The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 1, Episode 8 - Jaime's Mother - full transcript

Jaime is contacted by a mysterious woman claiming to be her mother. Oscar Goldman admits to the fact that Ann Sommers used to be a spy and even had a double by the name of Chris Stuart. While Jaime and Ann are getting reacquainted, some thugs on Ann's tail are planning to silence her once and for all.


Look, it wasn't my fault.

I mean, I thought I had her
here in Santa Barbara.

But some guy got in the way just as I shot.

So you missed?
No, no, no!

I nicked her in the arm.

I was in the hotel window
with the rifle.

By the time I got to the street,
she was already gone.

But she didn't get away.

I traced her to a car rental agency here

and she took out a dark gray sedan,

license 559 M-J-I.

And she asked about Ojai.


She's gone back to tell Jaime SOMMERS
she's her mother.

After all these years?

Suppose the SOMMERS girl
believes her?

Then we might have to kill 'em both.


I brought you something, Jaime.
Do you like it?


ANN: Okay, okay, here we go.
Oh, that's good.

Good, Jaime.

No, no. You know you hit it...

Oh, that's wonderful, Jaime.
That's wonderful.

Good, Jaime. That's good.



WOMAN: Is this Jaime SOMMERS?

There was a problem at the cemetery
last night.

I'm sorry to bother you this early,

but your parents' graves
were vandalized.


Could you come right over, please?


WOMAN: Is this Jaime SOMMERS?

Jaime? Jaime?




ANN: Where is Puzzles?

ANN: Jaime, have you seen Puzzles?

Here, Puzzles! Puzzles!
Come on, Puzzles!





HELEN: You could've imagined it all, Jaime.

Helen, it wasn't a dream.

I'm sure it wasn't.

It was her voice.

And I only got a glimpse of the face,

but I swear it looked
just like my mother.

Honey, I want to believe you.

But I was at the funeral,
and so were you.

Maybe it was the power of suggestion with
the dream starting it...

Starting what? An entire
train of hallucinations?

Well, all things considered,

I don't see how she was there.

Do you?

Look, Jaime, Oscar's at the base.
Let's call him.

No! What are you gonna tell him?

Helen, I am not hearing bells
that aren't ringing,

or voices that aren't talking,

and I am not seeing people
that weren't there.

Look, I know you're trying to help me,

but you're really not making things
any easier.

I'm trying to.

Jaime, you've admitted to having
emotional problems,

and you know, funny, little troubles,
you called it.

Helen, what are you...

I didn't say that.
You did.

What I mean is, you've had
memory problems

about Steve and other things.

Oscar and Rudy asked me
to keep an eye on you.

Keep an eye on me?

Oh, that's really cute.

Now they've got you spying on me.

We all care for you.

We don't want anything
to happen to you.

Well, I'll make that unanimous.

What about Puzzles?
He isn't dead.

Helen, I felt his fur
with my own hand.

I petted him, I saw his name
on his tag.

Oh, Puzzles is possible.

Remember, he used to run away from
our house all the time

after the accident and go over to
the old house.

Yes, you could've seen him recently.

Recently? Helen, I saw him two hours ago
in the cemetery.

Do you know that if what you're saying
is true,

I can't trust my own mind?

I didn't say that.

Because you love me.

But that's what it all
boils down to, isn't it?

Where're you going?

To my old house to find Puzzles!

Maybe seeing him will tell me if he was
really there or if I was.


JAMES: Jaime!
Don't dig up the flowers.

ANN: A girl has just as much right
to dig as a boy.

It's part of her development.

I wouldn't be wild about a son digging up
my roses either.

MRS. NOAH: Jaime.


Hi, Mrs. Noah.
How are you?

Oh, I'm just fine.


Good to see you.
You, too.

I was wondering when you'd come by
and see the old place.

Come on in.

No, I just dropped by to see Puzzles.
Is he around?

Right there.


You haven't been around to see
much of him either.

No, I haven't.

Has he been behaving himself?

Oh, yes.

He still chases jack rabbits occasionally.

Hasn't caught one for about eight years.

Does he ever play around the cemetery,
Mrs. Noah?

Not that I know of.

I can remember when I used to be
his favorite toy.


Okay. Thank you very much.
It was nice to see you.

Jaime, come back and see me.

The door is always open for you.

Thank you.


