The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 3, Episode 12 - All for One - full transcript

Jaime enrolls in college to find a computer hacker who's been raiding several bank accounts, including the OSI.

- Come on, man. Hurry.

Who's there?
This computer bandit.

He used the university terminal.

Probably means that he or she
is a teacher or an alumnus.

Look out!

Who you got for a teacher?

A guy named Tharp.
You know him?

Cat is a turkey.

We kill two birds with one stone.

THARP: The agent and Benny.





- Come on, man. Hurry.

BENNY: Almost there.

That's it. We've got the money.

Now I've got to deprogram it.

MANGO: Someone's coming.

Gotta split.

I'm not finished, man.

MANGO: Come on, man. Boogie.

I'm not finished.

Who's there?
Come back here.

Rudy, are you trying to tell me that somebody
transferred $5,000

out of an O.S.I.account

and you don't know where it went?

It could be in any bank
account in the country.

This computer bandit not only has a way
to dig into our pockets,

but he's got a system that's
absolutely untraceable.

He's a genius. We're
lucky it wasn't more.

That operations account is controlled by our
highest security computer system.

If he's got access to our money,

he's got access to all of our top secret
computerized data as well.

That's right. And there's
no way we can stop him.

At least for now.

What do you mean,
"At least for now"?

Have we got any leads?


A small one.

Apparently, the bandit didn't have time to erase
his program last night.

So, with that mistake, we were lucky enough to
lock onto a terminal he used.

Where is it?

South Coast University.


Yeah. The research library there has

a terminal that's hooked
into the Library of Congress.

So do a lot of other schools, but that doesn't
mean they have access to O.S.I.funds.

It does if you have the
right computer program.

There are a lot of computer networks.

There's communication, there's banking,
there's research.

A large percentage of them
have one trait in common.

They're all hooked into
the Library of Congress.


Now, this person at South Coast University
has devised a program that,

through the Library of Congress,

gives him access to the banks and businesses
throughout the country.

Now he can literally transfer funds from their
accounts into his own at will.

Amazing, Rudy.

A program that can take
top secret material

and make it as available as
a library book.

The Bionic Project.
Jaime. Max.

Do you have any idea what a foreign power
would pay for that?

How much damage it could do?

Well, for what it's worth,
we're lucky.

Right now it appears as if all he's
interested in is money.

I ran a profile on him

just to find out what kind of a character
we're looking for.

Here's what we've got.

He's a genius, for starters.

He's highly educated.

PhD is likely.

He worked for the government or a bank
at some point in time.

And the fact that the bandit used the
university terminal

probably means that he or she is a teacher
or an alumnus there.

We'd better get somebody over there.

Have you talked to anybody on campus?

A professor named Tom Tharp.

Now, he claims that he walked in on the
bandit last night, scared him away.

Who are you calling?


How would you like to go back to college?

Look out, look out.
I'm actually going down.

Look out.


Look out. Coming through.

Coming through.



Out of the way.
Get out of the way.

Look out, look out. Uh-oh.


Watch what you're doing.

Sorry, late for work.

Late for work.

Ooh, baby.

Hey, there, need some help?

No, thank you.

You know, I saw you over at the bookstore.

You new?

Hey, you probably don't know who I am.

I know.

May I have that, please?

Mmm. Morning Dove.

My favorite.


Afternoon locker room.
It's not mine.

Thank you.



You sure there's nothing
I can help you with?

Sure. Where is the Physics building?


Don't know.


But, ooh, can I show you some interesting ways
to the Phys. Ed. department?

Mmm. I'm sure you could.


Ciao, baby.

BENNY: Just a minute, man.


BENNY: Hey, Mango, we got us a hot
lady coming in.

MAN: Coffee, black.

BENNY: All right.
- Coffee for you, too?

Another coffee, man.

Hey, Mrs. Simpson, you're smiling the smile of
a lady who knew her Camus.

Hey, how did you do on your philosophy
exam, Mrs. S.?

