The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 2, Episode 11 - Jaime's Shield: Part 2 - full transcript

Jaime has graduated from police academy and is set to work in Santa Regina's 5th precinct. Foreign premier Rinja Gabrin is about to visit the city, and is the target of the foreign agent and the crooked cops she has bought off.

OSCAR: Jaime,
an enemy agent

has just enrolled in the Santa Regina
Police Academy.

A woman. We don't know
her identity,

who she works for,
or what her mission is.

All we know is that she's a key
to something big

that's gonna happen in this city.

PARKER: (IN FOREIGN ACCENT) - We acquire what we
need gradually, crate by crate,

and no one will be the wiser.

JAIME: Oscar, Smith is good at everything.

She's got to be the one.

I'm gonna follow her tonight
and see where she goes.


What are you doing?

The name on the file
is Arleen Smith.

But the fingerprints tell us that
it's Arleen Hart.

The police commissioner's

Told you.
I'm glad.

JAIME: Well, we're right back
where we started, Oscar.

We still don't know who the woman agent is.

The job at the precinct is all set.
You start tomorrow.

We fooled them, Partnow.

Everything is working perfectly.

In a little over a week,
we get Rinja Gabrin.

A delivery truck.
I saw it, too.

It was a red one?

That's it.
That's the truck.


He's sure it's SOMMERS?

Positive. And she's driving
a white pickup.

Tell him to keep driving around
the industrial area.

I think it's time to put our new little force
to the test.

And make Jaime SOMMERS the first victim
of my impostors.

OSCAR: I want her to graduate
from the academy,

and be assigned to the Fifth Precinct, sir.

That's where she saw
the delivery truck,

and that's where she was run
off the road.

I want her to go out on the streets
as a cop.

WELTON: Okay, hit it, SOMMERS.
Now hit it!

You said brake it!

All right, now just shut up and drive!

Can't go faster.

Okay, get ready!

And punch it!

If you can't take the pressure
in a parking lot, babe,

you'd better forget the street.

They've assigned her
to my precinct.

Good luck, SOMMERS.

I hope Goldman knows
what he's getting you into.

I hope so too, sir.

But it doesn't really matter.

Jaime SOMMERS isn't going
to last two days on the job.

OSCAR: And now the conclusion of ”Jaime's
Shield” on The Bionic Woman.

This is Seven-Baker-12,

Seven-Baker-12. We're taking
a Code 7.

OFFICER 2 ON RADIO: Got you Baker 12.
At the Santa Regina Inn?

That's a Roger.
It's been a long day.



OSCAR: Okay,

where do we stand on the precinct assignments
of the other women cadets?

Well, Kelly is in the Tenth Precinct,

Lewis is in seven,

and all the rest, Rosnigano...


Yeah, Smith and, uh...

The one who couldn't pass the street test,

are all in the Fifth.

The Parker girl's working as a file clerk.
She's harmless.

I'd say, uh, Rosignano...

Ro... Rosignano?


Yeah, or Smith are your prime suspects.

JAIME: Yeah. - You know, that Smith
is a troublemaker.

Did you check out that delivery truck?

Captain Jetton said it
was using stolen plates.

He's notified his precinct
to keep an eye out for it.


Okay. Is that it?

No, wait.

Rinja Gabrin is going to visit Santa Regina
day after tomorrow

to be examined by an eye specialist.

The Premier? Well, that's probably what all
this spy business is about.

There's a lot of countries that would like to
see her out of the way.

That's the first thing
we thought of.

But since her security people don't announce
her travel plans,

until two days before she arrives,

we don't think it has any correlation
with your mission.

Nobody would have any idea.

Just in case, I'm having
the police escort

come from a precinct
without any rookies.

Oh, the codename Gabrin's people
have given us

for the visit is Guardian Angels.


We thought you ought to know.

Oh, thank you. Now may I go?

If those streets are as tough
as Welton says,

I'm gonna need all the rest
I can get.

If you have any leads or problems,
don't forget to call me.