JAIME: Mother?



JAIME: Helen?

Hello, dear.

Helen, I wasn't imagining it all.
I just...

Look who just dropped by.

Hi. So you called him anyway, huh?

I would have been angry with her
if she hadn't.

Helen, would you excuse us for
a moment, please?


It was awfully nice of you to drop all
the nation's problems

and come over here, Oscar.

Were you afraid I had
blown a fuse literally?

I usually carry a spare
for my bionic friends.

You know, I feel like I am getting

special treatment number five.

First you relax the subject,

and then you gently tell her

that she needs a room with mattress wallpaper
in it.

Why don't you sit down?

Sit down.

After Helen called me,
I talked to Rudy.

He says you're imagining.

Sounds a lot better than hallucinating.

Rudy thinks that that subconscious
is working now.

Now, you remember I gave you a dossier
about your past life.

When I gave you that dossier,

there were some things
I left out,

things I couldn't tell you

because I was afraid
it might shock you,

that you weren't ready for it.

Now, the problem we've got is,

we don't know if that accident

drove this, what I'm about to tell you,
out of your mind,

or whether you didn't
know about it at all.

Now, I'm going to tell you the truth
about your parents.

They worked for the university.

They were college professors.

But your mother was also
an undercover agent

for the United States

Top echelon,

political science.

Read it.

The last sentence there.

Oh, my God!


I never knew about any of this.

You didn't?
No, I didn't.

I'm sorry, Jaime.

I guess I shouldn't have told you.

You see, we thought that dream

made this information surface,

and all these things that are here
were coming up,

and by telling you about your parents

would destroy the mystery of it.

I'm afraid that

we've just made things worse.

No, you haven't.

Because I did see that car again,
Oscar. I did!

Jaime, that woman exists
only in your dreams

and on these pages.

I don't know what to think.


Take it easy, will you?


Read some of this stuff, and...

I'll call you in a couple of hours.



I have to leave.

But I brought you something, Jaime.
Do you like it?

HENDERSON: What could
she hope to gain

by finally telling Jaime SOMMERS
she's her mother?

BOYLIN: Money!
She's broke!

She needs money to run any further.

We should be in Ojai
in about an hour.

You said you shot her
in the arm.

How badly was she hit?

I couldn't tell. But the next time
I won't miss.

I brought you something, Jaime.
Do you like it?


Hello? Jaime,
this is Betty Noah.

The strangest thing just happened.

What is it?

Well, this woman came by and asked
to see the house.

And it was really kind of weird.

She knew where every stick of furniture was
when we moved in.

And then she asked to see your old room,

and asked a lot of questions about you.

Now, I hope you won't think I'm crazy,

but I could've sworn I was talking to
your mother's ghost.

Is she still there?

No. She said she was
in town for one day,

and that she was gonna pay last respects

to an old friend,
and then leave.

Who is this old friend? Did she say?

Well, I was so shook up
I didn't want to pry.

Look, another funny thing.

I noticed in the car
a bouquet of yellow roses,

and they looked like the roses

from the old bushes around the house.


JAIME: Last respects?


Oh. No, please.
Who are you?

Let me go!

Tell me who you are!
No, please.

I didn't want you to see me.

Please let me go.


No. No.

Are you my mother?

Are you my mother?

Oh, Jaime.

Oh, yes.

So, why isn't this information
in our files?

Because the records are sealed

and everything pertaining to the case

is stored at the CBI
in Los Angeles.

Well, get them.

Well, us underlings can't bring this kind of
a mountain to Muhammad.

Now, you control the thing,

but you've gotta sign
it out personally.

All right. Get my helicopter
on the pad.

I'm going to Los Angeles.



Helen, this is Oscar.
Is Jaime there?

Well, no, she isn't. I just came by
to see how she is.

Now, look, don't ask for answers

that I can't give you
to these questions,

but as incredible as this may sound,

the woman that's buried in that cemetery
may not be Jaime's mother.


It seems there were two Ann’s.

I just... I just wanted
to see you

and then leave.

I don't understand.

If you didn't die, then who did I see
buried here?

It won't do you any good
to know that, Jaime.

Well, if I'm your daughter, I think you owe me
an explanation.

Yes, of course.

You're right.

But not here.

What's... What's wrong
with your arm?

Nothing. Nothing.

