The Chosen (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - The Chosen - full transcript

After stirring the water, Jesus is now pursued by Simon the Zealot, Atticus, and Shmuel. John the Baptizer visits the group and tells Jesus his dangerous mission. Meanwhile, back at the camp, Mary Magdalene is devastated by an encounter with a mysterious and dangerous stranger.

[+ musical swirl J]

[rocks clattering]

are You, Lord Our God,

"King of the Universe,

"whose world
lacks nothing...

"and who made wondrous creatures
and good trees,

"through which
He brings pleasure

"to the children
of Adam.

"If I ascend to heaven,
You are there.

"If I make my bed in the depths,
You are there.

"If I ascend to heaven,
You are there.

If I make my bed in--"

[7 ominous music J]

[horse hooves clip-clop]


[panicked breathing]

[inaudible conversation]


[shuddered breaths]

[horse hooves clip-clop]

[hushed sobbing]

[crumples paper]



[woman vocalizing]


♪ Oh, child,
come onin. ♪

♪ Jump in the water. ♪

♪ Got no trouble
with the mess you been. ♪

♪ Walk on the water. ♪


♪ Walk on the water. ♪


♪ Walk on the water. ♪

♪ Oh, child... ♪

♪ Walk on the water. ♪

♪ Got no trouble. ♪


♪ Walk on the water. ♪


♪ Walk on the water. ♪.>

Did he tell you his name?!

- Jesus.

- Jesus who?

From where?

Lineage? Origin?

- His favorite food?

He told me his name;
that's it.

- There were a million Jews
here for the Festival,

thousands named Jesus.

- Jesse,
stop pacing.

- With all due respect,

I've been still
for 38 years.

- Tell us exactly
what he said.


- He told me to go
and sin no more...

that the result of sin

is far worse
than being crippled.

- And to pick up
your mat.

- When he healed me,

But, he found me
earlier today, as well.

Was anyone with him?

- Eh...
three men?

One was taking notes.

I think another said a few words
to me as Jesus disappeared.

I barely heard anything,
[--my legs!

- Jesse?

- The others
said something.

But by the time you
finished yelling at me,

they were all gone.

- Think!

What else did he
say to you today?

- They were going to see...
Jesus' cousin, I think?

- It was him.

It was Jesus
of Nazareth.


[market conversations]

- Jesse?

- Yes?

How do you know
my name?

- The word's out.

So, it's true,

You're on your feet.

- Are you Roman?

- Does my accent
give me away?

- I already told
the Sanhedrin all I know.

[Atticus chuckles]

- I was born Roman,

but I'm just a man.

I had to see
with my own eyes.

I believe...
it was a miracle.

- I know it was.

- Oof.

Life changing...

But forbidden.

You must want to shout
from the rooftops.

- I do!

- Do you at least
have anyone close

to share
the good news with?



- I encountered my brother
almost immediately

after leaving the Pool.

- Incredible!

And what did he think?

It's safe.

you can tell me.

- He believes the man
responsible has to be...

our Messiah.


- Messiah.

- Yes.

- Remarkable.

My Goad,

the soul You put into me
is pure.

You created it,
You formed it,

and You breathed it
into me.

You preserve it
within me,

and You will
restore it.

[deep inhale and exhale]

[quick inhale/exhales]

[slow exhale]

[quick grunts]

[swish, swish, swish]

[continues swishing]

[fire crackling]



[loud scream]

[loud panting, groaning]


[grunting and groaning]

[heavy breathing]

- It can smell you.

So, I can smell you.

Come no closer.

- How did you know
I was following you?

- The demon that
possesses me knew.

Please! Please!
It will hurt you!

- That won't be easy.

- If you can kill me...

do it!

- Are you a Roman?

- No.

- Tax collector?

- Please!


Your body is temporal.

A demon will go on,

pass through
the waterless places,

and find someone else.

If you're strong enough
to have lucid moments,

it's safer in you.

Until you find someone
who can truly help you,

God bless you.

[shuddered breaths]

- It makes me
cut myself.

- Would you believe,
this isn't the strangest thing

that's happened to me
in the past week?


- There's a smell
on you.

Something vile.

- I hugged my brother
goodbye yesterday

at the end
of the Feast.

He'd been lying
in a pool of his own--

- Is he a...
holy person?

- Not for a long time.

- It has a bad feeling
about you.

- Thank you.


[heavy breathing]

He said after the Feast

He said after the Feast

we could find him near
the Jordan, outside Jericho.

SIMON: We passed Jericho
a while ago.

Near is a relative term.

