The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 3, Episode 18 - Which One Is Jaime? - full transcript

When Oscar learns some men are investigating Jaime, he lures her into OSI HQ under the pretense of a mission. Callahan is tasked to take car of Max at Jaime's carriage house, only to fall victim to the kidnappers who mistake her for Jaime.

We want Jaime SOMMERS
in good condition.

I don't make commitments
I can't keep.

But you have never gone after
anyone like her.


Someone is snooping around
asking about

a female O.S.I. agent who has
unusual physical capabilities.

They are trying to hold you
with a pair of handcuffs?

I can't even reach it.
Pull it. The chain'll break.

Yeah, it'll break. But not before
your arm comes off.


One hundred thousand.

Good. That's the down payment.
The rest is due on delivery.

And you'd better deliver,

And you, my friend...

You had better have the rest of the money.

Now you don't have to worry about our keeping
our end of the arrangement.

Nor you, mine.

There's one reason I've survived in this...

This profession, Fowler.

I don't make commitments
I can't keep.

But you have never gone after
anyone like her.

Now I've told you,
her strength is...

Yes, you have told me.

Several times.

I don't know how anyone
could be that strong,

especially a woman.

That, Burns, is what Fowler's people
want to find out.

All we know is that she has fantastic strength

in her legs and in her right arm.

Now remember, no rough stuff.

We want Jaime SOMMERS
in good condition.

I assure you, your merchandise
will be undamaged.

Little sleepy, perhaps,
but undamaged.


See? Fits right in the palm
of the hand. Okay?

Well, that's...
That's your department.

Now what about the pickup?

You want her on your boat
as soon as possible,

and I want her off my hands
as soon as possible.

Call me at noon,
and I mean 12:00, sharp.

And I'll tell you then when to be here
with the helicopter.

Here? You're holding her here,
in the amusement park?

Can you think of any place
more private

than an amusement park,
closed for the winter?

Mr. Stratton doesn't
make mistakes.

I'll expect your call.

Now, where does Jaime SOMMERS
do her shopping?

Shopping? Don't you wanna know
where she lives?

We've already checked that out.

She lives in a little house over a garage,
with one entrance,

and she has a very large
German shepherd.

You see, we don't want her
to have home court advantage.

So, where does she shop?

Well, there's a shopping center

just a few miles from where she lives.




Max, what is it?

You want me to go around for the rest of my life
half barefoot?


All right.
I will meet you halfway.

This is one game you are not gonna win!
Now, come on.


And neither am I. Oh, boy.
We got some company.

Here, this is yours.


MARK: Anybody home?
- Who is it?

Mark! Hi. How you doing?
How are you, Jaime?

Okay. What a surprise!

Yeah. More on the way.

Callahan! Hi!
Hi! How're you doing?

Come in! I can't believe you actually...
Let me take your coat.

What is going on?

Well, you see, I would think when Oscar Goldman
comes to the West Coast

that he would bring along
his secretary. Wouldn't you?

That means you've gotta work?
No, no, no.

He said I would hardly have anything to do at all.
Just like a vacation.

Fantastic! 'Cause we can go
to the beach.

Malibu is so beautiful
right now.



Okay. I get the feeling
this is more or less

than just a social visit.

Less. Oscar wants to see you tonight.

Tonight! Why not tomorrow?

Wants to brief you tonight
so he can put you

on a plane for the Orient
tomorrow morning.

The Orient tomorrow morning.

Why? I mean, I just pick up and go just like that?

I'm sorry.

Hi. What about Max?
I can’t just leave him here alone.

I've gotta have somebody here
to take care of him.

Well, as Oscar said, it'll be like a vacation
for Callahan.

Yeah. That would be nice.

I sort of hoped that
that so-called vacation

could've been spent together,
you know?

What about clothes for you?
I mean, come on,

she's not exactly my size,
you know.

Her suitcase is in the car.
I'll get it now.

He's thought of everything.

Oh, yeah.

All right. I guess I'd better pack one, too.

Come on. I can let you
know about

how to take care of the kid here
while we're doing it.

Come on.

Max. Good boy, Max.

