The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 3, Episode 14 - The Antidote - full transcript

During a meeting with Soviet ambassador Zuhkov, both he and Jaime Sommers are poisoned. As Chris Williams and Max race to find Dr. Rudy Wells, Jaime lays dying unless she reveals Oscar Goldman's top secret location.

Where is Oscar conducting
his meeting?

His life depends on no one knowing that.

Oh, no! No!

What's wrong?


Jaime SOMMERS was given
a progressive poison.

She has less than 20 hours to live.

They claim they have an antidote. Tell them
where Oscar is.

They want me to contact him
so they can kill him.

Its ultrasonic sound will cause the poison
to work faster.

It's like she's hearing something
that's killing her.


OSCAR: This is the most important mission I've
ever sent you on, Jaime.

My life depends on it.

You have to go to Washington

and get a letter from the Soviet ambassador,
Dmitri Zhukov.

MAN: That'II take care
of Jamie SOMMERS.

Yes, you are who you say
you are, Miss SOMMERS.

Well, I'm glad to know that.

I'd hate to think I've been fooling myself
all these years.

My government agrees
to support the treaty

Mr. Goldman is attempting
to negotiate

between the two Middle East powers.

This letter covers our position.

You did not expect our support?

Well, your personal support
is a surprise, Mr. Zhukov.

You see, Oscar feels that
your faction of the party

opposes what he's trying to do.

He's quite right. I argued vigorously against
giving you that letter.

However, after expressing my opinion, I obey the
orders of my government.

Even when you disapprove?

That is the final test
of loyalty, is it not?

All right, then speaking personally, I would
like to know

how you can possibly justify
being against peace?

But I'm not. Peace is in the best interest of
everyone, Miss SOMMERS.

My argument is the question of price

and how it is won.

You realize there are terrorist groups

who would kill to know what is
in that envelope.

They would also kill to find out

where Oscar Goldman is conducting his
secret meetings.

Hi, how's my timing?

Well, you're a few seconds early, but that's okay.
This is my friend, Callahan.

We kind of figured that a couple
of girls at a party

was less conspicuous than my meeting you
somewhere alone.

Of course. You are Miss Callahan,
Oscar Goldman's secretary.

That's right. Have we ever
met before?

Unfortunately, I have never
had that pleasure.

Speaking of Oscar, where is he
conducting his meetings?

Well, as you said, his life depends
on no one knowing that.

Then how will you get that
document to him?

I will wait to be contacted and it
will be delivered.

Very wise.

Trust no one.

Would you care for anything, sir?

Ah! Champagne?

No, thanks. I'm working
on my second.

Sure. Yes, please.

Thank you.

Ah! My favorite food.
You must have caviar.

It is the Soviet gift
to the capitalist world.

No, I can't really. My weight is a highly
classified secret, too,

and it was a pound heavier this morning.

But you must. I insist.


It is our exotic breaking
of bread together.

Then definitely, I will.

Thank you.

To true peace in our time.





You should've had some.

PEGGY: Face it, Jaime.

A man who gives you caviar and champagne
can't be all bad.

JAIME: Well, there might be
something in what you say.

PEGGY: When do you think Oscar will call?

JAIME: As soon as it's safe.

He knows the terrorists
will do anything

to find out where he's meeting with
the delegates.

To tell you the truth, the pressure of this whole
thing is really getting to me.

I mean, secret meetings to agree on what's gonna
be agreed on at public meetings.

Terrorists who don't want war
in the name of peace.

That's pretty heavy stuff for a little kid
from New England.

Well, this Ojai schoolteacher sometimes feels
like she's in over her head too, you know.

What's wrong?

I don't know.

My eyes. There's something
wrong with my eyes.

You okay?


Oh, no! Oh!


You okay?

Are you?

Oh, no.
Is it bad?

No. Don't touch it. My...

Oh, I can't get out of here.
Can you open your door?


Okay. Sit back.


You think you can walk?

Yeah. How about you?

Yeah. I'm okay.

What's wrong? What's wrong?
Are you okay?

I don't...


What's wrong?


