The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 2, Episode 12 - Biofeedback - full transcript

Jaime teams up with Darwin Jones, an expert in meditation and biofeedback to stop his brother Payton from selling a code analyzer to foreign powers. If they get their hands on the analyzer, the identities of every OSI agent are at stake.

JAIME: Rudy?


He's cold.


He's dead.



RUDY: You're not listening, Payton.

Oscar is not being unreasonable.

The coding analyzer you developed for us
is a masterpiece.

We know that.

This is just the beginning.

We only have so much money
to spread around, Payton.

Then why don't you cut back someplace else?

Why does it have to be
my research funds?

You know, everybody feels
that way when budget cuts affect them.

It's not as if I were asking for
a fortune, Oscar.

I know how you feel Payton, but...

- Jaime, what's wrong?

There's a dead man in your office.

He's dead!

It's amazing.

Who is he? How did this
happen, Rudy?

- Nothing.

Tune in your bionic ear, Jaime. See if you can
hear anything.

I already did that.
- Please.


Oh, now there's a heartbeat.


He's coming back.

From the dead?

Rudy, was he dead or not?

To all external appearances, yes.

But this is quite an unusual man, Jaime.

(SCOFFS) Oh, really?
Does he, uh, drop off like this often?

I have never seen him
go this far.

JAIME: Who is he?

He's all right.

Good. I'm going back
to my office, Rudy.

Payton, we'll talk some more later.

What's left to talk about?

He doesn't seem very happy that his
brother's all right.

There's always been a rivalry between them,
I think.

Darwin was the youngest doctor to ever graduate
from Harvard Medical School.

He then went on to do some pioneering brain
research at MIT.

The O.S.I.'s sponsoring him.

The last three years he's spent in meditation
with monks in Tibet.

Wait till you see what else he can do.


Darwin, are you all right?

How do you feel?

Very refreshed.

I wish you wouldn't go that far under
without warning me.

I'm sorry.
Did I startle you?

Oh, you scared the (CLEARS THROAT)
out of me.

Oh, Jaime Sommers.
This is Darwin Jones.


Welcome back, Brother.

Hi, Payton.

Here, let me get this off you.



I'm sensing electrostatic
buildup in the EKG unit.


Darwin can make his body sensitive to
external electrical fields.


You're right. There's a loose
ground wire.

Yes. It's all right now.

Here, let me give you a hand.



What's the matter?

Your arm seems to have
an electrical field.

Oh. Really?

Uh... You know, I learned a little bit
about meditation

and a lot about concentration when
I was a tennis pro.

But what you did was incredible.
How do you do that?

Well, it works like this.

As a doctor I have a very detailed knowledge
of my anatomy,

how my body works.

What I've trained my mind to do,

with the help of the masters in Tibet,

is to raise my level
of awareness

to a point where I can now focus inside myself
onto a specific muscle,

or a specific set of nerve endings,

and increase or decrease
its activity.

So you literally told your heart
to stop beating,

and then start beating again?

Basically, yes.

Oh, the scientific term
for that is biofeedback.

Oh, yeah. Well, what about
pain tolerance?

I knew a girl who could go to the dentist
and she meditated

instead of using Novocaine.

That's our next experiment with him.

We're gonna see how much pain
he can endure.

Dr. Wells' office.

MAN: Is Payton Jones there?

Yes, he is.
Just a moment.

Dr. Jones, telephone.

Thank you.


Dr. Jones?
This is Mr. Karp.

I told you not to call me anymore.
I can't talk to you.

Then let me talk.

I'm very impressed by what I've heard about
your coding analyzer.

And I think you should be allowed to continue
your research work.

I told you, I am not interested in you or...
Please listen.

I'm willing to increase
my offer to you.

JAIME: I don't know, Darwin.
- That looks a lot worse than the dentist.


You're really gonna walk
across those hot coals?

Yes. It's one of the traditional tests
at the monastery.

After you've spent a few years learning
how to prepare your mind.

How exactly do you prepare your mind
for this one?

Well, the key to the entire technique

is to be totally at peace with yourself,

with no thoughts at all
to distract you.

Like a clear lake with no ripples.

Then, with my inner voice,

I speak to the specific parts
of my body, as you said,

and tell 'em what to do.

What happens if you do have
distracting thoughts?

It gets to be very risky.

Now, Dar, are you sure you want to go through
with this?

I'm sure.

When I open my eyes again,
I'll be ready.

This is how it's done, Jaime.

DARWIN: Om Shanti.

Peace. Peace.

Now, relax.
Relax the femoral arteries.

Let the femoral arteries dilate and enlargen
to carry more blood.

