The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 2, Episode 9 - The Vega Influence - full transcript

Jaime Sommers and Michael Marchetti travel to a military base on Grand Tooley to pick up some medical equipment only to find the base completely deserted with everything left running. Then one by one, the men in their party begin to disappear.

North Atlantic at 20,000 feet must make
for pretty dull pictures.

Want some coffee?

No, thank you. I want to get some pictures of this
tundra here for the kids in my class.

You're the only person I know who could
turn an O.S.I. mission into a field trip.

Hey, this happens to be...
Take this.

One of the neatest parts
about working for you guys

is that I get to see some of the most fascinating
country in the world.

I wouldn't call Grand Thule
Island exactly fascinating.

Well, fascination happens to be in the eye of the
schoolteacher, my dear.

How long are we going to be here?

Just long enough to refuel, then on to London
to pick up the equipment.

You think Rudy sent us
in a big enough plane?

Well, it'll be wall to wall with top secret
bio-medical gear on the way home.


Well, in that case, I think I better stretch my
legs while I have the space.

Dr. Marchetti, would you care to walk to the, uh,
lake or up to the cockpit?

You got it.

Looks like they've got a little weather building
to the Southeast, Skipper.

Well, we should be clear of it, no sweat.
Raise Grand Thule again.


Grand Thule, this is
Charlie 2-6-3...


Presently descending
through 1-4-0, over.

Roger, Charlie 2-6-3.

We show you 40 miles
out at 1-4-0 altitude.

You are cleared for standard descent
and direct approach.

There is no other air traffic nearby.

We don't really get too much
business here. Over.

Roger, Grand Thule.

What is on Grand Thule?

Oh, darn little. It used to be an Air Corps Base
during World War Two.

You have heard of that war, I presume.

I read about it in my history books.

Oh, you're cute, Jaime.

Anyway, most of it is deactivated now, lots of
planes and mothballs.

We use it for a refuel
and repair stop.

Doesn't the Department
of Agriculture

have some sort of Biological Research
facility there?

Yeah, I think so. I think they're trying to grow
something on the tundra.

I wish them lots of luck.

Grand Thule, this is
Charlie 2-6-3,

requesting landing instructions. Over.

Roger, 2-6-3.

You are cleared for landing on...

Grand Thule,

repeat active runway. Over.

AIR CONTROLLER: The active runway
is North One,

and your wind is...
Wind is from...

What's wrong with him?

I don't know. AIR CONTROLLER:
Wind is from...

Grand Thule, say again

your wind directions. Over.

Try the guard channel.

Grand Thule, this is 2-6-3.
Do you copy? Over.

What's going on down there?

Good question.

Do you think it's safe to land?

Well, the way I see it,
we've got no choice.

We either land right now or 300 miles
further out in the ocean.

Oh, well why don't we land here?

COLTER: Hello, Grand Thule.
- This is Charlie 2-6-3.

Do you read me?

Oh, there's gotta be
some simple explanation.

Maybe our radio's on the fritz.

You two strap yourselves in.
I'll take her down.

- Where's the ground crew?

There's not a soul in sight.

I don't understand it.

Where is everybody?

Do you hear anything?


Michael, where are all the people?





When you said this place was deactivated
you weren't kidding.

Must be somebody here.

I'll call the tower. The Controller must
still be here.


Easy, Jaime. It just boiled over when somebody
left it idling too long.

They should've turned off the engine
before they left it.

ANDREWS: Well, we'll get
to the bottom of this.


No answer.

I don't understand it.

They should have 40 or more
people stationed here.


Michael, I hear something.


Well, it's just like
a whistling sound.

Yeah, I hear it too, now.

I don't think anybody's coming
for dinner tonight.

I checked the BOQ. Somebody left
the shower running, but...

Nobody was there?

That's right.

That's cute.

It's at times like this it's kind of nice
being a girl,

because I can admit to being very scared.

Well, I'll match goosebumps
with you about now.

Look, let's split up.

You check the hangars with Major Andrews
and the Sergeant.

I'll search the other quarters
with Captain Colter.

We'll all work our way
back to here. All right?


Is anybody there?

You two take this one.

I'll check the next one.

Now sing out if you see anybody.

Loud and clear, sir.

Probably be more like
a piercing scream, though.


We'll have to find another way in.

Well, try again.
Come on, I'll help you.


There. I got it that time.

You check over there,
I'll check this side.



