The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 3, Episode 16 - Sanctuary Earth - full transcript

A satellite inexplicably crashes down in a lake near Ojai. Jaime Sommers is first on the scene and discovers a young girl named Aura who claims to be from another planet. Aura explains she is a princess from the planet Zorla and is being pursued by trackers from the planet Ulo.


My home planet is Zhorla.

It's another planet in another solar system.

But how could you possibly
come down in that satellite?

I made myself small enough to fit.

Now, watch.

Where are you?

I'm down here.

The Uloans will probably
be looking for me.


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Those streamers are shooting out over
a hundred thousand miles

from the surface of the sun.

And at this scale, the size of the Earth
would be a tennis ball.

Sure gives you a sense of perspective.

Which is very useful
once in awhile.

But to get down to Earth...
Excuse the pun.

What can we expect from this solar
activity, Rudy?

Well, the usual radio
activity disruption,

spectacular aurora borealis, magnetic storms.

Anything else?
Probably not.

We're just entering a new 11-year cycle
of sunspot activity.

We do expect the greatest
concentration ever

of recorded solar activity
in this cycle.

So, we're watching it very closely.

Anything specific?

Not at this point. Our data projections
don't indicate anything

other than an acceleration of what we had during
the last cycle.


Well, we've got a lot more
hardware up there now.

Gentlemen, what I'm asking you is,

can we expect anything


Good. Well, it's always nice to have
a little bright optimism

for the day.

But there's no reason to be sure nothing up
there will be affected.

It was a short day.

Listen, don't you worry about it, Oscar.

Let Rudy and I do it.
That's what we're paid for.

Boys, keep me informed, will you?

I don't want to hear about our problems on
the 6:00 news.

Okay, Oscar. Bye.
So long, guys.

You sounded pretty confident in there.

Yeah, didn't I?

Now, what do you really think?

You know as well as I do if one or two
of the satellites fail,

there's a domino effect.

And that could jeopardize the
entire program.

That's a lot of years
and a lot of dollars.


Listen, Rudy, you

wouldn't care to stop down
the Computer Center

on our way to lunch, would you?

I mean, just to check and see how things
are going?

You know, I thought I might just do that.

Oh, I thought you would. Let's go.

What am I doing wrong, Ernie?

This program won't check out.
I don't know.

That program looks good to me.

Dr. Wells?

Take a look at this, please.
What's up?

I don't know.

It looks like Lambda 14
is losing its orbit.

It's going elliptical.

Isn't that the weather satellite?

Burned out?

No. That's what's strange.

All systems appear to be functioning.

Well, you think a sudden
burst of solar activity

could have thrown it off its course?

Well, that would show up
as a system malfunction.

The satellite's receiving and
transmitting perfectly.

It's simply not acting right.

Well, it certainly looks like
it's going down, doesn't it?

That satellite was designed to function
for eight to ten years.

It's been up there less than four months.

Well, that won't be the first
time that's happened.

Yeah, but not like this.

Power sources have failed, the guidance system's

We have collisions with space debris.

But never anything quite like this.

Orbit's getting critical.

Institute recall procedures.

If we let it act on its own,
it'll burn up on reentry.

We'll use the southern California
landing site.

Well, do you think we should

go take a look ourselves?
I'm getting kind of curious.

Yeah. I think we should.

You wouldn't have any
ulterior motive, would you?

Who, me?



Hi, teach. How's it going?

Hi, Chris. I was just thinking
about you a few minutes ago. Where are you?

Well, right now I'm in Washington, but

Rudy and I will be heading out your way
within the hour.

Oh, yeah? What's the occasion?

Occasion? There's no occasion.

We just decided to charter a plane

and hop on out and see
your beautiful face.


Well, okay. So there's a small matter of an
unscheduled landing of a satellite.

Well that sounds more like it.

Okay, listen, we'll be out near Ojai.
Why don't you meet us?

I'll give you directions.

Comm-NASA tower, this is J4771,

requesting permission to land.

Roger, J4771, you are cleared to land on runway
one-niner right.

Please inform Dr. Wells that the satellite
recovery unit is standing by.

Will do, Comm-NASA.


How you doing?

Hi. I'm good.

Ah, you're just in time.

You should be able to see it any minute now.

Let me see.
Take a look.

That's a roger, Comm-Truck.

Oh, yeah, there it is.

What? You're kidding.
It's right there.

Let me see.

Hey, good girl.

I'll go tell the helicopters. Here.

