The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 3, Episode 8 - Brain Wash - full transcript

Oscar's secretary Peggy Callahan introduces Jaime Sommers to her new boyfriend John at his hair salon. Jaime then overhears Callahan spilling classified OSI information while having a wash and a set. Sommers in turn tells Oscar Goldman not to trust his secretary any longer although Callahan insists she's innocent. Jaime decides to visit John's salon to find what exactly is going on there.

MAN: What is your name?


What is bionic?


Callahan an informer?

Oscar, what are you gonna do to her?

The whole thing is crazy. But one thing I know,
I gotta get her out of here.

Cause I'm just a little, lousy, mousy
secretary to you.

I'm a sidekick for you to step on.

Antonio, only a handful of men
know about this.

I've been very careful.


Almost 8:00.

Wonder if Pineda's gonna show.

You think anything will happen this time?

Well, I've taken every precaution.

Every security measure
to insure Pineda's safety.

That isn't an answer, Oscar.

It's the best one I can give, Russ.

MAN ON RADIO: We've got him.

He's crossing the street
heading for the rose garden.

Is anyone following him?

No. He's alone.

All right. We'll take it
from here.

This is Oscar Goldman speaking.

I want everyone to stay
right where they are

until I have an agreement with him.

He's nervous enough to think that somebody
might be tailing him.

He could lead you on a wild goose chase.

And take you halfway
across the city.

You just stay here until I radio you.

Do me a favor?

Keep your head down and your eyes open.



ANTONIO: You are alone, Oscar?


You have the guarantees the identity papers
with you?

They're right here.

Where are you?

Over here.
In the gazebo.

Please understand, I have to be
very careful.

After the last time,

Antonio, only a handful
of men know about this.

I've been very careful.

I fear for my life, Oscar.

Not for me, but for my family.

I know. And this time I can virtually
guarantee your safety.

Trust me.

The last few months have been very hard
on me, Oscar.

That's all behind you now.

This is what you call safety?

What kind of a friend are you, Goldman?
What kind of a friend?



Now, I would say, on a scale of1 to 10,
conservatively speaking,

I'd say, uh... 10.

- Yeah.

Oh, Jaime, he is the greatest guy.

He's tall,
at least for me he is.

He's dark, he's handsome, he's rich,


He's a hairdresser.
A hairdresser?

Yeah. He's a hairdresser.

I'm gonna have a little trouble with my mom
and dad on that one,

because, well, I mean, you know what
they're gonna expect.

But he's so bright and he's well rounded,

and he's got a degree in chemistry,
a master's in electronics.

He's... I don't know,
he's just terrific.

See, when he got out of school,

he just felt that the job market

was not gonna pay him
what he felt he was worth.

Well, hairdressers were making more!

So, he took off for Europe.

He studied all that beauty
school stuff over there,

and he came back here and opened up his own

And now, he's making a fortune.


Oh, that's nice.

Yeah. I really love him.

That's nice too.

I think this is it.

I mean, the only thing he's missing is
Jaime's seal of approval.

Oh, well, if he's half of what you say he is,
he's already got it.

OSCAR: How would you feel
if it happened to you?

Would you trust me?
I wouldn't.

Callahan, come on in here.

In his own mind, he feels that
he's been betrayed.

We'll be lucky if we ever
see him again.

Yes, sir.

Who did you talk to about that meeting
with Pineda this morning?

Bill and Tex at Observation,
and Russ.

That's all?

Yes, sir.

There's gotta be a leak somewhere.

What happened?
What's going on?

Jaime, we're trying to make contact
with one Antonio Pineda.

Oh, Pineda's that South American diplomat.

He disappeared last month, right?

That's right.
And a close friend.

He disappeared at the height of
the Embassy bribery scandal.

Now he's seeking political
amnesty and criminal immunity from us.

In exchange for what?

In exchange for information
that will lead

to the criminal prosecution of four South American


Which makes him Avery unpopular man.

A lot of people would like
to see him dead.

I'd say. What happened
this morning?

Somebody found out about it. Again!

We nearly got killed.

Pineda thinks that I double-crossed him.

That I betrayed him, I'm sure.


Oscar Goldman's office.

Yes, hold on, just a minute.

It's him.



I want to apologize for what happened
this morning.