I don't have to tell
you to be careful.

But you will.
Be careful.

There's only one thing more dangerous than
being an undercover agent.

Being a schoolteacher?

Being a cop.




All right, all right! Settle down
or I'll call your wives.

These ladies are trained
police officers

and are to be treated as such.

Got that, you goons?


Now, if you police persons
will kindly take your seats.

Hey good looking!

What you doing tonight, baby?

Can't seem to get away from you,

Oh, you love it, and you know it,

JETTON: Come on, come on, listen up.
Yeah, like I like arsenic.

First off, I'd like to welcome back
Partnow and Welton

from their stint at the Academy.

And introduce you to...

The three rookies who you so warmly
welcomed at the door.






Rosnigano will be teamed with Jordan,

Smith with Partnow,


and SOMMERS will ride with Welton.

Hot stuff, Bob.

So much for my men.

Why me?

down to business.

The Industry Street mugger is at it again.

Five hits last night.

For the benefit of our new officers,
he's a male Caucasian,

35 years of age, 5' 11", 160,
with dark brown hair.

He was wearing his usual brown coat
and he used a knife.

Last item is a theft.

Last night, two large motorcycles
from the dealer on Seventh.

They were the same kind of Italian machines
that we use at this precinct.

Both were white with black trim.

Keep your eyes open. Neither one of them
had dealer plates.

That's about it for this hour.
Hit the street.


Later, Jetton.


Huh? Wait a minute,
wait a minute.

I was thinking about something that your father
told me yesterday.

What was that?
Well, he...

He told me that Captain Jetton
was telling everyone

to keep an eye out for a red delivery truck.

Hmm. He didn't say anything
about it at roll call.

I know.
That's what bothers me.


Well, sometimes they just put out a general watch
for a vehicle

and leave it at that.

Dad didn't come up with anything on it,

I guess not.

Hmm. Maybe we ought to
run another check.

How do we do that?

We've got friends in the right places.

Yes, we do.

Hiya, Parker.
How you doing?

Hi, guys.

Uh, okay, I guess.



Today's the big day, huh?

Mmm-hmm. Yes, and, uh, Muncho
here got Partnow.

Yeah. Well,
Jaime got Welton.

Oh, now, listen,
you guys are lucky.

I would give anything
to be in your shoes.

Even with Welton for a partner.


Listen, we were wondering
if you could do us a favor.


Well, could you run a check on a red
delivery truck for us?

Yeah, it's a late model one ton step van.

The plates read U-9-9-5-6-6.
But they were stolen.

Yeah. What do you want
to know about it?

Anything. Just any connections to crimes,
or people or places.

Anything you can find out.


Are you police persons gonna stand around
and gab all day long

or are you gonna go to work?

Our taskmaster calls.

Will you do it for us?

Sure thing.

Thank you.
Good luck, you guys.

Come on, Muncho.

Jetton? Come down here.

I need your signature
to pull some files.

One of them having to do
with our red delivery truck.

you made it, SOMMERS.

JAIME: No thanks to you.

Listen, you're gonna have to
earn my respect.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

Did you notice anything
about that blue Ford?

Well, it had a temporary
permit in the window.

See the date?


SOMMERS, you've gotta get on the ball.
It expired last week.



WOMAN: Help!
- Stop him!

Stop the car!

Stop the car!

What do you mean, stop the car?
We're chasing a suspect.

I don't care!

There's a woman screaming.


Help! The thief went down the alley!


All right, get on your feet.
What are you doing?


Now, drop the knife or I'll do the same
thing to your fingers.

Turn around. Get up against
the fence. Go on.

Stay put. Come on,
get your feet.


Give me your left hand.

SOMMERS, I'm gonna have
your head for this.

Did... Did you know that,
that's the mugger

we've been looking for for months?

That the weapon?
Uh, yeah.

This thing's bent like a pretzel.
How'd you...

Oh, that was easy. That...
That's a toy knife.

It doesn't look like a toy to me.



The blade's made out of tin.

