The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 3, Episode 22 - On the Run - full transcript

Jaime Sommers has decided to retire from the OSI. The powers that be go over Oscar Goldman's head and want to put her in a special compound for retired agents because they see her bionics as government property. As Oscar breaks the news to Jaime, he tells her to make a run for it. When she does, she is immediately branded a fugitive wanted by the government.

She's acting edgy these days.

This is Lindsay Wagner.

Here are some scenes from the next episode of
The Bionic Woman.

What is that?
What are you?

I can't stand looking
at you anymore.


Ms. SOMMERS is a prize.

You're gonna lock her up, eh?
You're talking about a zoo.

The NSB is too big.
You can't get away.

Oh, yes, I can.

If she resists, we'll
just put her to sleep.


Hey, Doc.
Where's Callahan?

Well, hi. She's visiting her mom
for a week,

so I'm sort of pinch-hitting for
Rudy and Oscar.

Well frankly, I think you're too good
for either of them.

Jaime inside?

Um, no, she went on an assignment
this morning.

Assignment? We're supposed
to have lunch.

Well, it was a last minute thing.

Maybe she, uh,
forgot to call you.

OSCAR: Sarah, send in the file
on the Mallare case.

Yes, sir.

Uh, please. Let me.

Thank you.

Oscar, you got a minute?
Yeah, Chris. What do you got?

Jaime out to babysit some kid?

Well, it's not a simple assignment.

When a top-notch scientist defects,

there's always a chance
that his enemies might try

to get back at him through his family.

Come on, Oscar. Stoddard doesn't need
a bionic babysitter.

Well, you know how Jaime is.
She loves kids.

She's always happiest
when she's around them.

That's why I gave her
the assignment.

You know, she's, uh...

She's acting edgy these days.

I can't put my finger on it.
I don't think she can either.


Jaime, did you see that? I sure did.

Quite a performance, wasn't it?

Think that calls for a peanut?

Well, I don't know.
Polar bears don't eat peanuts.

I believe they feed on salmon.

Oh, excuse me.

Well, I'll tell you what...

Mr. Bear, would you settle for
a round of applause?


Do you think they look sad?

I don't know. Maybe they just don't like
living in a cage.

Of course they like it, Jaime.

The people in charge give them everything
they need.

Yeah, everything except freedom.

Howdy, folks.
Perfect day, isn't it?

Sure is. I'll bet it's a perfect day
for a balloon, too, huh?

Yeah. (CHUCKLES) Well,
since you mentioned it,

you suppose the little girl
would like one?

Might be a hot prospect. What
do you think?

I'd like one.
Yeah, okay. (CHUCKLES)

How much?

Just fifty cents.

All right.

Here, honey. You want to pick
your color?

Uh, let's see.

Oh, oh, oh, oh!

Oh, no!

GIRL: My balloon.
- MAN: Oh, dear.

JAIME: Oh, well...

Well listen, what's gonna
happen here now?

Can we settle this out of court?

Oh, no. It's entirely
my fault, ma'am.

In fact, I owe you another balloon.

All we have to do is inflate it.

But it's very technical, and I sure could use
an assistant.

Oh, Jaime,
can I? Please?

Okay. Go ahead. Just don't you float
away, too, huh?

All right.
MAN: Come on.


GIRL: Jaime!



Jaime, please help me.

Jaime, help me!
Jaime! Put me down!

Put me down! Get away from me!
Please help me!

Jaime! Let me go!

MAN: What the...


GIRL: Jaime!



GIRL: Jaime! Oh,
can you help me?



GIRL: Jaime!



What did we do wrong?

Honey, are you all right? Okay.

It's all right. It's all right.

I was just so scared!
I know.

And if you hadn't been here...

But how did you handle all those big
men by yourself?

Oh, "how" isn't important. What's important is
that you're all right.

Thanks to you.

I will tell my father what a wonderful friend
you... You...

It's okay, Reiko...

What is that?

What are you?

Reiko, it's all right.

There you go.
Good as new.

I spoke to the police doctor.

He said he gave Reiko a sedative and she's
gonna be just fine.

Gave her a sedative?

Well, sure. It must've been a terrifying
experience for her,

with those two men and all.

JAIME: I've got to see
her and talk to her.

Jaime! Jaime, hi!

Hi! My goodness! I actually think
you're glad to see me.

Oh, you mean the zoo. Please
forgive me for that.

