The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 3, Episode 19 - Out of Body - full transcript

Jaime's native American soul mate Tommy Littlehorse is electrocuted and left for dead during a break in at the OSI labs. Since he was one of the few people with access to the top secret Rosebud project, suspicion falls on the comatose Littlehorse. However, Jaime is certain of his innocence and begins to receive visits from Tommy's out of body spirit form.

I welcome you into my heart.
You're a good friend.

It's true, then,
Rosebud's stolen?

What is Rosebud?

The most devastating
bomb ever devised.

It's absurd to think Tommy had
anything to do with this.

Tommy's dead.


Tommy has been trying to reach her
on some subconscious level,

to communicate with her.

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Hello, Mr. Cowboy.

How are you doing?
My goodness.

Don't ever do that again.

Just don't ever do that again.

Okay? I've got a lot
of work to do.

Serves you right.
Standing up a lady

such as myself on a Friday night.

That's really disgusting.

Uh-oh. Um...

Yes, uh-oh.
What time is it, Jaime?

It's very late. I forgot.
I didn't mean to.

You were going to take me out to
have some dinner

and then see some hot comedians, unquote.


Hey, look, I'm really sorry.
I didn't mean it.

Dr. Jennings has kept you locked up

in this place for two weeks now

and tonight you promised me dinner

and some laughs.

Come on.

We can still catch the last set if we hurry.

Even though we're not going to be able
to have any dinner.

We can't stay long. Dr. Jennings said
he's going to call later.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

The high voltage in that door

will kill that Indian kid.

Would you rather it be you?

Hey, someone's coming. It can't be,
it's too early.

It must be the night watchman.

Quickly, out of sight.

I'll pull the main switch.


Now, pull him out of sight.
Quickly, quickly, quickly.

There's no time to lose.

I'd like to know how we're going to get
past the voltage field.

The doctor has that figured out.

Quickly, quickly.



Thank you for coming.

I'm sorry to wake you
at such a late hour.

But unfortunately,
you're the only one

who has the second key
necessary for entry.

Hey, it's no problem.

Did you park in the rear
as I suggested?

Nobody saw me.

I came in the south gate.

You're a good lad.

Uh, how come I always get
the red door?

How come I get the blue door?


I'll turn off the power.

Power's off.
Go ahead.



Come on, quickly. There's no danger now.
Come on, come on.

Denton, don't ever make a remark
like that again.

I only made the crack.

You're the one who killed him.

Dr. Jennings tried to kill me.

Need help.
Kill me.





Can't hear me.

She doesn't know I'm here.

Jaime, I'm here.


What is it, Max?

I must reach her.

Go to our picture, Jaime.

Look at the picture.

Jaime, I think I'm dead.


It was Jennings.

He lied to me, Jaime.

I trusted him and he lied to me.

He's just another lying,
cheating white man.

It's no use. She can't hear me.


I have to live to get Dr. Jennings.

Getting weak.
Must live.

The amulet, Jaime.

The amulet.

The amulet.

Your spirit, my spirit.

Linked forever.

Oscar, I'm sorry,
I just can't believe it.

There's no way.

Believe me, it's true.
It happened.

Come on.
Where's Dr. Jennings?

He can tell you that Tommy would have
nothing to do with this.

He should be here any minute.



did Tommy ever mention
Rosebud to you?

What's a Rosebud?

Doctor. I got here
as soon as I could.

It's true, then,
Rosebud's stolen?

What is Rosebud?

The most devastating
bomb ever devised.

It was built and developed
by Dr. Jennings.

Yes. Their tests proved
that it was dangerous

and unpredictable.

And so, Washington ordered it dismantled.

Dr. Jennings,
Oscar seems to feel

that Tommy had something to do
with this robbery.

My assistant?

No, no, no, no.

I know Tommy as well
as I know Jaime here.

Thank you.

Oscar, now you see, it's absurd to
think Tommy had

anything to do with this.

Oscar, come on, I would like to know
where you're holding him.

I want to talk to him.

We're not holding him.

Tommy's dead.


It doesn't matter how.

It happened during the robbery.

