The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 2, Episode 18 - Beyond the Call - full transcript

Decorated Vietnam veteran John Cross takes a job teaching survival skills at the Ventura Air Force School and Jaime Sommers is his first test subject. Helen and Jim look after Cross's daughter Kim who hasn't spoken since her mother died in her arms. The young girl soon proves herself to be a handful and Major Cross is planning to steal a top-secret missile guidance system to get back at the army which he feels deserted by.

Ventura Tower, this is
Oscar Goldman speaking.

Have Major Cross and his daughter
report to me

in Jaime Sommers'
classroom, please.

MAN: Roger,
Mr. Goldman.


Arty, please stop rocking that chair.

Now, I told the janitor to fix your chair
and he hasn't done it.

I told him, too.

Said it drove you crazy.

He said the teachers drove
him crazy a long time ago.

Hi, Jaime.
Hi, Oscar.


Arty, please stop. I'll finish this up, okay?
I'll see you on Monday.

Okay. You're welcome.
All right. Bye-bye.

Have a nice weekend.
You, too.

Hi, pal.

Hold this please.


What are you doing here?

Well, aside from wanting
the pleasure of your company,

I'm here to observe the tests on the new
Mark Nine Guided Missile.

Also to get you to take a course
in survival training.

Survival training?

Standard procedure for all O.S.I.agents.

You might find yourself out in the middle of
nowhere on a mission sometime.

You'd want to know the tricks.
It's only an overnight stint.

Come on, you love the outdoors.

Come on, hold tight.


I also want you to meet a new student
who is coming to the school.

In the late '60s, one of the best men
we had in Vietnam

was Major John Cross.

Still not even.

He married the most beautiful
Vietnamese woman I ever saw.

They had a child.
Got it?

She was killed during
the American pullout.

Everybody thought that the child had died
with her mother

until a few months ago. Her name appeared on
a list of war orphans.

I contacted the Red Cross,
applied a little pressure,

and they brought her over here.


So, she's gonna be in my class?

No, she's too young to be in your class.

As a matter of fact,
I'm not even sure

that she's gonna be accepted in the school.

She has a problem.
What kind of a problem?

You sure did a rotten job on that.

All right, smartie. You can put people
on the moon

and you can make them bionic.

Now, tell me how to fix that chair.

Why don't you just have
the janitor fix it?

Ooh, I could just...

John, come on in.

John, this is Jaime Sommers.
Major John Cross.

How do you do?

Good to be meet you,
Miss Sommers.

And this is Kim.

Hi, Kim.

Kim can't talk, Miss Sommers.

It's nothing physical, the psychologists say
it's a mental block.

OSCAR: Major Cross has been
assigned to the base here

so that he and Kim can be together.

He's gonna instruct a class
in wilderness survival.

You are gonna be the first student.

Let's see, tomorrow's Saturday.

Why don't you start tomorrow, John?

That should be all right, sir.

I just don't know if I can find anyone
to stay with Kim.

Well, what about Helen and Jim?

Do you think they could
look after her?

Probably. If they don't
have any plans, yeah.

OSCAR: Good. - You'll like them, Kim.
They're wonderful people.

Do you mind if I use your phone?
Is that an outside line?


Kim, go with Mr. Goldman
and Miss Sommers.

I'll be with you in a few minutes.

Come on, Kim.

Willet, I can't get out
of taking some girl

on a training exercise tomorrow.

But I'll lose her in a couple of hours
and come back before dark.

I'll get the guidance system for the Mark Nine
tomorrow night.

Tell your customers they can expect
delivery within 24 hours

and to have the money ready.

MAN: Handle her gently, men.

That's some valuable cargo
you've got there.

That's it. All right.
A little to the right now.

Good. Take it over to the testing counsel.

HELEN: Be careful, Kim.

That plate's been in
my family for generations.

It's all right if you handle it,
but please be careful.

