The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 3, Episode 10 - Max - full transcript

Bionic canine Max is kidnapped by foreign agents just when Jaime is incapacitated because of a bionic check-up.

Max's bionics are very special
and you know that.



You have a little built-in spy system, do you?

We'll never lose Max again, Jaime.


Max, where are you?


The drug should have made
the dog docile.

So they've got Bobby and Val too, huh?

Max, get out of here!
Run! Fast!

HOBBS: We need the dog anymore?

SAUNDERS: No. - HOBBS: Good, it's doggy
heaven for him.

HOBBS: Look out!



Come on, Max. Come on.
Come on. Come on.

Hey, all right, come on.
Come on, pull. Pull. Come on.

Come on, Max. Pull.

Come on, Max.

Okay, Max.
Okay, Max. You win.

Give me back the rope,
you big overgrown hairbrush.

Give me it.

Now give me the rope. Give me the...

All right, give me the rope.

Give me the rope.
Give me the rope.

Come on, Max, you big ox.
Give me back the rope.

Can I have the rope?
Give me the rope.

Come on, hand me the rope. Okay.
Come on.

I got a better idea.
Come on.

Wait. Hold on.
Hold on.


Come on, Max.
Max, come on.

All right, sit, Max. You think you're good,
don't you?

Come on. Sit, Max.
Sit. Sit.

Now, good boy.
All right.

Yeah. This should teach you,
you old hound dog.

Now, let's try it again.

All right. Come on.
Take it. Go on. Pull.

Come on. Pull.

Come on, Max.
Pull, Max, pull.

All right, Max.
Max, hold on. Max!

Max, hold on.
Come on, Max. Max.

Come on, Max. Pull. Pull.
Max. Max.

Hold on, Max. Max!

Max. Hold on, Max.

Max, stop.

Come on, Max.

That's just what he wanted.

Some shepherd, huh?

I'm already counting my money.

BOBBY: All right, Max.
- Max, hold on.

OSCAR: Valerie should be here.

She was leaving the house when I called.

There she is. Valerie.
(OVER P.A.) Dr. Granville.

Dr. Granville,
please call the operator.


VALERIE: Oscar, Russ,
sorry I'm late.

I stopped in the lobby to
buy Jaime these flowers.

They brighten up a heart
as well as a room.

I knew I forgot something.
Well, here, take these.

If you ever get tired,
Valerie, of bionic science,

I could get you a great job in the diplomatic corps.

Hello, hello, hello.

well, if it isn't the two wise men, and
one lovely wise woman.

Hi, babe.

How's everything?


Well, thank you.
They're pretty.

Flowers brighten the heart as well
as the room.

Yes, I know.

And thank you, Val, for helping these two
gentlemen be so thoughtful.

Well, how do you like that.
You two ladies plan this? Huh?

No. Rudy is working on my legs and
my arm, not my ear.

Bionic ear.

How about you, lady?
You working on me, too?

Or would you like to split and go get a malt
and a hamburger?

Well, your bionics do need a little
bit of work, Jaime.

Okay. I will not say
another word about it.

How's Max doing?

You put that little computer transmitter
thing in him, right?

Is it working out okay?

Better than we all expected.

The Maxicomp Computer can now monitor all
of Max's vital signs

and give us his exact location
up to 50 kilometers away.

That's nice. You have a little
built-in spy system, do you?

We'll never lose Max again, Jaime.

Yeah. Well, don't you get any bright ideas about
putting one of those things in me,

because there are some times
I happen to like being lost.

Did it ever occur to you that sometimes
I don't want to find you?

Well, good.

Dr. Granville, please call the operator.

Dr. Granville,
please call the operator.

I really miss that mutt, you know.

How's he adapting to your home life?

Adapting? He's nearly
taken it over.

He'll do that.

He and Bobby are absolutely

You know, I feel funny, Val.

I'm feeling jealous.


