The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 1, Episode 3 - Angel of Mercy - full transcript

Jaime goes on a rescue mission to Costa Bravo disguised as an army nurse. She is accompanied by cranky helicopter pilot Jack Starkey. Their mission: to find the American ambassador and his wife.




The last plane is loaded.
They're waiting for us.

Hurry, darling! Hurry!



Judith, are you
all right? Judith!

STUDENTS: I pledge allegiance to the flag of
the United States of America,

and to the republic for which it stands,
one nation under God.

Indivisible, with liberty
and justice for all.


Oh! Good morning, Mark.
Did your car break down?

Sorry, Miss Sommers.

Current events.
Let's see who read the morning paper today.

'Cause I didn't have time to.

Give me a story.

She'll hear.

She can't hear
this far. Come on.

The murmurs of a volunteer
are drifting this way.

Mark, do you have a story?

Uh, no, ma'am.

No? Well, then I'd suggest
you hide your teeth.

Give you another chance
on Monday. Anybody else?

I got one.

Okay, you're on.

I heard about this story
on TV this morning.

A violent civil war's
broken out in Costa Brava.

That's a little
South American country

and a lot of United States citizens
live there.

And the last thing anybody knew was
that our ambassador,

a guy named, uh,

Morehouse, was trying
to get them out to safety.

Uh, that was about
all they said.

Andrew, do you know
what a civil war is?

Yeah. It's uh, people from the same country
fighting each other.

How do you feel about that?

Well, I don't know,
Miss Sommers.

It all seems so far away.




I'm afraid we're trapped.

Oh, God! Oh, God!

All right. I can
get to the radio.


It's all right.
It's all right.


This is US Ambassador
Morehouse. Help, please.

We're trapped underneath Vector Four Depot.
Help, please.

It's all right.

This is Ambassador Morehouse.
We need help, please.

Won't someone come in,
please? We need help.

(WHISPERING) What's the answer
to number three?

(WHISPERING) Are you crazy?
With her ears?

Okay, kids, better wrap it up.
Class is almost over.

And I hope you studied
a lot better for this one,

'cause the class average on the last test
was really rotten.


Hello? Oh, yeah.
Put him through.


What, are you waiting
for it to rain?

Put your tests up here
and go home.

And have a really nice weekend.

GIRL: Bye, Miss Sommers.

Goodbye, Miss Sommers. Bye, Miss Sommers.
Have a good weekend.

Goodbye, Miss Sommers.
STUDENTS: Bye, Miss Sommers.

I hope I get a good grade.

GIRL: Bye, Miss Sommers. I hope you get a good
grade, too. Goodbye.


Oscar! Hi!
Where are you?

OSCAR: Flying over
eastern California.

I should be in Ojai
in about 15 minutes.

Great! Are you gonna
have time to see me?

Time to see you? I'm coming to
see you, sweetheart.

You say you want assignments.

Well, I've got one for you.

A big one. [can use
your help.

Oh, uh, when?

Right away.

We're landing only long enough
to pick you up.

I'll brief you on the plane.


Jaime, are you there?

(STUTTERS) Uh, yeah. Oh, that's fine.
I'll see you then.

OSCAR: All right.


Welcome aboard, Jaime.

JAIME: Hey, tell me
what's going on?

OSCAR: In a minute.

Right now, get strapped in.

PILOT: This is Air Force niner-zero, requesting
immediate takeoff.

Clearance priority code
Snow White.

MAN IN TOWER: Roger, niner-zero. You've been
cleared for takeoff.

Well, Oscar, you sure do know how to
sweep a girl off her feet.

I'm sorry that this
is so sudden,

but we didn't have much time.

Sweetheart, I want you
to listen to this.

MOREHOUSE: (ON TAPE) Vector Four Depot...
Bombed... Help...


Listen again.

MOREHOUSE: Help. Vector Four Depot.

That's our Ambassador,
George Morehouse.

In Costa Brava?

OSCAR: Yes. He's alive,
and I think he's hiding

somewhere near
Vector Four Depot.

Now this is the clearest message
we've been able to get.

I had the Army radio back,
but couldn't get through.

I'd like you to hear
this just once more.

Wait a minute. What's the matter with this
thing? It's not working.

What? It won't rewind?



There you go.

Do you realize how much
money we could make

if I patented you
as a household tool?

Be a lot safer, too.

Now what would you
like me to do?

Vector Four Depot. Bombed...

When I think of you on paper,
I think of you as an agent.

But when I see you...

I wonder if this might be
too risky, Jaime.

Oh, come on, Oscar, now you're not gonna
back down now.

I asked to go on missions.
Now, what do you want me to do?

It's a shot in the dark.

