The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 2, Episode 6 - Kill Oscar: Part 3 - full transcript

Dr. Franklin has retreated to a remote island and uses the stolen weather-control machine to surround it with a raging hurricane. While the military plans an attack, Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers ask Admiral Richter to have them attempt to rescue Oscar Goldman and Peggy Callahan. All they need to get to the island is an atomic submarine.

OSCAR: Our story so far.

Cut the magnetic power!

The weather control machine
is far too massive to steal...

without very special

BARON: Robots?

FRANKLIN: The perfect women...

and as beautiful or as deadly
as I choose to make them.

We're really remarkable.


Good morning, Miss Callahan.

Good morning, Mr. Goldman.


Make immediate arrangements
to kidnap Oscar Goldman.

Who are you?

And where is Oscar Goldman?

She's dangerous.
Capture her.


It looks like she's beginning
to reject her bionics.

FRANKLIN: You recall that the weather
control machine was my basic concept.

I'm gonna get control of the
working model of that machine...

and you're going to help me.


FRANKLIN: So, your Colonel Austin
has discovered where we are.



Where are the rest?

I'm it.

This is Oscar Goldman...

I want the components of the weather
machine flown to St. Amil Island...

in the Caribbean immediately.

Rudy, there are robots.

Oscar, it's Rudy.

I'm in Jaime's room
and we have a problem.

What is it, Rudy?

RUDY: I know it's ridiculous,
but she just woke up screaming...

that she had proof that
you were one of Franklin's robots.

That's not Oscar Goldman!

Kill him, Hanson!

Those have to be
50-mile-an-hour winds.

Very good, my dear.

Would you like to see them
increased to a force powerful enough...

to destroy this building?

This city?

I can do it, you know.

This is a mere warning.

OSCAR: And now the
conclusion of Kill Oscar...

on The Bionic Woman.



The Rhodesian prime minister has declined
to comment on the Angolan charges...

other than to brand them
as gross exaggerations.

On the national scene, weather is running
a close second to politics today.

A series of unseasonal storms began
striking the southeast shortly before dawn.

While there have been no reports
of extensive damage thus far...

rain and severe wind conditions cover
an arch from Louisiana to North Carolina.

The National Weather Service
has offered no explanation...

beyond admitting they don't know what is
causing the unusual low pressure area...

responsible for the storms.

We tried to contact Oscar Goldman...

the director of the Office of Scientific
Intelligence for his comments.

We've been informed that Mr. Goldman
is unavailable at the moment.

Well, it begins.

Wonder what Franklin's
got for an encore.

Steve, you have a meeting
at the Pentagon.

Jaime, get back in bed!

I feel fine.

No, you let me be the judge of that.

All your tests aren't in yet.

Look, Rudy, I don't have
time to be sick anymore...

I really don't.

My bionics are fine.

What do you want, proof?

Okay, I will give you proof.

Here is proof right here.

This trick's a little easier
with a tennis ball, but...



You're in trouble now, Jaime.

That's destroying hospital property.

That's a felony if they
want to press charges.

Oh, dear.

You will wait for me,
won't you, until I get out?


Okay, so what?
Am I cured, or what?

Okay, okay.

Your arm may be all right.

That's right, Rudy,
her arm is okay...

but you're right, we have
to check and see how her legs are.

To see if they're strong enough.

Uh, why don't you kick in
the bathroom door, Jaime?

Great idea! I wonder
why I didn't think of that.

Okay, okay,
I'll take your prognosis.

Thank you.

What's happening at the Pentagon?

They're gearing up
for full-scale combat...

against Franklin
and the weather machine.


OFFICER: All air crew personnel report
to your squadron operations immediately.

All air crew personnel report
to your squadron operations immediately.

OFFICER: Now hear this,
now hear this.

This is not a drill.

General quarters, general quarters.

All hands man your battle stations.

I say again, all hands
man your battle stations.


So far, gentlemen, this is the
area the storm has covered.

From Galveston up through
Northern Virginia.

What exactly seems
to be happening, Mr. Hanson?

Can Franklin pin-point his targets?