Jaime? Jaime? Jaime?

No, no, no, you can't go in there
right now. All right?

What's wrong with her?
I don't know.

I'll tell you just as soon
as I know anything.

Listen, babe, you'd better have
emergency look at you, too.

Okay? Come on. Get going.

I'm okay. I'm okay.

WOMAN: Dr. Brammer to ICU, please.

Dr. Brammer.

Max, you have to stay.
You can't come in. No.

Look, never mind looking cute. They don't allow
dogs in the hospital.


Look, don't wreck the car
while I'm gone. Please?


Oh, I came as soon as I heard.

Poor baby.
Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm okay.

How's Jaime?
I don't know.

No one's told me anything yet. But
Chris, she wasn't hurt in that accident.

It started way before that.
Hervision was blurred.

She couldn't see the road and that's what made us
turn over.

Hi, you guys.
This is Dr. Hamilton.

Chris Williams and Peggy Callahan.

Chris is with the O.S.I.

and Callahan is Oscar Goldman's
confidential secretary.

How much does the doctor know about Jaime's
special qualities?

When I tried to take her pulse,
I knew she was bionic.

Don't worry about security clearance, I've studied
bionics under Dr. Wells.

I didn't know about this young lady,
but I'm not surprised.

Listen, we're looking
for Rudy now.

Doctor, how is Jaime doing?

We're putting her in intensive care.

She's been poisoned.

Now, wait a minute.

Well, apparently, it was given to her
in something she ate or drank.

Blood samples indicate
a poisonous compound,

probably of the organic
chloride grouping.

We're doing all we can for her
at the moment.

Well, how much is all we can?

Listen, Chris, that compound
can be any of 50 varieties.

We can't prescribe an antidote for that until we
know the exact composition.

Wait a second. He just said it
was organic chloride.

HAMILTON: But it's a very
involved compound.

We've found chemical traces of chlorophydrin and
what might be bromoacetone,

but we couldn't get a fix on
the rest of it.

Look, Doctor, Sarah's vouched for us, why don't
you just level with us, huh?

Well, there are a few things
I don't understand.

For instance?

Well, her symptoms indicate
a progressive-type poison.

Now, depending on its concentration, its course
could be predictable

within 12 to 24 hours.

Now, if someone wanted
to kill her quickly,

they could've chosen a much faster
acting compound.

That's strange.

Well, if you'll excuse me,
I better get back to her.

Sarah, what exactly is a progressive poisoning?

Well, honey,

the body's normal functioning depends on
the central nervous system

transmitting automatic impulses to see, to
breathe, to cough or swallow.

Over-simplified, it means the compound can attack
the central nervous system

and block off those impulses.

What happens?


Distorted vision,
loss of coordination,

difficulty in breathing, coma.


CHRIS: It's all right.

Oh, Callahan, come on, honey, you know I care
about her, too.

I'm going to do everything
I can. I promise. Okay?


- Memorial Hospital.

Miss Callahan, please. She's in the intensive
care waiting room.

OPERATOR: Miss Callahan,
call on line one.

Who knows I'm here?


By this time you know Jaime SOMMERS was given
a progressive poison.

She has less than 20 hours to live.

Whether she does or not is up to her.

Wait a second.

Who was it?

I don't know.

He said Jaime only has less
than 20 hours to live.


All right, now, start
from the beginning.

What did she do today?

Chris, there are some things I can't
even tell you about.

Callahan, this is me. Chris. Remember?
And that's Jaime in there.

Now start talking.

Where's the envelope now?

Sarah took it and put it
in Rudy's safe,

and there's about a dozen guards
around it.

Did Jaime read it?

No. No, she didn't have to.

Oscar told her what would be in it.

And you think this Dmitri
poisoned her?

I don't know who else
could have the chance.

He's the one that gave her
the champagne and canape.

All right, if he did, I'll be back
with the antidote.

Max and I are gonna pay a visit
to the Russian embassy.

What's Max doing here?

I was running some tests
with him in the country.

And I got the call on the beeper
and didn't have time

to get him back to the lab.
Look, stay with her. Okay?

Yeah, sure.