If we send you in disguised as a nurse
on a rescue team,

the guerrillas might,
I say might,

just might respect the neutrality
of your medical aid.

They might not fire on you.

What is it, Oscar?

I want you to get George Morehouse
out of there.

It's risky, I know.

If I send in the Army, then they'd say
it's American military intervention.

Now, if you want to get out of it,
you don't want to do it,

say so now.
It's not too late.

No, it's not that. It's not the mission.
I'll do that.


It's the part about
being a nurse.

Oscar, I can't even
put on a Band-Aid.

Oh, I don't think there'll be any
doctoring, Jaime.

Now, here's a uniform.

(STAMMERS) Uh-huh.
And a first aid manual.

We'll be arriving in Costa Bravo in about
two hours,

and you'll have plenty of time to just, uh,
cram until then.


Well, let's hope that the teacher can cram
a lot better than her kids.

"How to stop arterial bleeding"?

Oh, Oscar, I...


You're gonna make it, pal.
You're nuts.

PILOT: Air Force niner-zero. Priority code
Snow White crossing Sao Paulo checkpoint.

Do you read me, Salvador Tower?

MAN: Roger, niner-zero.
This is Salvador Tower.

Air lane clear
for your approach.

That's what I call a friendly welcome.
We're on our way in.

Your pilot just radioed.
He'll be here in a minute.

I hope he's a doctor, too.

He's a civilian. Works for
special missions.

He doesn't know anything
about your bionics.

He thinks you're a medic.

Well, why do you use him?


You are just about to find
out, Jaime.

Is that my pilot?

His name is Jack Starkey and he's the finest
helicopter pilot alive.

Yeah? Who says?

He says.

Oh, good.


It's a nice landing.

You with the 08!?

Are you the medic I'm
supposed to pick up?

No. A nurse.

You're a nurse?

No. I'm Oscar Goldman.

I'm the nurse.

Is this a joke?

I personally requested
Nurse Sommers.

STARKEY: There's a jungle
war going on in that country,

and you want to send
a woman in there?

No offense, but a jungle war's the last place
a woman ought to be.

Well, it seems to me that a jungle war is
the last place anybody ought to be,

and that's why we're going in to get
the ambassador out.

You ever been in
the jungle, lady?


It's dirty, it's slimy, it's hot
and it's miserable.

There's poisonous snakes.
Behind every tree

there's gun-slinging guerrillas.

Well, I don't know what you're worried
about, Starkey.

Bullets mostly.

Nobody's gonna shoot
at a medical team.

No. They'll give us
Hershey bars, right?

Wrong. They might use that white cross
for target practice.

Well, that's just a chance that we're
gonna have to take.

Now, if you don't think
you can handle this...

I can handle this.

I admire your courage, Sommers. I'm not too
sure about your brain.

We might as well get this turkey
on the road.


Be careful.

I don't believe this.

STARKEY: Well, we're
over Costa Bravo now.

JAIME: What's that
up ahead there?

Real bullets.
Real soldiers.

They don't care much
for Americans.

JAIME: How are we gonna
find Ambassador Morehouse?

STARKEY: This radio direction finder should
lead us right to the ambassador.

You know, I'd give us a 50-50 chance of coming
out of this alive.

50-50? Oh,
come on Starkey,

the odds can't be that bad.

With you as a partner,
maybe worse.

Why are you doing this?

Best reason around, honey.
Cold, hard cash.

Why are you in this?

Sense of duty, I'll bet.




We're hit!

No, they won't shoot
at a medical team.

Well, what's wrong?

Controls are jammed.
We're going down!

Steering cable's been hit!

Come on! Pull up!
Pull up!

Come on! Pull up!


Come on! Pull up!

Come on! Pull up!

We're still gonna crash!
Hang on, we're going in!

Brace yourself, Sommers!
This is it!



Please, we need help.
We need help now.

Battery's starting
to get low, Judith.

Haven't they heard us?

If they have, I hope they hurry.





That's the stuff.





How'd we get out?

The last thing I remember...

Uh, I don't know how you did it, Starkey, but it
was fantastic. Thank you.


You're welcome.

How'd we get over here?

The crash just threw us clear.



What kind of nurse are you?
I'm bleeding.

You want me to bandage it?

Don't you think that'd be
a swell start?


No Band-Aids.

Got it.

There. All done.

Are you sure?
A little loose?

A little loose? I hope we don't get
in a strong wind.

Look at that.

It's a miracle I brought us
down at all.

Not great, Sommers.
Not great.

But any time you walk away from a landing,
it's a good one.

One thing is sure. She won't be taking
us out of here.

Yeah. Or the ambassador. I think we ought to start
looking, Starkey.

Start looking? The mission's over.
We just ate it.

