The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 2, Episode 1 - The Return of Bigfoot: Part 2 - full transcript

Steve Austin, suffering from radiation poisoning has given Jaime Sommers the task to find the alien visitors to get some of their wonder drug Neotraxin. Unfortunately for Jaime, Sasquatch is barring her way.

Six Million Dollar Man.

OSCAR: Three criminal acts,

all worth a lot of money and all
with the absolute evidence of bionics.

And now you're caught
at the scene of the third crime

with one guard saying, quote,

that he saw you throw
a steel drum on him.

Do you believe that?
I don't want to believe it.

But who else could
throw a steel drum?



I promised to keep it a secret.

[STEVE: And if I can't trust you two...
OSCAR: You know you can.

You're not gonna believe it.

In the California mountains,
there's a colony of aliens.

Explorers from deep space.

I am Shalon.

My name is Gillian.

Space people?
In the mountains? Where?

I don't know exactly.

They've been here for 250 years.

They can move forward through time
in the blink of an eye.

They gave me some of
their wonder drug.

It could cure most all diseases and
help heal injures in no time.

They also control the Sasquatch.


STEVE: That's right.

But a group of rebels broke away from
the main complex.

And they took the Sasquatch
with them.

They've been using Bigfoot
to steal these materials

to create some sort of
magnetic force field

around the new base
to make it invulnerable.

I told you you wouldn't believe it.

OSCAR: Steve, come back!
Where you going?

He took a severe dose of radiation.

I don't think he'll make it.

(SOFTLY) Jaime. Jaime.

Go ahead. I can hear you.

Find Shalon.

Can you tell me where to look?

San Angelo.

Steve, this wonder drug you said
that they had, if I could get it,

could it save you?



NARRATOR: And now the conclusion of
the ”Return of Bigfoot, ”

on The Bionic Woman.

PILOT: There!
That's the earthquake fault.

So that's the San Angelo?

Yeah, it's about 10 miles long.

That's incredible.
Can we go down a little lower?


OSCAR: Do you see anything, Jaime?

Oh, yeah, a lot of pine trees.

How's Steve doing?

He's losing ground.

Rudy doesn't hold much hope.

Oh, come on now. Steve said these people
or whatever they are,

have some kind of wonder drug.

If there's any possibility at all
that they can save Steve

it's worth the search, isn't it?

If these people really do exist.

Drop down lower, would you?
There's got to be something down here.

Is the laser drill
functioning properly?

Yes, but the humidity in this part of Mexico
is much higher.

We're gonna have to
make some adjustments.

FALER: Seems like we're always
making adjustments.

You could have picked a better place
to establish our new base, Nedlick.


The earth's mantle
is thinnest here.

It'll be much easier
to drill the volcanic vent.

Once our force shield is in operation
to protect us from attack,

then we can modify the environment
to suit your comfort, Faler.

Yeah, if we don't die
of heat prostration first.


FALER: Nedlick, did you see this?

The helicopter over our original base
in California.

It's nothing to worry about.

Oh, this just isn't any way to find
anything except birds' nests.

Take it down as low as you can
and hover, all right?


What are you going to do, Jaime?

Oscar, I'm gonna hoof it.


Now, I'll let you know
if I find anything.

What's your security
clearance level?


Well, you're about to become a six.

I'll see you back at the base.

What are you doing?
Where are you going?


FALER: Nedlick, I think you better
have a look at this.

NEDLICK: Another bionic person?

Good thing that I suggested

we monitor the San Angelo area, isn't it?

She's probably there now searching
for our original complex.

Yes, for a change
I'd say you're right.

And it is probably wisest
to stop her immediately.


Put them down and come here.

Pass me my timeline converter, please.

The Sasquatch and I are going back up
to California.






Well, if that's Shalon,
she sure has big feet.

Oh, no.

Oh boy, Steve said you were big
but this is ridiculous!

NEDLICK: Attack, Sasquatch!

No, no, no, no! Listen, I didn't...


Now, listen, I really didn't come
out here to hurt you.

I mean, can we just talk?


No, no.



Hey! You with him?



Call him off me, will you?

Look, I know I'm close
to finding this complex

or you wouldn't be so anxious to
get me out of here.

I'm not going!

Attack, Sasquatch!

Attack, Sasquatch.


Look at that!

Hey! Gillian! Gillian!

Take my hand Jaime, quickly! What?

Who are... Please, take it.


You shouldn't have
let them get away!

Where did they go, Nedlick?

The San Angelo complex?


FALER: Should we go and get them?
We could do it.


