The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 1, Episode 6 - The Deadly Missiles - full transcript

An unauthorized missile has been launched from the ranch estate of tycoon J.T. Connors. Since J.T. used to sponsor Jaime Sommers during the early days of her tennis career, Oscar Goldman sends Jaime to investigate while Steve Austin monitors for more more missiles at M.E.W.S. Control.

JAIME: Just think about this,
you know that the stars, centuries ago,

were the only form of navigation, and today,

that even with modern technology
the way it is,

we are still using the stars.

Anybody know the name
of that kind of navigation?

Celestial navigation, the astronauts use it
in space flight.

Right. And you know somebody who's very
good at it, don't you?

Who's that?

Colonel Steve Austin.

Whoa, what is this?

Oh, nothing.

Oh, nothing? Don't be so shy.
What is it?

Well, do you think you and Colonel Austin
ever will get married?

I... I don't know.

Wow! Look at that!

KATIE: What is it?
A meteor or something?

No, it's going up. It must be
a missile test

from Vandenberg Air Force Base.

No. Vandenberg is the other way.

Yeah, I know.

I wonder where it did come from.

MAN: Mr. Goldman, an unidentified
ballistic missile

just came down in the
Los Angeles Reservoir.

OSCAR: What?
Where did it come from?

We don't know, sir.

I'm on my way.

Here's the warhead,
Mr. Goldman.

What about the rest of the missile?

It's still down there.
We'll bring it up next.

Handle that warhead carefully.

We don't know what kind of explosives
it could contain.

I've run a computer check
on all our missile complexes,

there were no accidental launchings.

Looks like one of ours.

Yeah, let's check the payload.

All right.




Do you know that this type of warhead is capable
of carrying a nuclear payload?

Could destroy a city.

We gotta find out where this came from, Steve.

May not be that easy.

Remember I told you something fouled up

our radar defense system
near here?


Well, it wasn't exactly
just near here.

Our entire Military Early Warning System was
temporarily jammed last night.

Jammed? Well,
that's impossible.

We don't have a radar jamming device.

We don't, but somebody does.

Our entire radar defense system
was totally useless

for nine minutes and 36 seconds.

If somebody has a radar jamming device,

they can drop a nuclear warhead
anyplace they want.

Right. But the big question is,
who are they?


Helen, you have no faith.

Listen, this meringue pie is gonna be ready
in plenty of time

for the bake sale.

Yeah. Okay.
Listen, I gotta go.

Oscar's gonna be here
pretty soon. Bye-bye.

I hate lemon meringue pies.



JAIME: Yeah.

Well, there you are.

Welcome to my kitchen.

Thank you. Pie.

Lemon meringue.
Oh, my favorite.

Got your bags packed?

Yes. Where's Steve?

He's over at M.E.W.S.

The Military Early Warning Station.

We've calculated the approximate area

where we think this missile
was launched.

Well, what can I do?

We have a real problem, Jaime.

Right in the middle of this
300 square mile area

is the vast private estate
owned by J.T. Connors,

head of Connors Aerospace Industries.

Oscar, I know J.T. Connors.

I've known him since I was a little kid.

He was my first sponsor
when I turned tennis pro.

Yes, I know. That's why I'm here.
I need your help.

We have reason to believe that the missile was
launched from his property.

Oh, I don't believe that, Oscar.

It's a possibility.

His company builds that type of missile
for the Air Force.

You're making him sound like some kind of a mad
scientist or something.

I don't think he's a mad scientist,

but I think he's a brilliant
and powerful industrialist,

and he has the capabilities.

When did you see him last?

Uh, it was at his son's funeral.

Since his son was killed
in Vietnam, he's, uh...

He's gotten more right wing than ever.

(CHUCKLES) Oscar, J.T. Connors has always just
cut right through the fat

and said exactly what he feels.

But he is not gonna go shooting missiles
at Los Angeles.

Jaime, it's a terribly
dangerous situation.

We have to investigate
every possibility.

I am not going to investigate one of my oldest
and dearest friends.

