The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 2, Episode 17 - Jaime and the King - full transcript

Oscar gives Jaime an undercover job in Monte Carlo posing as the private tutor of Prince Ishmael, son of Sha Ali Ben Gazim of Almain. Her mission is to protect the Shah from assassins targeting him without his knowledge.


I told the gardeners
to trim that properly.

Tell them next time it might be their heads.

And tell the Americans
to mind their own business!

I need their advice,
I'll ask for it.

I think their intentions
are good, Your Majesty.

Their Secretary of State fears that there might be
an attempt on your life

if you support their position
on the price of oil.

Which I haven't decided
to do yet.

So, I need neither their bodyguards
nor their advice.

Tell that to the Secretary.

As you wish, Sire.

But these need your signature.

The purchase of the English hotel chain.

Here's the contracts
for the petrochemical complex.

The highway system.

Oh, and the extension of the pipelines...

And the arrangements for tonight's conference.

Have you made your choice
for tonight, Majesty?

None of them.

They all fail to amuse me.

And you.

Why aren't you studying?

I have no teacher, Father.

HASSAN: The new one quit
this morning.

The employment agency's
seeking a replacement.

See that you don't make the next one leave.


Hi, babe Hello.

Sit down.

I was just... Yeah, don't try and explain.

You're only gonna make it worse. Okay?

Now, you want to tell me what I am doing
in Monte-Carlo

dressed like Mary Poppins when everybody else
is wearing postage stamps?

What are you talking about?
You're perfectly well dressed

for your position as a tutor
for a crown prince.

His name is lshmail.
He's the son of Ali Ben Gazim,

Shah of Almain.

It's the richest of the Persian Gulf
oil countries.

Oscar, I don't like the idea
of using my teaching

or a child as a cover for a job.

I mean, that's very personal,
you know.

In order to keep my head straight,

I like to keep the O.S.I. and my teaching
very separate.

I respect what you're saying.
Will you hear me out?

The Shah is steering a neutral course between us
and other interests.

These interests want to raise
the oil prices double, even triple.

It's not a matter of money. What they want to do
is harm the Western economies.

Now the Shah has a villa outside of town here,

and he's hosting a conference
to discuss pricing.

Now, these interests...

...don't want to...

...have the Shah do that again.

Now you see what happens when you give them the
eye? You asked for that.

What? I was just... Will you leave my father
alone, please.

Now, uh...

Mother promised me that you would take
the grandchildren

just as soon as they got home
from college this weekend.



I'm gonna get you for this.

Now, let's get back to business, Daddy.

This assignment requires
your special qualities, Jaime. Your bionics.

The Crown Prince not
only hates school teachers,

but he also is an expert
in karate.


Here are your work papers.

Oscar, I still don't like the idea of using my
relationship with a boy...

If an assassin does away
with the Shah,

the people that get in will probably want
to get rid of the boy, too.

No, you're not using that boy.
The opposite.

You're trying to keep that boy
and his father alive.

Well, if you've got it,
flaunt it, I guess.

Oh, hi. I'm Miss Sommers,
the new tutor.

My work papers and my credentials.

I'll tell His Majesty
you're here.

Stupid fool! I told you
to hold it steady.



You must be lshmail. I'm Miss Sommers.
How do you do?

Let go of me.

Oh, well, you know,
you had him fooled.

I actually think he thinks
you were gonna hit him.

Well, I was.

Well, he did not do what I had told him.

Well, now, you being a prince and all
he can't hit you back, right?

How dare you come in here and interfere.

It is my right to show him
who is master.

Oh, but it's so unnecessary.

I mean, I really think he knows who's boss,
don't you?

But it is obvious you do not.

Perhaps you too need to be taught.



You are the new teacher obviously.

I'm Jaime Sommers.

Observe our customs.
Bow, woman.

Bow? Me?

Obviously you.


Now, turn around.

Do as you're told, woman!


The employment agency did
a good job this time.

It pleases me to have attractive women around me
at all times

even if they're dressed in shrouds.

