The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 3, Episode 13 - The Pyramid - full transcript

While Oscar is overseeing an attempt to safe the ozone layer, OSI agent Chris Williams goes on a dinner date with Jaime Sommers. They both end up caught in a mysterious underground pyramid made by intelligent aliens ages ago. The sentinel has just awoken because Oscar's experiment could be harmful to his people and they in turn might retaliate against Earth.

Can you identify the nature of
the interference?

We seemed to pick up a signal that might have
come from deep space.

What kind of signal?

That signal we heard is a spaceship coming
from his galaxy.

A rocket is being launched.

I've sent the Warrior
to stop it.

If he fails,
all on this planet will die.

JIM: It's still heading
straight towards us.

All stations,
this is Flight Control.

Liquid oxygen has pressurized
within the green marks.

Start instrument recorders.

Going into terminal phase at T minus two minutes
and counting.

All down range stations
are on the line.

We are go on flight path.
We are go on global net.

Mount Carson, are you green
for launch?


Negative, Flight.
This is Range Liaison Officer.

I'm suggesting a hold
at present status.

Say why, Mount Carson.


RLO: It may sound crazy,
but I think we're receiving

some kind of radio interference from deep space.

CHRIS: Attention all units,
we are initiating a hold.

Repeat, holding at T minus
one minute, 15 seconds.

Mount Carson, can you identify the nature of
the interference?

RLO: Negative, Flight. - The source is from
outside the solar system.

RLO, do you have an explanation?

It might be an echo bounce,
or a star noise phenomena of a new type.

Jim, transfer image to our telemetry board.

JIM: Flight, the beam is apparently striking
the coastline

near the old fort on Cape MacArthur.



RLO: Mission Control, the interference
has now cleared.

Very good. Report the occurrence
to Mount Palomar

for further investigation.

All units, previous hold
is canceled

at T minus one minute,
15 seconds and counting.

Transfer TDC power.

Automatic sequence is go.
Launch panel is on.

Roger. Facility is now on
automatic sequence.

Stand by for terminal count.

- RLO: Go.



Coming up on T minus 10 seconds.

Mark. Nine.

Eight, seven, six, five, four,

three, two, one.

We have ignition.

All right.

How's she flying, Jim?

Hot, true, and normal.

Time to chemical dispersal
point is D minus 30 seconds.

I've got my fingers crossed.

So do the scientists
of 22 nations, Jim.

Unless we restore the ozone layer,

solar radiation will continue
to increase to the danger level.

JIM: Panel is on automatic sequence
for chemical dispersal.

Roger. Coming up on dispersal
altitude in five seconds.

Four, three, two, one.

We have dispersal.

RLO: We have the spectrograph
results, Flight.

Thank you, Mount Carson. Ejection of chemical load
was successful.

Particle distribution within
acceptable parameters.

The ozone layer in the immediate vicinity
of the dispersion point

has increased 2.7%.

TECHNICIAN: All right.
- We did it.

Good work, men.

All right, all right.
Now that was just a test.

We'll see what happens when we load the Saturn
with a full load.

Hopefully, it'll increase the ozone level all over
the planet.

See you tomorrow for the big bang.

This is Flight Control, out.

Good work, Chris.


Gentlemen, if you will excuse me, I have a
date with a very attractive young lady.

Is she a willowy blonde,
about this tall?

Teaches school, a lady who I lost my heart to
years ago?

That's the one.

She's picking me up for a dinner party.
I'll see you later.

Have a good time.

Oh, my, oh, my, oh my.

Lady, you are something else.

Well, I'm glad you approve. Hi.

I'd approve of you in anything.

But when you look like this...


Why don't you hold this
thought until after dinner?

Because I'm starving.

That's what I like about you, sweetheart.

You're such a romanticist.


JAIME: How'd the launch go?
- CHRIS: 100% successful.

Something interesting, too.

Right in the middle,
we picked up a signal

that seemed to come from deep space.