I wouldn't... I wouldn't even know
what to look for.

I understand how you feel.

But we can't allow emotions
to get in the way.

A lot of lives are at stake.


Somebody could get hurt on that.


I guess a lot more people could get hurt
with a missile, huh?

Okay, I'll do it.


GUARD: Mr. Connors, we've just admitted
Miss Jaime SOMMERS

through the north security gate.


Hey, Jaime!

Look here, now!
You look great.

You haven't changed a bit, you know that?

Are you kiddin'? I get older
every minute.

But you, my goodness,
you've changed.

And for the better, I must say.

It's been a long time.
What can I tell you?

Mr. Connors, I've finished...
I'm sorry.

Oh? Hey, Warren, come over here.
Come over here.

Listen, I want you to meet Warren Rayker,

one of the most brilliant young engineers
around anywhere.


Listen, would you get her bags

out of that little blue thing over there?

Sure. Put them in the guest room.

I want to show her my shed.

Do you think you could still
beat me at eight ball?

Oh, can I beat you at eight ball?


Well, what do you think? Huh?

Just like I remember it.

Ah, you know the old saying,

"You can take the boy
out of Texas..."

"But you can't take Texas out of the boy."

You're right.

This one is from the Big War.

Aren't they all big wars, J.T.?

Well, I guess if you're the guy who's
fighting 'em, you're right.

Anyway, this is the one...

That's the one General Patton
gave you, right?

Yeah, but... Ah.

I should remember. You know all of
my war stories, don't you?


That's the last picture they took
of J.T. Junior.


A real fine boy.

Decorated eight times
in Vietnam.

What's wrong?

Oh, I know I shouldn't
let it get to me,

but I get mad every time I think of how he died
like a sitting duck.

Sitting there on the runway waiting for some yo-yo
to give take-off orders.

Hey, there's nothing
you could do about it.

I tried!

I told the brass that that airfield
was vulnerable.

And they dilly-dallied around,
while my boy got killed.

Nobody wants to take
command anymore.

We haven't had any real leadership since
Douglas MacArthur!

We've got a lot of long-haired momma's boys
creeping into government.

Oh, come on, J.T. You sound like
you always did.

You know, you're just about that far to the right
of Atilla the Hun.

Yeah, I don't even put out my arm when
I make a left hand turn.

Yeah, I believe it.

I've been lockin' horns with those soft-heads
in Washington for years.

They haven't even got sense enough
to see the erosion

of our American way of life.

It all started back when they started
to fluoridate our water.

Oh, come on now, J.T.,
you're not one of those people

who thinks that fluoridation
was a communist plot?

It's the same kind of mentality that
killed my boy.

I'll tell you something, Jaime,
one of these days

I would like to get all those Washington
soft-heads in one place and...

And what?

Uh... Hey, you remember how you used to love
to play with my trains?

Uh, yes.

Would you like to be the engineer?


Why not?


I used to love to climb on these things
when I was a little kid.

Let you in on a secret, I still
love to climb on 'em.

Here, watch this.


Oh, that's really neat.

Yeah, Warren Rayker designed that for me.

Oh, he's the fella that I met when
I first got here?

Right. I can work anything on the ranch
with this little magic box.

Trains, doors, water sprinklers,
anything at all.

(WHOOPS) That's really something.

Warren Rayker is really something.

Any other control box
would be 10 times that size,

but he's a genius at microelectronics.

As a matter of fact, I've made him
my second in command.

Really? He's such a young man.

Mmm-hmm. Uh,
after you, Engineer.

Thank you.


Hey, J.T., you took all these things off?

Well, that was the throttle. Say, you've got
a good memory.

J.T., do you have full-sized models

of all the weapons that you've built, too?

Sure. Planes, cannons, tanks,
you name it, we got it.


Are they working models?

Of course not.
It's against the law

for a private citizen to have warfare equipment
in working order.

It's very true.

Of course, we do have a few loaded guns
around the house.

RAYKER: Mr. Connors?

Can I speak to you for a moment?
It's important.