Sir, Dr. Wells just called from the hospital.

Little horse is alive.


Oscar, what...
What are you doing?

Why would you tell me that he was...

I don't know. Let's go to the hospital
and find out.


Rudy, I know that he's in a coma,

but he wasn't alone in this robbery.

If I could talk to him.

How remote the chance might be?

I wouldn't count on any help from Tommy.

His chance of pulling
through is very slight.

Rudy, may I go in?

Sure, Jaime.
Thank you.

There's no hope then?

There's always hope,

but whether there’s a basis for it...

Hey, Cowboy.
I'm here.

I'm here.

You know, last night at exactly

the same time that this happened,
l woke up.

I had like a dream.

I don't know, but it was
more real than that.

It was kind of like...

You don't have to explain to me, Jaime.

I recall very clearly the day you brought him
to work for me.

He was a mechanical genius.

If I'd left him playing with his cars,
he wouldn't be in this bed.

No, don't say that.

(SIGHS) This is
very difficult for me. I wonder if I might...

Of course. If we need you,
we'll call you.


Can't you be serious just
for five minutes straight, huh?

You can?

Yeah. All right.
Well, let me see.

I'm going to teach you something.
All right.

All right, repeat after me.







Waya-dona-pana Suwannee River


Listen, listen, listen...

What do you... What do you think
about the O.S.I.?

You like it?
I like it.


I hope it works.

It'll work.

You and Dr. Jennings,

first white eyes to help Indian.

No speak with forked tongue.

I've got something for you.

Tommy, it's beautiful.
It's just like yours.

My mother and father wore them all the time
they were together.

Before you take it,

let me tell you what it means.

My spirit,

your spirit

linked forever.

Still want it?

Yes, I still want it.


What is that?

You're a good friend.

I welcome you into my heart. See?





Friend is enough for me.

Me too.




You ready to leave?

Oh, I'd like to stay for a little while,
Oscar. If I may?

Look, I know what you’re thinking.

But, uh...

I know Tommy better than anyone

and he couldn't do this thing.

And if he did, he certainly must've
had a good reason.

I hope so.

I have a little job for you boys.

It appears that Tommy is going to die.

I'd like you to go there
and make sure, tonight.

Wait a minute.

If you're taking book
he ain't going to make it,

then why bother?

Because I've seen Dr. Rudy Wells

pull off some of his miracles.

And where Tommy Little horse
is concerned,

we can't risk any more.

We'll go there tonight
after visiting hours.



JAIME: How's he doing?

NURSE: He's still critical

but the life-support
system will carry him

through the crisis period.

Is there a coffee shop
around here somewhere?

On the second floor.

Thank you.

I know you're going to make it, Cowboy.

I'll be back.

I welcome you into my heart.

My spirit,

your spirit

linked forever.

What's going on here?

Don't move.








how did you do that?

Uh, rubber shoes.

Listen, would you please call Dr. Wells?

And see if you can get a hold of Oscar Goldman
at the O.S.I.

Of course.
Thank you.


I knew you were in danger

but I don't know howl knew.

I just kind of felt you
drawing me back.

You have to get well
so you can tell us

what happened at the lab

and why you were there,
you know. Um...

I know you're innocent.

Please get well.

What? She overpowered you?
That little slip of a girl?

That slip of a girl is strong as an ox.

You should have seen how she...

Well, I want no excuses.

That boy's alive and a danger to...

Two, two, yes.

Two dozen test tubes
will be fine.

Just make sure they're heat resistant.
Thank you. Bye-bye.

Dr. Jennings.

I put a 24 hour guard
around Tommy's room.

So that that won't happen again.


It's a lucky thing Jaime was there.

According to Jaime, luck had nothing
to do with it.

Where is she? I thought
she'd be here now.

I sent her home to get some rest.


Jaime seems to think
that Tommy has been

trying to reach her on some subconscious level,

to communicate with her.

You said you had something to show us,

Oh, yes.


Feel that draft?

Ah, your blood is thin.

I know you can't see me, Jaime,

but I've got to reach you.

She doesn't understand.

Why can't I reach her?


Jennings here.