ANTONIO: [don't know what to think, Oscar.
Whom to trust.

I'm terribly, terribly
sorry about this.

We took every precaution. I just don't know
what happened.

Like the first time we tried to meet.

I'm afraid so.

I need, you, Oscar, as a friend
and as an ally.

Because of that,
we will try once more.

Antonio, I think that's a wise decision.

Only this time, only you will know
the time and the place.

OSCAR: Good.

I'm writing that information
on page 400,

of the telephone book
inside the telephone booth

at the corner of Delaware
and Ninth Street.

Wait until 5:00 pm. to pick it up.
It will be safer then.

5:00, Delaware and Ninth.

Oscar, this is our last chance.

I'll be there.


We got another chance.

Will somebody please rinse
Mrs. Myers for me

before her hair turns green?

I have to call my shrink.

Oh, Jenny, I'm sorry.
Are you okay?

Listen, have you seen John?

Oh, he's in the Gold Key.
Okay. Thank you.

What's the Gold Key?

Oh, it's the place where he does all
the big wigs personally.

Hope he can fit me in now,

'cause lunch time is such a crazy time
of day around here.

Certainly is.

Oh, excuse us.
Excuse us.

John... John,
I have a problem.

I've asked her three or four times and I...

There he is.
There he is.

Which one is he?
What do you think?

Which one is he?
The one on the left.

He's cute.


JOHN: What's your problem?

I cannot possibly cut
Helen Wright's hair,

while Cindy is giving her a pedicure.

Why not?

Well, it's obscene.

I don't understand, Benny.

Well, it's obscene because you can't work
at somebody's head

while somebody else is working at their feet.

Yes. Okay,
I'll remember that.

Look, tell Cindy she can finish while Mrs. Myers
is drying, okay?

Thank you.
You're a prince.

Hello, ladies.
Everything all right?

John? John... Hi.

Hey there, big C.

How was your day, so far?

Oh, fine. My feet haven't
touched the ground.

I can attest to that.

Oh, John, I want you to meet my best friend,

We work together.


Would you excuse us for a second?


I've got it.

The present I told you about.
Let's see.

Okay. Here it is.
You like it?

Oh, John. It's beautiful.

Can you hold this?

Belonged to my grandmother.

I was gonna give it to you tomorrow night,
but I couldn't wait.

Thank you.

Jaime, look what I got.

Oh, it's beautiful.
Isn't it?


Thank you.

You have a very busy place here.

Yeah, well, it's, uh,
it's getting there.

Someday I'd like to have every congresswoman,

senator's wife, and even the First Lady
coming here.

You're also very ambitious.

He's smart enough to do it too,

if he doesn't blow it
with us little guys first.

Hey, listen, kid...

How 'bout awash and set?

I mean, I can really use it.
Look at this thing.

For you, my love, the world.

How 'bout you, Jaime?
You wanna get done, too?

Oh, no, thanks.

You sure?

Yeah, but I'll take a rain check.

Okay, you got it. Why don't you
have a seat

while I take big C into my laboratory
and make her gorgeous, hmm?



WOMAN: Somebody take
- Mrs. Walker, please.

How're you doing? Hi. Fine.
Where's Callahan?

Oh, she's under the dryer,
singing away.

She's singing?

Always. She hates the sound
of the machine.

What is she singing?

I don't know. She's got
a terrible voice.


CALLAHAN: Yes. Mr. Pineda
called him this morning.

MAN: What did he say?

That he wanted to meet him today.


At Ninth and Delaware
at 5:00.


Oscar Goldman's office.

I'm sorry, he doesn't
want to be disturbed.


Thank you. I'll tell him
you called.

Hi, Callahan.

Uh, here's the research stuff you ordered on that
guy from South America.

Yeah. Right.
Thank you. Pineda.

Yeah, he's been waiting
for this thing all week.

You want me to sign that thing?


I don't know, he...

He really doesn't wanna
be disturbed right now,

but I think maybe I should anyway.

Oh, I don't know.
Thanks, anyway.

Sure thing, gorgeous,

Why don't you give it a few years,


I'll see ya.

OSCAR: Callahan?
- Are you sure?

JAIME: Would I be telling you this
if I wasn't?

You know she's the best
friend I've got.

I can't believe it.