Listen, now you can insult me about
my bandages,

and you can frighten me about bullets, but you
can't tell me that we're...

We got to get out of here. Otherwise,
our lives are not worth a plug nickel.

Well, in that case, we may as well find
the ambassador.


All right.

All right.

I'll get my radio equipment.

If I can find something
to fly at that depot,

otherwise we won't
get out of this alive.


Starkey, are you sure we're going in
the right direction?

STARKEY: Signal's weak, but the direction-finder
says we're headed the right way.



I thought that
I heard something.

The jungle's making you jumpy.



What is it now?



Did you stomp on it?

I hate snakes.

I hate snakes.

Boy, your adrenalin
must really be flowing.


Come on.

Let's go.

Let's go.

JAIME: How much farther
do you think it is?

Less than a half mile.
Legs getting heavy?

Not a bit.
How about yours?




No, no, Starkey. It's coming from
over this way.


Leave him. If he weren't

he wouldn't think twice
about killing both of us.



Wait a minute. I wouldn't want you
to hurt yourself.




Oh, Starkey, that was beautiful.

You better give him
some pain killer.

Pain killer.

With a needle?

With a needle.

Oh, never mind, I'll do it.


We're keeping the ambassador

Bring your bag
and come on, Nurse.


We made it.

STARKEY: No more
than half way.

We've still got to get out.

How's your signal doing?

Weaker by the minute.

Seems to be coming from one of those buildings
over there at the depot.



Hit it!


JAIME: (STUTTERS) Wait, he can't be
more than 12.




American pig!

Hey! Wait a minute, kid.


Why did you do that? We're not gonna
hurt you, you know.

Only pigs fight
for the guerrillas.

Hey, we don't fight for anybody.

Why did you save that
soldier, back there?


Because he was gonna die.

The guerrillas kill my parents.
They deserve to die.

I'm sorry.

STARKEY: Why were
you following us?


Your feet hurt?

Come here.

Come here.
Come on.




You're welcome.

Next time, steal a pair
that fits, all right?

How long have you
been on your own?

A week or two. I stay in the

Got a name?


Okay, Julio.
My name's Jaime.

And that over there
is Mr. Starkey.

Now we're gonna go over to that depot.
You want to come?


Just a sec.

What's the matter with you?

Well, we can't leave him here.

Well, we can't take him with us.

The kid can barely walk.
He'll slow us down.

I'll carry him.
You'll what?

ride on my shoulders.

You'll never make it. Your legs aren't
strong enough.

Well, then you carry him.

Me carry him?

Not in a blue moon,
a month of Sundays,

or till Biloxi,
Mississippi freezes over

am I walking through the jungle with a kid
on my back, and that's final!

How are your legs holding up?

Fine, it's good exercise.

I just wondered, 'cause you look
a little beat to me.

Oh, no.
Just a little hungry.

Where did you get that?

I picked it up when I was
following you.

You said you were hungry.

I'm not that hungry.
Get it out of here.

Do you eat those?

Si. Good meat, but they're
hard to catch.

You killed it, so half belongs
to you.

Uh. Julio.
Finders keepers, honey.

It's all yours.

Gracias. Uh, since
you don't want it.

Don't want it.


Signal's coming from around here. He's got to
be somewhere near here.

STARKEY: No way anybody could survive in this
kind of shelling.


Hey, you know what?
We're close enough now.

Bet that you could reach him on this



Do you read, Morehouse?

Do you read?

(ON RADIO) Do you
read, Morehouse?

Do you read, Morehouse?
Do you read?

Come in, please. Morehouse,
do you read?

This is Morehouse.
Look, I hear you!

We're buried underneath the supply depot.
Help us! Please help us!


STARKEY: Morehouse,
do you read? Over!

Morehouse, do you read?
Please come in.

I hear you! We hear you!
Please help us! Come in!

Oh, dear God!

It's dead.


They'll never hear us.


They'll never find us.



There's no signal.

His battery's
probably just dead.

Or he is.


JULIO: Señor Morehouse?
STARKEY: Morehouse?

Oh, I give up. This is ridiculous,

Well, I know he's around here.

Well, what if he is? And what if we find out
where and he's still alive.

Even then, it's gonna take an army of men and
a bulldozer to get him out of here.

But we've got to get him out of here. Now, that's
all there is to it.

How? The guerrillas must have seen our chopper
come down,

and you can be cotton-picking sure they're
out there looking for us right now,

and pretty soon they're gonna be in
here looking for us,

and I'm not gonna hang around looking for
a dead man.

Well, lam.

Good. Good.
You do that.

You just hang around right in here. At least
you won't be in my way.

I'm going out and try to find some way
to get us out of here.

Come on, kid.
Give me a hand.

Go on.







No way!

