The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 2, Episode 5 - Kill Oscar - full transcript

Ex-OSI scientist Dr. Franklin is being backed by foreign powers to steal the experimental weather control device he once worked on. To do so, he devices a plan to replace the secretaries of the six most important men in the OSI with Fembot duplicates. First up are Rudy Well's secretary Lynda Rosand and Oscar Goldman's right hand woman Peggy Callahan. However, the Fembots have an unnerving effect on Jaime Sommer's bionic hearing.

They're arriving, Doctor.

I'm forced to beg from fools!

For all their yachts
and their art galleries.

They're no more than gangsters.

However, they pay the fiddler,
so we must dance.

Greet them with enthusiasm
and the proper respect.

Welcome, Baron.

I'm Katy, Dr. Franklin's assistant.

My dear Constantine,
how good to see you.

Don't be a bore, Franklin.

We have received your request
for an additional ten million dollars...

in development funds...

which is preposterous beyond comment.

Before we will even consider
more investment...

we demand to see a report...

on the progress of the money
you have spent so far.

I suppose you have paid
for the right to see it.

Come on.


I created these.

What's that?

I call them Fembots.

The perfect women.

Programmable, obedient...

and as beautiful or as deadly
as I choose to make them.

You fraud!

The deal that my board
of directors agreed to finance...

was for you to obtain
the weather control device...

presently under development
by the O.S.I.

Please, Baron, just give us
a chance to explain.

But instead of dealing
honestly with us...

you squandered our money
on these idiotic toys.

I worked for the O.S.I. for 10 years...

and I know the
weaknesses of their system.

The weather control machine
is a security 6 project...

and far too massive to steal...

without very special

Honestly, Baron,
the Fembots are the best way.


Between each of these men
is a human glue...

that holds the O.S.I. together...

by handling the account with detail
and implementing command decisions.

Monitoring phone calls,
making appointments...

scheduling conferences.

In short, the secretaries of the most
important men are on this chart.

Under Phase One of my plan...

certain of these
strategically located ladies...

will be replaced by my Fembots.

That's Lynda Wilson,
Rudy Wells' secretary and assistant.

We've had her under
surveillance for a month.

She'll be the first woman replaced.

When my board of directors
hears my report, Franklin...

you're a dead man.

Please, we can prove they'll work.

If only you'll look at one
of the finished products.

Don't be so stupid.

These ridiculous mannequins
aren't going to fool anybody.


We're really remarkable.

Please ask them
for the additional funds?

I took the liberty of getting
your directors on the line.


Give him the money.




Hi, Jaime Sommers
to see Oscar Goldman.

Ah, yes, Miss Sommers.

Park in stall 54, please.

Thank you.



Hi, Lynda!

JAIME: See you
in a few minutes, okay?


Good morning, Miss Wilson.

Good morning, Paul,
it's a beautiful day.

Yes, it is.


Mr. Goldman is having a security
conference with Grade 8's at 3:30.

Oh, no, no, 5:00 is impossible.

No, because Mr. Goldman's
meeting with the Secretary...

and the committee for
development planning, and then...

Hold, hold on, please.


Oh, yes, he will have cocktails at 6:30
with the British and French ambassadors.

Yup, okay.

Oh, shut up!

How have you been, Jaime?

Oh, I thought I had been
very busy until I came in here.

I cannot deal with this anymore.

I'm seriously thinking
of dumping this job.

Callahan, put the phone down.

Put them on hold. Come on.

All of them, every one of them.

Okay, good, now take
a deep breath, come on, hurry!

Let it out.

Thank you.

You look like you've had
a pretty bad morning.

They've all been bad lately.

And never one word
of encouragement from Mr. Goldman.


Now we are getting to the real problem.

What you have is the unappreciated
secretary syndrome.

Oh, and it's terrible.

It looks awful on you.

Now, he hasn't been
too sensitive too lately, huh?

