The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 3, Episode 4 - Fembots in Las Vegas: Part 2 - full transcript

Carl Franklin has managed to launch the stolen energy ray into space and now demands that the three people he holds responsible for his father's death be handed over to him. They are: Oscar Goldman, Dr. Rudy Wells and Jaime Sommers.

OSCAR: Jaime, that's
- Kyler's girlfriend.

You see her?
The tall one.


Her name is Tami Cross.

Red phone. Mr. Kyler.

Last on The Bionic Woman...


Tami Cross is a fembot.

Jaime, I told you,
Dr. Franklin is dead.

I shall need at least
five minutes to record

Kyler's voice pattern correctly.

Thank you.

Tami, you must keep Kyler talking for at
least five minutes.


For as long as I live We got to

stay in this sterilized
goldfish bowl.

NANCY: Dr. Franklin, somebody's
following Tami.

It's Jaime Sommers.

Tami, there's a girl
following you.

She's very dangerous.

Lure her into the theater
and dispose of her.

Don't let her get away.

Hurry, Tami.

Tami, watch out!



you're going to have
to take over Tami’s job.

I'm going to program Kyler's vocal patterns
into your memory bank.

Consider a profound apology made.

Consider it accepted.

It seems that Franklin had a son.

The three people who destroyed my father
are all in that room.

They have much to answer for,

and will.

We've come for the Energy Ray Weapon
and we're going to get it.

Please tell your lab to turn it over
to the person who's waiting.

ROD: There's no way I'll do that.

You're wasting your time.

Come outside with the others.

Are you all right?

I'm sorry I couldn't
help you anymore.


Yes, boss.
This is Dan.

Dan, a woman Air Force Captain

will be there in a few minutes.

Just turn over the Energy Ray Weapon to her.



This is Oscar Goldman speaking.

Suspend the launch and declare a Red Alert.

Franklin and his fembots
have gained control of

the Directed Energy Ray Weapon.

Don't worry. I'll take care of it, sir.

Proceed with countdown
for launch as scheduled.

MAN: And now for the conclusion of
”Fembots in Las Vegas”

on The Bionic Woman.

This is Launch Control

at T-minus one hour,
40 minutes and counting.

Propulsion, where do you stand?

All is well, Flight,

liquid oxygen has pressurized
within the green marks,

CMV on panel two verifies IVS fuel load.

We are go on Primary,

we are go on second stage.

Very good.

All units stand by for status check
on Delta-B circuit.

Beginning with the items on page 371.


ELECTRICAL: We are go.



RSO: Affirmative, Flight.

All down range stations
are on the line,

we are go on flightpath.

We are go on Global Net.

Telemetry and orbital control?

TOC: Flight, there's still
a problem with payload.

We suggest a hold at T-minus 30 minutes if
the condition is not resolved.

Roger, TOC. Unless I receive a go
from you on payload,

I'll initiate a hold
at T-minus 30.

Communications Center, what's the status
on your side?

We've no problems, Flight.

All Air Police units,
by order of the O.S.I.,

we have a Red Alert.
Repeat, Red Alert.

The base is now sealed
to all outside communication.

Anyone attempting to enter is to be held

for questioning until the Mission Launch
is complete.

The only exception to the quarantine
is a 0-130,

tail number Charlie 533,

arriving in 20 minutes
with high priority cargo.

Affirmative, Transport C-130,

tail number Charlie 533
is excepted.

Seal off the base.

Vandenberg Communications.

Hold for Mr. Goldman, please.
Oscar, line one.

This is Oscar Goldman speaking.

What's the situation out there?

All secure, Mr. Goldman.
The launch has been scrubbed

and we're on Red Alerts,
as ordered.

Have you made any radar contact
with Transport C-9533?

Negative, sir, but there's no way
it'll get in here.

We're shut down so tight,
a seagull couldn't land.


Yes. Yes, sir.

Oscar, the Secretary
on line four.

I want a status report
every 15 minutes.

Mr. Secretary?

No, sir, I don't have
anything more to report

except we have blocked them

from the launching area
at Vandenberg.

That leaves them no way to orbit
the Energy Weapon.

No, sir. They can't possibly
have any other plans.

Our applications studies
here indicate...

"Effectiveness only as
an orbiting weapon

"for use against satellites
and ground targets."


Right. OSCAR: Mr. Secretary,
you can categorically

tell the President that no foreign power
is involved in this theft.

Listen, that may not
be a blessing.

Dealing with them might be better than dealing
with Carl Franklin.


Can I call you back, we're getting some
input here, Mr. Secretary.

Thank you very much.
What have you got?

Yuma tracking lost the plane here.

