The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 2, Episode 16 - Deadly Ringer: Part 2 - full transcript

Lisa Galloway is enjoying Jaime Sommers' life so much she doesn't want to give it up. Having been assigned to courier the Adrenalizine, Lisa keeps some for herself to have access to Jaime's super strength. Meanwhile, the real Jaime Sommers has escaped from prison but find that nobody, not even Oscar Goldman, believes her when she tells them who she really is.

Jaime, I'm Jaime Sommers!

- The Bionic Woman...

Now I know this is gonna sound crazy,

but last night somebody knocked me out,

they brought me to this prison and exchanged
me with a woman who looks exactly like me.

Her name is Lisa Galloway.

GUARD: Ready, Lisa? - They're waiting for us
at the loading dock.

Just get me outta here.

Hurry. You got 15 minutes to change your clothes
and get back on the plane.

Somebody help get Sommers
into my clothes.

Welcome to the penitentiary, Jaime.

Did you study her biography?

You're gonna have to
fool her family this time.

I know Jaime Sommers
inside and out,

but I still don't understand how I'm
gonna fake her strength.

With this, you will be her perfect double.

What is it?

The secret of Jaime Sommers' strength.

You, as Jaime Sommers,

will get the formula for Adrenalizine from
Wells and Goldman at the O.S.I.


What are you doing here?

Good to see you, but
you're early, aren't you?

Your bionic tests aren't till next week.

Oh, well, I've got a field trip
planned for the kids,

and so I thought I'd
just come a little early.


I can't believe this is happening to me.

All right.
I'm gonna prove it to you.

Look at this. Now, can Lisa Galloway
do this?


Tomorrow, you're going to get
your own face back.

You're going to look
like yourself again.


COURTNEY: With this, you will
be her perfect double.



HARKENS: (ECHOING) - Lisa. Lisa. Lisa.
(GASPS) I'm Jamie.


Jamie, that's wonderful!



Did she pass?

Pass? She exceeded most of my specifications.

I am Jaime Sommers!

I am Jaime Sommers!

LISA: The Adrenalizine?

I'm sending the rest of it to
the Federal Testing Lab.

You're the safest person I can think of
to send it with.

Then Jaime Sommers will be buried with
Lisa Galloway's face.




Warden, she has to be captured.

Use every man, every machine
at your disposal.

Lisa Galloway is a dangerous woman.

The operation on her face should proceed as soon
as she's captured.

NARRATOR: And now, part two of 'Deadly Ringer'
on The Bionic Woman.

PILOT: We're following the same thing the
dogs are chasing,

but I doubt if it's her. It's moving too fast
to be human.

COOPER: Where's it headed?

PILOT: Toward the swamp.

All right, why don't you pull out and sweep
the adjoining field?

The dogs can handle it
from here.

PILOT: That's a roger, Warden.
I'll give you a holler if I spot

anything moving slower than an antelope.
I'm out.



They're faster without us.
Let 'em loose.

Go on, boys.




Oh, no!









TROOPER 1: The dogs are headed
for someplace down there.

TROOPER 2: This way!
I think we got her.




How did she get across here?
It's quicksand.

The log.



You what?

We lost her.

Cooper, I thought
I told you to...

COOPER: Now just a minute.

I had every available
unit looking for her.

Men, dogs, choppers, everything.

And she just got away,
that's all.

But I've still got my men searching for her

and they're gonna come up with something.

But in the meantime,

well, there's something
I think you should know.

They blew it.

You're kidding.
What, Cooper?

COOPER: Lisa's been very unstable lately.

Our staff psychologist
says it has something to do

with her having Sommers' face for a year.

Go on.

Well, this may sound strange, but she actually
believes that she's Jaime Sommers,

and I gotta tell you,
she can be very convincing.

Without a doubt, you are the best looking courier
Rudy has ever sent here.

I bet you say that to all the couriers.

And this is all he's giving us?

That's all he had left.

Well, no sweat. We'll just have to skimp a little
on the analysis tests.

