The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 1, Episode 2 - Welcome Home, Jaime: Part 2 - full transcript

Jaime finds out her old adversary Carlton Harris has been laying traps for her in order to test her Bionic abilities. So she decides to play into his hands by pretending to have had enough of working for the OSI and infiltrate Carlton's organization.

the world’s first bionic woman...

has returned to Ojai, California
where she and Steve Austin grew up.

She was reunited with Steve's parents.

Welcome home!
Oh, thank you.

It's so good to be home.

It's good to have you home again.

OSCAR: Jaime made
a new home for herself



OSCAR: And became a school teacher.

Seventh and eighth gra...

Who did that?


I am not just another substitute.

I am here to stay.

I've always felt that
the best way of teaching...

was the gentle approach.


OSCAR: But others were
watching Jaime also.



It's gonna explode!


That accident that you saw,
that you passed by...

may not have been an accident.

Someone may be trying to kill you.

Uh, who?

We don't know.

But we think it might be safer
for you to be away from here.

Wait a minute, I came back to Ojai
to put down some roots.

All right, let me ask you something.

Say there's another accident,
only this time you're in the middle of it.

HARRIS: Miss SOMMERS is quite
a unique, young woman.

Quite unique.

I think it's time I went to Ojai.

We have quite a few
surprises in store for her.

OSCAR: And now Part II of
"Welcome Home, Jaime"...

on the Bionic Woman.





That's okay.
Come on, now. All right.

Good question.
Who's got an answer for that?


Well, no woman signed
the Declaration of Independence...

'cause it was harder for a woman
to get a good education back then.

There'd be a lot of women
signing it nowadays.

Yeah, you've come a long way, baby.


Okay, now listen. Wait, wait.

Read chapter four tonight, and tomorrow
we'll set up our own Continental Congress.

Okay, bye. See ya.


NEWS CASTER: On the global front...

Ojai's own astronaut,
Colonel Steve Austin...

who is presently in Thailand,
was given a royal welcome by the king...

who is an amateur astronomer
and space buff.

The national weather service
reports the following conditions:

Ojai and the surrounding areas...

fair weather for the balance of the week...








MAN: Come on, let's get out of here.



You know what makes me the maddest
is that this was my favorite pair of shoes.

Jaime, cut the kidding.

You could've really been hurt.

Well, accidents happen.

Are you sure it was
an accident, Jaime?

Oscar called a little while ago.

He said he'll be down tomorrow
but the first thing he asked me...

was if you were all right.

He sounded worried.

When have you ever known
Oscar not to sound worried?

Oh, Jai...

Okay, I'll call him.


What is it?

I don't know.

Mom, would you do me a favor?

Now go down to your house,
call Oscar on your phone...

and tell him to come
here right away.

Something strange is going on.

Sure, sure. Okay.


Hey, Miss SOMMERS?

Tub's all washed up.

Thanks, Teddy. We sure wouldn't
want people to be dunking for apples...

in a dirty tub, would we?

Yeah. Hey, are you gonna
come to the fair tomorrow?

I'm sure gonna try.
But you have a good weekend anyway.

Okay, you too.


Hello, teacher.


What'd you find out?

We checked your car thoroughly.

Garage says someone put
a small charge in your brake lining.

So it really wasn't an accident?

You're right.

You're right about your telephone, too.

It is bugged.

By whom?

We trace it to two men in town.

We think they've got you
under surveillance.

They work for a man
called Carlton Harris.

Carlton Harris.

The lady killer, huh?


He owned that oil refinery in the Caribbean
that Steve and I tried to break into.

That's right, but he has much
more than just an oil refinery.

He's got a conglomerate
of businesses...

one of which we understand was
recently awarded government contracts.

That's a good one. So what is he?
Good guy or bad guy?

He's a bad guy, Jaime.

There's nothing
we can do about it.


Carlton Harris is a
very shrewd man.

He intermixes his legitimate business
dealing with his illegitimate ones.

We think that he's exporting
government secrets, but we're not sure.

Again, we can't prove it.

We've lost three agents trying
to infiltrate his organization.