You will be expected
to treat our person

with the proper respect
at all times. Is that clear?

Sire, we must finalize
your position for tonight.

Very well.

I will explain the directions I want lshmail's
lessons to take as we go along.


I can break two boards now.

Can you?




Well, two boards, lshmail.

Most impressed.

Would you be good enough to place four boards
on the chair?

Yes, come. Quickly.

Two. Obviously,
you must strive for more.

Here is the guest list for your final approval,
Your Majesty.

I've engaged a special troupe of dancing girls
for the entertainment.

Uh, can you approve the plans
for the new truck factory now, Sire?

Which likeness do you prefer,
Majesty, for the new issue of coins?

You are rattling my head.

Please, let me finish my conversation
with the school teacher.

HASSAN: But, Sire,
these matters are important.

What could be more important
than my son?

I'm sure your son would love
to hear you say that.

Sit down.

Your Majesty, I have some thoughts
about lshmail's lessons.

Well, it might sound
a little critical.

Could we speak alone, please?
We are alone.

This is only my wife, Ezelda.
How do you do.

You're excused, Ezelda.

And this is my wife, Marahna.

Miss Sommers.

If you'll excuse me.

Are those all your...

My wives.



MARAHNA: She's pretty.

Is he divorcing one of us
for her?

She's only a teacher.
She won't last long.

I'm surprised Ishmail hasn't
sent her packing already.

You know,
it's absolutely fantastic!

One war plane is $21 million.

This one is 20 million.

Before oil in Almain, that was our national budget
for five years.

How many wives do you have?

We are allowed four officially.

Naturally, that doesn't account for dancing girls
and concubines.


Polygamy is still allowed
in our country.

It's traditional.

A woman's place has been clearly defined,
centuries of experience.

And that's why women are so content
in our country.

They know their place, just as we men know
what is good for them.

Western men have never known
how to handle their women.

But, uh,

then your culture rarely produces real men
any longer.

Isn't that true?

Uh, they still seem to get
the job done, you know.

Obviously, weakness approves
of weakness.

Hassan, this one.

Now, what did you want to tell
me about lshmail's lessons?

Well, I think that breaking two boards for a boy
his age is quite good.

Quite good is not sufficient.

Ishmail is to be King one day,

and for that reward, excellence is
barely acceptable.

His people have a right to expect nothing less.

Do you disapprove of my
teaching him to be a man?

Well, what I saw was more like destroying his ego
than teaching him to be a man.

I would not expect a woman to understand.

But in 30 years Almain's oil will be depleted.

Thirty years to take a backward country
into an industrial age.

Thirty years to do what it took your country
200 years to accomplish.

And that's why I cannot
afford the patience

nor the luxury of understanding inefficiency.

Now, as for lshmail's lessons,

they are to include mathematics, economics,

philosophy, English,
Russian and geography.

You still have a few hours this afternoon
to get him started.

We shall speak further later.

You're excused.


I think it would be nice if we got to know
each other a bit

before we started our lessons, huh?

There is nothing I want
to learn from you.

Uh, you are excused.

That's my line.

Woman, I need to learn things
to make me strong and wise as my father.

You're very anxious to prove yourself to him,
aren't you?


No woman could teach me that.

I'll make you a deal.

You can break two boards,
your father can break four.

If I can break six,
then you will study for me.

Now, if I can't, then I will leave you alone.
All right?

Well, have you taken
leave of your senses?

No woman can break six boards.

Do we have an agreement?



How did you do that?

That is your first lesson.

Strength itself is not as important as how
and when you apply it.

Yes, but even my father,
he cannot break six boards.

Shall we start with geography?

I thought we had an agreement

or isn't the royal word
worth anything?

Very well.

Your father taught you
to respect strength, hmm?

And to fear it?

Well, there is a third way.

You can try being friends
with it. And call me Jaime.

It's a lot nicer than "Woman."


Okay. Why don't you look up
the Scandinavian countries?

We'll start with that and then show me what
and where they are.


- The subject is closed!