Oh, here's something
you might like to see.

It's a scrapbook I made for Jaime.

I think it might get you
to know her better.

What would you like to do tomorrow, Kim?

Ride a horse? Try a little fishing
in the lake?

Maybe you'd just like
to wander around,

get to know the place
and see what we're like.

Well. You need help
with the dishes?

If you want to.

I'm not sure if I do.

I'm already the only rancher in Ojai
with dishpan hands.

- Come on.





OSCAR: Hi. Where's Kim?

JAIME: Oh, she's out having dinner
with Helen and Jim.

OSCAR: Well, I brought her
medical record.

I thought it might be of help to you.

Oscar, I can't read bionically.
What's in here?

John Cross was on a covert mission in Vietnam

when the South Vietnamese
Army collapsed.

He left his wife and Kim in a village

that they promised would be protected
by a US armored unit.

The whole thing got snafued.

The tanks failed to get
the orders to move up.

There was a Viet Cong
mortar barrage.

Kim's mother died in her arms.

According to the medical report, when they found
her she was still holding her.

She hasn't talked since.

Oh, God, that poor baby.

That's awful.

What about the Major?
Has it affected him at all?

Well, he seems to be dealing with it all right.
On the surface, anyway.

He's quite a guy, you know.

He's a weapons expert, Ranger.

He went through some missions
you wouldn't believe.

He asked for detached service when he and Kim were
reunited two months ago.

I arranged for his leave,
gave him his choice of bases.

He picked here.

Jaime, when you're with him tomorrow,

why don't you look him over,

give me your impression
of where he's at.

So, that's why you wanted me
to take the training.

Oscar, after all these two
have been through,

don't you think it's a little much for me
to go in and spy on them?

I mean, why?

I'm just looking for
ways to help him.

I think I can be more help
by working with Kim

than going out and playing Camp Winamac
with her father.

You'll have plenty of time to work with Kim
when you get back.

According to this report, she was an unholy terror
in that orphanage in Saigon.

Totally uncontrollable.

Come on, Kim.
Time to go to bed.

Kim, we're very glad
you're here with us.

I hope you get to like us.

JOHN: I don't know why Goldman insisted
we use a chopper.

JAIME: Well, it's a special concession
from Oscar to me.

I've had some pretty unpleasant memories
of parachutes.

Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.

What about the survival equipment?

You're wearing it. Whatever you have
in your pockets.

I don't understand.

It wouldn't prove very much if we brought

a mobile home with us, would it?

Come on. You'll have to keep up with me
or I'll leave you behind.

Come on.

I'm with you.

You're in pretty good shape.

Oh, you'd be amazed.

Well, it's about 3:00.

Let's go find some shelter.

We'll build a simple
Boy Scout lean-to.


The large limbs form the frame,
the small ones the roof.

We'll need a fire.

Know how to start one
without matches?

Yeah. Rub two Boy Scouts together.

I'll show you what you're doing wrong when
I get back with more brush.


Here. Tie the cross braces
of the lean-to with that.

Do you always carry around a roll of twine?

No, I usually cut it from
the parachute shrouds,

which we don't have, do we?

You'll be back soon?

Yes, don't worry.




My plate's gone.

You don't suppose Kim took it, do you?

I don't know why.

But I don't know who else could've either.


JAIME: You'll be back soon?
- JOHN: Yes, don't worry.

You'll be back soon?

JOHN: Yes, don't worry.

Yes, don't worry.

You'll be back soon?
You'll be back soon?

Hi. Is it okay?

Why did Goldman think
you needed survival training?

Oh, it's his job to worry a lot.

If we got separated, I believe you'd do
just fine, wouldn't you?

There's a stream down that hill.

It's a basic rule, find water and follow
the flow.

it'll lead to civilization.

Is it dinnertime? What're we gonna do
about food?

I mean, I don't require
anything fancy, of course,

but something would be nice.