Okay. Now just keep his water bowl full, and
I think that ought to do it.


One more thing. Please don't spoil him,

You gotta let him know
who's boss right off the bat.

All right.

About ready, Jaime?

Yeah. I just gotta find some car keys here
for Callahan.

Can't leave her without wheels.
There you go.

Thank you.
You're welcome.

And you, my friend...

Listen, I want you to be
very good for Callahan. Okay?

She's very special to me,
just like you are.

Jaime, it's getting late.

Listen, I'll call you as soon as I get to
the airport. Okay?

Yeah. I'll make sure
everything's okay.

Have a good trip.

Hey, listen... Listen, don't...
Don't worry.

Everything's gonna be fine.


Okay, Max,
it's just you and me, kid.

I hope you like the arrangements, Max.

JAIME: Tell me what's going on. I want to know why
there's all this secrecy

about my mission to the Orient.

MARK: Not much I can tell you.
I just know that it's urgent and secret.

Oscar was kind of vague
about my role in this.

I'm sure he'll fill you in
once we get to LA.

Okay, Max. I want to get a few things straight
around here.

Listen, you're a dog.


You're a lovable dog, Max. Yes, you are.
A lovable doggie.

But nevertheless, you're a dog.

And I, on the other hand,
am a human.

And being a human, well it... it kind of gives you
certain rights and privileges,

one of which is the fact that I'm gonna
run things around here, Max.

Okay? I... I mean, do...
Do you understand?

That's good. Good, Max.

Now listen, you just remember that I'm the one
that's gonna be in charge here.

I guess that maybe being in charge
isn't the answer either, Max?

Oscar, Jaime doesn't like
being cooped up here.

She doesn't like being here
under a phony name,

and the fact of the matter is,
she doesn't like being here at all.

She doesn't have to like it,

If there's any danger around here,
she's gonna stay here.

Could we at least tell her
what the situation is

instead of conning her with this bit about
a mission to the Orient?

That fact is, we don't know
what the situation is.

All we know is that someone is snooping around
asking about

a female 08! agent who has unusual
physical capabilities.

Well, can we tell her that much?

If we tell her that, you know Jaime,
what she'll say.

She'll call it an unfounded rumor

and then we'll have a more difficult time
protecting her.

That's her.

That must be her.

A blue 1978 Hatchback.

TVU 566.

No, Max.
Honey, you can't come.

I'll just be a minute.
Gotta get coffee.

Listen, Max...
Remember who's in charge here.

Good thinking, kid.
See you in a minute.

Excuse me.
Yeah. It's all right.

I'm sorry.
Yeah. It's okay.

Are you okay?

What's wrong, lady?
Say something! Are you okay?

Say something. Please!
Say something!

I'm a doctor.

This woman needs to be hospitalized

Would you help me get her
to my car.

Yes, Doctor.
Thank you.

You go on. I'll follow.
All right.

Hope she'll be okay.
So do I.

Are you sure no one saw you
give super-lady her shot?

The hand is quicker than the eye.

OSCAR: I don't care how many men it takes!

I want this thing settled, and I want it settled
fast! Do you understand?

Well, I think we finally
got a lead on that someone

who's been asking questions
about Jaime.

Well, good! Maybe things will get back to normal
now for Jaime and for Callahan.

Have you called Callahan?

Twice. There's no answer. She must be out
walking Max or something.

Maybe you'd better drive over there.
See what's what.

All right.



All right, boys.
I'll see you outside.

When does Fowler pick her up?

We'll talk about that later.

Well, I'm glad to see
you're awake, Miss SOMMERS.

Yes, we know who you are.

Just hold on a second, guys,
because I'm not...

You're not what?

I'm not gonna give you
any trouble.

That's very wise.

I'm beginning to think that this super-strength
stuff is all in Fowler's imagination.

Well, we just deliver the merchandise.

Our customer will have to
check that out for himself.

You just relax, Miss SOMMERS.
You won't be here long.


Oh, boy.


Her dog is here and headed in her direction.

Get the tranquilizer gun
and head him off.

Hello? Anybody home?