Yes, lost.


Which brings me back to the point, Jaime.

We're concerned about your safety.

Carlton Harris is trying to kill you because
you attacked his refinery. Now what we...

Wait a minute, Oscar.
Why would he wanna do that?

I messed up that mission completely.
I did him no harm.

If he wanted to kill me,
wouldn't I be dead by now?

Well, how do you explain
these accidents then?

I think he's trying to test me.
That's what it is.


He saw me use my
bionics at the refinery...

and I'll bet he's causing these
accidents to find out more about me.

It could be, but why?

I don't know.

Why do you test drive a car?

Because you're thinking about buying it.

Well, he certainly has the money
to make you a good offer.

Now if that is what's on his mind,
why don't we make it a lot easier for him?

Jaime, what are you talking about?

Well, suppose he thought
that I was fed up with you and the O.S.I.

It would be a perfect opportunity
for me to just go right into his camp.

Now wait a minute, pal...

Oscar, you said yourself you're having
trouble getting a man in there.

A woman would probably
have a better shot at it.


It might work.

If we could make him think...

that we've had a fight,
once I'm in his organization...

I can look around for some
hard criminal evidence.

And we can put him away.


Might work.

All right, you got it on one condition.

You don't move until you let me plan this.

Got yourself a deal.

Oscar, is it possible that those two men that
he sent to watch me are here on the base?

Yes, it's possible.

All right.

Well, then brace yourself.
I'm about to get mad at you.

What? Oh. Oh, yeah. Okay.

JAIME: No! I've had it with you!

OSCAR: But, Jaime, listen.
You've got to understand!

I don't have to understand anything!

A budget's a budget!

You know what you can
do with your budget!

And don't give me a call until
you have a much better deal!


Mr. Secretary, this is
Oscar Goldman speaking.

No, she hasn't come around yet.

Still the money problem.

Mr. Secretary, isn't there
anything that you can do?




Hello, Jaime.
This is, uh... This is Oscar.

What do you want?

Well, I'm calling because I'm sorry
that you got so upset earlier.

Well, just be glad I didn't get really mad
and throw you through a wall.

Jaime, I've been talking
with the Secretary...

and he thinks he might be able
to raise your civil service rating.

That means you'll get more money.

How much money?

Well, he's thinking about,
oh, $19,000 a year.

$19,000 a year for my services?

What do you think I am,
some kind of a bionic cocktail waitress?

How about you being
a little more reasonable, huh?

Listen, I have been plenty
reasonable enough with you.

Don't call me back until you're ready...

to talk about some money,
and I mean some big money.


Ah! Sorry, Oscar.

JAIME: Don't call me back until you're
ready to talk about some money...

and I mean some big money.

Well, now.
This is a very interesting development.

A trifle convenient, perhaps,
but still very interesting.

Still, in all, she did seem to be in a some
kind of mental stress when I first met her.

Maybe her attitudes now
are an outgrowth of that.

Oh, that was an excellent job, Bailey.

Her brakes failing, yes, indeed.

A masterpiece.

Thank you, Mr. Harris.

And it shows me once again
how very special Miss SOMMERS is.

What exactly is so special
about her, Dad?

You'll see, Donald.
You'll see.

Is something bothering you, Donald?

You've been sort of quiet every since you
graduated from law school last week.

You're not still considering going
into government work, are you?

Not really, Dad.

I want to work with you.

That's my boy.

You are still planning
to concentrate your efforts...

on your legitimate business interests
and to drop the others, right?

Oh, yes. And to a large extent,
I've done just that, Donald.

But you're going to have to learn something
about the definition of 'Legitimate'.

See, no business is without
some minor corruption.

I'm afraid that Plato's "Utopia"
just doesn't exist.

But I understand how you feel.

Law school had the same effect
on me when I was your age.

I came out very much the idealist,
like yourself.

And long experiences taught me that
the real world is a sliding scale of values.

What may seem like
corrupt behavior to one...

is perfectly legitimate
behavior to another.

I understand that, Dad.
I'm not quite as naive as that.

But you make it sound as if
everyone can be bought.

