- Fucking hot?!
- Yeah.

That is fucking... Now look at you.

Look it.
You are fucking hot, lady.

Oh, thank you.

- Is that amazing??
- God, Val is amazing??

Looks like that,

eats like that.

I'm fucking love you.

You're my kind of woman. Look at that?!

- That's unbelievable.
- Juna, this is...

this is...

- This is really...
- It's so great for the show.

Really good I was just talking
to marketing this morning.

Telling them I've got
to do more press

you know, for "Room & Bored"

And "The Comeback. "
You know,

- just got to get the word out there.
- Oh, Val?!

You should talk to Carolina,
because you guys are really smart

- and nice and...
- Yeah.

I mean, I wouldn't have gotten
this cover without her.

Yeah. No, she's good.

"Rolling stone," dude.
That's so fucking cool.

Please tell me you mentioned
the name of the show.

Oh. She did. A thousand time.

And now the record company's
all pissed off.

- I'm sorry.
- Listen.

We really should talk, you know,

- Because I've been looking for someone.
- Oh sure.

- You wanna??
- Sure.

You want to set up a meeting, or...


- Sure. Oh
- Take that.

Flash P. R.

Flash P. R.

Obviously Carolina's real busy,

Which is a good sign.

Means she's working for her clients.

It's been 15 minutes.

Punctuality is important.

It says that you understand
people's time is valuable.

Yeah, Mickey. You got to

cut people slack sometimes.

You're too nice.

- Valerie??
- Yeah?!

Carolina's ready to see you.

Oh, okay. See, here we go.

So when I was on "I'm it,"

I ended up doing, I think five...

Oh no, six magazine covers.

- Oh wow.
- Yeah, I ran the whole gamut,

You know, from "Redbook"
to "Cigar aficionado".

That one was real fun.

Real departure for me.
You know I wore my hair up,

I had the cigar.

Well that's really smart.
Here at flash P. R.,

We really believe in rounding out
an actor's image.

Like what we did for Juna.

We start out with an incredibly sexy
"Rolling Stone" cover

- but then we're gonna...
- Yeah. Oh by the way, congratulations.

Just great work with Juna on that.

Thank you. Well, you know, truthfully,

I didn't even do anything.

That was a shot from an inside piece
about up and coming rock bands.

And they saw the photo.

Immediate cover.

All I had to do was say yes
to stop the begging


you seem terrific at what you do.

- Oh, thanks.
- You know, real special. Real special.

So I think this would be fun to
give this a whirl, you and me.

Oh, that would be great.

But my partner and me, we aren't
taking on any more clients

at this time.

I sort of did this meeting
as a favor to Juna,

but we only take one
or two clients a year

and we really try to stick
with up-and-comers.

No. I didn't think it was a good match
in the first place, you know.

I was also just...

I didn't want to hurt Juna's
or your feelings,

you know.

So, yeah.

- Have someone else in mind anyway.
- Okay.

Great to sit down and talk to you.

- Keep up the good work.
- Thanks.

Jane, I got to...

- get out.
- I just need to get the camera.

All right, watch out.

It's always...

watch the cable. Okay.

Well, yeah.

Oh, did you hear that, Jane??
"Partner and me"?

She said "Partner and me. "
Should be "Partner and I"

You know, a publicist is essentially
your spokesperson...

So, should know how to speak.

- Right, Jane??
- Yeah.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.


Oh no, not for me.


Just not a gal's gal, you know.

Some women are just real threatened by

other very strong women,

you know. Hate to put it out there,
but it's true.

Didn't want to say anything, Red,
But anyone with hair like that...


If it were any drier,
there'd be a brushfire.

Very good.

Juna's got the right idea though,

you know. Got to get a publicist.
Just got to.

You know who was great??


Who's Ryan??

Ryan, you know, that adorable publicist
from "it".





I know his name is Lou,
but I called him Ryan...

'cause he looked like Ryan O'Neil.

Well that was our thing.