And... Have you anything
you'd like to give us?

A cheerful goodbye.

Hey, come on,
give a guy a chance.

How about...
How about dinner?

I don't think so.

Well, then,
how about your phone number?

Live in Washington?


Where do you live?

That is a good question.

Hey, come on!


Where do you live?

LISA: That is a good question.

Where do you live?

You are Jaime Sommers.

You are Jaime Sommers.

He's such a sweet man.

We're sorry. We think you're the best teacher
in the whole world. Really.

where do you live?






Oscar Goldman, please.

Good, Callahan. Put her on.

Hello, Jaime?

Oh, Oscar,
thank God you're there!

Oh, man, have I got a good one for you.
I have been in prison.

Now, I don't know how they did it.

(STAMMERING) I was in Ojai
and the next thing I knew, I was in...


Yeah. I tried to tell them
I was Jaime Sommers,

but they wouldn't believe me. They think that I am
Lisa Galloway.

Lisa? Where are you?

In a phone booth.

COURTNEY: Something wrong?

Dr. Courtney, what's gonna happen
when I get the Adrenalizine?

We'll sell it, of course. I've already explained
that to you.

Well, can I keep on being Jaime Sommers?

I mean, now that she's
dead and all, huh?

Don't be ridiculous! They'd discover you
before long.

Not if I had the Adrenalizine.

I can do it.
I know I can.

But, Lisa, when we get it, you won't have to be
Jaime anymore.

I'll be running just like before,
just like always.

No, those days are over.

You'll be able to afford anything you've ever
dreamed of.

Not everything. There are some things that money
can't buy, you know.

Not many when you've got $10 million.

Lisa, this is a dream come true.

I'll change your face,

make you the most beautiful woman
in the world.

I like the way I look.

You're not being rational.

Call me when you've gotten the Adrenalizine.

We'll talk then.

In the meantime,
I want you to think

about the happiness that much money can bring.

Will you do that?

I already have.

I guess I just discovered that there are other
kinds of happiness, Dr. Courtney.



You say they kept you drugged, Jaime?


There was a surgeon,

a Dr. Harkens, and some guy named Weber and...

Oh, look, it was just awful.
I can't even...

Jaime, hold on a second.
Now, where are you?

I don't know. I'm in some kind of
a railroad storage...

Okay, okay,
it's storage depot 18.

And I can't be too far from the federal pen
here in Delaware.

Oscar, look, they're
chasing me with dogs!

Would you call 'em and tell 'em, please,

who I am and what I'm doing?

All right.
Now, Jaime, calm down.

Don't move.
Stay right where you are.

I'll have some men over there before
you know it. Okay?


Oh, Oscar, it's so good to
hear your voice.

Well, it's good to hear you. And I'll
see you soon, huh?

Okay. Bye-bye.



Get the State police.

Lisa Galloway is at the railway storage
depot number 18,

near the Delaware Federal Penitentiary.

You won't have any trouble, but you better
surround the place, just in case.

This time, I don't want any mistakes.



PILOT: Warden, we've got the Galloway girl
on site at the depot.

She's standing out front.

COOPER: All right. - We're coming in
from the south.

Stand by in case we need you.

PILOT: Roger.

COOPER: Backup units,
are you there?

MAN: Ready and waiting.

All the roads blocked?

TROOPER: Roger, Warden.

There's no way she's
gonna get out of here.

You'd better be right, because my neck is
on the line.

Did Oscar call you?

Oh, boy, I don't think I've ever been so happy
to hear somebody say my name.

I don't really think
I need an ambulance, though.

A nice hot bath would
be just fine with...

Wait a second.

Now, wait a minute, Lisa.

I'm not Lisa.
My name is Jaime.

COOPER: Now nobody's
gonna hurt you, Lisa.

But Oscar's supposed to...

He just wants to help you.
If you'll just get inside the car...


COOPER: All right.
- Get around the back!

Bill, Don, go in from the front.

Come on, you guys. Hurry!


It's blocked.