Well, I feel that everyone can be persuaded.

But corruption's just a point of view.

Now take Miss SOMMERS.

To her superior Goldman,
she's about to become corrupt.

But as far as I'm concerned...

she's just beginning to
realize her own worth.

You'll see.




Yes. Who is this?

Carlton Harris.
You remember me?


Well, it's nice
talking to you again.

What do you want?

I want to help you.


Well, I'm aware of the current negotiation
problems that you're experiencing with O.S.I.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Oh, come now, Miss SOMMERS.
Don't be coy.

I'm in a position to make you
a very wealthy woman.

Now tell me that doesn't interest you.

It might.

Of course it does.

But I must move quickly.

So if you're really interested...

meet me in the alley behind
the Bank of Ojai in 10 minutes.

Otherwise, we'll forget the whole thing.


HARRIS: 10 minutes.
Otherwise we'll forget the whole thing.

HARRIS: She should be
well in there by now.

You never did tell me, Pop.
What is so special about her anyway?

You're about to see for yourself.



Stop it! You'll hit her!

She can't get out!




Well, Miss SOMMERS.
You are very special indeed.

And we have a lot of things to talk about.

Jaime. Some Champagne?

Thank you.

To your health.

And wealth.

Ah, Donald.

Did I tell you, Jaime, that my son just
graduated from Harvard Law School...

Magna Cum Laude?

Yes, you did.
Good morning, Donald.

Well, I'm very proud of my boy.

Someday, all of this will be his.


And you, my dear...

are a fascinating blend of beauty...

and truly remarkable strength.

You're a regular Alan Funt,
you know that?

How are you able
to do things like this?

Well, I was in a
sky diving accident.

I lost both legs and an arm...

so I allowed Goldman
to make me a guinea pig...

and test his bionic theories.

Is it just your arm and your legs?


Exactly how strong are you?



Strong enough.


That almost makes me want to...

overlook the fact that you so conveniently
decided to join forces with me.

Let's get one thing straight, Mr. Harris...

I haven't decided a thing.

You're simply my first offer.
That's all.

Now I would like to go home.

No, no. Don't misunderstand, Jaime.

I'm very anxious to have
you join our organization.

Well, I haven't heard one offer yet.

How would you like to earn
one million dollars in the next 24 hours?

Now that sounds like an offer to me.

What do I have to do?

Well, there are several items
I would like to acquire.

And you'd like me to steal them?

To put it coldly, yes.

And we have an opportunity
to acquire the first item...

by attending a formal party this evening.

A formal party?

Well, I'm not really prepared
for that, though.

I'll have to go out and buy some clothes.

I couldn't exactly go in this, you know.

There's no need to leave
my little compound here.

I'm sure we can find clothing for you.

Provided we have a deal.

HARRIS: Have we?

You better believe it.


Follow me.

Does your father always
come on like this?

I think you'll find something
in there to fit you.

They're beautiful.

It's only the beginning, my dear.

Carlton, if we're gonna go,
I better get dressed.

Needless to say,
I'm delighted to have you with us.

I'm delighted to be here.


You old snake.



So, she hasn't called you either, huh?

No, and apparently she didn't
come in at all last night.

What does it mean, Oscar?

Well, she's doing some work more me, Jim.
But she was supposed to contact me first.

Guess we'll just have to wait
until we hear from her.

What kind of work, Oscar?

Some security work.
Nothing too serious.

You know, I think I'll have one of
my men stationed over at her place.

Maybe one over here too.

24 hours a day, in case she tries
to get a message through.

Well, if you're going to do all that,
Oscar, it must be serious.

You're worried, aren't you?

No, Helen, she's all right.

You hope so.

JAIME: Who is it?

Donald Harris. Are you decent?

Almost. Come on in.

JAIME: It's awfully hard
to decide what to wear.

I've had my differences
with your father, but, uh...

it's very difficult not to like someone
who gives you such lovely things.


Dad always likes to stack
the deck in his favor.

And what's wrong with that?

Nothing, I guess.


Very much.

Would you hook me, please?

Certainly I'm glad to see
you can talk.

