The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 2, Episode 10 - Jaime's Shield - full transcript

Oscar sends Jaime to the Santa Regina police academy as one of the first female cadets to locate a foreign agent who has reportedly infiltrated the police force.


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Goin' a little fast back there,
weren't you, ma'am?

Was I speeding?

Flying low was more like it.

May I see your license
and registration, please?

Uh, sure. You know, I...
I don't live here.

I... I'm sorry.

You know, I...
I live in Ojai.

And here's this.

I got a call from my boss this morning

and he said he was gonna be in the city
for a week

and that he had to see me right away.

So, I went down to get my car
and it wouldn't start,

and, and, and then I had to borrow this
from my Dad.

Your dad?

Is Jim Elgin your father?

Yeah. Well... Well,
he's my legal guardian.

And anyway, that's what
made me late.

And I could've been rushing,

but I don't really think
I was speeding.

If I was, I...

Don't waste your breath
and my time.

Would you sign right there
on the line where the X is.

If you wish to pay this ticket
by mail, you can.

If not, I'll see you in court.

Here you are.

Slow down.

Have a nice day.

Have a nice day?



OSCAR: Yes, Mary?

Well, send her in.

Better late than never.

You're 20 minutes late.

The traffic that bad out here?

No, it's ridiculous.

You know, my car broke down
this morning at home,

so I had to borrow Jim's pickup truck,

I tried to make up some time by hurrying,
and I got stopped.

For what?

For nothing.
That's the point.

I mean, I don't know if there was one other car
on that road.

And I was not going that fast.

But he wouldn't listen
to a thing I had to say.


Some guy named Welton.
I don't know.

You know, cops can be
so pompous sometimes.

And this guy was so cold.

Jaime, you mean that you were stopped

by a police officer and given a ticket?

Yeah. Ten bucks.
He said I was speeding.

Were you, Miss SOMMERS?

Well it's two or three
miles an hour,

five at the absolute
outside. But...

Jaime, I'd like to introduce you

to Commissioner Hart of the Santa Regina
Police Department.

Really? Oh.

Oh Listen, I'm sorry
if I offended you.

I... I didn't mean to.
I... I just...

Oh, I understand.

And I think you're gonna get a chance

to understand that police officer's
point of view.

Hmm? How?

Sit down, Commissioner.

Jaime, we have been receiving
some disturbing reports

from one of our agents overseas.

An enemy agent, a woman,

has enrolled in this city's
Police Academy.

HART: It's an idea I've just started.

We're training women to be street officers,
instead of file clerks.

Well, that's encouraging.

But why would a foreign agent want
to do that?

I mean, can't they afford
to train them

in their own country anymore?

Don't make light of it.
It's serious.

There have been vague references
to this city

in espionage messages
that we've received

and intercepted through the O.S.I.

Now, we think something big
is gonna happen in this city.

We don't know where or when,

we just know that this woman might
be the key to it.

We don't know who she is, who she works for,
or what her mission is.

Normally, my Bureau of Internal Affairs
would handle it.

But we're not sure who's involved.

It could be others in the force.

I wouldn't call you if we didn't need you.

What do you want me to do?

I want you to find out who she is,
what she's doing,

and why she's in the Police Academy.

I want you to enroll
in the Police Academy.

Become a cadet?

Oscar, do you know how long it takes

to go through one of those programs?

I've already arranged for a substitute teacher
at the base school.

Besides, you'll look great
in a uniform.


Bennett, Caldwell,

Harris, Kelly,

Lewis, Mingus,

Murray, Parker,

Rosia... Rosig...


Samuelson, Silver,

Smith, Sommer,

Vasquez, Warner.

GODFREY: Glad you all
could make it.

You ready, Sergeant?

Okay, go.

The first thing we're
gonna teach you is how

to keep your eyes open
during a crime.

What are you staring at?

Welcome to the Police Academy.

You've just had your first examination.

Sit down.

If those had been real bullets,

you would be well on your way

to Saint Peter's Pearlies
now or worse.

You got a lot to learn.

Where did you folks get your training?
In the Army?


What about you two?

Good reflexes, I guess.

Sheer terror.

