The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 2, Episode 21 - Iron Ships and Dead Men - full transcript

Oscar reveals the reason he joined US intelligence was to clear the name of his missing brother Samuel, who disappeared during Pearl Harbor when Oscar was 11. Now, 36 years later, the older Goldman's dog-tags have been found on board the destroyer Henderson and Jaime is glad to offer her assistance and goes undercover as a member of the salvage team.




Well, it's right where
he said it would be.

Come on.
Help me get it out.

Easy does it.


What was that?

Come on, nothing.
Let's get out of here.

JAIME: Samuel Goldman?

Oscar, I didn't know
you had a brother.

Well, I don't talk about it much.

Not anymore, anyway.

Well, is he still alive?

He disappeared during
the attack on Pearl Harbor.

I was 11 years old at the time.

I'm sorry.
I didn't know.

The Navy didn't offer any explanation.

They just said that he was gone.

That he was also involved in some
kind of intelligence work.

And they also alluded to scandal.

What kind of scandal?

I don't know.

Wouldn't tell us for security reasons.

An older brother means a great deal
to an 11 year old kid.

He was my idol.

I just couldn't accept the fact

that he was involved
in anything shady.

Maybe that's why I joined Navy Intelligence.

To find out.

Did you?
And what did you find?

Sam's file was 10 years old
when I finally got my hands on it.

All it succeeded in doing

was opening up old wounds,

resurrecting the same haunting questions.

It seems that Sam was carrying

a quarter of a million dollars
with him when he disappeared.

JAIME: A quarter of a million?

OSCAR: He'd received it
from his commanding officer

and was to pass it to one of our double agents
at 8:00 that Sunday morning.

It was so peaceful.

No one knew the Japanese
were on their way.

Sam was to meet the agent on the Handerson,

a ship that was in for repairs.

The shipyard was almost deserted.

Some of the sailors were in church,
others were still asleep.

It was 7:54 when he boarded the Handerson.

The crew was on shore leave,

so the decks were probably empty,

except for the sailors
on the watch.

Sam was heading toward the bridge
when he first heard the sound.

The drone of 100 airplane engines.

At five minutes to 8:00,
the Japanese attacked.


When the smoke cleared,
he was gone.

So was the cash.

Oscar, he was probably killed.

The agent he was supposed to meet

searched for several hours,
found nothing.

Well, he could've fallen overboard.

Navy Intelligence dredged the pier.

They did everything they could.

They came up with what?

The official Navy opinion was
that he was missing in action.

The unofficial opinion was that he used the attack
as a diversion

to disappear with the money.

Perfect opportunity.

My brother is not a thief.
He's not a crook.

I spent 15 years trying to
prove that they were wrong.

It became an obsession with me.

I tapped the federal agencies,
to try to get some more information.

Facts, that would clear
his name.

But nothing.
It was hopeless.

Until that turned up.

Did the Navy send you that?

Next of kin.

It was found by a salvage worker on
the deck of the Handerson.

She's being scrapped.

On the deck?

Isn't it a little strange the
dog tags should show up 36 years later?

Jaime, I feel like I'm grabbing for air.

Look, Oscar, does this mean

that the Navy is going to
reopen the investigation, or what?

I have worn out my welcome

talking to the federal
agencies concerning Sam.

These dog tags don't
mean anything to them.

As far as they're concerned,
Sam is a problem of the past.

Jaime, I...

I don't know how to ask you this.

Oscar, you don't have to ask me.

I would love to help you.

Listen, I have my frustrations, too, you know.

I mean, I have all these
incredible abilities.

My bionics and I never get to
use them

for anything, but the O.S.I. or
cleaning my house.

And just once, it would make me feel very good
if I could

help a friend or something like that.

So, please let me help you.

Thanks, babe.

Okay. What can we do?
Could you get me a job,

maybe as a salvage worker
or something?

Well, I...

I already have.

Here goes.


Barker, Swinnerman.


Who are you?

You Mr. Zanitos?

The name is Zanetos.
I asked you who are you?

I'm your new hand.


New hand at what, baby?

Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.

You're not Haime Sommers?

It's Jaime.

Oh, come on.

What is it with those front office fools?

I mean, I expect a big
strong Mexican fellow.

Somebody who can pull his own weight.