The Sasquatch might learn
that I can't harm Shalon.

It's that fear
that keeps him obedient.

Besides, they'll never be
able to attack us

once our magnetic shield is in operation.
I'm coming back.

Come, Sasquatch.

Wait, wait a minute.
This is all happening a little fast.

Who are you? I'm Gillian.

Oh. Where are we going?

To my people.
Isn't that what you want?

Yes, I guess. Come this way.

This is the entrance
to our complex.

What happened to them?

Well, Nedlick had the Sasquatch
tear out our power converter.

There was a burst of radiation

and many of our people
are dying from it.

GILLIAN: Apploy?

Gillian, you've returned.

Yes. This is Jaime Sommers.
She is bionic also, like Colonel Austin.


Welcome to what is left
of our colony.

Yes, you see this used to be
our power chamber,

the heat from our volcanic vent
drove that generator

to produce our electricity.

It's kind of a mess, huh?

Yes, it is.

Without the power converter,
our generator is useless.

Our storage cells
are almost exhausted.

We've no way to recharge them.

The converter turned this thing?

Yeah, that's right.


I'll go tell Shalon.

Shalon, Gillian has returned
and she's brought...

Shalon? You're no better?

The Neotraxin should have
helped by now.

I'm fine, Apploy, really.

You haven't even
taken your Neotraxin.

I wasn't exposed to
that much radiation.

I know better. I want you...

Apploy, please.

This is the last vial of Neotraxin
we have in the complex.

Someone else may need it
worse than I do.

Don't be ridiculous!

You'll probably die without it.
Now, I insist.

All right, I'll take it.

I'll take it. I promise.


Shalon, this is Jaime.

Hi, I'm... Jaime Sommers.

Yes, the Bionic Woman. I remember.

I remember you from the brain scan
I did on Steve.

He has very fond thoughts of you.

APPLOY: I must return
to Quadrant 6.

Now, you remember your promise.


Oh, Jaime, I'm glad
you've come to help us.

Help you?
I've come to get your help.


Steve is dying.

He has severe radiation sickness.

And the nuclear power pack
in his legs have burst.

Sasquatch caused it.

They've turned him
against Steve, too.

Oh, no.

Listen, he is very near death.
He told me that you...

Or your people have some kind of
a wonder drug.


Do you think it can save him?

Hopefully, yes. We will try.

Gillian, you will take it to him.

Oh, thank you very, very much.

But Jaime, we desperately
need your help,

to stop the rebels that caused
Steve to be injured.

We must stop them before they achieve
full power at their new base,

and bring harm to many others.

Where are they now?

Here. I'll show you.

Nedlick is drilling
a volcanic vent for power

where the earth's mantle
is the thinnest.

Are you all right?

Yes, I'm fine, yes.

This is a very volatile
and dangerous area.

If the volcanic vent should get too large,
it could cause a major shift

in the Pacific geologic plate.

Wait a minute. That could cause
tidal waves, couldn't it?

Enormous ones, yes.

For the sake of your people and of mine,
we must stop them.

Will you help us, Jaime?

And you'll take care of Steve, huh?


All right.

(WHISPERS) Good. Good.

After Gillian takes you
to the volcanic area,

she will go to Steve.

I will monitor the operation here.

With Neotraxin,
we may be able to save him.

Steve means as much to me
as he does to you, Jaime.

God speed.



NEDLICK: Are you through
the asthenosphere yet?

DALLETT: Not yet.

NEDLICK: Well, then,
increase the voltage.

No. We're already
proceeding too fast.

Look, if this vent gets any larger

we're liable to trigger off
another eruption of this volcano.

We need the power to put
the magnetic shield into operation.

Now do as I say and increase
the voltage.

Uh, where are we?

We're in Mexico.
Their base is inside that mountain.

And with their monitors, they'll see you
coming before you see them.

Oh, terrific.

Well, listen, you're gonna go
to Steve now?

Yes. Okay.

Good luck, Gillian. You too, Jaime.

Okay. Wait a minute, uh...

Well, how do I get home?


FALER: Here she comes
again, Nedlick.

NEDLICK: Very tenacious,
this Bionic Woman.

But this time she won't escape.


I want her taken hostage,
Sasquatch. Is that clear?

Hostage. That's perfect.

There she is.


There we go, big fella.

Attack, Sasquatch!


Capture her or you know
what will happen to Shalon.





Oh, that's enough of that.

Excellent. She should be unconscious for a while.
Pick her up and...



Dallett must have broken the volcanic vent
through into the mesosphere.

Soon we'll be completely powered.