Can any one of you tell me what
the gunman looked like?

What the gunman was wearing?

He was about 6 feet, 170 pounds,

wearing a ski mask,
a denim jacket, pants,

and shirt with white pearl buttons
down the front.

No belt.
And black shoes.

Welton? Partnow?

MAN: Hey, she was right.

Look at that.
Right on the money.

Now if the rest of you
ladies and gentlemen

can train yourselves
to be that observant,

perhaps we can find a spot for you on patrol.

As most of you know,
this is the first class

to accept women for work
as regular street officers

motorcycle duty, walking beats,
that sort of thing.

Personally, I'm a bit skeptical,

but I'm willing to give it a try.

To assist me with the teaching,

I have brought in two officers from
the Fifth Precinct.

Officers Herb Partnow
and Bob Welton.


Both men are fine officers
and fine gentlemen.

I want to go over the rest
of the schedule with you

before showing you to your dorms.

In a half hour we'll meet out
in the field

and go through an obstacle course.

Hi. Are you Jaime?

You're Arleen Smith?

One and the same.
Guess we're roomies.

Guess so.

Hey, I hope you didn't over pack.

These dressers must've been made
for Munchkins.

Oh, yeah? Oh.

You know, you were pretty impressive

in that classroom today, kid.

Oh, thanks.

Hey! How about this on the wall?

JAIME: "Rinja Gabrin"?

ARLEEN: The mother of world peace.

How does it look?

Oh. It's a little... it's kind of...

Oh. A little overbearing.


Maybe on the door.

Are you a Gabrin groupie?

Not really.

She's more of an inspiration
than an idol.

You know, I figure if she can make it

in the man's world of politics,

I can make it in the man's world
of police work.

Here, here.

Where'd you learn all that stuff?

What stuff?

You know, diving under the desk

and all that stuff you did in class today.

Oh. My dad was in the service.

I was an Army brat.

I see.

What, did he take you
on maneuvers with him?

Hey, look, it's just something you pick up

when you're around it, you know?

Come on, I'll...
I'll help you unpack.

We've got 10 minutes to
be out on the field, huh?

All right.

Welcome to the obstacle course.

And the obstacle course
is gonna tell us

what kind of shape you're in.

Now some of you ladies may only want to
do half the course.

Don't let that embarrass you.

This course was designed for men.

Why, that conceited...

We'll show him.

All right. Line up behind the walk line.

You'll start in 15 second intervals,
two at a time.

See you at the finish line.

Mingus! Cooper! Go.

That's it, Cooper. Come on, Mingus.
Catch him.

Murray! Parker! Go.

Rosignano! Samuelson!

WELTON: Parker's gonna
be sore tonight.


GODFREY: Skinned knees, too.

PARTNOW: That's it,
Rosignano. Pull.

Lewis isn't bad.

WELTON: Let's see how she pushes the car.

Silvers! Smith!

All right, Smith.
Good hustle.

We got Mingus at 1:45.


Parker's had enough.


Smith is really cooking.

4.6. She's pretty good.

She's better than most of the guys.
You know that, don't you?

Yeah, but she's just one in a hundred.


Now, you see this skinny blonde over there
about to start?

Bet you ten bucks she doesn't make it
to the finish line.

All right.
You got a deal.

You got a deal.

Okay, Officer Welton, here's where I get even
for that traffic ticket.



Look at that girl go.

I think you owe me 10.


JAIME: Cool it with the bionics, Jaime.



Hate to take your money, Bob,

but that's one of the fastest times today.


There you go.

Ten bucks for ten bucks.

Ten bucks for... How'd she know
about that?

You know, I think these women
are gonna surprise us.

OSCAR ON PHONE: How's it going
out there, Jaime?

Any leads on our mystery lady?

JAIME: Not yet, Oscar. - But I think I know
the girls well enough

to give you an opinion.


Well, Lewis is a nice lady,
and pretty athletic,

but not the agent type.

She could be the woman,
but I doubt it.

Rosignano is quiet,
keeps to herself

and does very well in the classroom.
So she's a maybe.

Kelly is a real grouch.

The complainer of the group.
And one tough cookie.

[say she's a good possibility.

