The Bionic Woman (1976–1978): Season 1, Episode 11 - Fly Jaime - full transcript

Jaime is undercover as stewardess Miss Winters to keep an eye on Rudy Wells who is transporting a top secret Cobalt 247 formula. The plane goes down in an electrical storm and the passengers end up on a deserted island where the conspirators will do anything to get the formula from Rudy.

My life's work.

I didn't intend for either side
to have this secret,

but your enemies stole it a month ago

and, when I found out,

I knew of no one else
I could turn to

except my old friend,
Dr. Rudy Wells.

You did the right thing, Eric.

Your formula for Cobalt 247
is too great a weapon

to be in the hands of only one side.

By giving it to us you've restored
the balance of power.

Within 24 hours that formula

will be safe in the O.S.I. vaults.

You have one of the few minds in the world that
can understand my work.

Well, have a safe trip,
old friend.

Excuse me, miss. I'd like a one-way
ticket to Rio, please.

How'd it go?

No problems so far.
I've got the formula.

And I don't think anybody followed me.

Now what's our next move?

Well, normally, sir, we wouldn't be able to get
you out of here for 24 hours

on the regular service, but we do have a charter
flight leaving in 30 minutes.

Very good.

And so you don't seem
out of place,

Oscar's gonna meet us
in Rio in Air Force Two.

JAIME: And I'll be your bodyguard
till we get there.

Now, sir, I'll just get your ticket
written up quickly.

We really movemos our cada for you, senior.

You know what that means
in English, huh?

I can guess.

Passenger loading in 15 minutes.
Enjoy your flight, sir.

Thank you, miss.

Yeah, it's just like you
figured, Bobby.

Yeah, O.S.I: s trying to sneak him aboard
a chartered flight.




What's the plan?

Oh, that Bobby's a shrewd character.

Figured they'd pull this.

But our people made all the necessary

Bobby will join us, and three of us
will board the plane.

So, everything's going
right on schedule.

Dr. Rudy Wells will never reach Rio alive.

Welcome aboard.

It is open seating today, so you can sit
wherever you like. Okay.

Thank you.

Uh, is this seat taken?

Sit you down.

Thank you.

Well, I see Bobby's aboard.

May I?

Of course.

Thank you.

She's very pretty.

Hmm? Yes.



I am partial to the tall, blonde type
myself, you know.


You know, it is a defect that
I have observed worldwide.

Obviously, you have seen it, too.

That is to say that men of every country

seem to think that men of other countries
are the lucky ones.

You know what I mean?
Well, for example,

we take the Italians.

The Italians,
they like the Swiss girls,

the German men likes
the Spanish women,

and the Greek... Ah, the Greek, they like
the Danes, you know.

Never, never, never failed.


Nice legs.

Oh, yes. I couldn't have asked for nicer ones
if I'd made them myself.


Would you excuse me?
Oh, sure, sure.

Watch the man sitting beside me, or I'll wind up
bodyguarding you.

Excuse me, sir. You're gonna have to
return to your seat now.

Thank you, miss.

JAIME: (ON PA) - Good afternoon,
ladies and gentlemen.

I'm your stewardess,
Miss Winters.

Our aft compartment is full of cargo
this afternoon,

so it will be off limits
for the passengers.

And dinner, such as it is,

will be served in about an hour.

Please fasten your seat belts

and observe the No Smoking signs.

Pressure's low on Number Four.
Feels like a turbine lag.

Well, she's giving 75% power,
that's enough for a go.


the passengers are ready for takeoff.

Well, that's nice.

You better get back to your seat.

And hang on, here we go.

Smoking is now permitted. Please feel free to move
about the cabin.

We will be flying at an altitude
of 38,000 feet

and a ground speed of 610 miles per hour,

and our estimated flying time to Rio is
five hours and 10 minutes.

Well, next time we touch ground,

we should be millionaires.

Are you sure we can bail out
of this thing?

Of course.

Three chutes and guns were
loaded into the cargo section of the plane.

We get them when Bobby
gives us the cue.

After we get Wells,

we'll make the pilot slow to 140 knots,
2,000 feet.

We reach the rendezvous point,
we bail out.

The ship will pick us up.

I get it.
We go alone

because Bobby's more valuable
staying under cover.


MRS. GRIFFITH: I see you're reading
a medical textbook.

Are you interested in medicine?

No, no, no. Just a hobby. I gave up medicine
quite a while ago.

Uh, what kind of work are you in?