Looked like it was aimed right
at Fort MacArthur.

So that's why you wanted me
to come this way.

Jaime, it'll only take
a minute to look.

It's the next turn.

Oh, it's the next turn.

I certainly hope I don't faint from hunger.

I know your kind. A lot stronger
than you look.

I bet you say that to all the guys.

JAIME: What is that?

Well, in the good ol' days, 14-inch naval guns
in those positions

waiting to exchange broadsides with the Japanese
Imperial Fleet

if they decided to take California.


You know, it's strange.

I have been teaching about
this era year after year

and I have never experienced the reality of it
until just now.

It's really sad that men spent
years out of their lives here

waiting for a battle
that never happened.

Which is the best kind, I guess.

It's locked.

Well good. I'm ready to go.

All right, all right. Just give me a couple
minutes to look around. Okay?



What's that?

What's what?

Maybe... Maybe we should just
look around a little bit more.

That's okay. I don't mind.

Good girl.


How'd you do that?

It was already broken. I guess it was just
rusted through.




Well, that's it.
End of the line.

Um, why don't you see if you could find
something to pry with.

Maybe we could, you know...

You've got to be kidding?



Boy, you're lucky I really
like you, because you're a crazy lady.

I do it, but...


This is...

Haven't you got something
you want to tell me?


Well, maybe that was rusted,
uh, through, too, huh?

Yeah, I think that was rusted. Yeah.

Yeah. Bionic, right?

Well, Rudy told me it existed.
He even wanted me to work on it.

He just forgot one little detail.

A face. A name. A body.

Is it...

Is it a turn-off to you?

Well, not as long as you don't go around
beating up my friends.


It's a bad joke.

Does that answer your question?

Wait a minute, you were hearing something before
that I couldn't.

Is that bionic, too?

It's the other one.

The other one?

Wait a minute,
just how much of you is...

Not too much.

Let's go.


Well, there is something
further down here.

Couldn't be.
We're at bedrock now.


It's coming from right behind here.


Okay, now you're not
seeing this.

Who'd believe it anyway?
Do you, uh, do this a lot?



Here. Come on.

There seems to be some kind
of a corridor here, huh?

What do you think?


After everything I've seen
today, I don't know why

my masculine pride is telling me to go first.

Give me the light.






Look, I'm just trying to help him. Come on.



Hello, Laure.

LAURE: Hi, Oscar.

Hey, Jim.
What's going on here?

Where's Chris?
Where's Jaime?

They're already five hours late.

We've been trying to track them down.

They never arrived at the party and they aren't
at his place or hers.

We called the highway patrol
and all the local hospitals.

There's no report of an accident.

What's the status of the launch?

The deep space beam has been
coming in intermittently.

Mount Palomar's working on it.

They'll check out Cape MacArthur
when the launch is over

and they've got some time.

Marriage of the Saturn
to the gantry is on schedule

and we're not anticipating
any problems.

All right, stay on top of it until Chris and Jaime
get back here.

Laure, I'm going to take over
Chris' spot temporarily.

Take over mine, okay?

JAIME: I don’t know what happened to me?
What did I see?

I got to get up.

I'm paralyzed.

Okay, easy. Don’t panic. Don’t panic.
Keep your mind working.

What is this place?

Look at that machinery.
I wonder what it's for.


And that's hieroglyphics.

Ancient spacemen like the cave
drawings at Tassili.

The Mayan Jaguar God.

The markings from the plains of Nazca?

I showed those to the kids
at school.

Who is he? What is he?


Chris. Where's Chris? I wonder if he's
paralyzed too.

Was that a coincidence,
or did he read my mind?

Who are you?
What is this place?

Above us is that pyramid.

Long ago, it stood in the sun.

Now, the Earth has sunk beneath it

and the winds of ages
have covered it.


What did he do?

I can move. Chris. Oh, please, don't be
badly hurt.

