The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 1, Episode 12 - The Jailing of Jaime - full transcript

Jaime acts as a courier, delivering Dr. Hatcher's new Cryptograph analyzer. The next day, it turns out the device has fallen into the wrong hands and Jaime is accused of selling it to a foreign power.

Good afternoon, miss.
May I help you?

Hi. Jaime SOMMERS to see Dr. Hatch.

That's her.

You're right, Mr. Goldman.

She's the last person in the world
anyone would suspect

that we'd use for this assignment.

Maybe a bit young and pretty for such

but as you say, what better disguise
could there be?

Thank you.
Just follow this road.

Another guard will show you to
Dr. Hatch's office.



what do you think?

Does that look like three years' work
and nearly $40 million?

Looks like a garage door opener.

I suppose when you plug that
little goody in it,

it does all kinds of
exotic things, huh?

As a matter of fact,
that does about cover it.

Specifically, it's Dr. Hatch's
cryptograph analyzer.

HATCH: Plugged into the right computer,

that goody can break
any code in the world.

And if it does what Dr. Hatch
says it does,

it will be invaluable
to NATO's defense.

Other people think so, too.

There's been an attempt made to steal it
over the past month.

Luckily, the guards here spotted it, but we can't
take any chances.

Jaime, tomorrow morning a special military convoy
will escort it

to Mojave Secret Center
for testing.

And I get to ride on a truck with
400 Marines, right?


We're gonna steal a little old idea
from the British.

At the turn of the century, there was a fabulous
diamond called the Star of Africa.

The British knew that thieves
were after it,

so they apparently sent it to London
under heavy guards.

What they actually did was simply mail it
parcel post.

Nobody knew the difference.
It arrived safely.

So I'm gonna be your basic plain
brown wrapper, hmm?

Mr. Goldman suggested
this plan of delivery.

With three years of my work on the line,
I was doubtful.

But he finally convinced me.

Listen, don't feel bad about that.

I'm gonna have badges printed up

about that big, and they're gonna say,
"Oscar talked me into it."


You'll be met by General Frank Partridge.

You will sign the usual
security receipts in



All right.
The second one's there.

The third one goes to Dr. Hatch
for his files.

Thank you.

This goes in here.

Now, it's in your care.

Some girls have all the luck.

Oh, Oscar, there's one thing
I wanted to ask you.

If the Mojave Secret Center
is a secret, how do I find it?

There's a helicopter pilot
waiting at the base.

He knows the route and the landing codes.

You'll leave after dark.


Dr. Hatch, it was a pleasure meeting you.

And don't worry about your brainchild.
I'll take good care of it.

The courier just left.
It's a woman.

Yeah. Mid 20's, pretty.

Too bad it's the last delivery
she'll ever make.


MILLY: I can't buy the tickets
until we have the money.

All right. Then we'll buy them together at
the airport tomorrow.


This must be my passenger.
Got to go.

Hey, if you think you're leaving

without a sample of what's in store for you

when we get to Mexico,
you're crazy.

Ooh! Sorry, kids.

Love you.

You too. Bye.


I'm Ted Ryan.

Can I ask who sent you?

Oscar Goldman.

Then I guess we're meant for
each other. (CHUCKLES)

Where are we going?

Mojave Center.

Well, if you don't know
where this place is,

we're both in a lot of trouble.

Oh, I've been there three times this month.


Why's a nice girl like you
going to a place like that?


Gathering samples for my snake collection.

Yeah. Right.
Ask a dumb question...

Well, shall we whirly?

Oh, I thought you'd never ask.

RYAN: The desert test area
should be just ahead.

That's it.

JAIME: I don't see any buildings.

You're not supposed to. The whole center
is underground.

It's a great duty if you're a mole.

May I see your ID, please?

Thank you, Miss SOMMERS.
ID confirmed, sir.

Good evening.
I'm Frank Partridge.

You have a package for me from my good friend,
Oscar Goldman.

Certainly do, General.

Ah, yes.

I imagine you're as glad to get rid of this
as we are to get it.

I couldn't have said that better myself.

You have the receipt?


Okay. If you'll sign
there, please.

Your thumb.

Thank you. Now the bottom copy is yours.

