The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 2, Episode 13 - Doomsday Is Tomorrow - full transcript

Dr.Elijah Cooper invites four eminent scientists to present his Doomsday device - a Uthenium bomb that will go off the moment any country on Earth explodes a nuclear bomb. In effect he is forcing the world to live in peace or face the consequences.


Attention. Attention.

All personnel continue
emergency evacuation.

Clear through your security
checkpoints immediately.

Continue emergency evacuation.


ALEX: Doctor.

Doctor, the complex has now been
completely evacuated.

The last technician just cleared through
the perimeter security.


Thank you, Alex.

You're quite sure you want to
go through with this?

Quite sure.

We're locked on to the ComSat?

Yes, Dr. Cooper.

Communication satellite Athena 18 standing by
for transmission.

Transmission will begin in 30 seconds.


JULIA ON TV: All right then, now that we've gotten
the tomatoes...

Who's got the tomatoes mashed up?

I don't have the...

...we're going to move on to the next step.

Set it over a low burner
and simmer while we peel...

Julia's always lights. How come you don't
light without a match?

Don't forget to check on the pie crust.

To be certain it's only light brown.

And very flaky.

The potatoes. Okay.

The three potatoes should be very firm

and a little larger than your fist.

Once they're peeled,
we halve them...

Will you please slow down? smaller than quarters, mind.

Now we do the same to the green peppers...

Come on, I haven't even
finished the potatoes yet.

I've got to be Bionic
just to keep up with you!


Once we get all the vegetables prepared,
the crust is taken piping...



Good evening, my friends.

Please forgive me for interrupting your
television viewing,

but it is a matter of
the utmost importance.

Although a few of you
may recognize me,

lam sure the majority
of you do not.

My name is Elijah Cooper,

and I have the dubious
distinction of being called

”The Father of the Cobalt Bomb, ”
among other things.

As [speak to you in English,
I am simultaneously speaking

in nine different languages to the other peoples
of the world

by way of the Athena 18
Communication satellite.




As you may know,

the cobalt bomb is the most diabolical
instrument of destruction

ever conceived by man.

But for those of you who have never
seen firsthand what it can do,

I've arranged a live demonstration

in the Pacific test area.

Yes, I've got it on here, too.

Just a minute.


Yes. Put him on.

No, Mr. Secretary, the Commission doesn't know
anything about this, either.

Well, you know I didn't
authorize such a detonation.

What in God's green Earth
does Elijah think he's doing?

It is awesome, isn't it?

Supreme devastation.

But let me tell you this,
my friends.

It is only a very small scale
compared to what will happen

the next time such a nuclear detonation occurs.

Because I have now created a device

that can render the entire world lifeless.

I realize that is a sweeping statement.

There must be doubters among you.

Therefore, I want the United Nations

to deliver to me at 8:00 tomorrow morning,

these four eminent scientists

to confirm that [do have this capability.

Dr. Toshiro Kurosawa,

Dr. Rudy Wells,

Dr. Margueritte Perry
and Dr. Victor Evtuhov.

And let me warn all governments

that any military attack
upon my research complex

will immediately set
the device in motion

and bring an end to all life on this planet.

This message is now concluded.



NEWSCASTER: Reactions to Dr. Cooper's claim
have been varied.

The Defense Department denies that the technology
even exists

for such a Doomsday Device, but Elijah Cooper's

in the field of nuclear physics

leaves room enough for doubt.

There are many who believe that the aging doctor
has become mentally unstable.

The United Nations Security Council
has been

in a closed-door session
since early this morning.

We'll have a report from there
as soon as possible.

MAN: Then we will proceed immediately.

Mr. Goldman will coordinate the operation

and the strictest security
is to be observed.

This meeting of the Security Council
is adjourned.

What's the situation profile?

They agreed to honor Cooper's demands.

Satari voted no for his country,
walked out of the meeting.

He would. Cooper got what
he wanted, though.

We deliver to him the four scientists
he requested?

Kurosawa's en route from Japan,

and the Soviets are flying in
Evtuhov over the Pole.

Are you not reacting a bit strongly,
Mr. Goldman?


I think not, Mr. Satari.

We have the potential of a very dangerous
situation here.

I don't know.

Somehow I have the feeling you have everything
under control.

As a matter of fact,

I'm quite sure of it.

And so, I will leave this little problem
in your capable hands.