I've got to get us out of here.


Yes, I heard your thoughts.

It is no great gift.

All the animals in the field
sense hostility, friendship, danger.

Your friend isn't dead
or injured,

but his mind remains immobile
until I release it.

I'm glad he's getting out
of here. The old one doesn't look that bad.

You can move now.

My name is Ky.

Long ago, we came to teach
people here.

Teach them many things.

How to read the stars,
how to build with stone.

They called us gods

because we knew so much more than they.

They couldn't understand that
the moving of great weights

and carving great stones
is not God,

only God-like to the simple mind.

Thinking it would please us,

they cut out hearts and sacrificed them to us.

They were too primitive to know it was not
what we wanted.

Most of my people went back.

I was left as a sentinel
to await their return.


Now they return again
and I cannot warn them.

If they come,
they will be destroyed.

I don't understand.
I want to.

But, uh, who's going to be
destroyed? Where? How?

A rocket is being launched
near here.

I saw it in your friend's mind.

I sent the Warrior to stop it.

If he fails, all on this
planet will die.

LAURE: Flight, command
receiver checks are complete.

All units standing by.

Roger, ALD.

Oscar, we're down to biting the bullet.

Weather conditions in the ozone layer
are optimum at the moment.

Any change in the jet stream
might inhibit chemical dispersal.

So in other words the time is now.


All right.
Proceed with the launch.

Proceed with launch.

Start to calibrate all
instrumentation recorders.

All down range are on the grid.

This is Oscar Goldman speaking.

I want an APB put out on Jaime SOMMERS
and Chris Williams.

CMV on panel two verifies IVS fuel load.

We are go on primary.
We are go on second stage.

That rocket is no threat
to anyone.

They're just seeding
the ozone layer.

But the sodium-chemical chain
you are using

will conflict with the electromagnetic propulsion
system of our ship.

When it strikes the chemical concentration,
the ship will explode.

Our people will think you
destroyed it and retaliate.

They remember you as primitives.

You have no defense against their weapons.

Well, that makes them sound
a little primitive, too.

T minus 30 seconds.
All systems are go.

Facility is now on automatic sequence. Stand by
for terminal count.

Ten, nine, eight, seven,

six, five, four, three,
two, one.

We have ignition.

We have liftoff.

Bird flying hot,
true and normal.

Sequence to chemical dispersal point
is five seconds.

Four, three, two, one.

What is it?

What happened?

We've lost.

The Warrior failed.


Mission Control, this is RLO.

We are picking up a UFO
near Saturn.

At present velocity, it will reach Earth
in six hours.

Why, that's impossible.

It took the Viking nearly
two years just to get to Mars.


Can't you bring him to
now, please?



What the...
Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Don't ask any questions. Don't even think any
questions. Okay?

I wouldn't know where
to begin anyway.

You okay?

Somehow, I don't think so.

Why don't you signal your ship?

This oscillating crystal is the heart of
the transmitter.

It didn't stand time well.

Second, when we taught people
to build pyramids,

such as the one we are in.

They didn't understand
that the form

captured and stored bio-cosmic energy.

They thought of the pyramid
only as tombs for the dead.

All that we did was for
the purpose of teaching.

And all that we did,

misunderstood and used for
purposes never intended.

The skills that we taught wasted

in false glorification of ourselves
and other men.


Even here,

they thought this was my tomb

and left food and treasures for my journey
to the afterlife.


protected by the preserving
power of pyramid energy.

Planted and watered, it would still spring
to life

after all your centuries.

But when time buried
this pyramid,

it lowered the stored power
of bio-cosmic energy.

My brain hasn't the power to activate
the transmitter,

even if the crystal were intact.

Can't we find another source
of power?

We had cyborgs before
we ever came here.

I know that you are bionic
and have an atomic power-pack.

If the crystal were intact,
I wouldn't hesitate to use it.

Do you fear that?

Considerably. Yes.