And now the heart.

Increase cardiac frequency.


Accelerate circulation rate to carry heat
from lower extremities.

Increase perspiration flow
in the soles of the feet.

And now anesthetize the feet.

My feet feel nothing.

They're bathed in perspiration.

Cooled by the blood.

All body systems will continue
functioning this way.

Ready... Now.

RUDY: That charcoal is
at 120 degrees centigrade.

KARP: Payton,
are you listening?

DARWIN: All body systems
normalize now.

Normalize and relax.

Peacefully. Om...

How'd we do?
Let me see.

You did very well. Anybody else would have
had third degree burns.

I don't believe it.
You're not burned at all?


[KARP: The OS] won't make you such a generous
offer. Will they, Payton?

Think it over.

PAYTON: Hey, Rudy.
- Yeah?

Thanks a lot for hamstringing me
in Goldman's office.

He asked for my honest opinion, Payton.

Yeah, well, you gave it to him
in spades, didn't you?

Payton, calm down.

I'm not blessed with your gift of calm,
dear brother.

Thanks again, Rudy. I'm gonna remember
your support.

Oscar cut back on his research funds?

I'm afraid so.

I'd better go talk to him.

We'll do the water test
when I get back.

What's the matter, Rudy?

Jaime, do me a favor, will you?

Would you listen to them, hmm?

Well, it's not very ethical, Doctor.

I wouldn't ask you to
do this, you know that,

but Payton's been working with some very high
security code materials

and I'm worried about
his mental attitude.

Now, would you?


PAYTON: Yes, of course,
I'm angry.

O.S.I. is cutting back the funding to my entire
cryptographic department.

"Oh, this coding analyzer that you've already
developed, Payton,

"is more than sufficient to fill our needs
for the next decade."

Well, is it?


DARWIN: Payton, you told me how proud you were
of your coding analyzer.

You said it could decipher...
What was it?

Irrational bigram substitution codes.

In a matter of hours.

That's quite an achievement.

Point is that we were just starting to scratch
the surface.

They are so inane in this place.

Calm down, Payton.


No, maybe you're right.

Or maybe if I could stop my heart
from beating...

Maybe I could get a little attention,
too, huh?

Now you never have any trouble getting your
research grants, do you?

Your work is so dramatic.

Oh, come on now.


Oh, it's true. The flashy projects

Always capture the limelight
and the money.

And for what, Brother?

To teach people to walk around on red hot coals
in their bare feet?

My coding analyzer is tangible. It works!

But my research is a little dull,
isn't it?

Passed a lot of years
sitting in this office

pushing pencils.


Take it easy, Payton.

That's always the way it's been for you, huh,

Easy. Even when we were kids.

Only you didn't have
a genius brother

that you had to live up to.

And then when you came back from Tibet with that
calm, self-righteous attitude...


You are so together, Brother,
that it drives me crazy

to be in the same room with you.

What's the use?

What's the sense in trying to make you
understand, huh?

You're so wrapped up
in yourself,

you can't even see what you've done
to my life.

This is getting a little personal, guys.


I think you're right to be concerned about Payton.
He's really upset.

That's what I was afraid of.

I better call Oscar and have him lock up

Payton's security materials and the coding
analyzer until Payton calms down.

Excuse me.
I'll be right back.


Dar, be right with you.

- Hello.

Well, you have the next gauntlet set up for me
to run, huh?


RUDY: Okay,
you're all wired up.

Are you sure you're all right?

Yes, I'm fine.

You're not having any of those distracting
thoughts, are you?

It'll block your feedback.


We'll be watching closely.
If you get into any trouble,

you just signal me and I'll have you out
of there in two seconds.


Now, you ready?

When I open my eyes.
RUDY: Right.

Here we go.

DARWIN: Om Shanti. Peace.

PAYTON: You didn't have a genius brother that
you had to live up to.

DARWIN: Peace. - Peacefulness.

You didn't have a genius brother
that you had to...

Good. Now respiratory system
will hyperventilate.

Maximum oxygenation in the bronchial tree.

Good. Now substandardize
metabolic rate,

lower need for oxygen.

Okay, get him in.

Get him around on the other side once
he gets over our heads.

Over to the right.


PAYTON: genius brother
that you had to live up to.

RUDY: Very good.
- Another foot.

Hold it.

Must maintain control.

Lower him in.

Lower heart rate.

Restrict blood flow to abdomen and
lower extremities.

PAYTON: (ECHOING) ...drives me crazy to be
in the same room with you.

Rudy, I'm worried about him.

We'll keep a close eye on him.

PAYTON: (ECHOING) Easy. - That's always the way
it's been for you...