That was my thing with him.
Anyway, he got me.

He really got me.

You know, I think it was 'cause
he was gay.

Got the nuances more.

You know??

Got to get me a gay, Mickey.

Gotta get a gay.

Why don't I just call Lou??

Oh, Red, he died.

In'94, I think.

Oh, no.

- Did he have...
- No.

- Hit by a car crossing barham.
- Oh?!



Not good that he died.

I would love to work with you.

- Oh.
- And who wouldn't??

Who else has got two shows on
the network at the same time??

- That's...
- No one.

That's exactly what
I was saying to Mickey

- in the car on the way over here.
- Yeah.

That's... Mickey, wasn't I... Oh.

Sorry, he's a little distracted.

Don't think he's ever eaten
next to two G. I. Joe's before.

You're hilarious.

I'd like to think so.

Oh, think so.

Mickey, did you hear?? We...


- it's all right.
- I already know I want to work with you.

And you just have to decide
if you want to work with me.

- Right.
- So...



Okay, let's see.

Goal #1?:

I want to do a Leno

before the premiere of "The Comeback".

I know the guy who books it,
so we can get that ball rolling.

Great?! Okay.

- So impressed.
- No.

Well, it's not about me.

- Go ahead.
- Okay.

- so numero uno, leno.
- Right.

And then magazines.
You know,

- I want to G covers.
- Oh yeah. Great.

Let's see Valerie Cherish outside of
that running suit. Which is hilarious

Don't get me wrong, but come on.

You're a beautiful woman.

Thank you. But exactly.

Exactly, yeah.

Billy, you're really fantastic.

- Thanks.
- Really are, you know and PMK is...

- a top notch publicity firm, so...
- Yeah.

I left Pmk.

You... like... did...

- You did just...
- Right.

Right after we talked on the phone??

I'm starting my own company and
seven other clients came with me.

- Could I know who they are??
- Josh Scott.

- Do you know him??
- No, I don't.

and Ellen Price...

I don't... I don't.

Could I... could I ask why...
why you left??

Well, I'm not going to lie.

They promoted someone younger.
The end.

Wasn't having it.

Yeah, well.

Yeah, my only concern

would be just, you know,
your start-up time

you know, and then I've got
my needs here.

Right, but Valerie, no one will work
harder for you.

I mean, I know what you need
to have done and I can do that.

- Valerie??
- Yeah.

I'm sorry, could you stop??
There's a looky loo.


All right, very funny.
Could you move, please??

- Go?!
- Could you just not be there??

Can you go somewhere else??

Oh, he's obnoxious.
Should we just...

- move to another...
- I'll be right back.

You can't.

Hi, yeah. You know, you got to move.
We're filming a reality show

- and you can't be here.
- Kiss my ass, punk.

You want me to call the West Hollywood
police?? Because then...

Oh no, you're going to call them
on your phone, faggot??

We're good, Jane.

You see that??

That's a publicist.

That's the guy who's going
to get me covers.

Here you go.

One beautiful tossed salad
with freshly grilled chicken.

- Thank you.
- Well my pleasure, treasure.

There you go.

Mark, is that my Simon Pearce
carving fork??

You're using that as
a scratching device?!

- Not very sanitary, dear.
- It itches.

Well, that's a good thing.

Means it's healing.

Take it out.

What's the matter??

What's wrong??

- Could you cut it up??
- Of course, yeah?!

Sure can.

That's for me.

Smaller, like the
chopped salad at la scala.

Can do.

I'm expecting a conference call.

No, that's mine. And Mark,
you should... really...

lay off the business
till you're off the percocet.

You know, you're a little out of it.

Valerie, it's Billy.

Oh hi, billy. Hi.

Got some good news.

Oh yeah?? What's up??
What's the good news??

Hit me with it.

Do we have any pepperoncini??

- Billy, one second. What is it, Mark??
- Do we have those pepperoncini that I like??

Oh yeah, no, yeah.
I think we have those.