PHILLIP: John's never
where you expect him to be.

[John the Baptist screams]

- Whoal!!

[John and Jesus laughing]


- Come here.

- Hello, cousin.

I heard about the scandal
at the Pool!

I love it!!!

- I figured you would.

- They're gonna come after You
so hard for that!

- Ah, let them come.

I see you're still
not eating meat, huh?

- Oy, the hassle
of it all.

- Skin and bones.

- Listen,
we don't have much time.

- Time?

- I left Jacob and the rest
of the followers in Jericho

to preach repentance,

I have to go back
to Jerusalem.

- Jerusalem?

- We were all
just there.

- You didn't hear
the news?

- What?

- Herod divorced Phasaelis,
and is marrying Herodias,

his brother's ex-wife.

Someone has to call them out
on this filth.

- Good men, will you allow me
a moment with My cousin?

- “O Adonai,
my God, in You...

- The root is these
three characters:

het, samek, heh.

- “To seek refuge,”

but there's no

- Oh, it's swallowed up
in the ending characters.

- Oh.

Why does it do that?

- Well, th-the ending
characters are... um...

it's defining
the action as, um...

[tsk, frustrated]
I can't remember the rule.

- No, it's okay.

- No, it's really frustrating;
I know this.

- Let's take a break.

- No!

I'm sorry.

[clears throat]


“From my pursuers
and deliver me,

lest they cut...

a lion--

- “Tear, not cut,”

and notice
that the lion

is not receiving
the tearing,

he's doing
the tearing;

the "caph"
is the hint of that.

- Lest, like a lion,
they tear...

[chopping sounds]

It's not going well.

- I couldn't agree more.

- You see it,

How frustrated
Mary is?

When she needs a pause
to compose herself,

she takes
a drink of water.

- No, I meant staying
behind with you,

while everyone else is out...
chopping wood, or whatever.

- Nathanael said he needs
more posts for the new tent.

- I know.

- They said that we are
better suited handling the food.

- Yes, Matthew,
I was there.

This is what
I'm talking about.


- Is it because
I was a tax collector?

- You were
a tax collector?

- You knew that.

- I think
you're arrogant.

- [laughs]

I don't think you're right,
I'm very humble.

- You're bragging
about your humility!

And, yes, it's because
you were a tax collector.

And why are you
watching Ramah so closely?

- I'm not
watching her!

- You're collecting
Torah verses,

you're donating
your tablets.

- They're easy
to get!

- Do you like her?

- You can be very illogical
when you're emotional.




there in the Book of Moses:

“If a man takes
his brother's wife,

"it is impurity.

"He has uncovered
his brother's nakedness;

they shall be childless.”

- I understand it's against
the law of Moses,

but I'm here
for bigger purposes

than the breaking
of rules.

- You minimize incest?

- Of course not.

- What of the laws of Moses
will be minimized?

- All of this
will be addressed;

I'm not ready
to get into the specifics.

- You appear to be not ready
to get into the specifics

of a lot of things.

For instance--

- Stay on topic:

The romantic lives
of rulers and kings

has been
and always will be

of enormous fascination
to people.

It was covered at length
in Torah.

I don't see why you feel
the need to focus on it now.

- He's a client king,
or tetrarch or whatever,

he's one of us
and he's unlawful.

I am not
afraid of him.

He might not be
as bad as his father,

but he is still bad.

I'm going to march
straight into his court

and I'm going to tell him
to his face.

My followers
will love it.

- You do know how that's
going to end, don't you?

- I get arrested
all the time.

It's what radicals do.

I'll be fine.

Herod is afraid of me.

The people hold me
to be a prophet.

Some say
Elijah himself.


- Well, maybe not
the Elijah,

but we both know of
the Elijah-ness of your role.

- Do we?

Because I'm
beginning to wonder

why You're taking this
So slow.

Why You're
always running away

after performing miracles?

Tell me, why do You always
go off to these desolate places?

- I need solitude.

I'm working
on something.

A sermon.

A big one.

- Oh...

you're the
planning type.

I always say the first thing
that comes to my mind,

in preaching
and in life.

- Yes, I remember, from the time
you started talking.

And I heard about that
"brood of vipers" comment.

That was classy.


Do you know how the poets
say vipers are born?

- Yes, that they hatch
inside their mothers

and eat their way out,

killing their mothers
in the process.

I thought it was
a pretty good line.

- Yes, but no one wants to be
accused of killing their eema.

- Yeah, well,
I'm not here

to make friends
with religious leaders,

and judging by that stunt
You pulled on the Sabbath,

neither are You.