Oh, why'd Rudy have to give me
this stupid ear anyway?

What did she say?

She said that you were gonna be meeting
Pineda today at 5:00 on Ninth and Delaware.

That's what she heard you say on the phone
this morning.

Well, that's only part
of our rendezvous plan.

She only heard my end
of the conversation.

Will you have to change it?

I don't think so.

Who did she talk to?

I don't know. I couldn't recognize the voice.
It was so strange. It...

Oscar, what are you gonna do to her?
I feel so awful.

It's so confusing. I mean, Callahan,
an informer?

It's crazy.

The whole thing is crazy. But one thing I know.
I gotta get her out of here.

What are you gonna do?

Well, I'll get her some
kind of a research job.

Something that'll take her out of town...

Until we have proof.

That won't be necessary.

Callahan... I heard everything
you said.

Is that what you really think?

Do you really think that I'm a traitor?

Do you?
Because if you do...

I want to save you the time and money

for sending me on a research trip.

I quit.

Excuse me.


Leave me alone.

I just want to talk to you
for a minute. Okay?

There is nothing... No, there's nothing
to talk about.

I think there is.

No... Just get out!


Now look, I don't know why you're doing this,
who you're involved with,

I don't know what you're doing.

All I know is it makes me sick, I'm the one
that had to find out.

I'm sorry it was me.

Find out what, Jaime?
Oh, please.

I don't know what you're talking about!

Stop playing with me.

I'm not! I didn't tell anybody anything.


I don't know why you're saying these
things about me.

I don't know what good
it's gonna do you.

But right now I want you to turn around
and walk out that door.

'Cause I don't care if I ever see you again.



- What do you think?

JOHN: Well,
the color's lovely.

Do you really think so?

Sure, the cut is terrific.

That's perfect.
Just perfect.

Jaime! Couldn't live without me, huh?

What's it been? All of an hour
and a half?

I thought maybe I'd take you up on your offer.
If it's all right?

What, bears live in the woods?
Sure, come on.

I, uh, understand Callahan quit.

Yes, she did.
Did she call you?

A few minutes ago.

Uh, was really broken up.

Yeah, I know.

Thank you.

Oh, this is where you did Callahan
this morning, huh?

One and the same. Well,
what do you think?


A little bit of heaven Yes.

Cutting room is back here.

Why don't you just have a seat and, uh...

I'll be with you in a couple of minutes.

All right.

Would you like a drink?

No. Thank you,
I'm fine.



There's gotta be something in here.

On a hair dryer?

JOHN: Do you see anything interesting?

Oh, no.

Uh, wires, things like that.

In the cabinet is some stereo equipment.

Stereo equipment.
That's what they are.

Yes, uh, pencils and invoices
are in the desk.

Uh, on the patio are some potted plants.
Would you like the tour?

No, thank you.

Are you sure you have
time for a shampoo?

Oh, yeah.

Well, okay.
Then let's get at it.




How's the temperature, Jaime?


Tell me, why did Callahan quit anyway?

I'm not sure about that.

Well, she said it was something to do with,
uh, security.

That, uh, they thought
she was a leak.

You don't know about that, huh?

Well, they've been having some problems with
information getting out.

And things like that.

And I guess Oscar, uh, Mr. Goldman
figured it was Callahan.

Very interesting.

Whoa, take it easy, okay?

Oh, sorry, Jaime. Sorry.


Goldman accused her?
Callahan said it was you.

She did?

Yeah, she said that you told Goldman that,

she'd been talking to someone here
in the salon this morning.

Well, I thought I did, you know.

I feel so awful about it. I...

Yeah, well,
Callahan's my best friend

and she's the last person in the world...

How do you feel, Jaime?

I feel great.

Good. Now I think you're ready
for my dryer.


What is your name?


Where do you work?


What do you do?

I'm a schoolteacher. And a special agent.

What kind of a special agent?

JAIME: A bionic one.

What is bionic?
What do you do?


Uh, I have to show you.



That's very, very good, Jaime.

Thank you.

I'd like to come back to the bionics at another
time, Jaime.

First, I'd like to ask you about
Antonio Pineda.

When Goldman found out about Callahan,
did he change the plans?

Uh, no. Callahan didn't know about
all of it.

Do you?

