The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 1, Episode 4 - A Thing of the Past - full transcript

Beloved school bus driver and local mechanic Harry Anderson gets in trouble when he is recognized by a couple of thugs. It turns out he's been hiding out in Ojai for 15 years ever since witnessing a club owner being murdered.



Hey, come on, you guys! This is supposed to be
a picnic, not war games!

Hold it! Hold it! Hold it! Now you know the rules.
Little people first.


That's a little person, you're a little person.
That's it.

You go right in there.
Go in there, little person.

I gotta learn to yell like that, Harry.
It really gives you authority.

Well, I'd say you are
doing just fine, Jaime.

I remember this class
before you took over.

You mean it was worse?

Oh, you're doing just wonders with them,
the little angels.

Hey, Teddy. Teddy.
Come here, please.


Did you spring a leak?

May I have
the water gun, please?

Aw, Miss Sommers

You can have it back
after the picnic.

Thank you.

Little angels, huh?

He filled this thing
with ice water.

Well, it could have been worse.

Do we have everything?

I think so. The food is in the bus, right?

Did we get charcoal?

I got it.

I know what I forgot. I forgot the baseball

We can't have a picnic
without a baseball game.

That's right.

Oh! I'm sorry.
Better get in the bus.

Well, we'll stop by the garage and pick up
my baseball stuff.

JAIME: All right!
What's going on here?

Hey, excuse me. Don't I know you
from someplace?

Well, could be.
My name's Harry Anderson.

Well, you must be thinking of
somebody else.


Thought this was
your first time in Ojai.

Friend of yours?

friends I remember.

Harry Anderson... That's not his real name.
It'll come to me.




Okay. Who else is
carrying something?

HARRY: There.
You've got it?

JAIME: Yeah. You hold on to
your bottom, too.

Pardon the expression.

Here we go. No, wait a minute.
Wait a minute.

Let me take that, hon.

Oh, that's all right.
I can get it.

I got it.

Yeah. I got it.
I got it.

Oh, I think I'm going
to help you with that, Harry.

Come on. Come on.

I must be getting old.
All right, wait.


(SIGHING) We got it.
There we go.

No, leave that alone. You want any help,
Miss Sommers?

Oh, honey, that's okay.
You guys go and play.

Have a good time.
Thank you, Miss Sommers.

Leave it, okay?

You shouldn't carry a heavy load like that alone.
You could hurt yourself.

Oh, you're such
an old mother hen.

Why don't you go start the fire?
Get those charcoals going.

Okay. Excuse me.



Hey, when are you gonna organize
that softball game?

What, and let these kids miss out on
the world famous Anderson hamburger?

No, step aside.

That's okay.
I'll do it, Harry.

No, I love to cook.

Harry, you gotta be about the sweetest guy
that ever lived.

How come some lady
hasn't snatched you up yet?

Well, 'cause I always say no.

I've been waiting
for you, honey.

But I should've known, by the time you grew up,
I'd be way too old for you.

You're not old.

I used to drive you to school when
you were a teenager.

Yeah, and I was in love with you then, so that has
nothing to do with it.

You ever been married?

Not talking, eh?

You know, in all the years I've known you,
I still don't know very much about you.

Better fess up, Harry Anderson.

(IN GERMAN ACCENT) We have our methods,
you know.

Listen, will you let an old man keep a few
secrets, for crying out loud.

Have you got any
hot dogs around here?

RAINES: Car's all fixed. Let's get out
of this hick town.

You know, I can't get that guy
Anderson off my mind.

Are you kidding? What's so important about
a small-town mechanic?

I don't know. It's like...
It's his face.

It's like I seen a ghost or something. I mean,
it keeps bugging me.

Look, we still have a two hour drive
to Bakersfield. Let's hit the road.


I sure wish I could place him.

Well, maybe it'll come to you
in your sleep.

That happens to me sometimes.