Tell Oscar hello for me,

and ask him to send you back to us when
we test the decoder.

That'd be a thrill.

This is for the pilot.

Dispatches for the base.
Nothing priority.

Thanks again, Miss SOMMERS.
Have a safe trip home.

Pleasure meeting you, sir.

Dispatches for the base.



OSCAR: Hello?
- Oscar?

Mission complete.

Good. Go home and get some sleep.

I'll send a car by later
to pick up the receipt.

Much later, please.
This is one tired little girl.

My legs even have metal fatigue. (LAUGHS)




JAIME: Go away.

Come on.

Hello. This is a recording.

Lam not at home at the moment,

but if you care to leave your name and your number
at the sound of the beep,

I may call you when I wake up. Beep.

Jaime. Jaime, will you cut that out.
This is Oscar.


Listen, there's something wrong here.

I just got a call from General Partridge.

He says that you never arrived.


Oscar, I put that decoder
right in his hand,

and he signed the receipt
in the normal way.

And you have that receipt with you?

Yeah. It's in my purse.

Hey, what's going on, Oscar?

All I know is that everybody
from the Secretary on down

says the decoder is missing and nobody knows
what happened.

Well, you can put me
on that list too, huh?

I'll tell you what. I'll send a car over
right away.

Hold on a minute, Oscar.

Oh, boy!

Oscar, the car's here already.


That must be the National Security Bureau.

You go with them and I'll meet you
at their office.

Hey, am I in some kind of trouble?

Nothing that we can't fix.

Don't worry, babe.

Yeah, every time I hear someone say, "Don't
worry," the first thing I do is worry.

I'll see you there. Bye.

Miss SOMMERS, this is
Chief Investigator Gregory.

How do you do?

Now, Jaime, you say you got a receipt
from General Partridge.

Do you have it with you?

I think this will clear things up.

Verify this immediately.

May I ask you what's going on?

Uh, why is the Security Bureau
involved in this? Nobody will tell me anything.

Just routine, Miss SOMMERS.

Sometimes organizations are incapable of
policing themselves.

You know, club members protecting other
club members,

doctors for doctors,
lawyers for lawyers,

police, politicians,
generals, and everybody.

I see.

And you're afraid the O.S.I. is incapable
of judging who, me?

I'm sure we can clear
this up very quickly.


One way or another.

Please be seated, Miss SOMMERS.

Now, Miss SOMMERS,
exactly what happened?

You say you delivered the decoder.


What happened then?


The pilot flew me back to the base.

Well, ask him.
He can verify it.

The pilot hasn't been found, Jaime.
We've got an APB out for him.

Miss SOMMERS, your story of everything being
routine just doesn't match the facts.

Do you have any theories as to how the decoder
was stolen?

Stolen? Wait a minute.

As far as we know,
it's still missing.

Ask Dr. Hatch to come in.

Would you repeat what you told me, Doctor?

A colleague in Paris called my office
this morning.

It's rumored that an espionage broker named Alex
Martine now has the decoder.

Apparently Martine has already made a deal to
sell it to our enemies.

What do you have to say to that, Miss SOMMERS?

Nothing. She's got nothing to say about it because
it doesn't concern her.

This man, what's his name, Martine?

Got it from General Partridge after
Jaime delivered it.

Do you hear me? After.

That's possible.

What does General Partridge
look like?

He's in his 40s,
he's about 5'11."

He's got sandy grayish hair,
he's about 170 pounds.

Well, Oscar,
you know him. Help me.

I've never met him, Jaime. I just talked to him
on the phone.

He told me you were good friends.

GREGORY: Then let me
introduce him.

Oscar Goldman, Brigadier General
Frank Partridge.

Goldman. Miss SOMMERS.

Um, I don't know who
that man was I met then.

Alex Martine, apparently.

The computer says this is his thumbprint.

How much did he pay you, Miss SOMMERS?

Just a minute.

You got no call to say that.

We disagree.

Miss SOMMERS, you're gonna be detained pending
further investigation.

Are you telling me I'm under arrest?

Detained, until we find
the pilot and get his story.

This is Kent. I've found a
wrecked helicopter.