I think we have... All right,
I think we have those.

I married him for better
or worse, not for lunch.

Okay, Billy, what's the good news??

All right, I got you a cover.

Well, that is exciting?!

Well there you go.
What's it for?? "Redbook"?

Well, no, they're definitely into it, but
not until they see how "The Comeback" does.

Okay, well that's great.
That's still great.

So what magazine is it for??

"Be yoga. "

I'm sorry.

"Be yoga"?
Billy, I've...

never heard of "Be yoga. "

Well it's new and it's got
a hip, trendy skew, so...

Well, we like that.


And you're on the stands A. S. A. P.

Oh, we love that?!

Do you do yoga??

Well, I haven't for a while,
but I could take one class

you know, just get up to speed, yeah.

You don't do yoga.

Yes, I did, Mark?! I did do yoga, okay??
At that...

place... Prana something

something on crescent heights.

Okay, here are your pepperoncinis.

- Thank you.
- Well that's great.

Billy?? When do they want to do it??

Well, they want to start as quickly
as possible, so we can get it out

there as fast as possible. They've
already booked a great photographer.

You know, I have an idea.


the universe has shown me the way.

The yoga cover,

even Mark's injury...

they're all signs...

to get off the treadmill.

That dangerous treadmill
that keeps you running.

To what??

From what??

So I've decided to let it all go.

I'm gonna focus on the inside.

Focus on what's really important.




- My...
- Val??

Can you help me??
I can't get the top off this?!

Well, I'm in the bathtub, Mark.

Oh, okay.

All right. Well, I need a towel
'cause my hands are wet.

Oh, okay.

A little towel. Yeah, careful.

Okay, well that's good enough
I guess. Here, take that, and I'll...

okay, there you go, darling.

- Thank you.
- All better.

You're welcome.

I'm just going to leave a
little pause for editing, okay??

So I've decided to get rid of
my work

out room

And create a work in room.

Gonna create a zen space.

God damn it?!

What's wrong??

I just dropped all the percocet?!

All right, let me help you.

Transcript?: RaceMan

Synchro?: Csivore

Corrections?: Seth Cohen

I'm coming.

Are you wearing a bathing
suit in the bathtub??

Yes, Mark. Yes, I am.

- Why??
- I don't do nudity.

I like to build around the buddha.

Once you choose that, it'll inform
what we do on the rest of the room.

Is that what you did with Goldie??

Adam designed Goldie Hawn's zen room.

I prefer not to discuss my client list.

Oh sure, yeah.

As long as you don't have a problem
with publicity, though, 'cause

you know, this zen room

got me a three-page
spread in "be yoga. "

No... Yeah, yeah. I'm
thrilled, I'm thrilled, I'd just...

rather not...

- talk about...
- I got you. No.

I got you, yeah.

I heard she put her oscar in
her zen room. Is that true??

- No, I got it. Yeah, I got it. Just
- Yeah, thank you.

that I'm considering, you know, doing the
same thing with my people's choice award.

- Ms. Val??
- Yeah??

Where do I put the Scribble??

It's scrabble, dear.
It's called scrabble.

And yeah, it all goes in boxes.

Everything goes in boxes
and out of here.

Want this whole room cleaned
out. Free of attachments.

- You know.
- So...

which buddha do you prefer??

well, not that one.
Too scary.

And that one's too small.

This one is just right, I think.

I sound like goldie hawn.


I can't get her out of my head.

- Where is everybody??
- We're in here, Mark?!

That was a fun, little...

That's it. That's the one.

- So how was your first day back??
- Fine.



Oh Mark, this is Adam Maya.

- He's the interior designer.
- It's a pleasure.

what happened??

- I fell off a treadmill.
- Yeah.

Working out??


Look at these?! Already, huh??

Well, sure, yeah. We're
on a deadline, you know.

Photo shoot's in four days.

So adam and I were just...

talking about which buddha. Buddha??

