The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 3, Episode 3 - Fembots in Las Vegas - full transcript

Peggy Callahan's Fembot double is remotely reactivated while in storage at the Office of Scientific Intelligence by Carl Franklink, son of it the Fembot's creator. His plan is in motion to steal a new energy ray weapon invented by the reclusive and terminally ill scientist Rod Kyler. At the same time Oscar Goldman and Jaime Sommers are also trying to contact Kyler at his private penthouse in Las Vegas.

You can make them as beautiful or as deadly
as you want to.

OSCAR: Jaime, they'll never
operate again.


Tami Cross is a fembot.


Please let me in there.

ROD: If I do, it'll kill me.

If anybody gets in here,
it'll kill me.

As long as he stays in the Isolation Chamber,
you can see him.

I'll see him.
There's a girl following you.

CARL: She's very dangerous.
- Attack!

If you break the glass,
you'll kill him!

Forget it, Oscar,
they're only bluffing.



Oscar, it's Jaime.
They told me you were here.

OSCAR: Come on in,
it's unlocked.


What are you doing?

I have been selected to appear

before a Congressional Appropriations Committee
next week.

Since we are a semi-secret organization,

they'd like to know how
we spent the taxpayer's money.


So, I'm gathering exhibits from old cases.

Good Lord, Oscar. I didn't know
you kept all this stuff.

Yes. It's all sealed evidence.

It's like walking through a haunted house.

Be with you in a minute.

Oh, no.

You kept this too, huh?

Yeah. We very nearly bought the farm that time,

What did Dr. Franklin
call those female robots?



Programmable, obedient

and as beautiful or as deadly as I
choose to make them.






Okay. That's it.
I'm going upstairs.

Hey, hey, hey.
Why the stampede?

Oh, Oscar. I'm sorry,
I can't help it.

This place got me so spooked, I'm hearing
that transistor hum again.

Jaime, they'll never
operate again.

Dr. Franklin died in prison
two months ago.

She's only alive in your memory, babe.


Oh, I'm sorry.


That thing is like seeing myself dead.

I can't stand to look at it.


Andrews Air Force Base called and the plane's
ready to fly you to Vandenberg.

Good, let's go.

I was ready for that almost immediately.


Callahan? Can you hear me?


CARL: Very good.

Adjust your face mask.

How've you been, Jaime?

Okay. Staying out of trouble,
more or less.

Oscar works me pretty hard, you know.

Maybe Oscar's just trying to
keep you out of trouble.



CARL: It's time, Callahan.


LAUNCH DIRECTOR: This is Vandenberg
Missile Launch Control.

RSO, how's it stand on your end?

RSO: According to plan,

Estimate marriage of the missile to the Tower will
complete at 2300 hours.


Anticipating the orbital window at T minus
30 hours.

Final countdown will begin at
0800 hours tomorrow.

Dr. Wells confirms loading
of the space telescope

into the nose cone will complete at 1600 hours.

At that time, we will begin mating the nose cone
to the space booster.

Dr. Wells, please keep your
status reports current.

Careful. Careful.

Very slowly.

Now take it easy. Easy.

Easy, ladies and gentlemen. It fits like a glove.
Don't force it.

We never do, Doctor.
We just use a bigger hammer.

As long as it's a rubber hammer.

Now, that's it.
That's it.

Now, let's get the protective housing
mounted around it.

Good work, Rudy.

Thanks, Oscar.

Well, we got about 24 hours.

What do you say we go to Las Vegas
and have some fun?


Come on.
You never take a vacation,

much less in the middle
of a launch.

Well, I thought we'd see some shows while I do
what I have to do.

Will he see you?

He's got to see me.

I'm going to apologize to him.

To whom and for what?

Last year, Kyler Industries

proposed that we fund the development of a Solar
Energy Ray Weapon.

What is that?

That's a high-Intensity
fluoride beam

that focuses and directs atomic particles at
the speed of light.

In theory, the beam is stronger than lasers,

has much more destructive potential.

It's so accurate it could destroy
the Empire State Building

from 23,000 miles out in space.

I told Rod Kyler that it was too futuristic
and we'd pass.

It infuriated him.

Unfortunately, the Russians have
been investing millions

in directed energy research
on the theory it will work,

and our reports on their
progress are alarming.