I think the pilot's the one wanted on the APB.

He's dead.


Easy, babe. Easy.

Oscar, what is happening to me?

It's starting to look as though you
were framed, my dear.

That pilot took you to a fake airport.

You gave the decoder
to an impostor.

Well, I'll buy that, but how are we
gonna prove it?

Who all knew I was on that assignment?

I thought of that.

I was the only one originally.

Then Dr. Hatch knew,
then General Partridge.

But there must have been others.
There probably was a leak.

Maybe in the Secret Center.

Maybe Dr. Hatch's lab.

Maybe even the O.S.I.

Phone call, Mr. Goldman.

I put a call in to the Secretary.

I asked him to release you so that we can
work on this together.

Anything, just get me
out of here.

Good morning, Mr. Secretary.

Oh, I didn't know that
you spoke to Mr. Gregory.

No, I have no further evidence
that refutes his...

But I do have a plan.

I thought maybe you'd let Jaime go...

Pardon me, sir, but may I respectfully ask why?


Very well, Mr. Secretary.

I will. Thank you.

What happened?

Can't believe this.

He doesn't want me to interfere with
the investigation.


He was talking with Gregory.

Martine's thumbprint
evidently is incriminating.

He says that I can't be objective
in this assignment

because of my high regard for you.

And he wants me to go to Washington for
a Board of Inquiry.

Wait a minute. What happens to me?
You mean I'm stuck here?

For the time being, yes.

Oscar, I can't just sit in here with
my neck in a noose.

This thing would open up like a sardine can.



Listen, listen. You do that and you really
will look guilty.


Then assign someone to find that helicopter pilot.

Listen, I can't assign a janitor to empty
a wastepaper basket,

not on this case.

Oscar, please don't leave me here.

Listen, it won't be long.

And don't do anything
foolish, huh? Promise?

I'll be back as soon as I can.

And don't worry.

I think it's time I got worried.

Dr. Hatch.

I hope you'll reserve
judgment on Miss SOMMERS.

I'll try. The whole thing
is a shock. I liked her.

Doc, I'd trust her with my life.

Well, you trusted her with three years
of my life's work.

Look, let me give you a lift. My car is here.
We can talk about this.

Don't worry about me. My assistant's
picking me up.

That's strange. For the first time in several
years, I've nothing to do.

With the decoder on the open market,
its secrets are obsolete.

The whole project was a total waste.

The government gave my company
$40 million for nothing.


Oh, have you met my assistant, Mr. Naud?
Oscar Goldman.

How do you do,
Mr. Naud?

How do you do,
Mr. Goldman?

What happened, Doctor?

They arrested the courier.

I see.

Well, he certainly had
the opportunity.

It was a girl.

A girl?
That is surprising.

I'll call you when I get back from
Washington, huh?

Nice to meet you,
Mr. Naud.

We found Ted Ryan.

He was killed in the crash
of his chopper.

We found this in the wreckage.

It's covered with your fingerprints.

Yeah, that fake general told me it was dispatches
for the base.

Oh, did he now?

It's over $100,000.

It's not a bad paycheck
for one night's work.

What else did you give him?

Oh, that's cute.

This is for the pilot.

He tricked me into getting those prints.

Miss SOMMERS, you can probably save Oscar Goldman's
career by making a full confession.

He's a valuable man.
Why drag him down with you?

I'm telling you the truth.

Look, if you don't believe me, then let me talk to
somebody who will, all right?

I'd like to call a lawyer.

The O.S.I. will provide
an attorney for you.

That's standard Internal Affairs procedure

for an agent that gets in trouble.

And I call this trouble.

So do I.

Boy, I'm hungry.

Don't even get bread
and water around here?

We only handle special
prisoners down here.

Don't have a mess hall. We'll send out
for something later.

Well, the last time I heard it,

people were innocent
until proven guilty.

Now, has that changed
since this morning?

What's your point?

I've made it! I'm hungry.

I mean... And my stomach
has rights too, doesn't it?

There's gotta be some
kind of a machine upstairs

that sells sandwiches or candy.

And a cup of coffee would be nice. Please?


Don't go away.

Mmm. Was hoping he wouldn't say that.