You know, I had a calling
to the cloth myself once.

I felt that my experiences,
you know,

in the gutter, might
serve useful purposes.

What do you mean,
you left medicine?

I was arraigned on trumped-up charges,

brought before the Board of Review

in my junior year in med school.

You know, those phonies actually accused me
of being drunk in class.


Care for a nip?

No, thank you.

Oh. Well, I tried to
tell them that it, uh,

was the alcohol fumes in the lab
that made me stagger,

but they wouldn't believe me.

You sure you wouldn't
care for a little?

Positively not!



CO-PILOT: Flight Service has a heavy storm front
building up fast due east.

Cloud tops are at 40,000 already.

Get us a course change
and climb to 41,000.

Rio Control, Rio Control,

request vector to new course and climb
to flight level 41, over.

This is the best we've got.

Thank you.

Anything you have would be delicious.


Oh! I'm so sorry!

My pleasure.
May I help you?

There must be something
that I can do for you.

Yes, there is. Please get your hand
off my ham and cheese.

In times like these, our faith stands us
in good stead.

I know we're in the Lord's hands.

Yeah, but that's what worries me.

I just hope that his, uh, pleasure with you
offsets his displeasure with me.

Here's a little dinner.

Thank you.



Homing signal.
Right on time.

Keep tracking it.
We'll change course

and close in on the rendezvous point.

SAM: Some new course they gave us.

We're heading right into it.

This other route's worse.

Baker Island reports the winds are
at typhoon force.

All right.

Slow to maneuvering speed.
We'll have to ride it out.

Get back there and keep the customers calm.

What'll I tell them?

Lie a lot. Say there's nothing
to worry about.

JAIME: It's all right, ladies and gentlemen.
Keep your seats, please!

It's all right!
Come on!

But I'm scared.

Sit down.
It's all right.


We'll be above the storm
in a few minutes.

Now, just relax, everybody.

Lightning hit the engine!

It's on fire!

We got a fire and the compressor stalled
on Number Four.

Shut off the hydraulic
fuel valve.

Everyone please stay in your seats!

MAN: Shouldn't you do something?

Now if you keep your belts tight, too...


Not responding!
Fire is spreading fast.

Discharge the bottle
on Number Four.

We're gonna be safe as long
as you don't panic!

SAM: My God,
we've lost the engine.

The hydraulic system's gone.

Keep your seats!


I never want to take another plane.


Why doesn't the pilot pull up?


Hydraulics gone.
Can't pull up.


It's all right. It's all right.
It's gonna be all right!


It's gonna be all right!
It's gonna be all right!

Sam! Sam, help me.

The hydraulic controls went out. Slammed us
against the panel.

We couldn't budge it.
How did you pull it out?

I... I don't know.
But can you hold it?

Not for long.
Put out a distress call.

Mayday, mayday... This is 553,
we're going down.

I repeat, we are going down!

There's the coastline.

Get the geese ready for ditching.

Ladies and gentlemen,
the coast is below us.

We're going to make an emergency landing.

You gotta be kidding.

We'll try and get as close
to the shoreline as possible.

Your life jackets are
underneath your seats.

I want you to get them out, put them on, and get
into the ditching position.

Come on! Hurry up!

I don't know how to swim.

What do you do with it?

You don't know how to put it on?

It's all right. Come on. Don't worry. Don't panic.
There you go.

Strap goes around the back.

Sir, will you please hurry
and put your life jacket on?

Okay. Okay.

Getting Wells wasn't supposed to get us
killed, too.


It don't make no difference
if we don't get Wells.

Bobby never excuses failures.

Get your heads down on your pillows.

Take all eyeglasses off and all sharp objects
out of your pockets.

Put your heads down!

Now brace yourselves,
and stay that way!

SAM: Here it comes!

We're going to sink!

MAN 1: No, no.
- We'll be all right.

MAN 2: Come on! - Let's get out of here.
WOMAN: I can't swim!

MAN 3:
We'll be all right!


The door!

Pull it!

Pull the lever! Pull the lever,

It's stuck.

The door is stuck!
He can't open the door!

The cargo door!
In the back!

Come on! Come on!
Come on!

Will you get the rafts
out of the overhang?


Kick it in!
Kick it in!

MAN: The cargo is blocking the door!
Come on!


Rudy, get the rafts outside
and then check the pilots.


Listen! Listen to me!
I have the front door open!

Now come this way.

MAN: Let's go!
- Let's move it!