You're easy to talk to.

Well, he didn't give you much
of a chance on the terrace, did he?

You could say he's kind of dominant.

But he really means well.

Does he?

Yes, I think so.

He really is a very nice man.

Well, frankly it doesn't matter
to me what kind of man he is...

as long as he continues
to supply things like this.

Do you really need it, though?

What do you mean?

Well, you had a successful
career as a tennis pro.

Must've made a comfortable income
and now with your teaching.

Well, Donald, there's comfortable...

and then there's comfortable
if you know what I mean.

Only too well.


Sounds to me like your father's
actions don't always please you.

I guess you just didn't seem
like the kind of person...

who would let herself
be bought so easily.

Well, what can I tell you?

I'm a very special person...

and if I can work for someone
who truly appreciates my abilities...

and is willing to reward me,
at such a grand fashion...

why should I turn that down?

I guess you shouldn't.

If that's where your head is.

And where is your head, Donald?

Now we're going to the estate
of Charles Butler, an industrial designer.

A friend and a competitor.

Now his design lab is in his home.

In the safe is a packet of designs
for something called Project Rebound.

And you want that packet.

No, my dear,
we want that packet.


Listen, hey, I'm just tickled
to have you here tonight, Jaime.

Maybe you can give me
a little advice on my backhand.

Ah, you play tennis.

CHARLES: Well, I play at it.

Actually I think I'm doing pretty good
if! don't injure myself.

Come on. It can't be that bad.

Everybody has trouble
with their backhand. I did too.

I've seen you play.
I know better.

Real champion, eh, Charles?

Yeah. And you know what amazes me?

Just take a look at that arm.

Now how can anything
so delicate and so feminine...

have so much strength?

Oh, but there's so much more
there than meets the eye.

Yes, but what does meet
the eye is mighty pleasing.

Say, Charles, isn't that D. Parkinson
who just came in?

Huh? Well, what do you know.
He did show up.

Will you excuse me, Jaime?
Of course.

Well, my dear, you're a hit.

That what you're paying me for?

No, I'm paying you to get
that Project Rebound packet.


Yes. His design lab is
the first door down that hall.

The vault is inside.

I trust you won't have any trouble
with the high voltage time lock.







We're going to make
a great deal of money together.


the next item must
also be collected tonight.

You don't waste any time, do you?

I can't afford to.

You see, I'm acquiring these items
for a group of buyers...

who must take delivery
in the morning.

Now, for this next gambit,
you'll need a change of clothing.

A certain look.

You'll find a sketch along with your
clothes upstairs in your bedroom.


But, uh, please don't leave just yet.

Give me a few more
moments to admire you.


I really am quite drawn to you,
you know?

Certainly, you can sense that.

I'm sure it's part of the reason
why I allow myself to...

trust you.


Uh, I have to speak to you
for a moment alone.

Oh, very well.
Jaime was just going up to change.

Do hurry, my dear.

I will be down as soon as I can.

You okay?

Huh? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.


DONALD: Father.

What's the trouble?

DONALD: Um, well, it's about, uh...

It's not a problem, it's just that...

For goodness sakes,
Donald, stop fumfering.

Go pour yourself a
brandy or something.

Uh, yes, um, I believe I will.

DONALD: Property of the US. Navy,
Top Secret.

Is this what Jaime stole this evening?


Dad, what are you involved in?

I mean, the government?

Donald, Donald,
you're going to have to learn...

to put yourself
above business interest.

Even above government interests.


HARRIS: I've told you it's all corrupt...

to one degree or another.

This is top secret material.

Donald, everybody
steals from everybody.

In business, government,
everybody does it.

There's nothing new about it.

HARRIS: Not before you were born.
It started before I was born.

And the rewards are bountiful.

It doesn't make it right, Dad.

It all depends on your point of view.

Now take this latest transaction.

It simply involves our
collecting a few plans...

and some key components to
a classified sonar device...

the Navy is building
for its nuclear submarine.


One of my own companies even has
a contract to supply one of the components.

That's howl became aware
of Project Rebound.

And it's value.