But, Sire, if we do not
increase the price by 25%,

we must cut back on some
of your favorite projects.

Hassan, I have weighed the
alternatives very carefully.

I have decided to hold to
the present price structure. (SIGHS)

GAZIM: [realize your concern and the personal
danger this places me in.

But with loyal lieutenants like yourself, I'm more
than a match for my enemies.


Tell me.

Are many of your Western women like you?

Well, all women like to think
they're a little unique.

I'm sure your women would too, if they
were given an opportunity.

Maybe, but, well, somehow I feel you are
very special.

Does that mean you're beginning to like me
a little bit?

Perhaps a little.


The Scandinavian countries.

There are three.
Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

He refused to raise the price.

MAN: Then you must dispose
of him before he announces it.

Of course.

There should be no problem getting you appointed
as Regent for the Prince.

The boy shall be the last
of his royal line

and I shall be the first of mine.



Snow White, this is Frumpy.

Do you read me?

You couldn't be frumpy
if you tried.

What's happening?

Gazim is gonna support our position, so he's gonna
announce it tonight.

That means they'll try
to kill him.

You're gonna have to see
that that doesn't happen.

How's the boy? Well, let's just say that
there are easier jobs around.

Take care of him, Jaime,
both of them.

Okay. Goodbye.


Don't you believe in knocking?

It is not required of my father or me.

Tell me, with whom were you talking?

Let me see what it is
you have behind your back.

LSHMAIL: A radio.

Why, you're a spy.

Ishmail, let me explain something to...
No, do not bother to lie.

I'm not lying to you.
I have come up here to express

I like you more than any other teacher.

I respect your strength.

I find you've only come here
to betray us.

I have not!

Guard! Take her to my father!

Next time someone says
they want to be my friend,

I will know they only want
to get at my father or me.

That's not true.

Go to your room.


I didn't come here to hurt you or your father.

I don't care what you believe,
but that's the truth.

GAZIM: She's a very clever
woman, lshmail.

Are you going to allow her
to fool you again?

No, Father.

I'm very grateful to you,
Miss Sommers,

if that is your real name.

The rich,

the powerful, the famous,

all face the same problem.

People pretending friendship
for advantage.

If lshmail has learned
to be wary of it,

you've taught him an invaluable and wise lesson.

To mistrust everyone is not wisdom in my book,
Your Majesty.

It may make life a little safer, but it
definitely makes it empty.

You argue well for one who is,
as they say, caught red-handed.

I work for the 08!, and we happen to feel
that your life is in danger.

That still gives your government no right
to interfere in my affairs.

Do you think this is the first time I've
been hunted?

It is the price of a crown.

Perhaps things were better
in my father's day.

A sharp sword and a battle
solved problems quickly.

Today the subtlety of my enemies, and lshmail's,
increases with our wealth.

We're grateful for your help. We simply wanted
to return the favor...

I'm not holding the price of oil down
as a favor to you,

so you owe me nothing.

My father was a very wise man.

Before the oil, he set the price
on goat's milk.

He had many goats and he sold much milk,

but he knew that if he set
the price too high,

customers would not be able
to buy the milk.

I apply the same principle. Well, apparently your
enemies don't agree with it.

They're motivated by politics,

I only care for profit.

It's to their interest
to ruin you,

not to mine.

Why are you so afraid
to trust us?

The possible cost, obviously.

If the lamb

accepts the protection
of the wolf,

the wolf will protect the lamb
from other wolves,

but finally the wolf

will eat the lamb himself.

Take her to her room.

We've checked your identity.

His Majesty says you can go,
Miss Sommers.

Did you speak with Oscar... (STAMMERS)

The head of the O.S.I.?

We are not interested in conversations with anyone
named Goldman.

His Majesty telephoned
the Secretary,

and your government knows better than
to interfere again.

But please reassure everyone concerned.

The danger is over-exaggerated.

I guarantee the King's
safety personally.

Goodbye, lshmail.

Yes, I really do like you, too.