Drives me crazy to be around you.

DARWIN: No outside thoughts.
Must maintain control.

Relax cardiac muscles.
Slow down heart rate.

- Even when we were kids.

So wrapped up in yourself...

No outside thoughts.

Peace. Peace.

PAYTON: You can't even see what you've
done to my life...

Rudy, he's in trouble!

Bring him up! Quick!

It's jammed.
It's jammed!



Lower him down.



Bring the oxygen. Quick!

No, I'm okay.

No. You take a little.

Go on, breathe!

MAN ON PA: Dr. Wells. - Security calling,
section four.

Watch him. Watch him.
Very carefully.



You were thinking about
Payton, weren't you?

Jaime, the coding analyzer
has disappeared.

And so has Payton.

Jaime, we have reason
to believe that

Payton is heading toward East Germany.

JAIME: How do you know?

Steve is working undercover in Brussels

investigating an expatriate American
by the name of Ivan Karp.

This man Karp deals in the buying and selling
of top secret material.

Like the coding analyzer?

Right. We've traced him to a small town
in East Germany

called Halderstadt.

We believe that the two
will rendezvous there.

Is Steve going in?

No, he has to remain
in Brussels, undercover.

I get to go to Germany?

Right away.

We believe that Karp
already has a coded list

of all the O.S.I. agents
around the world.

If Payton sells the decoder analyzer to him

and tells him how to use it...

It gets decoded, and we are all
in a lot of trouble.

I'll radio as soon as I go across the border
at Halderstadt.

OSCAR: Good luck.

You're going after my brother.

No, I am going after
the coding analyzer.

I want to go with you.

I can't let you do that.

I want to try and talk
my brother into coming back.

He's not a criminal.

He's just feeling frustrated
and unappreciated.

And I know that I've been the cause
of part of that anger.

I can't let you go with me.
I've got to go in there alone.

Now, I promise you if there's any way at
all that I can bring him back for you,

I will.




DARWIN: Jaime!


I don't believe this.

Now, don't be angry.
I had to follow you.

No, you have to get out of here before
they see us!

I know I can help.

I speak a little German,

and the biofeedback techniques I've developed

may be useful in getting to Payton.

Darwin, your biofeedback
is really amazing.

But it is also unreliable.

Now, you almost drowned
the other day in that tank

and it was the minute you started thinking
about Payton.

Now, there's a lot more
to think about out here.

I can do it, Jaime.

Will you be reasonable?

This fence is 10 feet high. It's got barbed wire
at the top,

and it is high voltage.

How'd you get over it?

Well, you can't do it my way.

Well, then I'll do it mine.

I can use the biofeedback to let the high voltage
pass right through me.

I'll just climb over it.

Right. And what's gonna happen when
you start thinking

about the men with the guns
down there, who will shoot,

if they see you?

I can do it, Jaime.

You are impossible!

DARWIN: Om shanti. Peace.



DARWIN: Maintain low viscosity
between nerve synapses.

JAIME: the men with the guns, who will
shoot, if they see you?

No outside thoughts. None.


DARWIN: Injury to left deltoid muscle.

- Men with guns...

DARWIN: Anesthetize left deltoid muscle.

Must not allow distraction.

Anesthetize left deltoid muscle.

JAIME: will shoot,
if they see you...

DARWIN: Anesthetize.
- Must not allow distraction.

Darwin, let go.

Are you all right?

Sure. Piece of cake.

I told you I could get over it.

Darwin, your arm is bleeding.

I've anesthetized it and constricted
the blood vessels.

It'll stop soon.

Come on, we're gonna
go borrow a car.


Let me get it.

It's locked.


I'll get you started
down the hill.

Get in the car,
let's go. Come on.




Yup, it's a combination
of biology and electronics.

Mmm-hmm. So that's why I sensed
an electrical field

around your arm.

Can you tell me more about it?

I will in a minute.

Snow White, come in. This is Dopey.
Can you read?

Repeat. This is Dopey.
Can you hear me?

Hello, Dopey.
I read you fine.

We're bouncing your signal
via communication satellite from Munich.

How are you?

Dopey is fine, but Doc has come along
for the ride.


Yeah. Doc Darwin.

So that's where he is.
I want you to promise me

that you won't take him across
the border, Jaime.

Oh, now would I do a dopey thing like that?


You got any updates for me?

Yeah. We found out that Karp definitely
has the coded list

of all of the names of our agents, including
yours and Steve.

So I should get that list as well as
the decoder, huh?


Steve picked up a name.

A hotel called The Ellrich
in Halderstadt.

That might be where Payton and
Karp are meeting.