I just talked to Washington,
and she's a very special lady.

This is just a sample
of what she can do.

If she's gone bad,

I want her found.

Warn everybody she's
extremely dangerous.

Tell them to act accordingly and not take any
unnecessary chances.

I want her taken alive.

If possible.


Operator, I'd like to make along distance
call, please.

You can... No, you'll have to
reverse the charges.


I have a collect call

for anyone from Jaime SOMMERS.
Will you accept the charges?

I'll accept the charges, operator.

JAIME: Oscar? - Listen, and don't be
upset with me, please.

But I couldn't stay in that place any longer.

Ooh, I wish you hadn't done that.
You might make things worse.

I'll tell you what, though.
I have a meeting

with the Board of Inquiry
this afternoon.

I'll see what I can do on this end.

Okay. But listen, there's something
I can do on this end.

Now there was a girl with Ryan at the airport
the other night.

She knew he was expecting some money

because they were talking about going
to Mexico together.

Well, maybe she's in on it.
Do you know her name?

Uh, Milly.

Mille 3 was on the license plate.

Betty, check the California
personalized license plate Mille 3.

Oscar, I'll call you back.


CARLSON: She's not here.
- How could she get away?


Yes. Yes, operator, I accept the charges.
Put her on.

Jaime! Are you all right?

Yeah. Boy, and now I know how Bambi felt on the
first day of deer season.

Listen, did you trace the license?

Yes, I did.
Here it is.

The car is registered to Milly Wilson,
963 Peck Road.


NAUD: Milly!

MILLY: I'm upstairs.



What happened to Ted?


Ted was supposed to crash the chopper,

leave the attache case
for the cops to find.

I don't know. He must've had trouble
when he tried to bail out.

I had nothing to do with it!

Well, I had better not
find out that you did.

Oh, come on.
I know you loved the guy.

But accidents happen.
There's no figuring that.


What, are you packed or what?

To go where? I was going to Mexico
with Ted, remember?

NAUD: You're still going.

We don't need any loose ends around here
for them to trace.

Hey, I'll go with you
as far as Mexico City, huh?


Can you get away now?

Sure. I can get away now. We're gonna close the
lab and let everyone go anyway.

There's nothing to do
till we get a new contract.

Look, Milly,

I'm sorry about Ted.
I really am.

But everything else has gone great.

They even bought the frame on that girl.

I mean, we're home free,

if no one loses their nerve, huh?

So, come on.
Come on. Let's go.



Base, this is Seven.

Your suspect, Jaime SOMMERS,

has just entered the grounds of the
Hatch Research Lab. Over.

All right, Seven. Hold surveillance,
but don't spook her.

I'll be there in a few minutes
with back-up units.

Seven. That's a roger.

Please be quiet,
Dr. Hatch.

Of course. I'd be foolish to
do anything else.

How'd you get out of jail?

Doesn't matter now. I know who stole
that decoder.

So does everybody else.

It wasn't me and I can prove it,
but I need your help.

Miss SOMMERS, if you know
something important,

tell it to Mr. Gregory.

I just found out the identity of the man who posed
as General Partridge.

It was your assistant, Naud.

John? Oh, that's ridiculous.

It's true, and I can prove it.

He used an overlay of Martine's thumbprint
to frame me.

And that helicopter pilot
was working for him.

Are you sure about all this?

So sure that we are going to call Oscar
in Washington

and let him take care of it.


I may be a fool,
but I believe you.


Mr. Goldman,
this is Dr. Hatch.

Jaime SOMMERS is in my office.


Yes. She says my assistant
impersonated General Partridge

and paid off the pilot.

I'll be right there.

Right. Let me talk to him
for a minute.

Oh, sorry, he just hung up.

But he's delighted and he'll be here
just as soon as he can.

Hello, Russ.
When'd you get back?

Oh, about 10 minutes ago.

The F-111, the fastest jet
I could find.

Well, what happened in Washington?

I didn't stay to find out.

I was there and I thought to myself, "Jaime's in
trouble. What am I doing in meetings?"

So I came back.

Well, what's the Secretary
gonna say about that?

I don't really care.

He has my resignation
if he wants it.

Backing the people who trust you is
more important than a job.

