The Bureau of Magical Things (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - The Bureau of Magical Things - full transcript

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Season 01 Episode 11

Episode Title: "A Fairy Tale"

Peter's a clever boy.

Are you sure
he doesn't suspect?

He's my oldest friend.

If he knew anything,
he'd have told me.

Don't worry about Peter.

I can handle him.


[magic zaps]

What's going on?


Please, Peter,

you need to forget
what you saw.

Or what?

You're going to hit me
with some memory zapping ray

like in the movies?

Is that how
you're gonna "handle" me?

We did that already.


You wiped my mind?

You seriously
did that to me?

I'm sorry.
They gave me no choice.

Who's they?

I've already uploaded
this footage to the Cloud.

If you don't tell
what's going on,

I'll dump it on the web
for the whole world to see.

- But...
- I'm not kidding, Kyra.

- I'll do it.
- You can't do that.

You don't know
what's at stake.


Let's start
with an easy one.

Who's Maxwell really?

Don't lie to me.


He's an elf.

Well... half elf,
half human.

I mean it.
He really is.

Are you one, too?

Not exactly.

- It's a long story.
- I'm listening.


You have to swear
to tell no one.

You have my word.

Show me
what's behind that wall.


It'll be locked.

How do we get in?


- [magic zaps]
- Uh! Uh!

How did you do that?

Come on then.

[magic zings]




PETER: What is this place?

LADDER: [creaking]

Easy, Ladder.

Peter's a friend.

LADDER: [creaking]

You just spoke to a ladder.

It's a magical library.

What did you expect?

How is this even possible?


What's in these?

When dangerous magical objects
get caught,

they're sent here to be stored.

[box shaking]

That's a pogo stick
that jumps on its own.

Don't touch
anything... seriously.

Magic. Wow.

It all makes sense now...

kind of.

The flying chair,
the suit of armor,

- the black...
- That's it, you've seen enough.

- Let's go.
- No way, we just got here.

You don't understand.

If they find you here,
we're both in serious trouble.

[magic zaps]

Oh no.



It's Ruksy.


Ruksy? She's one of them?

[magic twinkles]

PETER: I can't see her.

[whispers] Magical people
can't be seen by humans.

[magic twinkling]

[book crashes]

Hi, Ruksy.

Kyra, what are you
doing here?


I was so fascinated
by all the all new objects,

I thought I'd have
another look.

I can't blame you.

There's some
pretty impressive artifacts.

[magic twinkles]


There's one total
lot of fairy dust, huh?


[magic twinkles]

You coming?

I might hang for a while.

See you tomorrow. Bye.

[magic zaps]

That was way too close.

We're getting out of...





[birds chirping]


[heavy breathing]



[wolf howls]











This isn't funny.


Peter, where are you?


[phone buzzing,

- Hi, Dad.
- Where are you?

I've made some freshly
squeezed orange juice.

Um, sorry.

I went for
an early morning run.

You're keen.

You want me
to whip you up an omelette?

No thanks. I'll grab
something from Harvey's.

- See ya later.
- DAD: Bye now. Bye, love.



Answer me!

Where are you?

Where's who?

Nothing, no one.

Were you here all night?

Must have lost track of
the time and fallen asleep.

[magic zaps]

Good morning.

what are you
doing here?

Professor Maxwell's
going to a book fair,

so I'm looking after
the bookshop.

What are you doing here?

The library's just
so fascinating,

I can't keep away.

You know, the Professor always
does his bookshop shelves

every morning before he opens.

- He does?
- Mm, you should get cracking.

Ruksy, why don't you
give her a hand?

I think Lily can manage.

I better go.
See you.

[magic zaps]

RUKSY: Alright,
what's going on?

What do you mean?

RUKSY: You were here
all night.

You're jumpy,
trying to get rid of us.

Something's up.
Spill it.

It's just... no...

My friend Peter saw Maxwell
and I walk through the wall.

He has a video
that he threatened

to reveal to the whole world

unless I showed him everything.

You brought a human in here?

He gave me no choice.

We have to erase
his memory now.

Where is he?
He's vanished.

I spent all night
looking for him.

Help me find him, please.

I've looked everywhere.

He could be in danger.

PETER: I don't know
where I am or how I got here.

But if anyone... anyone
finds this phone,

there's a secret place
in Maxwell's Bookshop in the...

[banging wood]


[branch snaps]

Who's there?

Come out.

How you going?

I'm a little lost.

Could you point me
to River City?


Who sent you?

Was it the evil thing
of Crocrack?

The evil what?

The evil thing.

What thing?

The evil witch.

Oh no.

[claps and stomps]

Keep the witch away.

Uh... don't think
I know her.

Uh, she be evil.

She be a witch.

Not again.

[claps and stomps]

Keep the witch away!

Actually, I think I saw
a road back that way.

Who we got here then?

BOTH: [laughing]

He has to be here somewhere.

He can't get back
through the wall.

You're already here.

Let's get started.

Uh, doing what?

Where were you yesterday?

The professor wants us
to catalog

all the stuff
in these boxes.

I don't remember
Professor Maxwell

putting you in charge.

You can start on those books.

- This is gonna be a long day.
- [sighs]

Ruksy and Kyra, you can
sort through that lot.


We're never gonna find
Peter with them around.

I've got an idea.


LADDER: [creaking]







What did you do?

It just started going crazy.

How did it
get out of the box?

I can't control it.

[magic zaps]


I'll get her.