Okay. We'll check it out. Bye.

What do you mean "we," Jaime?


You said "we."


JAIME: Darwin, wait.

That's Ivan Karp right there.

Come on.


I took Dr. Jones and the coding analyzer to
your estate on Bruck Road.

Does he suspect anything?

No. He still thinks you plan on financing
his continued research.

Oh, Dr. Jones is so naive to think we'd share
our profits with him.


Once he's decoded the O.S.I. list for us

and we're certain the analyzer is genuine,

we'll dispose of him.

We should go.

Come on.
It's nothing.

It's okay now.


They've gone.
You can let go of me.

Oh. Sure. Shouldn't we go after them?

Yes. I know where they're going,

so we can catch up with them.

I think that couple was watching you.

Well, it's no matter
if they were.

You know how elaborate the security system is
at the estate.

No intruder has ever tried
to penetrate it

and lived.

DARWIN: We just passed Kraftshofer.

Bruck Road should be
the next right turn.


Hey, I'm sorry about the way I grabbed you
back there.

I'm sorry I didn't have the time to take
advantage of it...

Oh. I'm not so sure you would have.

You may come off pretty self-sufficient,
Dr. Jones,

but I kind of get the feeling maybe
you're a little

shy and possibly a little lonely, huh?

Yeah. I'm beginning to see that.

The trap in getting too wrapped up
in yourself is that

you can lose other people.

Maybe Payton wouldn't have done this if I'd
have taken the time

to share my experiences
with him.

Help him find some peace of mind.

When we get him out of here, that's
exactly what I'm gonna do.

Darwin, I really had
better do this alone.

No, Jaime. I need to do this
for myself, too.

Because if my biofeedback techniques

can't be made to work in real life stress

well, then Payton's right.

They're just a scientist's
curious hobby.

Bruck Road is just ahead.

I know you want to come along,

but let's be straight here
for a second, all right?

We're inside East Germany
and Oscar cannot send

the cavalry in to get me
out of trouble.

Now, I have to work my way through God
knows what kind of

a security system

into Karp's mansion,
get the coding analyzer

and the list of agents
and get out alive.

And there's one more thing.

They're planning on killing Payton anyway,

so they wouldn't hesitate for one second to kill
either one of us.

Now, if you're concerned
about stress situations

this is going to be wall-to-wall stress,

and, personally, I don't think
you can handle it.

Yes, I can.
I'm gonna go with you.

Darwin, please don't
argue with me about it.

If you try to go without me,
I'm just gonna follow you.

I'm going to go, Jaime.

For my brother's sake
and for my own.

I'm gonna go.


It's quite an impressive estate you have here,
Mr. Karp.


It's a wealth you'll be
sharing in, my friend.

The sale of your coding analyzer will
bring you a fortune.

And that's only the beginning.

And we're quite safe here.

I have a fetish for security.

The entire grounds around this estate are
under constant surveillance.

If anyone tries to gain entrance
without my invitation,

he'll be spotted and killed.

There's Karp's estate.

How good a swimmer are you?

Well, I do a fair bionic butterfly.

But I don't think this is the time to get
my hair wet.

Hmm. No wonder it looked so easy.

Look, why don't we, uh...

Why don't we circle the lake and approach
the castle from there?

It's worth a try.
Okay. Come on.


What is it?
What's the matter?

There's some sort of
electrical field up ahead.

What does it do?

We'll see if we can find out.

Here, you can throw this
further than I can.




Oh, tear gas.


Oh! Look it! Look it.


Mr. Karp, there's been
a security breach

in sector four.

What do you suppose it was?
An animal?

It's possible.

All right, keep watch.

Well, now, this is the list I spoke of.

Deciphering it will test your
coding analyzer,

but you'll have to hurry.

A group of potential
buyers is flying in

by helicopter within
the next four hours.

What sort of a list is it?

Oh, nothing important.
Just some names.

Don't worry, I'll have it in
the clear by then.

JAIME: That wall is about 75 yards
from here.

And someone is watching those 75 yards on
a TV monitor.

So we got two problems now,
all right?

Now, we've got to get
to the wall without

tripping the sensors
that fire the tear gas.

And we have to move fast enough

to beat that remote-controlled
TV camera

before it can pan over
the area again.

Tell me something.

Can you let that electronic sensor

pass through you like
you did the high voltage

on the fence last night?

I think so.

Okay, so then you can
just run through there

without setting off the gas.



And I can run through there at 60 miles an hour
holding my breath.

Hmm. So even when you trip the tear gas
you'll still

get past it before the camera can spot you.


Huh. Okay.

Me first.

