The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 2, Episode 15 - Deadly Ringer - full transcript

Jaime Sommers is knocked out while doing some needlework at home and wakes up in a cell at state penitentiary, having switched places with her double, Lisa Galloway. Meanwhile, Galloway has taken Sommers place teaching at Ventura Air Force base. She and her benefactor Dr. Courtney mistakingly think Jaime's super strength is derived from a substance invented by Rudy Wells called Adrenalizine and Lisa is tasked to steal more of it. Back in prison, Jaime is about to receive plastic surgery against her will to restore Lisa's old face.



GUARD: Ready, Lisa? - They're waiting for us
at the loading dock.

Just get me outta here.

Hurry. You got 15 minutes to change your clothes
and get back on the plane.

Somebody help get Sommers
into my clothes.

Welcome to the penitentiary, Jaime.

Hello, Lisa.

I told you I wouldn't forget.

My, Dr. Courtney, you're travelin'
in style these days.

You got a cigarette on you, sugar?

Are you gonna tell me what
this is all about?

In the plane. We'll be racing the edge of daylight
all the way to Ojai.

And you can have a cigarette
once we're airborne.

It feels so good to be out.
Flyin' up here above it all.

COURTNEY: Yes, it does.

Did you do what I told you
while you were in?

I sure did, sugar.
And I was very convincing.

I wouldn't even read my mail unless it was
addressed to Jaime Sommers.

You know, the prison shrink
said that with me wearin' her face,

that an identity crisis, well, it was just
bound to happen.

That won't be a problem anymore.

From now on,
you are Jaime Sommers.

Did you study her biography?

You're gonna have to fool her family
this time.

I know Jaime Sommers
inside and out,

but I still don't understand how I'm
gonna fake her strength.

You won't have to.

With this, you will be her perfect double.

What is it?

The secret of Jaime Sommers' strength.


Adrena what?

Adrenalizine. When they sent me
to prison last year,

I found out that doctors were
in great demand.

They put me to work in the drug testing ward
of the prison hospital.

That's where new drug compounds are tested
out on volunteer convicts.

Now, one day, I was given
a plastic based drug

Dr. Rudy Wells had developed
over at O.S.I.

It was called Adrenalizine

and it could be administered by
simply dissolving it

underneath the tongue
of the patient.

I was told to give it
to paralytics only.

Naturally, I was very curious.

Wells has a reputation
for breakthroughs.

And I thought this might be one of them.

But even with that in mind,

I wasn't prepared for
what was about to happen.

The test subject had taken
a bad fall a month earlier

and was completely paralyzed
from the waist down.

And yet, within 15 seconds

he could lift his leg.

Within 30,

he could walk.

The formula was able to
seek out the local area

of paralysis and correct it completely.

It was incredible. The possibilities of
such a drug were limitless.

What has this got to do with me?
I'm not paralyzed.

Of course you're not.
And neither is Jaime Sommers.

You see, I couldn't help
wondering what would happen

if the drug was given to a normal person.

If it did not have a specific area
of paralysis to go to.

That night, I found out.

I was working late in the lab,

when the guard had to leave for a moment.

I knew then, this was my chance.

As the tablet dissolved,

my skin began to tingle.

The drug had no paralysis
to correct, so it...

It generalized its effect
over my entire body.

The sensation was incredible.

It was as if I'd been charged with
10,000 volts of electricity.

And my hands... My hands felt like
they could crush steel.

They could.

It was then that I realized
the drug's potential.

And that I could escape.

Well, how'd you get past the guard
and over the wall?

The same way Jaime Sommers
got past us last year.

I jumped.

And they didn't find out I was gone until
the next morning.

Oh, and by then, you were long gone.

Half an hour later,
the Adrenalizine wore off.

And I became human again.

It was wonderful while it lasted.

So, that's how Sommers does it.

I'm sure of it.

Now you have everything she has.

Yeah, but this is only one dose, sugar.

There'll be more in her apartment.
You'll have to find it.

Then what?

You, as Jaime Sommers,

will get the formula for Adrenalizine from
Wells and Goldman at the O.S.I.

The foreign interests that are financing
this operation

in such high style are very anxious to
get their hands on it.

Can you imagine how powerful an army would be
under the influence of that drug?


Lisa, you have the Adrenalizine.

Don't use it unless you have to.
Or until you find more.

You got it, sugar. You know, this is
really nice.

I mean, it's a lot nicer than
it was in the pictures.

I think I'm gonna like it.
It's all yours.

Remember, for all intents and purposes,
you are Jaime Sommers.