Yeah, come on, what happened?


All right.

Mango, a Special Special
for the smart lady here.

Right. One Special Special coming up.

Ooh. Well, what can I do for you?

Well, that depends. Are you a better cook
than you are a bike rider?

Oh, that was you back on the...

Yes. It was me on the...

Oh, hey, well, I'm sorry
about that. I really am.

It's okay.

What would you like?

I would like a cup of tea and some directions
to the Physics building.

You know where that is? I've got an appointment
over there at noon.

Oh, yeah. I've got a delivery over
there at noon myself.

Tell you what. Why don't you sip on your tea for
a few minutes and wait for me?

And I'll walk you over.

You don't have to do that. I'm just...

Hey, you know, like,
after running you down,

I figure it's the least I can do.

Tea's on the house.

Okay. Thanks.

Mango, hurry up with
that Special Special.


The can opener's broken, man, and I can't get
the ketchup open.

Need some help?


I'm pretty good with those things.


Sure. There.

Help yourself.

Thank you.



There you go.

You mind telling me how you did this?

Oh, I just used my fingernail.

Yeah, okay. Right.

All right.

How about a coke?

BENNY: Come on, Stubbs,
put the special

in Mrs. Simpson's Special
and give her her food.

Coming up.

There you go, Mrs. S.

Now you hang loose, Mrs. S.


This doesn't look like
the Physics building to me.

Your power of observation
is astonishing.



Robin Hood to the rescue. Mango.

MANGO: What?

Give me a big shake.

You know, there are plenty of other astonishing
things about me.

Will you please get lost?
Lam not interested, okay?

Excuse me, is this seat taken?


Hey, I said the seat's taken.

But the lady said...
The seat's taken.

Now get out of...

Oh, man, I'm sorry,
man. It slipped.

Man, I'm gonna kill you.

You better not mess with me,
Jack, 'cause I know karate.

Oh, yeah? Well,
you're gonna need it.



Man, lucky he hit the bushes.

I think we'd better go.

Sure. Anything you say.

Anything you say.

What happened? What happened?

So, what's your name?

Jaime Sommers.


Well, I'm Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jaime.

But you can call me Benny.
Okay, Benny.

What you going to do in
the Physics department?

I'm gonna take a computer
programming course.

Computers, huh?

Hey, I dig computers.

Who you got for a teacher?

A guy named Tharp.
You know him?

Cat is a turkey. That's the dude I'm
delivering lunch to.

Really? Well, are there any other teachers
that are better?

I mean, who knows the
most about programming?

Uh, Tharp, I guess.

But believe me,
this guy's a turkey.

You know, he goes into
hiding every Thanksgiving.


You know, you don't hardly look like
the electronics type.

Oh, I don't, do I?

Well, you'd be surprised what's under
this skin of mine.

Yeah? Well, I like surprises.

Thank you.


Come in.

$2.57, Mr. T.

It's Dr. Tharp, Benny.

This time, give me the change.

Who are you?

Jaime Sommers.

Oh, uh...

Jaime Sommers from the government?

Well, this is a pleasant surprise.

Oh. Um, it's a pleasure
to meet you.

Won't you sit down?

Thank you.


Here's your change, Mr. T.


This is supposed to be
a secret, Dr. Tharp.

Or weren't you aware of that?

Oh, well, uh, you don't have to worry with
someone like Benny.

It probably went right over his head.


I doubt it. Um...

Oscar said that you, uh, enrolled me in
a couple of classes?

Yes. As an auditor.

Except I don't think you'll find the
computer bandit there.

Why not?

Well, as I understand it,

the system is so sophisticated that even
your people can't make heads or tails of it.

Who told you that?

Well... Well, it's just simple logic.

If the government could've
found a way to stop it,

why would they send you here?

So what, uh... What can I help you with?

What do you plan to do?

Oh, just taking a few classes,
ask some questions.

I think I'll go over tonight and keep an
eye on the terminal.

