The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 2, Episode 22 - Once a Thief - full transcript

After small time burglar Inky is thwarted by Jaime, he decides to prove he did not imagine her bionic powers by filming her doing super human feats. This in turn gives him the idea to blackmail her into helping him pull one big score: a bank robbery.


You okay, Inky?



What's the matter?
What you thinking about?



Hey, you better take it easy.
That's a lot stronger than you're used to.

You sure you're okay?

Yeah. I'm okay, Saully.

You know, I've never seen you
taking straight shots before.

I never had a night
like this before.

What happened, Ink?
Did the cops roust you?

No, not the cops.

I was breaking into this place outside Ojai

and I was attacked by
some kind of superwoman.

What's that?


She had to have the strength of
five guys.

She took this 300 pound couch

and she shoved it like it was nothing.

A superwoman, huh?

And after she shoved the couch...

What are you doing, Saully?

You had enough of this, Inky.

Oh, Saully, come on, please.

Look, I'm doing you a favor, Inky.

And besides, Talvin's been
asking for you.

My God. Talvin.

Now, you better hotfoot it over there

before he sends Davis
out to break your feet.

Yeah, yeah.

Good night, Saully. Thanks.
All righty.

Attacked by a superwoman.



It's me.
All right.

Talvin's at the back.


Hey, Inky, what's happening?

Hey, Rogers, brand new, man.

Boosted it right out of the showroom under
my raincoat.

You keep that under your raincoat for
a year?

This is a 1600,
last year's model.

Hey, Rogers, lookee here.

Hey, wait a minute, Rogers.
Let me show you.

Oh, come on, Marchese,
not another CB.

We're up to our eyeballs with CBS.
Talvin's looking for you.

But, dig, it's one of them
new 40-channel jobbers.

Come on, it took me 20 minutes
to get it out of the car.

Finally, I had to break the window.
I cut my finger. Look...

All right, so it's last year's model,

but it still works great, man, look.

You can get a pile for it.
Forget it.

TALVIN: Brubaker?

Brubaker? Where'd he go,
that dumb yo-yo?


Yeah, Gino?

Go wake up Brubaker and get that Frisco
truck loaded.

Where's he sleeping, Gino?

Just find him, Davis. Right now.



Mr. Talvin, I think we have
a matching problem.

What do you mean, Winnie?

Well, these little saucers
don't have the same design in the center.

Them are the butter plates. They ain't supposed to
have the same design.

Ain't you ever seen any fancy stuff before?

More than you ever will,
you two-bit...

O Kay, o Kay.


This is nice, Rick.


A lot of the guys could take a lesson from Rick
here, particularly you.

When you steal something,

always go for the best stuff and
always go for all of it.

A complete set always
brings a better price.

Add it up, Winnie, but
don't throw any at him, huh?

Inky, you smell like a brewery.

Well, I got a bottle of liquor
dumped all over me.

Right. Now listen, Inky.

I'm not running a charitable
organization here.

This did not become the largest fencing
operation on the West Coast

by me operating a charitable organization.

I know that, Mr. Talvin.

When I advance you 200 bucks,

I expect you to deliver something within
a reasonable amount of time.

I was gonna bring that something tonight,
but I...

I got attacked by this woman.


Outside of Ojai about four miles,
there's this ranch house.

I was up there tonight.

Now, I'd looked it over pretty good.
You know what I mean.

People named Elgin live there.

Heard they were gonna be out
of town for a couple of days,

so I went there tonight.
It looked like an easy score.

Lots of good stuff and all the time in
the world to get it out.

Now, [knew that some dame lived in the coach house
out back,

so I'm being real quiet, see?
Real quiet.

Now, [don't know how this dame could
possibly have heard me,

but all of a sudden,
there she was.




Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.

She pushed the couch with one hand and it shot
in front of you?

So help me.
Big couch. Big!

And that ain't all.

What do you think you're doing here?

Trying to get out of here!



And she did that with one hand, too?

Yeah, like she was some kind of a superwoman.

And how'd you get away
from this person?

There was a table there
with a lot of bottles on it,

so I dumped it over in front of her,

trying to slow her down.

I jumped in my car and split so fast,
I almost took the front gate with me.

That's how I got the booze all over me.

You mean that she threw
the bottle about 150 yards?


It was the wildest thing!
You wouldn't believe it!

You're right, Inky.

I don't.

Listen, you cheap little shyster.