Well, that poor man doesn't
have any time to think about me.

I mean, it's my problem.

The pace around here
is driving me bananas!

Okay, but a little appreciation
wouldn't hurt, would it?

No, I guess not.

There are other pressures, too, Jaime.

I could use some advice
if you got a little time later.

Yeah, I'll make time.


Is he in?

Oh, no, not yet...

but Dr. Wells did send for you
and he's waiting in his office.

Oh, yeah?

Maybe it's your heel alignment.

He could balance your toes.

Oh, very funny.

Good morning!

Hi, Lynda.

Hi, Jaime,
Rudy sent me to find you.

Well, I was just on
my way to see him.

I'll see you later.
Okay, bye.

Don't quit
until I get back, okay?



Mr. Goldman's office.

Eyes hazel, 6.34 on the Fischer scale.

Hair brown, 10.9 Fischer scale.

Skin age 31.7 years.

Voice sampling.

Good morning, Paul.

Beautiful morning.

KATY: Volume range 8.2 decibels.

Southern New England region intonations.

The space of molecules
in the cochlea area...

vary from 4.3 to 5.1 thousand
per nucleus.

The cortacestron count is holding
steady at 900 per nucleus.

The stretch factor
of the multi-mode fiber is...


We'll have to wait until this
blasted stretch gauge is fixed.




Oh, I'm sorry, Rudy, I didn't
mean to break anything.

No, no, that's just what
I was trying to do.

Stretch factor,
breaking point 3,147 pounds.

Hiya, Jaime.

Hi. Did you send for me?

Yeah, I sure did.

And aside from the pleasure
of your company...

I want to make some adjustments
on your bionic hearing.


Well, I just want to fine tune it
higher for range and clarity.

I've developed some sonic techniques
that are really revolutionary.


I'm not so sure I want
a revolution going on in my ear.

Okay, but if these tests
prove out my theory...

we'll be able to communicate
at ultrasonic ranges.

Nobody will hear it
but you and Doberman pinchers.

Uh, Rudy, now you know
I love you...

but if you think I'm gonna come running
every time you blow a dog whistle...

you're out of your mind.

A dog whistle,
I didn't say anything...


Um, yeah, okay,
you can check my hearing...

because I just heard a thunder storm,
now there's nothing in that sky.

Not a cloud, nothing.

It's our weather control station.

Actually it's the experimental lab
for the full-size working model...

we're building in White Sands.

Are you talking about things like
watering deserts and controlling floods?

Yeah, that was the plan.

But after some early success,
we ran into some real problems.

If we bring rain into one area,
it causes draught in another...

and international law isn't even written
on a country's rights to air currents.

Yes, but Rudy, if it works,
that's fantastic!

No, it's not as good as it sounds.

There are basic instabilities.

We have a limited power to
create severe storm conditions...

but we can't control the damage.

Steve's working on the project.

You mean Steve is here?



That came from the strato-chamber
where Steve's working!

Get Oscar, come on!


Jaime, cut the magnetic power!

Switch #4!


You all right?

Yeah, yeah, I'm okay.

For a minute, I was getting
a real charge out of that.

Oh, come on, that's not funny.

You're all right, pal?

Yeah, I was trying to duplicate
a low pressure zone.

Electro-magnetic charge
in the neutron field.

It reach critical mass
before I could stop it.


Ask for rain and you
get a lightning storm.

RUDY: Well, it looks like some
fusing in the bionics.

Some flash burns,
but nothing critical.

You know, Oscar,
I don't give up too easily...

but I'm gonna make an exception.

I think we should scrub this whole
experiment, it's too dangerous.

I happen to agree.

Well, we've had a lot tougher
projects and made them work.

You two are very good examples.

OSCAR: I'm under a lot of pressure
to make this work.

Aside from the time and money spent,
think of the good it will do.

Unlimited irrigation,
controlled flooding.


Take care of yourself, pal.
Get that fixed up.