Maybe I can catch the thief
on a return trip. Who knows?



This is Tharp.

I talked to the agent today and, uh,

in a roundabout way got her to confirm
what we thought.

Our friend's program
is very, very valuable.

Yeah, everything's set.

The only thing is, uh, what do I do
about the agent?

Kill her?


Yeah, yeah, I understand.



Jaime, how you doing?

Hey, how you doing?
I'm cool. I'm cool.

Tell me, what'd you think of, uh, Tharp
this afternoon?

Oh. Turkey.

Yeah... Yeah, I told you, didn't I?

What are you guys doing over here?

I thought you parked,
uh, over in the patio.

Oh, only during the daytime.

See, like, at night we park near the library
'cause we sell a lot more coffee, see?

Plus, we're closer to the kitchen
when we close.

I see.
Where you headed?

The Research Library. And yes, I could
use some coffee.

You mean the government
pays you to work at night?

What was that Tharp was saying this afternoon?
Are you a Fed?

No, I am not a Fed.
I'm a clerk.

I work in a government
records office.

Records office, huh?

What does that have to
do with the university?

Oh, they're computerizing
the department, see?

So they sent me here
to learn about it.

Come on, where's that coffee?

A large or small?

Oh, large. It's gonna
be a long night.

Watch your head,
baby. There.

Mango, draw a large coffee.

BENNY: So they're computerizing
the department.

What kind of system are
they putting in?

A big one.

They said it's going
to handle all the files.

Oh, that's good.
That's good.

Cream or sugar?



Now you're talking.
Let me have a quarter.


There you go.

Thank you.
Thank you. Good night.

You have a good night, okay?

A big one, huh?



Dr. Tharp?

Oh, hello.


Um, call me Tom.

I was just, uh, checking some variables for
tomorrow's class work.

So, are you ready for
your night-long vigil?

Well, I don't know about all night.

What time was it when, uh, when you walked
in on those guys?

It was a little after midnight.

Oh, so maybe I can get a little sleep, huh?

You know, I was just over
at the Gypsy Wagon and, uh...

Benny was asking me some
pretty uncomfortable questions

about who I was and what I was doing here
on the campus and...

Well, I said I was sorry about that slip.

I'm just not used to all this spy stuff.

Anyway, Benny and those kids over at
the Gypsy Wagon,


But I think they're a lot smarter than you
give them credit for.




A lot smarter.


Noisy old coat.



I'm not gonna make it if I don't.

MRS. SIMPSON: Tastes horrible,
doesn't it, dear?



But it's the only thing
that'll keep me awake.

Mind if I sit down?

Go ahead.

I have to get through five chapters before
tomorrow morning.

You're gonna stay up all night?

Oh, I have to.

Part of being a student.

And I love it.

Mrs. Simpson, I think it's just fantastic
what you're doing.

I know, I know.

What's an old bat like
me doing in college, right?

You said that, I didn't.

Young woman...


You don't know what it's like
to be an old lady

with no future or family.

It's awful.

I just knew that I was going to die in some
old county poor house.

Not because something
was wrong with me,

but out of sheer boredom.

Well, I just decided that was ridiculous

and I started thinking about what it was I wanted
to do most in the world.

So get a college degree, huh?


The only problem was that I didn't have any money.


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, child.
Am I boring you?

No, not at all.

Well, as I was saying, the problem was that
I didn't have any money.

(ECHOING) And they just
laughed at my applications for scholarships.

I'm sorry.

It's all right, dear.

Just sleep.

BENNY: That's the signal.

Okay, Stubbs, you signal Mrs. S. if
you see anyone coming.

Come on, Mango.

Ah, my little money machine.

What have you got for me tonight?



BENNY: Tap into the
- Library of Congress.



All right, I'll transfer over
to the O.S.I. memory bank.


And zap out...

How much you think, Mango?

MANGO: Couple grand?

Let's make it 35, 000 transferred to my
account here.

Now, let's check out the lady.