So, I'm going to eat crow and hope that we can
close the gap.

Isn't this Kyler the fellow
that owns...

BOTH: Everything.

Aircraft and helicopter factories,

mines, electronics research

BOTH: One of the biggest
hotels in Las Vegas.


By the way I've got to
call Callahan.

Get the Kyler proposal

so I'll have it in hand
when I talk to him.


Oscar Goldman's office.

OSCAR: Hello, Callahan.

Would you pull the Kyler proposal
on the Energy Weapon?

Yeah, of course I will.

Good. And bring it to
Las Vegas in the morning.

You can stay with us
and later on we'll go out

to Vandenberg Air Base and watch the launch
of the space telescope.

Oh, really?
Oscar, that's super.

Thank you.

Thank you, Callahan.
See you in the morning.

Okay. You will. Bye.


CARL: All right, bring her
back here to the base.

We'll style your hair like hers so you can
take her place.

Then you'll go to Las Vegas
where the other fembots

are already in position
at Kyler's hotel.

Welcome to Las Vegas.

Here we are, babe.

Oscar, you know, I never knew that you were
the convertible type.

This is a surprise.

Well, this is because you
always saw me in limousines, my dear.

I love convertibles.

JAIME: Hey, it's a quarter to 8:00. Now, if we
hurry, we can make the 8:00 show.

Sure. But first, I've got to try to set up
a meeting with Kyler.

Well, that shouldn't
take long, huh?

I don't know. He's a very private man. Keeps a lot
of security people around.

Hey, Oscar.

We could make the 10:00 show.

I'm sorry, babe. Let me try to get to him
just one more time, huh?




What's the matter?

I... There's something wrong
with my hearing unit, I think.


Does something seem wrong?

I don't know.
I'm hallucinating.

DAN: Hello?

Hello, Dan?

Dan, this is Oscar Goldman.

Have you heard anything from Kyler?

I haven't been able to get through to the boss
yet, Oscar.

Dan, you've been saying that
for the last two hours.

Now, you tell Kyler I want to see him about
that Energy Ray Weapon.

You understand?

I'll give him the message, but I don't think
it'll do any good.

I don't think he's going to see me.

Oh, well. Hey, listen, we don't
have to go to the show.

Jaime, I promised you
a holiday, didn't I?

And I always keep my promises.


Oscar, we don't have to
stay if you don't want to.

No. I'm fine.
I'm enjoying myself.



That girl.

What girl?
There's 40 girls.

The fourth one on the left.
You see her? The tall one.


She's pretty.
Is she your type?

Well, I won't talk about that
right now, but she is Kyler's type.

Her name is Tami Cross.

They've been going together
a couple of years.

Listen, I've got a great idea.

Why don't you go backstage
and talk to her.

Tell her how important it is that
Kyler telephone me.

Oscar, I can't just go wandering around in
the girls' dressing rooms.

But, you'll have a better chance of talking
to her than I would.

Do what you can, will you?

I'll go overt Kyler Aircraft
and talk to Dan Mayers

and see about setting up a business meeting
at that end.

I can't tell you how important this Energy
Ray Weapon is.



Okay girls,
come on, let's move it.

Come on. You've got three
and a half minutes.

Very nice.
Really nice.

Too many balls.

Hey, hey, you. Sweetheart, what are you
doing back here?

Oh, I came to see one of the girls.

Listen, it's in the middle
of the show, all right?

And besides, the customers
are not allowed backstage.

Okay. It's only gonna
take me a minute.

Please, lady. We're working.
Do you mind?

Okay. Sorry.



It is the fembot hum.

I'm not imagining this, now...



Hi. You must be a new girl here.

Oh, I wish I was, but I'm just auditioning
in case of a vacancy.

Hey, if I said break-a-leg,
would you do it?

For sure. Absolutely.

Call for you.
It's the red phone.




Uh, this is Neal, Ms. Cross.

Mr. Kyler asked me to call you.

Neal, this is driving me crazy.

Six months ago, he left me in Acapulco
without ever telling me why.

Now I'm just going to stay here and keep calling
him until I hear from him.

That's why I called you.

He's decided to see you.

Well, it's about time. When?

Come up to the penthouse.
Be here in an hour.



Have somebody fill in for me
at the midnight show.

Okay, anything the boss wants.

Uh, you. You.