You're lucky it hit your bionic arm.

It acted like a lightning rod.
Drew it right to me.

Lynda, get him to the lab, huh?

Now, we make a final check before we
transfer Lynda Wilson's personal history...

into the robot's memory bank.

For now...

just transfer the overall matrix
and the facial expression analysis.

But how is she going to find her way
around the inside of the O.S.I.?

I worked in there for 10 years.

My knowledge of the place
is in the computer, too.

As soon as the
memory transfer is made...

this Fembot will find her way
around there just as well as I could.

Ready for the test, Doctor.


Now let's run a final check
on the optical system.

Look at me, Lynda.

Optical system operating at 100%.


So now you can feed the rest
of our programs...

to our new assistant.


Did you hear that?

JAIME: Loud and clear.

Just work it out,
it should be all right.

All right.

Dr. Wells, Jaime's got a 60% increase
in bionic hearing sensitivity...

and we haven't peaked yet.

Wink your left eye if you read me.

Rudy wants me to test my repairs.

STEVE: How about a game
of handball in the O.S.I. courts?

Little dinner later.

KATY: Dr. Franklin, we're about
10 minutes away from the O.S.I. building.

So I see. Keep your eyes open.



That's my point.

Hey, do we have a bet
on this game?

A bet? Come on,
I've only played this twice.

Well, we definitely should
have a bet on this game...

and I got a pretty good idea
what the prize should be.

Oh, really?

You think you can give me a hint
without us getting arrested?

No? Oh, boy.

Are you ready?
I'm ready.

The OS! building is just ahead.

I see it.





Well, that's game.

I'll tell you what I won later.

DRIVER: We're passing
the O.S.I. gymnasium now.


Are you okay?

Yeah, I just don't think Rudy's got
all the bugs out of this new unit yet.

Get down, don't let the guard see you.

Now it's gone again, darn it.

You're sure?
Oh, well, yeah.

Maybe you better
have Rudy check it again.

Okay, I will.

Listen, I would like to go
and talk to Callahan...

for just a few minutes
before we go...

and then I'll meet you
in the parking lot, okay?

All right.

KATY: Lynda should
be out any moment.

Goodnight, Dr. Wells.

Good night, Lynda.

Get ready, she's coming now.

LYNDA: Help! No, help!


Are you all right?

Well, I was just coming up
to see if you were all right.

What do you mean?

Well, I heard you call for help.

Who is she?
FEMBOT LYNDA: What're you talking about?

She is not one of the secretaries.

I don't understand, you heard what?

Well, it sounded like that.

I don't know, there seems to be some
distortion in this new amplifier that I've got...

and I really wish you'd turn it down
for me a couple of notches tomorrow.

What's she talking about?

We'll find out.



This is gonna drive me crazy.

Can I drop you somewhere?

I think I'll be all right, really.

BARON: Congratulations, Franklin,
your first Fembot passed the test.




You're doing a fine job, Lynda.

Keep him under surveillance.

No, Mom, I haven't quit yet.

Yes, Mother,
I know it's probably best.

Mom, look, I know that you always
have my best interests at heart.

Mom, listen, I gotta go now, okay?

Mr. Goldman's calling.

Yeah, okay, bye.

You didn't have to do that.

You kidding? If I hadn't given her that
excuse, I'd be on the phone for hours.

You got a minute?

I'd really like to bend your ear.

Well, I think it's already bent,
but go ahead.


Never mind.

OSCAR: Callahan, you forgot I need
that Matthew report for this meeting.

It's in your inbox,
Mr. Goldman, second file down.

Oh, yeah, thanks.

Sometimes I get the feeling...

that unrelenting, deadly efficiency...

is not terribly appreciated.

Wait a minute, isn't this
why I came in this morning?

And you still don't feel any better?

I feel so pressured and so...

Unappreciated, overworked.