Sure thing.
Be right back.

I've completed the systems check on
the diode modules feedback.

How's it working?
Like a dream.

Attaboy. I've got the print
in the car.

We'll bring those Washington turkeys
to their knees.

JAIME: Boy, your ranch is even bigger than
I remembered it.

CONNORS: Well, keeps me from
getting homesick for Texas.


Wait a minute.
Stop, J.T.

What is that? That building looks a lot
newer than the rest of them.


JAIME: Well,
it must be important.

That's the highest fence
I've seen on your property.

Oh, I do some of my security work there.
No big thing.

Can I go in?

(CHUCKLES) That's off limits, pretty girl.

Oh, come on, you can trust me.

When it comes to that place,
I don't trust anybody.

Not even the Secretary of State
knows what's in there.

Hey, listen, I'm starved.
How about some of my chili?

Ah. ”Ln

CONNORS: Not even the Secretary of State
knows what's in there.

Not even the Secretary of State
knows what's in there.


Mr. Connors, there's an intruder
in the radar installation.

All right. Let's go.

Oh, J.T.

Oscar was right.

VOICE ON PA: Stay where you are.
Do not move.

You have activated an anti-personnel
security system

which is now armed and programmed to destroy

anything that moves within its field.

The floor has now become weight sensitive.

Any movement will activate television controlled
laser beams

which are now trained on you.

The entrance way has now been charged
with high voltage electricity.

And there are other anti-personnel devices now
activated beyond the entrance.

Outside help is impossible.




Oh, my.

This is Rayker, deactivate all
the security devices

and open the installation gate.
We're entering the area.

Jaime! Are you okay?

I think so.

What in the world are you doing here?

Guards, lock her up.

I'll take care of it.

Mr. Connors, she broke
into the installation.

Do you realize what that means?

I'm not sure what it means.

Well, what was she doing here?

I said I'll take care of it.

Yes, sir.

It seems that your ultimate security system

is not so ultimate, after all.

Get some laser beams
set on the outside.

I'll take care of it right away.

Jaime, are you hurt?

I just sprained my knee, I think.

What in the world are you doing here?

You know how I am, J.T.
I'm just curious.

You shouldn't have come, Jaime,

you really shouldn't have.

Come on.


All right. Now, easy does it.
Easy does it.

There we are. I want you to
lie down right there.

I'm all right.

J.T., what's out there?

Now, Jaime, I don't know why
you were out there,

but it's serious.

Just hold tight.


Drink that.

Now, don't argue with me.
Just drink it.

I... I don't really think
that I need...

Come on now.

Good girl.

Oh, no.


what did you put in there?

Something to make you rest
a good, long time.


Good morning, pretty girl.


Yeah, I think so.

I'm sorry about that
mickey last night,

but I, uh...
I thought it was best.

Well, to be perfectly
honest with you J.T.,

I wasn't so sure it was just a sedative
that you'd given me.

Hey, Jaime, wait a second.

Surely you don't think I would do anything
that could hurt you.

How's your knee?

It's pretty bad.

I'm gonna have to get to the special doctor
I have, J.T.

Uh, now, wait just a minute.

You've got some pretty fancy
explaining to do.

What were you doing snooping around
my research lab?

I'm gonna level with you, J.T.,
if you'll level with me.

Always have.

All right.
I was sent here.

By whom?

The government.

Two nights ago, there was
a missile launched

and it landed in the Los Angeles Reservoir.

What's that got to do with me?

It came from your property.

That's a lot of hogwash!

It's the same kind of missile that you manufacture
for the Air Force, J.T.

That missile could have come from any one
of 100 places.

Well, maybe, but at the same time that
that missile was launched,

there was a blackout
of our entire radar network.


J.T., the radar was jammed.



Well, I don't know.

But they seem to think that there's some kind of
a new device.

And from what I saw in that room last night,

I'm not so sure that they were wrong.

Will you level with me? Please?

J.T., please.

JAIME: So this is a radar jamming device?

Yeah. Warren and I designed that.