Yeah, you. Are you working
the last show?

Uh, no.

That's great.
Now, you take Tami's place.

I can't do that.
I have something else to do.

Don't argue with me otherwise you're fired.

I'm fired? I'm...

I quit.

Who was that?

DAN: Mr. Goldman, if it'll make you
feel any better,

Mr. Kyler hasn't talked to anybody recently.

All right, if that's the case,
level with me.

He's been known to pursue projects that other
people have called impractical.

It's been his style to perfect and spring
them on the world.

Now, as a representative
of his government and yours,

has he gone ahead and developed a Directed
Energy Weapon?

I can't answer that.

You just did.

I passed on your messages.

The boss will call you
if he wants to.

This is National Security
matter, Dan.

It's not a matter of anybody's convenience.



It's for you.

This is Oscar Goldman speaking.

Oscar, hi, listen.
Tami Cross is a fembot.


She's a fembot.

Jaime, I told you.
Dr. Franklin is dead.

I know that hum.
Now, believe me.

Look, I'll have Rudy check your hearing unit when
we get back to Vandenberg,

all right?

Oscar, will you please listen to me...


Uh... Nevermind.

Through at 3:00. Why don't I pick you up
at the parking lot?

Oh, I'd like to, honest,
but I can't.

Not tonight.

Hi, Ms. Cross. You haven't been up to
the Penthouse in a long time.

Mr. Kyler's expecting me.

Yes, ma'am.
Neal sent down word.



Tami's in the elevator now,
Dr. Franklin.

Thank you.

Tami, you must keep Kyler talking for at
least five minutes.



Oh, there's gotta be
an easier way to do this.

Hello, Ms. Cross.
Where is he?

Follow me, please.


Rod, are you in here?


It's good to see you, Tami.

CARL: He must be behind the glass.

Oh, Rod, where are you?

What's wrong?


TAMl: Will you please
talk to me?

What's happened to this place?

What's that glass wall for?

Why are you hiding?

ROD: When we were in Acapulco,

my doctors called.

I'd had a routine check-up and they'd
got the results.

They insisted that I fly back immediately.

Tami, I honestly thought I'd be back in Acapulco
the next day.

But it turned out that I'd

caught something so rare,
there's hardly a name for it,

much less a cure.

Please, let me in there.

If I do, It'll kill me. If anybody gets in here,
it'll kill me.

Well, turn up the lights.

Maybe that'll make it
clearer than words.

What is this place?
Why are you hiding?

My check-up showed that
I was losing my natural

immunization processes.

And it got worse.

Three months ago,
I had to enter this

thing. For as long as I live,
I've got to

stay in this sterilized
goldfish bowl.

Isolated from contact
with anything or anyone.

Oh, why didn't you tell me before?

You're doing very well, Tami.

Because I love you

and I knew you'd want to share it with me
and that's impossible.

And I wanted to see you one more time.

To say goodbye.

But if you loved me, you'd want to have me
near you.

I don't want anybody to see me like this.
Not even you.

But I wanna be near you even if it
is no closer than this.

You'd better go now.

Oh, Rod, let me stay.


All this is happening so fast. I need time
to sort things out.

All right, I'll go.

Only if I can come back tomorrow.

If you want to make the goodbye final then,

I'll accept it.

All right?

If that's what you want.

Oh, darling, I do love you.


CARL: That was good, Tami. Thank you.
Thank you very much.


CARL: Give the cassette
of Kyler's voice to Gina.

Gina, you know what to do
with the cassette.

NANCY: Carl, someone's
following Tami.

It's Jaime Sommers.

NANCY: Does she know
- Tami's one of us?

My father told me about
her bionic hearing.

He said she detected
the transistor hum before.

Quick, change the transmission frequency
on all fembots.

Tami, there's a girl
following you.

She's very dangerous.

Lead her into that theater.


Be sure she sees where you go.

All right, let her come closer.














CARL: Fix your face mask. Hurry.

Don't let her get away.

Tami, watch out!


JAIME: Oh, my God.

RUDY: I got here as soon as I could.

Jaime, it's Dr. Franklin's
basic design,

but the strange thing
is that the wiring

has a new type transistor

which has only been on the market
for the last six months.

It gives me the creeps to think somebody's been
watching me all this time.

Hello, Oscar.

Consider a profound apology made.