HASSAN: An 08/ agent
was discovered,

but she's leaving now.

MAN: Good. Emerald will bring
the bomb tonight.

See that you plant it
where the King cannot escape.

Listen, I... I've gotta talk
to the Shah immediately.

He's not interested in anything you have to say,
Miss Sommers.

But it's vital. If you could only...
A car is waiting.


You know, you...

JAIME: Oscar,
Hassan is the assassin.

Gazim's own Prime Minister?
Are you sure, Jaime?

I heard him talking on the phone.

Gazim has been very stern
with the Secretary.

I've been ordered not to send in another agent
or to take any action.

Well, somebody named Emerald is supposed
to bring a bomb to Hassan tonight.

Jaime, my hands are tied.

All right. Then I'll just have
to figure out a way to get back in there myself.

Jaime, you just stay
right where you are.

I'm not gonna let anything
happen to that boy. Goodbye. Jaime?

Excellency, you asked to be notified when
the dancing girls arrived.

Send the girl with the emerald to me.

Of course, Excellency.
Perfect choice.

It's deadly within 20 feet.

Just set the timer and plant.

HASSAN: And Gazim will be
no more.



I never thought anything like this
was gonna be inconspicuous.


Which one are you?

Ishmail, it's me...
(STAMMERS) Why you! Guard!


Now, let me talk before you turn me in.

I promised my father I would
not let you fool me again.

Your father's life depends on this. Just one
minute, that's all I'm asking.

Unless, of course,
you're afraid of me?

Afraid of a woman? (LAUGHS)

All right. There's gonna be an attempt on your
father's life tonight by Hassan.

Now, I know this to be true because I heard him
talking with your father's enemies.

He wants to be Regent
with custody over you.


How did you hear this?

I can't explain it now.
I don't have time.

No, I do not believe you.

How can I make you believe me?

Okay. You respect and you fear strength, right?

Well, respect this, then.


Now, if I were your father's
enemy or yours,

how could either of you
protect yourself against that?

And why wouldn't I have
used it before now?



Look, if you can't see
that I'm on your side by now,

then there's nothing
that I can do. Go ahead.


I think my father would say

a real assassin would not have the
opportunity to kill me and let it go by.


What do you want me to do, Jaime?


Tell your father about Hassan.

You know that he would not believe me either
without proof.

We're just gonna have to find some evidence.
Where are Hassan's quarters?

Uh, his bedroom is near
my father's.

His office is down the hall.

Okay. Let's start with his office.

What is it we're looking for?

A bomb.

LSHMAIL: There is no one in there.

Stand watch here.

Well, what does this bomb
look like?

I don't know exactly, but I'll know as soon
as I see it.

Well, it's not in here.

Well then it must be
in his room...

Where's Hassan?

I do not know, Father.

What are you doing here?

Straighten up, girl.

Let me see your face.

She is one of the dancing girls.

Then why isn't she with the dancing girls?

Uh, I...

lam showing her around the villa.

You are what?

I did not think it would
do any harm.

My son.

I'm always telling you to grow up fast,
but not this fast.

Yes, Father.

I'm very displeased with you.

You take a girl into Hassan's private office.

For what? To impress her?

You are right, Father.
And I am sorry.

Get back with the other
dancing girls.

One moment, please.

Can't you speak?

A girl who doesn't feel
she has to talk all the time is a rare find.

Are you a good dancer?

She is the very best.

You will see her later,
Father. Go now.

Wait. Turn around.


You have a dancer's legs.

Very strong.

Yes, Father, she's very strong.

What sort of dances do you do?

Why, your favorite dance.

The veils.

They say that she is
wonderful with the veils.

Are you?

Well, is she or isn't she?

She is modest.

You must dance wonderfully
for my father later.

Stop. Guard!

I would see this wonder first
to know if she is worthy of my guests.

She will dance for me.

Take her to my chambers.
I'll be there shortly.

And you.

Go to your room and stay there.

And the next time

find someone your own size.


What am I gonna do now? I don't know how to do
the dance of the veils.