Sergeant, I don't see anything.

Do you?

Sarge... Sergeant?





Sergeant, where are you?

Sergeant, where are you?


Hold it, Jaime.
Are you all right?

We went into that hangar and the Sergeant,
he just disappeared.


Let's go take a look.









Oh, Michael!

Michael, they disappeared.
Both of them!

I thought I heard movement
in the garage area.

I told Captain Colter
to go ahead and cut them off.

He's gone too.

Well, if you don't mind, I'd rather let's not
separate again. All right?

I was about to suggest
the same thing.

Let's try the Agricultural
Research Station.

Okay. As long as we're
together, I don't care.

Incredible research facilities.

What is that?

An isolation chamber, probably to simulate various
environmental conditions...

No, no, no, no, no.
I mean that.

What is that?

I don't know.
Looks like a meteorite.

Oh, Michael, I... I don't know
what's going on here,

but more and more this looks like a problem
for Oscar, not us.

I think you're right.

Let's try to find the radio room.




There's somebody in there.


traffic for ILS runway 2-6,

Michael, I'm scared.
What's happening?

I wish I knew, Jaime.

Come in, Grand Thule. This is Oscar Goldman of
the O.S.I. calling Grand Thule.

Have Jaime SOMMERS and Dr. Michael Marchetti...
That's Oscar!

Arrived there safely?

Grand Thule, do you read me?

Hello, Oscar. This is Jaime.
Can you hear me?

This is Oscar Goldman calling Grand Thule Island.
Do you copy, Grand Thule?

Michael, what...

I've turned the transmission
to full-gain.

I've eliminated the static.
There's nothing more I can do. Try again.

Hello. Oscar! This is Jaime. Can you hear me?
We really need help.

Now... Hello? Grand Thule Island,
do you copy?

This is Oscar Goldman
of the O.S.I. Do you read me?

Oscar, can you... This is Jaime talking.
Can you hear me?

Can you turn these here a little bit more?

Hey, he's not gonna hear you, Jaime.
Well, we've gotta try.

We can't do anything.

We're not gonna make contact.

Well, we've gotta try
something, Michael.

We will try something.

Okay, Michael,
what do you think?

Come on. It can't be any worse than what
my imagination is doing.

Some influence is isolating this island
from outside communication.

What exactly comes under
the heading of influence?

Who knows? Sunspots.

Solar flares,
atmospheric interference.

Oh, come on, Michael. That doesn't account
for people disappearing.

I don't know.

People don't disappear. They've got to be here


MICHAEL: Let's check the desk. Maybe there's
something written down.

MICHAEL: Doctor Boylin. He must be
the head of Research here.

I don't see anything
unusual, Michael.

Keep looking. There must be some clue to what they
were doing when this started.

One thing scientists have in common
is we keep notes.

Well, we usually keep notes.

Hey, Michael, here's a tape. It's dated today.
This is a tape, isn't it?

Yes, it is. Let's rewind it
and take a look.


15:43. That's 3:43.

That's about an hour
before we landed.

JAIME: Everybody looks normal.
- What they're doing?

Looks like they're unloading something.

MAN: They're coming back
with it now.

JAIME: Whose voice is that?

Probably Doctor Boylin's.

Arthur said it was buried about ten feet
into the permafrost.

They ran into it taking
core samplings on Sector 14.

Carbon dating the core samplings
of adjacent rocks

indicate it landed here about point seven
million years ago

and has been covered by the tundra and
the permafrost since then.

Get a closer shot, Jim, huh?

Sylvia... Sylvia, step
over a little, huh?

This meteorite appears to be quite similar to most
other meteorite specimens

I've ever seen,
with one important difference.

We've noticed something, which is very
curious and unusual.

We can't explain the charred residue on some
of the pitted surfaces.

My first guess indicates
some sort of space dust,

probably charred by friction during the heat
of entry

and then freezing after landing here
in the tundra.

Let's get on with it.


BOYLIN: Incredible!
It is alive!


Rudimentary, impossible,
in fact, but alive!

Switch the image to the projector.

It's apparently a crystalline compound with some
unknown form of animate properties.

Increase to 30 factor.


The structure violates all generic laws of life
as we know them.

Increase to 65 factor.

The pulsation rate is accelerating! What was
the previous time gap?

WOMAN: Three minutes forty seconds between the
first and second pulse.

The third came at three
twenty-five seconds,

the fourth at three minutes
ten seconds.