They say the winds are swirling pretty
good up there.

It might make recovery a little more difficult
than we anticipated.

Tracer one, this is Comm-Truck.
Come in.



Chris, is there a lab
animal on board there?

No, why? Well because there's
a sound coming from it.

It's just like a heartbeat.

That could be the servos malfunctioning in the
guidance system.

Look, I'm going to take the jeep. I want to keep
the 'copters in sight.

I don't want to lose them in one of these
canyons. You coming?



Oh, um...
I'll meet you there.

I can get there faster on foot.

With those feet you can.

Jaime, I love your feet.

Thank you.

All right, let's go.






There you go. Whew.

That was a close one,
huh? Are you all right?

Hey, you okay? Huh?

Can you talk?

Can you tell me what happened here?

Look, honey, if you're hurt,

there's one of the best doctors in the
world real close by.

He's on his way here right now.

Can you speak?
Can you speak at all?

I want to help you, but I just don't
know what to do.

Hey, wait. No. Come here. Come here.
Come here. Come back.

Hey, you all right? Listen,
relax, will you please?

Just lay back here and relax for a minute. Come
on, get your breath. Okay?

I'm not going to hurt you.

What's that?

I've never seen a stone quite
like that before.

It's so unusual.

May I touch it?

I'll be very careful.

It's incredible.

I wonder where on Earth you got that.

I did not get it on Earth.

Well, you can speak.

Of course. It's just that your
language was unfamiliar to me.

I had to hear it for some
time before I found the key.

Ah, wait... Wait a second.
Are you trying to tell me

you couldn't speak English until just now?

Nor any other Earth language.

Any other Earth language?

Comm-Truck to Tracer One.
Have you got it? Over.

Tracer One to Comm-Truck.

Yes, sir, but we've got a problem.

The chute came down in a small lake over
the rise from your position.


One lake in 25 square miles
and it had to find it.

All right, Tracer One, we'll follow you in.
Now, take it slow.

Roger, Comm-Truck.
Tracer One, out.

Look, I think we'd better
start over. Okay?

My name is Jaime SOMMERS,
I live over in Ojai.

Now, what's your name?
I'm Princess Aura.

My home planet is Zhorla.

It's another planet in another solar system on
the other side of the galaxy.

Look, Aura,

I... I don't know if that's
your real name or not, but...

You don't have to tell me who you really are...
Aura is my name.

Okay, I can accept that. But this business
about you being from another planet...

Look, honey, look,
you can level with me.

What did... Did you run away from home?

No. My parents sent me away.

Well, that's absurd. Why?

They were afraid I'd be captured and held
hostage in the war.

So they sent me to Pon.

That's a planet of sanctuary
on this side of the galaxy.

Ah, just...
Wait a minute.

What war? Come on.

The war between my planet and Ulo.

If you are from another planet, then
how did you get here?

Where is your spaceship?

Well, to get to Pon, you have to pass
by your sun.

There was a solar storm, and it caused my
spacecraft to go off course.

I saw your little mechanical moon
whirling around.

What "mechanical moon"?

The one that landed in the lake.

Oh, you mean the satellite?

I moved alongside it and got inside.

Then I forced it to land.

I, uh... I saw that satellite coming down.
It's much too small for you to get in.

And besides that, it's
full of instruments.

That's true.

Well then, how did you do it?



What is that? It's... it's just
a spotting helicopter.

It's leading the men from
the recovery team here.

I have to go. They mustn't know I'm here.
No. Where are you going?

Please, let go. No one can know I'm here. It's bad
enough that you saw me.

Look, I don't believe your little story about you
being from another planet, okay?

Now maybe you ran away from home

or you’re in trouble with the police, or something.
But that's okay.

What I told you is true.

Just because something is hard for
you to believe,

does that mean it's not true?

Ah... Look, wait a minute.
I'll make you a deal, okay?

I'm not going to leave you
out here alone.

Now listen, come to my house.

We'll get out of these wet clothes and then you
tell me the truth. Okay?

Start from the very beginning

and I promise I will listen to you with
an open mind. All right?

Okay. Come on.

I wonder where Jaime is? I can't believe
we beat her here.

Oh, she'll probably be along any minute. Come on,
let's go take a look.

That's great. Great.

Right time, wrong place.
Therefore, wrong equipment.

Yeah. Something about Murphy's Law: All things
being equal, we lose.

Got any idea how deep this lake is?

I'd say about 20, 30 feet.

And plus, who knows what junk is down there
for it to get tangled up in.