And what do they send me?

A girl with a funny name.

All right.
All right, Sommers.

What can you do?

I can... Well...
Use atorch?

Fork lift?

You run a crane?

Oh, boy. Oh, boy.

Listen, why did they
hire you for, anyway?

Hey, man, come on.
I'm strong.

I'm a little strong, all right?

Oh, you're strong, huh?
All right. Take it easy.

Listen, docks can use strong people.

Okay, lady.

Let's find out just how strong you are, huh?

ZANETOS: Bobby makes it look easy,

but those weights weigh anywhere from 80 to
100 pounds.

That's your job, to stack
that steel on this palette.

Hey, Dean, why can't I put the steel on
the palettes

instead of stackin' it here?

That's the way we was doing it before.

Because now we've got somebody
else to do it for you.

But she's a lady, Dean.

And them...
Them plates is heavy.

It just don't seem right to...

Oh, now, now, now, Bobby.

Just think of it as a promotion.
All right?

Now, Sommers will do just fine.

You see, I'm one of those liberated men.

I believe that if a woman
wants a man's job,

what she ought to do is be able to work
like a man. Understand?

So, if that steel is not on that palette by noon,
you're out of a job.

Thanks for sticking up for me.

Yeah, well, I just don't think
it's right for a lady to do this.

I mean, I don't mind it.

Dean says I'm the best
hauler around.

Too good to waste on them otherjobs.

But you... You're so skinny and stuff.

Thank you.

Hey, listen, somebody told me
they found some dog tags

around here last week.
Is that true?

Oh, yeah. Uh...

Shoengarth found them on
the deck under the bridge.

He works on the other shift.

Where is it?


The bridge.

Oh! Up there.

We don't start tearing it
apart till next month.


Don't do that, you're
going to hurt yourself.

Look, man, I... I gotta get to work
or I will lose my job.

No. It's too heavy.

Look, I got an idea.

You just look like you're working, okay?

And then right before lunch,

I'll come back and I'll load the steel.

How's that?

I'm coming!
I'm coming!

Now don't you try lifting
nothing, you hear?

It just ain't right.

You leave everything
to Bobby. Okay?


Bobby! Get over here!

I'm coming!




I wonder how she did that.

And she looks so skinny. Gee!

Now he said they found the tags
underneath the bridge.

Well, this must be the place.




Ah, poor little bullet.

What's that?


What are you doing up here?

Well, I was just snooping around.

For what?

Well, nothing in particular.

I just... I really love
old ships, you know.

Hey, what's the matter with you?

Who do you work for?

The same people you do.

You swear?

Come on. What is this?
Don't you trust me?

I suppose.

But you better not try to do anything
to take Myrtle away from me.


Come on in.
It's time for lunch.



Her name used to be Mike,
but when the babies came,

I didn't think that'd be too good.

I mean, who wants a mom named Mike?

Where'd you find her?

She was on the boat when
it docked. This is her home.

That's why I got so mad at you.

Some of the guys told me it's against the law for
a cat to live on a boat.

And ifthose Animal Society
people found out,

they might take her away from me.

So, when I caught you
snooping up here,

I thought you was one of them.


Do I look like a family
breaker upper to you?

I didn't think so.

What was you doing up here,

Oh, I was looking for souvenirs.

I even found a...
I found a bullet.

Don't look like much to me.

Well, it's not.

You know,
I found it in that hole,

down there underneath the bridge.

Oh, yeah, somebody cut that last week on the
swing shift.

Oh, was that about the same time that
they found those dog tags?


Were you working that night?

Yeah. Most all of us
on Dean's crew was.

Who do you suppose did it?

The hole?

I don't know. Could have been almost anybody.

Nobody tells me much around here.

Duke would probably know.


You mean, you don't know Duke?

He runs Duke's.

That's where all the guys go after work.

You know, he hears them
talking and stuff.

Oh, yeah?

You... Are you going to
go there tonight?

I don't know. Are you?

I don't know. I was kind of hoping
maybe somebody would ask me.


You wouldn't want to go with me, huh?

You mean, you got Dean to load
that palette for you?

Well, what do you think?

Well, I think Dean's going sweet on you.

Bet lots of guys go sweet on you,
huh, Jaime?

That's not a very fair question, Bob.

Well, here we are.