My mom wants me to come home...

and meet a nice guy,
the whole bit.

Well, you could have
worse advice.

Personally, I think this place would
fall apart without you, but that's...

OSCAR: Callahan,
the revised report isn't in this file.

It's secret Class 3 material,
Mr. Goldman.

It's locked in your
upper right desk drawer...

where secret Class 3 material
is supposed to be.

My mom wants me to go
to Cape Cod with her next week...

to talk about leaving here.

Cape Cod, that's nice.

I don't know.

I mean, maybe I do
need the home, wife...

mother indispensible role.

Do you really feel like you're
not indispensible here?

I mean, who's gonna tell him
what's in his drawers?

Honestly, I think that your sense
of unimportance...

would really come
as a surprise to Oscar.

But he's got so much on his mind.

Okay, he won't, as soon as
I get through talking to him.

Oh, Jaime!

Hey, hey, come on, trust me.

Diplomatic course
would outdo me for years.


Look, I'll talk to him later.

Right now, I gotta
go see Rudy about my ear...

and... be happy.


So, Baron, we're ready to transport
replacement number two.


Mr. Goldman's office.

Hold on.

Yes, Callahan.

CALLAHAN: Mr. Goldman, the weather
control station at White Sands is calling.

They say it's top priority.

And Jaime stopped by.

Okay, put him on.

How bad is it?

All right, I'll have Colonel Steve Austin
up there in a couple of hours.

Callahan, get me Colonel Austin.

Yes, sir.



OSCAR: Trouble.
You were right.

We almost had
a tragedy at White Sands.

What nearly happened
to you this morning...

happened there except
on a bigger scale.

Lightning, cloud bursts.

Well, I hate to say I told you so.

This beauty's like a landmine.

Has no friends.

Okay, pal, okay.

I admit it!

I went too far and jumped the gun
on building a full-scale station.

We're just too far away from any
controllable applications.

Look, you're gonna have
to fly up to White Sands.

OSCAR: Assess the damage
and put it in your report.

Wait a minute, Oscar.

Jaime's waiting to meet me
in the parking lot.

We got a date.

This is a priority situation!

Get up to the chopper pad.

I'll have an F-4 ready at Andrews...

and don't worry,
I'll explain it to Jaime.

Okay, but you better do it right, pal...

or you'll have a thunder storm
in your own office when I get back.

Ah, I have been looking for you.

You've been looking for me?

Where's Steve?

Well, if I'm not mistaken,
I think that's him right over there.

Now that's what I call
running out on a date.

It's all my fault.
Oh, I believe that.

We've been having a lot of trouble at the
weather control station at White Sands.

Jaime, I'd like
to take you out to dinner...

but I'm tied up too!

Right, with your meetings
and your sundry ambassadors.

Your Mr. Secretary and all of those
appointments made for you...

by Callahan, I might add.


Oscar, I would like
very much to talk to you...

about appreciating people.

Appreciating people?

Jaime, I appreciate you.

I wanted to talk to you
about Callahan.


What's the matter with Callahan?
I haven't noticed anything wrong with her.

Well, that's precisely what
I wanted to talk to you about.

You haven't noticed.


KATY: Dr. Franklin,
this is Callahan's building.

She's in her apartment now.

FRANKLIN: Very well.
Proceed with the plan.

Jaime, you'll never guess
what happened today.

Mr. Goldman called me after his
meeting with the Secretary.

CALLAHAN: He even kept the French
ambassador waiting to do it.

What was on his mind?

CALLAHAN: Well, he told me how
much he needs and depends on me.

He just kept repeating it.

He was really wonderful, Jaime.

He was wonderful.

He told me he couldn't
get along without me.

Well, it's about time
he figured that one out.

Did you put him up to it?

Hey, all I did was tell him the truth.

JAIME: I can't help it if that
scared him to death.

Jaime, what did you say?

Well, I just...

told him that I'd sensed
how unhappy you were...

and that I know you'd
never bother him with it.

