The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 3, Episode 1 - The Bionic Dog - full transcript

Jaime learns that a bionic prototype was applied to a German Sheppard six years earlier. Every defect that Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers have suffered from over the years, Maxamillion (...

90 miles an hour. He was the fastest
animal alive.



He doesn't like you, does he?

And I'm not about to get
near that bionic jaw.


Rudy's afraid Max is experiencing
bionic rejection.

And he thinks this can happen to me.


Lady, your dog's tearing your car apart.

Call security and meet me down at the jeep right
away. We've got to get that dog.

I'm going to put him away.
I have to do that autopsy.

Well, what are you gonna do
when I start to reject?

Are you gonna put me away, too?

JAIME: That enough?

RUDY: Enough?
- You just started.

How much longer?

40 seconds.

I need at least a minute to run
a cardio-vascular check.

In a minute I could be
dead, Rudy.

Why don't I do it with my bionic arm? Or I could
jog in place for you.

Jog in place?

Sure, your atomic-powered bionics don't exactly
strain your heart.

Now just keep going.

Okay, that's it.

How'd I do?

Not very well,
I'm afraid. You're...

Probably just out of shape.

Out of shape, huh?





Does this look like a woman out of
shape to you, hmm?

Put it down.


Boy, are you irritable.

What do you mean "probably"? Is there
anything wrong with me?

Just that you run a bigger risk of bionic
rejection if you're not in good health.

Now, it's my job to keep
your bionics in shape.

But it's your job to keep
the rest of you that way.

You got it?

Yeah, I got it.

I got time to take a shower before
the next test?


Oh, come on, I'd smell
a lot better.


Okay, well, make it fast. Oscar's meeting us in
the audio lab in half an hour.

I will jog all the way. Bye.





CROSBY: Come on, Max.
- Jump over it, boy. Come on.


HANDLER: Give up, Crosby.
- He's wasting our time.

I wish they'd just put him to pasture.

CROSBY: Yeah, well they
can't do that, can they?

Maybe that's why they're talking about
putting him away.

Come on, dog. Jump.



CROSBY: Come on, dog,
get on your feet and jump.

JAIME: Hey, stop that.

What in the world are
you doing to that dog?

The bar's gotta be eight feet high.

Who are you?
How did you get in?

My question first, please.

Uh, lady, you wouldn't

Besides that, this is a Grade 6 area.
So why don't you leave?

I happen to be a Grade 6.

Do you have any idea how obnoxious those
whistles of yours are?

I ought to report you
guys to the ASPCA.

Poor baby.


What's going on here, huh?

Why are you doing this to him? He can't
jump over that.



Or can he?





You're a bionic dog.

Lab animals are a fact of life in
research science, Jaime.

It's thankless, it's sometimes
inhumane, but necessary.

Max was critically injured in a chemical
lab fire six years ago.

A tragic story but a happy ending.

Rudy was testing his bionic prototypes.


And Max was just the strong-willed animal
that we were looking for.



Oh, boy.

It's a simple case of being in the right place
at the right time.

Just like me.

Not quite, babe.

Max only cost a million.

Yes, I know, Max-a-million.

Was I that obvious?
I thought it was a good idea.

What's he doing?


JAIME: Oh my... A bionic jaw?

Yeah, well, we figured that was one piece of
equipment you'd never need.

Hey, Dr. Wells...

But every other bionic part, except Steve's
eye and your ear, was tested on Max first.

In away, you owe him your life.

Well, why wasn't I told about him?

OSCAR: As our first bionic
creature, Max was our...

Well, our early warning system.

Every bionic problem that you or Steve
had, he had first.

If you knew that he was alive,
that he was around,

and he had some kind of malfunction,

you would've thought that maybe it'd
happen to you.

Well, Oscar, you know me better than that.
I would want to know.

Jaime, we were only trying to protect you.

This was shot five years ago. Watch.






90 miles an hour. He was the fastest
animal alive.

What do you mean, "was"? Why was that
trainer talking about putting him away?


Come on. I want to show
you something.

OSCAR: Here's his dietary chart.

Psychological profile.

Cardio-vascular graph.

There's more.

Okay, I get the picture. So?

For the past two weeks, Max has taken a nosedive
in every measurable way.