Now, I have a very powerful
group of foreign buyers...

taking delivery at 8:00
tomorrow morning.

To them what we're
doing is very right.

Now is there something
you wanted to talk to me about?

Huh? Um...

Uh, yes...

I wanted to talk to you about Jaime.




I'd like to talk to you later.

There's something
I'd like to check out first.

CARLTON: Fine. We must move quickly
so as not to disappoint our buyers.


Ah. I must go see if Jaime's ready.


As soon as
you're in the complex...

what you are looking for
is an electronic component.

The LD 1-3 sonic modulator.

It should be in
the room I described.

Any questions?

Okay. Good luck.
Thank you.

Donald. What...

You don't mind if I go along,
do you?

You don't have anything
to hide, do you?

Well, of course not.

Okay, now you wait here.

I think I'll do better
in there by myself.

Yes, I'm sure you can.




Leaving another note?

Now pick up that note
and the component and let's go.

We have some
problems to discuss.

OSCAR: Charlie, when did this theft occur?

CHARLES: I noticed it
two hours after the party.

The more I look at it, the more it looks
like somebody just pulled it apart.

That's impossible.

Of course that's impossible.
Keep a guest-book?

Yeah. First thing
your man picked up.

Hey, let me see that.

I sure feel badly that this had
to happen this way, Oscar.

I mean, I know that you
and the Secretary trusted me...

to keep my copies
of the sonar design safe, but...

It still might be safe.

I know who's behind this theft.

You do?

Can you tell me?

We go back a lot of years.

You know! can't give away
any trade secrets...

but I've got an agent on top of it.

The agent is working within
the thief's organization.

I'm sure glad to hear that.

The only problem I have is not being able
to communicate with that agent.

You know, if you shoot me,
I'm not going to be able to drive very well.

Pull off to the side up here.

Oh now, see,
that worries me a lot.

Just pull off to the side, Jaime.

DONALD: Turn off the engine.

You're a spy, aren't you?

You're working undercover for the O.S.I.

Uh... when you're right, you're right.

You know, in a way,
I'm kind of glad.


I just didn't want to believe
that you'd sell out so easily.


I like you, Jaime.

Is that why you didn't show
your father the first note?

Or have you done that already?

No, I didn't.

I was going to...

but then I realized that Project Rebound was
top secret government material.

That's right.

Now that you know both sides,
what are you gonna do?

Look, I want you to understand something.

I love my father.

I feel an obligation
to protect him.

Beyond that, I have a great
respect for his abilities.

He can be warm and compassionate.

What are you getting at?

I wanna make a deal.

What kind of a deal?

I'll return the Project Rebound material
in exchange for my father's freedom.

I couldn't do that
even if I wanted to.

He's responsible for the deaths
of three O.S.I. agents.

I don't believe you.

It's true. He even took
a couple shots at me.


My father could not do that.
I mean, he couldn't do some...

Donald, did you think that you could sit
and hold a gun on somebody like this?

Is that what you went to law school for?

How do I know you're telling me the truth?

Oh, Donald, I'm sorry...

but it is true.

Now there's gotta be proof hidden
somewhere here, and that's why I'm here.

They sent me to find it.

And now I've gotta prevent him
from selling that sonar unit as well.

Why are you doing this?

You're putting yourself
in a lot of danger.

Because I believe what I'm doing is right.

And so does he.

Are you going to expose me?

If what you say is true... if it's true...

and I can prove it to myself...

I can't stand in your way.



Yeah, this is Charlie Butler here.

Oh yes, Charles.

I'm Sony to call you so late...

but something happened here tonight
that I thought you oughta know about.

As sort of one government
contractor to another.

Oh, what's the problem?

Well, I'm calling all my friends
that've got companies...

that are involved in this
Project Rebound.

Somebody broke in here tonight...

and stole all the designs
for the heart of the sonar unit.

No. Really? How dreadful.


I thought maybe you'd like to
tighten up your own security a little.

Oh yes, Charles.
I'll certainly see to it.

Are there any leads?

Well, a friend of mine...

Oscar Goldman
with O.S.I. is into it.