Hey, put that in the glove compartment,
would you?



Boy, those hamburgers were good!

I'm the captain, okay? You, you
and you, all right?

All right.
All right.

I'm catcher.
Come on.


BOY 1: Come on you guys,
get your mitts.

BOY 2: All right.


All right?

BOY 1: Take first base, all right?
BOY 2: Okay. Here we go.

BOY 3: More. More.

Put it right in there!

Here comes trouble.

Hi, guys.

Got any objections
to a few more players?

Oh, come on, Miss Sommers.

We want to play for real,
not with a bunch of girls.

Well, it seems to me that a real baseball team
has nine players, right?

This is what's happening
to my little league.

They're forcing a girl on us 'cause
her old man's got clout.

I don't see what you have against playing
baseball with girls.

They ruin the game.
They're not good enough.


Like, they can't hit...

Why can't they play
by themselves?

There's only one ball, dummy!

Well, if you want it so much,
you can have it!

Hey, come on now. Getting mad is not gonna
help the situation any.

Now how do you know they're not good enough
if you don't play with them?

Hey, everybody knows that girls don't play
sports as well as boys.

Oh, you better watch it, Mark.

You're talking to a top-seeded
tennis player.

Tell you what.

I'll make you a little deal. We're gonna test out
this theory of yours.

You pitch to me...


And if you can strike me out, you guys can play
alone all day long today.


All right?

BOY: All right. Let's go.

Need an umpire. Who's gonna
be the umpire?

I'll be the umpire.


Right over the plate!

Hey! What is this?
I'm a girl.

Hey, you scared of me?

Are you kidding?

Hey, can I throw it
as hard as I want?

Yeah, make your best shot. Come on.
But remember,

if I make a hit, you guys gotta start
your game over again

and anybody who
wants to play, plays.


She ain't got a chance.

Hasn't got a chance, thank you.

Hasn't got a chance.

Come on, let's play ball!

Come on, hit it.

Come on, Miss Sommers.


Strike one!


Come on!

Strike two!

BOY: Yeah!
Now we got her.


I think you're in
over your head, Jaime.

I'm just warming up.
Come on.

Hey, do you want me
to ease up a little bit?

Just pitch the ball, all right?

You can do it!

BOY: Come on, Mark,
you got her now.


Well, you got a hit,

but you lost our ball.

Gee, I don't know
my own strength sometimes.

GIRL: I found it! Now you guys have
got to let us play!

BOY: Okay, but I hope you're as good
as Miss Sommers.

JAIME: Goodbye.
See you tomorrow.

HARRY: Only one more bunch to drop off.
Last stop, Sutter Street.

KIDS: (SINGING) And Bingo was his name-o

B-I-N-G-O! B-I-N-G-O!
And Bingo was his name-o!

There was a farmer had a dog
And Bingo was his name-o

I-N-G-O! I-N-G-O! I-N-G-O!

And Bingo was his name-o!

There was a farmer had a dog
And Bingo was his name-o

N-G-O! N-G-O! N-G-O!

And Bingo was his name-o!

There was a farmer had a dog
And Bingo was his name-o


G-O! G-O! G-O!

And Bingo was his name-o!

There was a farmer had a dog
And Bingo was his name-o


O! O! O!

And Bingo was his name-o!



Hey, what's happening,
Miss Sommers?

Sit down.
Sit down, Mark.

Hold on!

Is everyone all right?

Uh-huh. I think so.

Oh, Harry, look!

The door's jammed!

Try the back door, Harry.
Try the back door.

Let him through, kids.


Harry, I got the door open.

Come on. Get out of here. Hurry up.
The gas tank may explode.

Come on. Hurry up.
Hurry up!

Come on, kids,
quickly. Out!

Stay away from the fire.

How did you do that?

Come on, Harry, get out of here.


Where's Caroline?

She must be in the bus.

Caroline! Caroline!


Are you two all right?
I think so!