I'll be waiting to hear from you.

Right. Bye.

Oh, it's beautiful.

A real brass bed. Oh!

You go there.

Mama said I had some Indian in my blood.
Along with everything else.

Oh, boy!





JAIME: What the...


Lisa! Oh!

Oh, baby, just one day and
I was crazy without you.

Listen, Courtney's seeing a patient.

Let's go someplace we can be alone, huh?

Lisa Galloway.


I believe it's time for you and me to
have it out, sugar pie.

There's only going to
be one Jaime Sommers now.

Oscar! There's Lisa.

Oscar, it's me.

For heaven's sake, Oscar,
can't you see it's me?


Not bad.

All right.





You should be dead.

Well, I guess that's it, sugar.

I got your looks, but I sure don't
have your moves.

What's gonna happen to Lisa?

She's going to prison.


Looking like Lisa Galloway?

No, Jaime Sommers.

It's gonna take a year for that
scar tissue to heal

before it will be safe to have any
more plastic surgery.

So, you're gonna have a jailbird
for a twin.

Oh, terrific.

Well, that won't be bad.
As long as she stays put.

Guard! PRISONER 1:
Oh, pipe down!

Guard! PRISONER 2:
Will you shut up!


Would somebody please come talk to me?

Guard! Guard!

Miss Sommers would like
to have a word with you.

Guard! PRISONER 1:
Oh, pipe down!

Guard! Guard!

All right, Lisa.
What's the problem?

Look, I don't know exactly
how to explain this.

I mean, it's really strange.

But you've gotta help me out. Okay?

Try to explain it, Lisa.

No, I'm not Lisa.
My name is Jaime Sommers.

I know, Lisa.

You are not listening to me.
I'm Jaime Sommers.

Now, I don't know how I got in here
or what I'm doing here,

but if you just call Oscar Goldman at
the OS! In Washington...

I'd like to see the warden, please.

Just let me see the warden.

Just take it easy.
Okay, Lisa?

I'm not Lisa. My name is Jaime.
I'm Jaime Sommers.

I'm Jaime Sommers!

Oh, well.

So much for that hidden Adrenalizine.


Aw, isn't she cute?

COURTNEY: Remember,
you are Jaime Sommers.

You are Jaime Sommers.

JIM: Jaime? Are you up?

Yeah. Just a second!

Oh, good morning.

Hey, what happened last night?

What do you mean?

And your front door's
been forced open.

The bolt's broken.

Oh, yeah, I...
Well, I locked myself out

and I didn't want to disturb you or Helen,
so I just...

Gave it a little push.



Oh, there's nothing wrong.
I just had the fire up,

because it was a little cold this morning
when I woke up.

Oh, sorry, Jaime. I don't mean to
be nosey.


It's okay.

It's nice to know somebody cares.

Hey, you better hurry.

You'll be late for school.

It's Monday. Right.

Monday morning, girls.
Time for your exercise.


That's you, Galloway.

Listen, honey, I'm sick of your
Jaime Sommers routine.

Now, you start answering
to your own name

or you're gonna find yourself in solitary.
Got it?

MALE GUARD: All right
ladies, let's go!

No exercise for you. We're gonna go see
the warden.

It's about time.



Good morning.
Good morning, Miss Sommers.


Would you please take your seats?



Miss Sommers?



Are we gonna put our chairs in a circle?

Into a circle? For what?

'Cause we always do.

I thought you hated the way the janitors lined 'em
up over the weekend.



I... I do...

I just thought we'd do it
the old way today. All right?



In you go.

Wait a minute. I thought we were
going to see the warden.

We are. Keep moving.

They'll be here in a few minutes.


The warden and the doctor.

Doctor? For what?

All right. Let's get into
the science lesson.



It's too bad it's not the kind with bars.

At least I'd know what I was talking about.

Okay, it's Chapter 6, page 108.

The Cell.

What are you doing?
Stop it.

We're moving our chairs.

I told you we weren't
gonna do that.

Last Friday you said we were gonna build
a cell today.

Our chairs can't be the cell wall
if they're set up like this.

Yeah, and I was gonna stand in the middle
and be the nucleus.

Okay. Right. Fine.

But that's after we go
over this chapter, not now.

But you said...
Sit down.




My name's not Clarence.

He left last semester.

Okay. I know that.

I just... I still want you to
sit down, sugar pie.

ALL: Sugar pie?

Come on, Miss Sommers.


I asked you to sit down.

Not till you say my name.

You had better stop being a smart Alec,
young man,

and do what I tell you, or you and I are gonna
go see the principal.