It's as if something snapped.

For the last year he's been acting
kind of lazy.

But we've attributed that
to maturity and age.

This is something else.

I remember the time when we
could hardly contain him.

A bionic dog's etiquette
isn't always up to par.


If he wanted to get out,

believe me, we had a tough time stopping him.

That's why we built this kennel.
Solid titanium.

Cost almost as much as he did.

Now, a match box could hold him.

It's that bad, Jaime.

Rudy hasn't been able to hang it on to
anything either.

Until yesterday.

Well, what is it?

Rudy's afraid

that Max is experiencing a new kind
of bionic rejection.

Something that builds up
over the years.

It comes with age.

Oh my God.

That's why he was so upset
this morning about my health?

I mean, he thinks this could happen
to me, huh?

Is that what this is all about?

Well, Max, looks like you and I are
in this together, huh?

OSCAR: Rudy thinks it may be a new kind of
bionic rejection.

One that comes with age.

Rudy thinks it may be a new kind of
bionic rejection.

A new kind of bionic rejection.



OSCAR: Rejection.




It can't be rejection.

It just can't be.




”Maximilian, sire and dam unknown.

”Donated for laboratory use
at the age of four months.

”Burned in lab fire.

”Goldman bionic authorization,
jaw, four limbs.

”Dr. Rudy Wells and... ”

Let's see, hmm, no sign
of early rejection at all.


”For the last four years, subject confined to West
Coast lab kennel for observation. ”

Confined for four years? My God!

That poor dog. [Don't believe this,
four years?

RUDY: You're not a doctor, Jaime.

You're making a diagnosis without any facts
to substantiate it.

I'm making a diagnosis
on personal experience.

Rudy, I know what it's like
to reject bionics.

And believe me, you don't want to lie around
all day like Max does because it hurts.

It's painful.

He could be in pain.

All right, Dr. Sommers. But can you give me
another reason for Max's behavior?

One that fits the facts?


Max has lost his will to live.

That's ridiculous.

Why is it ridiculous?
Look at the life he lives.

But he's had the best of everything.

The best of what? Cages?

Look at this place, it's appalling. It looks like
the inside of a tin can, Rudy.

Last night I read that he hasn't been out
of here for four years.

I mean, don't you ever
take him for a walk?

We used to, until he broke
loose one day.

He ran 18 miles before we could
catch him.

Seems he didn't want to
return to the kennel.

Where he was probed and prodded by scientists
from all over the country.

Can you blame him? Would you want to
come back here?

Jaime, we're not talking
about a normal dog.




But the point is, Max is atop secret
project. If he got out...

Rudy, wait a minute.

Max went for you, Rudy, when you walked
over to the cage.

Now, you jumped back.
I saw you.

It was probably his sudden move, Jaime.

No, it's more than that.

You've also been standing back over here

all the time we've been
talking about this.

Like you're afraid to go to that cage.



He doesn't like you, does he?


And I'm not about to get
near that bionic jaw.


We were very close the first couple of years.

I just had to move on to other projects.
Higher priorities.

So you deserted him.

I had to.

I guess he's never really liked me ever since.

All right, that's what
I'm talking about.

Now can't you see that if the man
who made him bionic,

who gave him a new life, isn't close to him,
then who is?

The trainers?

Come on, Rudy.

Oscar, according to what I read
in those files,

he has had 20 trainers in
the last two years.

I mean, you people treat him
like he's only an experiment

and not a loving animal, which he is.

I can't believe that
he's made it this far.


What Max needs is someone to love.

Somebody he wants to please,
not somebody he has to please.

She's got a point, Rudy.

Let me be that for him, Rudy. Please.

I'm going to be here
for five more days.

Now, I can work with him every single day in
between my testing sessions.

It's not going to change my diagnosis.

I'm not asking you to change your
diagnosis. Yet.


All right. Five days.

I want you to understand something.

If Max doesn't improve
in that time,

I'm going to have to deal with his rejection
the scientific way.

How's that?

I'm going to have to examine him thoroughly
under lab conditions,

find out exactly what went wrong and...

I've got to do it for you, Jaime.

Do what?
I don't understand.

An autopsy.

If you don't get any results
in five days,

I'm going to put Max away.