You know who you're mucking around with?

I didn't come down with yesterday's rain!
Who you trying to con? Me?

Who welcomed you in here
like part of the family

when you last got out of
the slammer, huh?

Who let you use the resale facilities here?

Who, out of the goodness of his heart,
advanced you 200 bucks?

And now you come at me
with this superwoman number

that's the biggest crock of garbage I ever heard
in my life!

I've had it with you, Inky.

No, Mr. Talvin.
It's the truth.

Now you button your lip or I'll sew them together
for you.

Listen, Mr. Talvin.
No, you listen.

You're out, Inky.

You understand? Excommunicated!

Davis! Don't bring me
no more of your stuff.

Mr. Talvin, you gotta fence the stuff for me.
I ain't got no connections.

Is he talking to me?

Please, Mr. Talvin.

I got no time for crazy drunks with
stories about superwomen.

Get him out of here.
It's the truth, Mr. Talvin.

Yeah, and I'm Robert Redford.

It's the truth, I tell you!

Mr. Talvin don't have time
for crazy drunks.

I'm not drunk.

She threw a bottle of booze at me!

And I'm not crazy.

And I'll prove it to you.

Sorry, we couldn't turn
any fingerprints.

Oh, that's okay. He didn't really
do much damage.

He put a ding in the fence up here, but
I don't think he'll be back.


INKY: How did she do that?

"Teachers' meeting, 7:30.

"Bring carrot cake."

A teacher, huh?

She's gonna be gone quite awhile.

Now, what can she bend?

Get up there!





Oh, boy! What if she
doesn't see it?

What else?



What in the world

happened here?





Look up at the antenna, gal.

Look up. Look up. Look up.

I don't...

Birds are getting heavier?

Get your ladder, gal.

Go on.

This is pretty weird.



It can't be.




Oh, that's great, Oscar. I'm glad you decided
to stay over.

Well, after your offer to have some of your
carrot cake tonight,

how could I refuse?

If I ever get it done.

Some pretty weird things have been going on around
here today.

Oh, what do you mean?

Well, I'll... I'll tell you after my
teachers' meeting tonight.

I'll see you later. Okay?

You got it.





All right. No fancy moves and
you won't get hurt.

And I wanna tell you something.

I know exactly how fancy you can move.

I've been watching you
all daylong.

Start the engine.

We've got some business to discuss.

Let's go.

All right. Get out.

Here. Come on.

Come on.

All right. Over there.



Ralph, it's me. Now,
look what you've done.

You stupid bozo brain.

I was gonna feed you, anyway.

Hold it.

It's not loaded.
Take a look.

There's no clip in there.
I hate guns.

So do I.

Hey, come on. Who are you and
what are you up to?

I might ask the same thing of you.

I am a school teacher.

Who can jump two stories?

Has a pile driver for
a right arm?

Hey, I seen you.

Well, then you know what this
right arm can do, don't you? To you.

Yes, I do.
But you won't,

because it won't get rid
of the movies I took of you

and they are in a safety deposit box.

I've got a lot of friends
that are thieves.

And if anything happens to me,
your secret will be out

and you can count on that.

All right.
What do you want?

You know, you're a very unusual woman.


Very unusual.

I don't know how you got that way,

but I gotta figure it's secret stuff
or something.

Get to the point,
will you, please?

Okay, I will.

I took them movies to prove I wasn't crazy,

but then I realized that you could be very
helpful to me.

I wanna pull one big heist.


Nobody's gonna get hurt.

You're out of your mind.

I wanna pull one big haul,
blow the country.

I'll give you the film and forget everything
I ever saw.

Well, I won't do it.

Yes, you will, school teacher,

or a lot of people are gonna see that film.

And you agreed to help him, huh?

Well, I didn't have much choice, did I?

Do you have any idea
what you're dealing with?

I ran a fast check on this character
and this is a file on him.

Carl Incorvia.
Also known as Inky.

He's got a string of arrests
as long as your arm.

Which he knows all about.

Mostly petty thefts.

He's not wanted for anything now, but
he's gone down on grand theft twice.

The last time he was caught
because a...

Because a monkey triggered the burglar alarm?

I believe that.

Listen, what about...

What about finding those pictures that are
in the safe deposit box?

Well, since your bionics
are top secret,

it becomes a national
security problem.

I could probably get the warrants.

We'll find those films.
Take some time.

