The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 3, Episode 9 - Escape to Love - full transcript

Jaime is on a mission to rescue Doctor Arlo Kelso and his son Sandor from behind the Iron Curtain. Things become complicated when Sandor falls in love with her.

Sandor, run!


Dr. Kelso has defected from Vestia.

The doctor was wounded and made it,
but his son didn't.

I'm not gonna lie to you. It will be dangerous
escaping from here.

They got the boy!

They'll head for the border.
I want every man after them!

They must be stopped now!


It's time, Sandor.
Don't be afraid.

Father, I'm not afraid.
Then let's go.


Come on. The patrol's almost here.

Doctor, where's your son?

Sandor, get up! Doctor, we're out of time.

Sandor! Run, son, run!

Sandor! Run!

You're under arrest.

DR. KELSO: Sandor!

Sandor, run!

Halt or I'll fire.

Sandor! Please, son.

Come on!



MAN: Get us out of here.

DUBNOV: Cease firing!

If your father is still alive,

and if he wants to see you again,

he'll have to crawl right back through that fence.


Max, come on now.

This jealousy of yours has got to stop.
You know that?


I mean, I am simply making
a candlelight dinner for two,

of which you are not one,
and you know it. No. Mmm-mmm.

What are we gonna do with you?

What are we gonna do?
I don't know what to do.

Well, we gotta think of something for you to...

To get you out of this depression
that you're in.

The mail. I forgot to get the mail.

Would you like to go get the mail? Hmm?


Well, okay.
Come on. Let's go.

Remember how to do it now.
Come here. Good boy. Go on.



What in the world are you doing?

I asked you to go get the mail,
not the box.

The whole thing.
Give me this.

Mail. Don't you remember
these things?

Yeah. All these little
letters, remember?

The little white pieces of paper.
This stuff. (CHUCKLES)


I don't know about you, Max.

Sometimes I can't figure out if you've got
some wires crossed,

or if you've just got
a bizarre sense of humor.

I have a feeling you're doing this
to me, you know.


Okay. Raymond's here now.



Hello, Oscar.
Good evening.

My, you look lovely this evening.

I'm sorry to barge in on you like this
at the last minute.

I don't care what it is, I'm afraid it's just
gonna have to keep,

because tonight I have a date.

I don't have a mission.
I have a date.

Oh... And absolutely nothing
is going to keep me

from enjoying myself. You'll change your mind
after I tell you what happened.


Jaime, it's Arlo Kelso.
It's who?

(STAMMERS) Never mind.
I don't want to know. The problem is his son.

I'm sure it'll keep. I'm afraid it won't.

Last night Dr. Kelso and his son, Sandor,
defected from Vestia.

The doctor was wounded and made it,
but his son didn't.

Send somebody else to get him out.

I'm afraid this job requires
a woman’s touch.

Get off it.

It's true, babe.

I just got off the phone
with Dr. Kelso in Berlin.

He describes his son
as a sensitive boy.

Timid. Frightened.

In fact, the reason he got caught

was that he froze while trying to escape.

Now, if we're gonna get
that boy out of there, Jaime,

we've gotta use kid gloves. Now, I could send
a man in there,

but if Kelso is right about his son,

the boy needs gentle
and warm encouragement,

or I'm afraid he might not even cooperate
with his own rescue.

Okay, okay.
I'll do it, but, uh...

Why do I have to go tonight?

Because there's a plane
waiting to take you to Berlin.

That's why I gotta go tonight.

Your clothes and papers will be furnished to you
by one of our men there.

His name is Hober.

He'll take you near the prison compound.

And once I get the boy,
then how do I get out?

There's a quarry six miles
south of the town.

A helicopter will land there
at exactly 3:00.

If you're not there by 10 minutes
after 3:00,

the helicopter will take off.

Just like that?
What if we miss it?

If you miss it,
you're on your own.

Now, I'm leaving for Berlin in
a couple of hours.