Are You really going to
be nice to these people?

- I suppose not.

[heavy sigh]

Just be careful.

- Now is not the time
to be careful.

Thirty years
You've been here.

- David was a shepherd,
and in the wilderness,

and on the run for 30 years,
before he became king.

- Yes, and then
he ruled for 40 years,

he killed
a bunch of people,

made horrible mistakes,

and then died in bed
with a teenager

he was not married to.

- Maybe not
the best analogy, but--

also, she was just there
to keep him warm.

Everyone knows--

- I know, I know,
and I know You what mean,

but what I'm saying is,
taking all this time,

telling all these stories,

I must confess, I'm eager
for You to get to the point.

- Look...

I'm going to tell stories
that make sense to some people,

but not to others,

and that's just how
it's going to be.

[John sighs]

- 1 get it.

It's not like I'm preaching
stories for children, either.

It's becoming real,
isn't it?

we've prepared for?


- I mean,
it's always been real,

but it's one thing
to preach about it,

to hear my abba's prophecy
growing up,

and Your eema's song...

but it's heavy
when it becomes real, no?

Do You feel

- I'm always ready
to do My Father's will...

but that doesn't
make it easy.

- Listen,
I was rude to You before,

but it's only because
we go back so far,

and I can tease
a bit.

But You know that
my heart is Yours,

my life is Yours.

The sole reason I was
miraculously conceived

by two old people,

was to pave the way
for You.

I'm just impatient
for You to get to work.

- I understand.

And I'm grateful
for your part.

You have done
God's work,

albeit in a, uh...
unique way.


- Guilty as charged.


It's perhaps
a poor choice of words.

- Perhaps.


[approaching footsteps]

- How is it?

- It's hard work.

How old were you
when you learned this?

- I was young.

I think it's easier
when you're a child, but...

I had a better teacher
than you.

I'm sorry
about before.

- Don't worry
about it.

- I just feel, um...

I don't know, I...

I saw a Roman
on horseback today

when I was
picking persimmons.

- Did he question you?

- No...

he didn't even
see me.

But just the sight of him
made me--it filled me with--

[shuddered breaths]

I just dropped
my basket and ran.

Totally ignored
the prayers in my hands.

- This is hard.

Not just
the readings.

- Do you want
to try again?

- Mm-hmm.

[wind blowing]

[7 ominous music J]

[hard exhale]

- What's wrong?


[hard inhale]


- What's that sound?

- Did--did you--?

[guttural groaning]

- I heard that.

[gagging and groaning]

- Mary and Ramah!


[frantic whisper]
Ramah! Ramah!

- What's that sound?

- I don't know.

- Are you okay?

[Ramah screams]

- That smell!

It's on all of you,
but worse!


- Don't come
any closer!

- Stop.

- Mary.

- Lilith?

- I don't answer
to that name.

- [growling]
They told me about you.

- Did they?

- All seven of them.

- My name is Mary.

It was always Mary.

- Oh, the stories
they had.

You're scared.

- What's your name?

- Belial,
spawn of Oriax,

Fifth Knight
of Legion.

- What's your
real name?

[gagging and groaning]

- That smell...
it's on all of you!

- What did your mother
call you?

- C--C--

Can't say.


- Please say
your name.


- Leave!

[heavy breathing]


[grunts and groans]

Out of him!!

[gagging and coughing]


- Yeah!!!

[shaky breaths]

It's all right.

Welcome back.

I know.

It seemed like it
would never end.

What is your name?

- Caleb.

- Well,
it's over now.

Let's get up,

[heavy breathing]

- When did You
pick up the Zealot?

I'm John.

- Who are you?

- Simon.

- Yes?

- I'll stop you there.

You're both Simons.

- Did You heal my brother
in Jerusalem, Rabbi?

- Yes.

- Then You are--

- Yes.

- And where are Your--?

- They're right here.

Not the fearsome warriors
you pictured by my side

when you were
at the catacombs?


And there are more,
not here at the moment.

Let's go for a walk,
Simon, son of Zebulon.

tend his wounds.

some food for him.

check on Mary, please.


SHMUEL: We need to update
a report submitted last week

SHMUEL: We need to update
a report submitted last week

about a man who performed
a miracle on Shabbat,

and then told the healed person
to commit a sin.

And to file an addendum
linking this report

to my original petition.

- Wait,
slow down.

What changed
about your report?

- We have a name.

- The offender
is known.