JAIME: Don't crowd!

JAIME: Come on, come on!


The pilot's the only one alive.

After you! Get going!


The plane?

It's gone, Sam.

The rest of us are in good shape.

Well, it looks like we've taken care
of everybody.

I wanna thank you for your help.

Self-taught, I'm afraid.

I do the nursing for the mission.

Where's the stewardess?

Left to explore inland about an hour ago.
That way.

Why'd you let her go?

Hey, I'm nobody's keeper.

She said not to follow her,
it could be dangerous.


Jaime! Where are you?

JAIME: Rudy!

Hey, Rudy, here I come.


You look like a bionic Santa Claus.

Well, figured there'd be a lot
of hungry people this morning. How about you?

Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.

Okay. I have berries, and there, uh,
there's fruit.

I know what I've got
for you. Come here.

Have a seat, Mr. Wells, and I will
serve you breakfast.

How's that?




Here you go.
Thank you.

You know, Jaime,
a few years ago when

bionics were just a,
just an idea in my head,

a dream, a lot of notes
and schematic drawings...

Now, I look at you...

You realize it was all a crazy dream and it's
not gonna work. Right?

That's not quite what I was gonna say.

Oh? You mean you don't know
how Dr. Frankenstein felt?

You're pretty chipper
this morning,

considering what we went through.

Yes. I think I have a right to be.

I mean, we're alive and we're safe.

The tables have turned, huh?

The bionic daughter taking care of the old man?

Worries about him, too.

I do not.
This is just a job,

and you're just another person
who happened to bring me back from the dead,

and hold my hand through all of my traumas,

and gave me another chance at life,

and Steve, and besides being
one of my favorite people...

I mean, what have you done
for me lately, Mr. Wells?

Yes, I am happy.

This is practically a deserted island,

and, uh... I think we'll be safe
here for awhile.

I don't have to worry about somebody going
after that head of yours

with Dr. Frankus' cobalt
theory locked up in it.


Well, the ship's within 200 miles.

It should be here in about 24 hours.

Well, what did Bobby say? I mean, do we get Wells
now or wait?

No, we wait for the ship.

There's too many people around.

We might blow it without guns.

Look, uh...

Let's go get some firewood,
we'll bring it back.


Did you see it?

That's a poisonous snake.

Marshland's probably
full of 'em. Come on.

Looking good, guys. Can't fool me.
I know you were Boy Scouts.

That's all there is to it.

How you doing?


I feel like the Red Baron after he tangled with
the Sopwith Camel.

Mighty poorly.

Look, take charge in my place.

Get them organized.

Standard rescue procedures.

You know what they are?

Sure. I'll just get 'em all in a group and we can
stand there and holler "Help."


Uh, don't worry about a thing.
I know what to do.



You just relax.

Okay, everybody, can I have your attention
for a minute, please?

We have sent out a mayday signal,

which means that they are
looking for us.

Now that means that this fire
is the most important thing in our lives.

We gotta keep it going
night and day.

So we're gonna need some people

to help gather more firewood
and serve as lookouts.

Now, do I have any volunteers?

Just tell me what to do. Anything.
I'll do anything you want.

Uh, yeah, yeah... You make up a duty roster.
All right?

Now, uh...
Now remember everybody,

if a plane does spot us today, we could be
out of this mess by nightfall, huh?



ROMERO: If we hope to be rescued,
we need more wood.


Uh, if you need someone with medical experience
to spell you,

I think he was once a med student.

Uh, couldn't hurt to ask, huh?

No. Give it a try.


Listen, I understand you've had some
medical experience.

The doctor could sure use some help.

Sorry, honey,
I can't even help myself.


Well, it's not the booze.
That came after I dropped out.

I just couldn't cut medicine, that's all.


Well, you know, I don't think
people would like a medic

that looked at a wound
and went "Yuck!"

I don't find that amusing at all.

Maybe you can't stop people from hurting
each other,

but doctoring does give people a second chance.
Does it not?

And it seems to me that's
something we could all use.

I'm sorry, Jaime. It hurts me too much
to see pain.

her wound worries me.

Is there any way we can sterilize it?

Sorry. We don't have
alcohol or anything.





Thank you!

All right.
I'll help her,

but I won't... I can't do any
doctoring. Okay?



It's a plane!

I don't hear anything.
It's right there!

MAN: (ON RADIO) - We should be about over
the area where they went down.

I don't see anything!

Right there!