You stick close to me
and nobody will bother you.

Got it.


It's okay.


Well, it's...

You want to sit down?


MAN 1: Come on, Jimmy!

Come on, Jim!
Get him down, man!

MAN 2: Come on, Jim,
you got him.

MAN 1: Come on, man!
- You can get him down!


MAN 1: Oh, yeah!

Hey, who's the character
with the crutch?

Well, that's Duke.
You're going to like him.

Hey, Duke!

Hey, Bobby. (LAUGHS)

Hey, put it there.

Who have you got there with you?

Duke, that's Jaime Sommers.
Jaime, that's Duke.

How are you, Duke?

She's the new hauler on the...
Yeah, on the Handerson job.

I know. Hey, I hear you pull
your weight pretty good.

Well, I hear you know
just about everything

that goes on around here, huh?

I keep my ears and eyes open.

Do you know anything
about the Handerson?

See, I collect things.

BOB: Souvenirs from the war, Duke.

She even found an old bullet
up there,

up by that cut hole in the forward bulkhead.

A bullet, huh?

Yeah. And I understand somebody found some
old tags around

a couple of weeks ago, too, huh?

Yeah. I remember.

Found them in the same place, huh?

Yeah. Do you know who cut that?

The hole?

No, no. Probably somebody
on the night shift.

Why do you want to know?

Oh, I just want to see
if they found anything else.

See, I'm a collector
and I love that stuff.

Why don't you become a drinker?

The first round of grog is on me, yeah?

Thank you, Duke.

I want you to get rid of that girl.

She's asking questions
about the hole.

Don't hurt her, just
give her a good scare.

I want her away from the boat.

Now wait a minute. Wait a minute.
Just hold on.

You're asking us to do you another favor?

You didn't even pay us
for the first one.

Now, when do we get our money?

You'll get it, you'll get it.

So long as no one's in the way.

In the way of what?

We done what you told us.

Just give her a good scare.

Now what are we going to do, Dean, huh?

I mean, it is worth
five grand apiece.

Yeah, and at those prices, you don't waste time
scaring the girl.

Look at that.

Drink up hearty, folks.

Thank you, Duke.

We get rid of her for good.

OSCAR: I told the cabbie
we'd only be a few moments.

You said you had something to show me.

JAIME: Yeah.

This is a bullet, isn't it?

So you found this inside the bulkhead, huh?

Yeah. It was embedded in the metal.

You see that brownish red
stuff on there?

It's probably rust.

Or blood.

I'll have the lab do a rush job on this.
Anything else?

No. That's about it.
What time is it?


Oh, I'm late for breakfast.

Breakfast? I thought
you'd already had...

Oh, it's not mine.
It's Myrtle's.

Myrtle? Jaime?


Did you bring the biscuits?

Sure did.
Here you go.

On TV it says you gotta have
a balanced diet.

I just wanted to tell you, Jaime,
that last night was real fun.

I enjoyed it, too, Bob.

Thank you. That was really nice.
Duke's is quite a place.

Do you like it? Yeah,
he's a real nice guy.

Good guy.

How'd he hurt his leg?

From the war.
Pearl Harbor, I think.

Well, that does it.

The next palette I lift, man,

I'm gonna go up halfway and
then come down hard.


Just make sure that girl's underneath it.

Hey, I got you.
I got you.

Come on, bring it down more!


So, Duke was a dockworker
in Hawaii, huh?

Just like us.

'Course when he was wounded,
he had to quit.

Messed up his leg pretty bad,
so he came back here and started Duke's.

Take it away!

Why do you suppose he would want to leave

a beautiful place like Hawaii and
come here?

I don't know, Jaime. Maybe
he didn't like the weather.

Funny thing, though.

I heard some guys saying they heard
Duke talkin'

about sellin' his place
and moving out of San Pedro.



Jaime! Look out!


JAIME: Bobby!

Jaime, are you okay?

I'm fine. I'm fine.



Okay. Come on, now push.

Turn over.

Medic! Somebody get a doctor, please.

It's gonna be okay.
It's just a break.

It's okay. I know.


if I don't get back tonight,
will you feed Myrtle for me?

Of course I will. Relax. Come on. Lay down.
Just relax.

JAIME: Oscar, I looked at the cable
and it had saw marks on it.