So, if he didn't start
appreciating you, I'd quit.


You are too much.

Jaime, hold on
for a second, okay?

JAIME: Sure.



Jaime, can I get back to you?

Yeah, sure, I'll talk to you tomorrow.

CALLAHAN: Okay, bye-bye.



I don't know what to make of it, Jaime.

You're not getting that effect now.


Well, it could be an
intermittent short in the circuit.

You say it happened once
on the phone last night?

Yes. And then once when
I was playing handball...

and again when I was running...

I thought I heard Lynda calling.

So that's twice under physical stress.

Well, maybe we can cause it again.

Good morning, Miss Callahan!

Good morning, Mr. Goldman.


Good morning, Mr. Goldman.

Miss Callahan, I was thinking
about our conversation yesterday...

and you're not gonna have any complaints
about feeling unappreciated in the future.

Oh, I'll be appreciated, Oscar.


FRANKLIN: Good, Callahan.

Now investigate this Sommers woman.

55 miles per hour.

No ear trouble?




How can a human being run so fast?

She's bionic, of course.

Wells was working on that
when I was still at O.S.I.

One of our biggest quarrels
was over the allocation...

of experimental funds between us.

My robots and his bionic unit.

So he did perfect the technique.

What's wrong?

Well, strange as it seems, that hum
started again when Callahan came in.

Can you describe
the pitch of the sound?

It's high, it's just high.
It's a high-pitched hum.

BARON: We can't hear them
through the glass.

What are they saying?

Amplify Fembots hearing.

Give me a computer read-out.

It's high,
it's just a high-pitched hum.


It could mean almost anything.

Why should I be hearing it
from Callahan?

I don't know.

Maybe she's wearing a quartz watch.

It could give off a transistor hum.

RUDY: Apparently the new unit
is too sensitive.

She has bionic hearing, too.

Can't you do something about it?

It's picking up the frequency
of the Fembots' transistors.

I'll lower their transistor output.

BARON: Good thing that you caught it,
Lynda is headed back to the lab.

Start Phase Two!

Make immediate arrangements
to kidnap Oscar Goldman.

A stroke of genius, Franklin.

We could name
our own price for Goldman...

and his bionic woman.

Can you imagine how much
we could get for her?

These thoughts have crossed my mind.


Are you getting the hum now?



I'll keep the Fembots'
transistors on low output.


Dr. Wells' office.

Yes, Mr. Goldman, she's here.

Just a moment, please.


it's Mr. Goldman on line three.

Thank you.

Yes, sir.

Jaime, I'm just calling
to invite you to lunch.

This is my
Woman's Appreciation Week.

I'm calling all of my...

favorite ladies,
so they won't feel slighted.

Well, on behalf of them all,
it is appreciated.

And don't worry, I'm not gonna say,
"It's about time."

I'll pick you up at 12:00.

Okay, I'll be waiting...

and hungry as a bear.


Can I see your papers?

Got another pick-up.

Okay, go ahead.

Make the call, now!

OSCAR: Yes, Callahan?

Mr. Goldman, Jaime just called.

She'd like you to meet her
in the parking lot at 12:00.

She's in stall 54.

Thank you, Callahan.

You're welcome.

Go ahead, Lynda.

Jaime, Mr. Goldman called
to cancel your lunch.

He left about a half an hour ago.

He had an emergency conference
at the State Department.

What is this?

All my men, they tell me
how much they like me...

and then nobody'll
stick around to feed me?

Hey, it's my lucky day,
I'll take you to lunch.

You're on.

When did you say he left?

Callahan said about a half hour ago.

Thank you.




JAIME: Oscar!




Tell them to go back and get her.

I'm taking no chances.

I've got what I wanted.

Keep going.

You agree that
she's worth a fortune?

I'm in this for satisfaction
as much as for money and power.

