The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 2, Episode 20 - The Night Demon - full transcript

Thomas Bearclaw and his friend Lyle Cannon find a carving of the Indian protector of the dead Masauu at an excavation site and are haunted by the demon that very night. The next day Jaime Sommers visits unexpectedly as Bearclaw had been asking her to do so for some time. Before long, Jaime is having nightmarish visions of Masauu as well.



Look at this.

Hey, that's very good!

How would you catalog this?

Fetish of the Chase?


Uh, Badger God?

Close. White Wolf.

Oh! White Wolf.

Let's see if I remember
the, uh...

The quote, uh...

Let's see...

"Then said the Creator, Po-shai-an-kia,
to the White Wolf,

'You are stout of heart,

'therefore, I make thee master and guardian
of the East,

'for thy coat is white and gray,

'the color of the dawn
and the day."'

Not bad.

Hey, what have we got here?

Hey, what is it?

From the way the knots are tied,

I'd guess it was the skin of the mane
of the White Buffalo.

It symbolized the triumph
of wisdom, love and truth

over the powers of darkness.

You see, tied in this
particular way,

it neutralized the forces of evil.

Volcanic glass?

It's obsidian.

The local Indians never had
obsidian of this quality.



Masau'u, you mean,
the Night Demon?

You know of this creature?

Yeah. Yeah. It's...

"Therefore, I cast thee
into the lower regions,

"making you guardian of the dead.

"Thy coat is black, the color of the fear
that clutches men's hearts."

Just wrap it up and put it back,

Thomas, come on,
this is a burial ground.

The ancients put that
symbol there

to invoke the presence
of the Night Demon

if its dead were disturbed.
I don't want any part of it. Put it back.

But we already touched it.

And if you know the legend, you know
that reburying it won't do any good.

Besides, it's only a legend.
Come on, Lyle.

We've done enough today. We'll come back tomorrow,
about noon.

Lyle, come on.

O Kay, o Kay.











Well, now, what can I do
for you, Missy?

Uh, fill it up, please.

Well, why not?
That's what I say.

That's what you want.
That's what you gonna get.


You, uh, one of them uh... Vegas showgirls?


You're pretty enough for it.

Couple hundred miles of twists and turns'll
get you there.

We're kinda on a back roads
to it, you know.

Uh, which one of them
hotels you at?

You got it wrong.
I'm a schoolteacher.

Sure you are.

Uh, could you tell me
where the turn-off

for the Mount Harding
Observation Station is?

'Bout, uh, two miles
down the road.

But they don't want no visitors there.

I mean, they kicked me
off from huntin' there.

Have restricted signs
all over the place.

Well, they might let me in.

You know, I believe they will.

Them, uh, Vegas showgirls get just about anything
they want.

You know where Thomas Bearclaw


He lives right on the Mount Harding Road.

You know old Thomas, do you?


Well, now, I didn't know that, uh,

old Tom had been to Vegas lately.

Look, Thomas is an old
and dear friend of mine.

He used to teach at the college
that I went to.

He taught Indian folklore, and now
he lectures in my classes.


He's given me standing invitation to come study
with him whenever I like.

So, here I am.

Yeah, well, old Thomas is one of them
good old boys, all right.

We ain't close, but sociable.

I even tried to buy that old place off of him
a few months ago.

You know, with a good well,

it'd make passable alfalfa land,

but he's keepin' it on account of that
old burial ground.

Crazy old Indian.

I mean, he won't grow nothin',

and he won't sell none of them trinkets
he finds either.

Oh, I could sure unload a bunch of 'em
on the tourists,

if he'd just talk a little
bit of sense, you know.

Oh, hey, hey!
That ain't workin'.

I got some beer on ice.

Now, you want a beer?

Uh, no, thank you.

Took 9.50.

Come on in, I'll get you
your change.

Well, come on.
I ain't gonna bite you!


He's somethin', ain't he?

I used to have to keep
him chained up out back.

He was a mean old dude,
all right. Look here.

I got a little bit too close one day
when I was feedin' him.

He almost took my arm off!

So, you killed him?

Oh, no, lady, I wouldn't
kill the old boy for that.

No, he got hit by a car
after he bit me.

Had to get me a bunch of them
rabid shots, too.

Oh, thank you.

I got me a big old sidewinder.
You wanna see it?

Uh, some other time.
Thank you.


LYLE: Call me crazy, but I heard something
outside my house last night.

I admit it, I'm scared.

Yeah, I might've seen
something myself.

And I'm not even sure I was awake.

What was it?

Oh, probably a figment
of my imagination.

The power of suggestion
run wild.

Nothing more than a nightmare.

Are you sure? Come on, Lyle,
this is 1977.