He probably picked it
up at a five and ten.

See. Nothing.

Wow! I guess, uh...

I guess I owe you an apology.

You're a pretty good cop, Jaime.

Thanks, Bob.


Parker speaking.

Yes, this is Parker.

Guardian Angels.
Yes, I have it.


Jetton here.

PARKER: Our inside contact
just called.

When is it?

Tomorrow, 2:00.

Codename, Guardian Angels.

Guardian Angels.

You'll be sure to have
the helicopter ready?


What about SOMMERS?

We can't get Gabrin with her hanging around.

No, or with the Smith girl
around either.

After this morning,
I think she's O.S.I. too.

I will arrange something with our police force
for tomorrow morning.

Something in the line of duty.

When we get ready to move,

I want Smith and SOMMERS dead.

ARLEEN: Morning, Parker.

Oh, hey there, rookie.

Hi. Listen, did you check out
that red truck?

Oh, yeah, I just did.

That's all we had.

Just a general alert.

I'm sorry I couldn't
do any better.

Oh, it's okay.

Really wasn't expecting anything.
Hey, thanks.

Oh, yeah, sure thing.
Have a good day.

Yeah, well from what I gather,
Rosignano stuck to the book.

There's nothing out of the ordinary.
What about the other girls?

Both got glowing reports from their precincts.
Model police officers.


Oh, time for roll call.
Gotta go.

Listen, where can I find you
if I, uh, need you?

I'm gonna be out this afternoon.

Premier Rinja Gabrin
is coming in at 2:00.

If you need me, call my secretary
and leave a message, huh?

Thanks a lot,
Snow White. Goodbye.

Goodbye, Dopey.

Be advised that an accident has blocked the
intersection at 16th and Harbor.

Traffic Control's out there now

trying to make some sense out of it.

Some of you might be
called in to help.

What happened to that red truck?

Mmm-mmm. Parker didn't come up
with anything on it.

Oh, no!

JETTON: Officer SOMMERS caught the Industry Street
mugger yesterday,

Welton says she did it

What are we going to do?

We've got enough on that guy to put
him away for years.

Nice work, SOMMERS.

That's, uh, that's about it
except for an announcement

that our chopper will be
out of commission today.

Repairs. So, if any of you
need an aerial backup,

you'll have to wait a few minutes.

Hit the street.

OFFICER: Congratulations.



- Go.

We're on our way. Come on,
let's hit the track.

Let's go.

Open the door, Joe. We're taking
the first car.


WELTON: Uh, listen, Jaime, are you gonna be
hungry after work?

JAIME: After work?

Yeah. You know,
after the watch.

Well, I... I don't know. It's a long way off.

Oh! Well, just asked.


Did you just ask me for a date?

Uh, well, I... I kinda know this place.
And, uh...

It's an Italian restaurant. They make the best
Fettuccine Alfredo in town.

How's the lasagna?

The lasagna is not bad.

Just not bad?
That's all?

Well, maybe.


What do you mean, maybe? What kind
of an answer is that?

Green light.

What have you got against
Fettuccine Alfredo? Hmm?

I mean, it's not as spicy,
but it's...

Partnow's gonna steer 'em back here.

You should be able to get a clean shot

from the roof of that brick building.

See you back at the warehouse.


This is One-Charlie-Ten,

I have an armed suspect cornered at
471 Ninth Street.

Repeat. Need backups
in 471 Ninth Street.

Where'd he come from?

New car, Sixth Precinct.

Backup's on the way.

Send the rookies,
Smith and SOMMERS.

Let's see how they do under pressure.


Answer at 10-85 at 471
Ninth Street. Code three.

One-Baker-Twenty, we're rolling.


One-Baker-Seven, answer a 10-85
at 471 Ninth Street.

Code 3.

One-Baker-Seven rolling.

All right. Who's the joker
that put in the call?

Hey! I got him cornered up here!

All right, you guys cover the back.

We'll go up the front stairs.

Okay, now, listen. The name of the game
is staying alive.