Then there's Parker.
Poor Parker.

She's really a doll.

All the girls love her, but she's hopelessly

a disaster on the firing range,

and at the rock bottom
of the class.

I think we can leave her off the list
of possibilities.

Anyone else?

Yeah, there's Smith.
Now, she's got my vote.

What singles her out?

Oscar, she is good at everything.

Like she's been through
all this training before.

Like an agent, huh?

Yeah. Like an agent.

The first thing we did, Jaime,

when we intercepted the message about
a female agent

was to pull all the cadet files.

They all checked out.

Well, I mean, maybe you missed something.

Well, maybe we did. I'll be happy
to check it again.

If the computer isn't overloaded,

I'll get back to you
in about an hour.


Get me Research.
I need another computer run

on the new cadets of the Santa Regina
Police Academy.

We're looking for an Arleen Smith

A-R-L-double E-N S-M-l-T-H. Smith.




Yes. Did you get it?

It doesn't look good
for your roommate.

Why? What is it?

I just don't know how we missed it
the first time.

We must've skipped over it entirely.

There's no such person
as Arleen Smith.

Nothing checks out.

We can't be certain.

We don't know whether that's the woman
we're looking for or not.

Let's just sit tight, Jaime.
Keep an eye on her.

If she makes a move,
we'll know then.

Kinda late to be on the phone,
isn't it, SOMMERS?

You're supposed to be in your room.

It's time to lock up the shop.

Well, I had to call the garage
about my car.

Your car?

Yes, I've been havin' some trouble
with it recently.

It's driving me crazy.

What garage is open at 1:00 in the morning?

The one that stays open all night.


Go to bed, SOMMERS.

You're going to need all the sleep
you can get tomorrow.


I want to see the crate

before they lock it into the truck.


You know, it's amazing the way

you can fall in and out
of that American accent.

Like you were born here.

It took years of training, Partnow.

Any word from Jetton?

Yes, he'll do it. But he wants
more money.

Then give it to him.
Whatever he wants.

Anything else?

Yes. I caught the SOMMERS girl

on the phone a few minutes ago.

She gave me some lame excuse about
having her car fixed.


She was slipped into the academy
at the last minute.

That's right.

You saw how she handled herself
on the obstacle course.

Yes. She's also been doing very well in
the classroom situations.

Maybe there's something there.

See if our people have anything on her.

Open it up.

WOMAN: Good.

We acquire what we need gradually,
crate by crate,

and no one will be the wiser.

Lock it up.
Let's get out of here.



Do you know it's 3:00
in the morning?

I couldn't sleep.

Hmm. Where'd you go?

For a walk.



Just around?

Yeah, around.
Around the campus.

What is this?
The Spanish Inquisition?

I mean, what difference
does it make?

I went for a walk.
So what?


What's goin' on in there?

Hi. Nothing.

SOMMERS is trying to play mother hen.

Yeah? Listen, would you guys
hold it down?

Maybe you guys at the top of the class

can afford to fool around,
but I can't.

I need all the sleep I can get.

Sorry, Parker.

It's okay.

I don't think I'm really cut out
for this kinda stuff.

Good night.
Good night.

Good night.


WELTON: Now punch it.

Come on, SOMMERS!

You're dogging it.

I want you to punch it
through here.

Okay. Hit it.

Hit it!

Back off now!
Brake it.

Brake it.

Okay, hit it, SOMMERS.
Now hit it!

You said brake it!

Before the turn. All right, now just
shut up and drive!


I can't go faster.
Floor it!


Now brake! Turn!
And punch it!

Okay, get ready.
Brake! Turn!

And punch it!

Well, your sloppy driving just killed a mother
and her two children

back there at the turn.

I hope you're proud of yourself.

Off it, will you?

You were riding me all the way.

Riding you?

If you can't take the pressure
in a parking lot, babe,

you better forget the street.

PARTNOW: How'd she do?

Not too hot.

Missed the last four turns,

and didn't like my tone of voice.

Hey, Jaime...
Don't feel so bad.

I killed four old ladies,
seven kids,

and an alley cat on my last run.

So, come on, chin up.

Thank you.

What's happening, Jaime?