Dr. Jennings, this is Jaime SOMMERS.
Is Oscar there?

Dr. Jennings?

Oh, Jaime, hello.

As a matter of fact, he just left.
Is something wrong?

No, uh, not exactly.

You've had another vision,
haven't you?

How did you know?

Well, uh, Oscar told me
something about it.

Oh, I can imagine his tone of voice.

You know him well, don't you?

Well, I'm a scientist and we're less skeptical
than bureaucrats.

What was this vision like?

Well, up to now it's been...

They've been more like memories
of Tommy and me.

Except this one was different.

I had a flash of Rosebud.

No, Jaime.

JAIME: It was in a very large room.

And the place looked
like... I don't know...

An abandoned power plant
or something like that.

It just lasted for a few seconds.

Well, that's not my field, of course.

I have done some research in parapsychology
and psychic phenomenon.

L have a theory that if you are

in communication with Tommy,

if we can monitor your brain wave chart,

perhaps we can get him out
of his coma.

I mean...

Dr. Jennings,
I would do anything.

But it's only a theory.


You know, I'm under great pressures
to finish my work here.

Why don't we have dinner tonight?

It'll relax us both.

Okay. Ah, fine.
We'll do that.

No, Jaime.

Would you pick me up
here at the lab?

Say about, oh,

Okay. Thank you.

Good-b ye.

That's crazy, Jennings.

That Indian kid's in a coma.
Now how could you

believe that he's communicating

There are more things
in heaven and earth,

Horatio, than are dreamed of in
your philosophy.

Oh, let's say that I believe in

that pot of gold at the end
of the rainbow.

And you do too.

But since there are too many guards

at the hospital these days,
we'll solve our problem

at Miss SOMMERS' end.

Do you have everything you need?

Very well then.

Let us go.

Dr. Jennings is dangerous.


Why can't she understand?

Please listen.
Don't go.

Quickly, we don't have much time.

Don't worry, Doc. We've done this
elevator gag before.

Please listen.

Don't go.
Dr. Jennings is a killer.

He '5 dangerous.


I'm only going out to dinner.



Gosh, what happened here?

Dr. Jennings?

Dr. Jennings?





OSCAR: Dr. Jennings has been kidnapped right
from under our noses.

From the look of the place,

he put up a heck of a struggle.

Two minutes to noon. We'll soon find out
what this is all about.

Rudy, I've got to talk to Tommy.

You may never have the chance, Oscar.

He's had periodic bursts of
unusual brain activity.

He's exerting himself in a way I can't
even comprehend,

and after each occurrence,
he's weaker.


Then we'll never really know.


This is Oscar Goldman speaking.

Mr. Goldman, listen good and
listen fast.

I'm sure you're taping this,

so if you miss anything, you can get it
on the instant replay.

You got that?

OSCAR: Who is this?


If I told you it wouldn't ring
any bells.

So let's just say I'm a stranger

with a business proposition.

Hang on, talk to a friend of yours.

Hello, Oscar?

Dr. Jennings?

Where are you?
Are you all right?

Watch it, Doc. Say just what
I told you to.

Oscar, I'm doing as well as I can
under the circumstances.

They have Rosebud here.
I've seen it.

They want me to set it off
for them.

I told them I won't co-operate. Oh...

Oscar, they said that if I don't co-operate
with them,

they'll... They'll...

Give me that.
Okay, Goldman,

you've had plenty of time.

Now, we've got the Rosebud

and we got the guy who knows how
to push the buttons.

However, we'll give you
a package deal.

Five million dollars
for both of them.

Five million dollars, eh?
You got it.

And Dr. Rudy Wells will be the go-between.

Now, 4:00 this afternoon
on Route 22,

one mile north of the State cutoff.


Wait a minute.

4:00, that doesn't give us
enough time.

- And five million bucks.

Rudy, you're the man.

I'm sorry.

It's all right.

I'll get in touch with Jaime.

She'll be right there with you.

You'd better get going.
You haven't got much time.




I know you're there, Tommy.

Jennings. Jaime,
it's Dr. Jennings.

Concentrate, Jaime.

Hear me, Jaime.