Oh, it's you.

Is Benny using the terminal now?

Yeah. He's checking the lady
out like you thought he would.

That means he's using the same program that
he's been stealing with.

I guess.



Hopefully, if he finds out who she is,

he may just do away with her.

We might get Benny to do our dirty
work for us.

Let me know what he decides to do,
will you?

Yeah, I will.


Stubbs, why the guilty face?

This is going to make
you a very wealthy man.

I know. Goodnight,
Dr. Tharp.

Goodnight, Stubbs.

I'll see you tomorrow.


MANGO: Security clearance grade six.

BENNY: She's with the O.S.I.

Computer robberies.

Aw, man, she's here to stop us.

That's something that
I'm not gonna let her do.

That's something I'm just
not going to let her do.

Jaime, we can't afford to lose $5,000 every
night of the week.

You didn't hear anything?
Oscar, I fell asleep.

I was out cold.

The custodian even had trouble
waking me up this morning.

Then the bandit did it
right under your nose, huh?

You don't have to rub it in.

Let me ask you this. Is there any chance
that you were drugged?

Is there any chance

that you were drugged last night?



Man, I'm telling you,
it's getting heavy.

I knew something was going to happen when I
couldn't erase that program.

Why did Tharp have to walk in on us?

We gotta do something, Benny.

I know, man, but be cool.

We can't overreact, you know?

I'll think of something.

Yeah, well, you better think of something
fast, Mr. Genius.

'Cause we talking about the O.S.I.

Man, we are talking about one lady.


Hey, Benny?

Oh, hey, Raul.

How you doing?

All right, man, but, uh...

You need a Special Special?

If you can spare it, man.

That's what we're here for.


One Special Special coming up.

BENNY: How much damage can one lady do?


Come on, man. She doesn't
even know who we are.

Benny, listen to him.

I mean, if she catches you putting one Special
Special together,

you're gonna be in the joint for 10 years.

Right. If she catches me.

But she isn't gonna catch me.

So just be cool.

Here you go, Raul.

One Special Special.

I gave you a little extra
for books this time.

Hey, thanks, Benny.

Listen, uh, you really...


Hey, man, that's not necessary.



I almost forgot.

Thanks a lot. Hey, man, you done
with it already?

Yeah. The first couple of
chapters were kind of boring,

but when I got into the quantum theory,
I got off, you know?

What, and you understood it?

Oh, man, it's a snap.

Yeah. Right. A snap, man.

I can't get through that quantum theory.

Well, look, uh,
if you need any help,

you come to me. All right?
All right, I will.

All right.
Gracias, hermano.

Hey, hang in there.
All right.


Hey, Benny?
Hey, hey, hey, Jaime.

You sure are looking fine today.

Well, I should be. I had enough sleep
last night.

Well, that's good.

That's not so good.

I was kind of counting on
your coffee to keep me awake.

Did you put any coffee in it at all or was it just
melted brown crayons?

Well, what do you expect for a quarter?
It wasn't that bad.

Oh, it was last night.

How is it today?

Strong and black.

I'll try a small one.


Here you go.

Thank you.

See you.

Bye, guys.



Man, I'm telling you,
she's getting heavy.


You've got to be kidding.

Benny Jeffries has the I.Q.
of a peanut.

Peanuts don't read textbooks
on quantum theory.

And those that do don't run lunch stands.

Now look, Benny makes
a great chicken salad sandwich

and he's pretty good at running the Gypsy
Wagon. But that's it.

He's a dead end kid.

I don't believe that.

Where do they keep all the things from the
Gypsy Wagon at night?

Uh, in the kitchen storage room,
I guess. Why?

What are you going to do?

Nothing today.

But tonight I think I'll
check out the kitchen.

Because I think Benny is handing out a lot more
than chicken salad.

Yeah, this is Tharp.

Look, I, um...

No, no, no, I can't retrieve the tape
until tonight.

That computer terminal's too
busy during the daytime.

