The Bureau of Magical Things (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 20 - End of the Road, Part 2 - full transcript

How are you?

I guess you're wondering
why Peter's showing you this.

You don't even remember
making this video, do you?

There's a very good reason
for that,

which I will get to later,

but the first thing
you need to know...

is magic exists.

And you're part human,
part fairy and part elf.

ORLA: I once asked you
how you felt about

having to live your life
in secret.

And I said
I wasn't keen on it.

What are you getting at,

Have you decided to join us?

I'm not here to see you.

Dad, I need to speak
to you and Darra.

Now, Dad.

Please? It's important.


Sorry, sis,
this is where I belong now.



This isn't a trick, Kyra.
It's real magic.

And you can do it.

LILY: Trevor! Trevor!
There's a dragon!

Lily and I saw it

in the park by the river,
it was chasing people.

You've got to send out
an alert, hurry.

Not so fast, okay?
There are procedures--

If you don't
do something fast,

humans could get hurt.


What's going on?

I thought you had everything
under control.

It's Sean, he's testing me.

Watch the Orb.


KYRA: They've been protecting
this secret for centuries, Kyra.

They may be fairies and elves,
but they're wonderful people,

they were your friends.

Give them a chance to trust you.

I know you can do it, 'cause...
hey, I know you.


Good luck.

PETER: It's all true.

We made this so you'd remember.




Stand aside,
we're taking the Orb.

Why do you think I'm here?

But you're with Orla.

After what she did to Kyra?

Come on.



Find out what it is,
shut it down.


Is the dragon your doing?

What dragon?

What do you think
the alarm is for?

I warned you, Sean.

I know nothing
about a dragon.

This is the Library of Magic.

LILY: And I'm a fairy.

KYRA: You're telling me
that magic is...real.

DORIS: What? My mind?

I can hear Doris talking!

The Orb does exist.

You want to have
some more fun sometime?

KYRA: This is insane.


You're too late, Kyra.


Are you okay?

I remember.

I remember everything.

Why is Orla doing this, Dad?
And why are you helping her?

This is not the time, darling.

Just go home and we'll talk
about this later.

I'm not your little girl
anymore, Dad.

You never do anything
without a good reason.

Whatever it is,
I need to know.


It's taking too long.
Keep going.

Fairies have been running
the DMI for too long.

Orla wants to make sure
that the elves

are properly represented,
that's all.

ORLA: Jared?

Me?! What?!


MAXWELL: I read your thesis
on shapeshifting.

Rather simplistic analysis
in my opinion.



No, Imogen!
He's with us.

Pretty convincing
performance, eh, sis?

You hob goblin!

I still can't believe it,
magic really exists.

Try yours.

Your memory's back.
What about your magic?




Orla used an elf and a fairy
to take the Orb magic from Kyra.

So we do the same
to take it from Orla.

And then we destroy the Orb.



Where's the Orb?
Lily and Ruksy took it.

They're gonna remove the magic
from Orla and destroy the Orb.



What is that?

Some kind of magical barrier.



Orla's locked us in.


There's no way
we're getting through that.


Do you know who we are?

Of course I know who you are!
You're back!

I was trying to jump
into the Library,

how home I'm here?

Orla sealed the Library,
nothing can get in or out.

She's taken over the DMI.

She's in there with Darra
and the Orb.


You're wasting your time.

Your magic no longer
works against me.

I'm very disappointed
in you, Darra.

So, what now?

Maxwell has quite
a collection of magical objects.

I don't suppose you're here
to get them clean.

On the contrary.

I think they've been locked up
for far too long.

How did you get
your magic back?

You guys interrupted Orla

when she was removing
my Orb magic.

My elf and fairy magic
must have remained.

How can that be possible?
Obviously it is,

because she's here.

as this discussion is,

it's not helping us
get into the Library.

I'll get my dad.

If Orla's smart,
she'll have sealed the DMI too.

I think we're on our own.


ORLA: Attention magical beings
of River City.

For too long we have been
the servants of humans.

From today, we will take
our rightful place in the world.

I'm going to release
magical objects

from the Library
into River City.

The humans will be desperate
for our help

and we will
come to their rescue.

Humans will realize that we
are their superiors.

If I had known that this
is what she'd intended,

I never would've helped her.

Many challenges lie ahead,

and I hope you
will join me

in helping to usher in
a new era of magical supremacy.

You can't be serious.

You said you were tired
of living your life in secret.

This way, magic will be restored
to its rightful place.

We can't let her
get away with this.

Orla's got the Orb magic

and we're locked out
of the Library,

what do you suggest?

We can't just give up.

We're a bunch of students,

A bunch of students trained
to deal with magical outbreaks.

Isn't that what this is?!

It is a bit bigger than
bringing down a flying chair.

Or shutting down
an enchanted water fountain.

We've come up against
big problems before,

but we kept trying.