Sure. I listened to his phone call.

Tell me about it.

Uh, Oscar was supposed to pick up
Pineda's instructions

from a phone booth on Ninth and Delaware
at 5:00.

Where will the instructions be?

Page 400 in the phone book.

Thank you, Jaime.

JAIME: You're welcome.

JOHN ON TAPE: You will return
once a week

for one of these special
shampoos and sets.

You will tell people it's the best salon
in Washington.

At the sound of the tone,

you will forget this session
and begin to wake up slowly.

In three minutes, you will be totally alert
and feel better than you have felt in years.



How do you feel?


WOMAN: Can somebody sweep up over here,


Uh, hold this for a second.
All right?

Hello. Hi, Benny.
Can I see John?

Yes. He's back in the Gold Key.

Thank you.

JOHN: All right.
- What do you think?

Oh, my word, it's fantastic.


John, I haven't felt this good or looked
this good in years.

(CHUCKLES) I don't
believe that, Jaime. You're a beautiful woman.

John, I hate to barge
in on you like this...


Hey, big C.

You just can't do enough for me, huh?

Let her go.





Callahan, I don't know what you think
we were doing in there.

I don't need to think. I know.

John means nothing to me.

Then why are you trying
to take him away from me?

I'm not.
Yes, you are.

Is it because you can't stand to see something
good happen to somebody else?

Oh, come on, you know me
better than that.

No, no. I don't think I do, Jaime.

It's because you've always
got to be on top, don't you?


You're tall and you're beautiful.

And you go exciting places,
and you do exciting things.

You can't stand to see somebody else have
their moment in the sun.

That isn't true!
Now, come on!

Yes, it is. Yes, it is.

Because I'm just a little lousy,
mousy secretary to you.

I'm a sidekick for you to step on.

Callahan, I love you. You are the best friend
I've got!

Then why are you doing
these things to me, Jaime?


Why did you lie to Oscar about me?

Why were you in the shop with John?

Because you...

I needed to get my hair done.

Goodbye, Jaime.

Oh, God!

That's right. Pineda's putting the information
on page 400 of the phone book.

Page 400 in the telephone book at the booth
at Ninth and Delaware.

I have it, thank you.

Oh, you're welcome. Oh, listen, I've got,
uh, something new

I think your government
might be interested in.

I've got an OS! agent with extraordinary

What kind of, uh, abilities?

Well, that's something you're gonna have to
see for yourself.

Then, of course,
we'll talk about money.

Of course, Mr. Bernard.
Of course. Goodbye.



I've got it.

What does it say?

6:00 in the morning.
- Kennedy Stadium.

Fine. But this time,
no mistakes.

What's the time?

5:00. We'll leave in half an hour.

Get in touch with Jaime last night?

Yeah, she was kind of vague
about the beauty salon.

Said that she wasn't
feeling very well.

Callahan thing's getting to her.

JOHN: Where do you work?


What do you do?

I'm a schoolteacher. And a special agent.

What kind of special agent?

A bionic one.

What is bionic?

Uh, I have to show you.

That's very, very good, Jaime.




Callahan, it's Jaime.

Oh, Jaime, why are you bothering me?
Would you just go away?

Please, Callahan!


Just for old times sakes, don't hang up the phone,

Okay. Um...

Do you ever remember anything that goes on
when John's doing your hair?

Yeah, of course I do.

How much?

I don't know. Most of the time
I just fall asleep.

Right. Like yesterday?

Yeah. I think so.

Okay. Me too. Um...

What about dreams? Do you ever have
any weird dreams about John?


Hey... Hey, listen, Jaime, what, uh,
what's all this about?

I mean, why are you dragging him into this?

Because I think he is doing more to our heads than
just making them look good.

And I'm gonna go to the salon
and find out.

That's a cheap shot, Jaime.

Callahan, I love you.


I just want to get things straightened out.



Did you have a nice nap?






Well now, let's see what kind of stereo music
you play here, Mister.

JOHN ON TAPE: You will return
once a week

for one of these special shampoos
and sets.

You will tell people it's the best salon
in Washington.

At the sound of the tone, you will forget this
session and begin to wake up slowly.

In three minutes you will be totally alert
and feel better than you have felt in years.

I feel better already.