You know, I started work on
the weather control machine...

until Goldman took me off it.

I want him to see me use that machine
as I've always said it should be used.

As a devastating weapon.

Yes, the girl's valuable...

but my Fembots
can do anything she can.

Not quite.

As a human being,
she can think for herself.

Since when is thinking
for herself an asset...

in a woman?

All right, exactly what did
he say before he left here?

That he was going
to meet the Secretary.

I thought he must have gotten
the call on his private line.



Where did they find it?

Right, get it to the lab.

HANSON: They found the van
near an airstrip in Bethesda.

A small jet had just taken off.

All right now.

What time did Goldman leave here?

I... I'm not exactly sure.

Close to 12:00, I think.

Well, that's not what
you said before.

Are you implying something,
Miss Sommers?

Well, I don't know,
but if he went to see the Secretary...

what was he doing
in the parking lot by my car?

Miss Callahan? Any idea what
he was doing in the parking lot?


But Mr. Goldman has so
many appointments...

it's really hard for me to keep
them all straight in my head.

Callahan, what are you
talking about?

I have seen you juggle
15 things all at once for him...

and now you're saying you can't remember
a specific time or what you said?

Please, Jaime, stop it.

Don't you think I'm just as upset
about Mr. Goldman as you are?

Didn't you tell Lynda
he'd been gone half an hour?

Well, I'm not sure
she said that, Jaime.

Oh, you, too!

Miss Sommers, either offer me
some proof or stop implying things.

Well, it's not her fault,
Mr. Hanson.

Look, I hate saying this, Jaime,
but you have been having some problems.

Thinking you heard me call
for help and those other things.

Dr. Wells, can you shed
any light on this?

Only that Jaime's been having
some trouble with her hearing lately.

Do you think Dr. Wells is against you,
too, Miss Sommers?

I mean, we realize you have a strong
emotional attachment to Oscar Goldman.

And I understand your concern, but...

Got the safe open,
Mr. Hanson.

He's lived with that possibility for years.

I have recorded this message
so that there will be no doubt...

that these are my orders.

I've given a great deal of thought lately
to the possibility of being captured...

and I realize that I have
too much vital information...

to allow it to fall into enemy hands.

Under present day chemical and
computer techniques of interrogation...

anyone, I mean anyone, could be
made to talk in a few hours...

and I don't flatter myself to think
that I am any exception.

I'm not being noble about this,
I'm being practical.

Therefore, I order all action units...

of the O.S.I. and the NSB...

to be mobilized to kill me
as soon as possible.

Any delay, I repeat...

any delay must be avoided.

No rescue attempt must be made...

because that would
undoubtedly be too late.

My friends, this is not
the coolest thing you can do.

On the contrary, it might
be the kindest thing.

You know, you have my
fond wishes and affection always.


You aren't even gonna
consider doing that?

It's his decision
and he's the best judge.


You're out of your mind.


Look, I don't like doing this...

but I know exactly what
he meant by modern interrogation.

So I'm sorry, but when we
find out where they're holding him...

we will utilize all of our resources
to carry out Oscar Goldman's wishes.



Walk straight ahead.

Right there.

Callahan, Lynda,
what are you doing here?

We've been here since yesterday,
Mr. Goldman.

But I saw you in my office
just two hours ago.

That was a robot, Oscar.


You made quite an issue
a few years ago...

of OS! funding...

said I was wasting it on them.

So that's it.

You've gone to a lot
of trouble to get back at me.

Oh, you flatter yourself.

Getting even with you is just
a very small fringe benefit.

I always did think bigger
that you gave me credit for.

Thinking big and thinking grandiose
just isn't the same thing.

You never could
understand that, Franklin.

What do you want?


As a matter of fact, yes.

But on a far vaster scale
than you can imagine.

Do you recall that the
weather control machine...

was my basic concept.

We disagreed on its application.

Yes, we did.

You only saw it as a weapon.