Now, I don't know what kind
of trouble you're in, lady,

but I'll do anything
you want me to.


All right. You two get around back.
She's not going anywhere.

Lisa? We have you surrounded.

Now, you can't get out.

Now, come out that front door with
your arms up in the air

and nobody's gonna get hurt.


Show her we're not kidding.

They mean business.
They mean business, lady.

I'm not bluffing, Lisa.

Don't make us come in there for you.

I want to talk to Oscar Goldman!

He's not here, Lisa.

Well, then get him! I've got the man who
owns that truck out there.

Say something to him.

Tell him I've got a gun.
Go ahead. Come on.

She's got me and she's got a gun.
Now, you mind your bullets.

And I am not coming out
until he is out there!

Do you understand that?

JAIME: Get me Oscar!

Call Goldman.

Ladies and gentlemen,

we are beginning our
descent into Ventura.

At this time, we'd like to ask you to please
fasten your seat belts,

move your seats to their
fully upright position

and observe the no smoking sign

until you are inside
the passenger terminal.

We hope you have enjoyed
your flight. Thank you.

COURTNEY: With this, you will
be her perfect double.

What's the matter, Warden?

Can't you and all these men
handle one woman?

She has a hostage and she
wants to talk to you. Here.

These people have the plan down so pat,

my own boss doesn't even believe me.

Lisa? Lisa Galloway?

This is Oscar Goldman speaking.


Can you hear me?

Oscar, it's Jaime!
I'm Jaime!

Lisa, we're not going to hurt you.

You are only a little confused.

We want to help you.

I can prove to you who I am.
Just ask me anything.

It's no good, Lisa.

We know that you've studied Jaime's life.

I have lived Jaime's life!

Why won't anybody listen to me?

Oscar, ask me a question. No, no.

Whisper me a question without the bullhorn.

She's out of her mind.

Can you hear me?


Who are you?

What's your name?

I'm Jaime!

I'm Jaime Sommers!


COOPER: No, Goldman! Don't!


Jaime. Oh, Jaime.





Where's your bag?

Oh, well, Oscar wanted me to
come home in a hurry.

It was some kind of a security thing.

Oh, I'm glad. The more you're here,
the better we like it.

Well, if I had my way, I'd never leave again.

Come on. Come on.
How was your flight?

Oh, it was fantastic! It was cold back there.
It's really good to be back.


JAIME: Oh, it feels so good to be home.


COOPER: They said they were paid off
by a man named Courtney.

He evidently escaped from prison
a couple of weeks ago,

but nobody advised me about it.

They kept you drugged?

Yes, they certainly did.
It was like a nightmare.

I'm sorry, Jaime.

I don't know what else I can say.

You don't have to say anything else.

Thank you.


How did she pass all those bionic tests?



My God.
The Adrenalizine.

The what?

She's got the Adrenalizine.

Well, where is she?

I don't know.

Here's dessert!

Oh, boy. I don't think I can eat another bite,
but I'm going to,

so let me help you.

Where's Jim?

He went to get a camera.

I found it, Jaime.

Oh, good. Do you think
you could fix it up

so the fire's in the background?

I think so.
You two get in place.

Well, what's the occasion?

Well, the occasion is that I was going through
my scrapbook the other day,

and I don't have a picture
of the three of us together.

Don't be silly. We have plenty from
the Fourth of July.

Well, but that was last year.

And I firmly believe that you should have
your picture taken

with the people that you love at
least once a year.

And I love you both very much.










JAIME: And he's really not bionic?

RUDY: Not even one transistor.

He gets everything from the Adrenalizine.

I only wish I knew how to make more.

That was George Ohanian at the lab.

Lisa only delivered 10 grams
of Adrenalizine to him.

I'm certain she took
the rest to Courtney.

Well, how much did she get out of here with?

Forty grams.

Now, that's worth a fortune
on the open market.

The military applications
are frightening,

potentially devastating.

And Lisa Galloway has three-quarters of
all that's left in the world.



Where do you live?