I was just so surprised to see...
Well, you know.

Yeah. But I'm quite
over it now.

Well, I'm glad. Because I wanted to talk
to you before you left.

Wait a minute. I...

These are for you. Here.

Oh, they’re just like the ones we saw.

Reiko, I want to explain
something to you.

It feels so real, doesn't it?

They feel real. Yeah.

I suppose that does,
too, yes. Um...

Reiko, look, I know that
you were surprised.

But you were probably
a little frightened, too.

Of course, now that I know, I can
tell it's not flesh.

Are you like this all over?

All over, uh...

Yes, uh, with these things. What do
you call them?

No, I'm not like this all over.

It's called bionics, but it's only my
arm and my legs.

That much?
That's wonderful!

No wonder you’re so much stronger
than a normal person.

Reiko, please listen to me. I don't want to talk
about this anymore, okay?

I want to talk about what makes a person a person,
what makes him part of life.

And it's not his hand or his legs.
It's what goes on inside.

It's got to be what's inside. Otherwise,
what would we be? What would that make me?

Father! Father, she's here!
The one I told you about.

The one who saved me. This is Jaime
SOMMERS, Father.

The robot lady!

She is pretty.

Excuse me.

REIKO: The robot lady.
- The robot lady.

JAIME: Dear Oscar, I think I know what's been
bothering me these past few weeks.

It's, uh, it's the O.S.I.

It's that one hundredth
of one percent of the world,

that deals with espionage and security
and secrets and paranoia.

This minute piece of life
has become my whole existence.

Almost everything I do
every day, relates to it.

And I've got to get back
to some reality.

I never asked for this arm.


This army called the O.S.I.

I didn't even really enlist.
(STAMMERS) I was drafted.

Oscar, you've been so kind
to me, and you've been fair.

And in spite of the system,
you've even been loving.

But I'm tired of answering the bugle.

I'm... I'm tired of being called a winner,

just because Rudy's genius made it
impossible for me to lose.

And I'm tired of looking in the mirror and seeing
an O.S.I. agent instead of a woman.

I'm just tired. I'm tired.

I feel like I have been on the front lines
for three years.

Now, I know it's going to take a bit of adjustment
to get back into civilian life.

And, realistically speaking,
I could be taking a chance

by not being under Rudy's
constant surveillance.

But no one knows if that's actually necessary.

Hi, Jaime.
How are you...

JAIME: And the way I'm feeling now,

it's more important to me to find out

if I can live a normal life.

I'm willing to take the chance.

It goes without saying that I'm gonna
miss you all very much,

but, uh, my mind is made up.

And as of today,
lam resigning from the O.S.I.


What is it?

It's, uh...





Thanks a lot, Max.


Good morning, lady of leisure.

How're things with the soft-life crowd?

Oh, things are wonderful.
I haven't felt this good in years.

Are you gonna keep your job
at the, uh, Air Base School?

I don't think at the Air Base. I mean,
I love those kids,

but I really would like to get away from the
Government completely for awhile.

I'm really, really pleased, Jaime.

Your morale sounds so high.

Well, I feel good.
I'm happy.

I feel so free, I don't exactly know what
to do with myself.

'Cause I've got all these options
open to me now

and I don't know where to start.

Whoops! Hey, duty calls. Can you hold? Great.

Oscar Goldman's office.

Senator Renshaw calling.

Uh, just a moment,
please. I'll ring.

Sorry about that. Well, listen, I was
just calling to say ”Hi. ”

Wanna have lunch tomorrow?

Fine. We could set a time
in the morning, huh?

You've got it. Bye-bye.
Okay. Bye.

MAN: Oscar, I want to thank you for
coming over right away.

You know this nation is facing
nothing less than a tragedy.

A tragedy at the hands
of Janey SOMMERS.

A woman who is a walking library
of our secrets.

Not just the ones in her head, the ones
in her bionics.

Janey SOMMERS is a prize that an enemy
could simply snatch up

and then examine at their leisure.

So, how can you possibly justify putting
her out on the street?

Well, gentlemen,

Ms. SOMMERS isn't just
atypical agent.

I mean, we have no contracts or anything
that ties us to her,

other than the gratitude she feels that we
saved her life.

That, and an unspoken
bond of trust.

Now her service might be at an end,
but not that trust.

Not after all we've been through together.

After three years of service, after risking her
life over and over again.