I mean, I know that all of the tests that you're
doing and experiments,

they're good for him
and it's working out fine.

I really love Bobby.

I know, but you have
Max under your skin.

Guess I do.

Well, some of him, anyway.

Hey, who's up for a Bette Davis
film festival?

There's one, uh...
The Bijou.

Jaime, you promised that you wouldn't say another
word about leaving. Remember?

I lied.


It's Aunt Val.
She's gonna kill us.

Max, you big chicken, get out here and
face it like a dog.




Oh, hi, Aunt Val. You have got to
be kidding!

What's been going on here?
Anti-tank maneuvers?

I was teaching Max some new football plays.
He's a natural.

I told you never to let Max use
his bionics outside.

Don't get all steamed up, Val. We were
just having some fun.

I'm sorry.

You agreed to my rules when I brought
Max home, right?

Well, nothing's changed.

Max's bionics are very special
and you know that.

You also promised Oscar that you'd be
very careful with him.

Now, do we have an understanding?

Or do I take Max back to the lab till Jaime's
out of the hospital?

You treat me just like Dad used to,
you know that?

Hey, look, I said I was sorry.
I can see you are sorry,

but do you understand?

Max is here as an experiment. He's not
part of our family.

If that's what you want to call us.

Hey, Val, I didn't mean that.

We sure can go at it pretty good,
can't we, kid?

Where's Max?

The hero's hiding in the bushes.


Max. Come over here.



Max. Come here!


You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

Come on, Val, don't take it out on Max.
It's all my fault.

I dragged him away from the
television set.

Let me tell you, it wasn't easy. He
was watching Lassie.


You two put on some kind of an act,
you know that?

And you, you're just like
your cousin.

MAN: Your brother's plane has
gone down in a storm.

We understand your husband
and son were aboard.

VALERIE: Oh, no! Where?
- We don't know.

Their homing device isn't working.

We're doing everything we can
to locate the crash.

Can you see anything?

I'm sorry, Mrs. Breuer. It looks
like we're too late.

If their homing device had been working, they
might have had a chance.


Val, why don't you take the rest of
the afternoon off,

and take us downtown for
some R and R, huh?

Hey. That's a good idea.

But I don't have the time.

Same old story.

All work and no play
makes Val a very dull aunt.

If I'd been doing the kind of work two years
ago that I'm doing today,

your father, John and Ricky might
be alive now.

Come on, Val, that was a crash.

A crash that could've been
located days sooner

if they'd been carrying
a homing device like Max has.

Yeah. Well, you talk like
it's your fault.

Can't go blaming yourself.

I can blame whomever I want.

Now how about helping
me for a change?



Won't I get in trouble with the
scientists' union?

Well, we won't let them find out.

Why don't you take Max for a walk so I can test
the Maxicomp locator. Okay?

But don't go too far away, okay?

It has a very small sensor with only
a five kilometer range.

And, Bobby,
no running, no jumping,

and no funny stuff out there. Okay?
I don't want any trouble.

You got it. Come on, Max.
Let's go.


MAN: If their homing device had been working, they
might have had a chance.

Hey, Max, wait up.


Come on, Max, that's not fair.

Slow down, Max, Val's
gonna kill us.

I'm gonna kill them!

Max. Max. Hey, no fair.

There's no showing off in public. Okay?
Now, come on. Let's go.

There they are.
They're in range.

Turn on the jamming device.

You got it. Coming on.

Make it fast and quick.
I'll take care of the kid.

Hey! Heel!

Hey, kid, stop right there.

Stay, Max.

Come over here.

What do you want?
Where's your dog leash?

My dog leash?

I had it when I left the house, but
it was kind of old.

It was really old, and it broke

so I threw it in a trash can a
couple blocks back.

I'm really sorry to hear that,
my young friend,

but at the moment you're violating
a city ordinance.

What does that mean?
A ticket.

Come on, I don't deserve that.

He's a smart dog. He doesn't even
need a leash.