The petition is in regards
to an incident in Capernaum,

in which one Jesus of Nazareth
performed a similar miracle

and declared the authority
to forgive sins,

essentially claiming--

- Ah, yes,
I know about this case.

It was escalated
to Sanhedrin,

and the beginning stages of
a formal inquiry were commenced.

I processed
the paperwork.

- That inquiry
must be updated

with what happened
at the Bethesda Pool.

We have significant evidence
it was the same person.

- That inquiry
was closed.

- What?

- It never advanced
beyond opening arguments.

- Why not?

- Those things
are confidential.

- But this is
a huge development.

The inquiry
must be reopened!

- That doesn't happen.

- Why?!

- All I can tell you

is that a very prominent member
of the Sanhedrin

declared it
a one-off incident

by a rogue who posed
no material threat.

No further questions
were asked.

And none will be.

Teacher of teachers.


He said he would not oppose
the petition itself,

but he never said anything
about what he would do

if the case actually
reached the Sanhedrin.

- Nicodemus has influence,
but he's not Caiaphas.

Not even close.

- He closed the inquiry

before it even got
past opening remarks,

and no one
challenged him.

You don't call that

- I know some people
above his station

who may see things
more clearly.

Especially with this
most recent development

of violating Shabbat.

This way.

- Why Jesse?

- Why Jesse?

Why, my brother,
out of everyone?

- The man suffered unspeakably
for 38 years.

It's a long time.

And how else could
I get your attention?

- My attention?

- Your Order trained you
to be fearless, no?

- No Lord but God,
to the death.

- What I did
with your brother,

it's not the last of the trouble
I intend to cause.

[sheep bleating]

- You are Messiah,
aren't You?

- Yes.

- Then I will
do anything You ask.

- I ask you
to understand

the nature of My mission,

- Yes.


- Mmm.

How, indeed.

It's not so easy
with distracted humans, hmm?

- I have trained for years
for this,

I am ready to execute
Your mission today.

- We'll see.

Show Me your weapon.



That is something.


Didn't see that coming?

- You have no use
for that?

- I have a better sword...
you'll see.

We have much to discuss;
just be patient.

You've had
quite a week.

- Without
my sica dagger,

why do You need
someone like me?


- I have everything
I need.

But I wanted you.

- But why?

- You're not alone
in misunderstanding,

but not to worry.

I'm preparing something
to share with the world.

For now,

wanting you by My side
will have to be enough.

No one buys their way
into our group

because of special skills,

- Rabbi?

- Yes, Simon.

- After what You did at the Pool
during a High Holy Feast Day,

there may be some
who might try to...

stop you.

Even some
from my former Order,

especially if they find out
You have a different mission.

- And what are you
going to do?

Stop them?

- Well...

I would be
more likely to

if You hadn't thrown
my sica dagger in the river.


- Well, if that day comes...
I guess we'll find out.

[approaching footsteps]


[water dripping]


[softly crying]

[horse hooves approaching]

[horse hooves retreat]

[woman vocalizing]

- Hmm.

[hard blows]


[market conversations]

[woman vocalizing]

[descending footsteps]

- We don't
serve women here.

- Tell “Thro” that someone
is here to see him.

- Did someone
put you up to--?

- Just get Thro.

- Come on,

you seem like
a nice girl.

It's late,
go home.

Okay, who should I say
wants to see him?

- Tell him...
someone from The Hammer

wants to win back
her money.

- [chuckles]

you obviously know
what button to push with Thro.

Wait here.

[door closes]


[wind blowing]

JESUS: So, you're
really going for it?

You know I can't be silent.

I know.

Soon I will break
My own silence as well.

- Soon...

tsk, such a strange word,

Could mean anything.


- I love you.

- And thank You...
for letting me see that.

I heard about
the miracles,

but I never thought
I'd actually get to see one.

- Well, timing is everything,
I guess.

And John...

what you are
about to do--

- I've lived my whole life
with warnings.

Warnings are how I know
I'm on the right track!

- It's not a warning.

You're doing what
you're supposed to do.

I'm just reminding you to be
sure to listen to God's voice

as you do it.

- Always!

- The baptizer?


[softly crying]

[clears throat, sniffs]

- All right.

Ready, Simon?

An appeal is pointless.

is too powerful.

- It's not an appeal.

- What Sanhedrin member
would take up our fight

against a fellow member?

- Your thinking
is too small.

- But what then,
go to Caiaphas directly?

- Shmuel, there are two schools
of Mishnaic thought--

- Hillel and Shammai,
of course.

But what does that
have to do--

- And when there is an issue
presented to the Sanhedrin

that could be interpreted
two ways, the court...