Where are you two? Hello!

Max! Max! You've killed him!

Take it easy, lady.
All right, guys.

Set that marker out for that helicopter.

We've got an arrival time
in a minute.

You... You guys. You guys are really something,
aren't you?

You picking on animals
and women.

Take it easy, lady.

He was just knocked out,
like you were.

You creep.

Max. Max. Max, get up.
Max, come on, boy.

Because when they find out
that I'm not Jaime,

they're gonna do us in and
they're gonna go after her.

Max, please.
Please get up.

It looks like she started to make coffee

and then realized she was out.
Must have gone to get some.

There's a shopping center you pass just before
you get to her house.

See if she's there.

All right. I'll check it out
on the way back. Right.

Hey, do you know anything about who owns this car,

Yeah. It belongs to a friend of mine.
I'm trying to find her.

Craziest thing happened
this morning.

I was out here collecting shopping carts,

like I'm doing now,
and I saw this dog,

a great big German shepherd
in this car

pushing against the hatchback
and then it popped open,

the dog sniffed around
a little bit,

and then he took off in that direction
at about 60 miles an hour.

Do me a favor.
Tell the manager

we'll pick the car up later this afternoon.
All right?

Say, is that dog for real?

Let's just say,
it's a rather unusual animal.

please get up, boy.

Please, boy. Please, get up.

Good boy.
That's a good boy, Max.

You can do it. Yes.
That's okay, Max.


No, Max. No, Max.
Please, get up.

Julie, is Oscar here?

I'm sorry, he's not in.

What about Mark?
He's out, too.

Is that what they told you to say?

No, Jaime, honest.

Mark left, and then about 10 minutes later,
Oscar went out, too.

I don't understand what's going on here.

They pick me up in the middle of the night and
bring me here for a briefing.

Now, I'm supposed to leave
first thing in the morning

on a plane for the Orient
or something like that.

The morning has come and gone.

There is no briefing, there is no plane,
and there is now no Oscar.

I don't know what to say, Jaime.

Well, I don't either.

I don't mean to be laying all of this on you,
Julie, but I...

I just... I can't... I don't know how to deal

With a secret mission that they're keeping secret
even from me.

RAY: That dog won't cause us
any trouble.

I locked him in the tool cage.


This is turning out to be
pretty easy money.

One of the rewards for not making mistakes.


Fowler's right on time.

Here. Put this away.


Of course the merchandise is here.

It's in perfect condition
and ready for pickup.

Take off the minute you hang up.

It should take you no more than 20 minutes.

Yes, we'll have the markers out
for the helicopter.

Of course she's secured
for pickup.

I took your word even though
it's hard to believe

such a small woman can be
as strong as you say.

I know she's 5'8".

When I said small,
I was referring to her weight.

A hundred and ten pounds?

That's about what I guessed.

Hold on. One of my men
just came in.

We've got the wrong woman!

Why didn't he give us
that description before?

Why didn't you ask for one?

I don't know. I don't know.
But what are we gonna do?

Stall him. Stall him.
Stall him.

I was just informed that there's a light plane
circling in the area.

We can't take the chance that
he might see your helicopter landing here,

so delay your arrival
until about 3:00.

Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Good. Good.

I don't know what could've happened!

I mean I just don't know...
Shut up! Come on.

What are we gonna do now?

I don't know. First, we find out who that imposter
in the tool shed is.

Come on, Max. That's a good boy.
Come on, Max.

Max, please get up.

Max... Max, get up. Good boy.
Okay, Max. Open the door.

Open the door, Max. I...

I don't know how, boy, but just open it.
Please open it.

No, Max. Max...

Max... No, Max. Max, stand up.

Come on, Max. Please.

Max, get up!

All right. Listen, Max.
Max, you remember,

that I am the one that's in charge here. Okay?

Stand up, Max. Stand!
That's right, Max.

That's a good boy. Come.



That's it, Max. That's it. Come on, Max.
You can do it.

Come on, boy. That's it.

That's it, Max. That's a boy.
That's a good dog.

Good dog, Max. I love you.

I love you. Max, I love you.
I love you.