Sure, kid. The law says your dog's got
to have a leash.

Max isn't any old dog.
He's special.

Come on, give me a break, will you?

What's your name?

Bobby. Bobby Wilson.

3134 Downing Drive.

Your telephone number?

I wonder what’s wrong.

Let this be a lesson to you, son.

Your dog could run out in the street.
Not on a leash,

get killed by a passing car.
You wouldn't like that!

Yeah, well, don't do me any favors.

He knows all about crosswalks.

Max, would you get over here. You've got me in
enough trouble already.

Come on out, Max.
Quit hiding.


Max, where are you?

OSCAR: So the hospital emergency rooms haven't
reported anything, huh?

All right, stay with it but remember, this
whole thing is classified.

Don't give out any more information about the dog
unless you have to.

Yeah. Okay.
I'll be at this number.


Oscar, this makes no sense at all.

The computer and Maxicomp
homing device

have been working perfectly for
the last six weeks.

I didn't leave the room for more
than two minutes,

and when I get back both of them
were going haywire.

Have you got any ideas, Val?

Sure, lots of them,

but no answers as to why the computer can't
pinpoint Max's location.

All the terminals check out positive.

There's no power failure.

There's something very wrong, Oscar.

Just like when my brother's
plane went down.

I can feel it all around me.

You know, we're probably
worrying about nothing.

Bobby's bowling somewhere, or at
a neighbor's house.

Bobby was helping me test
the homing device.

He's an independent kid, Oscar, but he is not

Please check the hospitals again.


Sorry, Val.

Where've you been?

All over.

Around and around.

What is that supposed to mean?
And where's Max?

That's just what I mean.

I don't know. What about
your computer?

The Maxicomp isn't working.
Sit down, Bobby.

Tell us what happened.

Well, everything was going all right till
this guy stopped me

for not having a leash on Max.

He gave me this ticket.

When he was gone, so was Max.

Oscar, Val, I'm sorry.

How soon can you get
that computer going?

I don't know. An hour, a month,
I don't know.

Make it an hour.

Hello, Russ.

The boy's back. The dog isn't.
Could be kidnapping.

What kind of a car was that guy driving?

A white van.
A dog catcher's truck.

A dog catcher's truck. White.

Put a net around the city.

Check the Animal Regulations people.

I'll be back in the office in 20 minutes.
We'll coordinate from there.

This could be a professional job.

Valerie, is it possible to jam the homing device
on Max's leg?

Depends on how much you know
about Max's bionics.

High frequency radio waves,
negative feedback.

Yeah, it's possible.

Now, Bob, I want you to
listen to me very carefully.

This isn't your fault.

It could have happened
to anybody at anytime.

Now, I want you to tell me
exactly what happened.

Everything. Don't leave
anything out.

I want every detail.

Any luck yet? The dog's
still groggy.

Dr. Sanders is with him now.

What's the problem, Yvon?

Our radio device isn't having any trouble
blocking the O.S.I. homing signal, is it?

No, no. The jamming
mechanism is fine.

The problem is the dog.

I can't begin my tests with a German shepherd
who won't cooperate.


Especially one with a bionic jaw.

The drug should have made
the dog docile,

yet he still refuses to eat.

There are alternative ways of feeding human
beings, why not dogs?

If you're speaking of intravenous feeding,
Mr. Carson, it is possible.

However, that would just double
our problem.

I would have to put the shepherd
to sleep first,

and that would only serve to delay
the bionic testing.

Get to the point, Yvon.
What should we do?

Valerie Breuer is a bionic scientist who has
worked extensively with Max.

She also has a long-standing
relationship with the O.S.I.

Two birds with one stone.

It might pay off.

You want me to get an OS! scientist?

We only have 48 hours to deliver
the bionic information

to our eastern customer.

With the woman we could buy some time.

And Max will assuredly
perform for her.

So Oscar expects me to stay here, plugged into
this thing while Max is lost?