CROSBY: I'm telling you,
you're wasting your time

with that much food. The dog's never
going to eat it.

He will tonight.

Oh, yeah? Well, what makes you
so sure about that?

Because the restaurant just hired a new chef.
A better one.

Thank you.

Bonsoir, Monsieur Max.

Tonight we have the chopped beef of Jaime,

poured on top of the crunchy kibble
and just for you.



Aw, come on, Max.
I made it myself.

It's good. See? Look.


You're not going to get any if you
don't get over here.

Come on, Max.


Max, you have to eat.


Now, listen, Max.

I really do care whether you eat
this or not.

I'm not like the others.
This isn't just a job for me.

I want you to eat.

I want you to live because I love you.
Do you understand that?

Oh, Max...

I do care.
I really do care.


Come on, will you do it for me, boy, hmm?
Will you do it for me?

Oh, good boy.
Good boy, Max.

Here. Here.

Have some more.


Well, it's a start anyway.



Okay, Max, your turn. Come on.

Get up here.


Come on.

Well, ready or not, here you go.


Oh, stop complaining. Run.

That's it, come on, run.

Come on. Get up.
Come on, Max.



Okay, watch.
Stay there. See?

That's all there is to it. See?

It's real easy. Now you can do it.
Come on.

Come on.

Aw, that's a good boy. You did it.
That's a good boy.

Okay, Max, come on. You can do it.
Come on.

Ah, good boy!
Good boy. Good boy.




Okay, come on, get up.

Come on, Max.
Come on, Max.

Come on. That's it. Up.
Come on, Max, up and over.

Come on. Come on, get up.

Okay, come on.
Get up, Max.

Come on, up and over, Max. Come on.


Up and over.


Good boy.




Max, you okay?

You all right? I guess even a dog
can have a nightmare, huh?

You dreaming about these old cages?

You're gonna be okay, now.
You go back to sleep, okay?

Back to sleep.


What? You don't want me to close it?

Okay, I'll leave it open.
It's all right with me.

Go back to sleep.

Oh, Max.


Listen, kiddo, don't you worry
about anything.

I'm gonna get you out of here tomorrow
and that's a promise.

That's a promise.

RUDY: Now you're telling me
that you can read his mind.

Rudy, it is the kennel.

The answer's no.

If you could've seen him clawing
at that cage.

I know that's what's holding him back.

If I could get him out there and show him how
much fun bionics could be,

I know I could get him to use them.

And what if you did?
What if he ran away?

Are you aware of the damage he could
do to this project?

Even you can't keep up with him.

How do we explain a dog that can
run 90 miles an hour?

How do we justify it to our tax payers

without revealing the secret to
foreign governments?

It's his last day, can't we please give him a
chance? Rudy, you have to. Come on.


I'm gonna be late for an appointment.

Rudy. Please. Come on.

Jaime, I'm sorry.
We can't.

No. No.

Look, it's not what I want.

Dr. Wells gave me specific orders

the dog is not supposed to
leave the kennel.

Well, he asked me to bring him
up to his lab.

Now, what can I tell you?
I mean...

But he's in a conference now.

He asked us to wait.
Now, please!


Crosby, look, we're gonna be right
here in his lab.

It's not like we're running away or
something, you know?


I'm sorry.

I guess if he told you.


Dr. Wells, please.

Now, isn't the air much better
out here, huh?

Look at that.

That's what you want
isn't it, Max, huh?

Go running through those fields?



Well, I don't know about you, but that's
what I'm gonna do.

Wanna come with me?

Come on.
Want to come?


Well, looks like I'm gonna have to
leave you behind, Max.

I'm gonna have to run out in the beautiful
fields all by myself.

Okay, goodbye. I'm really gonna
do this. That's it!





Okay, Max, it's your turn. Come on.


I told you to keep him in
the kennel.

She said you told her to meet you
in your office.

My office?

Oh, my God, the window.


Come on. You can do it, boy. Come on, Max,
you can do it. Come on.




Jaime, it's Rudy. Let me in.

Max, come on.
Max, hurry. Come on.


Jaime! She's got it locked from the inside.

All right, I'm gonna leave you here.
That's it. I'm gone.


That's it, boy, come on.
Max, we've gotta hurry.