Pick her up and carry her back
to the base.



Shalon? I'm in the hospital now.
Can you see?

Yes, Gillian.
I have you on visual contact.

Oh, Steve.

Shall I begin the Eunasic?

SHALON: Yes, Gillian.

I want to get that Neotraxin into him
as soon as possible.

Sequence begin.


Oh, dear.

He's sunk even lower
than I anticipated.

We must hurry, Gillian,
or we may not be able to save him.

I want to see the thoracic curve.

Someone's coming.

Leave the room, Gillian.

You can see how depressed
his vital signs are and sinking.

Isn't there anything we can do?

No, nothing.

Oh, come on.

Come on. Get out of there.

DALLETT: You captured her?

NEDLICK: Yes, the Sasquatch
is very obedient.

DALLETT: He wouldn't be if he knew
you really couldn't hurt Shalon.

NEDLICK: But he never will.

The volcanic vent is completed?

Yes, and I'm very concerned
about it.

Come with me.



What is that made of?


Can you understand me?

I've just come from Shalon.

You know, she's very
worried about you.

She's also very upset that
you've turned against her.

But I don't think you have turned
against her, have you?

They're making you do this,
attack Steve and me.

What did this Nedlick tell you?

That he was gonna hurt Shalon
if you didn't obey?

Well, it's not true, Sasquatch.
I heard them talking.

They can't really hurt Shalon.

It's just a lie to make you do
what they want.

Well, don't you believe me?

Listen, listen. Many have been hurt
at the San Angelo complex.

And they need your help.

Shalon needs your help.


Sasquatch, there's some
difficulty with the volcanic vent.

Come with me to Level 4.

Come on. Come on. Get out of there.

Oscar, come out here.
We have a new problem.

Shalon, ready for
the thoracic curve.

Sequence begin.


Sequence end.

All right, Gillian.
I have the major areas of damage.

Draw the Neotraxin.

Use it in thirds.

Use one at point 14,

one at point 27

and one at six.

That's Neotraxin.

Wait, Apploy.


GILLIAN: Twenty-seven.


Good. That's...


Shalon, what's wrong?


What's wrong? Shalon?

She has collapsed from
her own radiation poisoning, Gillian.

Where did you get that Neotraxin?

Shalon gave it to me.

Was it hers?


That was the last in the complex.

Has it helped Colonel Austin?

I don't know.

It's right here, Oscar.

We detected its activity
about an hour ago.

Rudy, I got to get back to Steve.

What's so important about a volcano
erupting in Mexico?

Because if this volcano
keeps erupting

it could bring a serious disaster

to the entire Pacific Coast.


DALLETT: We shouldn't have dug
the volcanic vent so swiftly.

It's enlarging on its own
just as I thought it might.

I've diverted some of the force
back into the volcano,

but the lava is being ejected
at an incredible rate.

I wouldn't worry,
we'll be able to control it.

I'm not so sure.

Nedlick, come here.
Take a look at this.

I've calibrated this to measure tons of
lava in units of 100,000.

You can see that already over 100,000 cubic
tons have poured out.

Well, there's no harm in that.

We need the power to put our
magnetic force shield into operation.

Besides, according
to my calculations

the geologic pressure
will taper off.

DALLETT: I don't think so.

And if 900,000 tons pours out,

and that needle reaches the level
that I've marked in red,

then the entire eastern half
of the Pacific geologic plate

is going to drop 4.7 feet.

You mean the floor of the Pacific Ocean
could drop five feet?

Why, that can cause
tidal waves and...

Much worse. It would make the earthquake
at Krakatoa look like a firecracker.

What can we do to stop it?

Not a thing.

It's not within the
realm of our science.

Then I should order
an immediate evacuation.

Yes. Now.

The entire Pacific Coast
of North America is in danger.

What about Jaime?
Have they located her?

No, they haven't been
able to find her.

GILLIAN: Colonel Austin?


What happened?

It's all right.

You're going to be all right now.

Just rest a few moments longer.

Where are we?

At Dr. Wells' lab.
They don't know I'm here.

You had severe radiation poisoning.

Shalon sent me to give
you the Neotraxin.

I ought to be dead.
That stuff doesn't fool around, does it?

Not if it's given in time.

We must hurry.
Jaime will need your help.

Jaime? I'll tell you in a minute,

but we must leave quickly.
I think you should be able to stand now.

Can you get out of bed?

I think so.

I'm gonna need a pair of pants.



RUDY: Heard anything on Jaime?


What about the National Guard?

We've begun an emergency evacuation
of the entire Pacific coastline.

