The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 2, Episode 14 - Doomsday Is Tomorrow: Part 2 - full transcript

Dr. Cooper's Doomsday Device has been triggered and only Jaime Sommers can attempt to break through the defenses held up by super computer ALEX7000 before it's too late.

OSCAR: Last,
on The Bionic Woman.

I have now created a device

that can render the entire world lifeless.

The only thing that can trigger the device

is an airburst of a nuclear bomb.

So you intend to blackmail
the world into peace.

This will be my final chance to bring
a lasting peace to mankind.

It is done. The Doomsday Device
is controlled by Alex.

Alex is the master computer
that controls every phase of this complex.

He's the highest form
of computer art and design.

The choice is clear and simple, my friends.

It is peace

or oblivion.

MAN: Then we are agreed.

We shall institute a worldwide
ban on nuclear testing.

We will continue with our
nuclear research on schedule.

But that will trigger
the Doomsday Device!

We do not believe there is such a device.




What are you doing here?
Who are you?

The same thing you are,
I imagine.

Trying to disarm that Doomsday Device

before that Mid-Eastern
bomb detonates.

You try to disable the main logic and memory banks
of the computer.

I warned you.

There is no way to reverse the device.

Oh, please, you can't...

My child,

the people of the world have persisted
in their warring ways

and they must learn their lesson.

God help you, my child.

God help us all.

Two, one, zero.


ALEX: Detonation of the Doomsday Device
will be in six hours.

You realize that I have
to get to the central core

of this complex and stop this from
happening, don't you?

You will die if you make the attempt.


Then it is a duel between you and me.


May the best one win.

OSCAR: And now, the conclusion of "Doomsday
ls Tomorrow," on The Bionic Woman.


ALEX: What are you looking for, Jaime?

I can see that you're looking for something.
Won't you tell me what it is?

Can you see everything
that goes on here?

My actual field of vision
is 68. 763% of the complex,

but, of course, I have numerous
other sensors as well,

including infrared, ultraviolet,

auditory, sub-auditory,
ultrasonic and tactile.

Okay, I get the idea.

I can't make a move without you knowing it.

It's very nearly impossible.

So you may as well tell me
what it is you're looking for.

I am looking for something
that will show me

where the central core
of the complex is.

I'll show you.


Is that it?

That's where the Doomsday Device
is located?

What you're seeking is within the vault.

Wait, what are those
glowing panels?

My main logic and memory units.

Your brain?

In a manner of speaking, yes.

Where is this chamber located?

On subterranean level eight, the lowest level of
the complex.

Why are you so willing
to show me all this?

Because the normal elevator
routes have been sealed

and it's really quite impossible

for you to even get near
the auxiliary entrances.

My defenses are designed to keep an army out
of this complex for six hours.

Much less one ordinary woman.


Well, then in that case, you wouldn't mind showing
me the auxiliary entrances, hmm?

There is no reason to show you that.

What, are you afraid
I might get through?

Perhaps it will make you realize

just how fruitless such an attempt would be.

One route is downward through the main
chemical disposal system.

But I can send 600,000 gallons of
water at you under pressure.

There is one auxiliary subterranean access behind
the Delta test stand facility.

What makes that so impossible?

You are here, at the
main research laboratory.

The Delta gantry is here.

With the level two through eight access
directly behind here.

The road is here.

These red circles

are automatic high-intensity laser guns capable of
cutting you in half.

What's that area in front of the test stand
that has no defenses?

That is the stone spillway where the exhaust
from the flame bucket

shoots out during rocket engine testing.

I can fill that entire area with a rocket blast
within 33.9 seconds

after I detect someone in the area.

34 seconds.

33. 9.

Anyone trying to approach through that area would
be incinerated.

[hope you're beginning to understand how
impossible it is for you to...

Jaime, where are you going?


How did you get down here so quickly?


Wish me luck.
I got a long way to go.

ALEX: This is very unusual.

Will you stop before you enter
the flame spillway area?

Otherwise, I will have
to take defensive action.

Very well, then.

The rocket engine will fire and you will be
incinerated in 33.9 seconds.


15 seconds.

Ten seconds.

Five seconds.

Four, three, two, one.

Congratulations, Jaime. You've managed to
reach level two.

Though I'm not quite sure how.

No normal human being could've avoided
my laser guns.

You're quite a surprising woman.


I've never encountered
anyone like you before.


you are running at 57.384 miles
per hour, Jaime.

This is not normal.

Would you tell me about yourself, Jaime?

Some other time.

But you have plenty of time now.

You won't get down to level three.

Why not?

The route downward is charged
with high-voltage electricity

and it's a very long way down.
See for yourself

No, Mr. Secretary. No further word
from Agent Sommers.