HENDERSON: Hey, you want to stop for
coffee or something?

BOYLIN: Nah, keep going.

I want to get this thing
over with.

ANN: Her name was Chris Stuart.

She was with your father
in the accident.

And the people who caused that accident
were after me.

There was something in a dossier about them
being murdered.

Jaime, you'll have to understand it

in the context of that time,
it was the early 1950s,

the Cold War was very hot,

and there was a lot of paranoia
in the country.

Those of us in undercover work

thought we were doing
something important

and that it was worth
the sacrifice.

We were all afraid that the country

was being undermined
by foreign agents,

and what we feared didn't happen.

So, I suppose in retrospect,

it all seems very foolish now.

What are you scared of?


Look, can't we just stop driving for
a while and talk?

All right.

If you turn off to the right
up here on this road,

there's an old barn.

Oh, sure, the old Hanson place.

ANN: Remember when I caught you hanging
from those rafters?

Why do all mothers think their children
are suicidal?

What was this Chris Stuart
doing with my father?

I needed a cover so I could attend
conferences secretly.

People didn't realize then how saturated
this country was...

Government agents in the universities,

So the department found an actress

who looked enough like me to be my sister.

And plastic surgery improved on that.

You don't believe me, do you?

Well, if what you say is true,

then how do I know you're not Chris?

It wouldn't matter if I were.

In all the ways that count,

I'm as dead as Chris
and your father.

No, I don't believe you.

Maybe there were things that I didn't
know about her,

but the mother that I remember

first of all, self-pity was not
one of her traits,

and secondly she loved me very much

and she would have come back somehow.

She would have at least
tried to see me.

Don't you think I did?

I was at your high school graduation.

I watched your first tournament.

You took the center court match,
six-love, six-love.

And I watched what the Elgins
were giving you.

I saw you with Steve.

You were building a good life.

You were going somewhere.

Should I have taken all of that away
from you, Jaime?

Was that any kind of love?

What did I have to offer you?

Well, I'm sorry you don't know.

Well, maybe I do know
better than you.

The government decided I could go on working
and be useful

only if I was believed dead.

They erased my existence.

They sealed off my records,
as they politely call it.

Jaime, I was doing it
for my country!

For your country? What about for
your daughter?

The people who killed Chris
and your father

wouldn't have stopped if they'd known
I was alive.

They wouldn't have hesitated to kill you
to get to me.

Well, then why have you come back now?

I didn't intend for you to see me.

Oh, well, what does it all
matter now anyway?

Jaime, there's no reason for you to accept this
on faith.

But you like Helen,
and you trust her.

Let's go and see her.


Jaime, where have you been? Oscar...

Hello, Helen.


Then it is really you?

The shattered remains.

Oscar called. He... He said he has reason
to believe

that Ann could be alive.

The old furniture looks good
in the new place.

I was telling you 10 years ago to sell it.

I was telling you...

To mind my own business.

That you were comfortable with it.

Oh, Helen.

You saved Jaime's racket!



I meant to get that thing fixed.


Is she my mother?

Oh, Jaime,
I honestly don't know.

Please help me.

And tell me something that only my real mother
could possibly know.

On... On the day of the accident,

before your dad and I

went to meet Chris,

I gave you a present.

You're my mother.

Jaime. Oh, Jaime.

Well, that confirms it.
There were two of them.

You know, it beats me why there was no
positive ID made

at the time of the accident.

I guess they just presumed
that it was Ann.

Call up Legal, Russ.

I want to get a court order
to open up that grave.

I want to confirm that Chris Stuart
is indeed in there.

Then we can start looking for Ann.

If she has surfaced,

the other side wants her, too.

Even more than we do.

Steve and I were gonna be married,

but I had a sky diving accident.

Sky diving accident?
You were badly hurt?

Yes. But, you know,
in some ways,

these legs are a lot better than
the ones you gave me.

They're artificial?

Well, yes,
but they're bionic, Mom.

Bionic? I don't understand.
What is bionic?

Well, bionic is...

It's something you're just gonna
have to see to believe.

That's all there is to it.

Now, Steve calls me the highest form of the art.

However, I'm not quite so sure
how scientific he means that.

Mom, do you remember how I used to fall out
of trees all the time?


Watch this.








Well, here I am,
your little girl.

With a four on the floor
and a 3.7 differential.