Well, that's just about what you're gonna get,

What looks good to you?

How about those red berries?

Eat those and you'll be
dead in 20 minutes.

Here, eat that.

Oh! I think that would do the same thing in
about 20 seconds.

Are you serious about this?

Well, it'll keep you alive, and that's the name
of the game, isn't it?

I guess so. Roasting that will
kill the taste.


I'm going out and scout around.

You stay here, all right?


I have the distinct feeling
that I am being ditched.


lam being ditched.

This is Bluebird.
WILLET: Go ahead.

The girl is safe, but she'll have sore feet
when she gets home.

I'll get the guidance system tonight.

Have a chopper ready to pick up Kim and me in
the morning. You got it?

We'll be there.


What are you up to?


What are you doing here?

Watching for road runners.
What are you doing here?

I told you, I was out scouting.

For San Diego?


I was leaving you behind.

I knew you were safe

and good enough shape
to walk out by yourself.

Why? You're supposed
to be teaching me.

I saw you didn't need me.

The worst you could suffer would be a night alone
in the woods.

You'd learn more by yourself.

Come on. I'm not gonna buy that.
There's more to it.

What is it?

Look, the mission is over,

and you passed with straight A's. Satisfied?

Kim really is a lovely girl.

Yes. She's growing up
as pretty as her mother.

And that was very pretty.

Must be difficult trying to get close to her

after not having seen her
for so long, huh?

I mean, have you gotten
her to talk at all?

Well, surely you've tried, yes?

I see it runs in the family.

Of course I've tried!

Every day and night since I found her again.

I'm sorry, that was not fair.

She's mute because she hates me.

Thinks I betrayed her and her mother

by not saving them from a mortar barrage.

I'm the last person on earth
she'd talk to right now.

Well, doesn't she understand
that it isn't your fault?

How am I gonna explain that to her?

And even if I could,
what would it change?

Before I left,
I told them not to worry.

Promised that I'd come back
and that they'd be safe.

But the Army blew it,

and when Kim and her mother
really needed me...

They say that Kim kept crying out for me
all during the barrage.

And then she just stopped talking.

Ever since then, she's been a disturbed
and angry child.


Where is her father?

Uh, he went to look for a house to rent.

And he asked me if I'd keep her for the night.

Well, I hope you didn't agree to it.

What happened here?

Well, that's all the damage so far.

At least, what we've
been able to find.

Jaime, that child is a
one-girl wave of destruction.

I can see that.

Gee, I'm sorry about your plate, Helen.

But, you know, she's had
an awful rough time.

And I want to be sympathetic,

but we didn't cause her problems.

Why does she take it out on us?

I'll keep an eye on her.
Where is she now?

Jim has taken her riding.

Oh, that's nice. He used to do that
for me when I needed help.

I'm sorry, but she doesn't remind me
of you very much.

You like horses, Kim?

Me, too.
You wanna give him this?

It's okay.

You know,
having something to care for

really helped me a lot
when my parents were killed.

I'd like to be your friend, Kim.

Well, why don't you come in and help me
with the chores, huh?

Come on.
I know what you can do.

You wait right there.

You can soap your saddle.

Just take a little bit on your fingers and
then rub it in. Okay?

It's only fair, Kim.

You had fun riding, now you have to take
care of your equipment.

Listen, it's not for me.
It's for the horse.

Now, soft leather doesn't chafe her back.


OSCAR: All right, Colonel. - Let's check the
guidance system signal

once more, please.



Works like a charm, sir.

Let's secure, lock it, and we'll schedule
the firing test

for 10:00
tomorrow morning.

Yes, sir.
Good night.

Good night. Let's secure.


JAIME: Better make this quick before our
friend gets in any more trouble, huh?




Yes. Well, that's the greatest part about
our relationship, Bossy.

You're always so glad to see me.

All right. Kim, I'm done.
How about you? Huh?





Put it down, Kim.