What I'm calling about is, um...

I need a couple of men tonight.

I think we can, um, as they say, kill two
birds with one stone.

The agent and Benny.

Yeah, around midnight.

Yeah, I'll arrange it with Stubbs.

All right.

BENNY: You were right.
- There she is.

How'd you know about this?

I told you, I heard her talking.

How's she going to get in?



MANGO: Now what, man?

If she got through that door, she's gonna
get into the fridge.

She's going to find it, Benny.

I know, I know.

Let me think.

We could trap her.

Yeah, right.

She's an agent. She's got a gun,
she's got a radio.

What's that?

What does it look like?

Here, take it.
No, man.

Where'd you get it?

My brother. Would you just take it?

Oh, man, I can't use this.

You don't have to use it.

Just wave it around.

All right.

Let's go.


Give me a hand, Mango.

Napkins in a refrigerator?

Twenties, 50s, 100s...

My gosh, you don't make this kind of money
selling chicken salad.

"Computer Codes and Other References"?

Hey, wait a minute, man.

What are we gonna do with her once
we catch her?

Be cool, I'll think of something.

Yeah, well, you better get it on then.

- Will you guys be quiet?

All right. Are you all ready?

Yeah, man, yeah. Come on.

I'll go first.


Benny, is that you?

Oh, give me a break.

What are you boys doing up so late?


What's going on?

BENNY: Mrs. Simpson, we have the lady agent
in the kitchen.

Don't make a sound.

Mmm. Chocolate.


Hey, Benny.


Get over there by the desk.


Now call your friends.

I don't have any friends.

Call your friends.

Mango, Stubbs, Mrs. S.

MANGO: You go first.

STUBBS: Uh, no, man,
you go first. You're bigger.

All right, you guys,
get over there with Benny.

Aw, man, you blew it.

You, too, Mrs. Simpson.

Come on.

I don't think that's going to work.


She caught me off guard.

You had the gun.

All right, what're you
going to do with us?

Well, I guess I'm going
to turn you in, huh?

You are the computer bandit.


But I want you to leave Mrs. Simpson out of it.
She doesn't know anything.

Don't be ridiculous.
I'm the reason you did it.

Anywhere you go, I go.

And you, you should be ashamed of yourself.

That young man is doing more for the
underprivileged students on this campus

than all of your overblown
government programs combined.

I owe my life to him.

Wait a minute.
I don't understand

what she's talking about.
What's she talking about?

Robin Hood, man. Benny's the Robin Hood
of South Coast U.

Robin Hood?

Sure. Steal from the rich,
give to the poor, you know?

He's putting 38 students
through college.

Is that true?

Yeah, but what difference does it make?
I still took the money.

Thirty-eight students? Why?

Because nobody else was
going to put them through.

See, when I got out of high school, I wanted
to go to college real bad.

But I couldn't because
I didn't have any money.

What about a scholarship?

You know how many qualified people apply
for those every year?

Man, I had a straight A average and all that got
me was the waiting list.

If I'd been white with some money,
I'd have got in easily.

Even with a B average.

So you decided to do
something about it, huh?

Sure. Always been kind
of quick at learning things.

A genius, from what my people tell me.

Maybe that.

Anyway, when I got this job on campus, I decided
to take advantage of it.

I went to the library,
snuck in on classes,

I tried to learn everything
I could about computers.

And that's when I got the idea
for this Robin Hood thing.

I decided to use my knowledge in computers
to help out people

who were in the same
situation I was.

So you stole money from the government,

just kind of started your
own little scholarship fund?

That's right.

Why didn't you put yourself
through college?

I mean, you could use the degree.

I thought about it.

But I decided I was doing more
good where I was.

Now I guess it's over.

That's incredible.

I think what you're doing is... is really
a beautiful thing,

but I can't get behind
you stealing, you know?

BENNY: Hey...
(MUFFLED) Let go of me!

Hey! What are you doing?

Tharp, what's going on?

Stay right there, Benny.