Of course, he's right on top
of whoever stole it.

In fact, he told me...

that he had an agent inside.

He does?

Yeah, O.S.I. is a
sharp organization.

Carlton? Are you there?

Yes, Charlie, I was...

I was just thinking over what you said.

Thank you very much for calling me.

I'm... very glad to have that information.

JAIME: You always get up this
early on a Sunday morning?

Yes, when there's
unfinished work to be done.

This is the last item
that we have to acquire.

Yes, and it's going to require
all your bionic skills to get it.

You're going to have to be
a kind of a bionic cat burglar.

What do I have to do?

Well, you're going to infiltrate
this electronics firm.

CARLTON: Electrodyne Incorporated.
Top security building.

JAIME: Just as we discussed earlier, right?

And once inside the vault...

you'll find a yellow padded envelope
containing a printed circuit.

And that's it?


All right, now wait five minutes,
then make your move.

Okay. Wish me luck?

Oh, yes, indeed.

All right, go tell our guests
I'll be joining them in a moment.

Certainly, Mr. Harris.


Well, it looks like
you've been busy.

Or have you finally decided to take
an interest in my business affairs?

You've lied to me, Father.

What're you talking about?

I'm talking about this.

Talking about what I found
in your safe last night.

You shouldn't have gone in there, Donald.

But I have.

That is my private file.

Oh, I can understand that.

Because it certainly spells out just how
corrupt your business dealings are.

Corrupt and violent!

Uh, put that material back, Donald.

See these letters clearly show you
indictable in the deaths of three people!

Put them back, Donald.

Is that all you can say?

Don't you feel any remorse?

Don't you feel anything?

What kind of a man are you?

Oh, climb down off your high horse!

Remember, I'm your father!

But, Dad, you had three men killed.

The world can be a very
difficult place, Donald.

It's survival of the fittest.
It always has been.

You'll learn to realize that...

I'm not gonna learn
anything more from you!

Not from you!

I've always been very proud of you, Donald.

I'd like to feel that
I have you with me.

But if you're...

If you have no desire
to share my victories...

then, uh, you may leave.

I think you'd be foolish to do that.

Because I am just about to make
the biggest sale of my career.

I am about to show
my foreign buyers...

something that is 40 times more valuable
than Project Rebound Sonar Unit.

I would like to know that
I do have you with me, son.


and power are the keys to all things.

Think before you throw
those keys away.



I know how interested you are
in the sonar unit, gentlemen...

but I thought you'd find
Miss SOMMERS far more interesting.

Once you've seen
all that she can do...

I'm sure you'll be anxious
to pay handsomely for her.






Welcome, Jaime.

I don't believe this.

You did an excellent job getting in here.

My foreign friends here were quite
impressed with your abilities.

And I'm sure they're
quite anxious to take you apart...

and study you.

Don't do anything foolish.
You're swift but you can't outrun a bullet.

Now, if you'll come with me.


No, Father!


I won't let you do this.

Don't be ridiculous!
Put that gun down before you hurt yourself.

Don't tell me what
to do anymore!

Now come on, Jaime...







You okay?


You know! have to call the O.S.I.

I'm awful sorry about your father.

So am I.

OSCAR: Thanks to you, Jaime,
we've been able to indict Carlton for murder.

What about Donald?

He's going to take some time off,
collect his thoughts...

and look for a job,
maybe with a law firm.

He'll do okay,
'cause he did well in college.

Well, that makes me feel a little better.


You did good, and I'm proud of you.

Steve would be, too.

How is he?

Oh, he's fine. He's finishing up
the job in Thailand, sends his love.

Well, give him mine, too.

Hey, you know what?

This is the first time you've ever sent me
on a mission and I haven't messed it up.

I actually think I'm going to be okay.

I think so, too.


Everyone looked for you
at the fair yesterday.

Oh, I'm sorry.
I wanted to come.

I had so much running around to do.
It was very important.

I wanted to see you dunk for apples.

I'm, oh... I'm sorry I missed it.

Well, I saved one for you anyways.

Oh, an apple for the teacher.

Corny, huh?

No, I think it's terrific.