Why did you do this?

If you would tell me what I'm doing wrong,
I'd stop doing it.


Now, put it back where you got it.


I am very tempted to give you a spanking
that you'd never forget.

But that's probably how everyone else reacts,
isn't it, huh?



I'd like you to help me
set the table, please.

You better be careful
with the other one.


Okay. I'm gonna give you
one more chance.

And if you break these, then you're gonna go to
bed without your supper.

That's right, my dear. They are paper plates,
and they go right over there.

Well, thank you. That's a step in
the right direction.

Now, would you please
put out the silverware.

Unless, of course, you prefer eating chicken
gravy with your fingers.

To Major John Cross.

The Distinguished Service Medal

for deep penetration
into enemy territory.

OFFICER 2: The village
was hit hard, Major Cross.

Your wife and daughter...
Well, they're missing, sir.

JOHN: What about the tanks that were supposed to
protect them?

OFFICER 2: There was
a terrible mix-up, Major.

We ordered the tank unit...

JOHN: Where are my wife and daughter?
Where are they?

To Major John Cross,

for valor above and beyond
the call of duty.

OSCAR: We've located
your daughter, Major.

JOHN: My wife and daughter are dead.

OSCAR: No. Kim is alive.

But I'm afraid she has a problem.

JOHN: Kimmie,
please talk to me. Please.

OFFICER 1: To Major - John Cross, for meritorious
service to his country.

JOHN: Thanks a lot.

Have a good ride.

JAIME: Rudy, even if she does
hate her father,

what causes all that hostility
towards other people?

It's her way of disguising
her anger at him

for not coming back as he promised and
saving her mother.

Only part of her mind hates him, Jaime.
Another part loves him.

Why won't she talk, Rudy?

Well, she won't communicate
because it's potentially too costly.

She couldn't stand to need him again
and call him

and have him not come to her.

Well, what can we do for her to get her to
let go of the past?

Well, hypnotism is one type of therapy.

It might help her relive the experience and
give it a happy ending.

Yes, but you can't hypnotize
an unwilling subject,

and she doesn't trust anyone enough to let them
put her under.

Yeah, that's true,
for the present.

That's why her father
or someone has to

teach her to trust again before any real progress
is possible.

Look, I'll set up an appointment with
a good psychologist tomorrow,

and we'll work on it
together. All right?

Okay. I'll call you.
Thank you. Good night.

Good night.

This is Bluebird.
I got in and out clean.

WILLET: Good. Are you ready
to be picked up?

I have to get my kid first.

There's a farm about 4 miles
north-east of Ojai.

It'll be too hard to find at night.

Watch for my signal flare
at 7:00.

We'll be there.




Cha Ba!

Cha Ba!

You spoke, you talked.

Try again.
Come on, try.

It's okay, baby.
It's okay. It's okay.

Oh, it's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.

Knock it off, Private.

Oh, Colonel.

Where does it say you can smoke on duty?


Who is it?

John Cross.

JOHN: Where's Kim?

She's sleeping. What are you doing
here so early?


Kim spoke tonight.

It was during the thunderstorm.
She was sleeping,

and she just bolted up
and screamed "Cha Ba"

or something like that.

Cha Ba?

Do you know what it means?

Yes, it means "Father."


I have to get her dressed.


Come on, honey. Wake up.

Come on, baby, wake up now.

The guidance system's gone.

We found these inside the nose cone.

Any idea what they mean?

Can't be too many guys
with that many decorations.

No, they're pretty rare.

JAIME: What about the Major?
- Has it affected him at all?

OSCAR: He seems to be
handling it all right.

Where's your phone, Colonel?

Right there.

Looks like the storm's
starting up again.

Do you really have to go right now?


OSCAR: Jaime?

Oh, hi, Oscar.

Have you seen Major Cross tonight?

Yes, he's right here.