There's no evidence that he can aim the
machine with any amount of accuracy...

but he can disrupt normal air patterns...

and create instability in broad areas.

Now this is his
present base of operation.

St. Amil Island, it's 90 miles south
and east of Jamaica.

We've triangulated this position from the
satellite he's using to laser bounce...

the electromagnetic waves
of the system.

Now ever since he's put this
machine into operation...

he's caused a pebble in a pond effect.

Storms rotating around the island...

moving outwardly and with a great
effect on the upper atmosphere.

Now, the winds created have carried
large masses of warm tropical air...

into the southern interior of the U.S.

And wherever they have collided
with the normal colder patterns...

the storm fronts have resulted.

Has he made any
specific demands on us yet?

Only one.

That we acquiesce and admit
that he's superior to us.

When we do that,
he says he'll tell us what he wants.

Unconditional surrender.

I think everyone at this table
understands that...

but we can't lose face of the fact...

that sitting on this little island,
he's virtually laying seize to us...

and so far, we haven't been able to come
up with any sure way of hitting back at him.

Why don't we just launch a few of our
missiles and shoot his satellites down?

Or put a warhead in his lap.

Dr. Wells of the O.S.I.
said the ion exchange...

caused by the weather machine...

could seriously disorient
the internal guidance systems.

If that's so, the missiles could
possibly drop in populated areas.

As long as we're
considering humanity...

Oscar Goldman is a dear and old friend.

Is any consideration being given
to the fact that he's still a hostage?


Goldman established
if he were captured...

he was to be killed.

All right, Mr. Hanson.

How do you see
our present alternatives?


but, in order of preference...

Plan One.

In the immediate, coordinate
an attack against St. Amil Island...

using tactical bombers
and the seventh fleet.

The necessary units
are all on standby alert.

HANSON: Plan Two.

Negotiate with Franklin while seeking
scientific counter measures...

to the weather control system.

This pre-supposes that he'll
give us the time that we need.

Plan Three.

Take everything he can throw at us
until we can destroy the satellites.

DRIVER: Dr. Wells has arrived,
Mr. Hanson.

Hello, Rudy.


Admiral, it's good to see you, sir.

May I present Miss Jaime Sommers.

How do you do, Admiral?

Miss Sommers.

Mr. Hanson, does the young lady have
clearance to be in this room?

Miss Sommers is a
security-six O.S.I. agent.

RUDY: Colonel Austin and I
can personally vouch for her.

That sounds like enough
clearance to me.

Dr. Wells worked
with Franklin at the O.S.I.

I've asked him to give us
a psychological profile on him.

Well, gentlemen, the Franklin that
I knew was a deeply frustrated man.

His theories were
not well received...

so he had a deep need
to prove himself right...

and I think that's what
he's trying to do now.

RUDY: Prove himself right,
only on a larger scale.

Now he's put himself out on a limb...

and to protect himself,
he has to make us surrender...

because he knows
we'll try to destroy his base.

What would he need to feel safe?

Who knows, maybe enough materials
to build several thousand more robots.

Obviously he's not going
to be safe off the island...

so he has to build a life
and a kingdom there.

With life-long rights
for endless demands, huh?

No, no, sir, no thank you.

Doctor, we've just received some
high-resolution satellite pictures...

of St. Amil Island, would you care
to comment on them?

It's ingenious.

He's built these cloud patterns
into a defensive low-pressure zone...

around the island.

By keeping that zone stationary...

the island is virtually centered
in the eye of a hurricane...

and invulnerable to attack.

With all respect, Doctor...

we don't only fight on sunny,
summer days.

Our attack units are designed
for all-weather capability.

I know that.

But Franklin's helped by the ideal
conditions in the hurricane belt.

He can maintain this zone and still have
maximum power reserves available...

to bring devastation down on us...

the likes of which we can only imagine.

So how much weather is all-weather,

I guess we'll see, won't we?

Gentlemen, I recommend that we
proceed with Plan One immediately.

Do I have your permission?

Thank you, gentlemen.

Admiral, will you
issue the attack order.

Gentlemen, please let us
get Oscar off the island first?