It might have crashed.

Oh, we might not be so lucky.

They're probably hedgehopping
under the radar net.

They could be going in any direction.
Where are they headed?


Come in.


Hi, Jaime, you look beat.

I am.

These fembots, they're like
arguing with a Mack truck.

I mean, it's just so frustrating
and so frightening

to know that you're never,
ever gonna win.

I know.

Can I do anything?

No, nothing at the moment.

I'm just trying to get a fix
on the frequency that

Franklin uses to communicate
with these things.

And that is it.


Only, he isn't sending
any signals now.

He probably knows we used this system

to triangulate on his father's base.

And I'd guess that he pre-programmed

the fembots for the next move.

Do you think that Callahan and Tami
are still alive?

If they are,
Carl probably has them.

NANCY: Vandenberg Tower,
this is C-130,

tail number Charlie 533,
arriving on schedule.

ROGERS: Charlie 533 has just touched down
on runway one-niner left.

Very good, Lieutenant.
Escort the aircraft

to the payload assembly hangar.

ROGERS: Roger.

CALLAHAN: All right,
you know what to do.


Put them in an office
someplace out of the way.

Take the space telescope
out of the nose cone

and replace it with the Energy Ray Weapon.

I better try something else.

Rod, what are you doing here?

I came to help, of course.

You know what a risk that is?

Doc, look, I don't want
any more arguments.

I've already had it out
with my own doctors.

They all know what's going to happen.

I can die if I catch the measles, the flu,
the common cold.

Well, what about the isolation booth?

There's no way that they're going to
get me back in that thing.

It's nothing but an oversized coffin.

Okay, but you're not gonna convince me that
there is no hope.

Because I remember when I was
a hopeless case.

And Rudy didn't give up on me.
Here I am.

But there's no cure for what I've got.

There was no cure for what happened to me.

Look, I'm not some do-gooder off the street.

I designed the Energy Weapon.

Franklin stole it from me and killed me
in the process. Okay?

Forget it, Oscar. Just tell me what
bases you want covered.

It might save a little time.

The plane's still not showing on the radar.
Rudy, got anything?

No. He's still maintaining
radio silence.

Excuse me.

Jaime, I want you to get back
to Vandenberg right away.

Your hearing device might detect the fembots

in case they should try
to infiltrate the base.

The Air Police will be there to help you,

and there's a plane waiting at McCarran.

I've got a jet at my strip that'll get us there
a lot faster.

I'm in this with you.

Let's go.

Sommers, this time, why don't you get into
the seat before we take off?

The seat.

I knew I was doing something wrong,
I could just feel it.

Tell Ellen the cargo
is ready for loading.

Flight, the payload is
now on board the vehicle.

Previous hold is canceled.

We are now on go configuration.

Affirmative, ALD. All units at T-minus
30 minutes and counting.

Stand by for final communications check.

Vandenberg Tower, this is Lear Alpha Juliet
requesting permission to land.

That's a negative,
Lear Alpha Juliet.

The base has been shut down until
further notice.

we're on O.S.I. business.

I'm Rod Kyler,
I have Jaime Sommers with me.

Inform base commander we're touching down
in five minutes.

Roger. You are clear to land on runway
one-niner right.

Air Police,
an unauthorized aircraft

is now landing on runway one-niner right.

TOC: Squad C and D are now in the green.

C and D are green.

ASSISTANT LAUNCH DIRECTOR: Flight, all automatic
sequence computers

are now green and on stand-by for launch.

Very good, ALD. Automatic sequence
now green and standing by.


PROPULSION: We are go. - We have second stage
fuel and oxidizing.

Very good.
Track and Flight Safety?

TFS: With a go.

Oh, Rod, they haven't
scrubbed the launch yet.

Hold it.

Lieutenant, why are they
still on the countdown?

What can I tell you, miss? I only work here.
Get in the jeep, please.

Come on. Take us to the base
commander's office.

I don't think you understand.

You're under arrest.

The base commander will see you
after the launch.

Wait a second. You don't understand
what's going on here.

Sure I do, miss. You're getting in the jeep
and coming with us.



item six on page 412.

Pacific Gamma Range reports affirmative for
free orbital flight pattern.

Transition is a post for go.

Configuration is scheduled for T-plus
8 minutes, 43 seconds.

Very good. Telemetry confirms
affirmative on free orbit.

Tracking the transition
on schedule.

Instrumentation, state current
status of on board program.

That's a go, Flight.

How do you stop a space booster?

Go to Mission Control,
tell them to pull the plug.

Okay, cover me if you can.


Hey, stop.

All right, you hold it.

Communications, the woman prisoner
has escaped.