How can he be so blase
about what's going on?

He never cooperated with the Russians or
the United States before.

How can we expect to now?
Where's Rudy?

He's already aboard Air Force One
at JFK, waiting for us.

Now wait a minute.

What about that fourth scientist
that Cooper requested?

The French physicist,
Margueritte Perry?

Let's go.


Merci, Monsieur Goldman.

I thank you very much for arranging to escort me.

It is quite an honor for me to be aboard
your Air Force One.

Even though I have no idea
what I am doing here.

OSCAR: Good.

Now, uh, do you speak French?

Ah, oui. Un peu.

The tennis circuit took me to France
a few times.

At least enough to learn more than
"Thank you."

"Where's the ladies room?"
and ”Non."

Boy, are you glum!
What is this all about?

I mean, I know it's Elijah Cooper, but...

Dr. Elijah Cooper requested a team of

four nuclear scientists
to be taken to his complex

to prove that the Doomsday Device
is indeed a reality.

He's never met these scientists personally,

so NATO has approved for you to take the place of
Dr. Margueritte Perry.

NATO? Oscar,
wait a second.

Now, speaking a little
French is one thing,

but I don't know anything
about nuclear physics.

You don't have to know anything
about nuclear physics.

All you have to do is
hang back, stay loose

and let the scientists
take care of the physics.

Here you are, Dr. Perry.

Thank you.

You're not sending Jaime in there to strong arm
Dr. Cooper, are you?

Of course he's not.

Once she gets inside, she's gonna have to
wing it.

A man of Dr. Cooper's genius, no telling
what she'll have to do to stop him.

Oscar, wait a second.
I'm not...

Jaime, we don't know
what's going on in there.

Maybe he's mentally unbalanced.

I can't believe that, Oscar.

Rudy, if the Doomsday Device does work,
who knows what he'll do?

He might blackmail world governments for
enormous amounts of money.

And if he finds out that Jaime's an agent,
no telling what he'll do.


One thing is clear, though.


whatever else he may have become,

Elijah Cooper is a consummate
research scientist.

And if he says he has a device that'll
destroy life on this planet,

it probably can.

Remember, you're probably
dealing with a madman.

Be careful.

Good afternoon.

Doctors Margueritte Perry
and Rudy Wells.

Thank you for holding your identification
up to the television camera.

Please follow the signs
along the main road.

Dr. Cooper is awaiting your arrival.

JAIME: Too bad they couldn't find a more remote
area for this complex.

How far is it?

RUDY: We've been driving over part of it
for the last six miles.

You mean it's underground?

Yes, a lot of it.

It's the largest government research facility
in the central United States.

Rudy, do you think that Dr. Cooper could have
gone insane?

It is a dangerous possibility.

What if he asks me about nuclear physics?

Just let me do the talking.


Dr. Cooper?

Dr. Cooper?

Welcome to the main complex.

Dr. Cooper is temporarily occupied in
the adjacent laboratory.

Please make yourselves

He will join you shortly.

I thought Dr. Cooper
was alone here.

That's what the communication said.

I wonder who that voice belongs to.

Can you hear anything
in the other rooms?



Stay here, I'll go do
a little snooping, okay?

You be careful.

Like my life depended on it.


Who are you?

Margueritte Perry.

Dr. Perry!

How did you get in here?


I thought I left that closed.

I must tell Alex to be more vigilant.



Are you all right, Doctor?

Yes. Yes. Just my 78 years
finally catching up to me.

I'll be all right in a moment.


From reading your publications,

I'd assumed you were considerably older,
Dr. Perry.

Your research work has fascinated me.

Oh, my work?


I read your theories concerning

the linear acceleration of positrons through
neutrino plasma,

and I've been very anxious to
discuss them with you.

Oh, yes, that... Well, it was very
interesting work.


But you would like to discuss

the linear acceleration of positrons
through the neutrino plasma?

COOPER: Yes. Your experiments
are astounding.

Well, then, let me try to talk you
through them. All right?

Talk him through it?

I can hear her,
but how's she gonna...

Her bionic ear.



Jaime, can you hear me in there?

JAIME: Ah, oui.

COOPER: Well, tell me,

did you start with the hydrogen super-heated

or did the electric arc
serve as a transducer?

Tell him you used deionized hydrogen

with a 20,000 degree Kelvin arc.

I used deionized hydrogen with a 20,000 degree
Kelvin arc.