- Whatever you're comfortable with.
- Oh, okay. I think Buddha.

- Buddha's better.
- That's great.

Yeah. So...

we think this one, Mark.
What do you think??

Sure, how much??

Mark, you can't put a price tag
on spirituality.

Yes, I can. How much??

It's 12,000.

12000. Does it come with its own car??

It's from the 16th century.

- Oh, is it??
- Yeah.

Well, yeah. That's a
lot though. That is a lot.

What about the scary one.
How much is that??

$ 15,000.

At least the price isn't
scary, huh??

- Why don't I let you two talk about it??
- All right.

I'll run out and get some
wood samples for the floor.

Thank you, thank you very much.


We're not changing the floors.

- Not necessary...
- All right, I don't know, Val.


- what??
- I don't know.


You agreed two days ago to do this.

Yeah, I was high as a kite.
You don't even do yoga.

I did do yoga, Mark?!

- Hatha yoga.
- When??

Before we were married,
okay, I did things?!

$50,000, like we discussed.

All right, I will try
to keep the price down.

But this is a rush job and we're gonna
have to pay for that,

you know.

Val, what are these??

That's where those are?! Oh?!

Jane, oh. Jane, wait till you see this.

Oh my god.

Hello hello hello?!

- Hi?!
- I'm sorry.

- That's okay, come on in.
- Come on, come on.

- I just wanted to show you something fun.
- Sure.

So, you know, I'm doing
the cover of "Be yoga. "

Oh, you are??

I didn't know you did yoga.

Oh yeah, just get back into it.

- I have a private class at home on saturday.
- Oh, that's great.

Can you believe I've never
done yoga before??

You should come on saturday.

- Oh.
- Yeah, join in. Mickey's joining.

- We'll see.
- Well, we will.

I would love that, Val.
That would be so great.

- Great?! The more the merrier. Truly.
- Yeah, okay.

So anyway, I was throwing
out some stuff, you know,

Letting go of old attachments...
It's an important thought in yoga.

- Okay.
- Yeah. So anyway, I found this

Oh my god?! Val?!

That is fantastic?!

Check out that hair?! So'80s?!

Yeah, isn't it?? Isn't it fun??

I did it the year "I'm it"
came out, so...

Girl, you pants are undone.

- I know?!
- The top of her jeans are unsnapped.

Val, I can't believe it.

I know. It's so risque, huh??

Risque, uh-Huh. Aunt Sassy??

you nasty.

Peter?? Peter??

Sorry, please don't hate me.
More changes.

- Tom
- This one's for you.

Tom, you have to see this poster.

- Please, Val?? It is so hot.
- Oh.

Oh my...


You had a rockin'body.

I always have kept myself,
you know,

in shape.

Paulie doesn't know what to say.


Couldn't handle the sexual tension
between us.

Girl, I have got to have this.

- You going to put it up somewhere??
- Yes, honey, please.

- Juna and I can be the poster twins.
- Exactly.

Poster twins.

- Let's try the warrior pose once again.
- All right.

- All right.
- Come into the lunge.

Arms out to the side. Eyes front.

Now just... let your hips relax.

There were relaxed. Then you
touched me, threw me all off.

- That's all right.
- This is hard.

Then go to child's pose, Juna.

If anything's ever too
painful, just step away from it.

I don't need an engraved invitation.

Child's pose is a wonderful pose.

It massages the organs and
stretches the hips and buttocks.

Oh, that feels so good.

Just let the noise move through you.

- Yeah. I know.
- Just acknowledge it and let it go.

- Valerie??
- Yeah.

We really have to do
something about the pounding.

Jane, just acknowledge it
and let it go through you.


but we're not going to be able
to use any of it.

Oh, that's right. Yeah...

The cameras. Excuse me?!

Hi, could you hold the
work just for a few minutes??

Thank you, thank you. All right, good.

Now, all right.

Good. Now, Valerie...


- keep it straight.
- The thighs. My thighs.