Well, we're just going to have to take our
time and do it right.

You know something?

We're never going to get divers and equipment

up here in time before we lose the light.

Oh, this kind of operation is
four times as hard at night.

We're going to have to wait
for the examination.

All right. Look,
I'll, uh...

I'll get the wheels in motion.

Yeah. And call the Air Police, will you?

Have them send a couple
of guards down here

to keep the souvenir hunters away.


You wouldn't care to stop back at the Comp-Center
and look over the data,

would you, Dr. Wells?

Can't think of anything I'd
rather do, Mr. Williams.

Okay. Then we can stop by Jaime's car and see
what happened to her.

All right.

You look a lot better.
Do you feel better, too?

Yes, I do. Thank you.


Well, I have fulfilled
my part of the bargain.

Now it's your turn, lady.

Well, my name is Aura,

and my parents rule a planet called Zhorla.

We were recently attacked by the soldiers
of the planet Ulo.

Many people died in that
battle for our planet.

A short time ago,

our forces launched a counterattack,

which will determine which planet
will be victorious.

My parents feared for my safety,

and they sent me to Pon.

That's a planet of legal sanctuary.

If I was there, I'd be safe. Here, I'm not.

Why not?

Because Earth isn't a sanctuary.

The Uloans will probably
be looking for me.

And if they capture me,

my father will have to decide between my safety

and the welfare of the
people of our planet.

Well, how could they find you here? You weren't
even supposed to come to Earth.

I don't know.

The Uloans are the best
trackers in the galaxy.

I don't think you have
to worry about that, Aura.

There is no way anyone from outer space
could land on the Earth

without a lot of people
knowing about it,

including some good friends of mine.

I don't know what to say.

You seem so honest,
your story so believable.

But it's so unbelievable.

I mean, how could you possibly
come down in that satellite, huh?


You said that before.
What do you mean by that?

Maybe that's not the right word.

I mean I made myself
small enough to fit.

Are you asking me to believe that you can just
make yourself small at will?

Why didn't I think of that before?

Now, this is one thing you're not going to have
to take my word for.

Now, watch.

Aura. Where are you?

I'm down here.

Oh my...


You mean that everything
that you've told me is true?

Then you really do think that
there are people

from this other planet coming after you?

I know they are, if they can.

Okay. Well then, um...

Look, you're going to need more protection
than I can give you.

I happen to work for a man
whose name is Oscar Goldman.

He's a good man.

He's also one of the most powerful leaders
on our planet.

Now, he has the resources
to protect you.

I think I should call him.

No. No one can know I'm here.

Aura, your being here is one of the most important
things that's ever happened to us.

I can't just keep it to myself. I have
a responsibility to him.

I have a responsibility, too.
The survival of my people.


What is that?

That is just a telephone.

It's an instrument that we use to talk
over distances.

The people that, uh, that we ran away from at the
lake today are my friends.

Now, that's probably them calling to find out
what's happened to me.

What are you going to tell them?


Jaime, are you all right?
What happened to you?

Yeah, I'm fine. Hi, Chris.

Well, nothing happened. I just got really tired
all of a sudden

so I came home.

And then I was going to call you, but I...
I fell asleep.

I'm sorry if I worried you. Did you recover
the satellite okay?


Would you believe it came
down in a lake.

We have to get some divers and some underwater
equipment out there.

So, we're going back tomorrow.

There is, however, one bright spot in
this whole mess.

We'll have the whole
evening together.

Oh, I think I'd better just go to bed early
and get some sleep. Okay?

Honey, are you sure you're all right?

I'm fine, babe. Really. I'm
just... I'm just pooped, okay?

Okay. I'll call you tomorrow, let you know
how we made out.

Listen, you get some rest.

Take it easy and get your
strength back, okay?

Okay. Bye.

Is she okay?

Yeah. Yeah. She said

she was tired and she went home.

That's not like her, Rudy.

Well, you know Jaime. If there was something
she thought you should know,

she'd tell you.

Yeah. Yeah.

I hate lying to people.

I understand, and I'm sorry.
But you won't have to lie for very long.

The war will be over soon.

How are you going to get home without
a spaceship?

Well, if Zhorla wins the war,
my parents will be able to retrieve me.

If Ulo wins, then...

You won't have a home to go to.


Oh, that's okay. It's Max.
He's a friend of mine.

I think you two are going
to get along real good.

I thought you weren't
going to tell anyone.