Come on, Max. Jump.





Call security and meet me down at the jeep right
away. We've got to get that dog.

Yes, sir.




You ready?


Go get it.





Come here! Come here! Okay.
Give that here. Come on. Give.



Well, remind me not to let
you go get the morning paper.

That's a good boy, Max. You're so good.
I'm so proud of you.

Come on, we're going to
go show Rudy, okay?



Max, come on.

We gotta show Rudy.
Come on.


What's the matter?


All right, all right,
what's the matter, huh?




There they are.

Hey, you lucked out, kiddo.
They came to us.

Rudy, before you get angry,
he did it.

He ran and he jumped.

What gives you the right,

the unmitigated gall, to jeopardize a top secret
project like that?

Do you know what could've happened?

He's all right.
I can prove it.

How? Look at him. He can't even raise his head
let alone run bionically.

All right, watch. Okay?

Max, come on.

Come on, baby, let's go.

Max, come on. We're gonna show
Rudy, okay? Come on.

Rudy, you should've seen him.
Max... Hey, you gotta do this.

You gotta do this, Max.
What's the matter with you? Come on.

Don't let me down now, Max. Please.

What's the matter with you? Let's go.

Max, what's the matter
with you, huh? Come on.

Rudy, he was just fine,
you should've seen him run.

Max, you've got to do this.
Now, get up. Come on.

Jaime, it's no use.

Rudy, I'm telling you,
he ran and he jumped.

Jaime, I need some kind of proof.

If what I see and what you tell me
are two different things.

Look at where we are. How did we get out this far
if he didn't run?

You could run when you were

But, I was in so much pain. I was running blind
like I was crazy.

And Max stayed right with me.

Does he look like he's in pain? Does he
look like he's crazy?


Watch out. Stay back.

Max. Max! What's wrong?


Stay away from him.
Nobody move.





I'm sorry, Jaime, I had to. It's just
a tranquilizer.

But tomorrow morning, I'm going to put him away.
I have to do that autopsy.

Autopsy. Rudy,
you can't do that.

It's out of your hands,
Jaime. Get him in the cage.

Rudy, you can't do this.
Now, I ran with him.

How do you think we got out? He jumped
off your balcony.

Even if he did, after what I
just saw...

I'm sorry, Jaime.
I have no choice.

What do you mean? Of course you have
a choice.

Rudy, please give him a chance.

I already have.

Now, do you want a ride in, Jaime?



RUDY: Easy, Crosby.

Okay, he's in.

Let's go.

Rudy, please listen to me.


Well, what are you gonna do
when I start to reject?

Are you gonna put me away, too?






JAIME: (SOFTLY) Max? - Max, are you
feeling all right?

Max, it's Jaime.

You okay?

All right, boy. I'm gonna have you out of
here in just a second.


All right. Now, you have to be really quiet

so we can get out of here.
All right, come on. Let's go.

Okay, Max. Say goodbye to your home sweet
home here, kiddo.

If I got it my way, you're never gonna have
to see this place again.

Come on. Let's go.

OSCAR: And you didn't see the dog?

No, that won't be necessary. Thank you.


They let her drive out the front gate at 4:00 am.
Max was probably in the trunk.

What now?
Send out an APB?

That depends, Rudy.

On what?

You and I have known
Jaime a long time.

She gets a little emotional at times,

but she's got the best instincts of
anybody I've ever known.

What are you trying to say?

Maybe she's right, Rudy.

Is it possible that Max isn't rejecting?

Are you questioning my judgment?

I'm giving you a chance
to modify your position, Rudy.

To play the gray zone.

If there's the slightest doubt...

Sometimes even a good scientist lets
emotions cloud his mind.

Maybe I resented the way Jaime jumped on us when
she found out about Max.

Maybe I wanted to show her I was still in
control. I don't know.


Yes, there is a chance he isn't rejecting.
It's very slight.

But there's a chance.

I think we owe it to Jaime
to give her more time.

All right,

where do you think she took him?


Hey, Jaime.

Hi, Judy, how you doing?

It's good to see you. What's going on?
Thanks. Yeah.

Same old stuff, you know.

Groceries, errands, doughnuts for ol'
brown eyes in there.

Hi, Sara.