Well, even when you do find them, he can still
tell people about me.

Well, we can't have that.

He's probably just a cheap crook,

but a little knowledge
is a dangerous thing.

It wouldn't be long before big crime
would find out about you.

Fine, but what do we do?

He's waiting in the bar right now for me, so he
can tell me his plans.


what if you continue
to go along with him?

You want me to become a bank robber?

Help him with the robbery

and I'll be there to catch him for his
third felony.

You want me to set this man up?

I can pull some strings, Jaime, and have him sent
to Alcatraz.

Alcatraz is closed down, Oscar.

You're beginning to get the idea, babe.


Ah, Joe, good to see you.
Welcome home.

Good to see you, gals.
Hey, Saully. Saully.

Oh, give the boys and girls
a drink on me, huh?

Are you good for it?
Am I good for it, Saully?

There you go.

Looks like you just busted open your piggybank.

You expecting a big score,
ain't you, Inky?

You bet I am. A big one.

Sure, Inky. Sure.

You don't believe me,
do you, huh?

Saully, how about the
Pacific National Bank?

I got myself a partner.

Yeah? Who?
Jesse James?

A very special woman.
An amazing woman.

Inky, the last woman you had in here was
really amazing.

She looked like Bigfoot. (LAUGHS)

Well, wait till me and my partner
knock over this bank.

Inky, by the time you knock over a bank,
I'll be...

I'll be...

I'll be...


Isn't there someplace a little
more private we can go talk about this?

Sure. We can go back
up to my apartment.

Keep the change, Saully, and close your mouth
before a fly lands in it.

Come on, Saully, what, are
you drinking your own stuff?

Inky couldn't knock over
a bank with a bulldozer.

Not all by himself,
he couldn't. I'm hip.

But he says he's got this hotshot tomato
working with him.

Hey, look, she's a real knockout.
I seen her.

So what does that prove?

Why else would a classy chick be hanging around
with Inky? You know?

All right, Saully.
Okay, we'll check it out.

Thanks for the tip.

What the hay?
Go listen in on Inky, huh?

What about that Tiffany lamp
you wanted me to authenticate?

Moreno can handle that.
He's good at that stuff.


Yeah, yeah, come on.


ROGERS: Moreno? What am I?
- Chopped liver?

Moreno, come up here.


Is that his burglar alarm?

I'm trying to break him of his stupid training.
He's one of them lab monkeys.

They'd feed him every time he rang the bell.

Come on down here, Ralph.

And now, whenever he sees
a bell, he goes for it.

Go on, banana head.

You know, I tried to train him to sneak
in windows.

Yeah, so he could open the
front door and I could get in.

That's when I found out why the lab sold him
to me so cheaply.

You know,
he's just so plain stupid.

All he ever learned was,

"Go for the bell.
Go for the bell."

You have a pet snake, too?

Take a look.

Oh, no. (STAMMERS) I don't
really like snakes, thank you.


What is that? A tea pot?

It's a tea cozy.

A tea cozy?

Mmm-hmm. Mom's.

Oh, does your mother
live here, too?

No. She died a couple of years ago.

I'm sorry.

Rotten way to go.

You take sugar?

Yes, please.

One is fine, thank you.

JAIME: All right, let's get
this thing over with, huh? INKY: Okay.

Let me put this map down here
and I'll explain the whole caper to you.

It's real simple.

That's the Pacific National Bank.

Hill Street, McCullough Avenue.
All right.

I'll disconnect the burglar
alarm. You do your stuff on the vault.

How much do you think
is in there?

About three million.

INKY: We'll clean the place
out, make our getaway.

Make our getaway to where?

Anywhere. For good.

When are we gonna do this thing?

12:00 noon.


Noon? Tomorrow? Inky...

Listen, I know I'm new at this sort of thing,

I mean, don't you think that it would be better to
wait till night or something.

And what about the people in the bank,

they're gonna get a little
upset with us, aren't they?

You know, I thought you was a school teacher.

Well, I am.
Tomorrow's Memorial Day.

Like some more tea?
Uh, no. Thank you.

I'll tell you one thing.

I sure wish Mom was here.

Just could have lived
a couple years longer.

Oh, boy, she worked like a dog all her life,

and she got nothing but rotten breaks.

Oh, if she was only alive
to share this jackpot with me.


She must've been an awfully nice lady

for you to feel that way about it.

She was the best.
I did all I could for her.