We didn't let anything stop us.

Besides, there's no one else.

We don't have a choice.


What are you doing?

Releasing and old
acquaintance of yours.



Orla, bring it back.

Please, humans are going
to get hurt.

No pain, no gain.




What is that?

Come on, back, everybody!
Back! Back, back, back!

We need to get in there.
We tried using magic

on the barrier.

Do you think we'd be
standing here if it worked?

If your other magic came back,
maybe you still have Orb magic.

You could reach
through the wall--

I tried, it's gone.


What, Peter?
Where are you?

I'm in the bookshop.
Look, I can't talk right now--

Check this.

STEVE: I need backup
and I need it here now.

Back, back, back!
Everybody, back now!

LILY: Isn't that your dad?

Everybody, back, back,
back now, back!

Back, come on, back, back!






Steve! Are you okay?

Orla can't do this,
people will get hurt.

I don't think she cares.

We need to find
a way to stop her.

How? No one can get through
the wall into the Library.

No magical person,
but...what about a human?

You really think
this will work?

RUKSY: The armour was

to penetrate magical defences.

Yeah, 300 years ago.

This kind of magic
has a long shelf life.

Are you certain?
It'll be okay, trust me.

Once the suit gets through
the wall,

the barrier will disappear.

I'll signal Lily and Imogen,

then we'll storm in
and take Orla down.

Easy for you to say.

Hey, I need those to see.


Now you'll be able to see
even better.

Magical beings will no longer
be invisible to you.

I didn't know
you could do that.

We're already breaking
so many rules, what's one more?


Bring it on.

Good luck.


I can't see a whole lot.

How did they ever fight
in these?

Just keep walking straight
ahead and you'll be fine.

PETER: Straight ahead. Got it.



I'm okay. I'm good.








He did it.





Well, I'll give you
one thing, Kyra.

You're persistent.

But you're simply
a human girl

who had an accident.

Did you really think
you could defeat me?

No, Orla, I didn't.

We're in.

It was never going
to be just me.





Kyra, the Ankh!




You did it.

I never doubted it
for a second.



Should've been done
a long time ago.

Your position
at the DMI is terminated.


Um, excuse me,
a little help here?


Where were you? I tried to call
you but you didn't answer.

I'm fine, Dad.

You will not believe
what happened today.

I believe that my dad
was a hero.

You saw the report?

That thing, it just...
it swallowed my car

and then just...disappeared.

You know what the strangest
thing was?

I was being sucked into it
and I felt someone take my hand

and transport me away.

It was like
I was being protected

by a guardian angel.

That is amazing.

(CHUCKLES) Am I starting
to sound like Peter?

(LAUGHS) Well...
maybe Peter's not wrong.

I'm sure there are
a lot of things

that we don't understand.


DARRA: Kyra.

You did good today.

We all did.

Dad's pretty shake up

about everything
that's happened with Orla,

so he and I are gonna go
to Europe to be with Mum.

You're leaving?
Just for the winter.

Plus, it gives me a chance
to try out my new snowboard.


So I guess I won't see you
until I get back.

Unless you happen to...

Be in Europe?

You know...I've always wanted
to learn how to snowboard.

Thank you, Ladder.

Despite the recent distractions,

your transformation
assignments are due on Friday.

All you need to know
is in here.

Professor, what's going
to happen with my Orb magic?

I was getting around
to that, Kyra.

With the Orb being destroyed,

there is no way to remove it
from you.

For better or worse,
you're stuck with it,

and it appears...with us, too.


Morning, Director,
this is unexpected.

If I may?

Orla is now in custody.

The magical world owes you all
a great debt.

You should be very proud.

I know I am.

Ah, I foresee some
promising careers at the DMI.

But until you graduate,
it's back to your studies.

Your lives will return
to normal.


How can anything be normal
after this?

What do you mean?

All this happened because
the magical world

is kept secret from humans.

The way Orla went about
trying to change that was wrong, a way,
she had a point.

That being?
That magical people

have to live in secret
and serve humans.

Don't you think it might be
time for that to change?

Even just a little?

What exactly
did you have in mind?

I can't believe
Sean bought it.

We're gonna be our own
special team.

With all the DMI resources
at our disposal.

And dealing with magical

And not just the easy ones.

Magical beings and humans
working together.

So, Peter, are you in?

We wouldn't have beaten
Orla without you.

PETER: On one condition.

Can I have a badge?

Yes, Peter,
we can get you a badge.


Our team should have a name.

How about...
Maxwell's Magicians?


How about...

The Bureau of Magical Things?

The Bureau of Magical Things.

I like it.

So do I.

KYRA: Once upon a time,
I didn't believe in magic.

But then,
I discovered something.

KYRA: Magic is all around us.

You don't even need to go
looking for it.

If you believe,
magic will find you.

And anything is possible.