Jaime, there's nothing you can
do about it.

Rudy's just finished
with your left side.

And you won't be back on your feet
for at least 48 hours.

So I suggest you just sit back and control
your blood pressure.

Wow! What about Bobby?

Well, how's he handling this?

Not very well.

That poor kid. I mean, he has been through
so much recently.

He lost his father,
and Val's family.

And he probably feels he was responsible
for losing Max.

And Val?

She invented the Maxicomp just to
avoid this type of thing.

Must be difficult.



Not working.

Oh, Oscar, I'm sorry.

It's okay, Valerie.

Sandwich, Oscar?
No thanks, Bob.

I gotta push on.

You gave it your best shot, Valerie.

Hey, Val, your favorite,
baloney and mayonnaise.

Right now the only thing my stomach's looking for
is a change of address.

Come on. Dad always said, "A full stomach keeps
your brain working."

My brother only said that
because he loved to eat.

Hey, why don't you push some more buttons? Maybe
the computer's working now.

I don't think so, Bobby.

The people who took Max know he's special and that
we’re trying to find him.

Whatever it is they're using
to block our communications,

well, it's working.

Hey, you don't sound like you, Val.

I mean, you've never given up on
anything before.

Oh, okay, Dad. I'll give it
another go.

Hey, Val, how about the two
of us going out

and using your little Maxicomp
to find Max?

Because if the big computer's not working...

Then I guess there's no chance for
the little one to.

Uh-huh. You already thought
of that, huh?

About 4,000 times.

I guess there's still a chance.

Maybe the computer at the 08! can come up
with the variables.

Want to come along?

No, thanks.

I'd feel better if I just stuck
around here.

Maybe Max will come home.

And Val?

It's "chance",

not "chance"

Three years back from England and you
still can't say it.



No one can hear you, Max. As long as you're within
50 feet of that jammer,

no one's going to know where you are.

What do you think you're doing?

Valerie Breuer?

Yes, but will you get
that car out of the way?

Move over.


Well, Max, you ready to start behaving
yourself and eat?


We're going to get along
just fine, aren't we, Max?

Hungry, aren't you?


Once we get the Breuer woman,

we'll be able to proceed with the bionic testing
without any problems.

That's right.

Not only that...

I don't know what kind of game it is
you're playing,

but simply put, I don't like it.

You really don't have much choice,
do you, lady?

VALERIE: Let go of my arm.

Max, get out of here.
Run! Fast!


Max, run! Max, run!

Don't shoot, Hobbs. The dog's worth
nothing dead.

Get out, Max!
Run! Now, Max!

Max. Run away.

Go on, Max.
Run, please.

HOBBS: Good boy.

Easy, doggy.

Get out, Max.
Now, please.

Max, run!


Get him, Hobbs!

Are you kidding?
Look at him go.


SAUNDERS: Use the car.






It's working.

Valerie Breuer, please.

Well, do you know where she is?

What about Oscar Goldman?

No, thanks.
I'll call back.

He's five kilometers
west of here.



Send a man over to Valerie
Breuer's house.

Send a man to the O.S.I. lab.

If you don't hear from Valerie and Bobby
in the next 20 minutes,

send out an APB.

Now what about the van?

Well, that's the first
step in the right direction.

Stay on it.

What did you find out?

Jaime, the citation that Bobby got was put
in the 08! computer.

Handwriting analysis tells us that
Hobbs is, in actuality,

a man called DeMarko,
a wanted felon.

He's our first lead.

I'm checking with our
underworld sources

to find out if we can
come up with something.

So they've got Bobby and Val too, huh?

I don't know.

You have only one choice, Ms. Breuer,

and that is to cooperate
with us fully.

I don't think so.

The only cooperation
I'm gonna give

is picking all of you
from a police lineup.

That's very amusing.

But not very realistic.

You may be willing to give up your life
for your country,

but are you certain you wanna make that fatal
decision for your nephew?

Point one kilometers north.
That's in the park.