That subject has been discussed
and closed, Miss Sommers.

Well, then, let's re-open it,
Mr. Hanson!

Miss Sommers, we really can't
worry about Goldman at this point.

We've gotta stop this man, Franklin,
before his weather machine...

can devastate
large areas of the planet.

Get me the Fleet Commander.

Admiral Richter?

Come on, Jaime,
it's a lost cause.

Come on.

OFFICER: Scramble, scramble!

All air operations crew to the flight line.

Pilots, man your planes.

Roadrunner 14, you are cleared
for immediate take-off.

Proceed with pre-planned attack profile.

Rendezvous with forward air control...

Wolf 02 at 115 degrees 476.

476 nautical miles off St. Tucan.

Report armament available to Wolf

Mission identifier, Operation Thor.

Wolf 02 will coordinate attack of Navy
and Air Force fighter bombers...

with laser and electronic
optically-guided bombs.

Following the first wave of B-52's...

which have estimated
on-target time of 13:18.

13:18 Zulu.

Latest intelligence
confirms pre-mission briefing.

Negative aerial opposition
and negative ground fire anticipated.


FEMBOT: They're coming now.
Surface and air units.

MAN: Present position 800 kilometers
on bearing 342 degrees.

Speed Mach 1.2 and closing.

So, they want to fight.

Did you imagine for one minute
that they wouldn't?

For their sake, I'm sorry they did.

Advance gale force to 65 knots.


STEVE: So you see,
we're not giving up, Jaime.

All we need is an atomic submarine.

How do we get a sub?

Here's your answer.

Steve! Miss Sommers!

What are you doing here?

Well, Admiral,
we're just waiting for you.

You know, Jaime,
in case you haven't heard...

Admiral Richter here is known
as the bad boy of the Navy.

Not to my face, Colonel.

Yes, sir.

But you are known for your
unorthodox approach, right?

STEVE: And you've never been afraid
of trying new methods.

Get to the point.

We are, sir,
without sounding ridiculous.

You see, we don't think that the fleet
has a chance of reaching St. Amil.

But Jaime and I could if...

If you'd just lend us
an atomic sub.

You're right.

You sound ridiculous.

You think we can order
an attack sub like a taxi?

Hey, cabbie!
Take me to the West Indies!

Admiral, your reputation says
that you've never been afraid...

to buck the establishment
for a good plan.

JAIME: Now I think our plan is very good
and I wish you'd listen to it.

I think I've already heard enough.

You're both wrong on several counts.

In the first place, I don't
buck the establishment.

I am the establishment.

I've had differences of opinion
with my colleagues on methods...

but I respect their
professional competence.

If they say the attack units
can get through...

I'll go along with them.

Do you believe them?

Look, I'd like to save Oscar
as much as you would...

maybe more!

He was my executive officer
for intelligence...

until he left the Navy.

We sat in this room together...

for four days and nights straight...

during the Cuban missile crisis.

Then we went out and got
drunk together when it was over.

But if a strike unit of the US. Navy...

can't destroy Franklin's base...

what can you and this
pretty, young lady...

possibly hope to accomplish?

Show him your stuff.

Well, he's got to know.

Solid brass, Admiral?






It's called bionics.

Bionics, of course!

Rudy and I discussed the
possibility several years ago.

But I didn't know there
were any working models.

The legs, too?

And an eye.

I got an ear.

Get me the commanding officer
of the attack sub Stingray...

at San Juan Naval Station.

Now hear this! Now hear this!

All hands rig for heavy-weather stations.

KATY: The task force
is still advancing, Dr. Franklin.

Advance the set to 75 knots.

Franklin, the machine is unstable.
No telling what it'll do at that setting.

True, but I know what the task force
will do if I don't stop them.

Wolf leader, this is Roadrunner 01.

We're over the weather...

but Franklin's ion discriminator
is fouling our radar.

There's no way we can get through.

TOWER: Roger, Roadrunner 01.

Return to base.

Very well.

I don't want any losses for no purpose.

Signal operation suspended and
order all units back to calmer waters.

I see. No, no.

Hold the second wave of fighters
until further orders.