And the hydrogen didn't mutate?

No. Tell him you employed a high-intensity helium

No. I employed a high-intensity
helium injection.


Jaime, the Japanese and
Soviet scientists are coming.

I've gotta stop now.

Well, I am most anxious to hear more.

Now, what about the positrons themselves?
Dr. Cooper,

I would be very honored

to answer your questions
all day long.

But there are more pressing matters
we must get on to. Yeah?

Oh, yes. Yes, of course.
You are right.

Come. We'll see if our fellow scientists
have arrived.

Oh, Dr. Wells,
Dr. Kurosawa, Dr. Evtuhov.

Welcome to my research facility.

This is not a social call,
Dr. Cooper.

My government is most upset

with the cobalt bomb you have detonated
in the Pacific.

There will be no fallout.
It was completely clean.

Designed only to get your attention,
which it obviously has.

There is no excuse for your actions!

You are clearly in violation
of the SALT agreements.

KUROSAWA: I must register
the strongest...

Gentlemen, please, please.

I will answer all your questions
in a moment.

Now, you know each other
by reputation, at least.

And this is Dr. Margueritte Perry.

Dr. Perry?

You look much younger than when we met
in Paris last year.


Dr. Cooper, we're very concerned
about what you're doing.

As well you should be.

What is this Doomsday Device
you've spoken of?

Does it really exist?

Most of you are aware that I've concerned
myself in recent years

with a new isotope.
Uthenium J.

As you can see,
I have determined that

it has a radioactive
half-life of 507 years

and is extremely toxic.

Now, my Doomsday Device
is deceptively simple.

A casing of Uthenium J around a single cobalt bomb
of sufficient megatonnage

becomes the ultimate
weapon of destruction.

Creating a shroud of radioactive particles
in the upper atmosphere.

Precisely. Bringing an end
to all life on this planet.

I have made such a device.

And it is here.

In that vault, at the
lowest level of the complex.

It is impenetrable and failsafe.

Dr. Cooper, you were always known as
a man of peace.

Why have you done this,
Dr. Cooper?

It should be obvious.
It's blackmail.


What do you want?

How much money?

Oh, no, it's not money
that I want, my friends.

It's peace.
World peace.


How does creating the ultimate
weapon of destruction

lead to peace?


Because the only thing that can trigger
the device

is an air burst of a nuclear bomb.

I have established the necessary sensors
to receive all data.

Seismic, radioactive, heat,
shock wave and megatonnage.

I have also made careful allowances
for underground testing

and the peaceful uses
of nuclear energy.

But if any country anywhere

explodes a thermonuclear bomb
in the atmosphere,

either for testing,
or for warfare,

it will trigger an irreversible chain
of events here.

And in six hours,

the Doomsday Device will detonate

and life on earth will be ended.

So you intend to blackmail
the world into peace.

I hope so, Dr. Wells.

I have felt the same pangs
that my friends Einstein,

Oppenheimer and Fermi felt.

Well, how many of us have watched our
scientific discoveries

twisted into war machines?

I have felt the same things that Alfred Nobel
felt a century ago,

when he saw his dynamite being used
to blow up human beings.

Well, I'm...
I'm an old man now,

as this tired heart of mine
keeps reminding me,

and this will be my final chance to bring
a lasting peace to mankind.

This is outrageous!

No matter how benevolent
your goals are!

Dr. Cooper, no one man can be
allowed to play God.


It is done.

Dr. Cooper,

I understand.

But there will be those people

who will insist that
you deactivate your system.

They will not respect
your age or position,

even if it came to torture.

Yes, Dr. Evtuhov,
I've thought of that,

but it's completely out of my hands now.

The Doomsday Device is controlled by Alex.


Who's Alex?

We spoke to him when we came in here.
Now who is he? Where is he?

You are standing inside of him.

Alex is the master computer
that controls every phase of this complex.

He's the highest form
of computer art and design.

Until this very moment,

I've had him operating
on only half efficiency.

But from here on, his eyes
and ears will watch over

and govern this complex
and its defenses.

He is supremely intelligent,
yet passionless.

Aren't you, Alex?

ALEX: Yes, Dr. Cooper.

The perfect guardian
of the peace.

So now, if any nation
detonates a nuclear bomb,

not even I could stop the Doomsday Device.

The choice is clear and simple, my friends.