Hello, sweetheart.

Oh, man, she's getting big.
She's so pretty.

Just like her mother.



What have you got in your car? A horse?

No, that's Max.

He certainly is.
Is he yours?

Yeah, just for a little while.

He's, uh... He's big.

Yes, he is big.

I gotta go call Helen and Jim and tell them
that I'm bringing him home.

They don't know so...

That'd be a good idea.

See you later, okay?

Tell Bruce hi.

Okay, Max.
Okay, Max.

Listen, you stay here
because I don't think Ojai

is ready for a bionic dog yet, okay?

I'm gonna be back real quick.

Be a good boy and stay.
All right? Get back.

Go on. Stay.


Stay, Max.


Hi, doggy.


Jim? Hi, it's me.


Are you all right?

Yeah, I'm all right.

Oscar and Rudy called you, huh?

Half an hour ago.

Is the dog with you?
Yes, he's in the car.

Now listen, Jim, whatever they told you, it isn't
true. At least, I don't think it is.

What I need is some time to find out.

Hey, you don't have to convince me.

Well, I'm sure they told you...

Rudy and Oscar said they wanted to give you
and the dog another chance.

They'll be up this evening to talk to you.

Really? Oh, that's great!





Hi, doggy.



That'll at least get me a little time
to work with him.

Hey, Miss?


Lady, your dog's tearing your car apart.



Max, come back here!




Oh, my God!



Oh, Jaime! Wait, honey.
Wait a minute.




Did you see the doggy, Mommy?

Oh, my baby.
Oh... Oh... Oh.

Oh, thank God.

Poor baby. You okay?

Aw, I'm so proud of you.
Oh, you're such a good dog.

JAIME: Then he turned around and he trotted
right back to the car

as if nothing had ever happened.

That's wonderful.

I just hope that nobody noticed him.

No, we lucked out in that area, there wasn't
anybody on the street.

And Judy was so upset, she didn't
notice anything.

She was just so happy
to have Sara back.

Tastes good.


Jim, the point is,
Max is not a wild dog.

He's healthy, obedient,
and he cares about life.


And now we have to convince Oscar
and Rudy of that.

Is that them?


OSCAR: Well, her car's here.

Yes, that's them.

Jim, would you stay here with Max until
I come back for him?

He's not too crazy about Rudy so I think we ought
to keep them apart.

We'll just stay here,
build up the fire.


And, Jaime?

Good luck.


Hey, hi, guys.

Listen, you're not going to believe
what Max did today.

Jaime, I should have
your head for this.

If Rudy didn't think that this
dog had a chance,

I'd have the state police after you.

Is that true? You think Max
has a chance?

It's very small, but it's there.


I rushed into things
at the lab, Jaime.

I'm sorry.
Oh, boy.

Listen, I know there's a chance.

Max proved it to me today and he's going to prove
it to you right now.

Don't make a bad boy scout, do I, Max?



Why don't you hide behind the flowers
over there.

I think Max will do better
if he doesn't see you,

if he doesn't know you're here.

He better come through this time.

This will be his last chance, Jaime.


What's the trouble, boy?


He's not going to need
another chance. Trust me.

JIM: Max! Max!



Max! Max!


OSCAR: Jaime,
he's out of control.

I'm sorry, Jaime. I've got to call
the state police.





MAN: (OVER RADIO) - One-Baker-seven,

Any sign of the girl
and the dog?

Uh, negative, John.

I'll make one more pass on the county road, then
head across to Oak Tree Lane.



Where you headed?

North. Put him in back
and hop in.

I think it would be better if I got
in back with him.

Suit yourself. Better take this.
It'll get cold.

Thanks. Come on.

Come on, Max. Up.

Good dog.



JAIME: Dear Oscar, I know that what I'm doing may
seem foolish to you.

I'm sorry, and I hope that someday
you'll understand.


Max and I are going someplace safe away from
you and away from people.

Now, if Rudy is right and Max is rejecting
his bionics,

then it's only right that he has me
to help him through it.

He deserves a chance, Oscar.

I hope someone's there to do the same thing
for me when it's my turn.

Give Jim and Helen my love and tell
them I'll call them soon.

I'll be okay.

We'll both be okay.
I know it. Love, Jaime.