Now, I know this woman.

She would not go back on her word.

She would not betray her country.

Interesting words, Oscar.

They remind me of Sommer's last assignment.

Here it is. Right here.

Mallare, the defecting

I'm sure that his country
felt the same way about him.

Loyal, trustworthy, reliable.

But you got him to switch sides,
didn't you, Oscar?

That's not the same thing,
and you know it, Bill.

Gentlemen, please.

Oscar, we are not here to
impugn the girl's integrity.

But at the same time, she just simply cannot
be left out on her own.

Now, suppose she were
kidnapped by an enemy.

All right, do you think that their exploration
of her bionics

would be very pleasant for her?

To say nothing of the effect that that would have
on our national security?

And that's not the only thing. This is not just
our decision alone.

I sit on the Joint Intelligence Committee,

and I have to answer to
some very picky colleagues.

Frankly, I'm at a loss
for a solution.

Unless we go with the one that Mr. Parr suggested
to me this morning.


Relax, Oscar.
You win this one.

If SOMMERS feels she can no
longer be active,

we'd be happy to put her in a place where
she can get the reward

and the rest that she's
entitled to.

You see, Mr. Parr tells me that his
National Security Bureau

has several communities
throughout the country,

where Ms. SOMMERS can continue to live
a normal life

and yet still have the protection of a very
grateful government.

So you're gonna lock her up, eh?

Is that your idea of a grateful government?

No. Oscar.

You talk like that, you'd think it's
behind bars or something.

It's not that bad,
it's practically a resort!

Of course!

She can just roam around,
do whatever she wants,

until she gets too close to the edge.

And then you just jerk the leash, huh?

You're talking about a zoo.

Well, we won't keep you from your work
any longer, Mr. Goldman.

In fact, since you are so very busy,

I think that I will put the Janey SOMMERS matter
into Mr. Parr's hands.

And after Janey's settled
in her new home,

why, you can fly out and visit
her if you'd like.

Okay, you've won the first round.

But I'm gonna do everything
in my power to stop this.

Oscar, I wouldn't do anything foolish if...

I may not be able to stop you.
I may not be able to keep you

from making us as inhuman
and as calculating

as the people we're fighting against,

but I can do one thing.

When you're finished
building that cage

and you're getting ready
to put her name on it,

get it right, will you?
It's not Janey.

It's Jaime.

Say it.

Say it!


Good. Very good.

Don't you ever forget it.

Guess who's here.

Guess who's coming? Come in. Come in.


What a surprise.
What are you doing here?


Come on. Sit down.
You want some coffee?

Well... A sandwich, some fruit?
I just went to the store.

I can only stay a moment. Just wanted to stop in
and say hello.

Well, okay. I... I just wanted to talk
to you about some things.

I don't think I've ever really said them
strongly enough and...

I would like you to know how
much I appreciate

the fact that you've always been there for me
when I needed you.

And that the hardest part
about leaving the O.S.I.,

is that I'm not going to have you
to lean on anymore.

So I was just wondering if you took
outpatients, Doc?

Jaime, you're not out.

What do you mean, I'm not out?

Oscar, I thought you would understand.

I understand.

Well, what then? I spilled my guts
to you in a letter,

and after you know how I feel, you come into my
house and you tell me I'm not out?

I mean, are you trying to tell me

that I can't even quit if I want to?

I mean, I don't understand you.

I thought that I was more
than just a pawn to you,

or one of your little tools.

I just... Jaime, you're
hurting my arm.


I feel very strange.
I don't know, um...

I always felt like I could trust you.

You can trust me.


It's other people.

People that won't let you go.

What other people?

I don't understand. They can't make me work.
That's ridiculous.

Of course they can't.

But they consider a part
of you government property.

That's why they're willing
to let you retire.

They've got the place
all picked out.

Oh, it's very pleasant, it's sunny.

Plenty of beautiful recreational facilities.

Don't worry about any personal needs
you might have.

The people in charge will give you
whatever it is you want.


Yeah, they'll give me
everything but freedom, huh?

Uh, Oscar, can't you
do something?

Jaime, I'm doing all I can.

But it's out of my hands,
but not out of my mind.

Well, I better get out of here.

Before I end up telling you

that the NSB are on their way over here.

That you've got 20 minutes to pack

and to get out of here.

And that I might tell you to run.

Use all the skills that I taught you

to prevent us from paying you
back in this way.