See this?
That is very strong, too.



You know, Mom, we really are

like mother like daughter.

You see, I died

and they brought me back to life.

And, now, you've come back, too.

Oh, Jaime.

Hey, come on. I thought we were
gonna be happy.

Well, I am.

I am happy.
Happy to be here...


Glad to have this time with you.

This time?
Mother, come on.

We have the whole rest of our lives.

Now, I have some terrific plans.

First of all, you're gonna
move in with us,

and then we're gonna pick up
where we left off.

No, that's not possible, Jaime.

Oh, God!
Oh, how I wish it were.

What are you afraid of?

Nothing. Oh, God.

Lam so emotional.

Lam just so happy to be here.

Mother, I can see you have a problem.

Why won't you share it with me?



After my usefulness to the government
was over,

they finally let me go.

I burned my bridges,

and I had to find a job

to survive.

So I... I wound up

working for the other side. Not...

Not the group that killed your father,
of course,

but still the other side.

You became a double agent?

That's right.

An embarrassment to both sides

and now hunted by both sides.

That's why I can't include you
in my plans, Jaime.

It would be too dangerous.

I can't bring you down with me.

I'm not gonna lose you again, Mom.

We don't have anything
to say about that, Jaime.

Hey, do you remember the man
that Helen spoke of?

He can help us. His name is
Oscar Goldman,

and he works for the O.S.I.

Help us?

Jaime, he'd put me in prison, and I
couldn't stand that.

You see, I'm...
I'm too old for that.

Mother, he's a friend.

He has to take orders,
doesn't he?

Everybody does.

All right.
Look, I promise,

I won't say anything to him.

But we're gonna have to buy us
some time, okay?

Come on! Where?
Where're we going?

Well, take your choice. New York, Chicago,




Jaime, I've been trying to reach you.

Where are you?

Oh, hi, Oscar. I was just
taking a walk.

You know, trying to work things out.

Well, I owe you an apology.

You weren't imagining things.

Has your mother been trying to
contact you?

My mother? No.

Well, if she does,
I'm at the cemetery here.

Get through to me right away.

What's up, Oscar?

Well, we're confirming
the body of a woman

named Chris Stuart is buried in your
mother's grave.

Now, I'll be there in about a half an hour.

I'll explain the whole thing.

Meanwhile, stay there.

All right. I won't move.

I told you.
I've got no future.

We'll figure something out.

You know, Mom, we're very lucky.

I had some pretty good paydays
on the tennis tour.

Of course, I've got all my money
scattered around

in a whole bunch of different savings
and loan companies.

I didn't want to lose my whole $20
on one crash.

Just like your father.


Wait a minute.
Somebody's coming.


ANN: It's them.
They're here.

They finally caught up with me.

Hold it!


Mom, go start the car.


Come on. Let's go.

Hey, what happened to the car?

What the heck do I know?

But we need another car right now.

All right. Go on.
Keep it going, huh?

Yeah. All right.

What've you got?

You're not gonna like it, Oscar,
but here it is.

God! Are you sure there's not some mistake?

Dental charts were conclusive.

The body in that grave

It's Jaime's real mother.

Well, the woman who's surfaced then
must be Chris Stuart.

And if that's true, Jaime's in a lot
of trouble.

Come on.
Let's get out of here.

Get that motor started.


Let's go now. Hit it.

Check the plates on that car
and phone them in.

Jaime. Helen,
where's Jaime?

I don't know.

That car outside, do you know
anything about it?

No. No, I don't.

Oscar, the woman Jaime saw is her...

Is an imposter.

Her name is Chris Stuart.

She was Ann SOMMERS' double.

Oh, no!

She was here. Oh, I should've
called you,

but she looked so much like Ann.

Oh, I should've known better.

Helen, let me ask you a question.

Do you think that

Jaime would tell Chris
about her bionics?

I don't know.

But she does think that
Chris is her mother.

When our government let Chris go,

she went to work for the other side.

She's been selling them information,
mostly false, for years.

She's that desperate.

Knowing about Jaime's bionics

gives her the one hold
she needs on life.

Then you think she might sell Jaime to them,
is that what you're saying?


How much is in here?

Oh, round figure's about $2,624.15.

You know, the next bank is just down the street
a little...

No, no, no.
This will be enough.

I don't think so, Mom.
'Cause once you get there,

you're gonna have to live,
you know.