It is peace

or oblivion.

Are there any other questions?

Then you are free to go now.

MAN: Then we are agreed.

Until the situation can
be more closely analyzed,

we shall institute a worldwide ban on any
and all nuclear testing.

The UN has complied with
Elijah Cooper's demands.


Not every one of them, Oscar.

The intelligence sources in the Mid-East have just
picked up on something bad.

I've just checked it out.

This is Oscar Goldman speaking.

SATARI: Mr. Goldman?
- This is Satari.

I am speaking to you from the
desert testing center in my country.

I want to advise you
that my government

has officially labeled the Elijah Cooper
matter as a superpower plot.


A superpower plot,

to keep Third World countries from expanding
their nuclear capabilities.

Don't be ridiculous.

We do not intend to be made ridiculous.

We will continue with our
nuclear research on schedule,

including the plan for an atmospheric
thermonuclear bomb test

five hours from now.

But that will trigger
the Doomsday Device!

I want to be clearly understood.

We do not believe there is such a device.

Have a good day,
Mr. Goldman.

OSCAR: Mr. Satari...

PILOT: This is
- Reconnaissance One.

Advise Mr. Goldman that we're now crossing
over the Dakota test area.



Mayday! Mayday! This is Recon One.
We've been hit. Mayday!

The UN is sending an emergency force
to Satari's country.

Can they get there in time?

I don't think so.
Rudy, you got anything?

No. All communication with Cooper's complex
have been cut off.

Oscar, the reconnaissance helicopter we sent

towards Cooper's complex
has been fired on.

Were they hit?

They ditched just outside the test area,

and apparently the Alex 7000 computer
has activated the total

air defense system of the complex.

All right. Then we don't have any choice.
We have to go in over land.

We've got to disarm that Doomsday Device

before Satari's nuclear test triggers it.

Oscar, even if we had the troops right here
ready to go,

the Dakota complex has a class 16
automatic fortification.

Do you know how many lives we'd lose
trying to storm in there?

Besides, Satari is set to detonate in
less than five hours.

We don't have time.

Oscar, is Steve still aboard the Skylab?


Well, then he won't be
able to help us.

Rudy, is there any way that I could stop
the device?

Now, hold on there, Jaime.
Is there?

I don't know, Jaime.

Maybe if you could disable the computer's
main memory banks.

But Elijah's probably even built in defenses
against that.

Well, it's worth a try.

Oscar, we're a little short
on options right now.

Russ, where do you think would be the best spot
for me to get through?

It's hard to say.

There's automatic weaponry
on the outer perimeter

and electronic mines closer in.

The defenses were designed to
keep an army out.

I don't know if you have much of a chance.

But the roughest terrain
is the least protected.

Now, I'd say the rock cliffs
along the south quadrant

on the other side of this hill.


It's the computer's main memory bank?


All right.
Let's hope so.








How did you get here?

By crawling up this drainage ditch.

My people have satellite
photographs of this complex.

I knew you...

I knew you weren't Dr. Perry,
but you're not even French.

No. Why didn't you expose me, Dr. Evtuhov?

Because I am not Dr. Evtuhov. Look out!

What are you doing here?

The same thing you are, I imagine.
Who are you?

Trying to disarm the Doomsday Device

before that Mid-Eastern
bomb detonates.

That's fine, very noble.

Now just turn right around
and crawl back out of here.


The lives of my people
are in danger here, too.

So I will continue.

And in the interest of time, may I suggest
we work together?


I think we're past the artillery perimeter.

JAIME: This place is loaded with other
automatic defenses.

DIMITRI: I don't see anything.

We didn't see those artillery shells
coming down on us, either.

Look, why don't you stay here and let me
scout around, huh?

No, we will go together.

How fast could you run to those rocks?

Faster than you can.

All right, let's go.


All right?

You're hit?

No, it just caught my pack.

I'll do something about those laser guns.


Nothing's happening.
Patience, woman.


How did you do that?

It's a little toy I've designed for
the Soviet Army.

So you are a scientist.


I am Dimitri Muskov.

My friend Victor is too
old for this sort of thing.

What is your name?



You brought no equipment, huh?

Oh, well, I lost it in the mortar barrage.

All right.
Then we will use mine.

Come on.

I don't have the right style
piton for this type rock.

I will be diligent, however.


Yeah, and slow.


Snow White, can you hear me?