Oh, well, you don't have to worry. It's okay.
Max, wait a minute.

He's very reliable.

His language is very strange. It may take me
longer to learn than yours.

I don't think Max is going to expect you to learn
how to bark.

He's an animal?

Well, don't tell him that. My goodness, you're
going to hurt his feelings.

Max is my friend.

I bet you he'd be your friend too

if you just kind of scratch him on the
head like that.

Why don't you two kind of get acquainted

and I'm going to go see if I can find you
some Earth-type clothes. Okay?

Time to check in, Belden.

Belden reporting from satellite landing.

Belden reporting from
satellite landing.

Go ahead, Belden.

Everything seems to be okay.

Check, Belden. You're clear.

You will report in again
at 2100 hours.

Will do, Lieutenant.



Get anything?
Yeah, a headache.


Will you grab that?

Hi, Chris. Oscar.

Hi, Oscar. What's up?

I'm calling about what's down, pal.

You were the guy that told me
not to worry, remember?

No, Oscar, I'm the guy who told you that Rudy and
I would do the worrying.

And we are.

Hi, Oscar. I'm on.

Okay, boys, fill me in.

Well, the Lambda-14
came down in a lake

and we're going to have to wait until
morning for retrieval.

In the meantime, Chris and I have been going over
the data for a few hours.

What'd you find out?

Well, all the data seems to
point to the same thing.

The satellite's orbit decayed because of a
sudden increase in mass.

The mass returned to normal
after the satellite landed.

Do you suppose that the satellite might
have gotten fouled up

by those sunspots we've been getting,
throwing off the data?

That's possible, but unlikely.

Now, the data was too specific,

not like it would be in the
case of solar interference.

Well, what about magnetic
space garbage?

Do you suppose it might have picked up
something out there

and then lost it when it landed?

Well, that's possible, too.


Well, I know the Russians aren't playing
any games with us

Oscar, we won't know anything

until we've examined the satellite
in the morning.

Look, boys, I want you to keep
in touch with me this time.

I want to know everything.
All right?

Will do.

Okay, good luck.

So long.
Bye, Oscar.

You know something, Rudy?

I thought I'd seen every kind of technical foul-up
that there is.

There's always something to hang on to. You
know, something...

Some kind of logical explanation.

Well, we've gone through all
the logical explanations.

Why don't we start with some illogical ones.

All right. For instance?

Internal tampering.

While the satellite was out in space?


I don't know.


We fell in love

So long ago

But I was young and I had much to learn

One thing I've learned

ls even Even a surprise to me

Oh dear

I learned that I could

Really love him


So much again

That was beautiful.
Thank you.

I wish you could hear my mother sing.

It's so peaceful.

Well, maybe someday I'll be able to.

Look at our fire.

Come on, we need some more wood.

Listen, you think you've got a trick,
kid? Watch this one.



How's that?
What do you call that?

Well, I'll tell you,

it's called bionics.

Actually, it just means
I have some special qualities

that makes me a little
stronger than most people.

Max does too.

Well, if you ever crash land on Zhorla,

that's how you can make
them believe you are an alien.

That's a good thing to remember.

Listen, I'm starving.
How about you?

I think tonight, in honor of your being here, we
should have, uh...

Jaime's Special Salad.
How about that?

Because it's out of this world.

Bad joke, huh?

Come on, you can help me make it.

What should I do?

Oh, just get in the refrigerator and get
out all the things

that look like plants.

They're vegetables and fruits, things like that.

We are going to create a masterpiece and you
are going to love it.

All right?

What's the matter?

I don't know how to get it open.

Oh, just pull on the handle.

Yeah, pull on it.
There you go. Okay?

The stuff on the bottom,
that's what you want.

All right, Max. I hear you. It'll only take a few
minutes, okay?

It's going to take a lot longer if you
continue to bug the chef.

I say no more.

Hmm. This is lettuce.

All right, now this is the
main substance for salad.

Usually, when I clean
it, I kind of like to...

Well, it doesn't matter.
It's already been cleaned.

But I do take off some of the soft leaves
on the outside here. See?

Now, don't ever cut lettuce with a knife.

It's much better when you just pull it
apart with your fingers.

And then we can put in some
tomatoes and mushrooms.

This cheese is fantastic in salad.





Aura, are you okay?
Wake up, baby.

Come on.

Didn't I just knock you out?




What's the matter, Chris?
You as frustrated as I am?

What? I'm sorry, Rudy.
I was thinking about Jaime.