We showed the plans to those eggheads
at the Pentagon,

but their experts said that the system
couldn't possibly work.

I mean, that's typical of the feather-brains
we have in Washington.

So you set out to prove them wrong.

I built it with my own money.

And of course, I didn't want
anybody to see it

till I was ready to demonstrate,

so I built kind of a thorough security system
around the whole place.

You can say that again.

Hey, listen, pretty girl,

I tell ya, it cuts kind of deep that you
came here to spy on me.

Oh, J.T., I'm telling you, they are checking
every possibility

and I came here to prove to them
that you were innocent.

I am innocent.

But you told me yourself you're the only one that
has this kind of a system.

Jaime, I have known you since you were
knee high to nothin'.

Now, I have never lied to you,

and I am not lying to you now.

Well, is it possible then that someone is doing
this behind your back?

Without your knowledge?
No, no, no, no.

What about Rayker?

All right. I'll tell you
one thing flat out.

If there's something goin' on around here
that I don't know about,

I am gonna find out about it right now.

What do you mean you can't find him?
Well, try his room!

You all right, hon?
Yeah, I'll be fine.

Never mind.
I'll find Rayker myself!

Stay right here and take it easy.
I'll be back, huh?


Come on, Oscar.
Answer the phone.

Put the phone down, lady.

That's real fine. Now if you will
just come with me.

Where? You'll know that
when we get there.



I guess I shouldn't be surprised, after the way
you broke into the bunker.

Perhaps I should have
sent two men.

Where is J.T.?

If you want to see him alive,
just come along quietly.

I'm sorry this doesn't offer all the comforts
of your room.

You stay here, and you two
come with me.




Are you all right?


Come on.


Yeah. Oh...

Somebody must've hit me
in back of the head.

Probably that Warren Rayker.

He seems to work pretty well
behind your back.



Rayker, what's the meaning of this?

Just come with me, Connors.

Connors, you may not have
paid me much money,

but being your lieutenant
made it possible for me

to bring in the missile
launcher piece by piece

until I had everything I needed.

Rayker, I can't really believe
you're doing this to me.

I mean, you've made a basketful off of me.

Well, not as much as
I'm about to make.

Now, Miss SOMMERS,

you're obviously with
the federal government.

The OS! perhaps?

Will you give me the name
of your superior?

Jaime, don't you tell him anything!

Please don't make this difficult.

Oscar Goldman.

And where can I find him?

M.E.W.S. operations.

It's very convenient.

Dial it.

Yes, connect me with the M.E.W.S.
operations, please.


Colonel Austin.

Hello, Colonel Austin,

is there a Mr. Goldman there?

Yes, just a minute.


This is Oscar Goldman speaking.

Mr. Goldman, this is Warren Rayker from
the J.T. Connors estate.

I need your help.

What's your problem,
Mr. Rayker?

I need you to arrange delivery to me
of $15 million.

Get on the phone.

Did I hear you right?

Yes. 15 million.

I'm sure you are aware
that two nights ago

an unarmed missile landed in the
Los Angeles Reservoir.

I'm listening.

Good. There's a heliport
on the estate.

I want you to get the money
and bring it here, alone.

If you fail to do so
or if you try to attack,

another missile will be launched

armed with a conventional
but powerful explosive.

The M.E.W.S. radar tracking system
will be jammed

and it will be impossible,

impossible to intercept the missile.

That's an awful lot of money involved.

I don't care what's involved,
Mr. Goldman!

I want no time wasted.

Take a look at your radar screens.


Everything's jammed.
He's not fooling around.

As you can see, I am quite capable of
carrying out my threat.

And I have two hostages.

Connors, try to be convincing.

Yeah, this is J.T. Connors,
Mr. Goldman.

I am standing here with a madman.

And I think you better listen to him 'cause
he means business.

There was a young lady,
Mr. Connors,

a Miss Jaime SOMMERS, who was coming
to visit you.

That's right. She's right here
with me. She's...

Mr. Goldman, you have exactly five hours from the
time I hang up this phone.