Well, how can that be?

My father says every woman knows how to dance
with the veils.

Instinct tells them.

lshmail, I don't know how to tell you this,

but your father has gathered more misinformation
about women

than any other man I have ever met.

Now, get out of here
before I get in trouble.



Oh, my God, the bomb's in here.

Oh, very nice.




Very nice!

Veils, girl. Shed them.


Absolutely magnificent.






That was put there by an agent of your enemies.

How much did they pay you to do it?


I'm not my son, Miss Sommers.

A boy easily fooled.

Of course, Your Majesty.
It's obvious.

I heard it.

GAZIM: Don't treat me
like a fool.

If I couldn't hear it
when I was lying on it,

how could you hear it
when you were dancing?

You destroyed her plan by
bringing her here to dance.

She was saving her own life,
not yours.

Father, I believe her.

Yes, but she was trying to...

Go to your room. Not one more word
out of you.

I'll deal with you later.

Keep her under guard.

You are a very tricky woman,
Miss Sommers,

but you won't interfere again.

You stay in here with her. You wait outside.
No one is to talk to her.


What's happened?

The bomb was discovered
by the O.S.I. agent.

Is there no way to stop the Shah now?
Of course.

But more direct means
are required.

I will use this during
his welcoming speech.

Later... will be found in the hands of the dead
08! Agent.


Good evening.



GAZIM: Come.

I want to see the prisoner.

GUARD: No one is allowed
to see her, Your Highness.

By whose instructions?

The Prime Minister.

He takes my instructions.
I do not take his.

I'm sorry, Your Highness.

He must give his permission.


It's time for your opening address, Your Majesty.


Alert the guards.

Tell them I will tolerate no interruptions
during my speech.

Love us or hate us,

they will know what Almain
thinks of their greed.

Get the Sommers girl.
Bring her here.

Miss Sommers, what shall I do?

Silence, please.


Miss Sommers.
I have knocked out the guard.

Ishmail, be careful.

He does not have the key.

I do. Stand back.


Jaime, how did you...

Like I said, it's all in
how you apply your strength.

Where's your father now?

Why, he's with the delegates, addressing them
in the ballroom.

Okay. That's probably where Hassan's gonna strike.
Come on. Let's go.

Look, I don't want to fight you.




lshmail, run.


My friends.

We are here to discuss matters

of the gravest importance.

The result may well decide
the economic prosperity

or ruin of untold millions.

By the Prophet's beard, I never saw a man
so fast with a blade,

much less a woman.

Listen, I have to see
the Shah. Please!




It is our duty to match

the economic limitations
of the consumer

with the legitimate needs
of the producing countries.




Allah preserve me.
You're a demon.

I have made my decision
on the future price

Almain will charge for its oil.

Some of you may not agree,
but hear my reasons.



GAZIM: Seize that woman! LSHMAIL: No, Father!
It is Hassan!


Are you all right, Abuya?
- Yes, my son.

Thank you.

How did you escape from my guards?

Ishmail got me out.

I am sorry I disobeyed you.

I thank the Prophet that you did.

I did well?

Yes, my son.

I'm very, very proud of you.

You are a man.

So, you must go now?

I'm afraid so.

I was hoping you'd return to Almain with us,
to teach us.

It's difficult for me
to say this,

but I never thought I'd learn so much from a...

From a woman?

I will miss you.

I'll miss you too, babe.

Your Highness.
- In a moment, Ezelda.

What can I do to reward you?

Well, you can start by putting
an end to that routine.

Ezelda, stand straight.

In the future, bear yourself
with dignity in my presence.

No more bowing.

No more subservience.

Is that satisfactory?

Well, it's definitely a start.

Perhaps I'll make changes
for all my wives.

You know, since you're a man who doesn't
really like changes,

maybe it would be easier if you just didn't have
so many wives.


Please, Miss Sommers.

Leave some progress for the next generation.

Goodbye, Your Majesty.

And you.

Did anyone ever tell you
you're a prince?

you're a prince?