DARWIN: Om shanti.

Peace. Peace.

Relax body synapse circuitry

and let electrical impulses pass freely.


All right. The camera
is panning away.

Okay? Go!






DARWIN: Om Shanti.
- Peace. Peace.

Anesthetize optic nerves
and corneal surfaces.

Increase adrenalin flow.

MAN: What's causing it?

MAREK: Pan the camera
back manually.

DARWIN: Increase adrenaline flow.

MAREK: I don't see anything,
but something's wrong.

You take over here. I'm going to check
area four.


Jaime? Jaime?

Dar? Hi.

You all right?

Yeah, I think so.

Oh, everybody needs a good cry now and then,
you know.


Well, for a guy

who was worried about stress situations,
you did all right.

I did that time, didn't I?

You're gonna be fine.

You're gonna be really fine.

Where are we?

Well, the wall is next
and then we're inside.


Well, should we give it a go?



How do you feel about a little
bionic boost?

You're on.

Okay. Give me your foot, sir.



Oh, that wasn't too bad, huh?
Let's go.

Okay. Come on.



Darwin! Darwin?

Take it easy.

He's dead.

Oh, Darwin.

DARWIN: Hold cardiac
rate to zero.

Maintain control.
Anesthetize chest area.

Drop the body in the lake.

If you try anything foolish,

you'll end up dead.

Like your partner out there.

I thought I heard a...


No, no. It's nothing.
You can go back to work.

We caught two of your former associates from
the O.S.I. trying to get in.


Where is the other one?

Mr. Karp,
it's our buyers.

Oh, my God.
Who was that?

Your brother.

He was trying to get to you,

hoping to talk you into coming back.

But he didn't make it.

I didn't think anyone would get killed.

If you decode that list for Karp,

a lot of other people
are going to be killed,

including someone who is as close to me
as Darwin was to you.


Jaime, I didn't want
anyone to die.

DARWIN: Increase.
Increase cardiac rate now.

Try to hold at four beats
per minute.

Dilate carotid artery.

Must keep blood flowing to my brain.

Constrict all other arteries.

Need oxygen! No!

Must hold respiration to zero.

Good news, Payton.

Our buyers are en route
by helicopter.

They'll be here within the hour.

Better get back on your machine and complete
deciphering that list.

Payton, are you listening?

Oh, the list, yes.

They're going to kill you,
too, Payton.

Don't be ridiculous. She'll say anything.

Get on with the list.

DARWIN: Isolate wound.

Partially sensitize intercostal nerves.

Oh! Bullet lodged in rib cage below
ninth intercostal nerve.

Anesthetize intercostal nerves.

I can't do it!
I'm going to drown!

Yes, I can.

Think of Jaime.

JAIME: You'll be fine.
- You're gonna be really fine.

DARWIN: That's it.

Now contract the serratus anterior.

Close the wound.

Dilate axillary arteries
in both arms.

Helicopter has just been
spotted on radar.

It will be landing in the garden
in five minutes.


Marek, go get Payton Jones,
bring him here.

That won't be necessary,
Mr. Karp.

Why? Is the list decoded already?

There won't be any decoding.

I've already destroyed both the list
and the analyzer.

You've what?

Nobody else is gonna die
because of me.


Nobody makes a fool of me!



Come on.
Let's get out of here.

Wait, Payton.

Are you all right?
I thought you were dead.


Come on!


Are you gonna be all right?

The wound has reopened.

PAYTON: How are we going to get out of here?

JAIME: I'll show you,
come on.

PAYTON: It's the buyers
- Karp was expecting.

JAIME: I know,
I'll handle this. Okay.

Welcome, gentlemen. Mr. Karp's going to
meet you himself.

You go right through that door,
it'll be all right.

Get this thing off the ground.






How you doing?

You know, this hospital staff
cannot not believe

how quickly you're recuperating.

Well, they still won't
let me out of this thing.

You lost a lot of blood getting me
out of that place.

Blood is one thing I haven't

learned to replenish
with biofeedback techniques.


Did, uh, Oscar say anything about Payton?

Yes. And he's reviewing the case
with the Secretary now.

Uh... I think that everything's gonna
work out fine.

I hope so.

We could use some time
to learn how to be brothers.

Yeah. You know,

Dar's started teaching me some of
his meditation techniques.

They work.


I know! I've been trying those exercises
that you taught me

and I feel a lot more relaxed and in touch
with myself since I have.

You been in touch with your stomach lately?


I thought you were gonna take me to lunch.

I am!
We're having couscous.

Oh, good.

My stomach's been growling
all morning.

Well, when your body talks to you,
you should listen!