Rudy's always put me on a life-support system
when he's had it out.

You see, we don't know
that much about bionics yet.

There is dependency and rejection factors
that we're not sure of.

I don't have any idea how long
I'd live without the power-pack.

So yes, I fear it.

The gain would justify the risk, and I would
still take it.

Jaime, you don't have to start at the beginning,
but what's going on?

That signal we heard is a spaceship coming
from his galaxy.


Now when it hits the chemicals that we've seeded
into the ozone layer,

it's going to explode.

And you need a crystal like that one to, uh,
warn them off?

You've see another crystal
like that?


He has. He remembers it
from somewhere.

Are you doing this to protect me?

I said, no.

Come on. Tell me.

Jaime, you just said if they
remove your power-pack, you might die.

There's a lot more involved
here, Chris, than just you and me.

If that ship explodes,
this planet will be destroyed.

Rudy's been experimenting
with artificial crystalline forms.

He's had some success.
Radioactive isotope, U-96.

When perfected, he thinks it'll be useful for
interstellar communication.

Where is it?

Last time I saw it,
it was in Rudy's office safe.

There's a man named Oscar Goldman who can get
the crystal for us.

We will tell no one else.
You get the crystal.

I'll send the Warrior with you. He remains
until you return.

Okay, I'll be back.

I'll be waiting.


JIM: It's passing Jupiter
and still heading straight towards us.

At present speed, it should enter our atmosphere
within an hour.

Call Mount Carson.
Get an estimate of its size.

If it is a meteor and hits a populated area,

it could cause more damage
than 50 hydrogen bombs.

Come in please, Carson?

Look, I can't wait for you.

Thank you.

Okay, alarm tapes, please don't break.
Come on.







GUARD: Hold it.

Don't you move.

Don't move. Stay real still.

Yeah, put the Sarge on. Well, go get him.

This is important.
It's Sanchez. Station 221A.

Hello, Sarge?
Yeah, this is Sanchez at 221A.

Listen, I just surprised two of the strangest
looking burglars you've ever seen.

Well, one of them got away.
But I've got the other one right here.







JIM: It's still heading
straight towards us.


Yeah. O.S.I. security for you.


Yeah, Mr. Goldman,
this is Sanchez, security.

There was an APB put out on the SOMMERS girl.
I just saw her.


Here in Dr. Well '5 lab.

She and some weird looking guy
came in and stole a U-96 isotope crystal.

Are you sure?

Well, she picked up a barbell
and threw it at me.

I'll be there in 15 minutes.

This is Oscar Goldman speaking.

Send a car to pick up
Jaime SOMMERS' dog

and take him to Dr. Rudy Well's laboratory

Are you all right?
Yeah. Here.

What's wrong?

The configuration.

Under load, it will probably
prove unstable.


They're wondering why I don't answer.

You still need something from me. The atomic
power-pack is right about there.

What are you going to do?

We knew about psychic surgery
before we taught you anything else.


I've got to sit down.


Max, Jaime's in trouble.

I need your help, boy.



You okay?


The crystal is oscillating.
I'll have to risk an overload.

You must leave now.

What about you?

I've waited 5,000 years
for them to return.

You expect me to leave
my post now?

There are other pyramids
and other groups of our people here.

If they survive, I will be safe

and they will take care of me.

You must keep our secret.
Tell no one what happened here

and thank you for all
you've done. Go. Quickly.

God be with you.

I've got to get you out of here.




KY: We've succeeded.
- They've gotten the message.

It's changing course.

I'm going to need some help,
Jaime. Gonna need some help.

All right, you're all right.


Obviously a friend of yours.

Oscar, her power-pack's
been removed.

Get an ambulance over here.

Tell the hospital to have the bionic life support
systems ready.

Send a car around for Rudy Wells.

You'll be all right, babe.

I think I already am.

What went on in there?

Well, maybe you'll tell me
about it someday.

Just between the two of us.
About it someday.