If we have to get in touch with Oscar,
can you do it?

No. Jaime's the only one
that knows where he is.

This is Carson.

Jaime SOMMERS is in the hospital

and our agent has access
to her at anytime.

SOMMERS will tell us where to find Goldman
before we let her die.

Come on, Max.

It shouldn't be locked.

Yes, what is it?

My name's Williams.
I want to see Zhukov.

I'm sorry, but he's not seeing anyone.

Well, I'm going to see him. Now, you can call it
a demand if you like.


Sir, this embassy is Soviet territory

and you, uh... You don't demand
anything here.

All right, I'm sorry,
but I've got to see him.

On what business?

I'll tell that to him.

Why not?

Well, that, sir,
is none of your business.

Well, we'll see about that.

Come on, Max. We're not gonna to let them
get away with this.

Max, we've got to get in here.

Now, I want you to bite and pull, Max.
Bite and pull.


All right, Max.


All right, now bite it, Max.


Pull it, Max.
Pull it. Pull, Max.


Good boy, Max.
Stay. Stay.

Stay, Max. Stay, Max.

Please, don't move.

I told you I'm gonna see Zhukov.

Now the only way you're going to stop me is
if he uses that thing.

Go turn off the alarm.
Go, go, go.

All right, that's far enough.
Where is he?

My persistent friend,

all the member of the Politburo couldn't see him
now even if they wanted to.

I'm going to see him.

He was poisoned this afternoon.
And he's dying.

You're lying.

Mr. Williams, I only wish
that I were.

Put it over there.

Hey, you're not supposed to be
in here, you know.

Yeah. I'm going bananas
waiting out there, Sarah.

Have you got an antidote yet?

No, the lab just can't
get a handle on it.

How's she doing?

Come on, Sarah, I am her best friend.
I have a right to know.

Well, the deterioration
is in the second stage now,

and, I'm going to have to put her on a breathing
machine soon.

Can I just go in there
just for a few minutes?

Just a few words to let her know
that I'm here?

Peggy, I'm sure she knows.

Please, Sarah.

Honey, she can't hear you anyway.
She's under sedation.

Come on, I'll go sit with you
for awhile.

No. You don't. You go back to the lab
and keep working. Okay?

You all right?
Yeah, I'm okay.


See ya.


Did you see him?

Peg, they claim he was poisoned, too.

Do you believe them?

Oh, this is Chief Inspector Ball, of the National
Security Bureau.

Chris Williams.

I asked if you believed
Dmitri was dying?

Well, it's a dumb lie if they can't back
it up, isn't it? Yeah, I believe them.

Mr. Williams, who gave you permission to go
to the embassy?


I went there to help Jaime.

You should've called me.

I'm taking over the investigation,

and from now on, I'll tell you when
I need your help.

Now, wait a minute, mister.

Now, you wait,
Mr. Williams.

We don't need any diplomatic incidents or amateurs
going off half-cocked.

All right, expert,
what're you doing?


Well, we checked out all the servants
at the party.

A waiter and waitress
were ringers.

The caterer hired them as last minute replacements
for a couple that didn't show up.

We found that couple, man and wife, bound and
gagged in their apartment.

Do we have any leads
on the other two?

Unfortunately, you rarely
notice the faces of people in uniform,

especially a waiter and waitress in the crush
of a cocktail party.

Mr. Williams or Miss Callahan. They're
in the waiting room in intensive care.


OPERATOR: Mrs. Williams
or Miss Callahan.

There's a call for you on line four.

This is Chris Williams.

WOMAN: Listen carefully.

Jaime SOMMERS now has 14 hours,

and you won't find an antidote
in time to save her.

Who is this?

Never mind. We demand to know the present
location of Oscar Goldman.

Trace this call.

As soon as you turn the information
over to us,

we will give you the proportions and content
of the poison.

You can work out the antidote from it.

Well, how am I gonna know that you're going to
keep your end of the bargain?

Too late. They'd already hung up.


I got to talk to Jaime.

What for?

You have the authority to stop me from
seeing her, too?

Not if her doctor approves.