She didn't have no insurance.
You know, nurses, medicine.

Is that why you got started in
this business, Inky?

You know something,
Miss Sommers?

If she knew how I got that money,
it would've killed her.

She was always telling me
what a good boy I was.


Oscar? Hi.

Jaime, did you find out his plan?

Hey, listen, do we really have
to go through with this?

Set him up and everything.

I mean, he's really such a cute little
guy, you know.

I don't think he means anybody any real harm...
Jaime, you listen to me.

I know all about blackmailers. Once they
get you on the hook, they never let go.

I can't take any chances
with him, for your sake.

Now what is his plan?

It's Pacific National Bank on Hill and McCullough,
noon tomorrow.

He plans to make his
escape down McCullough Avenue.

Good. We'll nab him with the money.

I'll talk to the Chief of Police.

Now stay out of that
getaway car. Remember.

Hey, this is a hard one, Oscar. (STAMMERING)
I just...

I really feel like a...

there is no other way.

I guess.

But why would anyone want
to bother setting up Inky?

He's got something on her.
Yeah? What?

That I don't know, Gino... Mr. Talvin, I think
you ought to check out

that jade stuff that Claude brought in.

They'll be worth a lot to that collector in


Hey, if that guy doesn't pay his
last bill,

I'm gonna send Davis up there to play
croquet on his kneecaps.

Now you call him and tell him.
All right, Mr. Talvin.

Gino, it's set for noon, tomorrow.

Inky's gonna hit the bank with
this inside chick

and they're gonna walk out with $3 million.

All right. All right. Let's say for a minute
that he does,

that at noon tomorrow Inky's standing on
the street corner with three million bucks.

The cops are gonna be all over him like
a bad smell.

No, no, no. Not until he's making his getaway
down McCullough Avenue.

That's the setup.

Now, what are you saying? That we should hit him
before the cops do, huh?


Yeah, it's a funny idea.

We let Inky rob the bank, then we help him make
his getaway,

and we're three million richer.

Couldn't hurt.

What about his lady friend?

Excess baggage.

Let's do it.
Yeah, let's do it.

Jaime, I can't help it if he's a sympathetic,
nice guy.

He's also a crook and
he's also a blackmailer.

Now, we've got to go through with this.
You hear me?

Yes, I hear you.

Breaker, breaker, this is Reggie.
He just got here.

Everything on schedule?

That's a roger, Reggie.
Stand by.

Roger, Rogers.

Hey, that's funny.

All right, knock it off.

We got enough CBS?

We're up to our eyeballs in CBS.

All right.
What about police radios?

Got the standard RTO and I got three of their
tactical channels,

but I ain't got nothing yet.

Turn them up.



Are your men ready to move,

Yes, sir. They were briefed this morning.

One of your men called to say he found some sort
of film in a safe deposit box.

Let's get over to the bank area.

1-X-Ray 22. We are rolling to the command post at
Fourth and Hill.

- Car 326 in motion.

That's gotta be it.
Right. Get moving.

Come on, Davis.
Let's go.

1-Adam-14 in motion.


Ralph, I told you, no food till you stop
pounding that stupid bell. Ah!


Come on in. It's open.

Oh, how you feeling?


Think these'll do?

Yeah, they look like
they'll hold three million.

Say, lend me that arm
of yours, will you?

I'm having trouble closing this thing.

Okay, go.

There we are.

Hey, I thought you weren't gonna take

(EXHALES) Well, found some pictures of
my mom and some other stuff.

Oh, nuts.
Put this in, too.

Let's see now.

Oh, here.
Jam it in there.

Why not? It's all going
to the same place, I guess.

Yeah. I guess.

This way, Davis.

That's them.

This is 1-X-Ray 22.

All units on the Goldman project
meet me on Tact Two.

OFFICER: Position one,
roger, Command.

All right, Captain. Get your cars
in position

so we can seal off the escape route.

Okay, Captain. Now, show us where
you're gonna put your cars.

Let's go.

Oh, Miss Sommers.

I want you to know I know you're not cut out for
this kind of stuff

and I'm gonna be real careful to see
nothing happens to you.

I want you to know something.

It's been a rare privilege for me to be associated
with a lady like you.

You're probably the best thing
that ever happened to me in my life.

And you...

I got a good mind to leave you by yourself.


Come on, banana brains. Come on. Here we go.
Here we go.