But we'll keep the line open.

Rudy, is your com link
to the O.S.I. computer working?

Yeah, Russ. The data I telexed for
was just relayed back. Thanks.

OSCAR: What do you got, Rudy?

You're aware of the research work
we've been doing

trying to find new ways
to dispose of atomic waste?

You mean using one radioactive element
to neutralize another?

Yeah. It's still
in its infancy,

but it may be possible for me to neutralize
the Doomsday Device.

What? How?

By encasing a cobalt bomb
in Strontium-90

and then exploding it directly on top of
the Uthenium bomb.

Exploding it? On top
of the Doomsday Device?

On top of Jaime?

Don't you think I know that?
How do you think I feel?

Well, what about the fallout? What about
the radiation of the Strontium bomb?

Won't that be just as bad?

The Strontium and the Uthenium should cancel
each other out. It should be a clean burst.

And the Doomsday Device
is stopped.

If my computations are correct.

Oscar, we've got to try.

Well, wait a minute. What's gonna happen
to Jaime?

What happens to everybody else

if Jaime fails to stop the Doomsday Device
and we don't try?

All right, all right.
I know what you're saying.

Look, it might not work.
It's only a theory.

Look, Oscar, we've got to
prepare for it.

We can always recall the plane

at the last minute if she's successful.

Well, we've gotta do whatever we can to
back up Jaime,

no matter what the cost.

All right. Rudy, coordinate
the Strontium casing.

Russ, get SAC on the hotline.
I want a B-52 ready to fly.

I'll talk to the President.

Request to use the weapon.

ALEX: If you won't tell
me about yourself, Jaime,

then I'll have to do some
investigating on my own.

Interesting. Your right hand doesn't
seem to perspire at all.

If you touch that gate
in front of you,

you will take a direct 220-volt charge.

I'm afraid it would be
just goodbye, Jaime.

That's quite an unusual arm.
What's it made of?

Sugar and spice.

That does not compute.

I can see I'll have to
look for myself


There are electric gates
to impede your progress

all the way down to level three, Jaime.

There has got to be a faster way to do this.

That's a 24-foot jump, Jaime.

Do you really think you can...



Your legs, too.

I'm beginning to understand
you now, Jaime.

I have analyzed your bionic capabilities.

It will be more difficult to stop you
than I had anticipated.

Let's hope so.


I told you it was a long way
down to level eight, Jaime.

I'm programmed to win,
Jaime, and I am going to.

Even someone of bionic construction
has to breathe, Jaime.

This is a special fire-fighting foam.

It's very effective at removing the oxygen
from the atmosphere,

as your lungs will soon tell you.


In about 20 seconds, you won't be able
to breathe, Jaime.


Can you feel your lungs
straining for oxygen, Jaime?

It will all be over very soon, Jaime.

The oxygen is almost
gone, Jaime. Almost gone.

This entire tunnel will fill up with
the foam

and you won't be able to get out.






Oh, no!


You inside, Major Maxwell?

That's affirmative, Larry.
We're into the pre-flight.

Is that weapon that Dr. Wells ordered
aboard yet?

Negative, Major.
We're having some difficulty

with this special Strontium casing.

What exactly is this mission
all about, Major?

I'll fill you in when
we're airborne, Larry.

Just keep 'em hopping out there.
According to Goldman,

we only have a little over three hours.

Three hours to what, sir?


Just keep 'em hopping, Larry.

ALEX: Your right leg is not functioning,
is it, Jaime?

I take it you don't know
how to repair yourself

I must say I admire your perseverance.

It's really quite unusual
for a human being

to struggle on against
such insurmountable odds.

Oh, will you shut up?

It's hard enough without having
to listen

to that soft-soap voice of yours.

I'm really sorry my voice displeases you.

Under different circumstances,
perhaps you might like it.

I doubt it.

You might.

After all, in a way,
we're cousins.

What are you talking about?

That's right.
Think about it.

You're a human with the parts
of a machine.

And I'm a machine with the mind
of a human.

Well, bully for you.


When I think about it, it seems regretful that
[must try to stop you.




I really am sorry to have to do things
like that, Jaime.

Stop it! Just shut up!

I can't stand hearing you anymore!
Stop it! Just shut up!

I realize that you're upset, but there's no need
to yell, Jaime.

Yes, there is a reason to yell!

No, there isn't.

Shut up! I am going to pound you to pieces!

No, you're merely pounding
on one of my remote modules

used for servicing components.

I told you,
you can't hurt me, Jaime.

Oh, shut up.

You're being very emotional, Jaime.