Repeat, has escaped.

Let's find her.

Flight. We have a clear to launch.

Roger, ALD.

All stations, we are at T-minus three minutes
and counting. Mark...

Start range recorders
and video tape recorders.


Tracking flight safety, command receiver
checks are complete.

- RSO 7 Electrical?
- RSO: Green and go.

ELECTRICAL: D-comp is green,
F-comp is green,

internal power is green.

Very good. All stations,
launch panel is now green.

T-minus two minutes,
30 seconds and counting. Mark.

GINA: That's far enough,

Flight, Instrumentation.


Start to calibrate all instrumentation

Start instrument recorders.

Going into terminal phase at T-minus two minutes
and counting. Mark.

Facility is go.

Electrical is go.

...Sensor squibs and R0 Sequence.


Roger, Sequence. T-minus one minute,
40 seconds and counting.

SRV, it's go on Internal.

Roger, Flight. All systems are
completely on Internal Power.

Enable SR and Regulators.

Go. T-minus one minute,
20 seconds and counting.

Transfer TDC power.

TDC power is go. D-Comp is go.
F-Comp is go.

Automatic sequence is go.


Launch Panel is on.


Very good. T-minus one minute
and counting. Mark.

All stations, this is Flight.
At T-minus 30 seconds and counting,

all systems are go.

We may proceed with launch.

Facility is now on Automatic Sequence.
Stand by for terminal count.


T-minus 10 seconds, and mark.


Ten, nine, eight,

seven, six, five...

Have to stop...
Four, three, two, one!

We have ignition.


The bird's in flight.


Let Sommers go for now. Return to base
for final phase.


BILLIE: We're ready for the test, Dr. Franklin.

Fine. Check those target coordinates
again, Billie.

Linkage of the targeting unit

to the computer is complete.

Power's on and the satellite
is standing by.

Power on.

Test the maneuvering cycle.


Mr. Goldman,

Telemetry reports that the orbit is
established and stable.

Well, Kyler, it's your baby.
What do we do now?

I'm running the countermeasure
parameters right now.

For the first time in my life,

I'm hoping to find a defect
in one of my designs.

How's Jaime?

We're lucky,
no serious injuries.

I gave her a sedative,
but it's wearing off.

She may be awake soon.

Well, Franklin's got
a gun at our heads.

Could an ABM shoot it down?


One of its principle functions is its own
defense against them.

I built in a secondary system
of fast reaction lasers.

They won't blast mountains
like the main beam,

but they'll zap missiles like flies.

How long do you think before Franklin
will make it operational?

All he needs to do is to connect
the targeting unit

into an analog computer.

He's already had time to do that.

Well, the only possibility then is
to send the Marines in

to attack Franklin's
ground base.

We can't do that.

Franklin's last communication
with the fembots

was not long enough for us to pinpoint the base.

ROD: Oscar, at this time, Franklin can direct
a beam of energy

and destroy anything in space
or on the ground.

What you're saying is,
we're beat, huh?

Then all we can do is
wait to hear from Franklin,

find out what his demands are,

and give him what he wants.

I think l'll see how Jaime is.

She may be asleep.

I won't disturb her.

Like I always said, Rudy,
can't win them all.

But it hurts when you
finally lose the big one.




It's all right, just relax.

You all right?
Just back on the pillow.


Just relax.

I couldn't get away from them.

Take it easy.
That's it.

Look at you,

you're comforting me and you're the one
that's really sick.

Takes my mind off myself.

Yeah, well...

Rod, you're burning up.

Oh, it's, uh... Just coming down
with a little cold.

Oh, come on, we both know
it's gonna happen.



Rudy, Rod's got a fever.


Let's see.

Yeah, he sure does.

Well, help him.
Do something.

We've been over all of this.

Well, let's go over it again. There must be
something that they haven't done.

Or tried.

You sure your doctors have tested all
the immunoglobulins?

And the hyper-variable

and the heavy and light
polypeptide chains.

Rudy, come on...


Glutamic acid?

Yeah, it didn't work.

Asparagine 90-H negative?

I don't remember that one.


Easy, Jaime,
it's not a miracle cure.

Our basic research indicated a loss of immunes

in protracted space flight.

Now, we used the compound
as immune material.

Now there was some degree of success, but

our experiments haven't gone very far.

Okay, but there was some success, right?

So it's certainly worth a try.



All right. All right,
I'll call Washington,

and I'll ask if there's any
material available.

You're an optimist.

CALLAHAN: The Weather Plane is approaching
the target area now.

This is Carl Franklin. Patch me through to
Oscar Goldman, please.

This is Oscar Goldman speaking.