You saved her life!

Yeah, you're a hero.

Bet you'll get your
picture in the paper.

Oh, Teddy.

I got it.

You got what?

This guy, Harry Anderson.

Now I know where
I saw him before.

It was Chicago, 1960.

I was upstate New York
in '60, in the pen.

Well, I wasn't, and his name
isn't Harry Anderson.

It's Walter Kreuger.

And he's gonna be worth a lot
of money to us.

We're going back to Ojai.

How you doing, Harry?

How you doing, Hal?



Would you come in for a minute?

Well, sure.
Is something wrong?

No. Come on.

Thank you.

Well, where are all the kids?
It's after 3:00.

KIDS: Surprise! Surprise!

Hey, wait, wait!
What is all this?

We just wanted to say thank you, Mr. Anderson.
Me, especially.

Yeah! And we made
this for you.

'Cause you're the greatest.

Well, thank you. Hey, this is really

Nothing like this ever
happened to me before.

And I didn't have a thing to do with it.
It was all their idea.

Oh, yeah, but you sure deserve it, too,
Mr. Anderson.


Now, wait, it's after 3:00.
On the bus. Come on now.

MARK: See you later, Miss Sommers.
Goodbye, Mark.

Hurry up now.
Goodbye, Miss Sommers.


Bye-bye. I'll see you in a minute.
I'll be right there.

JAIME: What's the matter?
Don't you like the picture?

They shouldn't have
done this, Jaime.

Well, don't be so modest.

I mean, you deserve
a little recognition, Harry.

You even hit the big time.
The wire service picked it up,

and you're gonna be a hero
all over the country.

Well, you know, for a hero you don't
look very happy.

Well, I don't see why there's all
this fuss over it.

I just did what anybody else
would've done.

Well, maybe so,
but nobody else did it.

We're awfully proud of you.

Well, it's after 3:00. I gotta get that
bus rolling. I'll see you later, Jaime.

MORGAN: Operator,
I want to call Chicago.

Area code 312.

And the number is 7-2-1-8-8-4-1,

person to person
to Mr. Stone.

Tell him Glen Morgan
is calling, please.



MORGAN: Mr. Stone?
This is Glen Morgan.

Do you remember me?

I've been working the coast
the last couple of years.

Yeah, I remember you.

I want to throw a name at you.
Walter Kreuger.

You're going a long ways back,

Yeah, well, I was just wondering if Kreuger
ever turned up.


Well, let's say
I know where he is.

Is that worth something to you?

Let's say I'm interested.

Well, I ain't 100% sure yet.

You playing games with me, Morgan? Where
are you calling from?

Look, I don't want to waste your time, Stone.
You know what I mean?

Maybe I got the wrong man, so...

I'll make sure, and then I'll call
you back, okay?

You make real sure, Morgan.

I know your work.
You're sloppy.

You make mistakes.
I don't like mistakes.

Look, you think
I don't know that?

Now what about the money?

I mean, I figure
if this guy is Kreuger,

he's gotta be worth 10,
15 thou to you, right?

Ten, maybe.

If it's Kreuger.

Yeah, I'll call you tomorrow.

Ten or 15 Gs for this guy?

What did this guy do?

Well, it ain't what he did,
it's what he saw.

But if this guy is Kreuger,

I wonder how much he'd pay us
not to tell Stone about him?

You double-cross Stone
and he'll kill you.

Oh, come on. Relax.

We'll turn him over to Stone,

just not right away, that's all.

I mean, we'll get
the money from Stone,

but we'll get the money
from Kreuger, too.

I don't know, Morgan.

I do. And the first
thing in the morning,

we start asking questions
about Mr. Harry Anderson.

Ow! Ouch!

Fool thing!
What's wrong?


Ajax threw a shoe this morning,

and the blacksmith's
out of town for a week.

I'm just not having
any luck with this thing.

Well, it's no wonder.