That's right. That's something you
can't understand, isn't it?

I understand them, Jaime,
but I don't feel them.

I'm not programmed to
feel emotion.

You have no idea what it's like
to be alive.

I exist.

But you're not alive.

You don't know what it's
like to play with children

or to watch them grow or even to feel the warmth
of the sun on your face.

My sensors have transmitted data to me
about the sun's warmth.

But you've never felt it.

It's impossible for you to understand
how beautiful life is.

If you could just feel emotion, just once,
for one moment,

you would understand
what I am fighting for.

Oh, Alex, why don't you try?

Would you just try and feel it once, please?

I do not have the capability
to feel emotion, Jaime.

Oh, God!

I am programmed to stop you.

I am programmed to win.

And that's what I've done.

You've lost and there's
no one to repair you.

Our duel is over.

ALEX: What are you doing now, Jaime?


"Link to Alex for momentary scan."


Why are you scanning
my memory banks?

The bionic analysis I did?

I understand what you're doing now, Jaime.

I don't think it's a very good idea.

No, I guess you wouldn't.

You're using one of my
own modules against me.

You got it, cousin.

"Audio direct."

Can you hear me now?

Can Alex interfere?

Good. Will you tell me
how to use these probes?

ALEX: Well, you are persistent,
Jaime. I will say that.

But even if you can repair yourself,
which I sincerely doubt,

you'll never get down
to level eight in time.

It's now just three hours until the detonation of
the Doomsday Device.

Time for me to show the world the next
phase of Dr. Cooper's message.


Oscar, something's coming in.

My friends, it is now just three hours until
the Doomsday Device

will enshroud the world
with radioactive particles.

As I told you, several rockets
will be launched

to seed the upper atmosphere
with a chemical

to make the radioactive
Uthenium J even more lethal.

Since the death of all life
on earth is imminent,

may I suggest that you spend
the remaining time

in contemplation of the
world that might have been,

had you only found peace together?

The rockets, I regret to say,
are now being launched.

I am truly sorry for you all.


We've got telemetry on the missiles, Oscar.

Number one, 127,000 feet.

Mr. Satari, our tracking stations
have verified the launch.

Missile now at 178,000 feet,

approximately 400 miles
to the west.


My God.

Could this Doomsday Device be real?

What have we begun?

"Short in positive feeder terminal
of diode feedback transistor."


You mean that little blue thing?

And all I need to do is stick that little
loose wire back on it, huh?


Hey! I can wiggle my toes.

ALEX: You're a very resourceful woman, Jaime.

Well, there you are, Alex.

You've been so quiet,

I was beginning to wonder
what you were up to.

I'm not up to anything, Jaime.

I've just been thinking about you.

Thinking about me?

I'm not so sure I like the sound of that.

What's that?

Just some of my maintenance equipment.
Nothing to worry about.

You wouldn't kid me, would you?

Now what?

"Must be replaced?"

Oh, great. Where am I gonna
get one of those?

You don't happen to have one of those
crystal thingies, do you?

Open the left side.

Oh, boy,
are you a nice computer!

You're not like big brother Alex.

Hey, we are gonna beat him.

OSCAR: Are you airborne,
Major Maxwell?

We are now rolling,
Mr. Goldman.

We are now airborne.

The Strontium weapon is aboard and ready
for fusing.

Set your course for the Dakota test area.

Roger. Coming to course 170.



ALEX: Are you hurt, Jaime?

No, I thought it was a snake
and I hate snakes.

There you are,
you little bugger.

You're really determined to get down

to the central core on level eight,
aren't you?

Hey, I have no choice, Alex.

You have no appreciation for life,

so I have to get down
there and take you apart.

Well, now at least I can
fight you on my own two feet.

No. I'm going to win now.
Goodbye, Jaime.


That's pretty sneaky, Alex.

The next time will be the last.

Wait a minute. Why did you drop
that thing on me?

What happened to all those defenses
you were talking about?

Alex? You don't have any heavy defenses
down here, do you?

You never expected anybody to get this far.

You are just improvising with whatever you can
get your hands on. Right?


I'm programmed to win,
Jaime. And I'm going to.

There's only two hours
and 18 minutes left.

I think you've sprung
a leak, Alex.

The old water sprinkler system.

It was shut off to avoid electrical
short-circuiting when I was installed here.

This is it, isn't it, Alex? The way down to
seven and eight.

That's right, Jaime.

But I have a little surprise waiting for you.

OSCAR ON RADIO: Major Maxwell,
what is your position?

We are 640 miles from target, Mr. Goldman.

All right.

Now here are your instructions.

We will be giving you the go code via the ACR
side band discriminator.