All right. Run all environmental factors
on the computer.

I want to know what triggered that first impulse

and what conditions caused the acceleration.

It's growing.

And we've found the constant. It's heat.

The first impulse came
at 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Each increase of one degree
has accelerated the impulses by 15 seconds.

It seems possible that further
increases in temperature

might accelerate the activity
to some incubation level.

Isolate the chamber and give me some
more heat in there.

WOMAN: Increasing heat
in the isolation chamber.




Shut... Shut off...

Shut off the heat!


The recording did stop
at that point.


I don't know.

Seventy-two degrees.

The Isolation chamber must be hooked back
into this room.

The temperature is below
the activity level.

Michael, I don't understand
what happened.

Do you think that the stuff on the meteorite
did something?

I don't know.

It's possible, I guess.

I've never seen any life form that looked
like those crystals.

JAIME: So does it think?

I think we can assume that its intelligence
level is at the lowest end of the scale.

Probably nothing more than the most elementary
instinct for self-preservation.

Well, how does that affect people?

I don't know.

Let's run the tapes again
from the top.


Michael, somebody turned on the heat.

MICHAEL: And it's growing again.

Jaime! Get out of here!











Oh, Major Andrews. Uh...

Major Andrews,
it's Jaime SOMMERS.

Sergeant! Sergeant Roberts,
you know who I am.




Who are you?

Laure. Laure Boylin.

Dr. Boylin's daughter?

Where is your father?

I don't...
I don't know.

Everything was okay and... Then all of a sudden...

I don't...

Listen... Come on,
take it easy.

It's gonna be all right.

Looks like we're both
in this together, you know.

Personally, I am glad to have someone with me now.
I don't know about you.


We're gonna have to find someplace safe,

where we can figure out why this hasn't
affected you or me.

Now where can we go? I don't know.
They're everywhere.

Well, we're gonna have to get away
from this door.

It's the only way out!


But how...

I'll tell you later. Right now we've got
to get out of here.

Now, where do you live?

On Officer's Row.

Okay, show me?

Oh, come on now.
We've gotta get going.

Look, I know they're scary,
but they don't move too fast.

I don't think I see them. Come on.


Oh, well...

Let's get to that car.
Come on.



Laure! Help me!



Laure, help me!





What do you suppose it is
we have in common

that makes us more immune than others?

Well, am I glad...

Come on in.

It's okay.
This is where I live.

Oh, they must have turned
the generators off.

I know where some candles are.

I heard the engines running
at the power station.

Laure, when all this happened,
were you with your father?

Because whatever happened back on that field,
it didn't affect you.

Why would you be more immune than I am?

There, that's better.

You know in all that craziness I forgot
to ask your name.

It's Jaime SOMMERS.



Why didn't you come back
and get me on that field?

What did I say to you?

I don't know. Why don't you know
what I said?

I didn't hear you.

Can you hear me at all?

Do you read lips?

Yes. I... I had an accident about four years ago,
and I lost my hearing.

Oh, thank God!

Listen, I'm sorry if I scared you,

but you have scared me
half to death, yourself.

You know, I fell down on that field when you
were getting in the car,

and I called you and you didn't
come back and get me.

I have been talking to you
all the way up the walkway.

I've been asking you questions
since we've been in the house,

and you haven't said a word to me about what
I've been asking you.

And you scared me.

I'm sorry I didn't tell.

What we have in common
is a hearing problem.

You, too?

Yes. I have the granddaddy of all hearing aids,
though it's implanted inside.

You can't see it.

Then what happened back there
on the field with my father

and the others has something to do with sound?

Yeah, it must.

And my bionic unit must filter the sound
or something,

so I don't get a full dose.

And I... I don't get
anything at all.


Well, at least now, we've got something
to go on.

Maybe we can figure some way to fight it.
I don't know.

Hi, again.




Laure, help me block the door!

There's too many of them, Laure!



Laure, come on.
It's my father!


Got to stop.

Sit down a minute.

It's okay, it's okay.
I think we're all right.

Little scared myself.

But what happened to my father
and the others?

You said we could fight it
but what is it?

I don't know, Laure.

They've been affected by some kind of
a new life form.

They came from space on that meteorite
that your father found.

It's got a crystalline structure,

and it must give off
some kind of a sound impulse.

Like some kind of crystal
radio in reverse?



Shh! Wait a minute.