That puts us back to where we started.

To Square One.

Not quite.

I've hedged our bet.

An unusual invasion force is headed
for St. Amil Island aboard the Stingray...

at this moment.

You dispatched a nuclear submarine
without coordinating it with us?

Couldn't hurt.

Richter, we're supposed
to be working together.

Now you'd better explain
what you're up to.

I don't like you taking matters
into your own hands, Richter.

OFFICER: Present heading is 15 degrees,
20 minutes north...

68 degrees, 7 minutes west, Commander.

Very well.

Our present position is 500 miles
northeast of St. Amil, Colonel.

Our best speed will put you
on the island by 1000 hours tomorrow.

That's great.

OFFICER: Heavy weather,
dead ahead, Commander.

Clear the decks.



Their units have withdrawn.

Reduce the gale set to 50 knots.

Well, Oscar, aren't you gonna tell me
I can't get away with it?

What do you want, Franklin?

I'm not sure now.

FRANKLIN: What should men want
when one can have anything?

I admit, I'm enjoying the moment.


All the people who said I was wrong...

have been forced
to watch me proved right.

I've repelled the US. Navy
and Air Force.

I've made fools of the O.S.I.

FRANKLIN: Achievements no one
has ever accomplished before.

Heady stuff, Oscar.

I might even say delicious.

Get him out of here.

OFFICER: 10 miles from St. Amil,

Surface conditions remain
at heavy gale.

COMMANDER: Very well,
maintain present course and speed.

Now this is our most recent
navigational chart of the island.

This dam was built while there was still
sugar cane plantations on the island.

The soil gave out several years ago
and they were abandoned.

Where do you think Franklin would
have put his headquarters?

Here, I'd imagine,
in the valley below the dam.

It's the most protected.

We should land on the other side...

cross the mountains about here.

Infiltrate down past the lake and...

And see what happens.

Yeah, something like that.

Anyway, memorize this
in case we get separated.

If we do,
you head for the dam...

above his complex.

Meet there if we can make it.

What's the present weather conditions?

This is our most recent transmission.

The eye of the hurricane
is holding right over St. Amil.

Oh, nice.

Sunny summer skies for him...

50 miles an hour
offshore winds for us.

Some guys just don't
like to share, that's all.

We'll put you ashore on a raft as soon as
we hit the calmer waters around the island.

OFFICER: Island coming up fast,

Present reading 210 fathoms.

200, 190.

Forward looking sonar
shows a reef rising ahead.

As you can see, you've got
a natural submarine net there.

We can go over it,
but it'll put us up in the weather.

Rise to periscope depth.

Reduce speed to two thirds.

Diving planes up angle ten.

Clear ballast tanks of positive buoyancy.

OFFICER: Ay-ay, sir.

Depth to keel, 160...



Beautiful right arm.

OFFICER: Very heavy
surface turbulence, Commander.

It's worse than I thought.

Take her down, 200 feet,
all engines stop.

OFFICER: Ay-ay, sir.

That's it, the mission
will have to be scrubbed.

We can't launch a raft in this.

No, wait a minute.

I've bailed out of a sub
the hard way before.

Have you got a scuba suit aboard?

Two suits. Two suits.

Now wait a minute, Jaime.
You're not goin' out the torpedo tube.

Now you felt the sub,
it'll be rough out there.

You never promised me
a rose garden.

Aw, forget it!

Commander, can an Air Force officer
aboard a Navy submarine...

give orders to a civilian who
isn't listening to him anyway?

out of this, you two.

We got two suits
up in forward torpedo room.

You decide what happens.

Two suits.

Enough of...

STEVE: I still wish you
were staying onboard.

Hey, how dangerous can this be, really?

On a scale of one to ten,
about a 12.

Got good news. The prevailing
current is toward the land.

Well, then don't fight it. Just ride it in.


Open them up.

Ladies first.

Okay, here we go.

I'll sit down down there.

Does the tube fill up with water fast?

It'll be dark and a little scary.

JAIME: Good, good.

See you ashore.

OFFICER: Get your masks and breathing
gear in place as soon as we close you in.

You'll have 10 seconds
before the tubes flood.