I only hope they can do it in time.

How much time does he have?

Nedlick, I'm telling you that the volcanic vent
is out of control!

I disagree.

Well, look at that gauge!
Just look at it.

Already 500,000 tons

of lava have erupted
from the volcano.

When if it hits 900,000 this entire area is
going to be blown to bits

and be engulfed
by the Pacific Ocean.

The pressure will ease off
before that happens.

And I'm telling you
that you're wrong!

Now, I knew that we drilled the vent
too wide and too fast.

I've taken core samplings
and done a magma scan,

we have just got to
get out of this place.

Dallett, lam still in command here.

I'm not questioning that, but if we don't change
our location immediately,

you're not gonna have
anything left to command.

Nedlick, Gillian has returned,

Austin's with her.

All right. Dallett, you and the others prepare
the equipment for departure.

I'll send the Sasquatch to finish Austin
once and for all.


STEVE: Volcano sounds like
it's getting ready to blow.

Are you sure this is where
you left Jaime?

Yes, she was going to head up that way,
toward their base.

Uh-oh. What is it?


Ol' white eyes is back.

The Sasquatch?

You better stay here.
Looks like he's coming on pretty strong.

Steve, do you think you're recovered enough
to take him on?

We'll find out.


isn’t anything ever easy?


Sasquatch, take it easy.
Where is Jaime?

STEVE: Don't you remember me?

NEDLICK: Attack, Sasquatch.


Kill him, Sasquatch!

NEDLICK: Attack, Sasquatch.

Kill him!





Sasquatch, this is Jaime.

Nedlick cannot hurt Shalon!

And he can't hurt you anymore either!
I have the control unit.

Sasquatch, trust me, please.





Stop her! No! No, leave her alone.

We've got to get out of here before
that volcano erupts any more.

She has the control
for the Sasquatch.

We're not leaving without him!

Follow me.

NEDLICK: You stay with me.
Faler's got the other exit blocked.

Steve? Sasquatch?

You guys better come help me.
I'm not too popular right now!

NEDLICK: I heard her down this way!



Oh, terrific.



What are you doing?

Turning their TLC's down
so slow that they can't move.



Stay away from me. No!


Sasquatch, don't kill him!

Sasquatch, don't kill him.
We'll take him back to...


The volcano!

When that needle hits the red,

the entire Pacific plate
is gonna slip!

We've got to escape!

No, we've got to stop it.

There's no way of stopping a million tons of lava
dead in its tracks.

We've got to escape.
We've got to get out of here.

Wait a minute.
With all the things your people have,

isn't there any way of cooling it off
and hardening it?

No, only time could cool it off.





It can move anything it touches faster
through time, right?

Well, yes.

So if it touched the lava...

Oh, it would move the lava
through time faster.

And cool it off, turn it to rock and
stop the eruption.

How do we set it?

Here. Now when you push this button

there will be a five second delay

before it activates.

That's enough to throw it in.

Let's go.


You think we can get close enough?

We've got to try.


(PANTING) I can't make it!

I'll try.



GILLIAN: The heat's
too much for him, too.

He's not close enough.
Even he can't throw it that far.


STEVE: Throw it, Sasquatch!

APPLOY: Nedlick and his conspirators
are being kept in confinement

and will have to face the judgment
of our courts.

And thanks to your efforts,

our complex is being rebuilt.

The Neotraxin we recovered
will cure many of our people

that were exposed to the radiation.

Where is Shalon?

STEVE: What's wrong?
She's alive, isn't she?

APPLOY: Alive... Yes, she's alive.

Come this way.

When she gave Gillian
the Neotraxin to save you, Colonel Austin,

her own radiation poisoning

brought her to the very threshold of death.

But you said she wasn't dead.

Oh, she isn't,
but only moments away from it.

Much too close to try a cure
with Neotraxin alone.

Her TLC has been reduced
to an extreme slowness.

It will remain that way until
our mother ship returns.

They'll have a much better chance
of saving her than we.

When will your mother ship return?

Oh, about 100 Earth years from now.

Colonel Austin, Miss Sommers,

why don't you remain with us?

Your bionic abilities are much more of
the future than of this age.

We would be honored
to have you stay with us,

and awake tomorrow
in a new century.

Are you certain
you won't reconsider?

STEVE: No, we can't stay with you.

We must go home

but thank you for letting us keep
our memory of you.

Tell Shalon that this time
I won't forget.

Nor will she forget you.

Goodbye, Gillian.

Goodbye, Jaime.

And you, you get a big bionic hug.



Waking up in a new century
sure is tempting.