The launching mechanism
will be on automatic sequence

and only I will be able to stop it.

Where is the missile aimed?

Well, let's just say that it won't land in
the Los Angeles Reservoir.


Just exactly what is
your new target?

The M.E.W.S.
operations control.

You don't have anything to worry about
if I get my money.

This will stop the automatic
countdown sequence

by long range remote control.

Now, if I get my money on time,

I'll deactivate the system,

once I'm safely out of the way.


After all I've done for you.

Just what have you done for me?

You made a fortune off my research
and paid me peanuts.

Listen, nobody held a gun on your head when
you signed those contracts!

I was always ready to talk, negotiate.
Give you more.

Not as much as I'm going to get now.

Take them back to the storage room.

We just can't take that chance.

Oscar, I should go in there.

No, Steve, if he even suspects
he's being attacked,

he'll launch that missile, and there's nothing
I can do to stop it.

Look, I'm not gonna stand around while
Jaime might be in trouble.

She's perfectly capable
of handling the situation.

You can't be sure of that!

I've got to count on it.

She's got the inside track, Steve.
Let her carry the ball.

She's probably waiting right now
to make her next move.


CONNORS: To think after all
I have done for that...

Well, you know what he is.

J.T., we've gotta get out of here.

Look, I appreciate your spunk,
pretty girl, but I...

I don't see any way.

But we can.

Well, not unless you know something
that I don't know.


J.T., I assume that you're familiar
with the term bionics.

Yeah, sure. What's that got
to do with anything?

Well, it's got a lot
to do with me.


What in the... Wires?

Your leg is bionic?

Both of 'em.

But right now this one needs a repairman,
and you're elected.

Well, but I haven't got the faintest idea of
what the circuitry is...

But, J.T., come on. Now, you're supposed to be
an electronics genius.

You've gotta at least give it a try.

Well, I have developed some, uh,

guided missile systems and some computer
logic banks,

but, I mean, I have never seen
anything like this before.

I don't suppose they sent a repair
manual out with you.

Sorry about that.

So am I. How did you
damage it, anyway?

From that jolt of electricity that I took.


There's a couple of burned out components.

Isn't there anything you can do?

Well, I might be able
to bridge it, but...

We haven't got any spit or bailing wire
around this place,

never mind an electronic probe
or soldering irons.


J.T., would a couple of
hot wires work, you think?

Well, it might, but...

Would you help me up?
Help me up, please.

Stand back there,
would you? Careful.


Your arms are bionic, too?

No, just the right one.

Oh. Just the right one, hmm?


Will these do?

We can try.


Sit down.

All right, easy now.



I'm sorry. I'm sorry,
pretty girl.

No, it's okay.
It's gotta be done.

Steve and Oscar are counting on us.


OSCAR: I'm taking all the money, just in case.

Look, let me fly you in. No, Steve, you're
more valuable here.

You know more about the M.E.W.S. system
than anybody.

Jaime can handle it.
Be seeing you.

Good luck.
Thank you.

Oh, boy! We've got less than two hours.

Well, that's the best I can do with what
I've had to work with.

Well, it feels better.

CONNORS: An amazing piece
of equipment.

J.T., that may be equipment to you,
but it's my leg.

Yeah, I'm sorry.

It's okay.

Well, let's see what happens.


Maybe I didn't do so good, after all, huh?

No, it's fine. It's just fine.
I think I...

It's gonna be all right. We've gotta get out of
here. I've got to do it.



That's the way to do it, honey. You set 'em up
and I knock 'em down.

I don't know how many of my people
Rayker has gotten to...

Well, that leaves you and me.

You think we can handle it?

JAIME: J.T., I don't think
we have any choice.

CONNORS: We'd better get
to the bunker, huh?


Rayker. Mr. Rayker,
they've escaped.

What? They're heading
toward you.

All right, all right,
we'll be ready for them.

But they'll never make it alive.

Don't touch it, Jaime.

It's electrified.

Listen, there's a junction box
right over there.

Come here.

Cross here?


I think it's right there.
Okay. Look out.