Rudy's gonna run some tests on Max,

so he'll take care of him
until you get back.

I'll wait here for your
gentleman friend and, uh...


Yeah. And then I'll tell him that, uh,

you were suddenly called
out of town and that, uh,

you'll call him the moment
you get back home.

Okay. Thank you.

What am I doing?
This is incredible.


You walk into my house
and in three minutes

you turn my entire social life into a disaster,
and I say thank you?

Am I crazy?

I don't believe this.

All right.

Jaime, we can't risk
getting any closer.

This is fine.
All right.

It's two miles to the prison.

Sandor is being held
in an old fort right here.

Now, outside the fort, outside the wall,
there's a sign.

The sign says Prison Number Two.

Remember that.
Prison Number Two.

Now, his meals are fed
to him promptly at noon.

I don't know how you'll get him out, but uh...
I don't either.

But I intend to see you
at that helicopter by 3:00. Okay.


Good luck.


JAIME: This must be the place.






Hello, Sandor.

Who are you, and what are
you doing here?

My name is Jaime, and I've come to take
you to your father.

My father's dead.

Nope, he's not.

He's very much alive. He was only wounded.
He's in a hospital in Berlin.

He's alive?

And he's also very anxious to see you.

How can I trust you?

Well, you're just gonna
have to believe me.

I came all the way from the United States
to help you.

But the guards, they told me
my father is dead.

Yeah, well, they're just trying to scare you.

Sandor, I can imagine how you must feel.

I mean, you saw your father shot.

You didn't know whether he was
dead or alive.

And now you've been locked up in here
all this time.

But we've got everything
worked out now.

As soon as we get out of here,

we're gonna go straight
to a helicopter

and it will fly us across the border,

and you'll be able to be
with your father again.

What did you say your name was?

Why did they send you to rescue me?
You're a woman.

Well, I guess they figured
it needed a woman's touch.

Um, we better go.

I don't know.

I'd never seen a man shot before.

I hadn't seen guns almost all my life.

But when they shot my father...

I don't want to be shot.

I can understand...
I'm safe here.

I don't like them.
I hate them. I hate them.



I'm not gonna lie to you.

It will be dangerous
escaping from here,

but I'm good at these things.
I really am.

And, uh, I know that the more we sit around here
and talk about it,

the more dangerous it's gonna become.

I don't think I want to go.

Why don't you want to go?

Because, um, I think they’re gonna
release me in a few months.

The reason I'm here now is because they're gonna
send you to another prison

that's much farther away than this.

That's a lie!

It's the truth. You're being
transferred tonight.

The commandant, Colonel Dubnov,

he told me if I behaved myself

that I'd be sent to a camp
in the mountains somewhere

where there's a lake and boats.
Why would I lie to you?

And besides, I gave my word that
I wouldn't try to escape.

I see.

What do you see?

I see that obviously you're
too scared to escape.

That's not true.
I think it is.

You said it yourself. You're afraid of being shot
just like your father.



it's okay to feel what you're feeling.

Afraid. Right?

Listen, I know about fear. Believe me, I deal
with it all the time.

And you know,
the first thing I do

is I have to face my feelings.

I have to face the fact that I'm scared.

And then I say, "It's okay.

"It's okay to be scared,
because I can be afraid

"and still do the things
that I want to do.

"Or what I have to do."

It works. Really does.


I'm afraid.


I'm afraid.
Me, too.

But I'll try.

Try to go with you even though I'm afraid.

Okay, Sandy.
Uh, can I call you Sandy?

Let's go.


Otto, you in there?



Come on.

Okay. Here you go.


Okay, you're not gonna
be afraid, are you?

Okay. Come on.

Come on.
You can do it, Sandy.

Come on.
You can do it.

Okay. That's good.
Come on.

That's it. Come on.

That's it. Okay.

Come on. Come on.

Okay. Come on.


Hey, Lieutenant Pruska! Help!