JAIME: Oh, I'm beat.

You know, being a student is just as tough
as being a teacher.

Anything from the computer?

We've been cross-checking Smith '5 file
looking for an alias,

but we haven't come up
with a thing.

Anything on your end?

Nothing concrete. But Oscar,
it's gotta be her.

She's in better shape
than most of the men.

And she's a whiz in the classroom.

It's like she knows the answers

before the questions
are even asked.

Is she that much better
than the rest of you?

Well, we're all improving.

Welton's even stopped making fun of us
at the firing range.

His pointers are pretty good,

so our scores are getting higher.

But Arleen's been good
from the very beginning.

Pretty good with a gun, huh?

Pretty good? She's a regular
Annie Oakley.

This girl shoots the bulls' eyes
right out of the target.

She never misses.

But Jaime, that's not enough
for us to...

Wait a minute.
I'm not through.

Lately she's been sneaking out at night.

Now, I don't know where she goes
or what she does,

but the next time Smith goes for
a midnight stroll,

she's gonna have some company.





What are you doing?

Were you following me?

Look, I haven't been able to make a move
without you watching me.

He sent you, didn't he?

Didn't he?

He knows I'm here.

Who is he? What are you
talking about?

Oh, come on. Don't give me that.
You're undercover.

Ooh. Sometimes I could
just kill my father.

Your father?

OSCAR: Jaime, I had the night team
run another check.

You're right.

The name on the file
is Arleen Smith.

But the fingerprints tell us that
it's Arleen Hart.

The police commissioner's

Told you.

I'm glad.

Okay, Oscar, it looks like we're back
on first base again.

I'll just have to call you tomorrow.

At a reasonable time, please?

Hey, being reasonable is not in my contract.

Good-bye, babe.

Why didn't you tell me this before?

I don't want anyone to know.

It might get back to Dad.

You mean, he doesn't know
you're here?

Of course not.

After Mom died, dad raised me
as a tomboy.

He taught me how to ride a motorcycle,

to use a gun,
all that kinda stuff.

Everything was great
until I turned 16.

That's when the commissioner
revealed himself

as a supreme chauvinist.

All of a sudden, he sends me to

to a boarding school to learn how
to become a lady.

How long were you there?

Ten years.

In a boarding school?

College, Grad School,

and an unbearable job as a research assistant
in a law firm.

I hated it, but I didn't want
to disappoint Dad.

Yeah. You know, it took me ten years
to stand up to him

and tell him I wanted to be a cop.

He hit the ceiling.

And he wouldn't even talk to the recruiting
investigators for me.

Wait a minute.
Isn't your father the one

who started this whole lady patrolman thing
in the first place?

Right. It's okay for other girls,
but not his daughter.

So, I enrolled on my own
behind his back.

Well, it definitely explains
a lot of things.

Now, wait, wait, wait. The forged files?
How'd you do that?

Oh. I've got a few friends
in the records department.

They helped me out.

As a matter of fact,
they even pulled my file

when someone was investigating them
before classes started.

I thought it was my father.

It wasn't.
That was Oscar.

All these midnights walks,
they were for...



Arleen, I am sorry if I've upset you.

No. Hey, listen, call me Arly
and it's okay.

But if you even breathe a word
of this to my father...

I promise.

Now, you're gonna tell me what you are doing here,
and who this Oscar is?

On the way back to the dorm.

You muncho.

JAIME: Now, you may not
believe this,

but there's a foreign agent
at the academy.

A foreign agent?

What does that make you,
a domestic one?

Very good.
Where was I?

Anyway, we know she's one
of the cadets,

but we don't know who she is

or exactly why she's here.

- Did you have any trouble?


Jetton made sure his squad cars were on
the other side of town.

The uniforms are perfect.

Just what we need.

And how are our squad cars
coming along?

We'll have them ready
by tomorrow morning.

Anything else?

Yes, some bad news.

The report came in on SOMMERS.

Our people believe she's connected
with the O.S.I.

This is too important
to take the risk

of one woman getting in the way.

We can't allow her to
live until graduation.

GODFREY: Now, the first thing
you will do each morning

is to attend a precinct roll-call.

It serves as a briefing
for the upcoming watch.