What about Max?
I'll take care of Max.

Now listen, you haven't got much time.

Hurry. Come on.

You know...

Callahan once accused me of being
married to the O.S.I.

And if that is the case,

you are the closest thing
to family I'll ever have.

I want you to know I'm gonna miss you
very, very much.

But I want you to go be free,

find whatever it is you're looking for.

Because I...

I love you.

Oscar, I love you too. I do.

All I'm looking for is whatever is left
of Jaime SOMMERS.

You know, you just gave me back
a big piece of her.

Now maybe I can find the rest, huh?


Get out of here. Hurry.

Okay, okay,
stop this. Stop it.

I've gotta pull myself together.

I don't know. What am I gonna take.

I don't need to take this. Because see,
I run on batteries.

I don't need that machine for exercise.

I'm something they whipped up one weekend
in a laboratory.

I don't believe it.

They won't let me go because they consider me
US. Government property.


I'm not a woman.
I'm just a machine.

I'm a serial number. 97402.

What was I doing, anyway?

I don't need to take you with me
to wake me up,

because I hardly ever
sleep anymore, right?

And Rudy says I don't
need that much sleep,

because there isn't that much of me left
to get tired.

I could just lay in bed half the night,

thinking about how little of me there
is in this bed.

Look what I've done.

You're the problem,
you know that?

You're the real problem,
because you're the machine

I have to take with me wherever I go.

You're always there and always working.

And if I, you know, if I turn on this cute
little ear of mine,

I can hear circuits breaking in,

I can hear gears spinning,
It's like some time machine.

It's like some awful machine.

You know, you must be so...

Now, you're just like some awful machine...

And I can't stand looking
at you anymore.


Why is this happening to me?

I don't know.

PARR: Remember, she's
exceptionally strong.

Protect yourself but don't harm her.

I want this done as smoothly as possible.

Yes, sir. If she resists,
we'll just put her to sleep.

Cover the back of the house.



It's open, sir.
PARR: Go ahead in.

Ms. SOMMERS, we'd just like
to talk to you for a moment.

Check the back.

AGENT: Nothing here, sir.
Come on.

Priority 1, this is Deputy Director
Parr. Top secret.

OPERATOR: Channel scrambled, sir.

This is Parr.

former O.S.I. operative,

is hereby officially
designated a fugitive.

Effective immediately. All regional NSB directors
are to give highest priority

to her location and apprehension.

You're to use every resource
and facility at your disposal.

Toward this goal, headquarters will immediately
initiate the following actions.

One, the creation of a
reasonable cover story

to ensure the cooperation
of domestic police agencies.

Two, immediate and continuous surveillance

of all friends and coworkers
ofJaime SOMMERS,

concentrating on her
acquaintances within the O.S.I.

Three, requisition of all O.S.I. records and files
regarding Jaime SOMMERS,

in both her professional
and her private life.

I remind all regional
directors and field agents

that we have been given
full authority in this case

by the Joint Intelligence Committee.

What's wrong with it?

This morning the NSB cut off
all our computer tie lines.

You mean they won't let their computers
talk to our computers?

That's about it.
I don't believe this!

We know more about what's going on
in Moscow and Peking

than we do at the NSB.

RUDY: It's a rotten political trick.

For years now, Parr's been trying
to discredit you

and get the NSB to take over all the government
undercover operations,

and he's using Jaime
as an issue to do it.

Parr believes it's for the good
of the country, Rudy.

That's the trouble. He thinks he's doing
the right thing.

Coffee, Rudy?
Thanks, Sarah.

I wonder if Jaime knows how serious they are.

If she doesn't want to be found,
she won't be found.

Are you kidding?
They never give up!

She knows the resources
of the NSB.

If she doesn't want to be found, she isn't
going to be found.

We better find her first and let her
know what's going on.

We know her better than anybody else.

We should be able to
figure out where she'd be.




What is so funny?

Oh, nothing.
I was just thinking

that absolutely no one, no one at the O.S.I.,
has any idea where we are.

And even if they did,
we don't have a shortwave,

we don't have a pocket beeper,
we don't have anything.

It's fantastic.

Mmm-hmm. I mean, you know,
if a herd of dinosaurs

went rampaging through the White
House, I mean,

Oscar would just simply
have to handle it himself.

What's the matter?

Jaime, who told you about those dinosaurs?

It was supposed to be top secret.