Now if it hadn't been
for Bob, I'd be dead.

OSCAR: How is he?

Thank God.

Listen, Jaime, I can't let you
go on with this.

Not if there's a chance
of you getting hurt.

Will you please let me
worry about that?

Now has there been any news on the bullet?

Yes. It was a bullet fragment.

Just preliminaries,
but you were right.

That brown stuff was indeed dried blood.

I'll have more for you tomorrow.

Well, if my hunch is right, so will I.



DUKE: That was too close.
- Just too close.

You almost killed her.

So, I didn't judge right, huh?

Now, look, nobody got hurt bad.

You and I have a different idea

about what getting hurt bad is, Williams.

You live 36 years with
a bum leg, you'll find out.

Now, now, now, now, just take it easy,
will you?

We've said we're sorry.

At least one thing's sure,
the girl got a good scare.

Now, I think it's time
we talk about some money.


Hi, guys, guess who just found
a skeleton in your closet.

ZANETOS: You won't get away
with it this time, Sommers.

Where'd you get that?

Put it away before you hurt somebody.

Hey, hey, but Duke, she knows.

She's not going anywhere, Williams.

Now, why don't you two go out front,
have yourselves a drink.

I can handle her fine.

Well, go on! Move!

All right, Duke,
what happens next?

Well, I don't know.

Don't got nothing on me.

Oh? You call murder nothing?


Oh, you mean the Lieutenant in the closet?

His name is Samuel Goldman.

His brother happens to be
a very good friend of mine.

Well, sorry that you had to see him
when he was so down and out.

But still, it doesn't have
anything to do with me.

Oh, I think it has everything to do
with you, Duke.

You see, all of the pieces fit.

Bobby told me that you
were a civilian dockworker

in Pearl Harbor when the war broke out.

That's right.

I'll lay odds that you were on the Handerson

that Sunday morning when Sam disappeared.

Now, you were probably the only person working
on the forward bulkhead

beneath the bridge.

Now, somewhere around
five minutes to 8:00,

you noticed that a lieutenant had
come aboard.

He was carrying a briefcase.

You waved, you exchanged
a good morning.


And then it happened.
The Japanese attacked.

All of a sudden you were
surrounded by bullets.

Both of you hit the deck.

And as Sam went town,
his briefcase spilled open.

Inside was a quarter of a million dollars
in cash.

You just couldn't resist the temptation.

Somehow you got a hold of his gun.

Backed Sam up against
the hole in the bulkhead.

You figured that the Navy would assume
Sam was lost in the attack.

So you shot him, hid his body in the bulkhead
and you ran off with the cash.

Now the statute of limitations
on murder

doesn't run out, does it, Duke?

You had to get his body off the ship.

So you had to wait around San Pedro

for the Handerson to come
back and be taken apart,

so you could cover your tracks.

How'd I do?

No, no, no, no.

No, you think I'd stay
in this dump for 36 years

just to pull out an old skeleton?

You know, lady,

you're pretty smart and then again
you're pretty dumb.

Especially, if you know about the money.

Now, you really wanna know what happened?

Yeah, I'll tell you.

You were right about me sayin' hello to the

and about us being alone.


But when that Zero started strafing us,

the last place we wanted to be
was on the deck.


The closest cover was
the hole in the bulkhead.

Well, I made it inside, but when I turned to
help the Lieutenant in,

he was already a goner. A bullet went clean
through him.

Wasn't nothing I could do.

When [looked out to see what he'd dropped,
[couldn't believe my eyes.

There were thousands
in that case.

Maybe half a mil.

Well, I figured, the Lieutenant didn't
have much use for it anymore,

so [picked it up and I ran.

I almost made it.

I almost made it off the ship.

What happened?


The Zeros got me, too.

I got hit bad.

I knew I had to hide the cash,

so as the medics wouldn't see it when they picked
me up.

And I was fading fast.

Lucky for me, they was
pumping out bilge water

from a leak on the port side.

[made for the pump hole. Nobody was paying me
much mind.

By now all hell had broken loose.

The whole harbor was going up in smoke.

I stuffed the cash inside.

The case must have dropped
all the way down to the keel.

That's the last I remember.

When I woke up in the hospital
two days later,

the Handerson had put out to sea.