But I'm trying to do
what you told me.

You said we could build a cell.

Yeah, I studied all weekend
to be a vacuole.

You be quiet.

You promised, Miss Sommers.


I want you all to be quiet
and you take your seat!

Who threw that?

Did you throw it?

Who threw that?


COURTNEY: Remember,
you are Jaime Sommers.

You are Jaime Sommers.



Miss Sommers? We...

We're sorry for what we did.

We didn't mean to make you feel bad.

We think you're the best teacher
in the whole world.


Well, thank you.

I'm sorry if I got a little
carried away, too.

I had a pretty rough weekend.

Oh, that's okay.
That's okay.

Look, why don't we start
all over again, okay?


Buckle down and build that cell.

STUDENTS: All right!

I'll call you all by your cell names.

Come on.

Where's my nucleus?
Right here.


And her behavior's deteriorating?

Particularly over the last two months.

She's completely schizophrenic.

I've discussed it thoroughly with our staff
psychologist and she agrees with me.

It's got to be done.
And the sooner the better.

She's in here.

Morning, Warden.
She's at it again.

Are you the warden?
Yes, I am.

Oh, God. I didn't think I was gonna be able
to talk to you.

Look, now I know this is gonna sound crazy,

but last night somebody knocked me out,

they brought me to this prison and exchanged
me with a woman who looks exactly like me.

Her name is Lisa Galloway.

Go on.

Well, my name is Jaime Sommers.

Now, if you would call Oscar Goldman
at the OS! In Washington,

he can straighten this whole thing out.

COOPER: Oscar Goldman?
- JAIME: Right.

At the O.S.I.

And the sooner the better,
as far as I'm concerned.

I'm sure that'll be done first thing,

just as soon as Warden Cooper
gets back to his office, Lisa.

You just relax now and everything will be...

My name is Jaime Sommers.

What do I have to do to convince you?

Take my fingerprints.

Okay, fine, fine.
Today, you're Jaime Sommers.

But tomorrow... Tomorrow you're going to
return to being Lisa Galloway.

Look, you stop talking to me like
you think I'm crazy.

Now, what's the matter with you?
Lam Jaime Sommers!

I can't believe this is happening to me.

All right.
I'm gonna prove it to you.

Look at this. Now, can Lisa Galloway
do this?


Thank you, Weber. She was getting
out of hand.


Tomorrow, you're going to get
your own face back.

You're going to look
like yourself again.


COOPER: A shame it had to happen.

Will she snap out of it once she gets
back her old face?

We hope so.

The only thing to do
now is operate and see.

Where are you keeping her tonight?

In here.

I think she'll be safest in here.

She'll be good.

Be sure and let me know

when you and Dr. Mitchell start
that operation tomorrow.

There are a few calls
I have to make.

Have a good day, Warden.

Thank you, Doctor.

Put a sedative in her food.

I don't want any trouble
out of Sommers

till we operate tomorrow morning.




LISA: So, it started
out pretty rough

particularly when I couldn't
remember all their names.

But by the end of the day, we were getting along
just fine.

Those kids are terrific.
You know, we had some fun.

That's good, Lisa.

You know, you're losing your Southern accent
even when you talk to me.

Now what about the Adrenalizine?

Did you find any more?

No, uh-uh. And believe me,
I tore this place apart.

Have you ever been here? They've got the cutest
kitchen you've ever seen.

Lisa, I don't want to
hear about the kitchen.

You're sure there's no Adrenalizine?


Then we'll have to go
to Washington to find it.

My foreign buyers are getting anxious.

Well, how am I gonna
cover my job at the school?

Sommers has a substitute arrangement.

Call the school in the morning
and tell them that Goldman sent for you.

They'll take care of it.

All right. But I was
just starting to get

the hang of things around here, you know.

You'll be back. I promise.

Now be at the plane at 10:00.
I'll wait for you inside.

All right. Bye-bye.






Lisa. Lisa.







It's Jaime!




Lisa. Galloway. Lisa.

I'm Jaime!


Lisa, get your own face back.

Get your own face back, Lisa.

Your own face back.



Get your own face back, Lisa.

Get your own face back, Lisa.

JAIME: Jaime.

Lisa, get your own face back.

Oh, no.

It's not me.

I'm Jaime!

Lisa. Lisa.

I'm Jaime!

HARKENS: Lisa Galloway.


Lisa, get your own face back.

Get your own face back.

Get your own face back, Lisa.

Get your own face back.


lam Jaime Sommers.

I am Jaime Sommers.

[guess that's it, sugar.