Oh, you.

Listen, I'll tell you what's top secret.
Yeah? What?

This place is top secret.
Is that right?

I won't let anybody know about it,

except you and me.

'Cause it's for us.

That's all.

Chris, do you think she would try
to leave the country?

No. I think I know where she is.

What if you're followed?

I mean, they're gonna be watching all
her friends very closely.

You drive a jeep?

Has it got wheels?


WOMAN: Unit 3 to Unit 1.

We're now following Chris Williams north
on Highway 26.

Very good. Spotter 1,
are you in position?

PILOT: That's affirmative, sir. We have visual
contact with the Williams vehicle.

All right now, if everybody's
very careful,

I'm betting he'll lead us
straight to Jaime SOMMERS.

Williams is still heading north on 26.

He 's locked.
There are no intersections

or turnoffs for 4. 8 miles.

Very good. But I think
he might've noticed you.

You drop back and I'll take
the point.

CHRIS: Hi. You got everything?
- SARAH: Yeah, I think so. Good luck.

Thanks. You, too.

Slow down! How did we get this
close behind him?

What the...

Looks like a woman.
Catch her.










Jaime! Jaime,
it's me, Chris! Stop!




You okay?
You okay?

Oh, I think I might be now.


JAIME: Why did you come here?

Well, there's no big mystery about it.
I was worried,

and I wanted to be with you.

You want to hide out with me?

No, I mean I want to be with you,

no matter what.

You realize that you might spend the rest
of your life running?

Well, if that's what you really want to do.

But I don't think you should run anymore.

I think you should give yourself up.

You do, do you?

Well, I have this selfish little dream
about being free, you see.

Well, how free do you think
you're gonna be running?

They wanna put me in a cage, Chris,

or put me in a zoo,

and I cannot live like that.

I don't have to.

Jaime, they'd track us down.

The NSB is too big, there's too many of them.
You can't get away.

Oh, yes, I can.

Because I'm the best
there is, remember?

I'm the robot lady.

I spent three years learning all their tricks.

And I can get away from anyone.

Jaime, you're kidding yourself.

You're playing in their ballpark.

They're the teacher,
you're the student.

Eventually they're gonna get you.

Well, eventually's fine with me.

What is all this nonsense? You're feeling
sorry for yourself.

I'm not feeling sorry for myself.
I'm fed up.

Three years ago they brought me
back to life.

I felt very grateful, okay?

I said I would work for them.

I decided to become an agent and go on
a mission occasionally.

Then occasionally became all the time.

Chris, I haven't had
any life of my own at all.

All I have had is missions.

I don't like what I've been doing,

and I don't like what I've become.

Well, it's good enough
for me to fall in love with.

Oh, really? Well, what are you
in love with?

If you’re a leg man, honey,
you're out of luck.

Hey, now wait a minute.

I found out you were bionic on what?
The fourth date?

If you weren't exactly
what I wanted,

there wouldn't have been
a fifth, believe me.

Look, I don't care how much blood you've got
pulsing around in you,

or whether or not you can beat me
at arm wrestling.

Because bionic or not, Jaime SOMMERS was more
woman than I'd ever met before,

and that's why I fell in love with her.

And that's why I want her to come back with me
so we can work this thing out.

And that's also why I'm willing to live
in that zoo with you,

if that's the only way
we can be together.

I wish I could believe you.

Well, try. It's easy.

It's easy for you to say.

Jaime, look.

I wanna spend my whole life throwing
snowballs at you.

Kissing this face,

holding your hand,
stroking your hair.

Why did you take that hand?

Well that's a silly question, isn't it?
No, it's not.

Because I wanted to touch you.

Because you know which hand is real and alive
and which one isn't.

That's why.
Oh, Jaime.

Look, I understand your
repulsion. Believe me.

I have had to touch it 24 hours a day for
the past three years!

I mean, you did what
anybody else would do.

Now wait a minute.
I'm not just anybody.

I happen to be the man
that's in love with you.


Chris, the problem is not how we feel
about each other.

It's how I feel about myself.

And I guess I'm gonna have to work
that one out alone.

Where you going?

Please, don't follow me.


Hi. You want a lift?

If you’re going east, hop in.


MAN: You look tired.

Hey, why don't you grab some sleep,

and I'll wake you when we get to Tucson.

JAIME: Oh, that'd be great. Thank you.


MAN: Of course I'm sure
it's the SOMMERS girl.