Mr. Goldman,
this is Carl Franklin.

Dr. Franklin's son.

I know that you're triangulating
on this signal,

but I want you to know
where I'm located.

My base is the abandoned space lab facility
at Domingo Bay.

Yes, I know the place.


Now, I think a demonstration of
the Energy Ray's effectiveness

would save us a lot of argument later on.

My first target will be the uninhabited section
on the Coast of Sonora.

One of your weather observation planes

is within five miles
of it right now.

I'll call you back after the demonstration
is completed.

Set target coordinates.


Code Stormy Weather Able-323.

This is Oscar Goldman speaking.

Are you noticing any unusual activity?

PILOT: No, sir. - Cloud cover is
90% clear, sea is calm.

Visibility unlimited.

On target.

All safeties off.
Firing sequence ready.


Good Lord. Mr. Goldman, you're not going
to believe this,

but a whole island just exploded down there.

It just disappeared into the ocean.

I do believe it.




Yes, if you’ve received the damage report,
Mr. Goldman,

you understand the futility of arguing
with my demands.

What are they?

The first one is personal.

I want the three people
responsible for

the destruction of my father

delivered to me within 12 hours.

That's Jaime Sommers,
Dr. Rudy Wells,

and of course you,
Mr. Goldman.

Is that clear?

Very clear.


How is Rudy doing with your problem?

They've located some
Asparagine 90-H,

I'm going to fly to Washington and try it.

Oh, good.

Where'd that come from?

Oscar and Rudy left something for you.

Jaime, by the time you see this,

Rudy and I will have already left.

[Franklin demands that Rudy, you, and]
turn ourselves over to him.

Even he might figure
two out of three ain't bad.

Now, this is an order.

I don't want you to try to follow us.
Is that clear?

And that's the way I want it, too, Jaime.

Now, do as you're told this time.

Now, you'll have your chance

just as soon as research figures out
some kind of a plan.


Well, I guess that's about all.

So long, babe.

Where are my clothes?

You heard what they said,
it's an order.

What if Franklin doesn't accept
two out of three?

Why should he compromise?

I know... I know that
you're trying to protect me,

but I stand a better chance

against those fembots
than anybody else.

What chance?

Okay, it's a slim one,

but it's a heck of a lot better than
what they've got.

I mean, they have absolutely nothing.

My clothes, please?

Rod, I've never started
a mission naked before,

but there's always a first time.

Thank you.

Now, you designed this thing.

There's got to be a flaw somewhere.

Nothing can get at it.

Well, there's got to be something.
Come on, now.

Sabotage. Maybe we can turn it
against itself.

What are you thinking?

Well, if the Energy Ray could be

fired at its own targeting unit
and destroy it...

Then the weapon itself would just be
space garbage, right?

But it could be suicide. You'd have to be
inside Carl's base to do it.

Just tell me what's necessary.

I can program the tape on the
Mission Control computer.

You'll have to insert it
into the targeting unit.

Do it.


You okay?

Yeah, Jaime, I've got
to fly back to Washington.

Maybe Rudy's stuff'll
do me some good.

I've programmed a five minute delay

before the automatic
firing sequence begins.


Good luck.

Take care.

CARL: Gentlemen, it was
absolutely predictable

that you would try to save Jaime Sommers
by leaving her behind.

Lonly trust that it's equally predictable
that I won't accept it.

Your father's argument was
with Rudy and myself.

Settle it with us.

Ah. You mean Jaime Sommers
is unimportant?

She's an extension of your mind,

just as these fembots are
an extension of mine.

There are too many differences between them
to compare, Franklin.

Please, don't be a bore.

Her emotions will program her to do it

just as effectively as I would program
one of my fembots.

She's coming now, Nancy.

OSCAR: No. Jaime, no.

CARL: You mind if I say I told you so?

Very good, Callahan. Now let her proceed,
then close in behind.

Welcome, Miss Sommers.
I've been expecting you.

Inside, Sommers.


Thanks for trying.

Thanks for trying. Listen to you two guys.

Talk about noble gestures.

Have you seen Carl yet?

Just for a moment. Your arrival
distracted him.

What about Tami and Callahan?

We think that they're dead.

Kyler programmed this.

Now, if you will insert that
in the targeting unit,

then the Energy Ray will fire at this place.

There is a five minute delay before
the firing sequence begins,

but that's all.

I hope he programmed the machine for
an irreversible cycle.

What is that?

Once inserted, the cycle is set,

even if the tape is taken out of the machine.

Sure, but unfortunately,
there are fembots

crawling all over this place.

How are we even gonna get near
the target unit?

Oh, I can draw them away.
That's all right.