Get Gregory on the phone. Find out the latest
word on Jaime.

HATCH: You were absolutely
right, Miss SOMMERS.

Naud did impersonate
the General.

And you were in on it.


Why would you want to
steal your own decoder?

Because, Miss SOMMERS,
it was a piece of junk.

After $40 million in funding

and three years of imaginative progress reports,

I couldn't afford to
have it tested.

We can all live very comfortably

on what I've skimmed
off the 40 million.

We'll lock her in the safe.

It's rigged with a self-destruct charge.

The OS! has rigged many super-secret
vaults that way.

They reason it's wiser to destroy certain
research materials

rather than have them
fall into enemy hands.

And in this case,

I must say I agree with them.


Goldman will know the safe
was blown purposely.

No. With the research
files missing,

he can't prove the decoder
wasn't everything I claimed.

We'll say that she broke in to
steal something else

and accidentally detonated the charge.

What else can he prove?


Would you rather he shoot you right there
and drag you in?

Set the timer for five minutes.

Take it.



Closing that door started the firing sequence.
We've got to get it open.

Not till I get the phony research
on your decoder.

Naud! Open the door!

JAIME: Forget it.
- They'll never hear you

through this four inches
of solid steel.

Come on, help me with this.


It's stuck.

Stop the timer.

I can't stop it without the key.

Hey, wait a minute.
Wait a minute.

Well, I think your friends
just proved they aren't.

You've locked them in.

I know I locked them in.

Look, the old man was gonna get the
big slice of the money.

Now, what's left of the 40 million
goes to us.

Okay? Come on.
We gotta get outta here.

What're you doing with that?

We're gonna be killed. I can get us
out of here.


All you have to know
is that I can.

Well, then do it.

Not until you get the files
that prove your decoder was a fake.

Your office told me Jaime SOMMERS was here.

She's locked in the vault with Hatch.

The destruct sequence
has been activated.


Jaime, can you hear me?

Yes, Oscar.


You can't hear me.

The safe is about to blow
in just over three minutes.

Get those files and I'll get us out of here.

What, do you want a demonstration?


Right. Now, get those files.

All right. All right.

There's only a minute
and a half left.

Get your men out of here.

All right.
Everybody out!



Hurry up!
All right. All right.

If anybody reads these, they'll know that decoder
couldn't work.

Now, please, get us out of here!

Just stand back, please.

All right.


Jaime! There's only seconds left.





Get us out of here.


This is gonna be harder than I thought it was.

Hurry, will you?


Jaime! Hurry!



Hurry. Get us out of here.

Come on! Get out!

You're under arrest.

Tell me about it after you read this.

You almost went out with a bang.

Oh, I hoped you wouldn't say that.


I think that's for me.


Well, yes.
Yes, put him on.

It's the Secretary.

Good afternoon,
Mr. Secretary.


Yes, I agree with you,
Mr. Secretary.

I think we all owe Miss SOMMERS an apology.


Thank you very much for calling.

Oh, by the way, would you like to talk to her?
She's right here.

Just a minute.
(WHISPERS) Oscar, come on!

I'll get her.

Hey, this would be a great time to ask
for a new raise, huh?



No. I can understand
you perfectly.

I think you have a delightful accent.


No, as a matter of fact,
I do feel

that everyone jumped
to conclusions about me,

and nobody gave me the benefit of any doubts.

Hmm. That's all right.

Don't worry about it. Everybody's entitled
to one mistake, you know.

I'm just glad it's over.

Okay. Oh, that's very nice. Thank you.

All right. Thank you
very much for calling.



He's gonna send me his letter of commendation

and his personal apologies.

And you're gonna get one from General Partridge
and Gregory as well.

Oh, my.

I seem to be the most wronged little girl
around here.

I mean, it was terrible. Everyone deserted me.

Everyone but you.

I really thank you for
sticking by me, Oscar.

Think nothing of it, babe.

There's only one thing you really did wrong
through this whole case, you know.

What? What?
There's only one.

Well, you gave me some terrible advice.

What are you talking about?

That was a perfect opportunity for me
to ask for a raise.

I mean, who knows when I'm gonna get
another chance like that.