LISA: That is a good question.

where do you live?

You are Jaime Sommers.

You are Jaime Sommers.

Hello, Operator?

Yes, I would like to make a call to the
Washington Police, please.

No, not the state.
The city.

It's okay. I'll wait.


Hello. Is this the Washington Police?

No, I'm fine.

I would like to report the whereabouts
of a Dr. James Courtney.

That's right. Courtney.

And I would like to remain anonymous.

I think the O.S.I. will be
very interested in this also.

Good. Thanks. That's the best news
we've gotten all day.

What happened?

We just got an anonymous tip that Courtney's
in an Arlington motel.

And Lisa is probably with him.

Let's go.

Hey, I don't want to hear it. I'm going.

And when the cell divides and reproduces itself,
what's it called?



Okay, you all have it down
pretty well in this review,

so let's see how you
do on a written quiz.

GIRL: Do we have to?



LISA: Okay.


No, no. No problems.

Lisa thinks she'll have it in a few days.

Has my money been deposited in
the Swiss account?


All right, Courtney!

What are you...
Up against the wall!

What is this?


Your buyers?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Where is it, Courtney?


The Adrenalizine.

Why don't you ask her?

Looks like you've gone into business
for yourself, Lisa.

You've got the wrong girl,
Dr. Courtney. I'm Jaime.

Don't listen to her.

Jaime Sommers is in a prison grave,
wearing Lisa Galloway's face.

If your Adrenalizine is missing,
she's the one who's got it.

I don't think so, Courtney.

Then you've done a good job, Lisa.

Maybe too good.

That phone call yesterday...

You really think you can become Jaime Sommers,
don't you,

live an idyllic life in Ojai?

Good luck, Lisa.

Oscar, do you think that Lisa would've
gone back to Ojai?

Is that you, Jaime?

Jaime, is that you?

Yes, and I'm starving. I forgot to take my
lunch today. Hi.

Hi, darling.
Is that Scotch broth?

Mmm-hmm. Grilled cheese sandwiches.

Mmm, it's my favorite. I could eat a horse
right now, too.

Well, I know you can lift one.
Did you have a nice day?

Yes, it was great!

The kids were absolutely fantastic.

Jaime, is something wrong?

No, I just have a little headache.

You go into the living room,

lie down and I'll bring
the food in to you. Go on.

Thanks, Mom.

Go on.



Helen, don't say anything out loud.

This is Oscar.

I want you to answer me with a simple yes or no.
Do you understand?


All right.

We called the base school

and Jaime has already
left there.

Is she with you?


Is she in the room?


Helen, I want you to sit down
and talk to me in quiet tones. You understand?


Where is Jaime?

Well, she's in the living room.

She isn't feeling very well.

All right. Now, I'm gonna put
somebody on the line.

And I want you to be
very calm. You understand?


Who is this?

It's Jaime, Mom.

Oh, no! No, it couldn't be. You're here.

Do you remember the girl that was
made to look like me about a year ago?


Okay, that's her.

Oh, no.
She's so much like you.

She's a very good imposter

and she's probably not dangerous as long as she
thinks she's got you fooled.

Now, Oscar and I are gonna fly
right out to Ojai.

I want you to see if you can keep her
there at home with you in the meantime.

Do you think you can do that?

I think so.

Uh, Jaime...

Everything's gonna be okay, Mom.

I love you. Bye-bye.


I think we better hurry, Oscar.

I'm glad I caught you.
What's wrong?

Plato! What happened?

The Adrenalizine's breaking down chemically.

It's becoming a poison.

Plato's dead

and if you don't get to Ojai soon,
Lisa will be, too.

I think we better go.

Feel better?

Yeah, a little bit.

Who was that on the phone?

Mrs. Hartman.

You remember her,
don't you, Jaime?

Sure, I do.




What is it, Jaime?

It hurts.

What hurts?

I hurt so much.

What hurts?


Yes, baby.

I'm gonna take that picture and
put it in my scrapbook.

I know, I know.

I think I'd better
call the doctor.