Something about the way she sounded.

I don't know, it's just a feeling, but...

Well, intuition has been one of man's
most valuable assets

since the beginning of time.

If you feel that way,
why don't you call her?

She's probably sleeping. I'd hate to call
and wake her up.

I'd feel like an idiot
if there was nothing wrong.

On the other hand, it's better to feel like an
idiot than be sorry, huh?



That's weird.

Huh? What is?

Yes, may I help you?

Yes, operator. I'd like to make an emergency
phone call, please.

555-7386 from Christopher Williams.

One moment, sir, I'll try
that number for you.

Thank you.

I'm sorry, sir, that number is
temporarily out of service.

I'll be glad to report it for you.

Thank you.

What's up?

Something's wrong now. I know it.

Can I go out there?

Sure. Go ahead if you feel that way.
I'll hold down the fort.


Are those the two guys
you were telling me about?

They're Uloan soldiers.

Are they twins?

No, they're clones. That's why they can communicate
with mind-thought.

You know, those weapons that
they have are pretty powerful,

but what about the guys themselves?

I mean, is there anything special about them,
without their little toys?

Not that I can think of.

Well, then all we have
to do is disarm them, right?


How about this light?

Do you know what this means?

I can't tell where it's coming from.

It's an Uloan force field.

What's that?

Well, I think it's an energy
field that surrounds us

and keeps us inside this space.

I've never really seen one before,

but I think that the more force you apply to
the field, the stronger it is.

Where does it get its power?

I'm not sure, but I think that
thing up there controls it.

Let's check it out, huh?




Remind me not to do that again.

Does it seem like they're looking
for something to you?

Their ship.

Does it seem like they're having trouble?

The solar activity. Of course.

Your sun is interfering
with their signals

the same way it interfered with my spacecraft.

How long does this solar
interference last?

That's unpredictable.

It could be very short, or it could go on
a long time.

But as soon as they're successful...

I'm sorry I got you into all this.

They'll probably kill you too, after they’ve
shown you off on Ulo.

Hey, come on,

let's spend whatever time we have trying to figure
out how to get out of here.

Okay? Not worrying.

Okay, I'm sorry.

Don't be sorry.

Come on, you're doing just fine.

I mean, you've got to be scared out of
your mind anyway.

But I shouldn't be.
I am a princess.

My parents have taught me,
since I was able to speak,

that I've got to be prepared
to lead my people.

I'm not prepared,
I'm just scared.

Honey, you're still a very young girl.

Even an adult would be scared right now.
I'm scared.

Okay? What we've got to do is, um...

Try and release some
of that fear. Okay?

Before we can get anything done.

Now, come on, take a deep
breath. Come on.

Let it go. Let it out.

Do it again.

Just let it go.

Okay, do you feel some of the fear
leaving your body?

A little bit?


Okay. Now we gotta figure out
what we're going to do.

Max. Stay. Don't.
Put your head down. Okay.

You see that over there, Max?

See the little box, huh?

Good boy. Now, don't...
Not till I tell you.

What's that?
What's what?


Somebody's coming.

Max. Okay. Go now. Go get it. Go on. Get that
little thing over there.

Bite it.

Good boy.
Let's go. Come on.

Come on, Max, we've got
to move fast.





Okay, Max.
Okay, that's enough.

Get up.

Come on. Up.
Get over there.

Keep an eye on them,
Max. You okay, honey?

Yeah, just scared.
Yeah, I know the feeling.

We've got them, what are we gonna do
with them now?

It must be their ship.

Wonder why they didn't take us?

I don't know. There was somebody
at the door.

Chris. Chris, oh, baby.

Oh, no.

Aura, look at your pendant.

We won.

Zhorla won.

That's what happened. That's why the Uloans
didn't take us.

The war is over.
I can go home again.


This stone is very special.

It's like a lifeline.

My parents gave it to me

so no matter where in the
universe I was,

they could retrieve me once it was safe
to come home.

They're taking me back there now.

I'll make sure that the people on Zhorla never
forget the debt they owe you.

And to this sanctuary, Earth.

And I'll never forget
you either, Jaime.

You've taught me so much.

You're far more evolved
than we thought.

Maybe we will meet again someday.

Goodbye, Jaime.

I'll miss you. I'll miss you
too, little one.


Jaime! Are you all right?
Hi, are you okay?


You want to tell me about it?

Well, yeah. I want to tell you. I want to tell
everybody about it,

but I think you're probably the only one
who's going to believe me.