You guys just get in and do what you
have to do with that tape,

and I'll meet you on the highway.

Jaime, you can't fight fembots.

Who said anything about fighting them?

I'm just gonna run like crazy.

This way, please.

It gives me enormous satisfaction having
the three of you here.

Of course, you've seen a place like this
once before, haven't you?

This machinery does look a bit
like your father's.

Indeed, it is.

He told me precisely
how to structure it.

In point of fact, everything that's happened
has been to his design.

I loved him very much, Miss Sommers.

He was a remarkable,
brilliant, sensitive man.

There were a half-dozen
turning points in his life

when Mr. Goldman could've helped him,

or at least tried to understand him.

I did, but I just couldn't put up with
his grandiose theories.

Why not?
Haven't I proved that

his fembots are more
effective than your bionics?

The more opposition he got, the more
desperate he became.

But he was never the madman
you made him out to be,

nor am I!

We're not gonna solve this problem
today, Franklin.

Machines are capable of certain tasks
that humans aren't.

But let's not forget
they have limitations.

They are indeed, machines.

Really? Well,
I hold a counter-view.


Machines are capable of faster
evolution than humans.

Or haven't you compared a Model-T

with a Grand Prix racer lately?


nobody's improved on your kind
since Helen of Troy.


Well, I still feel that
there's a lot more to me

than there is to your
glorified wind-up toys here.

I mean, if you were to compare me
to these ladies...


Get her!

Watch out, Carl.

Sommers, you'll never make it!

CALLAHAN: Help us,
please help us.

Jaime? Oh, no,
it's another one of them.

No, I'm not. Hi, Callahan.
Are you all right?

I'm just so happy you're here.

This is Tami Cross.

Oh, please help us.

I don't even know if I can help myself.

Go help Nancy.

Oh, my God, no.

She's not going to cause me the trouble
she caused my father.

Break it in and kill them all.



Smash the fembot controls.



Let's get out of here.

We've got four minutes,
let's get Jaime.

Back inside, please.


Come on.
Come on, come on.

All right, now, take that
elevator down there

and get out of here. Go on.

Come in, Miss Sommers.

Carl, come on. You've lost.
Let's get out of here.

I think not.

Don't you know what's happening?

Of course I do. This place is
about to be destroyed.


Look, even your father
knew when he was beaten.

Now, you happen to be
in the same situation. I...

Not exactly the same.
My father was afraid to die.

I'm not.

I'm perfectly satisfied taking his three
greatest enemies with me.

None of you understand, do you?

I mean, it's always been your argument that

humans are superior to fembots

because they possess
emotions and a soul.

But don't you see that those are

no longer unique qualities?

You can't kill all of us
with that gun, Franklin.

With this?
I don't need this.

Now, do you see?

I'm proof that you're wrong.

My father gave me a soul, Miss Sommers...


Oh, no. No, no.
Come on, no.


The doctor's human son
died as a baby.

When he created me,

he knew he would never
worry about that again.

Through me,
he made us both immortal.

All my controls are internal as are my emotions
and my desires.

All right. All right.

Then the test is between you
and me, correct?

Is that correct?

You said it yourself.

Oscar, take Rudy and get out of here.

Get out of here.

Hurry up.

All right, come on.
Come on. Come on!

Come on!




Get over there. Get behind
that concrete wall.

Now, move! Move it!

I'm going to get Jaime.

No, Oscar.
Oscar, it's too late.

We can't go back for her, we can only hope
she'll make it.




There she is! Jaime!

Run, Jaime, run.



Run, Jaime! Run!



RUDY: Yes, she's right here, Kyler.
I'll put heron.

He wants to talk to you.


Hello, Jaime.

Hi, you sound good.
You sound better.

Well, there's nothing
definite yet,

but if my progress continues,

[should be out of the isolation chamber
for good.

Oh, boy! Great.
Champagne, pal.

Let me speak with her.

Jaime, thanks.

That's so little to cover so much,

but I can't think of
anything else to say.


That covers it for me, too.

If you want anything,
let me know.

Hey, listen, all I really want is
for you two to be happy.


All right. Bye-bye.

Oscar, what's gonna happen to
the Energy Ray Weapon?

We're going to leave it
up there as space garbage.

It can't do any harm now.

Yeah, that's what you said about
the fembots.

Well, we're pretty certain this time, Jaime.

We're sure,
or we think we're sure

that they were all destroyed
in the explosion.

Think? Oscar,
how sure is pretty sure?

Well, it's...

Usually, that means something between

a positive maybe,

but an absolutely certain, "I hope so."

Oh. Oh!

Well, I hope so.

I hope so.