Too bad.

I've got to talk to her.

That's ridiculous. You can't possibly
talk to her now.

Chris, she's under sedation.

Wake her up.

I said, wake her up.

Jaime. Jaime.

Jaime, listen to me.

Can you understand what I'm saying?

All right. Someone called. They claim they've
got an antidote.

They'll give it to us if you'll tell them
where Oscar is.


It's his life or mine?

I don't know that.


Jaime, please.
Jaime, please.

They want me to contact him
so they can kill him.

They're not...

They're not going to
keep me alive after that.

I’d just be killing both of us.


Why haven't you found Rudy yet? If anybody could
help her, he could.

We’re trying to find him.
Oh, you know something?

I'm really getting tired of people
who are trying

and nobody accomplishing

Where is he?

He's at the O.S.I. Weapons Research
Facility in Georgia.

Then what's the problem?

He has been working night and day
on a project.

He took a few days off, Chris. He's camping
somewhere on the base.

Somewhere on the base.

We've got all the personnel
that's there out looking for him,

but that facility covers
200 square miles.


Hello? Chris, it's for you.

A woman?

No, it's a man from the Russian embassy.

This is Chris Williams.

Yes, Mr. Williams. Yanos.

Comrade Zhukov passed away
a few minutes ago.

He gave me a message
for Miss SOMMERS.

He said, "Dying for something you disapprove
of is the real final test of loyalty."

Apparently, they had
discussed it sometime.

I'm sorry.
Thank you for calling.

Zhukov died.

Why did it affect him
faster than Jaime?

I don't know. I'd have to see his medical
records to answer that.

Or, maybe the compound works faster even than
our poisoners know.

Oh, Jaime.



Jaime, can you hear me?


I'm going after Rudy.

Promise you'll hang around
till I get back?


I'm gonna need something with Rudy's scent on it.
A glove, anything.

Okay, but you're going to have to stop by the lab
to pick it up.


Watch her and continue
the present treatment.

If there's any change at all, I'm going to be in
toxicology, and I want you to call me.


Where's Inspector Ball?
I don't know.

I think he went back to his office.
You want me to get him?

No, I don't want him to know
where I'm going.

Use Oscar's influence,
get me a jet.

Then call Andrews Air Force Base.

Tell them Max and I will be there in 20 minutes.
All right?

Yeah. Okay.

PILOT: Tower, this is Charlie 9736 requesting
permission to land.

TOWER: Roger, Charlie 9736. - You are clear to
land on runway one-niner right.

PILOT: Please notify
the base security officer

that Chris Williams will be in his office
in 10 minutes.

TOWER: Will do, Charlie 9736.

I'm sorry, Mr. Williams. We haven't been able
to locate Dr. Wells

and I'm not sure when we will.

This base is bigger than some states.

I know, that's why I brought the dog.

If anybody can find Rudy, it's Max.

Could I see your ID, please?

Listen, I don't have
the time for all this.

I'm afraid you'll have
to take the time.

Mr. Williams, we're a security eight base.

Your clearance is only a six.

You got to be kidding.
I'll need Mr. Goldman's

personal okay before allowing you into
the restricted areas.

All right.

You can get in touch with his personal
secretary at Corey Memorial Hospital.

Good, as soon as she gets him on the line,
I'm sure you'll be well on your way.

Well, you can't get him
on the phone right now.

Why not?
He's out of the country.

Make yourself comfortable.

I'll run it through channels
as fast as I can.

Look, Captain, Goldman's life and the life
of one of his agents

may depend on whether or not
I can find Rudy Wells.

If I let you through, somebody else
will just stop you.

That's part of the fail-safe
security system.

And there are no exceptions to the rules.

Miss Wiser, contact the National Security
Board in Washington.

Tell them I need clearance to allow an
unauthorized person on the base.

MISS WISER: Yes, sir.
I'll call them right away.

I'll hold.

You've got to find Rudy, Max.
You've got to find Rudy. Okay.

All right, go.


Get that dog back here.


Sorry. I've been trying to break him
of this habit.

You don't know what he's cost me
in windows this month.