We made it.

I'm still scared, but we made it!
So far.

I feel very good,
and it's all because of you.

You're very pretty.

Thank you. (LAUGHS)

Listen, Sandy, these woods
are full of traps,

and they're traps for people
who are trying to escape.

So I want you to stay
right behind me, okay?

But what if you get caught in a trap?

Don't worry about me. My legs are
unusually strong.

Yeah. I saw the way that you jumped.
How... How do you do it?


Rest period's over, kid.
Come on. Let's go.

They say it was a woman
who rescued the boy,

and they tell me she had amazing strength,
that she had...

I'm not interested in their stories or yours.

Yes, sir.

Notify the perimeter guards
to watch for them.

Already done, sir.

You two get in the truck with the others.

I sent a message to Dr. Kelso in Berlin

telling him that unless
he returns in 24 hours,

his son will be executed.

You'd actually kill the boy?

If Dr. Kelso doesn't return,

I would be expected to carry out my threat.

Otherwise, we would lose our power over any others
who would desert us.

Of course, I understand.


Let's go.

Feeling better, Dr. Kelso?
Much better.

Good. Here you go.

Thank you.
You're welcome.

OSCAR: Morning.

Good morning.

Well, Doctor, you're looking
much better today.

Thank you.
Any news of Sandor?

Yes, we got word that the prison alarm
was sounded,

which means that they got away.

Oh. If everything goes
as I expect,

they will rendezvous with the helicopter
in exactly one hour.


I'm greatly relieved to hear you sound
so confident.

Your son is with one
of my top agents, Doctor.

I can hardly wait to
have him here with me.

Won't be long.

OSCAR: Flowers? - Very pretty.

"If you do not return
to your homeland in 24 hours,

"Sandor will be executed."

It's a preposterous threat.

I just pray your agent
gets him out of my country.

It's a bluff, Doctor.
They won't kill him.

You don't know my countrymen. (SIGHS)

You know a great deal,
Mr. Goldman.

You have great power
and influence.

But do not tell me about my countrymen.

Nothing so far.

It's impossible for them
to have gotten past us.

I agree.

Even if we don't find
them immediately,

as long as we can prevent them from
getting to the border,

we'll have Kelso.

And that's all I care about.

They won't get past us.
We've got every road blocked

and the perimeter guards
have surrounded the woods,

the quarry and the farmlands.

The farmers.

Cover all the farmers.

And warn them of the consequences of helping
the fugitives to escape.

Yes, sir.


Jaime! Jaime!

Sandy, I told you to stay right behind me.

I just wanted to give you these flowers.
Sit up.

Oh, Sandy, Sandy.

I'm sorry.
Oh, my ankle.

Can you move it?
Can you?

I don't know.

Which one is it?

My right.

Okay. Let me see.

It must hurt like the devil.
Come here.


We are gonna make it.
All right?

I'm sorry.

Okay? Gonna hurt.
Take it easy.

You all right?

Let's try it.

All right?
Up you go. (GRUNTS)

You okay? All right.
Now try walking.

I don’t think I can.
All right.

Sandy, I know it hurts,
but you've gotta do it.

Okay? Here we go.

There you go. All right.
See, you got it.

All right. Can't stay here,
that's for sure.

No. Oh, jeez.

Come on, babe.
Come on.

Lookit. Come here.

We're not gonna make it to the helicopter, Sandy.
I'm sorry.

It's okay, honey, It was an accident.
I know. Sit up.

You could make it. You could get to
the helicopter on time.

Sandy, I came all this way
across the border to get you.

Lam not gonna leave you here alone.


PILOT: Your people only have
two minutes left.

You're beautiful, Jaime.


We gotta move.
But where?

We've gotta find some place to hide.
Come on.

Where are we gonna go? I don't know
where we're gonna go,

but we can't stay here.
Look, why don't you...

Hey, listen, we're gonna move right now!
Don't argue with me.