Okay. Done.

Well, it ought to be off now.

I certainly hope so, I've had enough shocks
for one day.

Yeah, me, too.


Wait, don't go in there, Jaime.

I had to be the one to tell him to put up
another laser beam.

We've gotta get in there, J.T.

What good would that do? I'm sure he's got
guards inside.

What's that?

It's a radar jamming antenna.

Well, then all I really have to do is get up
on top of there

and put that out of commission?

CONNORS: Anything that moves in that area will be
cut in half by that laser.

Besides, there's no ladder up to the roof
from the outside.

One thing at a time.




Well, you really are full of surprises.
How's the leg?

Oh, it's a little ragged,
but we'll make it. Come on.


Well, how're you gonna
get up there?

Well, all in one piece, I hope.


I should've known better
than to ask.


I'm not sure how you got up there,

and I have no idea how you managed to

get through all the security,

but it's over now.

Come down, we're going to
meet a helicopter.

(ON RADIO) Steve, this is Oscar. I'm just crossing
into J. T. Connors' property.

I do hope your Mr. Goldman
makes it on time.

What are you gonna do if we deactivate
your jamming system

once you've left here?

I'm taking you with me.

Listen, you...
RAYKER: Look, Connors,

you don't know what it's like to be
without money. I do.

Are you really going to deactivate that as soon as
Oscar gets here?

Once I'm safely on my plane.


All right, Rayker,
here's your money.

Now deactivate the system.

Not until I've got my money
and I'm safely on my plane.


I've got LOS from the main radar bank,
we're being jammed.


All right, everybody freeze.
Come on. Get up.


The control device must have triggered
the launcher.

RAYKER: The jamming device
has been activated.

There is no way the Air Force can
shoot it down!

Oscar, it's headed for the M.E.W.S.
operations control.

The antenna.



MAN: (ON PA) Colonel, the whole M.E.W.S.
radar network is jammed.


Come on, come on, if we can't find it,
we can't stop it!

Come on, Jaime, where are you?

MAN: (ON PA) We've patched into our surveillance
Colonel Austin.

It's jammed, too.


Colonel Austin, we have a visual.
The missile's headed for us.

We can't nail it until we get a radar lock.


MAN: It's closing in fast,
Colonel Austin.

We don't have time to evacuate.

The jamming stopped.

STEVE: I have a target.

It's coming in fast.


I'm tracking.
Rotate to grid coordinates.

Delta Charlie 16-41.

Calibrate tracking error
to zero mode.

Switching magnetic finder
override to automatic.

Releasing first safety.

MAN: It's almost on us!

Releasing second safety.

And fire!


JAIME: Steve?


Well, that was a little close, huh?

A little.

Well, at least this time
I got to return the favor

and save your life for a change.

Yeah. Thanks a lot.


Steve, meet J.T. Connors.

Colonel Steve Austin,
United States Air Force.

Colonel, thanks for all your help.

My pleasure, Mr. Connors.

OSCAR: We have to catch
a plane for Washington.

The Pentagon is very interested
in his radar jammer.

Ah, you finally got through
to the soft-heads, eh?

(LAUGHING) Looks like it.

But I learned a lesson myself.

Never leave a loaded missile
around the house.

Take care of that leg, Jaime.

I'm a good doctor,
but I'm not a specialist.

Colonel, you just wouldn't believe what
this young lady can do.

I'll see you in a couple of days, huh?

Okay. Bye, Oscar.


Dr. Wells will be here tomorrow.


Take care, pretty girl.
Okay. Bye.

What was he talking about
your leg there?

Oh, well, it's nothing serious.

Are you all right?
Oh, yeah.

Rudy's gonna look at it.

You know, I'm pretty good
with bionic parts.

Oh, you are?

Yeah, you'd be amazed to see what
I could do with 'em.

Would I?

Well, at least we ought to
talk about it.

Like maybe over a candlelit dinner?

Yeah, like over a candlelit dinner.

I'd love that.

What you got in the fridge?

Huh? Hey!