You know, Ralph, I never thought I'd
feel sad leaving this dump.

I am.

Home's home, I guess, huh?

Well, Ralphie boy,

we're gonna be living in a lot better place than
this pretty soon.

And the fifth one's at
McCullough and

South well.

Okay, Rogers, you leave Davis
there to watch them

and you get to your next position.

The cops'll never know what hit them.

Rick, what you got?

Ain't got no sign of Inky yet,
but I got a blue angel,

12:00 high, top of the Baron Building.

- Keep an eye on him.

Steinhauer to Goldman command.
I can see them now.

They're in an old red convertible,
moving south in the alley.

We copy, Steinhauer.

All units, stand by.

Rick, they're on their way in.

Got 'em. Two turkeys
in the alley.

Miss Sommers.

Bring the jumper cables and the battery, will you,

It's too heavy for me.

Ralph, you stay here.
Now, we'll be right out.

Come on, let's go.

They're moving to the
back door of the bank.

Looks like they're carrying a car battery.

Here. Now...

What's this thing for?

That's Inky's patented
Burglar Alarm Stopper.

Now, here's how it works.

Oh! Inky's trying the car battery
bit again.

Oh, no. He almost electrocuted
himself the last time.

Now that'll keep the current
flowing while you pull the door open.

But, look. Now, look,
we gotta do it together.

Otherwise, that alarm's
gonna go. You got it?

INKY: Put that red one on there, will you?
Right over there.

Like that?
There you go.

On the count of three.




It worked!

I'll be a son-of-a-gun,
it worked.

It worked?

Whatever they did, it worked.

Of course!

Well, she must have had a key.

They're entering the bank.

Move your men into ready position, Captain.

All Goldman units,
condition yellow.

Move in to your standby positions.

This is 1-Adam-4.
We're in position.

This is 1-Adam-22 in position.

1-Adam-14 in standby position.

There it is.

Okay, Miss Sommers,
do your stuff.

Hey, Inky, don't you think...

It'll be over before you
know it. Now go. Come on.




RICK: Now they've been inside for a couple of
minutes now.

Well, if they got that far, they must have access
to the vault.

Crocker, stand by with the van.

The rest of you men, move in.

MAN 1: Roger, Gino.
- Going in.

MAN 2: I'm in position two,
Mr. Talvin.

MAN 3: We're all ready for 'em, Gino.



Miss Sommers. Here. I want you to have
this for all your troubles.

Inky, I can't...

Come on, let's get out of here. Forget it.


Okay, here they come.

Here they come.

I don't believe it.
I don't believe it, eh?

Come on, baby.
Get in the car.

You go ahead, Inky.
Get in the car, baby. Come on.

Do as he says, lady.

We're moving.

You, too, Inky. In. Come on.

Hey, Captain,
something's happening!

Come on, get in.

STEINHAUER: Captain, I think...
Hey, hey, hey, let go.

Steinhauer? Steinhauer?

Hey, fella!
You're under arrest.

Get your hands up against the wall.
You're under arrest.

Roger dodger, 10-4.
You're under arrest.

Breaker, breaker. We're going.
Hey, fella.


Hey, you're under arrest.

Captain, I think you better
get your men going.

All Goldman units,

proceed Code 3 to Pacific...

Operation Intercept.
Hit it!


OFFICER: Hey, you!
- What are you doing?


Hey, what's the matter
with you? Hold it, buddy!

OFFICER: What the heck...

You ran into what?

Let's get down there.


Where are we going, Rogers?

Talvin wanted to help you out.

Huh? The cops had this
whole area surrounded.


Your lady friend here
set you up.

Oh, come on, she wouldn't...

No? Those aren't ambulance sirens
behind us.


Slow down, Inky.

How do we get out of here?

Turn left right here.

ROGERS: Go on, Inky.
Right up the ramp.


Well, I gotta hand it to you, Inky.
You really pulled it off.

With a little help from your friends here

and after we all get reimbursed for our
energies and our efforts,

there might be something
left over for you.

What about her?

You and Davis knock her out and put her in one
of the shipping crates.

We'll get rid of her later.

Oh, wait a minute,
Mr. Talvin...

Back off, Inky. Back off.
I'm running this show.

Come on, Goldilocks.
This way.

Okay. That's far enough.


come back here.

DAVIS: How'd she do that?
- Come on.

What did you do, you big oaf?