She looks exactly like the picture
in the paper.



DISPATCHER: Motorcycle units
4-1 and 2-7,

proceed to intersection
of highway 100...

COP: SOMMERS reported heading
east towards Barnsdale.

REPORTER: the search
continues for Jaime SOMMERS,

who is sought in connection with a bank robbery
in West Los Angeles.




CHILDREN: Humpty Dumpty
sat on a wall.

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

And all the king's horses
and all the king's men

couldn't put Humpty together again.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

And all the king's horses and all the king's men

couldn't put Humpty together again.


PILOT: Spotter 1 to Car 1.
I'm in position, sir.

PARR: Right. - We're going in on foot.
Keep your eyes open.

PILOT: Yes, sir.
- Spotter 1 out.


We've got 10 acres of park to cover,
so spread out.

Concentrate on the foliage.

The helicopter will spot her
if she's out in the open.

Yes, sir.


BOY: Hi.

Want to play?


No, thanks.
I'm a little tired.

MAN: Tommy? Tommy,
where are you?

It's all right. We'll play
a different game.

You Tommy? That's your dad,
isn't it?

Why don't you play with him?

He can't play ball.
He's blind.

Before the accident,
he could do everything.

Now, all he wants to do is listen to records
and take walks in the park.

Like with you, today?


So you just leave him alone and come ask a
stranger to play ball with you?

I told him I was gonna ask
someone to...

You don't understand.

He's not just blind.
Now he's different.

Maybe what's different is the way that you're
treating him, Tommy.

Look, he can't play ball. So what?

I mean, you know that.
You both understand that.

But I bet there's a lot of other things
that haven't changed

that you could be doing together, huh?

He's your father, Tommy.

I know that.

Well, then you should also know that what makes
him him, is not his eyes,

or his legs or his arms
or anything else.

What makes anybody an individual,
a person is... is...

It's what goes on in here and here.

And nothing, Tommy...

Nothing that happens on this earth can
ever change that.

Nothing can ever change that.

I guess, uh...

I guess I believe it. (LAUGHS) Oh.

I believe it. (LAUGHS)
Are you magic?

Oh, yes. Yes, I am magic,
you beautiful child. I am.

I'm so magic I just changed my own mind.

I know you don't know
what I'm talking about.

Listen to me. I'm very sorry that
I ruined your ball.

But I bet your Dad'll get you another one,
or anything else you want,

if you just be with him.

Tommy, I want you to go and love him
for what he is,

and for what he was and what he will be.

And don't even think
about what he isn't.

Because it's so unimportant.


Okay, go on.

There's no point in trying anything,

You're surrounded. We know you're
a bionic woman.

No, sir. I'm just a woman,

and I'm coming back to work.

I have found away to be
at peace with my bionics

by accepting the fact
that I have no choice.

The alternatives are
totally unacceptable.

Now I have no objection
to taking assignments

but with some very strict conditions.

You can write your own ticket.

Now, you hear me out
before you say that,

because it's not gonna be smooth
sailing anymore.

It's not gonna be blow the whistle
and Jaime jumps.

Then, please go on.

I need some time to have a life
of my own, also.

That may mean marriage,
children, I don't know.

But it does mean some work
that I feel good about.

My teaching, helping kids.
Uh, something positive.

Because, you see,
I experience the O.S.I.

as negative activity.
It's uh...

It's fending off disaster,
it's survival time,

and I must have some things in my life
that give me perspective.

So that my work for you
will mean something.

Now, if that seems unreasonable, I'm sorry,

but that's how I feel about it.

No, that's not unreasonable,

You were afraid you'd become less
woman than machine.

Well, unfortunately, there are a lot
of men like me

who became machines and didn't even know it.

We were too busy making
rules and regulations

and so worried about our own fears,

that we forgot what life was all about

which is really just living.

I'm very glad that you're gonna
be coming back here

to help remind us that we're human.

Thank you very much, Senator.


Thank you.

Oscar, could I see you for
a moment?

Max, hi.

Jaime, I heard you were back.

Yeah, I'm back.

Listen, Jaime, I... I really wanted
to talk to you.

Let me get this out, will you.

I want to apologize for what I said
in the cabin.

I don't have the right to tell anybody how
to live their life.

I'm the one who loves you, too.

And I just know we can
work this thing out.

If you still want me? (CHUCKLES)

Come here.