Open the outer doors.

Tubes ready for release, sir.

Flood number one.

Flood number two.

Can they make it, sir?

They've got very special qualities.

If anybody can survive out there,
they've got the best chance.




JAIME: Steve?



JAIME: Steve!


Oh, come on,
if! made it, you can.

JAIME: Steve!

FEMBOT: Dr. Franklin, we've
got an intruder in sector three.


That's impossible.

Come look, it's a woman.

Jaime Sommers.

Follow her.

Get Oscar Goldman in here.


I think we lost her temporarily.

You two join the hunt!

FRANKLIN: She won't get far.


Well, Oscar, your bionic
woman is on the island.

Turn on the helicopter speaker.

FRANKLIN: Miss Sommers?

Miss Sommers, I know
you're down there somewhere.

This is Dr. Franklin.

You know I have
Oscar Goldman as my hostage.

Give yourself up
immediately or I'll kill him.

I'm not bluffing.

Here he is.

Listen to him.

Make your own personal appeal.


you know my orders
concerning capture.

Carry them out.

Very noble.

But I don't believe they'll do that.

The strike force obviously would
have killed me if they'd gotten through...

so will Jaime Sommers
and Steve Austin.

But they're your friends.

I saw that.

The girl was particularly
concerned for you.

They have their orders, Franklin.

My orders.

Besides, whether you decide
to kill me or not, Franklin...

they won't stop 'til they get to you.

You may be right, Oscar.

Killing you serves no purpose.

I'll just have to make sure
they don't reach here alive.

Won't I?

STEVE: In case we get separated...

head for the dam above his complex.

We'll meet there if we can make it.


There she is.
She's made considerable progress.

Don't hurt her.

She was not invited.

She'll have to pay
the price of admission.

Recalibrate the ion discriminator
to the factor of plus four.

Won't that bring the
hurricane winds onto the island?

FRANKLIN: Yes, it may.

But we've got to slow her down
until our Fembots can get to her.

I told you I'd find a way to stop her.

And I will!




FRANKLIN: We lost her again.

But we know she's in the area.

Fembot #6,
proceed to the forest area.

Capture the girl
and bring her here!

If she tries to resist, kill her.


Gentlemen, can I have your attention
up at the screen, please?

We just received a new picture
from the weather satellite..

That shows a strange development.

HANSON: Notice how the
storm is advancing inland.

Now we don't know whether Franklin
is doing that himself for some reason...

or it's the instability of the weather
machine Dr. Wells told us about.

What do you make of it, Rudy?

I can think of two good reasons why
Franklin would bring the storm to the island.

Jaime and Steve.

Now he could be fighting one
of them or both of them with it.

Admiral Richter, what's the report
on Austin and Sommers?

They were launched from the Stingray
under very adverse conditions.

I suggest we re-launch
our strike force.

If Franklin is diverting power, than it's
possible our attack units might get through.

Until Franklin increases
the intensity of the storm...

and then we're right back
where we started.


I think it very possible that
Colonel Austin and Miss Sommers...

made their way safely to the island.

And what we're seeing on the map...

is Franklin's close-range
attempt to stop them.

You're asking us to
rely on two people...

rather than the combined
strength of our forces?

General, these are two
very special people.

Doctor, our first regard must be
for getting the battle won.

That's right.

Conditions for a new attack
are better now for our operations...

and safer for our men
then they were yesterday...

and we must take
immediate advantage of this.

Jerry, I understand your problem.

But if Miss Sommers and Austin
managed to fight their way ashore...

they deserve their chance.

What do you think, Hanson?

If they're alive and fighting that...

I hate to think that their own bombers
will suddenly be clobbering them.

KATY: Still no sign of her.

FRANKLIN: Three and five,
re-check the beach perimeter.

Number six...

continue searching the forest.



Dr. Franklin, negative reception
on Fembot 6.

Could be a transmission failure.

Did you see Sommers
before it happened?

No, it just stopped sending.

KATY: #5 is functioning properly.

#3 is transmitting all right.

KATY: Who is that?

FRANKLIN: Another intruder.