Chew the chain, Max. Chew the chain.
The chain in the back, boy.

Go behind me, Max.
Chew the chains.

Chew the chains, boy.
That's a good boy. That's it.

That's a good dog, Max.


That's a good boy, Max.

Max, you're so smart.
This is it, Max.

We've gotta get through
these bars. It's this.

Leads us to freedom, Max.
Go ahead, boy. Go ahead.

If you get us out of this, Max,
I'm gonna spoil you rotten.

Now, go ahead, kid.
Go ahead, boy. Go ahead, Max.

That's it, Max.
That's it, boy. Grab it.


That's it, Max. Now pull it.

That's it. That's it, Max.
Now the other one, Max.

That's a boy. Pull it, Max.

What I don't understand is why she let us think
she's SOMMERS.

It tells us one thing.
She knows SOMMERS. Open it.

That's it, Max. Max.
Max, what are you...

Max, what are you doing?

What are you doing, Max? Max, what are you doing?

Max, no! Max, if they see you,
they'll kill you.

Come on, Max. Go ahead, boy.

Run, Max! Run!


What happened?

They tried to get away.
The dog made it. She didn't.

But how?
With this!

You guys just stay away from me!

Grab her.

Not very convincing, Miss...

Your driver's license
says Callahan.

Handcuff her and put her
in the other security room.

No... Just a minute. You gotta listen to me.
I'm Jaime SOMMERS! Really!

Callahan is just a name
that I use. It's a cover name.

It's a name I use. It's just... Get off of me...
Get your hands off of me.

Hey, what's going on?

The dog got away. I want him back.
So use the tranquilizer guns.

Okay, Mr. Stratton.

Dog... He tore through that steel mesh
and bit those chains.

That required an extraordinary
amount of strength...

The kind SOMMERS is supposed to have.

I have a feeling that dog is very valuable.

Well, Callahan isn't.
I'll dispose of her.

No. Not yet.

She and SOMMERS are friends.

And the way she's been acting,
I'd say they're close friends.


So we use her as bait
to catch Jaime SOMMERS.

Oscar, Callahan is gone.
And she's in trouble!

What happened?
I don't know.

I found the car at the shopping center

and a box boy told me that
he saw Max bust out

of the back of the car
and go after her.

Why would they take Callahan?
She doesn't know anything about...

Wait a minute. Jaime's car.
Jaime's house. Of course.

They think she's Jaime!

Well, what do we do now?

What do we do now?
We gotta find Callahan!

We hit him with one of these and that dog'll sleep
for a week.

Let's go.

He headed that way.

If you guys don't let me out of here,

you're gonna be in big trouble.

No, Miss Callahan.
You're in big trouble.

We're gonna give you a chance
to get out of it.

If you think I'm gonna help you,
you're nuts.

Your wallet was a wealth of information.

You're gonna call Jaime SOMMERS at 08!

And tell her to meet you here
at Funland at the Midway at 2:00.

And tell her to come alone.

Over my dead body.

If she doesn't come, you die.

Forget it.

As you wish.

You see, there's no way
that I would ever help you.

You already have, Miss Callahan.

Jaime. Hi. Will you tell me
what's going on?

I want to know why there's all this secrecy

about my mission to the Orient.

Well, I... Look, I've got some
very important papers here

that I've gotta give to Julie,
and it's urgent.

Right. It's urgent and it's secret
just like the mission.

And, well, it can also wait like the mission.
Now what's going on?

What are you so upset about? This kind of
hurry-up-and-wait thing

goes on all the time...
Come on. This is different.

This is more than that.

I mean, I feel like I've got some kind of
a contagious disease.

Everyone is ignoring me and...

And I haven't even seen Oscar
since I've been here.

All right. Look,
I'll take you to see Oscar.

But give me a minute
with him first. All right?

Julie, would you send these
up to the fourth floor.

Oscar's expecting me.

MARK: Oscar,
this is important.

What have you got?

Jaime's becoming a real problem.

She's suspicious and she's demanding to know
what's going on.

Yeah? Well, I've got a much bigger problem
right now.

A few minutes ago someone called
and asked for Jaime.