I believe in my people's traditions,

not in their ancient


Thomas, get her out of here.


I'm not crazy or seeing things,
and neither are you.

[I don't know if] believe in Masau'u,

but whatever it is,
we're in it together.

Lyle, you really mean
what you're saying?

Yeah, enough to...
Listen, Thomas,

Hawkins made me an offer on my place.

You're that frightened?

Aren't you?

Not enough to sell my land.

Hi, Thomas.

Listen, could you handle a house guest
for a couple of days?

I mean, I haven't picked a bad time or anything,
have I?

Considering I've been trying to get you
out here for a few years, you couldn't.

Jaime Sommers, my neighbor,
Lyle Cannon.

How do you do?
Miss Sommers.

Now, did you come all this way
just to see an old man?

Well, I'll tell you.
I have to deliver this,

uh, package to the Observation Station.

So, I had a great excuse
to come visit you.

Come inside.

Thomas, I think we should talk about this
a little further.

Maybe tomorrow.


This is, uh, pretty unusual.

Oh, I just found that yesterday.

It's, uh, Masau'u,
the Night Demon.

It's a very important find.

Hmm, Night Demons usually are.

They're real attention
getters, you know.

What would you like to
do while you're here?

I'd really like to cram in just as much
as I possibly can.

Fine. Where'd you like to start?

How about that guy?

THOMAS: That guy?

All right. In early tribal mythology,

first, man created the universe.

In his concept, the ideal state

was that in which all parts, each with its
power for good and evil,

are maintained in inter-related harmony.

The balance is precarious at best,

but may be upset intentionally by ghosts,

witches, and people who do evil,

or unintentionally by persons who break
some religious taboo.

Well, how does he fit into the scheme?

He's a Satanic figure,
with slight variations.

His good is that he protects
the rest of the dead.

His bad is that when once aroused,
he, uh...

Kinda does his own thing?

Sort of.


This is pretty heavy reading,

but if you really want to know.

You're gonna quiz me
on this in the morning?

I'll quiz you on it in the morning.

Oh, a fellow at the gas station

told me that you'd found a burial ground.
Is that true?


What are my chances on getting to see that?

Maybe tomorrow.

Come, I'll show you to your room.


"At birth, each person
receives a guardian spirit

"from lariko, the mother of all.

"In death, the spirit
makes the journey

"to the entrance of the underworld,

"where the least virtuous pass under the sway
of Masau'u,

"also called Black Wolf THOMAS: "... also called
Black Wolf

”or Night Demon. ”
”or Night Demon.

THOMAS: ”The Masau'u was condemned by the lariko
to rule in the black darkness

”of the holes and caves
of the earth.

”Therefore, I cast thee
into the lower regions

”and make you guardian of the dead,
for thy coat is black,

”the color of the night and the fear that
clutches men '5 hearts. ”








Jaime? What is it?
Are you all right?

Where does this road go?

Toward the mountain,
past the burial ground.

What did you see?

I'll tell you as soon
as I catch up with it.



Jaime, come back here!



MAN: Oh...

Hey, are you all right?

I... I don't know what it was.

Something came at me
from out of the night.

I was on the way to Thomas' place
to tell him that...

That one of my steers, I don't know...
Something killed it.


Don't shoot!

Well, if it isn't the showgirl.

Now, what are you two doin' out here
this time of night?

I could ask you the same thing.

Oh, I was just doin'
a little jack-lightin'.

Thought I had me a cougar
there, too, or somethin'.

I got off a couple of shots at him,
but I tell you,

he was travelin'.

Did you see him?

Well, not too good.

Like I said, lady,
he was flyin' kinda low.

Those look like wolf tracks to me.

I know.
I was following it.

Well, they don't look like any
wolf tracks to me.

Animal made them tracks had to be
walkin' on two feet.

They stop!

What do you mean stop?

They just disappear. The trail just comes
to an end.

Come on. This is ridiculous.
Things just don't vanish.

Then you tell me what happened, lady.


LYLE: Thomas, we asked for trouble
and we got it.

What's the matter?

Something killed one of my horses.

Yeah, just like my steer.

(SIGHING) Thomas, don't you think it's about
time we call the Sheriff.

And report what?

I'm not interested in ending up in
the funny farm, you know.

THOMAS: If we say it's an Indian legend,

they'll just throw it
back in my lap.

As the expert, they'll ask me
what it was.

I have no answer.

Look, I have to deliver this
to the Observation Station.

But I would like to talk to you about it
when I get back. Okay.

Thomas, did she touch the Masau'u?
It could be after her now.

Lyle, shut up.

Okay. Okay. Fine,
but I've had it.

If Hawkins is still fool enough
to want my place,

he can have it.

Oh, Thomas?