Michael, where have you been?

You've got to let me
help you, Jaime.

It doesn't want to hurt you.

Join us, Jaime.

No, Laure!

Michael, please trust me as much as I've always
trusted you.

Can you tell me about it? Can you tell me
what's happened to you?

I want to help you, Jaime.

Michael, you're saying my name like it was
just a word.

It's Jaime, remember?
I'm your friend.

Michael, it's Jaime.


That's right. Fight it.
Come on, fight it, Michael. You can do it.


Your bionic hearing.

Let me disconnect it
so you can join us.

Michael, why do you want me to join you?

Otherwise, you're an infecting agent,

a foreign body.

You threaten its safety.

What is it, Michael?

Tell me what it is.
Try to remember.

Now, you told me that it was
a very basic life form.

I don't...

It only wants to live, Jaime.


It only wants to live, Jaime.

Michael. Michael,
it is living.

And it's growing.
We saw that in the Lab.

Now other people are gonna come here and they're
gonna try to see what's going on.

It's going to take over
their minds, too.

We have to protect it,

to take it away.

You what? No, Michael! You can't... You can't...
You can't do that, Michael.

Can you tell me how to destroy it, Michael?


Jaime, there's more of them coming.


Michael, I don't want
to hurt you.

Run, Jaime!


It's too strong!

Come back.

Running won't do you any good.

You can't get away.

Come back, Jaime.

Let me help you.

There's no sign of anyone yet.

What are you thinking?

Well, I was just trying to figure...

I was just trying to figure it out.

Now, Michael said that this influence
just wants to live,

and I saw how its activity
increased with heat.

So it must have been dormant in
the cold of space,

and then it came down here and landed
in the permafrost.

If these people reflect its thinking,

that's why they fear the cold.

That's why they dress so heavily.


Which means we could probably
fight it with cold.

But your friend said that they were gonna take it
somewhere, but where?

Somewhere warm?

Of course, somewhere warm.

Oh, Laure, do you know what
would happen if they did?

I mean, that thing would
just grow like wildfire.

We can't let them do that. I mean, I've got
to do something.


Uh, Laure, I think it'd be better if you
came with me. All right?

Come on.

What are you doing?
I have to go in here, Laure.

No. The Land Rover that picked up the meteorite
is in there.

The two men that were with you were affected
when they got near it.

That's right.

You know, some of those crystals
must've fallen off in it.

Okay. Look, would you
do me a favor, then?

Would you go in and see if you can find me a set
of those earphones they wear

when the jet engines go off?


Oh, no!

Oh, Laure.
Come on, come on!

Laure, we were right.

They're out here right now preparing that plane
for take-off.

Uh, I don't know.

They used to use liquid nitrogen for soil
research, but not anymore.

Well, come on,
think of something.

There's got to be something here.

I know. The fire engine, liquid C02,
when there's crashes.

Okay. Where's the Fire Department?

Over there.
Behind the Tower.

Let's go.


Okay. I'm gonna have to move awfully fast
from here on out,

and I think you're just
gonna slow me down,

so I want you to go back in there and I
want you to hide.

Go on. Go on.

Be careful.






Michael, it's...





What in the world?


Oh, Michael.

Oh, Michael.

Hello, Grand Thule.
This is Oscar Goldman.

Do you read me? Over.

CONTROLLER: Roger, Mister Goldman.
We read you. Over.

OSCAR: Is everything back to normal now?

and we're glad of it.

Everybody's okay. There were
no permanent effects.

Miss SOMMERS and the others are waiting for you in
the research station. Over.

OSCAR: No one was hurt?
- CONTROLLER: No, sir.

We were sure lucky.

Minus 121 degrees.

And let's keep it that way.


Our studies of it will be
handled very carefully.

How did it actually work?

Well, very simply, it seemed to be
a basic life form

which infected by ultrasonic

Which correspond to the alpha waves
in the human mind.

Its signals blocked all our thoughts

except the basic instinct
to help it survive.

It's fascinating.

Fascinating? After all you've been through?
Fascinating? That's all?

Well, okay, Oscar, I admit it.

It is the most bizarre experience I have ever had
in my life,

but I must admit that the thought of a completely
new life form...

I mean, I love it! And where would it
come from?

That's something to think about, isn't it?

Did it come from our own solar system?
From beyond?

Well, wherever it came from,
I'll tell you one thing.

I never want to see another snowsuit.