Consider it accepted.

Thank you, ma'am.

Well, we've got a break.

It seems that Franklin had a son.

He's be in his late 20s now.

NANCY: Dr. Franklin.
- Dr. Franklin.

We need you in the control room,
Dr. Franklin.

Callahan's arrived at the Las Vegas Airport.

Callahan, I'm glad you're in position.

Goldman has Tami. Go and find out
how much he knows.


you're going to have
to take over Tami's job.

I'm going to program Kyler's vocal patterns
into your memory bank.

Sit down.

The prison visitor's records show that he came to
see his father every month.

They spent as much time together
as regulations allowed,

then six months ago, Carl's visits
suddenly stopped.

Well, we certainly know...

...what stopped Carl's visits.
Come in.

Hi, Jaime, Rudy, Oscar.

Be careful,

react as the real Callahan would.
Hi, Callahan.

OSCAR: Glad to see you.
- Oh, I'm happy to be here.

Here's all your things.


It's okay.
It's all right.

Now, what about Kyler?
What's his condition?

I finally contacted his personal physician.

Just as Jaime said it was.
It's an acute

immunization disorder.

The three people who destroyed my father
are all in that room.

They have much to answer for,

and will,

but first things first.

Well, I'll see him, even if it takes
a Court Order.

Oh, come on, Oscar.

Jaime, we know now that Kyler has indeed developed
an Energy Ray Weapon.

We also know that Franklin is using these fembots
to try to get at it,

just like his father did to try to get
the Weather Control Machine.

Let's go.

Ugh! Bye.

Very good, Callahan.

Now, go and join your sisters at the
hotel and carry out your assignment.

Ah, very nice, Nancy, perfect.

Now, you must get out to Kyler's lab quickly
and carry out the next step.

Where's Kyler's private elevator?

It's over this way. Did you get
the court order?


Get our other sister.

Relief dealer, please.

Hi, sugar.
Glad to see me?

Not now, baby.
I've got problems.

Oh, what's wrong? You were never
too busy before.


I'm sorry, Mr. Kyler. They have a Federal
Court Order.

ROD: What's the idea, Goldman?

We had no choice, Rod.
There's no time.

We have reason to believe that a formidable force
is after your Energy Ray Weapon.

My what?
Come on!

We know you've perfected it.

If I did, it's none of your business.
You didn't pay for it.

I have nothing else to add.

Are you familiar with the work

of Dr. Franklin and the robots
that he's created?

I've read Rudy Wells'
confidential report.

You've done more than that.
You've met one.

The girl that was here last night
was not Tami Cross.

She was a brilliant,
completely life-like copy.

She was a fembot.

Where's the real Tami?

Carl Franklin must still have her,
if she's still alive.

He'd certainly would need the real girl
to make such a perfect copy.

I'm sorry, ladies.
This is a private car.

You're not allowed up here.


OSCAR: Jaime. Jaime?

Stay out of the way, Oscar.

We've come for the Energy Ray Weapon
and we're going to get it.

Please tell your lab to turn it over
to the person who's waiting.

ROD: There's no way I'll do that.

We don't want to hurt you.

We know the phone call has to be made with
your voice from that phone.

Pick it up.

Pick it up and do as I say.

You're wasting your time.

We are prepared to go in there and make
the phone call ourselves.

And we will do it if we have to.

I'll give you a count till five.


You'll never get by the voice identifier.


You've made a mistake.

The weapon won't do you any good.

I designed it, and it'll only
operate in orbit.

Don't concern yourself
with our problems.


Don't do it.

If you break the glass,
you'll kill him.

Forget it, Oscar.
They're only bluffing.





Get outside with the others.

Are you all right?

I'm sorry I couldn't
help you anymore.

Don't be.

I'd rather die out here than live in there
anyway. Now, easy.

PEGGY: Make the call.
- They're too much for us.


Yes, boss.
This is Dan.

Dan, a woman Air Force Captain

will be there in a few minutes.

I want you to turn over
the Energy Ray Weapon to her.

Mr. Kyler, please repeat the order
for voice identification.

Go ahead, sir.

(ROD'S VOICE) Turn over
the Energy Ray Weapon to the Air Force Personnel.

They require no further identification.

DAN: Hang on, Mr. Kyler. I'm waiting
for confirmation.

No, we can't let this happen.