She's getting away!
I didn't do nothing, Rogers.

This way! Yeah, Gino,
we got her now.

TALVIN: Rogers. Davis.
Where are you?

Those meatheads. Come on,
Reggie, you stay with me. This way.

Rogers. Davis.

DAVIS: Right here, Gino.

Hey. Talvin,
he needs your help!

MAN: Gino, Gino,
where are you?

Gino, there you are.
What happened?

TALVIN: The dame got away from Rogers and Davis.
Spread out.

CAPTAIN: Go around the block again.

They gotta be around here somewhere.

Come on.
I hear her down here.

TALVIN: Anybody see her?
- Rogers?

ROGERS: I think she went this way, Gino.

Which way?
Where are you?

TALVIN: Come on. Come on,
you guys. Find her.

DAVIS: Yeah, Gino.
We got her now.

There she is! All right. Come on.
I'm getting tired here.

INKY: Forget about her,

She was going to double cross us.

Come on, there's a door up here.






Wow! It's raining money.

TALVIN: Okay. - Now we got her. See
if all the money's there.

Get it back in the bags.
And no save-ups.

We'll split it up later.

INKY: Help, I'm shot.
- Oh, hang on, Inky.


Okay, come on.


There we go, okay.
Come on.


Hurt pretty bad.
Don't move me.

I don't understand you, lady.

First you set me up, you have a chance
to let me die,

you turn around and you save me.


I gotta live with myself,
too, Inky.


Well, not for very long. DAVIS: Hey, Gino,
this is a lots of bread.

TALVIN: Will you knock
it off, Davis?

INKY: They got us now. - TALVIN: Help me get
all this loot together.

Maybe not, huh?


put a lid on it, will you?

Reggie, you missed one over there.
REGGIE: Got it.

Ralph. Come here, honey.

Ralph, look there.
See over there?

Go get it. Go hit it. Go do your stuff.
Go on. Go on.


Go on, banana brains.

That's it, Ralph.
That's it.

Hey, didn't anybody go up and get them?
Reggie, Davis, get up there.

Okay, Gino. We got them now.
Come on, Reggie.

All right.

JAIME: Go up the pipe, Ralph.
- Climb it. Come on, hurry up.

Good boy. Now the bell, Ralph.
Hit the bell.

Pound on it, you stupid monkey.
Like you always do.

What's the matter with him?


I think he's just trying
to make you happy.

Yeah, I think he's afraid if he hits it,
you're gonna get mad at him.

Oh, boy. Ralph,

I'm sorry for the things I've said. I'm sorry.
Really, Ralph.

Ralph, please, hit it.
Please, Ralph.


Oh, that's great, Ralph.

Now, Ralph, hit it harder!

I'm happy with you, Ralph.


DAVIS: Stop it!
- Get off of there!

Oh, no! No! Stop it! Stop it!
Get off there.

The chimp just set off the alarm.

Shut the alarm off.
Shut it off.

Shut the alarm off.
Turn it off!


Hold it!

That's a burglar alarm.

Get some men in here!



CAPTAIN: Sergeant, take
two units around the back.

Seal it off. You,
other men, come with me.

Oh, Ralph, you're a good boy.

We're gonna be okay.

Take care of him for me,
Miss Sommers.

He's all I've got.


OSCAR: You're all under arrest! Sergeant,
read them their rights.

Oh, Inky?


Oh, oh!


JAIME: How'd you make out,

Well, that was quite a haul.

Not only $3 million, but a whole warehouse
full of stolen goods.

Jaime, you're sure we don't
have to worry about Inky anymore?

I'm quite sure, Oscar.

Well, I don't mind telling you,
I'm glad it's over.

So am I. I'll talk to you
real soon. Bye-bye.

Boy, he really likes
your carrot cake.

For sure.

You know, the doctor said I'll be better than new
in a couple of weeks.

That's great.

Hey, Inky,

what did the police commissioner
think about our idea?

Oh, he thought it was a great idea.
Oh, I knew it.

Me join up with their Public
Relations Department, right?

Teach the people how to protect themselves
against burglars.

Nobody knows better than me, huh?


You know, Miss Sommers, I don't know how to
say this.

I appreciate everything
you've done for me.

Nobody ever cared before,
except my mom.

I want you to know something.

I never forget my debts.
Your secret's safe with me.

You dig?
I dig. (LAUGHS)

How's it taste?

Like a million bucks.