Yeah, warrior pose is
a very challenging pose.

Warrior two.
This one's warrior two.

- That's right.
- Yeah.

- Okay, bend bend.
- Yeah.

Oh, this isn't good. This isn't good.


- Straighten your right leg.
- Oh, I used to be able to do this.

Well, you know,

try and accept

where you are now, you know??

Yoga's about accepting your limitations.

Okay, no.

Don't worry. You'll
get there eventually.

Mia, darling, I don't have time
to "get there eventually",

okay?? I'm shooting the cov of
a yoga magazine tomorrow.

Oh, you're gonna be on the
cover of a yoga magazine??

You know, I need you to coach me a
pose that I'm gonna look good doing.

- Jesus, we have work to do.
- Yeah.

I thought you said she could do yoga.

That is yoga.

We should stop and try this again.

Stop, you said, "stop"? Yeah.

Everything hurts, everything hurts,
everything hurts.

Val, sweetie, got a question.
Um, what's happening??

You seem like you're
in a lot of pain, right??

Practicing this f-Ing pose all night,
woke up this morning, couldn't move.

- Want me to get you some Advil??
- I already took six.

Well, what if we try a different pose??

It's gotta be this pose.

It's the most flattering for my
body and my hair is done for it.

- Right right.
- Everything all works... together.

Would anyone care to try this again??

- Count me in.
- Yeah??

- Yeah. All right.
- Let me rub the Buddha's belly for luck.

- Okay okay...
- She's got it.


Yeah, there she goes.

Look, she overtrained for this last night,
so she's in a lot of pain, but she...

I don't care how much pain she's in,

You have to get this pose exactly right.

Well, just...

getting there, okay??

My yogi said that yoga is about

Accepting where you
are. This is where I am.

This is not yoga, this is
a yoga magazine cover.

Yeah, I hear you,

I hear you and it's getting there.

It is getting there.

Yeah, my muscles just need
to warm up.

They're loosening up.

I can feel it, yeah. It's better now.

All right.

Here we go...

Okay, this is not happening.

It's called "Be yoga" because she
is supposed to be able to do yoga.

Look, she's guaranteed this cover.

She isn't guaranteed shit.


- What the fuck is wrong with you??
- Hey now, this is a zen room.

All right?? It's a place
of peace.

Okay?? I didn't pay $63,000
to have it all busted up.

Now I can do this, I can do this.
I did this pose perfectly yesterday.

Now just...

give me a minute,
I just need a minute.

Find my center, okay?? Mickey.

Go get me a couple of Mark's percocets.

Um, three.

It looks nice.

Came out good.

Hi, Billy.

Hey, Val, did you
see the photo in "US weekly"?

Oh yeah, yeah, I got it right here.

- Pretty good, huh??
- Yeah, it's great.

"Juna Millken goes to her friend
Valerie Cherish's house for yoga. "

I know, there it is in print.

Great, it's just great
I just don't remember...

- Good morning, miss Val.
- Morning, Esperanza.

If I, you know, met her at the door,

'Cause paparazzis outside my house.
You know.

Could be a picture of me floating
around out there somewhere.

Well, there'll be more, 'cause "LA
counsel" still has an outstanding offer,

And I'm on the phone with "Brentwood
magazine. " I'm trading right now.

"Brentwood magazine"?
Is that for a cover??

We're talking about it, you
know, they owe me a phone call.

That's great. I'm not sure
about "la parent," it's free.

It's free, but everyone gets it,
they've got a huge circulation.

You know what, my assistant
just IMD me that

there might be a mention of
"Room and Bored" in "People. "

- Oh really?? I think I have that.
- So I'll check it out

- And get that to you.
- I think I have that.

All right, bye.

"People. " That's not "People. "

I must have... I have
"People" here, Jane...

Remember?? Did I get it??
Didn't I buy "People"?

Didn't I get "People"?


Here it is, this is it. Okay.

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Csivore Corrections?: Seth Cohen

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