You're still a rube.

When the court splits
along Mishnaic traditions,

it becomes political.

Former allies
become enemies.

- We can turn people
against Nicodemus.

- Maybe.

But the right issues--

especially those
that appeal to emotion--

can be political gold.

- False prophecy
is a moral imperative!

- To you.

And if we can make it
emotional as well,

you may find we don't
even have to seek those

who oppose Nicodemus.

Nicodemus himself
may have a change of heart.

- What do we have to do?

- Most Sanhedrin members
follow the teachings of who?

- Shamma.

- Exactly.

- Ah, and he's the most rigid
interpreter of doctrine

the Sanhedrin has known,

this is exactly--

- Now you're learning.

- You can get this
to him?

- That's not
the hard part,

the hard part is getting him
to make it a priority.

- But if he understands
the crime--

- It's got
no political weight.

Here's what's important
to Shammai right now:

He's in a dogfight with
Sanhedrin President Shimon--

the son of Hillel,
who is...

- The more tolerant teacher,

Shammai's opposite
school of thought.

- Shammai has the votes
in the Sanhedrin, yes.

But Shimon has the common people
because he's Hillel's son.

- Shammai
wants the people?

- And Shimon
wants the votes.

If we could offer

a way to beat Shammai
at his own rigid game...

- We pit the school of Hillel
against the school of Shammai.


So, you're writing
a letter to Shimon?

- Shimon is too busy
to read our letter.

His personal scribe, however,
is an old friend.

He will have the time
and Shimon's ear

when the opportunity

- Jesse gave us
so little information.

- It's not entirely
his fault.

The man vanished
after the miracle.

- Well,
that's his pattern.

Nicodemus himself was struck
by the same curiosity.

He performs miracles discreetly,
and vanishes.

- What else do you remember
from Capernaum?

- A woman on the roof--
an Ethiopian--

who referred to an incident
with a leper outside the city.

I can go back to Capernaum
and look for her.

- Excellent.

If the case is reopened,

it will have the full weight
of the Sanhedrin behind it.

There can't be too many
Ethiopian woman

in Galilean
backwater towns.

- That's my home.


He said he was going
to see his cousin.

- Jesse wasn't clear
on that detail.

- But it's something!

We can search the census records
for relations.

The population of Nazareth
is so small,

he will be
easy to find.

We can identify his father,
mother, and their relatives.

This is a census year.

- The numbers
aren't in yet.

How old did he seem?

- 30s, early 40s.

He must've
been old enough

to have been counted
in that last census.

- Check on it yourself.

Don't draw attention.

In the meantime, we need
to recreate the events.


Shammai, Shimon, Shmuel...

our people really need
a better variety of names.

[background conversations]

- Sorry for the delay.

-Yeah, it's like you said,
I look like a nice girl.

How could you
have known?


- Lilly!

You're back!

I thought you were dead
or something.

- Well, sort of.

- Oh, but you look


Somebody kill me.

- Look, I'm here
for one thing.

And I've got money
this time.

I can pay for it


[crickets chirping]
[fire crackling]

SIMON: Come, come,
it's a nice, little group.

You will like them,
come on.

This is Thomas.

He overthinks things
all the time,

he's growing on me.

- Hi, I'm Simon.

- That's Nathanael.

He says the first thing
that comes to his mind,

so don't be offended.

- I'm Simon.

- This is Ramah,
she's an expert vintner,

SO any questions you have
about wine, just see her.

I'm Si--

- Shhh,
she knows.

And the only other woman
we have--

Where's Mary?

I spoke to her earlier.

I haven't seen her

- Salt preserves
from corruption,

if it loses its saltiness,
it doesn't do what it--


If salt
has lost its flavor...

its salty taste...



I'm sorry
to interrupt.

- Mary's gone missing.

Ramah checked the forest,

but she thinks Mary was
affected by the demoniac.

She said Mary wasn't
feeling right all day.

- Hmm.

- You don't think she
could've gone into Jericho.

Maybe I should go into the city,
just to be sure.

- Yes.

- I'm coming,

- Are you spying again?

- Simon,
take Matthew.

- Rabbi,
I think--

- Simon?

This is about
finding Mary.

- I'll take him.

- Matthew?

- Yes, Rabbi.

- That passage Philip
was teaching you.

- Yes?

- What is it?

- “If I ascend into heaven,
You are there.

"If I make my bed
deep in the depths,

You are there.”

- Keep that
in your thoughts.


- Come on, Matthew.

Let's find Mary.

[women vocalizing]