For instance, today's morning
watch briefing

includes an alert for a tall mugger,

dark hair, wearing a tan jacket
and a blue shirt.

He's Caucasian, 35 years old,
5'11", 180 pounds.

He's been hitting up little old ladies
in the Garment District.

There's a general watch
for four white sedans

stolen off a new car lot at 51st and Morrow
last night.

This last item I take personally.

A laundry was ripped off
in the Fifth Precinct.

Guess who was the victim.


I'd like to be around when the poor crook
finds out

that he's ripped off a bunch
of police uniforms.

Now, this is about it.

Tomorrow we go to the movie lot

for your final stress situation testing.

We will use the Tinseltown lot

to recreate situations that you might encounter
while on the beat.

It will not make or break most of you.

But for those at the bottom
of the class,

well, I am very much afraid

that it could be your last chance.

I know I speak for Welton and Partnow

when I say that you have been
fine cadets.

We are proud of you.
Good luck.

You are dismissed.



This is the police.

Step slowly out of the car

with your hands behind your head.


You just killed a man for holding a wrench,

How do you feel about that?

I thought...

Well, it looked like a gun.
I thought it was.

I'm sorry.

I don't think she can cut it
on the street, Herb.

I'll have a talk with her.

All right.

Bob, set up for the next team.

I want to talk to you.

Arly, this thing could
get really dangerous.

And I don't know if Oscar will let me.

Look, if I could just help you
solve this thing,

it'd prove to my dad
I'd make a good cop.

I mean, he'd have to believe in me.

Please, Jaime.

I think if I said no, it wouldn't make
any difference anyway.

You're right.

Look, maybe you can get a desk job.


First casualty.


I can't even type.

I can't do anything right.

That's not true, Parker.

I'll tell you what,

I'll talk to my captain,

see if we have an opening for you
at the precinct office.

All right?

Oh, she didn't make it.

LEWIS: How do you know?

Doesn't take a genius, Lewis.

I'm amazed Parker made it this far.

Well, now, be nice.
At least she tried.

Well, I'm gonna leave it to you bleeding hearts
to give her the pep talk.

You're up!

Now, you sure that you girls want to
go through with this?

Will you knock it off?

I just want you to know

that I'm not gonna go easy on you
because you're a woman.

It's gonna be rough.

Just drive your car.

Ready on your end?

Let the tape roll.




This is the police.

Step slowly out of your car

with your hands above your head.



Drop the wrench!

Put your hands on the roof of the car.

Spread your legs.

Jaime, up there!


Are you all right?


JAIME ON PHONE: And if it wasn't
for Arly,

I wouldn't even be here, Oscar.

Are you positive it wasn't an accident?

Well, I can't be, but Arly is.

She said she saw somebody up there
and it was a woman.

Is she sure?

Oscar, if Arly said she saw it
believe me, she saw it.

They're on to us and we're in the dark.

Do you have any idea
who that woman is yet?

No, not yet.

But the field is definitely narrowing.

That's not good enough.

Jaime, listen, I'm coming to
the West Coast tonight.

Something else has come up.

Keep a low profile. I'll call you
when I get in.

You hear?

Yeah, I hear you. Okay.
See you soon. Bye-bye.

Let's go say bye.


Oh, the farewell committee.

Yeah. Let me help you.
I'm fine.


Well, kiddo...

Hey, listen, are you okay?

Yeah. Parker,
you're leaving?

It's probably for the best.

Partnow's got me a job as a file clerk
at the Fifth Precinct.

So, maybe I'll be seeing you guys around.

You got it.
We'll come to see you.

Yeah. I gotta go.



She's such a sweet kid.



The job at the precinct
is all set.

You start tomorrow.

We fooled them, Partnow.

Everything is working perfectly.

In a little over a week,
we get Rinja Gabrin.

JETTON: That's it.
- Put it right there.

Make sure you center it
on the door.

Do you think they could pass for
squad cars, Captain?

All it needs is the Fifth Precinct decal.

Did my requisition slip work?

Partnow's at the academy warehouse
now picking them up.

Otherwise perfect.

There is no way that anybody is
gonna be able

to tell it from one of my own.