Now, does that chopper upstairs work?

Yeah. It should.

It's been three months since I left it there
and came down here.

Okay, boss. If that's the way
you want it.

Okay, well, maybe I can buy us
a little time.

What if you take off and then radio for help
and I'm gonna...

CARL: Bring the three
and return to base.


JAIME: Rod, will you get upstairs?



PEGGY: She's blocked it
with something.

CARL: Get through there.

Hurry up. Come on.


It takes time to get
these rotors moving.




How did you do that?

Now get this thing off the ground.

I'll try and hold them till you're ready.
Hurry, though.

Get it up.!


Get it up!

What about you?

Get it up, and take it out
of here. Go on.



CARL: All right,
we lost them for now.

Bring Goldman and return to base

ROD: Jaime,
can you make it?

JAIME: I think so.
- Keep going.

You all right?


Anyone, this is K-493.

Anyone answer.


What's wrong?

My maintenance crew must have taken it
out for repairs.

And they weren't in any hurry.

They never expected me
to fly this thing again.

Okay, just take us over
to your research lab, huh?


Fasten the belt.

DAN: The Energy Ray Weapon is being loaded
aboard your plane now.

[sure was surprised when Mr. Kyler told me

to turn it over to the Air Force.

But at least they sent their prettiest officer.

Thank you.

DAN: I hope we get to see you again.

We'll see.

Okay, you feeling all right?


I won't just keel over.

It might take weeks before I meet the germ
with my name on it.

FLIGHT CONTROL: Air Force C-130, you
are cleared for take-off.

NANCY: Air Force C-130,
roger. Thanks for everything.

How much further is It, huh?

Just over that hill.

JAIME: What's that?

ROD: I don't think we made it.

Oh, no.

Good work, Nancy. Now that we have it,
we're ready for phase two.

Now they'll pay for what they did
to my father.

I'm sorry, Mr. Kyler.

The voice identifier checked,

everything checked.
It's okay.

Did anything that she said at all

give you an idea as to where she was going?

She just wanted all the technical manuals

for fitting the weapon unit into the nose cone
of a rocket.

All right, you said it would only work in orbit.

Right, now what kind of a launch vehicle would it
take to get it up there?

Well, it's designed for compatibility
with a space booster.

A space booster?

Come on, you never take a vacation,

much less in the middle
of a launch.

Oh, Lord!

Well, they've really got a way.



It's Oscar Goldman on five.

Oh, can I get it?

Oscar, are you all right?

A little headache,
but I got away.

They have the Directed
Energy Weapon.

Now I'm sure that they're gonna try

and put it into orbit
on the space booster

that Rudy's using to launch the telescope
at Vanderberg.

We're not beat yet, Jaime.

I'll call the base and have the Air Police
waiting to meet them.

Yeah, with tanks, I hope.

This is Goldman,
O.S.I., top priority.

I want you to connect me with
the Communications Center

at the Vandenberg Missile Facility.

This is ID.

Switch to channel four
for status check.

Roger, ID. There is a delay in mating the payload
to the Second Stage.

Suggest a hold at T minus 30 if the situation
is not corrected.

Affirmative, ALD.

Unless I receive a go from you
on payload,

I'll initiate a hold
at T minus 30 minutes.

Divisions report?

Range safety?

MAN 1:
R80 is go.

LAUNCH DIRECTOR: Telemetry? - MAN 2:
Telemetry is go.

OSCAR: Patch me through
to Air Force Communications.


OPERATOR: I can patch you through
to Air Force Communications

at Vandenberg now, sir.

This is Oscar Goldman speaking.

Suspend the launch and declare a Red Alert.

Use heavy weapons if anybody tries
to come on the base.

Do you understand?

(IN MAN'S VOICE) But, sir,
the space telescope is a civilian operation.

We've lent our facilities to them.

I'm going to order the Air Force to take
it over. Is that clear?

Yes, sir, Mr. Goldman. Red Alert
and scrub the launch.

Don't worry, I'll take
care of it, sir.

ID, this is Air Force Communications link.

I read you.
Air Force, go ahead.

Proceed with countdown
for launch as scheduled.


All stations, this is Flight.

We are green to proceed with launch.

CARL: Very good, Ellen.

In four hours, the Energy Ray Weapon will
be launched into space and I'll control it.