Jaime, I didn't come here
to take all your money.

Well, it's our money. You paid for
the tennis lessons.

Jaime, I've got to tell you something.

What's the matter?


I guess we've all got to do
what we have to do.

What are you talking about?

Look, if that's enough money, fine.

But we have to get you to the airport,
so let's go, all right?



This is Oscar Goldman speaking.

I want an all-points
bulletin out

on a Chris Stuart,
alias Ann SOMMERS.

Now, I want everybody in on this.

The O.S.I., the MP's,

the California Highway Patrol,
the local police. Everybody!

It's funny.

All my life,

nothing I ever planned
turned out.

All the best things that ever happened to me,

just sort of happened.

Like today, being here with you.

Can you imagine me being here with you?




Let me handle this, Mom.

No. No.

CHRIS: I'll talk to them.
You stay here.


CHRIS: Hello, Vic.
BOYLIN: Hello, Chris.

Hello, Chris.
Chris. Chris.

Oh, Chris.

BOYLIN: It was a sucker move
to come back here.

I'd have had more trouble
finding you otherwise.

I've never been smart, Vic.

Not even surprised to see me?

CHRIS: No, no, I knew I would,
if not today,

tomorrow, next week, sometime.

Let's not drag this out. You know I've got
a job to do.

Get the girl.

You're not gonna kill her, too.

BOYLIN: You got her into this.

You're both one,
as far as I'm concerned.

Vic, I think you ought
to know something.

She's innocent. She doesn't know
anything about this.

I told her who I was and she lent me
some money, that's all.

Look, nobody will miss me, but
they'll miss her.

Won't they? I mean,
they'll try to find her.

Through her they'll trace me right to you.

Come on, Vic, don't be sloppy.

Loose ends aren't your style.

I just don't want her
to see you do it.

Vic, she's a school teacher in a hick town.

Alive she's no problem to you.

What about these? How're you gonna
explain them?

I'll take care of it.

I just want to say goodbye to her. Okay?

Don't tell her anything else.

Don't worry.
I'm all out of tricks.

Jaime, these men are from the FBI.

And I've got to go with them.

But everything will be all right.

You understand?

You just stay here until after we're gone

and nothing will happen
to you either.

I'll see you soon.

Goodbye, baby.


Not quite goodbye yet.




Jaime, look out!



Are you all right?

We've got to get you
to a hospital.

Jaime, I've got to tell you something.

All right.
Don't talk now.

I'm not your mother.

I know, Chris.

Oh, God.



Brought you some flowers.

For old time's sake.

Chris, Oscar just told me that...

That you can get a light sentence
or even suspension,

if you'd help out with some information.

Guess nothing's gonna cheer you up,
is it?


Why didn't you turn me over to those men
when you had a chance?

I mean, you could have been home free,
named your own price.

You know,

you were about two years old

when I first saw you.

Ann did let me take care of you

When we were all together.

She and I started sharing so much.

She told me she was buying you
that locket.

The times I spent here
in the Ojai Valley

were the best times of my life.

Ann was the best friend
I ever had.

I loved her, I admired her,
I wanted to be like her.

I didn't come back here
to cheat you.

I knew it was only a matter of days
before they found me.

So, I just came crawling back

to the only place I'd ever felt safe

and loved.

I would have helped you if you had told me
who you really were.

I know that.
Oh, Jaime.

I was so tired of being me.

When I pretended to be Ann,
and you believed me...

Oh, it was so lovely.
It was an escape.

It was my big moment.

You were my baby,
if only for a few seconds.

I finally... I finally got
to be your real mother.


Oh, hi, Jaime.


How is she? I think she's
gonna be fine.

I'm ashamed to admit it,
but I wasn't very happy

when I thought she was Ann.

Isn't it terrible?
I was jealous.


I didn't really want anyone taking my place
with you.

Well, Mom, come on. Mothers aren't
like used cars.

You know, you don't just change models
on a whim.

You mean, I'm locked
into the job?

No, I mean you're stuck with it.


And don't tell me you haven't been known

to think along those lines yourself.

Remember the time I got a D in math?

Or the time that I bumped the fender
on your brand new car?


You don't get to share
those joys with anybody.

Is that a promise?

You bet.

Oh, you're a sweetheart.

I love you.

I love you very much, too.