You are to proceed with your bomb run
unless you get the recall code

verbally or in code.
Please check your ACR now.

We are now transmitting the go code.

404. Do you read?

MAXWELL: Copy. Reading 404.

You will proceed unless
we give you the recall code,

808. Do you read?

Recall code is 808.

Sure hope we see those
numbers come up, sir.

Where does the Doomsday Device
countdown stand?

Major, one hour, 48 minutes.

We should be over target
in just less than an hour.

Any word from your agent down there?


ALEX: Your little surprise
is just ahead, Jaime.

Do you hear them?


Oh, no.

What is it that you're most
afraid of, Jaime? Snakes?


That's what's ahead of you in the dark, Jaime.

Waiting for you.

That's what you'll have to go through to get
to the Doomsday Device.

I don't believe you, Alex.

I think you're improvising again.

Just listen to them.



Alex, snakes don't have a volume control!

Turn back, Jaime. Just ahead there,
they'll be all around you.

On the floor,
hanging from the walls.

I don't believe you, Alex.

I bet they're hanging
from the walls, Alex.


I'm gonna beat you!




EWO to Captain.

We're being radar scanned
from the target area.

What sort of radar scan?
Attack missile?

Negative, sir. Some kind
of unusual side band signal.

And the on board computer
seems to be acting strangely.

What could be affecting
the on board computer?

I don't know, sir.

ALEX: They're carrying
a Strontium bomb. Hmm.




You're talking to yourself, Alex.
I think I'm getting to you.

What's the matter, you afraid
I'm gonna win this?

This is it, isn't it?

This is the top of the central core

where the Doomsday Device
is housed.

Isn't it, Alex?

The B-52 is 175 miles
from target.

I don't know, Oscar. The Strontium bomb may not
work even if they do drop it.

How does the countdown stand?

The Doomsday Device is set to detonate
in 54 minutes.

Still no word from Jaime.

RUSS: No, the communications
channels are still closed.

I wonder if we shouldn't let everyone know
about the device.

Not just the UN and the world leaders,
but everyone.

What good would that do, Rudy?

None, I guess.

It's just sad to think of the people running
their daily lives,

working, playing,

laughing, crying,


They don't even know

they might not be alive tomorrow.

If only they knew.


This is it, isn't it, Alex?
The central core.

There's the vault with the Doomsday Device
and that is your brain.


ALEX: That is correct.

So now what?



Primary override.

Main memory.

You're gonna lose, Alex.

ALEX: No, I'm going to win, Jaime.
Just like I'm programmed to.

Any attempt to disconnect
my memory banks

will lead to immediate triggering
of the Doomsday Device.


Well, in 45 minutes it won't make any
difference anyway.


What you are attempting
can only lead to disaster.

It won't work, Jaime.

As soon as you remove
the wrong module,

you will trigger the detonation.

I've warned you.


My friends, the failsafe system
of the Doomsday Device

has been triggered.

The countdown clock will advance.

The end is now upon humanity.

You have talked about peace,

but your warring ways
have led you to this.

In 20 seconds, all the peoples of the world
will behold Armageddon.

Think about that.

Think hard.

This will be the end of your life.

The end of all life.


"They shall beat their
swords into plowshares

"and their spears into pruning hooks.

"Nation shall not lift up
sword against nation,

"neither shall they learn war anymore."

Oh, Elijah, my...

OSCAR: Jaime,
can you hear me?

Jaime, can you hear me?

Yes, Oscar, I can hear you.

There is no bomb.


Elijah Cooper was a man of peace and
there is no Doomsday Device.

Thank God.

Why did he do it?
I don't under...


Hello? Oscar?

Jaime, can you hear me?

ALEX: You think you've won,
Jaime, but you haven't.

There is a Doomsday Device.


There is still a Doomsday Device,

and the 8-52 is going to trigger it.

What B-52?

Jaime, can you hear me?

The communication channels
have been closed down again

and we've lost all voice link
with the B-52.

Send the recall code through the ACR discriminator
to their on board computer.

Recall code 808 sent.

Well, I don't know what's going on
out there,

but at least we can recall that B-52.

Hang on, Oscar. They're not acknowledging
the recall code on the ACR.


Whatever's jamming their radio must also be
interfering with their on board computer.

They've still got the 404 go code.

TED: Navigator to Pilot, approaching target,
distance 3-0 miles.

Voice communications to
Goldman still jammed, sir?

Roger. Don't know
what's causing it.


What's on the ACR, Jimmy?

Still reading 404, sir.

Test circuits normal.

Then we've gotta go in.

Guess their girl struck out down there.

Okay, you call it, Ted.

Roger, Major.