That burial ground is on the way

to the Observation Station, right?

That's right.

Uh, Miss Sommers,
I really don't think

it's a very good idea
your going up there.

Well, that's where this whole thing
started, isn't it?

Maybe there're some answers up there. Hmm?

See ya.



She'll be all right.

I hope so.

Thanks, Miss Sommers.

Oscar Goldman called and said you were
bringing this.

I'm not sure it deserved
a special messenger.

It's okay.

Oh, Captain.

Could you do me a favor, you think?

Sure thing. What can I do
to help?

Could you possibly have this developed
and printed?

It'll take a few minutes
if you don't mind waiting.

No, I don't. I would
like to wait.

Come on, you can watch.

In a minute or two we can print these.

All right.

Isn't that Lyle Cannon?

Yeah, that's Lyle. Where do you
know him from?

Well, he's just a friend of a friend,

but I didn't know he was in the service.

Well, he's not anymore.

He processed out a couple months ago.

He used to say he found a home here.

We were surprised when he didn't re-enlist.
He just up and left.

He said his dad needed him back
at the ranch.

Begged him to quit and come home
and help out.

Well, let's print these
and see what we have.

Goody. Okay.

Huh, look at that.

I saw it on the negative, but I figured
I'd print it anyway.

What is that thing?
It looks like a skull.

Well, it is.

Where did you take these pictures?

I took them in an old Indian burial ground,
not too far from here.

Oh, maybe the spirits
put a hex on them.

Well, the last three negatives
were like this.

There's no sense in printing
the other two.

Well, what do you suppose
caused that?

Oh, lots of things...

Light could have struck the film
when you were loading,

a faulty camera, radiation.


Yeah, X-rays. Uranium.

But it couldn't be uranium because there are no
hot ore deposits in this area.

How do you know that?

Well, part of our job here is processing
satellite surveys.

It's a new experimental technique
for holographic research.

Proud of it.
Let me show you.

Now, this is the area we're in.

It covers about 100 miles.

If there were any pay dirt around,
it'd show.

Like this.

These are known deposits,
working mines.

We use these for comparisons
with the new plates.

Does your satellite ever make mistakes?


And there's no chance for human error
because this is exactly

the way we processed it when it came in
from the satellite.

Okay. Well, thank you very much
for these pictures

and for the briefing.

And I guess I'm gonna have to have my
camera checked

soon as I get back into town.

Yeah. And watch out for those burial
ground spooks.

I sure will.




Are you all right?


What happened?

I saw it again.

Saw what?

I saw the Masau'u. I was just driving the car
and it started coming at me.

You could've been killed.

This was my fault.


It's no such thing.
Now, come on.

I've been thinking. When Masau'u appeared
among the ancient people,

they abandoned their villages,
moved away,

and the curse never followed them.

We might end it here, if...

Lyle thinks we both ought to
sell to Hawkins.

It's kind of a dirty trick,
isn't it?

Oh, no. Hawkins never
touched the figure.

Oh, Thomas,
you can't sell your land.

I know how much it means to you.

It would be as hard on Lyle
as it is on me.

He loves the land as I do.

He didn't even sell when his father died.

His father died?

Two years ago.

Two years ago?

Yes. Why?

Well, the man at the Observation Station
told me...


Where's Lyle's ranch?

Just past the other side
of the burial ground.

But he went to Hawkins.

I'm supposed to meet him there.

To sell your land?

No, Thomas, look, I don't know
what I'm on to,

but don't do anything,
please, until I get back.

Can I borrow your pickup?

Of course.





It's on my shoes!

Where'd I pick that up?


Oh, boy.

That's where I got it. There is uranium
on that burial ground.


Photo lab.
Sergeant Woods.

Hi, Sergeant.
This is Jaime Sommers.

I got a couple more questions for you.

Did Lyle Cannon work on those holographic
experiments with you?

He was in charge of it.

We processed film from the satellites

and then [helped him
repair the projectors.

I see.

Holography is the projection of three-dimensional
images, right?


Hey, what's this all about?

Okay, thanks for all your help.

I'll talk to you later.
Okay? Goodbye.

But you know you're waiving escrow in this,
don't you?

Yeah. I just want out.

You are.

You ready, Thomas?

I feel we should tell you
why we're doing this.

Well, Lyle's already told me.

And the way I see it, it's between you two and
that thing up there,

there ain't no reason in the world why it
ought to bother me.

You know, Thomas, I'm real sorry that
girl had to get hurt

to bring you to your senses.

Just sign right there, Thomas.





Oh, that's what dreams are made of, huh?




Oh, boy!


Very clever,
Mr. Cannon.

Hawkins, too.

Thomas, there is a uranium deposit
under the burial ground.