A weapon, yes...

and for seven years now
I've prepared to prove that.

I was right then...

and I'm right now.

I'm gonna get control of the
working model of that machine...

and you're going to help me.

What makes you think I'll do that?

You have...

and you're gonna continue to do so...

in ways you cannot even imagine.

Mr. Goldman.

Yes, Callahan.

Will they try to rescue us?


I left certain orders.

Orders that will be carried out.

I didn't think I'd have
other people with me.

They're gonna kill him, Steve.

STEVE: Calm down, Jaime.

I'm leaving White Sands right now.

You just sit tight until I get there, okay?

Okay, but please hurry.

Area 4 network reports negative information
on Goldman's present location.

Right, I'll hold.

I just talked with Colonel Austin.

We demand that you give us
a chance to rescue Oscar.

This happens to be
a security matter, Miss Sommers.

Don't cause another problem.

Rescuing him is not a problem,
Mr. Hanson!

It is a solution.

I don't want to hurt Goldman
any more than you do.

But it's a risk that goes with the job.

I would expect and want
the same if they got to me.

The Delta Deep Penetration
Group reports negative.

There's an update
coming in on scrambler three.

Would someone get Miss Sommers
out of here, please?

And Doctor, I'm sorry,
you're gonna have to go too.

I have the security seven clearance!

No offense intended, Doctor...

but your clearance is with O.S.I.,
not NSB.

There are elements
in both operations...

that we don't even
have to tell each other.

Now, please, Doctor...

Come on, Jaime.

What are we gonna do?

I don't know.

How fast do you think
they can find Oscar?

Too fast.

I don't like Hanson...

but he's very good at his job.

I always knew that
great power carried great risks.

But it's Oscar, Rudy.

When it's personal, it makes
you want to forget principles.

Principles that kill your friends
don't fit my definition of principles.

Rudy, didn't you notice anything
strange about Callahan?


I don't know, I did.

I can just feel it.

Well, she was upset,
but she's completely loyal to Oscar.

Maybe, just maybe.

Hi, Jaime!

JAIME: Hi, may I come in?

Oh, sure.

JAIME: Thank you.

Can I get you something?

Um, I'd love some coffee...

and also a chance
to apologize for today.

I was pretty upset
and I'm afraid I got out of hand.

Me, too.
It's a strain on both of us.

I'll get the coffee.
How do you take it?

Black, you don't remember?

I am not rowing with both oars today.

She up to?

JAIME: How are things
on the home front, by the way?

Is your mom glad
you're not quitting?

She'll be glad it worked out.

Are you still gonna go to Newport
to talk it over with her?

Research Newport!

DRIVER: No mention of Newport
in Callahan's records.

It's a bluff to trap...

Could be something
Callahan said this morning.

I mean, you've never
been there before, have you?



You're lying.

You told me yesterday that she
wanted you to go to Cape Cod!

You may look and
sound like Callahan...

but you're not her.

Who are you?

And where is Oscar Goldman?

She's dangerous.
Capture her.


You're no match for us, Sommers.

Now we're not going to hurt you.

Please come with us.


Increase power on the Fembots!

Give up quietly, Sommers.








Increase power on the Fembots!


JAIME: I'm not that bionic.

Get her, now!



Don't take chances, both of you.

Return to base.





Rudy, they are robots.



JAIME: Would you tell Steve?


We'll talk later.


I gotta...

I gotta get out of here!

You're not going anywhere.

Any serious injury is capable
of starting your bionic rejection cycle.

That's how we almost lost you before,

I've got to get Oscar, Rudy.

I'm gonna tune you down
for observation.


It'll be just like sleeping.

We don't want to risk losing you.

Oh, no.



Lynda, I'm glad you're here.

Just keep an eye on her.

I want to start the bionic
tune-down process immediately.

The danger is if people
start believing her.

Finish her off is she starts coming to!

I can't have her interfering
with Phase Three.