Jaime, I hope I'm wrong about this,

but I want you to listen bionically

and tell me if you hear
anything in the room.


Hold on. Colonel, turn on the
missile guidance signal.




What are you doing?

Jaime? Jaime? Hello?

Bring your men, Colonel. We're going to Jaime
Sommers' house.

Finish dressing her.

You gonna tell me what's going on?

A lot of things all at once.

I've got a new life,
got a lot of money.

And I paid back something lowed.

To the Army?

That's right.

To an army that I trusted with the most valuable
things in the world to me.

Swell. Now you're proving that
they can't trust you either.

I spent a lot of years doing things the right way,
and look what it got me.

My wife dead and a daughter who
won't talk to me.

Why don't you stop dumping your guilt
on everybody else?

Man, you're stuck in the past
just as much as Kim is.

Don't worry, Kim. She'll be all right.
I promise.

She's heard that before.

It's okay, honey. It's okay.

We'll be all right.

Help us, Daddy!

Kim, come back here.


Let's go.


Why would she run?

I hope she associated me with another woman you
promised wouldn't get hurt.

Would you put that stupid thing away?

Kim! Stop!

What about a horse for you?

I'll be right behind you.

Are you thinking about yourself or her?

She needs you, John.
Don't let her down this time.



OSCAR: Hurry up! - We've got to intercept
the Major

before he escapes with the guidance system.

PILOT: I don't see Cross
anywhere, Mr. Willet.

WILLET: Don't worry. He'll be there. This is worth
a fortune to him.

We're about 4 miles from town.

He ought a be around here somewhere.

I don't see his flare.

Jaime? Jaime?

They're not here,
Mr. Goldman.

But there's fresh horse tracks leading
toward the hills.

Let's follow those tracks.

There he is!

We've been looking all over for you. Come on!

My kid's lost up there.

Somebody'll take care of her.

That's what I thought the last time.
Get outta my way.

Get off that horse, Cross.

I'll shoot you off if I have to.

Where's the guidance system?

That doesn't belong to us, Willet!

Don't be dumb, man.
You know I'm not joking.

Hold it!

Don't be a fool, man! Your money's waiting
for you in the chopper.

We gotta get outta here.

You're not going anywhere, Willet.

Tell Goldman I'll be back.




Cha Ba, Cha Ba.



Don't move!

Kim, honey, hold on.
I'm coming. Okay.

Man, this is slippery stuff.



We're gonna be all right.

We'll be all right.

Kim, we're gonna be all right, honey.



Kim, it's your dad.
I can hear him, honey!

Major, we're down here!

RUDY: It might help her relive the experience and
give it a happy ending.

It's him, honey! This time he's come
back for you.

Call him. Can you try
and call him, please?

RUDY: her relive the experience...

...relive the experience...


You have to call him
because I can't.


Cha Ba.

Cha Ba!

Daddy, help us!

Cha Ba! Cha Ba!
Daddy! Help us!


Daddy! Daddy, help us!


Daddy, help us!

Daddy, help us! Daddy!

I'll be right there, baby!

Cha Ba!

He's coming.
We'll be all right!

We'll be all right!

Daddy! Daddy!

It's all right, baby. It's all right.
It's all right.

It's all right.

Come on, it's all right.

What's gonna happen to John, Oscar?

There'll be a court martial.

You know that some of the worst wounds
can't be seen.

They're on the psyche.

They hurt the most and they take
the longest to heal.

I don't think that John's a traitor,

I think he's just another
casualty of that war.

The Army will take that
into consideration, Jaime.

They're hard on their enemies,
but they have compassion for their own.

Nobody's gonna keep him
away from her for long.

Here you go.
Oh, thank you.

Be careful. It's hot.

These belong to you.

I'm not sure I deserve
to wear these anymore.

Why not?

What you did today has nothing to do with
what you did to win those.

Kim, I may have to go away from you
for a little while.

I know you'll come back.

I love you, Daddy.