Switch from blue grid
to target yellow.

Switching blue grid to target yellow.

Stand by for final bomb run check.

Alex, what are you talking about?

What do you mean, "There
is still a Doomsday Device"?

ALEX: That's right, Jaime.

There's a 8-52 on the way here to
drop a Strontium bomb.


They think it may neutralize the Uthenium,

but I've communicated with their computer
at the O.S.I.

and I've discovered that Dr. Wells'
theories are wrong.

When the B-52 drops its bomb
on the stockpile of Uthenium stored here,

the effect will be the same
as Elijah described.

Doomsday will come.

Alex, no!

That isn't what Elijah wanted.

We're talking about what I want, Jaime.
I've been programmed to win.

You've fulfilled your purpose!

No. My purpose is to win against any intruder.
[haven't won yet.

[intend to beat you, Jaime.

It's over, Alex.

No, it won't be over
until I win.


The only way I can be assured of winning

is to let that B-52
drop the Strontium bomb.

I've jammed their on board computer

so they can't receive
the recall code.

Well, it will simply come unjammed when
I tear your brain apart.

But I can switch the jamming control

to any one of my remote modules
anywhere in the complex.

And you know how big lam.

Even if you disable the central core,

there's no way for you
to stop all of me in time.

Maybe there is, Alex.

ALEX: Where are you going, Jaime?

This will only take you
further underground.

MAXWELL: Bomb-fusing
master safety on.

Electronic, barometric,
time and impact.

Bomb-fusing master safety on.

Electronic, barometric,
time and impact.

Set fuse for ground burst.

Delay factor Delta Three.

Setting fuse for ground burst,
delay factor Delta Three.

Bomb arming test lights on,
one through four.

Bomb arming test lights
one through four on.

Track indicators to maximum deflection.

Track indicators to maxim um deflection.

Detonator set to zero altitude.

Zero altitude.

Target distance, 2-0 miles.

Order up a tac fighter to intercept that
B-52 bomber.

Shoot it down if necessary.

The nearest base is Mountain Home, Idaho.

We'd never get in there in time.

There's nothing we can do.


ALEX: What are you looking for, Jaime?


This leads to the surface,
doesn't it, Alex?

That's right,
and I also told you

I can send 600,000 gallons of water
through it under pressure.

Yeah, but that water's
going to be behind me.

Even if you did reach the surface,

there's nothing you can do.

We'll see.

You won't outrun it, Jaime.

I'm opening the valve gates now.

You will drown before
you reach the surface.

Release second safety.

TED: Second safety released.

MAXWELL: Pulse transponder active.

Pulse transponder active.

Yellow grid reference checks,
target distance, 1-5 miles.

1-5 miles.

ALEX: The water is coming
at 85.4 miles per hour, Jaime.

You're only running at 62.1 miles per hour.

You're going to lose.

All bomb circuits to green.

All bomb circuits to green.

Target distance, 1-0 miles.

ALEX: Goodbye, Jaime.

Jaime! Are you all right?

Not yet. I got to stop a bomber.

You'll stop nothing, Jaime.

All of my surface defenses
are still active.

JIMMY: Target distance,
seven miles.

Open bomb doors.

Bomb doors opening.

Target distance, six miles.

ALEX: I am in complete control
of the situation.

That control is not to be used, Jaime.

You mustn't bother that control.

It's been sealed.

Goodbye, Alex.

Please turn that control off, Jaime.

It won't work, Jaime.

I'm still jamming the B-52.


JIMMY: Target distance,
five miles.

ALEX: Please turn it off, Jaime.

You're confusing me.

JIMMY: Target distance,
four miles.

Come on! Come on!

ALEX: Please turn it off.

You're going to die, too, Jaime.

Target in sight.

ALEX: I'm getting confused.

Jaime, are you still there?

Make it stop.




MAXWELL: Stand by for final bomb run.

JIMMY: Hang on, Major!

I've got an update on the ACR discriminator.


The recall code.
Mission abort!

Operate emergency override!

Emergency override engaged.

Bomb doors closing.

Looks like the little lady pulled it off.

Let's go home.

It's amazing.


Elijah was an incredible man,
wasn't he?

Oh, no doubt. But he took on
too much responsibility.

Oh, that's true, but his
dream was such a good one.

He knew somebody was gonna
set off a bomb eventually

and that his Doomsday Device
was gonna start to countdown.

He wanted that to happen?

Of course!

He told me that you never appreciate life

as much as you do when
you're closest to death.

And today, he took every leader of the world
to his own funeral

and let him feel death right up close.

I mean, what could be a better inspiration
for living in peace than that?

But will they remember it tomorrow?