Come on. You've got it.
All right.

Why aren't they here?
I don't know.

That pilot is not going to wait.

Wait a minute.
Here comes somebody.


Now we better find them.

How, with guards searching everywhere?

Come on.


This is Oscar Goldman speaking.

Well, why didn't they wait?

All right.

They didn't catch the helicopter, did they?

No, they didn't,
but I'm sure that...

Would you send for my doctor, please?

Now just a minute,
Dr. Kelso.

They haven't been captured.
They're still free.

Get my doctor! I want to do
whatever's necessary

so that I am able to cross
that border tomorrow.

But Dr. Kelso... I'm going, Mr. Goldman,
so get my doctor, please.

I'm sure that farmer saw us.

Even if he did see us, he probably won't
say anything.

The farmers are pretty loyal
to the Underground.

Okay. How's your foot?

Much better.


Do you have any brothers or sisters?

What are you writing?
Oh, uh, nothing.


I said are you an only child?

Oh, yes.

Where's your mother?

She, uh, died when I was three.

I'm sorry.

Well, my dear.

I'm afraid this is the best I can do.

Thanks, Jaime.
You're welcome.

You've very considerate of me.

We must notify Lieutenant Pruska at once!


Are you an only child?


Are you married?

I'll bet you have a lot of boyfriends.

I have a few.

Are you going steady
with any of your friends?

That's Avery personal question.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

I think that farmer went home.

So we can leave for the border as soon
as it gets dark. All right?

Jaime, will you hold
this up so I can read it?

Oh, and don't you read it.

Let me sit down.

I never wrote a song before.

Oh, that's what you were writing.
I forgot.

Maybe you'd better read it.

I wrote it for you anyway.

All right.


"My love is as deep as the ocean

"and as far as the stars
in the sky.

"And I will follow you,

"and I will stay with you

"till all the seas run dry.

"For my love for you
is my poetry,

"and the song that I sing you is true.

"There is love in my heart

"that will stay in my heart.
All my life,

"I will give love to you.

"All my life,
I will give love to you."

It's a beautiful song, Sandy.

Jaime, I love you!


Listen, I...


Somebody's coming.

Come on!

Aren't we glad we could
catch you at all.



I've never been so glad to see anyone
in my whole life.


PRUSKA: Take the dogs away.

We'll wait for the rest
of the men here

and then we'll surround that barn.

Jaime, I'd like you to meet...

I am Rodi.
It is an honor.

How do you do?

RODI: She is very beautiful. - JAIME: (CHUCKLES)
Thank you.

HOBER: Yeah. Right.
- Hold this, huh?

Sandy, watch your foot, honey.

Doesn't hurt much.

When we get to the border,

I think I'm gonna stay
on the other side this time.

Maybe I could show you Berlin, hmm?

JAIME: Okay. Sounds good.

HOBER: I'll look forward to it.

In the meantime, let's try to figure out
how to get out of here.

What have you got?

Sandy, you want to come look
at these plans?

Yeah. In a minute.

Okay. Here's our situation. This farm is right
about here.

Now, this is the only town
between us and the border.

It's about 12 miles away.

And it's another 15 miles
to the border.

JAIME: Do you think there's any chance of us

getting our hands on a car in town?

HOBER: The problem is
that the town happens

to house the regional
military headquarters,

and it's gonna make it difficult
to move around

dressed the way we all are.

RODI: It will be almost impossible.
Especially in broad daylight.

HOBER: Even at night
it wouldn't be easy.

We had better be out of Vestia before dawn.
Hmm, I agree.

Now, I think we should head for a point
about a half mile south...

Sandor's gone!

HOBER: Jaime, be careful.

I've gotta go get him!
No, wait. It's too late.

Now, he probably gave
himself up to save us.

Look, I'm not gonna leave him...
All... All right.

But if you try anything now,
you'll get us all captured.

There are just too many of them out there.

Jaime, don't worry.
We'll get him back.