Señor Starkey!
Señor Starkey!


Come here!

How's this?

Hey! Muy Bonita, kid.
Muy Bonita.

This dog looks like it just might hunt.
Go get Sommers.

Tell her we just bought her
a return ticket.

Pronto, kid! Pronto!


George, I hear something.


Somebody's up there!



Thank God.
They found us.




The rock. How are you
so strong?

Go tell Starkey I found someone.

Julio, I found the ambassador.
Forget the rock!

The excitement has
given me strength.

understand that?


What does Starkey want?

He found an airplane.
Your ticket ride.

He wanted you to come.

Oh, I can't.

Uh, tell him that I need him.

JULIO: But he said that... Julio, go now
and tell him.



Oh, thank God!

Thank God you're here.
Thank God!

Ambassador Morehouse?

How many of you are down here?
Just my wife.

But she's pinned
under some concrete.

Come on. Let me check.
Thank you.


Are you hurt?
No, I'm all right.


Mrs. Morehouse, come on. Come here.
Hey, look at me.

Now we're gonna get out of here.

But you have to help me.

Now, when I tell you,

I want you to pull on your leg really hard.


Can you do that?
Let's go home.


Come on. You ready?
Yes. Yes.

All right.





Come here.
Come here.


Come on.

Can you stand up?
Yes. Yes.

Hold yourself. I'm gonna get up
a little bit.

Okay. Okay.

Give me your hand.

Come on.



Starkey, we're over here.
We need help.

Lean on me.
Get away.

Take it easy. Okay.

You got her?

How'd you... How'd you
dig them out?

There was a four ton
pile of concrete here.

I told you, Señor Starkey!
She is very strong.

Are there any sign
of the guerrillas?

The guerrillas, Stark.


Yeah. They'll be
here anytime. We...

We're gonna have to
hide in the jungle.

The jungle? What happened
to the plane?

It's hopeless. It's got
pretzels for landing gear.

Well, maybe we could fix it.

There's no way.

Well, I would like
to see for myself.


Doesn't look too bad to me.
I think we can fix that.

Not without a vice
and some hammers.

We can fix it, Starkey.
Now what has to be done?

I'm telling you, we can't.

Those struts are made
out of steel.

I don't know what's
gotten into you,

but when I tell you we can't fix that,
we can't fix it!

And lam sick and tired of you telling me what
I can't do.



What kind of woman are you?

A very frightened one.
Now, what's next?

That one over there.


Okay. Now,
will that do it?

How you do that?

Starkey, get these
blocks out of here.

Get in the plane, and I'll go get
the others.

No, I'll... Maybe I... Yes, ma'am.

All right. You get in the back here.
Come on.

I'll get in first.

Sommers, we got a problem.
The engine won't turn over.

The battery's dead.

Well, what if I spin
the propeller?

Oh, you can't. It's too heavy.

On second thought...

Jaime, watch your hands!

Thanks. Jack.

STARKEY: Switch on.




Okay. Give me this.

Okay, Julio, in the plane.
Come on.

We can't take the kid.
We're overloaded.

What do you mean,
we can't take him?

If it wasn't for Julio,
we wouldn't...

STARKEY: We're overloaded.
There's a cliff up there.

The odds are we'll
drop like a rock.

Oh, Starkey, please!

They're here!
Hurry up! Let's go!


Come on, kid.



Come on.
You can go faster.


Go faster, baby.
Go faster.

Pull up, baby!
Pull up!

Please. Come on!


Well, it's good, though. He'll be in a foster home
in a couple of weeks.

I don't, uh... I don't have anything
to do right now,

so I thought I'd kinda hang around,
you know,

keep him company till then.

Yeah, I know.

Well, guys.
I got to go.

Oh, come on.


Hey, I'll come back and see you.
I promise. Okay?

Listen, uh...

I want you to know something.

It has nothing to do
with our secret.

I mean, your secret stuff.

I want you to know I think you're some
special lady.

Thanks, Sommers.

You're so welcome, Starkey.

(SNIFFS) See you.

Bye, kid.


That's some special lady.


Morning, Miss Sommers.

Hey, Miss Sommers, got a far out
current event.

Remember that ambassador
that was left in Costa Bravo?


Well, some hotshot helicopter pilot
rescued him this weekend.

Really? Sounds exciting.

Yeah. The pilot said, "We never would
have made it

"if it hadn't have
been for Lady Luck."

(CHUCKLES) Lady Luck.
Well, I like that.

"Also rescued in that fantastic airplane escape
were the ambassador's wife

"and a young Costa Bravan boy
named Julio."

No, it's Julio.
ANDREW: Julio.

Did you read this?

Uh, no.

I'm a teacher.
I'm supposed to know things like that.