Okay, okay, wait a minute,

Now, listen, we gotta get
some smoke going.

So, let's get some of that salt grass and leaves
and put them on the fire.

Look! There's smoke down there.

Hey! He sees us!

He's rocking his wings!

He's gonna make a drop.

Knock it off! Come on, pass out that food
to the other people!

I'll take that.

Let's move!
Come on!

We need something else.

Yeah, I know.
The radio.

It must be in another
chute pack.

It got bent landing.
I can't open it.

Would you care to make way
for the six million dollar can opener?


Hello, Rescue, this is, uh, 553,
or what's left of it.

Boy, are we glad to see you.

Jaime! Am I glad to hear your voice.

Oscar! What are you doing here?

We took off the minute
that your mayday was reported.

We've been up and down this coast three times
trying to find you.

OSCAR: ls Rudy with you?

He certainly is. Right here,
grinning ear to ear.

We've notified the Brazilian Navy
of your position.

There ought to be a boat there tomorrow
morning by, oh, 10:00 am. to pick you up.

Is everybody all right?

I'm sorry that you that
have to spend the night there.

Oh, we'll manage.
Don't worry.

Good. I'll see you tomorrow morning then.
So long, Jaime.

Bye. Fantastic.

Let's go.

Yeah. We have some people
to tell something to.

Oh, you got it, huh?

Hey! Everybody!

A boat is gonna be here
tomorrow at 10:00

to pick us up and take us home.

That's great.

Trawler San Carlos.

Come in, San Carlos.

This is the San Carlos.

We've been spotted by a rescue plane, they'll
pick us up in the morning.

Is Dr. Wells still alive?

Yes. We haven't been
able to get to him yet.

Well, then do it now.

We'll get there and pick you up
as soon as we can.

San Carlos out.

Right. Get Bobby.

We kill Dr. Wells tonight.

Oh, Miss Winters. I thought perhaps you'd want the
fire burning through the night.

That's very nice. It's gonna be
really chilly.

I suppose some of us will have to snuggle
together, huh?

The lucky ones.

Here's a medical bag.
Came in on the last chute.

It was clear out in the toolies.

Oh, thank you.
The doctor will want this.

Where is he?

He didn't find you?

Find me?

Somebody passed the word that you wanted him
to meet you.

Meet me where?

Near the marsh, I...
I think. Wasn't it?

That's what it sounded
like to me.

Wait a minute, I...
I did not send for him.

Now, who gave you this message?

Well, the message was just passed voice to voice.
I don't know who started it.

It's almost dark.

He's in that marsh alone?

In case something is wrong,
I'd better be there.

Uh... No, princess.
I think you better stay here.

One guy lost is enough, huh?



Jaime? Where are you?


Jaime! I'm spending my life
looking for you.

If you're in there, turn on your bionic ear
and listen to me!



Rudy! Don't move!

Oh, I hate snakes.

Somebody hit me from behind and...

You wanna tell me once again
how safe we are?

We can't go back to the beach
'cause it could be anybody.

And if they're that anxious to kill you, they'd
probably hurt a lot of innocent people.

So, we better camp out tonight. I think
it would be a good idea.

It's okay with me.

it almost worked, Bobby.

So accidents happen.

In a few more hours they'll be less alert,

then just come back and kill them.


Miss Winters?

Miss Winters?

Have you seen Miss Winters?

No, I haven't.
I was asleep.

What's the matter?

Go back to sleep.

Miss Winters?

Well, it'll be getting
light soon.

I wouldn't count on anything, this trip.

It's freezing out here.

Oh, here. Here...

My hero again.


Rudy! Get down!


Lay still. Lay still.


Connors! I've been bitten by a snake!

Help me, Connors!

I'm bleeding pretty good.

No, a tourniquet won't work there.

I need a pressure bandage.
Did you see who it was?

It's too dark.
But I heard a...

I heard a man call to someone named Connors,
so there's more than one.

Connors, where are you?
Help me! I can't walk!

Don't trust anyone.

I can hold out.

Not without some doctoring.

You can't do that by yourself,
and I sure can't.

What I need is...


ROMERO: Miss Winters!

Miss Winters!

It's Romero.

I never thought I'd be glad to see him.

You be careful.

Are you all right?


We've got an emergency. I need the nurse,
Mrs. Griffith.

Would you get her up here
as fast as you can?

And please send her alone. All right?

Of course. Right away!
Right away.

Rudy, hang in there, babe.