[magic zaps]

Kyra's inexperienced.
It'll take the two of you

to get the pogo stick
under control.

Professor Maxwell
put me in charge.

You go.

But I'm a junior.

A magical object escaping,

a senior's responsibility.

Way beyond me.


[magic zaps]

I am in so much trouble.


LADDER: [creaking]

Not now, Ladder.





[bell dings]



Welcome to Maxwell's Bookshop.

The home of quality
pre-loved books.

I'm just browsing.


Right here
if you need any help.


Keep still... you stupid...


- Hey, you okay?
- Where's the pogo stick?

I couldn't hold onto it,
it took off.


Maxwell put me in charge.

I can't mess this up.
Let's go back to the library.

Maybe Ruksy will know
how to control it.

that'll take too long.

We just have to find it.
Let's split up.

Darra, come with me.


MAN: Get in there.

Please let me go.

I don't belong here.

Why's he dressed
all strange-like?

- Perhaps he's a sorcerer.
- Oh.

- And agent of the evil thing.
- Oh.


The evil witch.


BOTH: [claps and stomps]

Keep the witch the away!


MEN: [indistinct chatter]


Ah-ha! You have come
to steal our treasure.

Not stealing.
Just looking.

I mean, if you hid it

- a little better...
- Silence!

Look, I don't belong here.

Let me out, I'll be on my way.

Aw, eat first.

Then you let me go?


Then we go to Misty Mountain.


Well, because we have to repay
the ogre the money he lent us.

You can carry the jewels
up the mountain.

Okay, I'll carry the jewels.

Then you let me go.


It's a one-way trip for you.

No one ever comes back
from Misty Mountain.

BOTH: [laughing]


That's a good one.

I recommend it.


Do you mind?

Not at all.
Happy to help.


That's a good one, too.

Which means
you can't decide, can you?

It's a present for my Gran.

I don't know
which one she'd like more.

Well, this one has
nice, quality paper,

and a lovely,
old-fashioned look.




This one smells like it spent

years in a home
filled with flowers.


Maybe I'll try elsewhere.

[magic twinkles]

Look into your heart.

Think about what you love most
about your Gran,

and the choice
will become clear.



This is so sweet.

Gran will love this.


You're really helpful.



[cash register dings]

Which way did the pogo stick
go when you lost it?

It jumped so fast,
I couldn't see.

I just saw it!

- Where?
- Over there!

You go ahead, I'll double back
around and cut off its escape.


[magic zaps]

- Have you found Peter?
- Not yet.

- LADDER: [creaks]
- Not now, Ladder.

I can't keep Darra and Imogen
busy much longer.

Okay, run it past me again.

What happened last night?

- LADDER: [creaks]
- We heard you coming and...

I think Ladder's trying
to tell us something.

LADDER: [creaking]


"Thrilling Tales
from the Forbidden Forest."

It's an enchanted
child's book.

The entire print run was pulped
when it was discovered that

it pulled readers in
and made them part of the story.

This one must have survived.

Do you think Peter...

Leave it with me.

You go back
to Imogen and Darra.


[magic zaps]


Oh no.


[metal grinding, squeaking]


[plastic banging]




[smacking lips]

Mmm, needs more...
crushed grasshopper.

you ruined it last time.

No more insect guts.

[magic zaps]

What... what's that?

- [magic zapping]
- [yelps]

MEN: [yelp, grunt]


Ah, it's... it's her!

The evil thing of Crocrack!




Get back.

[magic twinkling]

It's not working,
the lock must be enchanted.


they're coming back.

RUKSY: Cover your eyes.

[magic zaps]

[metal clangs]


[door creaks]


MEN: [claps and stomps]

Keep the witch away!

Witch, witch, witch, witch,

MEN: [clapping and stomping]

Keep the witch away!

- How do we get out of here?
- Hold onto me.


MEN: Keep the witch away!

Keep the witch away!


[magic zaps]

[heavy breathing]

Thank you.

I thought I was a goner.

Hey, how come I can see you?

Because I'm letting you.

You shouldn't be seeing me.

You shouldn't be
seeing any of this.

You forced Kyra
to reveal it to you,

which put you and others
in great danger.

Where is Kyra?

I thought you said
you saw it?

I must have made a mistake.
We'll just have to keep looking.




[pogo stick bouncing]

[magic zapping]

[metal clangs]

[magic zaps]

Oh, Ruksy, thank you.

- Kyra! You...
- Not now!

[magic zaps]

Kyra's not here?



Wow, someone's
had it easy today.


KYRA: The DMI has
a zero tolerance policy

when it comes
to human knowledge of magic.

I'm sorry, Peter.

It's my fault.

I made you tell me.

I shouldn't have threaten
to release the video.

Friends don't do that.

KYRA: I would have
told you what happened,

but I had to keep
the magical world secret.

Which is why you have
to make me forget everything.

I know.
It's better this way.

You can't miss
what you don't remember.

I understand.

At least I got to experience
something incredible,

even if I don't remember it.


before you do
the mind zap thing,

I just wanted to say,

I know how much of a risk
you took to save me yesterday.

When I saw you appear...

you looked like... well...

you looked like an angel.

Saying thank you
isn't enough, so...



It's beautiful.

Alright, I'm ready.

Did it hurt last time?

I wouldn't remember anyway,
would I?



Is that it?

I don't think it worked.

I can still
remember everything.


Where's Ruksy?

You, my friend, just worked
a little magic of your own.


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