All right.


Tie up your friends.

Stubbs? Hey, Stubbs,
what's going on?

Who are those guys, Tharp?

Well, what's happening here?

Somebody tell me what's going on.


you should have stuck with your french fries
and hamburgers.

You're just too smart
for your own good.

- What did you do to her?

Just a little chloroform.
She'll be out for a while.

Stubbs, are you crazy?
Do you know what you're doing?

It's a lot of money, Benny.

THARP: A whole lot.

Your computer program's
going to bring us at least

$5,000,000 on the international market.

How'd you know?

The recorder on the desk the other day.

You put it in the terminal.

That's right.

And we're gonna pick it up now.

Thank you, Benny.


That ought to do it.

Give me the timer.

Now put the gun in his hand.


Because it's got to look like Benny discovered
and found out the agent

and decided to bail out
of this whole operation.

Kill her, kill everybody involved.

Except for one slight

And the wagon blew up before he got out.


All right, let's go. We don't want to be around
when this thing explodes.

Got to boogie before
the gas gets to me.



MANGO: Jaime? Jaime?





Oh, it's gas.


Oh, gotta get out of here.


Come on, Jaime.

Come on.

Get it together, girl.





Mrs. Simpson,
wake up, wake up.

Mango, come on, wake up.

Here you go, here you go.
Mango, wake up!

Come on. Mango,
wake up. Come on.

Come on. We've got to get
out of here, you understand?

JAIME: Come on.

Hold on. Just don't go to sleep.

Okay, okay, I'm awake.


Okay. Here we go. Up.

Let's go. Let's go!


All right, wake up.
Come on.



Come on, Mango. Come on.
Hurry. Okay. Come on!

Come on. (SIGHS)

Come on. Mango,
come on, wake up.



Benny... it's gonna explode.

What? The wagon's
gonna explode.

Oh, get Mrs. S.
Out of here.




Get up, Benny. Benny,
come on, get up.


Hurry, hurry. Come on.


Are you okay? Huh?

BENNY: My head.

Who did this?


Tom Tharp?

Oh, of course.
Of course.

He's the only other person who knew how
valuable that program was.

Where'd he go?
Do you know?

He went to the terminal. He recorded the program
the other night.

He's gonna sell it.


No, he's not going to sell it as long
as I can help it.


There are four of them.

I'll be all right.
I'll be all right.



Stubbs, will you hold the light steady?
I can't see what I'm doing.

Dr. Tharp?


Do you think they felt anything?


Benny and Mango.

Come on, Stubbs, just
hold it steady, will you?


That's it. Let's go.


All right, let's go.

Sommers. Shoot her.


Hold it, hold it.

She's not going anywhere. Get her!


Shoot her.

JAIME: Stubbs?

Stubbs, come on, you're not a killer.

THARP: Shoot her!

I can't.

THARP: Then give me the gun.

STUBBS: I can't.

Give me the gun!

Robin Hood to the rescue.
Can you dig it?

Oh, Benny, can I dig it!

You know, Oscar's experts took one look
at your computer, uh,

program that you have
and they freaked out.

Oh, yeah?

They said it was one of the most brilliant pieces
of computer manipulation

they have seen in the last decade.

Hey, that's slick, Benny.

Yeah, well, I guess it's okay.

You should be very proud,

The job they're giving you in Washington
is very important.

Yeah. And a lot better
than doing a dime in jail.

Think about Tharp and Stubbs.

Yeah, but what about you guys?

Mrs. Simpson, how're you going to finish school?
You don't have any money.

Benny, don't you trust me?
Come on, man.

When I tell you I'm going to make a deal,
I make a deal, okay?

You've agreed to go become a computer
troubleshooter for Uncle Sam and in return,

he's agreed to put all 38
of your people through school.

Completely. Finish them.

Are you putting me on?


Is she serious?


Mrs. Simpson?


That's beautiful.
That's beautiful, boy.

Robin Hood strikes again.