JAIME: All right.

Now, who was on the back street
of that studio

when we were taking that test?

Mmm. Everyone.

Rosignano had just come back with Parker

and Kelly and Lewis were waiting
for their turn.

So, it could've been
any one of them.


Well, my money's on Kelly.

Did you ever notice that
mood ring she wears?

It's always black.

Come on. (LAUGHS)

Listen, what about the nights you snuck out?

I was hungry.

Well, that's the story
of your life.

But I mean, did you see anything strange,

or unusual, out of place,
when you were there?


Wait a sec.

I did see a delivery truck
a couple of times.

Yeah. I thought it was kinda funny

delivering something
that late at night.

A delivery truck.
I saw it, too.

It was a red one?

Hmm. Yeah, red.

It was a late model,
one ton step-van.

I think the license was...


Something like that.

I thought it was kinda strange.

I think you're kinda strange.


Can you call your police friends

and then have them check out
that registration?

You got it.


That's it.
That's the truck.





Think we've got something.
Those were stolen plates.


Okay, guys.
Where are we goin'?

Somebody's on our tail.

Unless I'm goin' blind,
that's SOMMERS behind us.

This is Big Red, Little Mama.
Do you read?

JETTON: Got you,
Big Red. Go ahead.

PARTNOW: I'm afraid we've got company.

He's sure it's SOMMERS?

Positive. And she's driving
a white pickup.

Tell him to keep driving around
the industrial area.

I think it's time to put our new little force
to the test.

JETTON: Okay, Big Red. - Little Mama's sending out
a couple of her boys.

We'll pick you up at the corner of
Fourth and Arizona.

Got you, Mama.

Don't let her get too far behind, Jack.

JACK: Right.

Come on. Don't just drive around.
Do something, will you?

This is the corner.

And there's our man.

JETTON: Okay, Big Red.
I'm on her tail.

Proceed to Hobart and 9th.

We'll get SOMMERS there.

Aw, come on. I don't want
another ticket!

Hobart and 9th, coming up.

JETTON: She's taking
the corner now.

PARTNOW: Car Two, getting ready
to cut her off.

Here we come.

Car two. On the way in.





Will you stop talking about my men
like they're criminals?

Now, I checked with the Fifth Precinct
about those cars

and Captain Jetton told me they'd just been
called on an emergency.

It was your duty as a motorist

to get the heck out of their way.

They didn't give me a chance

to get the heck out of their way!

And what about those lights
that fell on me at the studio?

It could've been an accident.

I don't agree with you, Sam.

I... I'm sorry, Oscar.

Jaime, I guess I'm being
overly defensive.

It's just hard to believe

that something you've spent
your whole life

to build up could be suddenly corrupted.

What do you want from me?

OSCAR: Sam, I think we're getting close
to their woman agent.

That's why we're having
all these accidents.

I'd be crazy to take her
off the mission now.

Now this is what I want you to do.

I want you to let her graduate
at the academy tomorrow

and be assigned to the Fifth Precinct.

That's where she saw
the delivery truck,

and that's where she was run
off the road.

I want her to go out on the streets
as a cop.

The streets, huh?

It's the only way.







Do you think he'll recognize me?

With that hair?
Are you kidding?

Pull your hat down over your eyes.

That's good.
Now just talk funny.

GODFREY: Samuelson!

Good luck, Samuelson.
Thank you, sir.


Here goes.

Good luck.

Congratulations, Smith. I understand you're
our top woman cadet.

And fourth in the class overall, sir.

It only goes to prove
what I've always said.

You don't have to be a man to be
a good police officer.

Good work.

You're a credit to the program.

Thank you, sir.



Good luck, SOMMERS.

I hope Goldman knows
what he's getting you into.

I hope so too, sir.

Congratulations, SOMMERS.
I'm glad you made it.

Thank you.

Look, about the other day.
It was a nice tackle.


Oh, come on. You probably
saved my life.

You're welcome.



GODFREY: Vasquez!


They've assigned her
to my precinct.

How do you know?

Just got the list.

They're onto something.

Maybe. But it doesn't
really matter.

Jaime SOMMERS isn't going
to last two days on the job.