You're supposed to be doing it under a
spreading chestnut tree.

Very funny.

Problem is getting
the shoe to fit.

'Course if I had a forge...

You don't have a forge,
but you got me. Here.

What, it's too small, huh?
I just bend it?

Try it.




How's that?
See if that works.

Well, I'll be darned.

Oh, come on, Jim, you're such a con artist.
Give me the nails.


Wonder who that could be.

Be right back.


Ready for this, kid?



You're welcome, Ajax.

Couple of fellas want to talk to you
about the accident.

Oh! Okay.

Miss Sommers, we represent the Midwestern Casualty
Insurance Company.

We'd like...
Sit down, please.

Oh, thank you. We'd...

We'd like to ask you
some questions about

what happened
day before yesterday.

You guys sure got here fast,
all the way from Chicago?

Oh, no, no.
That's the main office.

We cover the western half
of the United States.

The driver of the school bus,
Mr. Anderson.

Now, we need some
background on him,

and I understand that you've known him
for quite awhile.

Listen, this was not his fault.

And I think if you read
that police report,

you're gonna find that there is absolutely
nothing in it.

No, no, no.
Wait a minute.

You're misunderstanding me.
I'm not saying it's his fault.

But he was driving the bus and we do have
to make out a report, you understand.

You see, we can't find any record of him
before he came to Ojai.

Now, that was 15 years ago?

More or less.

Well, do you know where he came from,
or where his family is?

Harry never really talked about
his family much.

Did he to you, Jim?

Not a word, come to think of it.


So actually you don't know where he lived
before he came to Ojai?


Well, we won't waste
any more of your time.

You've been very helpful. Oh, that's all right.
Thank you.

We'll let ourselves out.
Thank you.

What's wrong?

It is very strange
that those two guys

didn't ask one question about the accident,
you know that?

No, just about Harry.

That's right.

MORGAN: Nobody knows anything about him
before he got here.

That still doesn't prove
he's Walter Kreuger.

Stop worrying. He's Kreuger.
We'll get it out of him.

JAIME: Midwestern Casualty
Insurance Company, huh?

No, that's right.
It's George Harris.

No, he was just here
a few minutes ago.

He does work for you.

In Ohio?
Not in California?

Okay, thank you very much.






You fellas back again?

Yeah, looks like we are.

Saw your picture
in the newspaper.

Maybe you can guess
why we're here.


Chicago, 15 years ago?

Walter Kreuger.

I don't know the name.
I'm sorry.

Well, ain't it funny how much you look
like this Kreuger.

I mean, especially since there's a bounty
on his head for $10,000.

Guy by the name of Stone.

Yeah, he put up the money.

Stone. Does that name
ring a bell with you?

Would you like me to put in a call to Stone,
Mr. Anderson?

Now that was 15 years ago.

That was another
part of my life.

Is that a fact?

Well, I wonder how
Stone would feel about it,

seeing as there's no statute of limitations
on murder.

Well, what do you want from me?

Well, I'll tell you.

Stone will pay us $10,000
to tell him where you are.

How much will you pay us
not to tell Stone?

Well, I haven't got
that kind of money.

After 15 years you must have

Well, I haven't got any cash.

Everything I own is
tied up in this garage.

Come on.
Now you've got friends.

You must own this place by now.

A smart guy like you can
come up with 20 grand.

Considering the alternative.

Well, I can't possibly...

Try, Kreuger.

You try real hard.

We'll give you till Monday.

Now you come up
with enough money,

we don't call Stone,
everything is okay.

You're off the hook.
All right?

Well, I'll... I'll try.

Yeah, I'll try.

That's good.

Oh, by the way, my friend over here and me,
we got a bet going, see.

He says you're gonna run away.

I says, "No, guy is
too smart for that."

But you know what I'm gonna do?

I'm gonna keep an eye on you
till Monday.