You mean somebody knows she's here?

Someone's guessing that she's here.

The caller played a tape of a conversation
with Callahan.

I had my secretary, Julie,
impersonate Jaime,

I taped it.

OSCAR: Let me rewind it
and you can hear for yourself.

Jaime, I hope you realize
I don't understand everything

that goes on around here.
I only work here.

I know. I know, Julie.
Look, I'm sorry.

I realize that I have been giving you a lot of
the fallout from my temper,

and I do apologize.
I'm very sorry.

Well, I guess I'd better
take care of these papers.

CALLAHAN: If you guys don't
let me out of here,

you're gonna be in big trouble.

STRATTON: No, Miss Callahan. - You're in big

We're gonna give you a chance
to get out of it.

CALLAHAN: If you think I'm gonna help you,
you're nuts.

STRATTON: Your wallet was
a wealth of information.

You're gonna call Jaime SOMMERS at O.S.I.

and tell her to meet you here
at Funland at the Midway at 2:00.

And tell her to come alone.

CALLAHAN: Over my dead body.

STRATTON: If she doesn't come,
you die.

Jaime, I'll tell Mr. Goldman
you tried to see him.

Don't bother! That's okay.
I... I already did.

MARK: We've got to stake the place out
with our best men.

If I do that, Callahan's dead.

If you don't do it,
she's gonna be dead anyway.

We've gotta nail these guys or they're
gonna get to Jaime sooner or later.

We don't have any choice.

I can't do that to Callahan.

You have got to do it.

Get going.

Julie, call Special Operations
and have them send some men up here.

All right. Jaime must know about
the phone call?

No. Why?

Well, she seemed upset
when she ran out of here.

Must have heard the tapes!

Jaime has heard the tapes and she's on her way to
the park.


Julie, get me a map of the Los Angeles area,


Just missed him.

He's heading toward the loop.
Let's head him off.

How'd he do that?

I don't know.

Let me have a look at that.

All right.
It's a half an hour by car.

If we go by helicopter, it'll attract
too much attention.

Mark, go downstairs,
get two cars ready

and some men and wait for me. I'll be down
in a couple of minutes.

Julie, get Captain Arnold on the phone at the
Los Angeles Police Department.

WOMAN: LAPD. Special Section.

Oscar Goldman calling
for Captain Arnold, please.

One moment.

They're getting him.


ARNOLD: Hello.
- This is Captain Arnold.

All right. He's on the line.

Captain Arnold, this is
Oscar Goldman speaking.

I need your help.

One of my agents is on
a dangerous mission

to the Funland Amusement Park.

What I'd like to know is,
is the park closed?

And if it is, how many men
can I expect to find there?

ARNOLD: Yeah, I know the park. It's
been closed for the past six months.

I'll have to get back to you
on who you can expect to find.

All right.
I'm on my way there now,

and you can reach me
by mobile phone. One thing.

Have all the entrances and exits, streets going to
and from the park, barricaded.

I'll get back to you
as soon as I can.

Thank you.

Julie, those kidnappers
may call again.

If they do, have security
have a tracer ready for them.

And listen, try to stall them.

But, if you can't,
don't tell them anything.

Excuse me, miss. You're not allowed
in the park. It's closed.

But I was supposed to
meet someone here.

Would you know anything
about that?

No. No, I wouldn't. I...
I think I saw...

I think I saw some people in the parking lot.
It's right out that way.

All right. I'll take a look.

Jaime! Are you okay?

You feel all right?

Yeah, I guess I'm okay.

What's going on here?

Some goons grabbed me,
thinking it was you.

Slight case of mistaken identity?

Yeah. Slight. I mean,
it's really flattering,

except I've a funny feeling these guys are gonna
play rough.

Yeah. Okay. I think we'd better
get out of here.



How many of them are there?

There's one outside the door.
Maybe three more.

Well, well.
Sit down, Miss SOMMERS.

If she moves, kill Callahan.

There is no doubt we've got the right one
this time.

Handcuff SOMMERS' right hand
to Callahan's left

through the arms of the chairs.