You don't take any chances.
I mean that.

Good luck.
Let's go.

There's their car.

His partner must be inside.






Hey, what happened?
What happened?

Are you all right?
Where's Jaime?

I don't know.


How's she holding on?

Oh, no.


The red truck.
I don't believe this.



Hi. This is SOMMERS.

Listen, I'm across the street
from a warehouse

at 2928 Industry Street.

Can you patch me through to the Commissioner,
please. This is an emergency.


Uh, just a second, SOMMERS.

I'll put you through
to the Captain.

No, don't...



JAIME: Captain, I... [have to talk to
the Commissioner, please.

Where are you?

Well, I'm across from a warehouse. It's 2928
Industry Street.

But I can't explain it to you.

I have to talk to the Commissioner.

Well, there's no way I can patch you through here.
And besides...

All right, well, would you get
in touch with him

and tell him that I have found
the red truck?

The red truck.

Yeah, and I'm gonna need some backup too.

Tell him I'm gonna go ahead and investigate
the warehouse on my own

but I'm gonna need some help
as soon as possible.

Will do, SOMMERS.

I don't know what this
is all about, but, uh,

help's on the way.

Thank you.


MAN 1: You guys didn't get them?

MAN 2:
SOMMERS' broke it up.

What about the motorcycles?

They're painted.
Ready to ride.

Hold it right there, SOMMERS,
and don't try any heroics.

I don't have to.
The cavalry's on its way.

The question is, whose cavalry?

Welcome to my precinct, SOMMERS.

This time, you're not going
to get away.

Parker, I can't...

OSCAR: All we know is
that Jaime and Smith

went around to cover
the rear of the building.

Welton and Partnow heard a car screech.

When they came out,
Jaime was gone.

And the officer that was with her
didn't see a thing?

Only the squad car that called
for the backup.

Where is this Smith? She's probably in on it.

You won't think that
when you see her.

Take it easy on her. She's helped us
a great deal.

Send in Officer Smith.

Commissioner Hart,
this is Officer Smith.


Hi, Dad.

How long have you known
about this, Goldman?

Dad, that's not the point.

Oh, that's exactly the point!

Jaime's missing.

I specifically forbade you
to enroll in the Academy!

Look, I'm old enough to make decisions
for myself.

I enrolled in the Academy,
was the top woman cadet,

and now I'm finally what I always wanted to be,
a police officer.


I mean, can't you get it out of your thick head,
for one moment,

the fact that I'm your daughter

and treat me like a fellow officer?

A fellow officer?

All right, Officer Hart.


Why didn't you see what happened
in that alley?

Officer SOMMERS pushed me
into some garbage cans.

Garbage cans? How long
were you there?

Two minutes.

Two minutes? What were you doing
all that time?

ARLEEN: I was dazed.

A push into some garbage cans
dazed you?

A very hard push, yes, sir.

You expect me to believe that?

Yes, sir.

Well, I don't, Officer Hart.

And I'm pulling you off the street and putting you
on as a file clerk

until a Board of Inquiry can clear your actions
of this morning.

Let's go, Goldman. Gabrin's plane arrives
in 40 minutes.

Wait a minute, Dad. You can't feed me
that line.

You're not pulling me off the streets
because I'm a bad cop.

You're doing it because I'm your daughter.

Because you wanna protect me.

That's right, baby.

I want you to stay alive.

Come on, Oscar.

PARKER: It's time to call - Captain Taylor at
the Tenth Precinct, Jetton.

JETTON: Listen, I don't know
if he'll buy it, Parker.

Be convincing.


Uh, this is Captain Jetton,
Fifth Precinct.

I need to talk to Captain Taylor.

It's an emergency.


Hello, Ron?

Ron, I just got a call from Sam Hart.

He wanted me to call you and give you the
codename, Guardian Angels.

That's right, Guardian Angels.

He said he wanted my boys to handle
the Guardian Angels detail

at the airport this afternoon.

No, I... I don't know
what it's all about either.