He stole Rosebud.



Dr. Jennings?


It was Jennings.

Dr. Jennings is in danger. Okay.

Okay, uh...

Where, Tommy?
All right, help me.



- Tommy Little horse!

Tommy Little horse!



Tommy Little horse.

Have you forgotten us, Tommy?

No. But another white man has
cheated an Indian.

I must stop him.

But I'm helpless. I cannot be heard
or seen.

Words of hate, my Son,

cannot be heard from the second world.

Look around you.

What do you see, Tommy?

Our land.

Our strength.

Joined to it in life,

what else can it be for us in death?

Am I to die then?

The choice is yours, Tommy.

You have been deceived by one
you trusted.

What do you hold in your heart for him?

I want justice.

You seek revenge not justice.

Seek justice.

Seek it within yourself
and then feel your power.

Farewell, Tommy.

It's all here, Doctor.

Hmm, five million bucks.

As you know, a homing device
is hidden here,

in the handle.

And the transmitter is buried throughout
the side

with a limited range
of five miles.

Okay, we better get going.
It's 3:10.



O Kay, o Kay.


Tommy, I knew you were trying
to reach me.

I knew it.





Okay, okay. I think I know
what you're trying to do.

But that's not enough,
Tommy. I need more.

No, no. Don't go.
Not yet.

The Municipal Power Plant?


Okay. Okay.

may I help you?

Yes, this is Jaime SOMMERS.

I'd like to speak with
Oscar Goldman, please.

It's urgent.

One moment, please.

You don't think he's going to
believe me, do you?

Neither do I.


Jacoby, is this thing working?

Loud and clear,
Dr. Wells.

It's 4:00.

Something's coming.

Dr. Wells, get rid of that cop.

Yeah, I hear you.

Officer, you're going to have to leave
the area immediately.

I'm with the O.S.I.

You don't have to explain that to me,
Dr. Wells.

I'll just relieve you
of that, thank you.

JACOBY: Let's go.
- All units, all units.

Maintain covert distance
and follow that motorcycle.


Everything worked smoothly.

Jaime, help me.


Thank heaven you're here.

How many more of them are there?

One more. Me.

Fast thinking, Doc.

Fast thinking, Doctor?

I'm sorry you got involved
in this, Jaime.

Handcuff her to Rosebud.


What now, Doc?

You two go ahead.
I'll take care of her.

Don't try to pull loose.
The struts are sensitive.

The least pressure and...

Rosebud blows.

We all trusted you.

Washington destroyed my trust.

You know yourself, they refused to
test my Rosebud.

All right, I admit, it's only 20%
efficient now,

but with a little work, with a little work,
I could have...


I believe that every man deserves the fruits
of his labor.

Rosebud is mine.

I have the right to patent it,

I have the right to achieve recognition.

And no man, no government
has the right

to confiscate it without my consent.

It's simple as that.

It's they, not I who violated the trust.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

What are you doing? Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.

Come on, you got the money you wanted.

Why are you doing this?

There's no other way.





All right, I'm sure you don't want to
push this thing, huh?

Give it here.

This way, white eyes.



Look, I know you can hear me,

or at least part of you can

because you've been with me for days now.

You can't give up, Cowboy.


first reason is, you promised me

another trip to the reservation

and I'm not going to let you get away
with it, see?

I mean, I know you scared me
half to death

going down those rapids
in that stupid tire but...

I want to sit and watch the sun set

behind the mountains

and swim in the lake underneath
the full moon again.

I mean, anybody who ever says that
Indians were stone-faced,

obviously never met you.

Do you have any idea
how cute you were,

when you were playing softball
with those kids

and you started laughing. I just...

I want to listen to the night sounds

and I want you to tell me stories
about your mother

and your father and your ancestors

and how the Indians...

You know,

you talked awfully proud
then about how the Indians...

You know, how they never

went down without a fight.

And look at you. Look what you're
doing, Tommy,

you're giving up and there's absolutely
no reason to give up.

You've won already.

You reached me from wherever you are.

My God, I wish I knew
how to reach you.

You said, your spirit
and my spirit

were linked together forever.