Oh, no. Don't, please.

I'm okay. Honest.

I think I'm just getting
a bug or something.

Are you sure?


All right. All right.

But you better go upstairs and
take a rest. Okay?




Thank you.

Jaime, there's one other thing.

There's another problem
you should be aware of.

What's that?

Plato's psychological behavior deviated radically
in the hour before his death.

Now, Lisa may be having
the same mental problems.

Thank you.

COURTNEY: With this, you will
be her perfect double.


Oh, Mom!

Is it really you this time?


Where has she gone?

In the coach house.
She's so much like you.

Is she in pain?

I feel so awful. Just like when Jaime
was having her problems.

Mom, you're really worried about her,
aren't you?

It's so hard not to.

If you could just see her,
talk with her.

You're not angry with me?

No. How can I be angry
with you for loving somebody?

We're gonna surround the coach house
at the end of the road.

But be careful.
She's very dangerous.

Oscar, wait a minute.
I'm gonna go in alone.

No way, Jaime.

Lisa doesn't need the treatment that
I got at that storage depot.

Now, I know how that feels.

She's a person, not some kind
of a hunted animal.

Let me talk to her.

Maybe I can help her.

After what she's done to you? Why?

Because she doesn't know
who she is anymore.

She's frightened and confused and
God knows I've been there.



Lisa, are you up here?

Who are you?

I'm someone who wants to help you.

I don't need any help.

What you're feeling is the Adrenalizine.

Lisa, it's poison.

No! You stay away from me.


My name is Jaime.
I'm Jaime Sommers.

No. I am Jaime.

Your name is Lisa Galloway
and you need some help.



See what I can do?
I'm Jaime.

That was Jaime's favorite table.

Now, if you were her, you wouldn't have
done that.

It's the Adrenalizine, Lisa.

That's where you're getting your strength.

And it's gonna kill you
if you don't stop eating it.

You stay away from me!



Lisa, it's making you sick.
Can't you see that?

I'm gonna kill you.

I have to kill you!

Get away!


Hold it!


JAIME: Oscar!

Oscar, stay out of here!

Lisa, now you've got to believe me.

It's only gonna get worse.
Please let me help you.

No. Helen and Jim can help me,
'cause they love Jaime.

See? They love me.

Yes, I know they do,

and they're very worried about you, Lisa.


Lisa, no...
No, it's not Lisa.

I'm Jaime.

See, nobody loves Lisa,

not her parents and not her teachers,
nobody ever loved Lisa!

Oh, that's not true.
We love you, Lisa.

And Helen and Jim, they really care about
what happens to you.

That's why you've got to
stop eating that Adrenalizine.

You're lying!


Lisa, do you remember Plato?
That little white rat?

Well, he's dead.
Well, so what?

Well, the Adrenalizine did it.

I don't believe you!


Rudy says that it's breaking down
and becoming a poison.

That pain is the poison, Lisa.

Can't you see you need help?

You just don't want me
to live like you.

No, I want you to live like you.

I can't!

Yes, you can.

Your life is worth living.
You don't need mine.

I hate my life.
I hate it.

It's so cold and it hurts.
Oh, it hurts so much.

It can change.
You can change it, Lisa.

I can't.
It's never gonna change.

Let me help you.

Let me...

Oh! Jaime!

It's okay.

Oh, Jaime.

It's okay.



Anybody home?

Jaime? Hi.
Come on in.

How are you feeling?


Thank you for the present.
I just finished it.

Well, you can certainly tell where you started
and I left off.

Yours is a lot neater.


This kind of says it all,
doesn't it?

You know, sometimes it...

It does take seeing something in another
person before you realize

that you have that something yourself.
Does that make sense?

It certainly does.

I'm sorry for all the trouble
I caused you, Jaime,

and I don't really know how I'm gonna repay you
from prison.

I do.

Now that you know who
you are on the inside,

isn't it about time you started looking like
yourself on the outside?


that old face does kinda grow on you,
doesn't it?

How's it look?