Probably some bigwig coming in.

We can handle it just fine.

Sure thing, Ron.

It worked PARKER: Good.

Let's get ready to roll.

All set?

Is it beginning to make more sense,

A little political blackmail.

My country intends to use Rinja Gabrin
for ransom.

Her safe return for certain
political concessions.

How did you know she was coming?

Her security people only release her travel plans
a couple of days in advance.

Released her travel plans, yes.

But the itinerary has been scheduled
for months.

In fact, one of our agents was in on the planning
of it from the beginning.

Oh, you got the explosive.


Let's go.

You sure are going to a lot of trouble
for a kidnapping.

I mean, this is quite an operation
you have here.

It had to be.

Gabrin is constantly surrounded by
security people.

She's virtually impossible to get to.

Unless you become her security force.
Of course.

PARKER: That's it.

And the icing on the cake

is that the kidnapping will discredit
the United States.

Don't forget...

It's being accomplished
by the Santa Regina Police.

Santa Regina Radio.

This is the Angel Flight

requesting vector instructions

and escort confirmation.

Roger, Angel Flight.

Our guardian escort will meet you at
the south service gate.

PILOT: Thank you, Santa Regina.
We are coming in.


PARTNOW: Bomb is set
to explode in 20 minutes.

PARKER: Are you sure it will destroy
the entire building?


Aren't you guys indulging
a little bit in overkill?

The explosion will be a diversion.
Makes our job easier.

I'm sorry, SOMMERS.

You were nice to me at the Academy.
A good person.

I promise

you won't feel anything.

Chloroform works quickly, doesn't it, Jaime?
Put her down gently.

I want her last sleep
to be a comfortable one.

Back to the precinct now.
We must move quickly.

Move them out, Partnow! We don't want to be late
for the Premier!

All right, hit your lights.
Now, let's go.



That's her plane.

And here are my men.

Right on time.

Our guest has just arrived.
Uh, you ride with us,

and have your men follow us
out to the plane.

Yes, sir.

What happened?

There's going to be an investigation.

My new beat's the file department.

What? But that doesn't make any sense.
That's crazy.

Not for Commissioner Hart.

Believe me, the man isn't all there.

Have you seen Partnow?

Yeah, about a half an hour ago.

He said he was going down to the armory
to, uh, get something.

Did you hear anything
about Jaime?


Uh, she called in a little while ago.

Was at a warehouse on Industry Street.

2-9-2-8, I think. Jetton went out
to help her.

Yeah, it was funny. He didn't even want
a backup unit to go along.



Where's Jaime?

We just talked to the dispatcher,
and he said that she...

He said that she's in a warehouse
on Industry Street.

WELTON: Captain?

Round up the others. Quickly and quietly.
One by one.

Let him go!

It's too late now for him to do anything.




OSCAR: Santa Regina is one of our country's,

most rapidly growing
cities, Madam Premier.

And we're proud to have

one of the lowest crime rates
in the country too.

Hey, wait a minute. You're taking
the wrong direction.

All depends on where you're going,

They're taking us to the Fifth Precinct.

Why don't you just sit back
and enjoy the ride.




Jaime, are you in there?



Can you hear me?

Are you in there?







OFFICER: Captain,
what are you doing?

JETTON: Just shut up
and get into the cell!

PARKER: Wait for the explosion, Jetton.

Then put out the emergency call.


They should be here any minute.

And have the helicopter
pilot radio the boat.




WELTON: Hey, Jaime?
- Jaime SOMMERS!


Can you hear me?


I can't move.


Jaime, come on.

I'm here. I'm here.

No, it's... it's a bomb.
A bomb?

Hurry, Jaime.

Bob, I can't make it.
I'll give you a push.

Atta girl! Come on.


Bob, we've gotta hurry.

It's okay, Jaime.
We're safe.

No, I mean, they're...
They're gonna kidnap her.

Rinja Gabrin.

We've gotta get back to the Fifth Precinct.

Come on.

This is Skylift.

This if Skylift.
Are you there Waterwings?