Because, you see, if I lose the bet,
I gotta kill you.

I mean, Stone will pay the 10 grand,
dead or alive.

Do you know what I mean?
I mean, you get the point?

All right. All right.

I'll get the money somehow.

That's a good man. Good.

Good man.

See you Monday.



Oh, over here, hon.

I gotta talk to you.

Well, I'll talk to you later. I've got
a pile of things to do.

Well, can't it wait, though?
I think this is important.

What's wrong with you?
Well, nothing's wrong.

I just don't have time.

Harry, do you have a gun?

Harry, you're in trouble.

Now, look, Jaime, I don't want to get
you involved

with things that
you don't understand.

Well, that gun's not gonna
help you solve anything.

Now will you leave me alone?

Harry, I can't.

I've known you too long.

You think you have.

Who is Walter Kreuger?

Harry, I care so much about you.

And I know this may sound funny,
but I can help you.

If you just tell me what it is,

and who Walter Kreuger is.

Walter Kreuger is my real name.

Now, in Chicago, I worked for a man
who ran a nightclub,

who did business with the mob.

Now, I was a comedian.

I didn't realize that he was cheating
the syndicate.

Till one day a man shows up.
A hit man, a real pro.

He killed my boss,
and I saw him do it.

His name was Stone.

So, what did you do?

Well, I ran. I didn't wait
for the police.

They wanted me to testify.
But I was scared.

When they couldn't find me, they ran my picture
in the paper.

That's when they put
out an APB on me.

So then you came to Ojai
and changed your name?

Right. See, after
a couple of months,

well, the cops stopped looking,
but Stone didn't.

Those two guys
recognized you then.

They want $10,000,

or they'll tell Stone
where I am.

You see,
I'm still a threat to him.

There's no statute of limitation
on murder.

Harry, that means your testimony can
still put Stone away.

Yeah, I guess I could.

I have a friend in Washington
who could help you,

and he can guarantee
you protection.

Will you let me call him
and explain the situation?

Well, honey,
you don't understand.

What other alternatives
have you got?

Are you gonna run again?
You gonna use that gun?

Offer your testimony
and ask for protection.

Harry, this guy, Stone, can't hurt you
if he's in jail.

Oh, please let me try.

MORGAN: I know
what I'm doing, Raines.

I hope so.

I do.

Now, the first thing
we do is call Stone.

We tell him to arrive
Monday afternoon.

Now, that gives us time
to get the money from Kreuger.

Now when Stone gets back...

I read the papers, too,

Come in.

I want to hear what
you've been up to.

And where we could
find our Mr. Kreuger.

That's right, Oscar,

Harry can provide an eye witness account
of the murder.

Sounds good, Jaime.

I'll call
the Justice Department,

get somebody to pick up Harry
right away.


And, listen, you two better get
someplace where it's safe.

Um. How about
the Air Force Base?

Good idea.
I'll talk to you soon.

Okay. Bye-bye.

All right. Get your stuff together 'cause
I think we'll be safer at the air base.

And, Harry, trust me, all right?

My friend Oscar's been
known to do miracles.


That school teacher's here.

School teacher?

She's a friend of Kreuger's,
works at the air base.

STONE: Get rid of her.
Scare her off.

I don't care how you do it.
I want Kreuger alone.

You got it.

They're back.

Now, you get out of sight.

No, Harry!
Please, don't.

Now, will you listen to me? These guys
are dangerous. Now, I'll talk to them.

Now, go! Get out of here.
Hide someplace.

Well, what do you want? I told you
you'd get your money.

Now, look, I know your girlfriend's around
here someplace, Kreuger.

Now where is she?
There's nobody here but me.

All right, look around.

Now, wait a minute. You guys stay
right where you are!

Are you joking?

Cover him.



Harry, get out of here!



MORGAN: Hey, Stone!
That's our car!

Howdy, Miss Sommers.

You working on Saturday?