Are you all right? Are you all right?

I gotta get you home and start phoning
around for Val.

They're all worried about you. Yeah.
Come on. Let's go.


What's the matter, Max?


What are you trying to say?


You know, a bionic Mynah bird would make
things a lot easier.

This better be good.

Smart dog is making my life easy.

He's leading the kid
right back to the nest.

Val's car.

Hey now, Max, don't move.
You understand?

Stay, Max.

Well, that's all the information
I can give you.

Unless, of course, you take me home
to get my files.

We know you've been involved
in bionic surgery,

but you've deleted all information
concerning the muscle

and tissue rejection procedure.

I'm sorry, Dr. Sanders,
but that's not my field.

I know nothing about it.

Valerie, you're not helping yourself.

I told you, Mr. Carson,
I know nothing...

I heard what you told me. Now you're
going to hear me.

I'm through fooling around with you.
Do you understand that?

Yes. But it will take some time!

Time is the one thing that you don't have
time to worry about.

Yes, this is Carson.

I hope we can do that.

Of course.

We're getting all of the
information now.

Yes, she's giving us
everything we need.

All right, now we're gonna be through
here in a few hours.

You have that plane ready at 5:00,
and remember,

it's 100,000 on delivery.

Don't worry about that. I'll have Hobbs take
care of the woman.

All right.

For sure.

I can't give you any more variables than
you've got right here.


Forgot your leash again, huh, kid?

Don't worry. I'll be back
for you shortly.

If the kid is here, the dog led him.
Scout around outside.


Well, whatever it was that jammed that computer
signal, it's gone now.

Max is five kilometers
west of here.

There's a map in the car.
Let's go.


So, the next step?

Get rid of Breuer's car and then meet us
at the airport.

What about the two of them?

Use your imagination.

Good. I think we can find something to keep them
occupied for quite a while.

Max, untie us.
Come on, Max.

Max, untie us.
Come on, Max, untie us.

Come on, Max.
That's a good boy, Max.



Come on, Val.

Come on. Let's go.

Come on.

Okay. I'll go first. Now, you wait right
here. All right?

No. We go as a family.

All right. I'll take
care of it.


Carson! Hobbs!

Do we need the dog anymore?

No, we have all the information
we need.

Good, it's doggy heaven for him.


Get the door, fast.

Come on.
Down the stairs.

HOBBS: Now we'll get them.

Look out!

CARSON: Stop him!

Can you make it, Val? (GRUNTS)
- Yeah. Do I have a choice?

They aren't going anywhere.
The gates are locked.

Where's Max?
I don't know.

BOBBY: Here he comes.
- He's got their gun.

Come on.

Give me the gun.
Give me the gun.

Give me that.
Max, it's ruined.

BOBBY: Wait a minute.
- Max can get us out of here.

Max, Max.
Max, break it.

Good boy,
Max. Hurry!

OSCAR: Stay where you are, don't move.
Right there.

HOBBS: Okay.
- Okay. Don't shoot.

And you call yourself a dog.


Hi, Max. How you doing?

BOBBY: Hey, don't wash her face.

Come on, Max.
Lay off.

Oh, he's okay.

Hi. How are you?

How did you get him up here?

The 08! moves in mysterious ways, Jaime.

Oh. Yes.

You don't look any the worse for wear, huh?

They've been taking good care of you?

BOBBY: Hey, great care.

But we did come pretty close to
losing him.

Carson and Sanders were very thorough.

That jamming device was an extraordinary
bit of engineering.

Yes. And tomorrow I'm gonna start work on
a system to defend against it.

Hey, you workaholic,

everybody's got to take a rest now
and then, you know.

Yes, but...

No "yes, buts".

I mean, why don't you and Bobby take
a trip somewhere?

Yeah, a family vacation.

That does have a nice sound to it.

You know, for the first time, I really do feel
like we're a family.

But who's gonna take care of Max?

Who do you think?