Probably Miss Sommers'
male counterpart...

Steve Austin.

Go help capture.


Colonel Austin has been
sighted in Sector Two.

Proceed there immediately.


you're there, Colonel Austin.


You may as well give up.


I let you win the last fight with them...

but that's not in my plans this time.

FRANKLIN: Keep after him!

Okay, baby, you're first!

There's #6.

Must have been
a transmission problem.


Steve, it's me!


Listen, better make this look good.

I'm gonna give you a kick.


There's something
strange about her.

Isolate Fembot 6.

That's Jaime Sommers.

Get them!

#5, help capture them.


FRANKLIN: #3, disable the helicopter.

STEVE: Let's get out of here,
Jaime, this bird won't fly.

Don't let them escape!

FRANKLIN: Get up! Get up!
Follow them! Quickly!

FRANKLIN: Keep them in sight.

Keep after him.

Don't let him get away!

We gotta slow them down
so the Fembots can catch up with them.

Bring the storm in closer.

Raise the gale level to 80 knots.

No, we don't know
what'll happen.

We've got to slow them down.


STEVE: Come on, Jaime,
now we can move faster.


It must be Steve and Miss Sommers.

They were pushing before.

Now they have to take
on the full force of a hurricane.


FRANKLIN: Colonel Austin and
Miss Sommers are quite extraordinary...

but they're no match
for the forces of nature!

The dam above our complex
is filling too fast.

Water level rising
at 3.1 meters per hour.

4.7 meters per hour.

Open the flood gates.

Water level still rising.

The gates can't control the run-off.

We've got to slow them down.

No, it's too dangerous to set it higher!

Please, Doctor, the
system's unstable now.

That's our asset.

The overload will build
the electric storm.

Their bionic limbs will draw it
to them like lightning rods.

Now get out of my way!

The dam's on the other side of that hill!

JAIME: Steve...

STEVE: Come on, Jaime,
they're right behind us.

FRANKLIN: There they are.

Go after them!



Faster. Catch them.

Thunder terrifies me.

The time for terror is when
the thunder stops, Callahan.

Franklin won't stop this thunder until
he's sure that Steve and Jaime are dead.

STEVE: We've got to get across
the dam to Franklin's complex.

Lightning might get us.

Our bionics attract it.

Well, the faster we
get past it, the better!

Let's go!


Stop the lightning before
the Fembots get to the dam.

It'll strike them.

We can't, the storm's out of control.

DRIVER: The lightning
is almost hitting them.

But it's getting closer
to the Fembots, too!


#1, Katy, get off the dam!


DRIVER: Dr. Franklin, the
lightning has weakened the dam.

The dam is breaking up.

What are you gonna
do with us, Franklin?

You don't matter to me now, Oscar.

You're free to go.

This complex
is about to be destroyed.

Come with us.

I don't think so.

Least I can do is to
match your example.

Hurry, please.


Where's Dr. Franklin?

Back there!

Get out, fast!


Why, Miss Sommers.

Apparently Rudy Wells was right.

His bionic unit's more
effective than my robots.

But put more simply...

humans are superior to machines.


Doctor, would you
come with me, please?

I don't think so.

I'm not being heroic
in any Wagnerian sense...

but I'd rather have it like that.

Anything else would be an anti-climax.

I think you better go rather quickly.

You are coming with me.

Doctor, would you
like me to carry you?

Good lord, you wouldn't do that!

I certainly would and
you know that I can.


Leave me my dignity, please!

It's up to you, Doctor.

Sommers, you're a very
determined young woman...

With a mind of her own.

I always said that was
a defect in a woman.

Let's go.

Come on, Doctor, please hurry!


They'll send a boat
to take us home.

Are you still sorry that
I had you come with us?

I must admit, Doctor, you have
done some pretty amazing things.

Perhaps, but I'm not feeling

optimistic at the moment.

I'm beginning to think the biggest
thing in nature is man's ego.

His claim to omnipotence.

The smallest thing is his
real power to control events.

His own destiny in particular.

Let's go home.

I don't know.

Sometimes it seems that things
that aren't really controllable...

are the best things of all.