She'll tear those handcuffs apart!

I'm sure she can but I think she won't.

All right.
I'll see you outside.

Seem to know a lot about me.

I wouldn't say a lot,

But it's enough.

I'd say.

They have seen how strong you are,

and they are trying to hold you with
a pair of handcuffs!

Can you believe how dumb they are?

It's not so dumb. They're pretty darn smart
as a matter of fact.

Look, I can't even reach it.

What are you talking about? Just pull it!
The chain'll break!

Yeah, it'll break. But not before
your arm comes off.


This is... This is fantastic.
It's great.

A simple pair of handcuffs
and your bionics are useless.

I've got my legs.

Yeah. Yeah!

You can kick the door down!

Yeah, I can kick the door down and then I can just
run out there bionically

and drag you and these two chairs
along with me.

Well... That's bad. Yeah.

Max! Max can help.

Max is here?


When we hear from Captain Arnold,

we'll know how many men
to bring in.

Yes? Yes, Captain, he is.

Yes, Captain.
What'd you find out?

ARNOLD: Park has been leased
by a Jake Stratton.

He's been using the storage facilities,

and should have no more than
two or three men there with him.

That's what I need to know.

All right. I'm going in
with one car,

and I'm going to need
one of yours.

We have the park surrounded.

You can pick up one of my cars
on your way in.

I'll let them know that you're coming.
Good luck, Mr. Goldman.

Thank you, Captain.

We'll be there in about 10 minutes.

I don't see him anywhere.

He's gotta be here!

No, he's... He's probably
too far away by now.

No, no, no, no. He's not
too far away for this...

Are you gonna do it?

Okay. Wait a second.



What was that?

I don't know.

Where did it come from?

We better check it out.

Right. Come on.


Max! Come on, boy!
Come on, Max!

Come on in here. Come on.
Come on, boy.

CALLAHAN: That's a good boy,
Max. Come on, Max.

Max, come... Come.
Come on, Max.

That's a good boy, Max.

JAIME: Max, come on.
- Yeah, that's it. Come on.

Come on, Max.

JAIME: Max, come on.
- Come on, Max. Come on in here.

JAIME: Come on, Max.
- CALLAHAN: That's a good boy.

That's it. Come on.
Good doggie.

Come... Max, come on.
You can do it.

Come on, Max.

Good boy, Max. Okay.
Good, Max.

Talk about man's best friend.

Yeah, well, he's doing
pretty good for us girls, too.

Come here, Max.
Back up. Come on.

Well, where's the dog?

We haven't got him yet.
That must be it.

That dog did something
to make that noise.

Well, get moving!
And get him this time!

Good boy, Max.

Good dog, Max. You sure are a good boy.
Yes, you are.

Come on. All I have to do
is kick this door down.

What about that guard?

Yeah. I better get the guard.

There's a fire in here!

Help us, please!
There's a fire!


Come on, Callahan!
Max, come on! Come on!

Lee. Come in, Lee!

Those two women and that dog
just busted out!

Mr. Stratton.

Thought I told you to get that dog.

Keith just radioed.
He says they're gone!

They smashed the door down
and took off!

Well, look, get after them!
You go that way!

I'll see if I can get a shot at them
from above!

Go ahead.
Check over there.



Wait a minute.
Somebody's coming!

Max, take Callahan and get her out of here.

I'm gonna lead them off. No, I don't want to
leave you, Jaime.

Listen. Come on. If you don't split,
they'll get us all. Now go!






Are you all right?


Get the men.

Callahan, do you know
where Jaime is?

I don't know.

Max. Max.

Where is she? Where's Jaime?


Stay with me, Callahan.


All right, hold it right there!


Go get them, Max!




thank God you're all right.

Yeah. It's kind of nice
to see you all, too.

Nice work.

We've got the place covered.

I'm sorry about that phony mission.

But it was the only way
I could help you.




He's all right.
He went into the pond.

Thank you.

You think we got 'em all now?

I think we've got them all,
including Roger Fowler, the ringleader.

You did good, babe.


I'm sure glad this little caper
went to the dogs.

Sorry, guys. Sorry.