JAIME ON TAPE: Oscar's gonna pick up Pineda's
instructions in the phone booth

at Ninth and Delaware
at 5:00.

Page 400 of the phone book.

Guess I'd better call Oscar.

I think you're probably
too late, Jaime.

They should be leaving
just about now.

Let's go.

I've seen what one of those hands
can do.

So would you mind raising them both

high above your head
away from everything.

You'd better do it,
Jaime, because, uh,

Benny's a little bit trigger happy

and he really doesn't like
cat burglars.

Especially women cat burglars.


Now what?

Well, now we're gonna move into the cutting

for a little late night shampoo.

Then I'm gonna sell you
to the highest bidder.

Callahan knows where I am.


Even if she does, she's not about
to help you.

Not after what she thinks
you did to her.

JAIME: You don't give
her very much credit.

I never did.

Frankly, Callahan was an easy target.

She was in love with you, John.


Do you really think I care?

Callahan was a pool of information to me.

She still is, if I can make her
forget seeing us today.

She should come in very handy in throwing
the O.S.I. offtrack

when you disappear.

Very slowly into the salon now...

Run, Jaime! Run!




John? Are you okay?

Yeah, I...
I think so.

You sure?

You deserved that,
you filthy, lying rat.

Here, tiger. Hold this.
I'm gonna call Oscar.


Okay. Now where is Oscar gonna meet Pineda?

Why don't you go to the phone booth,
like we did?

Of course,
you'd be a little late.

Of course.

John, I think you could
use a shampoo, don't you?

Looks cute.
Feelgood, John?

Oh, wow.



JAIME: Can you hear me all right?

JOHN: Yes.

Ooh, that's weird.

Where is Oscar Goldman
going to meet Pineda?

Kennedy Stadium.

What time?

6:00 am.

It's five minutes.
We're close.

What's gonna happen?

A man at the press box roof is going to shoot

Wow! Watch it, Callahan.

Antonio! Where are you?


JAIME: Oh, that...
- That was great, Callahan!


You want me to come with you?

Uh, I mean, I can make better
time without you.

But I need you to call an ambulance.
Okay? Get the police?

Okay. Okay.
Where are you going?

I'm gonna go right up there.
Be careful.

I will. Thank you.


- Do you have my papers?

Right here.

It's 6:00 am.
Let's get on with it.

Where are you?

ANTONIO: Tunnel 19, row 55.

Come on up.


JAIME: Oh, no!


Oscar, duck! Duck!






And this is the magic shampoo?

Well, don't...
Don't smell that stuff.

Well, unless, of course, you'd like to share
some secrets with us.

What's it made of?

And it penetrates deep
into the pores of the skin.

That's the part I don't understand,

Now what about his hands?

He never wore gloves when he used that stuff.


Just look at your palms.

What? One...

The pores are smaller.
They're almost invisible.

Now that molecule was designed
to penetrate

the large pores on the scalp

and to be filtered out by the small pores
on the hand.

He was quite a chemist.

And a hairdresser, and a boyfriend,
and a con artist.

Oh, this guy really had his act
together, didn't he?

Yeah, but look what it got him.
Twenty years in prison.


What about the guy he was selling
the information to?

Ambassador Juarano will be taken care of by the
United States Government.

At least, that's what I'm told.

Are you doubting my word again, Antonio?

Of course not, Oscar. You have given me
a new life.

A fresh start.

I sometimes wonder about the suspicious
nature of man.

How he can doubt the words of his best
and dearest friends.

Doubt their motives.

I guess sometimes it just happens.

Especially when your best friend

thinks that you're trying to turn 'em in
or steal their boyfriend.

My word!

Oh, I don't know, Jaime.

I never should have said that stuff
outside the salon.

All that stuff about you wanting
to be on top.

It hurt. But that's over.

I just need to know from you
that you don't resent me

for the way that I look, or for the things
that I do,

'cause you're my best friend.

No, Jaime, look.

I... I hadn't been involved like that
in a long time. Right?


I lost my perspective.

And when I realized that, I just... I tried to
think clearly again.

I really care about you, Jaime.

And I'm sorry.



Oh, listen...
Listen, I forgot.

You know yesterday, when all the reporters
and the police came?


I met this guy,
you would not believe...

You would not believe...