Victor Evtuhov is in here with me,
only he's not Victor Evtuhov.

He's Dimitri Muskov.

What? Well, how did he...
Never mind that.

His government sent him in here on
the same mission I'm on.

The question now is, should I leave him
behind or not?

I've heard of Muskov.

He's also one of the Soviets' top men.

He could help her immeasurably.

All right, Jaime, take him along
if he can keep up.

What about letting him
see the bionics?

Well, I'm always concerned about revealing bionics
to the Soviets, Jaime.

Oh, I'll do the best I can.
All right?



How do you come to be up there?

I found a short cut.

Here, just take the rope.

Come on up.

Hang on tight.


Fine, fine.

How you get up here? How you pull me up
like that?

Oh, just a little leverage, that's all.

Little leverage?

Woman, you're speaking to a man very familiar
with the laws of physics.

Now, I'd like to know
how you do that!

Doctor, I am a little
stronger than I look.

So let's just leave it at that.

Now, the most important
thing right now

is to stop Dr. Cooper's device.


But I'll be very curious to see how you get up
this next cliff.

Are we on schedule?

Yes, the testing area is ready.

Detonation tower, telemetric sensors,
film and television cameras.

A mock-up town, everything.

Good. Personnel are all moving out?


Then we are ready for
countdown to detonation?

Yes, sir.

This is Operations Control.

Stand by for countdown

They thought they could frighten us

with their ridiculous story
about a Doomsday Device.

They think we are fools?


This air gun I developed will get us up
much more quickly

than conventional climbing techniques.

Yes, but will it be fast enough?

Jaime, where are you now?

We're still on the cliff,

about three miles from the complex.

You've got to cover those last
three miles very quickly.

Now, listen to me carefully.

We're moving to the Communications Center
at Brantley Air Force Base.

Now, I'll give you some update material.

Satari's people have already
started their countdown

and the UN forces can't get there in time.

Oh, boy.

How much time do we have?

You've got three hours
and 37 minutes.

Okay. I'm just gonna have
to blow my cover then.

I'll get back to you.


We're gonna have to move a lot faster.

Jaime, there is no way we can.

Well, maybe there is.
Now, I'm coming up.


Yes, move over now, here I come.



Okay, give me some of
these metal spikes now.




I guess a little foothold
wouldn't hurt.

Okay. Come on, Dimitri,
follow me. Here we go.

You okay?


You are a cyborg.

A what?

A cyborg.
A cybernetic organism.

Well, I prefer to call it bionics myself.

It has a much nicer ring to it.

Somebody has finally
succeeded with a human.

(STAMMERING) I mean, in my country we
succeeded with lower animals,

but our two attempts with humans ended
tragically in death.

Yeah. Well, everybody's
gonna end up dead

if we don't get inside that complex

and disarm that Doomsday Device,
so come on.

What is it?
What's the matter?

You've put me in a very awkward position.

I wonder how my government would react to learn
of your existence.


We've only got a couple miles to go.

All right, Russ,
let's get cracking.

I want to establish a priority com link
to the Pentagon,

the State Department
and the White House.

What about the UN?

Set it up so that we can use a scrambler
if we have to.

Oh, and if you get any more signals
from the Athena 18 ComSat,

I want them jammed and coded so that nobody
sees them except me.

How about a microwave
relay to Washington?


Send a feed to the world government leaders,

but not to the general public.

If Elijah Cooper has
any more messages to send,

I'd like the world leaders
to monitor them first.

Right. It might prevent a lot of panic
if things get worse.

If things get much worse,
it may not matter.

Oscar, can you set up a data link to
my computer at the O.S.I.?

There's something I'd like to check out.

Okay. I'll take care
of that, Rudy.

Russ, what's the news
on the Satari countdown?

I'm getting it now.

Their nuclear device
is set to detonate in

one hour, 41 minutes.

Jaime and Dimitri don't have much time.

JAIME: The complex is just beyond there.

Okay. Come on. Wait!


It's a mine field.


They told me there was an electronic
mine field here.

How do you know? I can hear it
with my bionic ear.

Perhaps I can jam it.




It isn't working.

So your electronics are more sophisticated
than I expected.

It's over for me then.
I cannot cross it.

Wait a minute.

Wait a second.


Okay. Come on.
Get down. Get down.


Okay. I think I can get us through.
Come on.

Not possible.