Help's on the way. Mrs. Griffith'll be here
in a few minutes.

Where's the missionary?

I don't know.
This is an emergency!

There she is.

Mrs. Griffith.

Why, what's the matter?

Miss Winters said it...
It is an emergency.

What happened?
I don't know.

But I heard some shooting
just before I got there.

I'll get the medical bag.

Who got hurt? I don't know.
I don't know.

We'll take care of 'em.

This way...

How am I doing, Doc?

You're tough.

At least you're not telling me to take two
aspirins and call you in the morning.


Stop with the doctor jokes, Doctor.

I know people have a lot of blood
in them, but...

It always seems worse
when it's your own.


What are you doing here?

Standing guard. She said not to let
anybody through.

Except her. You better
move on, senora.

Show me.
Ah, yes...

Just beyond those rocks? You see,
you turn to the right...

I'm going up there to finish them.

Yeah. Well, you better take that little girl
by surprise.

I'll take her by surprise,
all right. She's given me enough trouble.

Don't you need the gun?

I've got everything I want right here.

Miss Winters.

Doctor Wells?
It's Mrs. Griffith.

Well, that's strange.


She didn't take any bandages.

How could she go without bandages?

Well, weren't there some in her bag?

No. We used them all.

These are the only ones left.

Oh, I came as fast as I could.

Did you see anyone down there
when you came up?

Not a soul.



I'm sorry. I didn't mean
to hurt you.

It's okay.

You know, I'm not a doctor,

but that bullet has to come out.

Okay. I'll need your help.

I want you to apply pressure
to both sides of the wound.

That's right.
Hold him like that.





Need some help?

I don't know... Are you a good guy
or a bad guy?

Well, that depends on how you mean it!

I can't give you many
good character references!

Yes, I do need help. Would you come up here,
please? Quickly!

Listen, would you watch him?

Help him.

Jaime, I can't...
Help him! Please!

It's no good. He's bleeding too much.
I can't stop it.

You mean you can't get the bullet out?

It's not the bullet.
The vein's been clipped.

Well, sew it up.

Not here.

Well, there must be some way
you can stop the bleeding.

Yeah, if I was in a hospital
I could do...

Well, what would you do?

Cauterize it!

So... So all you really need is a couple of
hot electric wires, huh?

Yeah. That's all I need.

Hand me the scalpel.

Where am I gonna get two hot wires
in this jungle?

Listen, I don't ever want you to tell anyone
what you're gonna see now.

Do you understand that?


Hey, what are you cutting your finger for?

It's not gonna hurt.
Don't worry.

Wires? Inside your finger?

Now take my hand.

You have here two hot electric wires.
And cauterize that vein.

It's all right.

His life depends on it! Please!


Well, we did it.

The bleeding's stopped.

Can you take the bullet out now?

I'll try.

JAIME: Rudy,
you're gonna be okay.

OSCAR: Lieutenant, I want those two men
and Mrs. Griffith held

under close guard.

Hey! Rudy, I told you
it was gonna be all right.

What happened?

Oh, I cut myself shaving.

Thanks for saving my life, Jaime.

Well, I was purely selfish.

Besides, where would I go for spare parts if
anything happened to you, huh?

All right.
Get him on board.

See you, Oscar.

Oh! Uh...

Thank you.

Hey, thank you.

Marlow! Uh...

Good luck, Doc.

Miss Winter...
Uh, excuse me.

I would like to tell Miss Winters how wonderful
she's been. And how...

Miss Winters. I will come straight
to the point.

You see, my wife and I have not been too happy
for, well, for many years.

And, so, I will insist
on a divorce.

No. Everything will be fine.

You and me together with the children.

Ah, the children.
You will love the children.

Nine of them.

Very well mannered. You'll make a good
mother to them.

Mr. Romero. Now, you and your wife can't possibly
be that unhappy.

I mean, after all, there have obviously been a few
bright spots over the years.

Have there not? Now I can't break
up your home.

But you do not understand. You see...
Now we must be brave.

Both of us.

And, and sacrifice our happiness.

We will simply have to live in the memory
of what could have been.

Que mujer. Que corazén. What character.
Oh, my darling.

And I... And I also feel that quick goodbyes
are the very best.

I mean, why torture ourselves?

What was that all about?

Oh, I'm telling you that's the closest call I've
had on this whole trip.

Is he dangerous?

He had life imprisonment
in mind.


Miss Winters!
I have a solution!

Hold the boat, please!