Repeat. Are you in position Waterwings?

Do you copy? Over.

MAN ON RADIO: Waterwings has just
surfaced, Skylift.

We've reached the rendezvous point
and are holding steady.

Do you have our passenger? Over.

We're watching for her arrival.

We'll notify you when she's here.

Thank you, Skylift. She's very
valuable cargo.

Have you encountered
any problems? Over.

Negative, Waterwings.
Everything's going smoothly.

We'll be lifting off

The motorcade is pulling up right now.

Will you come out, please.

You men stay by the door until we lift off.
Then you can leave.

All right, move out!
Into the precinct, please.

DISPATCHER ON RADIO: Attention all units.
Attention all units.

Respond Code 3 to 2928
Industry Street.

Warehouse explosion.
Burning freely.

WELTON: The warehouse?

It's a diversion.

Repeat, all units respond to Code 3.

2928 Industry Street.
Code 3.

OFFICER 1: Seven-Baker-Seven responding Code 3
to Industry Street.

OFFICER 2: Two-Baker-Four, rolling Code 3
to the warehouse.

We're rolling, Dispatch.

Has anyone notified the fire department?

OFFICER 4: This is Nine-Charlie-Twelve
from Precinct Seven.

Hey, you guys seem to be sending every car you've
got over to that explosion.

Must be a beauty.
You need any help?

Thanks for the offer

but the Fifth Precinct can handle
its own problems.


What on God's green earth are you doing?

They offered me a million dollars, Sam.

I couldn't turn that down.

OSCAR: Parker, the one
we least expected.

Who else,
Mr. Goldman?

Lock them up with the others.
Madam Premier?

You will remain with me.

You all ought to be ashamed of yourselves
to let this happen.

Isn't that a little like the pot calling the
kettle black, Commissioner?

Inside, Commissioner.


Chopper's still there!

Yeah, so are the guys
on the front steps.

Don't worry about them.
Hold on!


Watch it!


HART: Get the door.

It's locked.

What was that?

Far enough, Welton!

Just don't move, Welton!

Get his gun and gun belt.

Drop the belt!

Madam Premier, our helicopter
is waiting.




OSCAR: Hey! Let us out of here. Jaime.

OFFICER 1: Man, it was sure
crowded in there.

OFFICER 2: What's this
all about anyway?

HART: Cuff him!

Officer, please take the Premier
into the Captain's office

and wait for me there.

Hey, what happened?

Partnow slammed the door on us.
How'd you get 'em?

She, uh, got 'em with a...
With a chair.

A chair?

Yeah, she picked up a chair
and threw it clear across the room and

took out Partnow.

Hey, come on, you guys expect me
to believe that? A chair?

A 40 pound chair?
A chair?

A chair.

What's gonna happen to the rest
of the escort?

Jetton's ready to talk.

We'll round up the others in a couple of days,

It was just a little bit
too close.

Yes, it was.

You know, I'm tempted to steal this woman
away from you, Goldman.

Come on.

If it hadn't been for her...

Listen, if it hadn't been
for Bob and your daughter,

by the way, I wouldn't
be here myself.

You don't need me with people like
that on your force.

She's right, Sam.

Excuse me.


You really want it,
don't you, baby?

Yeah, I can be a very
stupid man sometimes.

I mean, what Commissioner
in his right mind,

would keep his best police officer
behind a file desk?

Oh, Daddy!


I'm very, very proud of you.

Looks like you're gonna have
a new partner.

I guess that means you, uh,
have to leave, huh?


Look, Jaime, about that,
uh, bit with the chair,

and the jump over the counter...

Oh, that's, um,
our secret, okay?



Not gonna be the same
around here without you.

I'm not very good at this and, uh...


What about that place
with the lousy lasagna?

Well, I'm starving.

You mean the...
The one with the, uh,

Fettuccine Alfredo?

Well, it's just around the corner.

Well, let's go.

I'd much rather have lasagna,
even lousy lasagna,

than say goodbye.