All right.

Rodi, let's move.

We've got the boy, Colonel.


Well, well, well...

How nice to see you again, Sandor.

You will be reunited
with your father shortly.

You gave us quite a chase.

You're lucky you're still alive.

Take him to the city.


Yes? MAN: May/speak
to Dr. Kelso, please?

May I ask who's calling, please?

Tell him his son wants to talk to him.

You better take this.


this is Colonel Dubnov.

You may talk to your son now.

Then we both know what you must do, hmm?

Don't we?

I expect you in my office
in two hours.

Tell him what I told you.


Hello, Sandor.
Are you all right?

Tell him.

They say they won't kill me if you return.

But I don't want you to.

Please, stay there.

Sandor. Sandor.

He's a very good boy, Doctor.

And he's very loyal to you.

Are you as loyal to him?

Two hours, Doctor.

I suppose this means your agent is either
captured or dead too.

What are you gonna do?

I have no choice.
You know Dubnov's kind.

He considers political reliability much
more important

than scientific achievement.

He'll probably kill you both
as an example.

Sandor is a good boy.

You know, there are many
theories about the effect

parents have on their children.

Well, I prescribe to the theory
that at his birth

I was given a blank sheet
to write on.

I hold myself responsible
for much that he is.

Whether that's true or not,

he has a right to his chance for life,

and I intend to see that he gets it.

I'd probably do the same thing.

I'll arrange for a car.

You'll be sent to the
youth facility at Langhorne.

In time, you'll learn to take your place
in our society.

I'd like to wait here
till my father comes.

No. What you like isn't terribly important.

Take him away.


HOBER: There's military

They probably have him in there.

JAIME: Hober, look,
there he is.

HOBER: You're right.

They must be transferring him
to another prison.

JAIME: Which way do you think
their car is gonna go when it leaves?

Right past this corner.
There's a camp 20 kilometers to the south.

Okay. Listen, I remember seeing
something when we came in.

You can handle the guards. I'm gonna go knock
out that car.

How are you gonna do that?

Trust me.

Trust her.






Colonel, they got the boy!

You stupid idiot!

They'll head for the border.
I want every man after them!

They must be stopped now!

Yes, sir.

How far is the border?

A few minutes.

You all right?


DR. KELSO: Will we make it, Mr. Goldman?
Yes. We're almost there.


Can you outrun them?
I can only try.


Well, my friend. (SIGHS)

Thank you for everything
you tried to do.

Good luck, Doctor.


Doctor! Wait!

That must be them.

We gonna crash it?
It's the only way.


All right. Let's go. JAIME: Sandy, stay near
till we get to the fence.

Wait, wait.


Sandy! Sandy, come on.

HOBER: Sandor, run! Run!

JAIME: Okay, Sandy!
- Come on!

DR. KELSO: Run, Sandor, run!

- Run!

Please, try Sandy.
Come on.

Run! Run, son!

Run! Run!

Sandor, come on. Run!

Run. Come on, baby, try!

Come on, Sandor.

Run, son! Run!

Come on. Run, baby! Try!

Run, son! Run!

It's all right now, son. It's all right.
All right.


Sandy, would you look
at me, please?

You know, love is a wonderful feeling, okay?

And when you're in love,
you're vulnerable.

Now, if the person that you love

can't return the same
feelings, then it hurts.

It hurts a lot.

I know.
Believe me, I know.

But you just...

You can ever let that hurt separate you
from your feelings.

Because you've got so much loving

and so much living yet to do, you know?

Can I kiss you without
you misunderstanding me?

I guess so.

Oh, God.

I'm never gonna meet anybody as wonderful
and as beautiful as you.

Oh, come on.
Are you crazy?

You are gonna meet the most wonderful

and fantastic young women in the world.

With curly hair, and sparkling eyes
and flashing smiles.

You are going to encounter tap dancers,

swimmers and doctors
and lawyers...