I've got your looks, but I sure don't
have your moves.

My moves?

My... My bionic moves.


I am...


Oh, no! God!

I can't do it! God!

I can't... I can't...

I can't... Can't do it!
I can't do it!

I'm Jaime Sommers.
My God!

Hmm. This is heavier
than I thought.

Here, let me get that for you.

Oh, it's all right.
I've got it.

I forgot again.

Your bionics.


Well, I better get going.
I'm gonna be late.

Can't understand why Oscar didn't pick you
up at the Air Force Base.

Oh, well,
that's for Oscar to know.

You take care, Jaime.

Helen and I can't help worrying about you.

I know.

Goodbye, Dad.



Oh, I'm sorry. I was just waving
goodbye to someone.

He's such a sweet man, you know.

Forget about Ojai. We've got to get
ready for Goldman.


No, thank you.
I'm trying to quit.

Thank you, guard.
We'll lock up here.

Pretty face.

I almost hate to touch it.

How did she do with her dinner?

She finished every bite.

The drug we gave her

will still be in her bloodstream when
we operate.

It won't take much anesthetic
to finish her off.

After the surgery?

Of course.

Then Jaime Sommers will be buried with
Lisa Galloway's face.

LISA: But Dr. Courtney,

Goldman and Wells aren't expectin' me.
What am I gonna tell 'em?

COURTNEY: Anything you want.
Just find the Adrenalizine.


Rudy, it's amazing.


What are you doing here?

Good to see you, but
you're early, aren't you?

Your bionic tests aren't till next week.

Oh, well, I've got a field trip
planned for the kids,

and so I thought I'd
just come a little early.



your friend runs fast!

Thirty miles an hour,
and he's loafing.

Thirty... How?

I thought he was bionic.

Plato here is the product of an accidental drug
discovery I made four months ago.

I call it Adrenalizine.


It's a plastic compound, works about the same
as our own adrenaline.

The only drawback is
that so far,

I can't reproduce the accident that made it.

You'll figure it out.

Yeah. Look, let me show
you something, Jaime.

It's really very, very interesting.

All the Adrenalizine
that's left in the world...

OSCAR: Hello, Warden. in here.

Fine, thank you.

That's it? You mean,
that's all there is?

That's it.

So it looks like yours
and Steve's bionics

are still the only hope
for paralysis victims.

Speaking of which, now that you're here,
let's run some tests.

Some... Some tests?

OSCAR: That's good news.
- Thank you very much...

Let me hit the powder room
first, all right?

Jaime! Good news.

You remember Lisa Galloway?


That was Warden Cooper of
the Delaware Penitentiary.

Today's the day she gets her old face back.

Looks like you lost a twin.

Oh, that's terrific.


Just like Jaime.

Hey, Rudy, these pants are getting longer
or I'm getting shorter.

One or the other.

Are you ready?

I am ready as I'll ever be.

Okay. Let's start
with the arm.

Right or left?

Very funny.

Jaime, even your right arm's gonna
have trouble with that bar.

Now, come on!





She's gone!

Doctor, look.


Don't let anybody in here until we get
that door fixed.

Weber, we've got to stop her.


Jaime, that's wonderful.




You had enough?

Yeah. That's enough.

Did she pass?

Pass? She exceeded most of my specifications.

Jaime, are you too tired
to do us a favor?

Well, that depends on what it is.

It's this.
I'll show you.

RUDY: It's this.

The Adrenalizine?

Yeah. I'm saving part of it for Plato,

but I'm sending the rest of it to
the Federal Testing Lab.

Maybe they'll have better luck
in reproducing it.

What do you want me to do?
Be a courier.

The lab's only 20 minutes across town
and after what I've seen here,

you're the safest person I can think of
to send it with.

And how. You think you can handle it?

Hey, right now I feel like I could
handle anything.


COOPER: Start those dogs from the north wall
and follow them from there.

Bill, order a chopper
from the State police!

All right! Come on!
Let's move it! Move it!

Why wasn't Galloway under guard?

We thought she was sedated.

Weber was getting her ready for surgery.

Oh, the operation.
I've gotta make a call.

Open this gate!

Yes, Linda?

Okay. It's for you.

This is Oscar Goldman speaking.

Hello, Warden. How are you?

What is it?

Just a minute. Lisa Galloway
escaped from prison before the operation.

Where's Jaime?

She left here 10 minutes ago
with the Adrenalizine.

Warden, she has to be captured.

Use every man, every machine
at your disposal.

Lisa Galloway is a dangerous woman.

That's right.

The operation on her face
should proceed the moment she's captured.