Now, Lyle has known about this from processing
the satellite photos.

What he's done is altered the ones that
the Air Force still has,

so he can keep it a secret.

He and Hawkins have been working together
to get your property.

It can't be.
We saw the demon.

Oh, they've been frightening us with
a Halloween costume

and a holographic projector.

Oh, Lord, Jaime!

I sold the land an hour ago.

Oh. Well, look,
we can get it back.

It's too late.

They've won.

Oh, boy.

All right, now, watch this. This is what Lyle
put on my car.

It came up so quickly.

Yeah, it does in here.

Maybe the sunlight delays the action.

THOMAS: It's gone now.

Probably a photochemical
reaction of some sort.

Yes. Lyle would know about that.

He probably planted that figurine of Masau'u too,
knowing that I'd find it.

Look at this.

Excuse me, fella.

This is the stuff that made us foggy every time
we'd see that demon.


That's Hanson weed.

It's an old Indian medicine
for livestock.

Get this stuff in your eyes
and it distorts your vision.

Oh, really?

Well, they thought of everything.

Oh, to be taken in like this.

I feel so foolish, so degraded.

Thomas, look, they haven't
beat us yet.

I mean, they're not home free until they come back
here and destroy all this stuff.

You are gonna do an acting job,
Thomas Bearclaw.


Now, ain't that the prettiest
piece of paper you ever saw? Yeah.

Huh? Now, you got some more pretty paper
for me, don't you?

I do. Here's your 5,000.
Thanks for your help.

You sure went to an awful lot of trouble just to
buy some old range land.

He'd have never sold out otherwise.

Yeah. That dumb old Indian.

Puttin' on airs and thinkin' he's such
a pure intellectual.

I'd like to tell him
how dumb he really is.



Okay, okay, okay.
Let's play it serious.

Cool the mark down and get him outta here.

Thomas? You there?

Lyle, I saw it!

Saw what?


It was here when I got back.


Now, Thomas, you're just lettin' your imagination
run clean away with you.

I'm not crazy!

It went up there.
I saw it, I tell you!

That proves we did the right thing by
selling out to you.

Thomas. Thomas, look, I'm thinking
of our own good.

Now, the faster we get packed and out
of here, the better.

You just go inside and rest, old friend.

Hawkins and I'll wander up that hill
and see what's there.




Now, he's seein' 'em
where they ain't.

Let's just go clean out the cave.

What was that?

Why, search me.

Okay. We'll burn it.

HAWKINS: You can bet on that.



Somebody's playing games.

That somebody is gonna have to be
taught a lesson.



That thing's gotta be killed!

It ought a be dead.

LYLE: That's solid steel.

HAWKINS: What's goin' on?

No! What are you?

I'm gettin' out of here.

It's coming! Whoa!

Hey! Hey, wait. Look,

somebody's tryin' to con us with
our own scam.

Hey, man, you saw it
bend the shotgun.

I don't know what I saw in the dark,

but there's no way it can do its
tricks out here.


HAWKINS: What's it gonna do?
What's it gonna do?

LYLE: I don't know.


Oh, Lord!


Wait! Wait for me!

No, stay away from me!
It was all his idea!

Don't you listen to him!


No, wait, I didn't mean any harm.

Please don't hurt me.

LYLE: Oh, Lord.

HAWKINS: That's solid rock.

LYLE: I know it!
I know it!

All right, all right.
Anything you say.

Wait! Wait for me.

Lyle, wait!
Oh, wait up!

Thomas, Thomas!


Thomas, we pulled a trick on you.


We conned you out of your land because there's
uranium underneath the burial grounds.

What uranium?

You never told me about no uranium.

Thomas, he was cheatin'
me too! Now, wait a minute! Wait a minute!

Tell me more about this uranium.

Don't forget what's after us
back there!

HAWKINS: Look here, boy,
I been searching these hills

for a strike and I ain't never found one.

Yeah. Yeah.
Come on.


LYLE: Get back in here.
- Come on! Come on!


THOMAS: if Hawkins fired twice, why aren't
there any bullet holes?

Because I dumped the pellets out of the shells,
so they were just blanks.

Thomas, this is gonna make the greatest prop for
your lectures. It's insane!

Its only power was my belief in it.

That's usually the only power
fear ever has.

Listen, what are you gonna do now that you're
a rich man, hmm?

Well, I don't need much.

I guess I'll endow a scholarship to the university
for the study of Indian lore.

Jaime, since you won't take any
money from me,

maybe you'd like some memento.

How about this?

Really? I'd... No, I don't think so.

I mean, it's not that I believe
in it or anything,

I just don't think that...

(LAUGHS) We ought a
leave well enough alone. Oh, Thomas, you got me.