You know what you've done?
You just got that dog killed.

What do you mean?

To get to where we think Dr. Wells is, that dog
will have to cross an automated

defense zone with sophisticated land mines
and radar-directed lasers.

He hasn't got a chance.







You know me, don't you?

I'll have to kill you now,

and I can't wait for the poison.

How is she?

She woke up for just a moment.

Could I stay in here just for a little
while with her?

All right, I'll be back
in a few minutes.

Thank you.





Max! Here, boy.


Come here, Max. Here, Max.
That's a boy!

Come here. How you doing?
What're you doing here, huh?

What's this? What have you
got there?



SOMMERS recognized me.

Are you sure?

Of course I'm sure. I could see the look
in her eyes.

All right, I'll come
and we'll finish her off.

Yeah. But she hasn't told us
where Goldman is yet.

She will if the poison
starts working faster.

PILOT: Andrews Tower,
this is Charlie 9736.

I have Dr. Wells and Chris Williams aboard.

Please notify Corey Memorial Hospital that they'll
arrive in a few minutes.

Where is she?
Just down the hall.

Another dose of this will
hurry up the process.

I've brought a better way. Safer for us and just
as effective.

It's ultra-sonic sound

tuned for bionic frequencies.

The impulse will speed up her heart action and
cause the poison to work faster.



What's the matter, Max?

Looks like he's in pain.

I can't help you now, boy. I'll be back
as soon as I can.

You stay, Max.


Digitalis, two cc's.

This reaction just started, Rudy.

Hold her hand, Sarah.


What's she trying to do, Rudy?

It's probably just an instinctive reaction.

Let her go, Sarah.

Go ahead.



Looks like she's hearing something
that's killing her.

Max. He must've been hearing it, too.

All right, Max. Come here, boy. Come on. I know
you're hurting, baby.

I know you're hurting. But you've got to find that
sound. You've got to find it.

Please. Come on.



It must be an ultra-sonic device tuned to bionic




OPERATOR: Dr. Sheller
to ICU three. Emergency.

Dr. Sheller, please report to ICU three.





The extra strain's finally lifting.

Good boy, Max. Good boy!

Come on.

Let's get out of here.
OPERATOR: Dr. Jeffers.

Dr. Jeffers to the OB ward, please.

Dr. Jeffers to OB.


Yes, Chris?

It was hidden in the room
down the hall.

Just as I thought.
It's an ultra-sonic device.

JAIME: (WEAKLY) The nurse.

What, darling?

It's the nurse.


What is it, honey?

The nurse.

What about her?

She's the one that poisoned me.

Go after them.

Stop her, Max.



Call him off.

All right, what'd you give her?

I'm sure this'll tell us what we want to know.
Watch them, Max.


Rudy, we've got it.

Two cc's hydrochloride, four cc's benzyl cyanide,
one cc diphenylamine.

Let's work out the antidote.



Hey, you look chipper.
Well, thank you.

I have felt worse,
that's for sure.

Yeah, well, let's see.

Uh-huh. Strong.


Steady and healthy.

Well, I like your style. Every single piece of
information is better than the last.

I try.

Hey, how do you feel about visitors?

The gang's been waiting outside so long,

the staff's beginning to think they’re part
of the furniture.

Well, sure.
Bring them in.

Hey, come on in, you three.


He says you're beautiful.

Oh, what do you say?

Well, I know you look terrific.

And I hate you.

Cause when I'm sick,
I really look yucky.

Oh, come on.
How's Oscar doing?

He's great. He'll be back
tomorrow morning.

There was enough agreement at the meeting to
guarantee an open peace conference.

Oh, so it was all worth it, huh?

Well, I don't know.

You know, Avery strange thing
happened to me

when I thought I only had a few
hours to live.

I suddenly realized how precious life is.

And that you have to take
advantage of every possible

moment because at any second
it could just be gone. You know that?

I mean, I'm alive and I want to live.

And when can I get out of here?
When can I go home?

Tell her.



Oh, boy. Okay.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow, what a beautiful
word that is.

I never realized that before.
Here's to tomorrow.