They did a quick patch job on her.

Sealing Sam and the money
inside the bulkhead.

Yeah. You got it.

'Course I couldn't work the docks any more
with this leg.

So, I decided to come here where
they take the ships apart.

And alas, your ship's come in.

You got it.
Your ship, too.

You keep your mouth shut,
you got half of it.

Now, now, the money is there.

I cased it out a month ago.

It's in the port hold
beneath the crew quarters.

Now I put a big cross on the bulkhead
where it is.

I even left a torch down there.

They pull it into dry dock,

all we do is pull out the cash.

It's real easy money,
missy. Easy.

Hey, you shouldn't go promising things
you can't deliver, Duke.

You know, I was always curious

about how you were gonna pay us our cash.

Guess now I know.

Oh, don't play games, Dean.
You'll get your cut.

No, no, no. It's only gonna
be divided two ways.

Me and Zanetos.

Now, what do you say we take a nice little
ride out to the Handerson?

It's Friday night,
the swing shift's off.

Sounds to me like it'd be a real quiet night
for a treasure hunt.

You stupid, Zanetos?

You can't cut in that hull
until it's out of the water.

The ship will sink.

That's right.

And guess who's gonna sink with it?

ZANETOS: Let's go now.

Come on, Duke.
Come on.

Easy, easy.

Come on, come on.

All the way to the bottom now.
Just follow them.

This way.
This way.


The torch. Just where
he said it would be, huh.

It's 15 feet below the waterline.

It's leaking already.


Girls never like me much.

But Dean, they all say
he's a real ladies' man.

What's up, Myrtle?
Ain't you hungry?

Well, where are you going?



Something wrong?


I hear it, too.

Maybe old Bobby ought to check it out.


Hey, we found it.

All right.
Let's get out of here!


Where are you going?

All right.
Just relax, Duke!

The water's a lot warmer
in Acapulco.

I'll be thinking of you.

DUKE: Jaime, Jaime!
- Where are you?

Duke! Duke!

Jaime, help me.

JAIME: Come on, Duke. - Let me help you.
Don't fight me.

Dean, what you doing here?

Well, what's going on?
Where... Where's Jaime?

She's down there, Bobby.

She needs some help.



Bobby, get the hatch.

It's no good!
I can't!

Relax, Duke, come on.
Hold on.

Can you hold on by yourself?

I hope so.

You use your left arm
and I'll use my right.

Jaime, it ain't gonna work.

It's gonna have to. Go!



Jaime, how'd you...

It was all you, Bobby.

You think you can get Duke out by yourself?

Okay. I'm gonna go catch up with
our friends.

DUKE: Bobby! Bobby,
get me out of here.

I'm coming, Duke!


Wait a minute, what if
they find the bodies?

So what? And they'll
find the torch, too.

They'll think that Duke cut the hole himself.

Come on, baby. We're home free.

Well, all right, Mr. Z.



Get the money!
Get the money!

It's all over the place!

I'm trying!
I'm trying!

Where's Dean and Jake?

Look at them playing
tag in the water.

Williams, over there!

I can't reach it.

And where am I supposed to put it?

Stop your yapping and keep grabbing.

Ah, what fools.

Thirty six years.

I guess when you get
right down to it,

I'm the biggest fool of all.

Get the money!
Get the money!

"Into thy hands, 0 Lord, we commend the soul of
thy servant departed.

"Now called unto eternal rest

"and we commit his body to the deep.

"The Lord bless thee
and keep thee.

"The Lord make his face to shine upon thee
and be gracious unto thee.

"The Lord lift up the light
of his countenance upon thee

"and give thee peace. Amen."

SAILOR: Squad, ready.

Aim, fire.

Aim, fire.

Aim, fire.


Bob, I think Oscar needs some time alone.

I guess all this time you was just trying to
find his brother, huh?

Yes. But the reason I came here

doesn't change the fact that we became friends,
you know.


Steel was always too
heavy for you anyway.

You're too skinny.

What about Duke?

Well, Oscar and the Navy said
that they aren't gonna press charges.

They feel he's already
been in prison.

Bobby, they just feel that he's been imprisoned by
his own greed.

For 36 years, he's sitting here
waiting for this.

Well, I... I guess he's free now, huh?

Yeah, I guess he's finally free.