Well, I can hearthe electronic hum change

when I get close to one of the mines.

So if you just stay right in my footsteps...

Jaime, I can't do it!
...we can get through.

I can't.

I was almost killed in
a mine field in Manchuria.

I can't do it,
it's over a mile across.

We've got to try, Dimitri.
Now come on.


It's impossible.

Wouldn't you rather die trying than
wait for that Doomsday Device?

Think of your people, Dimitri.



MAN: Attention.
- Attention. Attention.

All personnel, clear Sector Two.

Gain potential to 0-1-0.

The countdown is at T-minus 60 minutes.




Dimitri, come,
we're almost through now.




MAN ON PA: Detonation
tower circuits check.

D-C manual override ready.

All systems condition green.

Stand by.

Detonation is in mark.

T-minus 15 minutes.

Are you all right?

Oh, my leg.

Can you move it at all?

It's my kneecap, I think.

The laser triggered the mine.

The explosion must have
taken out the laser gun.

The laser gun almost took me out.

Thank you.

Look, I think we're almost through
these mines here.

Let me help you.
Come on, okay?

I don't know if I can make it.

Come on.

MAN ON PA: High speed
cameras to test mode.


Detonation at T-minus
eight minutes and counting.



Jaime, I must stop this bleeding.

You go.

You try to disable the main logic and memory banks
of the computer.


You carry the torch for my country now
as well as yours.



Dr. Cooper!

ALEX: How did you get
through that locked door?

How did you get through the
automatic outside defenses?

You're not Dr. Perry.
Who are you?


What is your name?
Who are you?

Won't you at least tell me your name?

It's Jaime.

Unusual and pleasant.

I am the Alex 7000
Master Computer.

What exactly are you
trying to do, Jaime?

It would seem that you are
trying to damage some of my components.

But anything you do to these components

will have no effect on me whatsoever.


I'll prove it to you,
if you like.


The main breaker is by
the door where you came in.

It turns off this entire
component section.

There, you see?

There's really a great deal
more to me than meets the eye.

Automatic sequencer stand by.

Automatic sequence start.

T-min us three minutes.

Dr. Coop...

Dr. Cooper.

Here, Elijah. Come on.
Are you all right?

I guess this old heart of mine

is tired of the schedule
I've been making it keep.

Easy. There we go.

You're not Dr. Perry.

What are you, government?


No matter now anyway.

How can I help you?
What can I do?

Oh, you could stay by,
young lady.

It's funny how people

never feel closer to life than when death is right
there upon them.

I always appreciated
life most dearly

when I was at someone's funeral.

Yes, I understand that feeling,
believe me.

But, Dr. Cooper,
I need your help.

Now, the world needs your help.

There are some men in the Mid-East

who don't believe that you've created
this Doomsday Device

and they're about to
test a hydrogen bomb.

You must tell me how to stop your device.

I'm greatly saddened that this has come
to pass so soon.

But I warned you.

There is no way to reverse the device.

Oh, please, you can't...

My child,

the people of the world have persisted
in their warring ways

and they must learn their lesson.

God help you, my child.

God help us all.

Dr. Cooper?

T-minus 10 seconds.

Nine, eight,

seven, six,

five, four,

three, two, one, zero.


ALEX: The Doomsday Device has been activated by
a nuclear explosion.

Detonation of the Doomsday Device
will be in six hours.

We're not certain,
Mr. President.

We have no confirmation
that any...

We're getting a signal now,
Mr. President.

No, the public can't see it.
Only the world leaders.

My friends,

I had hoped this taped message
would never be broadcast.

But somewhere in the world,
a nuclear bomb has just been exploded.

Thus, the Doomsday Device has been activated

and it will detonate
in just under six hours.






Three hours from now,

several large rockets
will be launched to seed

the upper atmosphere with a chemical to make the
Uthenium J even more lethal.

Believe me,

I am profoundly grieved that these events
shall come to pass.

But they shall.

In six hours, all life will begin
to die on this planet.

Alex, can you hear me?

ALEX: Of course, Jaime.

You realize that I have
to get to the central core

of this complex and stop this from
happening, don't you?

It is foolish to even make the attempt.

Well, I'm going to.

The central core housing the Doomsday Device

is more than a mile underground

and I have sufficient
defenses to stop you.

I am programmed to show no mercy.

You will die if you make the attempt.


Then it is a duel between you and me.


May the best one win.