No. We'd like to see
the duty officer.

Do you know if
he's in his office?

I believe he is, yeah.


STEVE: This is
Colonel Steve Austin.

Patch me through to Jaime Sommers at the
Ventura Air Force Base.


Yeah. How you doing?

JAIME: Fine. Hey, you coming
to pick up Harry?

Sure. I used to ride
on his school bus.

That's right. Where are you?
I can barely hear you.

Somewhere over Oklahoma.


You know, Oscar reached a friend
in the Justice Department.

You were right, Jaime.
This fella Stone's a hot item.

I'll be there in about two hours
to pick up Harry.

Oh, fantastic. It'll be good
to see you, too.

Have a good flight now.
Goodbye, Jaime.


He's gonna be here in two hours.

I can't believe it.

Two hours ago I was ready to run and
never see Ojai again.

Sometimes you just gotta have a little faith
in your friends, Harry.

I'm so glad you stayed.

MILLS: No, I'll only
talk to the chief.

Yes, I'll hold.

Chief, do you want me
to notify the state police

and tell 'em you can't find
these two hoods?

All right. Look, make the charge assault
with a deadly weapon.

That's just for
starters. Right.

Okay, now keep in touch.

Six men on the Ojai police force

and it sounds like the chief has 'em all working
on a stolen TV repair truck.


How do you do? Well, what can
I do for you?

I have to go to the NCO Club.

It's an emergency.
What's wrong?

TV set's on the fritz. The basketball game starts
in about 20 minutes.

Now, that's an emergency.
You better get going.


Oh, Sergeant, you got the time?

You know, it's funny about a classroom
with no kids in it.

Doesn't seem right somehow.

That's 'cause
you're not a teacher.


Say, Jaime, back at the garage,
those things you did...

I've never seen
anything like that.

What did I do? I knocked over
a barrel of oil.

No big deal.

How're you feeling?

Like I'm waking up from
a 15 year nightmare.

Oh, Harry, it must've been awful.
I can't even imagine it.

Well, lonely, maybe.

The worst part was being afraid
to have a family,

have anyone care about me.

Everybody cares about you.

Oh, you know what I mean.

But maybe that's all over now,
thanks to you.

No maybes about it, kiddo.

And, Harry Anderson,
it is never too late.

You got nothing to worry about
from now on.

Harry, as long as we're here,

I think I'm gonna run over to the supply room
and get some things, okay?

Mmm-hmm. Need any help?
Oh, no, it's okay.

Be right back.



Walter Kreuger.

Did you really think I'd forget after all
these years?


STONE: Kreuger!








Listen! Listen! Are you all right?
I thought you were hurt!

No. No, he missed me.

Well, what did you do to him?


I don't know. It all happened so fast.
I don't even remember.

Who is he?
Well, that's Stone.

He's the killer!


You know, I didn't even know that.
I passed him in the hall.

Are you all right?

Well, lam now.

Well, we better get some help.

I think you're about
all the help a fella needs.

Thanks, Jaime.

Harry, Jaime.

It's great to see
you again, Steve.

We've got some
people in Washington

who are anxious to talk to you about your
evidence against Stone.

Oh, no more anxious than I am.

We have a little surprise
for you, too, kiddo.

We've got Stone
already in confinement.

You guys don't
fool around, do you?

No, of course not.

Well, we're cleared
for immediate takeoff

if you've taken care
of things here.

Well, Jaime's taken
care of everything.

I'll see you
in a few weeks, huh?

All right.
You'd better.

'Cause I don't know how long I can take care
of those kids without you.

I think you could take care
of just about anything.

Yeah, almost. Bye.

Goodbye, Jaime.

That's a remarkable
woman, Steve.

If I told you the things she did,
you'd never believe me.

STEVE: We all know
Jaime's special,

but what kind of things
are you talking about?

Well... No, it's probably
just my imagination.

You'd think I was crazy.